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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  July 28, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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nbc 10 first alert weather app. download that for free the nbc 10 news app. stay updated on the heat in your area and on any thunderstorms that happen to pop up. we'll have more details on the heat coming up. breaking news septa will now offer a lottery for papal passes. just within the last hour the transit agency announced its solution on how to sell special train passes to see the pope. commuters crashed septa's computer system last week when the passes initially went on sale. nbc 10's jacqueline london live in the digital operations center with the breaking developments. when is this lottery? >> reporter: the answer is next monday. septa made that announcement a short time ago. next monday august 3rd it will hold a one day lottery for passes for the pope's visit to philadelphia. the passes are the only way you can travel on regional rail when pope francis is here in september. the first attempt to sell the passes last monday resulted in the crash of septa's website.
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online registration for the lottery will begin at 12:01 a.m. next monday. that lottery will run for 24 hours ending at 11:59 p.m. that night. septa will notify winners thursday with an e-mail allowing them to purchase the passes. the agency will then mail those passes to customers allowing them to buy up to ten. septa says no matter what time you enter the lottery monday, everyone has the same chance. >> there's no need to set your alarm clock for midnight and sit beside your computer so you can log on to enter the lottery. you can do it any time during the day. >> reporter: septa is selling a total of 350,000 passes for the weekend the pope is here on september 26th and 27th. for information on the lottery to get your pass for the pope's visit check out the nbc 10 news app. you will find details for septa, patco and amtrak.
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the special septa regional rail passes are $10 each. jacqueline london, nbc 10 news. this just in. a ruling on football star tom brady's suspension. 90 minutes ago, the nfl commissioner upheld brady's four-game suspension. commissioner roger goodell suspended the quarterback for using underinflated footballs during last season's afc championship game. he appealed the punishment but the patriots star will have to sit out the first four games of the regular season. now to the wild police chase through several local communities that many of you watched play out live last night. today nbc 10 learned a lot about the man police say was behind the wheel of that van there. police say he is robert ritter from blackwood, camden county. we just got this mug shot in the last hour. this chase started in oaklyn went over the walt whitman bridge into south philadelphia back across the river through camden gloucester city and deptford, then back through philadelphia over the ben
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franklin bridge into north philadelphia and it finally ended near philadelphia international airport. today, nbc 10's cydney long is live in oaklyn where she uncovered new details about the chase and the suspect's criminal past. >> reporter: well police tell me ritter had warrants stacked against him totalling about $20,000 but his most recent alleged crime, stolen merchandise worth about $20. the chase started when a sergeant from oaklyn p.d. noticed that white van parked just down the street in this direction between the cvs and a car wash. they tried to pull him over and that's when he took off. these are the many faces of 54-year-old robert ritter who tried to elude capture by police on both sides of the bridge last night. it's been 19 days since ritter's last alleged crime inside the browns shop-rite in brooklawn. >> we had been looking for it
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for some time now. >> reporter: we got our hands on several warrants and complaints today which explained how ritter was captured on surveillance july 9th being watched by a loss prevention officer. >> observed mr. ritter go down several aisles. >> reporter: the police responded on the scene to break up a fight but ritter had gotten away. >> he pushed him and a fight ensued. >> reporter: strong arm robbery. was there ever a shot fired? >> no. no shotgun. >> reporter: on july 1st police in gloucester township say ritter violated a domestic violence restraining order stalking and harassing a female at her work. >> he is well known to law enforcement. he has ran from us before. >> reporter: well known to police across camden county and now well known to law enforcement on both sides of the bridge. >> when i issued the warrants and put the word out to the other agencies i made them aware of his history of fleeing.
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>> reporter: police tell me the store security officer ritter allegedly shoved on july 9th was not badly injured but police say he knew that if he was caught and went to court, that he would not be granted any bail. that was his reason for running. he had recently been staying with friends in the area and was trying to hide that white van. i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> many of you got an alert on your smartphone or tablet about the chase. thousands of you watched it play out live on the nbc 10 news app and get breaking news alerts like these as well. download the free nbc 10 news app. there's a time lapse of the chase on the app right now. other news now. five former members of an elite philadelphia narcotics squad are filing defamation lawsuits this afternoon. just weeks ago they were cleared in a corruption case. the five are suing the district attorney, the mayor and the police commissioner. they claim those three made accusations that led to their
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firings and arrests. the officers were charged with stealing more than $400,000 from drug suspects but a jury acquitted them in may. representatives for the d.a. and the mayor and the police commissioner all declined comment. a sixth officer acquitted has not joined the lawsuit. walker pleaded guilty in ann related corruption case and is scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow. today we have an update on the final patient hospitalized from the amtrak derailment in port richmond. temple hospital said its last patient from that amtrak accident now out of the hospital after two and a half months. temple received the majority of the trauma patients. amtrak train 188 jumped the tracks in port richmond back on may 12th. eight people died in that crash. more than 200 others were hurt. brandon bostian was the train's engineer. investigators found he was going more than twice the posted speed limit when the train derailed. the ntsb said its investigation could take up to a year to finish.
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from the trenton bureau police transparency. today new jersey followed through with its promise to put body cameras on troopers and local police officers. nbc 10's drew smith is in trenton with more on all the steps police are taking to try to win over the public. drew? >> reporter: it all starts with spending $4 million to buy thousands of body cameras for all state troopers here as well as any local towns that want to buy them. the attorney general said today here this is all about increasing accountability and transparency. >> once they push the center button -- >> reporter: this police officer just started using body cameras a few months ago and says it's one of the best pieces of technology to come along. the news that thousands more officers will soon have them sounds good to some people we talked to. >> protects the troopers and the civilians and we will avoid misunderstandings. >> reporter: acting new jersey attorney general john hoffman says the cameras are an objective witness that takes
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emotions agendas and bias out of the equation. >> this compact high tech device can go a long way in preserving and cementing that confidence and trust. >> reporter: some departments in south jersey are already using them. >> nothing but overwhelming results not only from our officers but from our community. >> reporter: a group of police chiefs and prosecutors began meeting months ago to help create a state-wide policy for using body cameras. >> this is uncharted waters so there was a lot of dialogue and discussion. >> reporter: the attorney general is also updating deadly force police investigation policies to eliminate conflicts of interest and make clear that almost all cases will go to a grand jury but not everyone is sold on this. >> some of the people that have a problem with the way the police handle things i think -- i don't think there is any getting over that. >> reporter: some people we talked to did have concerns about how the video would be released, would it be altered, where would it be stored. the attorney general says the new policy takes care of all those issues. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news.
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as new jersey police talk about transparency nbc 10 asked about two open cases in the state that caused controversy lately. on the left the deadly police the shooting in bridgeton. on the right, the arrest in vineland where the man later died in custody. drew will tell us what authorities had to say about both cases coming up at 5:00. a new york prison worker pleaded guilty for her role in helping two convicted killers escape. the plea agreement means joyce mitchell will not face any additional charges for the alleged plot to kill her husband or for any sexual contact with the two inmates. mitchell waived her right to appeal. she also agreed to cooperate with the investigation. prosecutors say mitchell helped the inmates by smuggling escape tools in frozen meat. she will be sentenced in september. richard matt and david sweat escaped in june. matt was shot and killed by police after 20 days on the run. sweat was captured two days later. to decision 2016 and donald trump making headlines again
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today but not for something he said. his attorney's words created this firestorm. nbc 10's keith jones is joining us now to explain this latest controversy. >> reporter: trump's attorney michael cohen says he tried to defend trump against decades-old allegations of rape. cohen reportedly told the daily beast quote, you're talking about the front-runner for the gop presidential candidate as well as private individual who never raped anybody and of course, understand that by the very definition you can't rape your spouse, end quote. the comments went viral overnight. they came in response to resurfaced allegations that trump raped his wife ivana in 1989. he denied those accusations in the past. ivana trump released a statement, quote, the story is totally without merit. donald and i are the best of friends and together have raised three children that we love and are very proud of. i have nothing but fondness for
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donald and wish him the best of luck in his campaign. incidentally, i think he would make an incredible president, end quote. cohen then released a statement saying quote, as an attorney husband and father there are many injustices that offend me but nothing more than charges of rape or racism. they hit me at my core. rarely am i surprised by the press but the gall of this particular reporter to make such a reprehensible and false allegation against mr. trump truly stunned me in my moment of shock and anger i made an inarticulate comment which i do not believe and which i apologize for entirely. so trump's campaign said overnight in regards to that rape accusation quote, this is an event that was widely reported in the past. it is old news and it never happened. jim, back to you. >> donald trump one of 16 candidates vying for the republican nomination for president. the first debate will include only the top ten based on
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nationwide polls. that list will be announced a week from today. the debate is august 6. the democratic national committee says all five of its party's main presidential candidates will address dnc members next month at their summer meeting in minneapolis. now to the issue of education. universal pre-k in philadelphia was approved on the ballot in may. it was a signature campaign issue for democratic mayoral winner jim kenney. but pennsylvania ranks 30th in terms of access for 4 year olds and there was a meeting today to change that. philadelphia's home to almost 100,000 children under the age of 5. yet statistics show only one in four has access to quality public preschool. these members of the universal pre-k commission met today to change that. >> we are finally beginning to realize a child's life from zero to 5, what happens in it particularly for low income
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children, can really be a determinant. >> everyone from the president in his state of the union address to the governor in his annual budget are calling for universal pre-k. the issue is how to pay for it. today there was a presentation on funding and where that funding would come from. >> we know what it takes in terms of the cost of care and where there are gaps in terms of government subsidies, then it's a question about where do we make up that difference. >> o'brien runs several preschool programs and says it's a real challenge. >> the revenue streams from the public sources, from child care subsidies at the state level and even some of the federal sources lags behind what it really costs to deliver quality. >> no matter the cost it's far less expensive than juvenile justice, incarceration or welfare dependency all of which are alleviated when children get off to a good start in life. to get at the funding problem, senator bob casey proposed an amendment which would provide more than $30 billion in federal
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and state funding nationwide for income qualifying children. jim? now to the question of closing schools in montgomery county. parents and district leaders will discuss the fate of an elementary school there. the superintendent recommended closing audubon elementary. the school board will meet at the district's high school in eagleville at 7:00. closing audubon would mean the remaining four elementary schools would need to absorb more than 400 students. school officials say enrollment has been declining and the district needs to redraw attendance zones. high school students preparing for college could soon have fewer tests to stress about. several top-notch schools are dropping mandatory standardized test scores as requirements for the admissions process. the national center for fair and open testing says more than 800 schools including bryn mawr college do not use the s.a.t. or a.c.t. scores. experts say the schools are starting to favor a more holistic application review process.
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get ready. we are at the beginning of another heat wave and this one could last for several days. >> we have live nbc 10 first alert team coverage outside in the heat also inside tracking the hot weather ahead. we begin with delaware bureau reporter tim furlong live in harrington. it will be a muggy week at the state fair. >> reporter: forget going to be. it already is. it is a lot of fun. you see this flat piece of kent county delaware it turns into a little town. it's a fact delaware is hot in late july. here at the fair they know this, they prepare, they try to keep everyone humans and animals, safe and comfortable. fried pickles, fried okra if you can fry it it's at the state fair. even though it's really hot the rides are packed the grounds are busy there's a line at the mechanical bull. the mechanical animal is easy to take care of today. the real ones, not so much.
4:16 pm
they are keeping a close eye on maggie the pregnant cow. >> we keep them as comfortable as possible we keep them on water. >> reporter: the heat no picnic for us either. the nurses are ready when the hardcore folks get exhausted and dehydrated. inside the taco truck -- >> pretty hot. even with the air conditioning. >> reporter: -- it is hot. high temperatures tend to keep crowds down during the day but those who are here today, i think most will tell you it's really not all that bad. >> no. it's not. especially when the sun goes in a little, gives us a break. it's a nice day. there's places to get cool. >> reporter: you can see kind of overcast big puffy clouds. last night, megan trainor played here. tonight bryan adams will sing about the summer of '69. i promise you will have fun. you will have more fun if you wear light clothes and drink a lot of water and wear comfortable shoes. tim furlong, nbc 10 news.
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>> we head outside now to the nbc 10 studios in bala cynwyd to talk to sheena parveen about this heat and humidity. you are right in the middle of it. >> it is just as hot outside as our maps are showing, of course when you factor in the humidity little bit of relief in the shade but since there's not much of a breeze you don't get the best relief you are probably better off in air conditioning. on a day like today where temperatures are in the low 90s and tomorrow we expect the mid 90s. that's going to give us the start of a heat wave. we have a heat wave starting today. now the humidity is going to be making it feel hotter outside so as we go into tomorrow and especially thursday we could have areas feeling closer to 100 degrees. we don't just expect three days of this which is a heat wave. we expect several days of 90 degree plus temperatures. so it is going to stay hot for quite awhile. a live look outside, center city 91 degrees is the temperature but the humidity is making it feel three degrees hotter. feels more like 94 degrees.
4:18 pm
over the next few days that humidity will make it feel much hotter. temperatures north and west through the lehigh valley low 90s, south jersey and delaware near 90 degrees. tomorrow, it will be hotter than today. if you think today is hot, tomorrow will be hotter. with that in place, we also have an air quality alert for the rest of today. unhealthy pollution levels for areas in new jersey where you see the gray shading. that's the elderly, those with asthma, children all because of the heat and air mass that's in place. that is one thing where you do not want to be outside exercising, taking in very deep breaths of air if you are in those areas. we also have aside from the heat rain on the way. thunderstorms as we go later into the week. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is standing by with a closer look at that as well as the heat. >> one of the places to get relief from the heat is at the beaches. we will be getting sea breezes in many days of this heat wave that we have been talking about. live view from cape may and the
4:19 pm
temperatures right at the beaches are definitely lower. it's 81 atlantic city marina 82 in beach haven, while it's closer to 90 a little bit inland. the ocean temperature's 72 off of atlantic city. you think it's hot here take a look at some of these temperatures out to the west. it's 100 in st. louis and 98 degrees, little rock arkansas. 99 in wichita, kansas. here's what it feels like. 111 in st. louis. with the southwest wind a little bit of that extra hot air is going to be moving in here. we have had a lot more sunshine during the day today than what we saw yesterday. a lot of dry air covering the northeastern quarter of the country and as we go through the day tomorrow we are generally drawing an isolated shower and thunderstorm but as we go into thursday, there will be more activity moving in. it will be very hot, very humid
4:20 pm
and then potentially very stormy. there we are at 7:00 thursday evening with a line of thunderstorms that then goes through. it's not necessarily going to put an end to the heat wave because it will just be less extreme in the heat. warm and humid with patchy fog late. 74 for the low in philadelphia. 67 north and west. tomorrow, even hotter than today. still on the humid side. temperatures into the mid 90s. feeling like it's close to 100. by thursday it may very well feel like 100 plus but the thunderstorms will cool you off. the humidity drops friday but it may still be above 90 degrees and stay above 90 degrees through the weekend and maybe even into next week. a 911 dispatcher hangs up on this teenager's mother moments after he was shot. why the call was dropped and what's next for the dispatcher. >> this is an extraordinary
4:21 pm
amount of government surveillance. >> the nbc 10 investigators ask why they're being used on law abiding citizens. then what this man found in the back seat of an suv that has the driver dealing with police.
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firefighters in south jersey are trying to figure out what started this fire. it destroyed this gloucester county home. a neighbor recorded the cell phone video on buckingham court in monroe township. the fire started in a down stairs front room and spread on the roof. the family is on vacation out of the country. water main break on roosevelt boulevard caused chaos during the morning commute. a 12-inch main broke just after 6:00 this morning. it happened here at sandy fork road in northeast philadelphia. no customers were affected but as you can see from sky force 10 the northbound outer lanes were closed while crews made repairs.
4:25 pm
it's about to get easier to renovate homes in delaware. today, governor jack markell announced a plan that lets qualified buyers lump a new mortgage in with up to $135,000 extra for home repairs, allowing people to spread out the cost of fixing up the home they buy. >> when houses get repaired as we all know it's good for the community, good for the neighborhood good for the economy. people are put to work. materials are purchased. neighborhoods come alive. renters become owners. it's a great cycle. >> the delaware housing authority announced it will pay mortgage insurance for qualified home buyers. this could help cut almost $100 off a new buyer's monthly payment. the state wants to encourage more people to buy homes in delaware. to this now. technology on area roadways can help catch a man wanted for stabbing his wife and child. >> that's right. now the nbc 10 investigators getting a behind the scenes look at this crime-fighting tool. next it's the hidden camera that's constantly taking
4:26 pm
pictures of everyone that drives by. and why not everyone thinks they are helping keep the community safer. plus eating for two. the long-term problem expectant mothers can create by overeating during pregnancy. we are also tracking a heat wave but not just three days. we are looking at several days in the forecast more than that as we go through the week. a heat wave continues and thunderstorms in the forecast. then all new on "nbc 10 news at 5:00" back together. after a deadly hit and run, a young boy with special needs is he reunited with his missing dog. tonight, an important piece of this story is still unsolved.
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look at the temperature there on your screen bottom right-hand corner. it is heating up outside. we're at the start of a long stretch of hot weather and the shore will be a great place to cool off this week. right now we're at the hottest point of the day. >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen outside on the nbc 10 patio in bala cynwyd. dare i ask how it's feeling? >> i am in the shade and there's a little bit more of a breeze right now so it feels comfortable but if you're out here for quite a long period of time it will feel very hot. yes, it actually does feel a little hotter than it really is feeling more like the mid 90s so we have quite a few days of this in store for us. we are talking about all the way in through the weekend. temperatures will be staying hot as we go through the next few days, in the 90s. this will be giving us a heat wave in the forecast a prolonged heat wave. it's 91 degrees in philadelphia 90 in chester springs, 91 allentown, 90 in reading, 95 in
4:31 pm
coatesville. closer to the shore, temperatures are more around the mid to low 80s. 88 in wilmington and millville. 87 degrees in woodbine. longest heat wave so far. we have got to 91 degrees. tomorrow thursday friday we will be staying in the 90s. average high is 87. we will be staying above that. all we need are three days of 90 degree plus temperatures to have a heat wave. we will see well over that. just make sure you stay hydrated over the next several days especially if you work outside. for the rest of this evening, it will stay hot and humid. even by 8:00 temperatures in the mid 80s. low 80s by 10:00. humidity sticks around with us and the humidity will be around for most of this week. then we have some thunderstorms in the forecast aside from the heat and humidity. we will talk about that coming up. we are still waiting tonight to find out if and when a philadelphia man will return to our area to be charged for
4:32 pm
allegedly stabbing his wife and baby daughter. stephen burton was scheduled to be in court today in maryland. investigators say he stabbed his wife and 1-year-old daughter inside their west oak lane home sunday morning. both victims in critical condition. a 4-year-old boy was also in the home at the time but was not hurt. police say an automatic license plate reader helped them catch burton but there is a debate over the tracking technology used to catch him. >> the nbc 10 investigators found police reading, recording and saving tens of millions of license plates in massive data bases. investigative reporter mitch blacher dug into how the information is used. >> reporter: we got curious about police surveillance, in particular how they use the automatic license plate readers. we surveyed a few local departments and found varying degrees of cooperation and information on whether the technology actually helps solve crime. if you're driving or parked in
4:33 pm
the delaware valley odds are police have taken a picture of your license plate. in camden. >> it just reads the tag. >> reporter: philadelphia. and even small towns like coatesville. >> expired registration. >> reporter: automatic license plate readers are perched on the backs of squad cars and in other locations police won't share. >> everything that we are passing and going past is reading. >> reporter: when we drove with coatesville's police lieutenant his automatic license plate reader recorded hundreds of plates. >> there's one there. >> reporter: in coatesville they keep this information for 30 days including your plate, exact location and when you were there. in philadelphia police have captured nearly 30 million plates in the last 18 months. where do all the pictures go? >> into a data base. >> reporter: the captain is in charge of protecting that information. it can only be accessed here in the city's real-time crime center where he says it's stored for one year. >> it has strict audit trails.
4:34 pm
we know exactly who ran that tag. we know when they ran the tag. >> reporter: across the river in camden, police have snapped 1.2 million pictures of plates so far this year. camden police have been tracking license plates since 2011. storing them in their command center where captain greg carlin told us they keep five years' worth of pictures and information. >> i think our public understands that we are in the capacity of guardians to the community. we are really looking out for them. >> reporter: from camden to across the river in philadelphia and even in coatesville, police agencies say the automatic license plate readers help them solve crime. everything from finding stolen cars to solving burglaries and even murders. critics of the police program say the statistics tell a different story. philly police say capturing the nearly 30 million plates help them find 521 stolen cars track or detain 106 terror suspects and make 61 arrests. >> this is an extraordinary
4:35 pm
amount of government surveillance for what appears to be a very small amount of criminal activity. >> reporter: pennsylvania aclu legal director mary katherine roper says police should not be tracking law-abiding citizens. >> there are things that are simple in your life and that are simply not public knowledge. >> reporter: throughout our investigation, police told us they go to great lengths to protect what they collect but we also found different levels of transparency about the automatic license plate readers. camden refused to give us the breakdown of what information it collects and saves, or tell us how many license plate readers they have. philadelphia police wouldn't tell us how many readers they have, either or let us see them in action. coatesville police could not tell us exactly how many plates they have read. >> as you are asking the questions we're learning. >> reporter: in coatesville and throughout the delaware valley license plate readers continue snapping away learning more about where you go every time police go on patrol.
4:36 pm
police say the license plate readers allow officers to focus on other police work while it watches for stolen cars or tags associated with crimes. an officer can keep his eyes on his road and on his beat. i'm mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. a 911 caller got an unexpected reaction when she called for help. >> next why the operator hung up on her on purpose. as a teenager was dying on the ground. plus protecting your pets from the heat is a message we hear every summer but one owner ignored that warning. all new on "nbc 10 news at 5:00" how police in new jersey worked together to save a bulldog from a sweltering car.
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eating for two when pregnant could do more harm than good for the mom and baby. a british study says changes to a woman's digestive system could lead the a post-partum weight
4:40 pm
problem as it causes enlargement of the intestines to allow more nutrition to be extracted from the same amount of food. doctors recommend a extra 300 calories for the second and third trimesters. a florida man repossessing an suv found a 10 month old baby in the back seat. the baby's father could now face charges. police in orange county say the father left his daughter inside the running suv while he visited his friends. he was also driving on a suspended license for the third time. he could face child neglect charges if the state attorney's office decides to charge him. for now the father is allowed to keep the baby. a new mexico woman called 911 when a teenager was shot and instead of getting the help emergency dispatcher, well the dispatcher hung up on her. >> is he not breathing? >> barely. >> okay. good job.
4:41 pm
stay with me okay? there you go. good job. >> you can hear the caller trying to get help for jaydon. the 911 dispatcher answered the call but hung up when the caller cursed. >> you know what ma'am, you can do it yourself. i'm not going to deal with this, okay? >> well that teenager eventually died. albuquerque's police chief says he's taking the allegations seriously and has launched an internal investigation. the dispatcher was placed on administrative assignment. a money mistake led to a big paybay in new jersey. >> two guys stumbled upon a big bag of cash. the misstep that put tens of thousands of dollars in the wrong hands and the punishment they could get if it isn't returned. glenn? it's day one of what should be a several day stretch in the 90s. there is a chance some storms could fire up. i'm tracking who could see the
4:42 pm
rain ahead in the first alert forecast. get this. i was at my shop tied up with a customer when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it. when i got out it was almost closing time.
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at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪ someone out there has a bag filled with $150,000 and it is not theirs. check out this van. this surveillance video showing a man picking up the bag of discarded dough left by the side of the road t cash came from two atm workers. the pair stopped at a business in mahwah monday. surveillance video shows what happened next. police say one of the workers placed a bag of money on a lawn but got distracted somehow and left the loot on the lawn. there it is. and they drive off. little while later this van pulls up and the passenger grabs the bag. officers have the van's license plate. >> it will be a game of kind of hide and seek and see if we can find them before they do something with the money.
4:46 pm
>> police think the guys in the van were simply scouring the sidewalks for old tires they hoped to sell. they could face up to ten years in jail if they don't return the cash they found. this case has similarities to a famous story of finder's keepers from philadelphia for more than three decades ago. >> an unemployed longshoreman found $1.2 million in the street after it fell out of the back of an armored car. his name was, you remember this joey coyle. he went on a massive spending spree back in february of 1981. he was eventually arrested on theft charges and found not guilty by reason of insanity. the story was even made into a movie in 1993 called "money for nothing" starring john cusack. coyle's story also became a book in 2002. >> so they do the right thing, return the money and maybe can write a book or get a movie made. >> if not, jail maybe.
4:47 pm
turning now to the heat and the return of the 90s. >> we have live first alert team coverage with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz in the first alert weather center and meteorologist sheena parveen monitoring the heat outside. let's begin with sheena. >> you know it is hot when you are in the sun, especially. if you are in the shade it's not too bad, especially if you have a breeze. our breeze right outside the nbc 10 studios has died down so it is a little bit hotter right now, especially when you factor in the humidity. feeling anywhere from about three to five degrees hotter. tomorrow will feel a little hotter and especially on thursday. a heat wave is starting across the area with today. it will feel near 100 degrees in some spots. on thursday, especially. we don't just have a couple days of 90 degree temperatures. we have several days of 90 degree temperatures. live look outside right now, a few clouds around. 91 degrees in philadelphia. feels more like 94 degrees with the humidity. that will stay in the forecast most of the week. temperatures for the rest of the area right around 90 but closer
4:48 pm
to the shore, we have temperatures more like the mid 80s in wildwood. 85 degrees in atlantic city. a little bit better closer to the water. this is the future feels-like temperature. by 9:00 tomorrow morning it will already feel like the low 90s, like the mid to upper 90s tomorrow afternoon and feeling even hotter into thursday. along with thursday we have storms in the forecast and even a couple thunderstorms right now in the radar. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is standing by with a closer look at that. >> not many people getting some relief from the heat but the people that are are getting rained on and the storms aren't moving anywhere. you can see some that stretch from philly down to the jersey shore, generally near the white horse pike. there's that one cell east of egg harbor city. again, it's not moving very much. there was more lightning 15 minutes ago than there is now. these showers are also starting to weaken one in south philly others in gloucester county in
4:49 pm
new jersey and we have a couple of heavier showers in extreme southern delaware. again, they are not moving very fast so that is an issue. as we go through the rest of the night, we are certainly not expecting much. the isolated showers are going to die out and then as we go into the day tomorrow, the temperature's going up and one or two showers once again with the heat and humidity. thinks this is not widespread tomorrow. thursday, as a front approaches is when things will change. take a look at this. as we go into thursday morning, the computer model is showing isolated showers and then by afternoon, we are getting into the mid 90s and some heavier showers and thunderstorms. the other thing we have to look for is the potential for a little fog tomorrow morning. tonight, just the isolated showers around early, then the patchy fog late.
4:50 pm
74 for the low in philadelphia. muggy night. even hotter tomorrow and still humid. mid 90s for the high and sheena showed you how hot it's going to feel. by thursday it may start to feel like closer to 100. it's still hot but less humid friday after the thursday thunderstorms. knocks the humidity down but not the temperature. we could keep the 90 plus for quite awhile. as philadelphia prepares for the pope pregnant women who live in center city are worried about what happens if they go into labor. >> nbc 10 is asking how hospitals are handling expectant moms. and this. >> all new on "nbc 10 news at 5:00" a second chance. a young boy and his family celebrate after doctors at c.h.o.p. gave him new hands. we will hear from the child and the doctors who pulled off this historic surgery.
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the nbc 10 countdown clock ticking down to pope francis' arrival in philadelphia. the pontiff scheduled to touch down in 59 days and 16 hours. while a lot of people are worried about getting in and out of center city there is growing concern about how people will move around inside the city. >> philadelphia mayor michael nutter says he's hearing from pregnant women about how they will be able to get to local hospitals. nbc 10's deanna durante in center city asking how hospitals are handling this problem. >> reporter: emergency management officials for the hospital tell us they have been working on their plans for all kinds of medical emergencies for some time now and they say many elective procedures are being rescheduled. they also say pregnant women should have no problem getting to their hospital when it's time.
4:55 pm
>> i have actually taken off the entire time the pope is here. >> i'm actually on the jersey side so if i come in during the week i wouldn't be able to leave. >> reporter: for some avoiding center city is the only option. >> i can imagine it will be really congested. >> reporter: the concerns are many. >> we are trying to really address home concerns. what i mean people who live here, who work here and how they move around. >> reporter: the mayor says he is hearing from pregnant women who fear they won't be able to get to local hospitals. for them avoiding the area is not an option. >> other than hoping to maybe get a blessing they are really concerned about kind of getting from point a to at least point b. >> people that need care in our facilities will be able to get care in our facilities. >> reporter: mark ross with the hospital association of pennsylvania says the group has been working with emergency management and hospitals to plan for 'papal visit. doctors and nurses will be sleeping in hospitals if necessary. those that need extra supplies are staffing up.
4:56 pm
he can't talk about what routes will be open or closed but says women who are going to deliver babies that weekend will be allowed access to medical facilities. >> if women are in labor, they need to get to the hospital. we will make every effort to make sure they are comfortable and at their usual facility. >> reporter: ross also says that if you have a medical emergency and can get yourself to the hospital, that is recommended. otherwise, do what you are instructed to do by calling 911. he does say also that it is standard procedure for many hospitals to not have inductions scheduled on the weekend. make room for those women who are in labor. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> that would be a tough weekend to have a planned delivery if you can avoid it. "nbc 10 news at 5:00" is next. >> here are jacqueline london and keith jones. >> all new on "nbc 10 news at 5:00" a moment of joy for a family rocked by tragedy. >> how a young boy was reunited with his dog who disappeared after a deadly crash. and why his family is still
4:57 pm
waiting for answers. tracking our third heat wave of the season. this one is expected to last through the weekend. i will tell you how hot it will be and the next chance for thunderstorms. a police chase that had people glued to their tvs. tonight he wewe dig into the driver's criminal past and why police were after him for stolen underwear, next on "nbc 10 news at 5:00."
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
5:00 pm
right now at 5:00 back together after a deadly hit and run, a young boy with special needs is reunited with his missing dog. tonight, an important piece of the story is still unsolved. plus new details tonight on the video everybody's talking about. how this two-hour chase through two states all started over stolen underwear. and the heat is on. today was day one of the next heat wave and this one is going to stick around even longer. "nbc 10 news at 5:00" starts right now. first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking the temperatures. >> you are outside the nbc 10 studios tonight. how is it feeling? >> well, it feels hot outside. this is all because of the humidity on top of the heat that we have in place. it's making it feel about three to five degrees hotter than it really is. take a look at that feels-like temperature. 94 degrees in philadelphia is what it feels like. it feels like 94 in mil


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