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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  July 28, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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tonight, weapons, drugs, and a plot to kill. nbc news obtains never-before-seen confessions from the woman at the center of that new york prison breakout. startling new details of what the prisoners wanted and what she was willing to do. did he destroy the evidence? new revelations as the nfl sidelines one of its biggest stars. the league says tom brady ordered his cell phone destroyed. erasing messages investigators wanted to see. 911 outrage. a desperate call for help. a young woman pleading to save a life. an emergency operator accused of hanging up on her. what happened? you'll hear that call. and wonder kid. an amazing medical first. tonight a brave little boy, his fighting spirit, and something we've never seen
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before. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news with lester holt," reporting tonight from washington. good evening. you may have thought you'd heard it all regarding the prison escape and manhunt involving two killers last month in new york but it turns out there was a lot more. today as joyce mitchell the prison worker who helped them bust out, appeared in court to plead guilty to her crimes nbc news obtained a detailed at times salacious and eye-opening statement she made to state police about the plot the supplies the weapons, and the plan to kill her husband the night of the escape. nbc's john yang was in court today in upstate new york. >> reporter: with a tearful signature joyce mitchell accepted a plea deal today, admitting she smuggled hack saw blades drill bits chills padded gloves glasses with lights and other tools into the prison for convicted killers richard matt and david sweat who, the d.a. says used them to
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escape. >> she's been very anxious, very depressed, very remorseful for what she did. >> reporter: before her arrest mitchell spoke to investigators for more than 20 hours over four days. today nbc news obtained a copy of three of those statements which contain startling new details. she tells of giving matt and sweat rum and coke in prison performing sex acts on matt and sending both of them sexual notes and naked pictures of herself. "i was caught up in the fantasy," she said. "i enjoyed the attention, the feeling both of them gave me and the thought of a different life." the plan was for mitchell to meet the prisoners at midnight and be the getaway driver. matt and sweat gave her a list of what to bring. cell phone, gps, clothes, a shotgun, tent sleeping bag, hatchet, fishing pole and money. matt called mitchell's husband lyle the glitch and gave joyce two white pills to drug him. the plan was for matt to kill lyle when they escaped.
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but she couldn't go through with it and never showed up. she told investigators, "i'm really sorry for what i have done." >> what it really came down to is sweat and matt manipulating individuals to allow them to accomplish their ultimate goal. >> reporter: "i really do love my husband," she said, "and he's the reason i didn't meet inmate matt and inestimate sweat." after visiting his wife in jail today lyle mitchell said he stands by his wife. >> why? >> because i love her. >> reporter: investigators say the evidence is three people carried out this complex escape. richard matt who was killed in the manhunt. david sweat, who's back in prison serving life without parole. and joyce mitchell, now facing up to seven years in prison. lester? >> john yang tonight. thank you. there are big new developments tonight in the deflategate cheating scandal that rocked the nfl. the league has upheld a four-game suspension for tom brady, sidelining one of its biggest stars. it's a fight getting
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nasty. it's heading to court. as the league reveals brady had his cell phone destroyed right as investigators wanted to see it. nbc's ron mott has late details. >> reporter: six months after it blew up into a major sports scandal, deflategate appears headed for even more controversy, namely fralt court. nfl commissioner roger goodell today upheld tom brady's four-game suspension. the league saying the four-time super bowl winning quarterback destroyed his cell phone and nearly 10,000 text messages putting the ball in the hands of the players association which has vowed to continue the fight by seeking a court injunction allowing him to play. >> today's revelations i think are definitely a bombshell. it might not be damning in a legal sense but from an optics sense and public perception that is quite possibly the death knell for tom braid xwrip. >> reporter: the nfl's lead investigator ted wells concluded brady was "generally aware" balls used by his team in a playoff game in january were intentionally deflated
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below league specifications. the wells report concluded two patriots equipment assistance had text bd brady and deflated footballs. both men suspended indefinitely. the nfl said brady instructed his assistant to destroy his cell phone and simm cards before meeting with wells. >> i don't think this looks good for tom brady at all. but brady's point is going to be very simply i don't care how it looks, you have no right to see my cell phone. >> reporter: deflategate cast a cloud over the nfl's marquee event the super bowl which brady and the new england patriots won in dramatic fashion with a goal-line interception. now, with teams hitting the field this week for the start of training camps, the issue seems far from resolved and could hang over the upcoming season as well. many patriot fans see deflategate as jealousy run amok. others view brady and the franchise with suspicion considering spygate in which the team was caught videotaping opponents against league rules. the players association called the commissioner's ruling outrageous and said it would appeal on brady's behalf.
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in the meantime the nfl has already gone to court today asking that the suspension be upheld. as for tom brady, he is due here tomorrow for the start of training camp. lester? >> all right. ron mott thank you. the fbi says it has foiled an isis-inspired terror plot to blow up a weapon of mass destruction on a beach in the florida keys. specifically a backpack bomb. our justice correspondent pete williams joins us now with details. pete, what's this all about? >> reporter: lester, he's a 23-year-old from key west florida, harlem suarez who came to the fbi's attention three months ago accused of advocating violence on facebook in support of isis. prosecutors say he told undercover sources working for the fbi that he wanted to bury a bomb in a backpack on the beach in marathon, florida or south beach miami. the fbi says he made a video in may calling for support for isis and urging others to "seek out our enemy and kill them where we find them." though he wanted to build a bomb, the fbi says he didn't know how and had no
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explosives. he paid one of the undercover operatives $100 for what he thought was a bomb. he was arrested when he received it. the device made by the fbi was a phony. his lawyer says he was troubled and confused but no terrorist. lester? >> pete williams thanks very much. tonight it's been over 100 hours since two teens went missing at sea on a fishing trip off the florida coast. where with each passing hour the situation is becoming increasingly desperate. we're now hearing from their mothers, who continue to hold out hope they'll be found alive. nbc's kerry sanders has our report from florida. >> reporter: the coast guard again today searching the atlantic for two 14-year-old boys. austin stephanos and perry cohen. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> reporter: five days ago their anxious parents called 911 when the teens failed to check in. >> we're calling their cell phones. nobody's answering. >> it's not easy as a mother and you still have the roller coaster of emotions and terror. >> reporter: the boys'
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19-foot boat was found sunday capsized 170 miles north from where they set out. >> reporter: the search continues around the clock with the coast guard using infrared cameras that see in the dark and surface search radar which detects even small objects floating on the ocean. but much of the search from five cutters and aircraft is simply watching. >> conducting a search for seven, eight, nine hours is challenge. having dialogue with the crew in the hope of finding those boys out there keeps the crew engaged. >> reporter: the coast guard says it's like trying to spite basketball floating on the surface of the water and they're in a plane going 170 miles per hour 500 feet up. >> reporter: steve mumora survived treading watter for nearly 24 hours at sea. no life vest. he never gave up. >> i wanted to survive. a lot to live for. and you don't really know what you can do until you're actually there doing it. >> reporter: for the teens' families there's only hope.
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>> we strongly believe these boys are out there and just waiting for us to come find them. >> reporter: how long will the coast guard continue its search which now extends to the coast off of south carolina? well, tonight one official tells nbc news one of the determining factors is inexact. it is the will to live. and at 14 years old these boys have a lot to live for. lester? >> kerry sanders in florida, thank you. after nearly three decades in prison the only american ever convicted of spying for an ally will be released in november. a federal panel today granted jonathan pollard parole. he's a former intelligence analyst sentenced to life for giving israel classified material. pollard's lawyers imply that his parole has nothing to do with easing tensions with israel over that nuclear deal with iran. and it is that same nuclear deal that led to a heated showdown today here in washington. secretary of state john kerry and others gave the house foreign affairs committee a
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hard sell but they failed to win converts as tensions erupted in the room. our chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell was there. >> reporter: on a blistering hot day in washington tempers were rising over the iran deal. >> we're presuming iran is going to change its behavior. and that behavior did not change last weekend when they were chanting again "death o'america." >> reporter: today's hearing was even carried live in iran where the ayatollah khamenei has been taking a hard line. >> but the ayatollah doesn't like it. and doesn't want to negotiate it. oh boo-hoo. we stand for america. you represent america. >> congressman, i don't need any lessons from you about who i represent. don't give me any lessons about that okay? >> reporter: it's become a big issue for 2016 republicans. mike huckabee even invoked the holocaust, saying the deal would be like marching israelis to the door of the oven. he wouldn't back down on "today" with matt lauer. >> you're not backing down an inch. >> not at all. in fact the response from jewish people has been overwhelmingly
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positive. >> as president of the united states would you use the words "march the israelis to the door of the oven"? >> yes, i would. i would say we don't trust people who have threatened to kill israel threatened to wipe them off the map. >> reporter: a majority of americans in a new poll oppose the deal but another poll says a majority of jewish americans support the deal. would iran obey it? >> how confident is the intelligence community that you will know if they cheat? >> to give you an ironclad guarantee that we would immediately detect cheating of some form we can't say that. >> reporter: and what if congress blocks the agreement? >> iran will be free to pursue its own designs. there will be no inspections. there will be no sanctions. it's a free-for-all. and very very dangerous for our friends and allies and dangerous for the united states. >> reporter: and lester tonight another candidate, ted cruz called the deal catastrophic saying that the sanctions relief would make the obama administration the world's leading financier of radical islamic terror.
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lester? >> all right, andrea, thanks much. now to the race for president. and a new controversy for donald trump involving a reported rape allegation from years ago. something one of his top advisers said about it is provoking a fresh uproar. and now trump is seeking to distance himself. nbc news national correspondent peter alexander has more. >> reporter: fueled by its no apologies attitude -- >> i just say what has to be said. >> reporter: -- the trump campaign has surged to the top of the polls. but today that bravado backfired. the explosive story broke overnight with a decades-old allegation that donald trump had raped his then wife ivana. trump's lead attorney fired back saying "legally you can't rape your spouse." outrage immediately erupted online. marital rape is illegal in all 50 states. today that trump adviser michael cohen, executive vice president of the trump organization apologized for what he called an inarticulate comment "which i do not believe."
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late tonight trump reacted. >> you know something i disagree with. but that's the way it is. and you know, he's speaking for himself. he's not speaking for me obviously. >> reporter: this was trump's then wife ivana on "today" in 1988. >> i'm a traditional girl with european background. the man is the boss in the family. >> reporter: according to the trump biography, during divorce proceedings in the early '90s ivana trump accused her husband of having raped her in 1989. just before the book was about to be published in 1993 ivana put out a statement saying she felt violated. "i referred to this as a rape but i do not want my words to be interpreted in a literal or criminal sense." today ivana trump said the rape allegation is totally without merit. "i have nothing but fondness for donald." adding "incidentally i think he would make an incredible president." peter alexander, nbc news washington. we have got a lot more to report here tonight. still ahead, a desperate call to save a dying young man's wife. why would a 911 operator hang up on a caller pleading for
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complete nutritional drink and it has a great taste-guaranteed! help get the nutrition you need everyday with boost® high protein. join the club at in albuquerque, new mexico a 911 operator has been put on administrative leave after hanging up on a caller who was trying to keep a gunshot victim alive. during the call you can hear the frantic
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teen administering help to her friend. but things get testy and the frustrated dispatcher abruptly hangs up during the chaos. nbc's miguel almaguer has the call and the family's reaction. >> reporter: 1-year-old1 17-year-old jaden chavez silver a popular high school senior was caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> -- >> is he not breathing? >> barely. >> reporter: someone fired multiple shots into this albuquerque home where the teen was at a party with friends. dispatcher matthew sanchez received the 911 call. >> is he breathing? >> he's barely breathing. how many times do i have to [ bleep ] tell you? >> okay. you know, what ma'am? you can deal with it yourself. i'm not going to deal with this. okay? >> no. he's dying -- >> reporter: the call for help abruptly ends. nicole chavez is jaden's mother. >> that call was heartbreaking. there are no other words to describe it.
6:48 pm
to hear his friend you know try to help him fight for his life. >> reporter: the albuquerque fire department sent an ambulance, but jaden didn't survive. the dispatcher placed on administrative leave. the fire chief says an investigation has been launched. "i am taking the allegation very seriously." >> teenager in such a tragic time. and you know i just don't understand. i don't understand why he did what he did. it's just very very upsetting. >> okay. you know what ma'am? you can do it yourself. i'm not going to deal with this -- >> no, my friend is dying -- >> reporter: jaden was buried earlier this month but tonight his family is still asking how this could have happened. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. we're back in a moment with a woman making history on the field. i already feel like we're the most connected but i think this solo date will seal the deal. sure! i offer multi-car, safe driver,
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there is intense outrage online and around the world tonight directed at an american hunter who killed a beloved and well-known lion in africa. reportedly luring the animal out of his protected sanctuary before taking aim. that man is now responding to the growing controversy, and nbc's kevin tibbles has the latest. >> reporter: cecil was the pride of zimbabwe's big cats. with a recognizable black mane and relaxed nature he was a tourist favorite. but earlier this month cecil was killed. lured from the safety of a game preserve say conservation officials. hit first with a bow and arrow, finished off 40 hours later with a gun, then skinned, his head removed. the killing has sparked global outrage. >>. >> in the big picture what does it say we're killing lions for sport when we know they are threatened with extinction an animal in fierce decline? >> reporter: today it was learned the man responsible is a dentist from minnesota.
6:53 pm
55-year-old walter palmer a lifelong hunter. in a statement today palmer says he hired professional guides and that they secured all proper permits. adding "i had no idea the lion i took was a known local favorite." but in zimbabwe the national parks authority says two men with palmer have now been charged with poaching. this is where most of us get up close to the big cats at the zoo. but some hunters are willing to pay thousands for the chance to kill one on safari. some reports suggest palmer paid as much as $54,000. palmer says "i deeply regret that by pursuit of an activity i love and practice responsibly and legally resulted in the taking of this lion" and adds that he will cooperate with any investigation. kevin tibbles, nbc news chicago. history is being made in the nfl now that the arizona cardinals have hired a woman who is believed to be the first ever female coach in the league. jen welter will work with linebackers as an
6:54 pm
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finally tonight, an amazing little boy who just made astonishing medical history. he's faced some hard challenges in his young life but his unbreakable spirit made him the ideal choice for a revolutionary operation that changed his life forever. here's nbc's rehema ellis. >> reporter: for most of his young life zion hart a spirited 8-year-old has had the same dream. >> when i get those hands, i will be proud of what hands i get. >> reporter: just weeks ago his dream came true and zion made history as the first child ever to receive a double hand transplant. >> he's been on a mini roller coaster. you know but zion has always been a trooper. he's always prevailed. >> good job. >> reporter: what this child has endured could defeat most grown-ups. at 2 years old zion developed a life-threatening
6:58 pm
infection. both his hands and feet were amputated. then he got a kidney transplant from his mom. >> nice deep breaths. >> reporter: for the groundbreaking procedure a team of 40 including ten hand surgeons operated on zion for nearly 11 hours at children's hospital of philadelphia. >> you can see the hand right here starting to pink up. >> reporter: new hands that will grow with zion. >> we're just getting started and realizing medicine's potential to treat patients like zion. we've made a big step forward with that operation. >> when i saw zion's hands for the first time after the operation, i just felt like he was being reborn again. >> okay. relax and open wide. >> reporter: therapy is exhausting. but zion's determined. >> what will be your favorite thing to do once all the bandages come off? >> pick up my little sister from daycare and wait for her to run into my hands and i pick her up and spin her around. >> reporter: one tough
6:59 pm
little boy blazing a trail for the future. rehema ellis, nbc news, philadelphia. >> a remarkable story. we wish zion all the best. that's going to do it for us on this tuesday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night. bobbi christina's death triggering a family feud over whitney's fortune. >> who gets the $20 million she left to her only child now? on "extra." the new bobbi christina
7:00 pm
battle. an ugly war brewing over her inheritance as we break down the players in the high-stakes showdown. >> i'm outside atlanta with breaking new details on bobbi christina's funeral. >> plus the new shocker today about bobbi christina and dangerous baths that could clear her ex-boyfriend. who is the mystery man holding hands with caitlyn jenner? the other kaitlyn the bachelorette the morning after picking shawn and saying yes to the ring. >> baby anytime soon? >> runner-up nick's outrage. plus -- >> her wedding dress hunt with jimmy kimmel. and couples news. blake and miranda's close friend on the moment that shocked her the most during their split. >> i was like, what? plus tom cruise's risky business redo. >> his epic lip sync battle with fallon. tom packs times square. >> look at all these people tom. >> now on "extra," from universal studios holl


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