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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 30, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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chaka fattah is not under arrest but the u.s. attorney's accusations against him with wide ranging. we break down the indictment defenseship against one of the region's longest serving congressmen. >> overnight three people dead and another critically hurt in a crash in philadelphia and people are checking into whether drag racing may have led to the disaster. we are bracing for more hot weather today. you can see a breeze blowing out there. not a cool one over center city philadelphia. we are looking for another muggy start to the day and tracking some storms for this afternoon. good morning, welcome to "nbc 10 news today" on this thursday. i'm chris cato.
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let's go to meteorologist bill henley. the excessive heat warning is still in effect right? >> the first alert is still in effect because of the high heat and the very high humidity and the potential for strong storms later today. the showers and thunderstorms already showing up on the radar. this morning i'm tracking a few on isolated showers moving through lancaster county and the pottstown area light rainfall there. the line of storms for this afternoon is already in western pennsylvania and moving our way. before it gets here another hot and humid day. we are starting off in the upper 70s for philadelphia northeast philadelphia just dropped down one degree from 80 and still in the 80s in doylestown and pottstown. otherwise hotter than yesterday morning and just as steamy. 77 in roxborough. we start off with clouds and few isolated showers and 78 by 6:00. 9:00, 81. upper 80s into the afternoon.
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as we move into the afternoon, we are watching for showers and thunderstorms. i'll take you through it hour-by-hour with the future cast when i come back in ten minutes. right now, let's see how the roads are moving if at all. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> definitely moving bill. on 95 right now right around girard avenue. southbound lanes right in here that's where we are seeing that southbound drive time about 12 minutes from wood haven road to the vine street expressway. the off ramp for cottman avenue is closed in the 5:00. another hour before that gets cleared out of the way. the schuylkill expressway the conshohocken curve take you 18 minutes. as for mass transit currently no problems or delays. great day coming up for a flight. currently no delays at the philadelphia international
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airport. chris? one of our region's longest serving congressmen indicted. chaka fattah is accused of participating in five schemes and years of illegal activity. the indictment also points to his wife renee chenault-fattah also charged. it includes misuse of influence and misspending of taxpayer money and secret campaign loan and taking a bribe from a lobbyist who wanted to be an ambassador. tracy davidson is live with more on the indictment. >> reporter: prosecutors say the charges covered for the failed run for mayor for chaka fattah. authorities allege he paid off part of a million campaign loan with charitable donations and federal grants and he is accused of paying campaign money to pay
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his son's student loan debt. the anchorman is married to the congressman. renee is not indicted. >> the public does not expect their elected officials to misuse campaign fund misappropriate government funds accept bribes or commit bank fraud. these type of criminal acts betray the public test and under mine the face of government. >> reporter: the congressman insists he has done nothing wrong. he was at work in washington yesterday and vowed to remain in office and fight the charges. >> it's obvious to my constituents that this man not be a distraction in terms of my work and i'll it not to be a distraction. >> monique braxton is going over the indictment to walk us through the additional charges including fatatah's nonprofit
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organization. there are four other people indicted in this same case. bonnie bis ner was in charge of the congressman's personal and campaign financials. karen nicholas was chief executive officer of occasionally advancement alliance. herbert vederman was a finance director a lobbyist and senior consultant. and robert brand is the founder of company two, a philadelphia-based public policy technology company. brand is the spouse of a former fattah former congressional staffer. last year a former aide greg neiler knitted to helping fattha to finance schemes. chaka fattah's son was indicted late last year on his own federal bank fraud and tax
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invasion charges and he says he has done nothing wrong and believes the feds indicted him hoping to get him to testify against his father. his trial starts later this year. the two associates face charges in december. what happens next? important to know that congressman fattah is indicted and he is confident he will be cleared of the charges. nbc10 and renee chenault-fattah is on believe from this station. you can read the entire indictment on our nbc10 mobile app. it's all there for you. breaking news from overnight. detectives want to know if drag racing led to a violent crash that killed three people in philadelphia late last night. it happened just before midnight on red lion road near sanmyer lean. katy zachry is joining us live from the scene there. the three killed were all in the same car, right?
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>> they were all in the same car, chris. this is a difficult scene. even police tell us that when we first pulled up. they are having a difficult time processing this because look at the severity of this crash. the captain who was first out here tells us he thought the fire department had cut the car in half trying to get the victims out but it turns out the car was going so fast when it hit this tree that the impact sliced the car in half. now philadelphia police got a call around midnight from a witness who heard the crash and drove by it. you're looking at a 2007 acura vehicle, a sedan carrying four people and police believe they hit a curb and airborne for sometime and smashed into a tree. this morning, three people inside that vehicle are dead. a fourth victim is in extremely critical condition, to quote words of the captain out here. we are working to find out the identities, the people the young people who were inside
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this vehicle. right now, police are only able to tell us that they were in their late teens and early 20s. we are working to find out their identities and i'll have an update coming up at 4:30. reporting live in northeast philadelphia katy zachry nbc10 news. >> the condition of that car, boy. overnight police in camden county are investigating a deadly shooting and investigating it as a homicide. someone shot and killed a man on lyndonwall last night around 9:00. authorities tell us they have no suspects or a motive at this time. from a no-hitter to a new home. according to many sources, the phillies traded pitcher cole hamels to the texas rangers last night in exchange for several players, including three star prospects. hamels is now the first pitcher in baseball history to be traded directly after a no-hitter which he tossed saturday against the cubs. hamels is third all time in strikeouts for the phillies.
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he was named mvp in 2008 to deliver the only championship for the phillies over the past 30 years. here is who they will get. five minor prospects and three pitchers and a catcher and outfielder and veteran pitcher matt harrison and the phillies are also trading jake diekman in the deal. nine minutes after 4:00. it is a steamy morning and it's going to be another hot, humid day today. in fact, very humid conditions. it's going to make it feel like it is, once again in the upper 90s this afternoon. i am tracking some storms for this afternoon that will bring in a dry change for tomorrow. the humidity will be coming way down but still looking at more hot weather. 78 degrees right now in reading and philadelphia and trenton with clear skies is 75. right now a clear view from
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center city, this is a view from the mellon bank building in center city and a view will see less sunshine today and won't be as hot but it's going to feel like it's about as hot as yesterday. the clouds to the west is a line of showers and thunderstorms that is coming in this afternoon. your hour-by-hour forecast upper 70s at 7:00 this morning for philadelphia. 77 degrees. look at the quick warm-up as storms move in in the north and west areas at 2:00 this afternoon. low 90s for philadelphia. those tormsstorms will roll through during the afternoon and early evening commute and fast movers and into new jersey by 7:00 this evening. back with a look at the extended future weather and a peek at the weekend forecast in ten minutes. a peek that hopefully includes a little bit of cool down. that would be nice. thank you, bill. ten minutes after 4:00. let's see how the early thursday morning drive is shaping up for those of you who like to beat the rush.
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jessica boyington is here with that. >> good morning. we are out on the schuylkill expressway right around montgomery drive heading into the center city area and still a 12-minute drive time eastbound from the blue route to the vine streets expressway so no problems there. if you take a look at our cameras you can see if they are headed eastbound or westbound and traffic moving along nicely. montgomery county eastbound toward the schuylkill expressway is where we see that jam later on in the morning hours but still only about an eight-minute trip and heading over any of the area bridges so far this morning, currently no problems with the bend but two right hand lanes blocked headed westbound into philadelphia. finally, a physical visible clue in the long search for that missing airliner. a piece of an airplane being turned up on an island in the indian ocean. why investigators believe it may very well be from that missing malaysia jetliner that disappeared. back here in this area this morning, there is an arrest finally in a hit and run that killed a 4-year-old philadelphia
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boy and we will tell you who is ;%myp&hc iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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. 4:14 now. happening today a delaware county man is scheduled to be sentenced for driving under the influence. jonathan vanderhorse is accused of causing a crash that killed a teenager but a jury found him not guilty by homicide by vehicle but just guilty of d.u.i. it toot live of this boy. no words how a condo crashedwas crashed into.
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three people were taken to the hospital and you see the suv there in the contow. we are still working to get an update on their conditions. police arrested a jockey for a shooting at delaware racetrack yesterday. they say ruben rojas got into a fight with a trainer. you see the officer recovering that alleged weapon in a nearby creek. the trainer is in stable condition. this morning, a local woman is facing charges in a hit-and-run crash that killed a philadelphia boy more than three months ago. mason turned herself in yesterday and she is facing several charges including homicide by vehicle and involuntary manslaughter and she is accused of the crash that killed letief wilson in april. he was only 4 years old. they say she ran over him after he ran into the street. officers say she hit him a second time as she was fleeing the scene. the mystery into that
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missing malaysia jetliner that van issued last year deepens this morning. investigators are confident that a piece of debris found in the indian ocean yesterday belongs to that missing plane. a u.s. official says investigators say that the part is a wing component that is unique to the boeing 777 the same model of malaysia airlines flight 370. now that wing part washed up on the coast of the french island la reunion that sits 600 miles off the coast of madagascar but more than 4,000 flights from the plane's last known location south of vietnam. >> the question is how long is this part been sitting on that island? and somebody is going to have to really reverse engineer the flow pattern of the ocean and try and backtrack where this may have floated from. >> oceanographers say much of the indian ocean moves in a counterclockwise rogs heretation.
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they say debris could have been picked up and dropped off the other side of the ocean. 239 people are still missing that were on that plane last march. a single engine plane crashed in milwaukee last night. investigators say the pilot radioed for an aborted landing before the plane caught fire and crashed in a small air field. investigators still looking into the cause. this was the scene yesterday from above. a freight train detrailment in northern california. investigators today will continue looking into how 29 of the 75 cars came off the track. the train was carrying champagne and produce! good news it didn't spill any of its precious load. no injuries were reported.dfncx happening today, new castle county police will announce a pilot program for their body cameras. officers will soon be wearing those. the department will show how the cameras will be used and how much it will cost the taxpayers.
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philadelphia's district attorney spent yesterday evening in one of the neighborhoods that he serves. seth williams walked through northern liberties. this is his third summer community walk. he spoke with residents there about the importance of them getting involved and talking to police in order to solve neighborhood problems. this morning, in washington democratic lawmakers including senate minority leader will discuss everyone's right to vote. the act was signed by president lyndon johnson on august 6th, 1965. that will be 50 years next week. 18 minutes after 4:00. the humidity is high. the temperatures will be back in the 90s this afternoon. look at the wind flow. those are southwesterly winds. that is bringing in the humid air. it's just as steamy and a bit warmer for much of the area than yesterday. though philadelphia
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international is actually one degree cooler than yesterday. that's just one of the few spots. 78 degrees. it feels like 80 degrees thanks to humidity. that's at 81%. a steamy and potentially stormy afternoon. quiet right now. no showers in the immediate philadelphia area but storms building this afternoon. that line of storms that is moving into western pennsylvania is going to fire up during the heat of the afternoon. we have been watching for a few showers. some of them showing up to the west but, right now most of the area is dry. potential for damaging winds this afternoon. we do get severe weather as that line will be pushing across pennsylvania and arrival here during the early afternoon hours for allentown and reading. the forecast is calling for a steamy one. hot and humid conditions. storms this afternoon with high temperatures in the 90s today.
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the weekend, we will also see temperatures in the 90s but the humidity comes down for friday and for saturday and sunday. seven-day forecast, we will show you when we finally get a break from the 90s coming up in the next half hour. >> good man. keep that humidity down. thanks, bill. let's get a check at traffic at 4:20 and maybe some overnight construction project lingering this morning that could affect you. who knows. nbc10's jessica boyington is why she is here and she will tell us what is going on. >> that's right. i know chris. on 295 we are looking at active work zone here right now. you can see lights flashing in the area. we are losing out the left-hand lane either side. if you're headed southbound from 38 up towards the black horse pike only about 12 minute trip. additionally in cherry hill new jersey, more road work on route 70 westbound and blocking one lane getting by between south corner and mcclellan avenue.
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as for the area bridges, all in the clear. currently no problems but we are still losing two right hand lanes heading into philadelphia with construction on the bend. helping young people every step of the way. we will find out what the city of wilmington is doing to take kids from cradle to career with much success in life. here he is. triple counsel winner american pharoah got off a plane. my guess he is here in new jersey to run really fast.
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a former philadelphia narcotics officer who pleaded guilty to corruption charges was
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sentenced to three and a half years in prison. jeffrey walker was sentenced yesterday after admitting that he planned to rob a suspected drug dealer. he agreed to testify against six other members of the narcotics squad but those officers were all acquitted by a jury in may. five of them have filed a defamation suit against the mayor, the district attorney and the police commissioner. they claim those officials made unfair accusations that led to their firings and arrest and they are now back on the force. more police officers are again patrolling hot spots for crime in wilmington. fourteen officers will assigned to crack down on violent crime. the number of officers in that unit had been reduced as part of the chief's broader department restructuring plan but city council has not approved funding for that plan so until that happens, the chief is shifting officers back to make sure the community is protected. also in wilmington the city
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has laumplged a newnched a new program to help young people reach their full potential. my brother's keeper will improve the lives of inner city men and women. a meeting held last night. participants talked about education and public safety in wilmington. here he is! racing royalty triple counsel american pharoah is stabled in monmouth park in new jersey where he is the star of the invitational this weekend and the horse will compete along several other horses for a $1 million prize. i'm guessing he is the odd on favorite. the beer summit is happening today at reading terminal market in center city philadelphia. they are set to discuss race relations and ways of finding solutions to bridge that divide. organizers expect more than 100 people to attend!
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happening today, more than 100 young sailors from all over soldier jersey are competeing in a regatta. they set sail on the river in collinswood at 11:00 a.m. you can watch the race from both sides of cooper river park. another hot day ahead. right now it is dry in cape may but this evening, could see some showers and thunderstorms. right now here at nbc10, 78 degrees at 4:26. jessica boyington is in the for the first time alert traffic center. >> we have not a lot of traffic out there yet. some dry roads so all good news here. route 202 around 401 looking just fine. coming up, check in with ongoing construction on the schuylkill expressway. i'm katy zachry. behind me, police describe this crash as horrific and one of the worst they have ever witnessed and believe it's the result of drag ús
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's longest serving congressmen is indicted. chaka fattah is accused of participating in five schemes and years of illegal activity. >> we are following breaking news this morning from overnight. look at this. police call it one of the worst they have ever seen. a deadly crash in philadelphia's bustleton section killed three people and may be the reason of drag racing. a hot muggy morning and tracking storms this afternoon and how the storms will bring a change in the weather in the forecast coming up.
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good morning i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. when you step outside a warm blanket of humidity waiting on you. meteorologist bill henley warned us it would be like that this morning. he is here with his first alert forecast. >> it's going to feel sticky all day long and temperatures back in the 90s this afternoon, but the humidity that is higher this morning and going to stay higher that is going to make for some dangerous heat during the afternoon hours. that steaminess will break once storms roll through later today. there is a potential however for strong thunderstorms. potentially severe weather later today. right now it is dry. 78 degrees and by 9:00 81. upper 80s and still climbing at lunch time today. showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. your hour-by-hour future cast when i come back in ten minutes. right now, let's take a look at the traffic and see what challenges lay ahead. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we are still dealing with ongoing construction where we have the off ramp at spring garden street


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