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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  July 31, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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forecast when i come back in ten minutes. right now, no sun glare, but let's find out what traffic problems lay ahead with katy. sun glare might be an issue later today which is a pleasant -- deal with on this summer day. looking at 76 at the vine street expressway, very little volume on the roads now. much of the construction we're seeing on the pennsylvania majors, that's lifting which is t typically does around the 5:00 hour. things looking good along 76 95, and the blue route expressway. lower gwinnett township seeing road obstruction at cedar hill and north bethlehem pike. crews trying to clean that up. also in montgomery and upper providence township, a sdiebled vehicle along -- disabled vehicle along route 22 and the south lewis road underpass. be aware of that if you're headed on 422 this morning. looking at the drive times in new jersey 295 southbound between route 38 and 168, it will take 13 minutes thoog stretch.
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the average at 67 mcgwire. looking good northbound routes 55 between the walt whitman bridge. and bridges looking good, as well. breaking from overnight philadelphia police looking for a person who shot and killed a mother in the port richmond section of the city. nbc10's monique braxton is live in port richmond. a 2-year-old child was left unharmed right? >> reporter: that's right. and several neighbors who have just returned to the neighborhood after talking to homicide detectives all night tell us they don't know why someone would kill this young working mother inside this home shooting her execution style. relatives and neighbors shared this photo of the young mother. 22-year-old stephanie dukowsky. she was shots once in her second-floor bedroom. her 2-year-old daughter was unharmed. dukowsky worked for a local dentist. she lived here with her father
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and fiance who were not there when the murder occurred. her fiance found her dead. >> the kids were unseparatable. you couldn't ask for a better couple. everyone in port richmond the family, close friends, like everybody knew them. they were the best. >> reporter: neighbors also tell us one person heard a gunshot. another chased the gunman down the block, but he got away. we're told he was wearing a gray hoodie. details about the suspect remain sketchy this hour. we did watch as a forensic unit suited in hazmat gear combed the scene for clues. neighbors no doubt hope something will be found inside the house that leads them and detectives to the killer. a motive remains unknown. we'll continue to talk to others who were on the scene whether this happened last night. live in port richmond monique braxton, nbc10 news. 5:02.
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an argument leads to gunfire. the victim shot twice near a playground at staub street and hunting park around 1:30 this morning. police are looking for the gunman. this morning we're learning more about a crash that killed three people three young people in philadelphia. police have identified victims, here's one -- 17-year-old sabrina rhodes. we first told you about the crash yesterday morning. investigators say the car packed with five people slammed into a tree so hard it split the vehicle in two. police are searching for a second car that may have been racing the car that crashed. according to investigators, the cars hit speeds of about 75 miles per hour. >> if the other car would come forward, it would help the families with closure. >> people in the other car, we want to talk to them. they have the responsibility if give information what they saw. >> the other victim yvette gonzalez and 20-year-old felipe hernandez from medford,
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burlington county. happening today, a teenager faces a preliminary hearing after being accused of dousing a child with hand sanitizer and setting him on fire in west philadelphia. police charged tiggle as an adult. the 11-year-old victim suffered second-degree burns. philadelphia police are hoping dna evidence and information from neighbors will lead them to the person who kidnapped and beat a 5-year-old girl. the little girl's mother noticed her daughter missing tuesday morning. according to police, a man climbed through an alleyway window at the family home forced the girl outside, and beat her. the mother found her daughter barely conscious. >> a coward. cowards do cowardly things. for you to call yourself a man and do unspeakable acts, your day in court is coming. >> you'll be held accountable. >> turn yourself in. >> police questioned one man but let him go. new information in the case of a delaware county man convicted of driving under the
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influence in a deadly crash. a judge sentenced jonathan vanderhorst to time served. he'll pay fines, perform community service, and complete driving classes. vanderhorst had been accused of causing a crash that killed a teenager. a jury found him not guilty of homicide by vehicle but guilty of dui. the crash happened last year in clifton heights and killed 18-year-old dante disimone, an upper darby graduate and freshman at newman university. philadelphia congressman chaka fattah accepted an award in washington, d.c., just a day after feds indicted him on racketeering charges. the u.s. black chambers gave him the advocate of the year award yesterday. fattah mentioned he's not letting the indictment distract him from his work as a congressman. >> we're not distracted. i'm going to do my work. i've had the most effective period of my public service over the last eight years. we've gotten so much done and helped so many people this it
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would be a crime for me to stop doing it. >> it indictment released wednesday -- in the indictment released wednesday the congressman is accused of misusing his congressional influence, misspending taxpayer money, and charitable donations. he's accused of accepting a secret million-dollar complain loan and taking a -- campaign loan and death a bribe from a lobbyist who wanted to be an ambassador. congressman fattah has been a champion for education. ahead at 5:30 his impact on local students and how they feel about the charges. 5:06. the widow of one of three people killed in a shooting at a municipal building in monroe county said town leaders failed to keep the meeting safe. frances laguardia is suing claiming leaders in ross township and the monroe county sheriff knew that rocky newall was mentally unstable and capable of violence. she says they did not provide security at a township meeting where he opened fire in 2013. laguardia's husband, james, was
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among the victims. newall killed two others. he is serving a life sentence. he was angry over the loss of his junkfield property after a court battle with the township. kouftoms and border -- customs and border control will visit wilmington today for an agriculture inspection. the port ranks as north america's leading gateway for imports of fresh fruits. dole and chiquita hub their east coast operations in kim s ins in wilmington. tons of cargo are imported and exported from the port every year. so much more pleasant. humidity is dropping as the temperatures also come down we'll see clearer skies and bright sunshine. the humidity goes lower and lower. sunshine will be bright, the temperatures will climb to the low 90s. it will feel nowhere near as hot as yesterday. looking at a dry weekend with humidity staying low for saturday and sunday. low w low humidity down to --
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with low humidity, down to 65 in reading. philadelphia and cape may, middle 70s. a great view of the full moon this morning. we'll see bright sunshine. clear skies will persist through the morning and into the afternoon. you'll need your sunglasses during the day. nothing to show on the radar screen. we'll give it the day off and weekend, too. it will stay dry through saturday and sunday. look at the temperatures 83 in mt. pocono. 90 this afternoon for reading. quakertown, high of 88. bright sunshine, 88 degrees for doylestown. 91 in trenton and mt. holly. a sunny day at the shore. 87 this afternoon for cape may. 88 for rohoboth and atlantic city. and inland we'll see some spots reach into the low 90s. 89 for womening tochbl close to it. -- wilmington. close to. then low 90s for philadelphia. the weekend forecast looking
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nice and sunny saturday and sunday. humidities will stay low. hot in the afternoon, just into the low 90s. the full seven-day forecast when i come back in ten minutes. just about ten after 5:00 a.m. this friday morning. time to check traffic. >> nbc10 first alert traffic and katy zachary out there. >> reporter: things looking good, no major issues. route 1 at fox street in philadelphia. as you see in the background the sun is coming up. very light traffic on the majors throughout pennsylvania new jersey, and delaware. the drive times, typical spots 95 southbound between woodhaven and the vine will take but 12 minutes. headed into philadelphia via the schuylkill expressway between 476 and the vine, tell take 13 minutes. the blue route southbound between 76 and 95 typically busy. it will only take 15 minutes. in lower gwinnett road obstruction an issue at
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cedarville and north bell e-- bethlehem pike. historic tombstones toppled that may be too expensive to fix. preparing for the pope. with less than two months to go, short of one important resource.
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5:13. the heat wave continues. we'll climb to the 90s again today. stay hot for the weekend.
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bill says the humidity way down today. he'll be back in less than five minutes to break it down. remember, you can get updates all weekend long with our free nbc10 news app. triple-digit temperatures, high winds, and dry conditions are fueling flames of more than a dozen wildfires burning across california. thousands of firefighters are on the front lines trying to stop the spread. the california national guard is sending in a fleet of nine helicopters to help douse the flames with water and evacuate the injured. authorities say most of the fires have been caused by people being careless. they're reminding the public that one spark could lead to another massive fire. new video this morning of firefighters in action battling a fire. three plainsboro firefighters recorded the call and edited the footage to show what it looks like whether they're fighting a fire. one of the firefighters posted it to his facebook page. the chief says the department is always eager to show the public what fire-fighting looks like from their perspective. this weekend, the american
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red cross is joining forces with the philadelphia fire department to help save lives. it's part of the no more fire deaths campaign. firefighters and red cross volunteers will go door to door installing free smoke alarms like this in high-risk neighborhood. they'll also educate people about fire safety. members of a montgomery county synagogue are facing costly repairs after vandals toppled more than 100 gravestones at an historic cemetery. it happened in frankford's frankford section. vandals knocked over century-old headstones. there was no other graffiti or markings left behind. >> who would do it? were they on drugs, drunk? i don't know. you wouldn't have been in your right mind i don't think to do something like this. >> the cemetery has some graves dating back 160 years. with only a handful of new
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burials each day, passersby often use it as a shortcut. with no surveillance cameras, there's little evidence to go on. more than a million people expected in philadelphia for the world meeting of families and papal visit this september. organizers are still looking for volunteers to take part in the historic event. organizers tell us they have more than 8,200 volunteers so far signed up. they're hoping for about 5,000 more. volunteers will help with everything from meeting and greeting visitors to working as translators. >> all the volunteers will be spread throughout the city for the papal mass and throughout the convention center welcoming the 150 countries that are coming. >> volunteers will have to go through a background check. if you're interested in helping, you can apply on line. as you make your own plans for the pope's visit, an important warning about the septa passes you'd need to ride the regional rails with. what you need to know in the
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next half-hour about spotting a phony papal pass. there are some out. there download the free nbc10 news app for the latest developments ahead for the world meeting of families and papal visit. has an entire section dedicated to how the evangelical preparing for the pope -- pope francis' visit. 5:16. in decision 2016 democratic front-runner hillary clinton offered support for a senate proposal to raise the federal minimum wage. the bill would boost the wage to $12 an hour by 2020 less than the $15 activists asked for. republicans control the senate and are opposed to the plan. new presidential polls from quinnipiac university continue to show strong support for republican candidate donald trump. trump leads the field with 20% of gop voter. wisconsin governor scott walker is second with 13%. further down the list, new jersey governor chris christie has the support of 3% of voters. whether matched up against -- when matched up against democrats, all republican
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candidates trail hillary clinton. republicans will be watching the polls closely over the next few days because fox news is hosting the first republican debate next week but only the top ten candidates will be invited. the network will make its list based on the average of five polls. katy zachary, there's no action -- >> what are you seeing on the roads? >> reporter: i would love to do a poll on traffic. things looking good early this friday. 95 at gerard avenue typical trouble spot. in the next hour, things will probably look very different. drive times between woodhaven southbound and northbound are roughly the same. we never see that. it will take 12 minutes to go that stretch. in upper providence montgomery county, we're following a disabled vehicle. it's been there for some time along route 422 at south lewis road underpass. be aware if that's part of your travels. in new jersey, the 42 freeway
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drives times northbound and southbound between route 55 and the walt whitman bridge, tell take five minutes. again, that typically gets volume rich in the next hour or so. looking good now. for drivers in new jersey headed to your new jersey transit station or patco, everything running on or close to schedule as is septa. 5:18. clear skies this morning. big change. the wind has changed directions. that's the dry air coming in. the humidity has come way down. so much more comfortable. scattered clouds in the distance but no sign of the storm clouds from yesterday. philadelphia, five degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. 73 degrees. and very importantly, that humidity number is way down. 66% and falling. clear skies in the pocono mountains. the view from the french manor. a few pockets of fog. you might see a little here and there. most of the area is fog free.
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11 degrees cooler in alallentown. down by 12 from yesterday and nine degrees cooler in pottstown and wilmington. a pleasant start. the temperatures this hour still falling. northeast philadelphia 72 degrees. chester county west cherter at 7 -- west chester at 74. phoenixville at 65 degrees. chester springs, a different township currently 63 degrees. a much more pleasant start. with clear skies, we're in for bright sunshine. there go the storms. they're well offshore. pushing out by the dry air, less humid air mass that will come in for the day today. and that's going to be staying for the weekend, as well. plenty of sunshine, much less humid. northwesterly winds delivering the drier air. it will still be warm. upper 80s to low 90s this afternoon. without the humidity, much more bearable. a great night at the ballpark. so steamy yesterday the phillies did win. today, 88 at 7:05.
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bright sunshine to start with. by later in the game 81 at 10:00. a southwesterly wind at five miles per hour. nice and clear for the ball game. clear for the weekend. humidity stays low saturday and again on sunday. both days up to 91 degrees. the heat and humidity building for monday. high of 95 could lead to scattered showers tuesday. the heat stays with us wednesday. finally less hot but still muggy and a chance of showers on thursday with the high of 86. >> thank you. you mentioned the ball game. today the philadelphia phillies will honor former slugger pat burrell by inducting him into their wall of fame. all part of the alumni weekend. burrell will become the 37th inductee on the phillies' wall of fame during a ceremony before tonight's game with the atlanta braves. burrell hit 20 or more home runs in eight seasons as a philly and was a member of the 2008 championship team. the phillies expected today to officially announce the cole
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hamels trade to texas. it's been held up by paperwork but should be completed soon. cole's locker was still intact before last night's game. hamels leads a legacy including mvp in '08 and three all hief-star appearance appearances. a piece of plane wreckage could provide clues into the missing malaysia airlines flight that disappeared a year ago. why this could be the clue we've been searching for. a popular social media site getting into the drone business. we'll tell you what makes facebook's drone so different.
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one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪ breaking news into the nbc10 newsroom. an amber alert issued by the pennsylvania state police for the wilkesbury police department. they're telling us that jenna patterson, 16 years old, was abducted from a home in wilkesbury last night. she's wearing gray yoga pants, she's 16 and was abducted by walter lewis. a 21-year-old with black hair wearing gray and black hoodie. he has a .9-millimeter hague. they are considering him armed and dangerous. they're searching for the 16-year-old and that man. we'll show it to you in a couple of minutes. investigators may bring a piece of a wing to france tomorrow as they try to figure out part of the missing malaysia
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airlines plane. the part appears to be from a boeing 777. the only one of those that's missing is malaysia airlines flight mh-370 which vanished in march of 2014 with 239 people on board. it was heading to beijing, china. the piece may be flown to france because the indian ocean island where the piece was found is french territory. 5:25 and 73 degrees. facebook is showing off its new drone. it could give you access to the internet whether you're visiting isolated places around the world. bertha coombs is here from cnbc. >> reporter: good morning. the technology companies are doing amazing things. facebook has built its first large-scale drone in order to help deliver internet access to remote parts of the globe. it has a wing span of a boeing 737, and it's going to fly above the airspace of planes at around 60,000 to 80,000 feet.
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that will also help avoid issues with bad weather. the drone will use lays force bring data to the ground -- lasers to bring data to the ground. facebook will start testing it in the u.s. later this year. the markets poised to end the week and month in positive territory despite a mixed session on thursday. the nasdaq logging its third straight gain. but the dow fell for the sixth time in eight sessions. investors on watch for data on labor costs, manufacturing, and consumer sentiment. the dow slipping five yesterday to 17,745. the nasdaq rising to -- rising 17 to 5,128. happy friday to you. >> have a nice weekend. bertha coombs with nbc is, thanks. looks like it's going to be easy to have a nice weekend weatherwise. the change happened last night. storms came through. now we're feeling the drier air
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blow in. a live view from center city. 73 degrees and falling. coming up on 5:27. katy zachary is in the first alert center. >> reporter: good morning. a beautiful sunrise. taking a live look at the 42 freeway at the atlantic city expressway. if you're headed between 55 and the walt whitman bridge it will take five minutes in both directions. coming up, we'll look at delaware roads. >> reporter: monique braxton live at port richmond. a young mother shot to death inside her home. after the break, you'll hear from weather police are in the investigation.
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the best and best mother in the world. >> neighbors mourning a mother murdered inside her port richmond home. we've been following that story overnight, talking to police and witnesses at the scene. we'll tell you what we've learned coming up. a break from the humidity but not the heat. temperatures will climb into the 90s again today. how long will the heat wave last? we'll find out. it's 5:30 and 73 degrees outside. good morning, welcome back to "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. hard to believe it's the last day of july. >> and friday. did we mention that? >> we'll get to meteorologist bill henley with his


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