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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 10am  NBC  August 2, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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preparing for the pope. millions will be in town for the historic event. only a limited number of septa passes will be available. ahead, how you can try to secure a ride to get around the city. back on the iron eagles training camp begins today. there's lots of questions about who will start for the birds when the season gets underway.
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expect another one, near 90. but we have blue skies, plenty of sunshine. the heat wave continues that's okay considering there's lower humidity. more relief in sight in the first alert seven-day forecast. good morning i'm rosemary connors. it's just after 10:00 on this sunday. let's get to that first alert forecast with meteorologist michelle grossman. >> it will be 90 this afternoon, but despite that, we'll have low humidity. we'll have a repeat performance of yesterday today minus the breeze. we are looking at beaches. lots of people already hanging out on the beach at 10:00 a.m. looking at it staying hot once again today. 90 degrees is our forecasted high. that's six days of 90 degrees or greater. the heat wave continues. it's a long one. looking at two more days after this of 90 or above. looking at those numbers in a minute. there is relief on the way in
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terms of temperatures. we have 80s in the seven-day. right now into the 80s in philadelphia. 83 in philadelphia. 83 in northeast philadelphia. 81 in wilmington. 70s to the north and east. 76 in allentown. walking out your door in lancaster, 76. 82 in millville. 82 in atlantic city. throughout the day, temperatures will be climbing quickly. 86 by lunch time. 3:00, 89. 6:00, 87. hot one today, hotter monday 87. we'll track a couple storms for you during the work week. new this morning, investigating a crash that critically injured a man along busy henry avenue. it was in philadelphia's roxborough neighborhood. it happened around 3:45 this morning when the man was hit by a car. the driver of that car did stop and is now talking to police. we are preparing for the pope. people who take septa are doing
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the same thing. who use the rails are getting a chance to buy those special passes needed for the pope's upcoming visit. jesse gary is live at 30th street station. this is the second attempt to sell those passes. >> that's right. take two for the authority. septa tried to sell the papal passes a couple weeks ago. demand was so high it swamped and crashed the site. now they're turning to the lottery which starts at 12:01, just after midnight sunday into monday. technically monday morning. 12:01, that's when you can go online. during the papal visit, the weekend of september 26th and 27th, regional rail service will be restricted to 18 stations outside of the city. trains will express into three stations near papal activities in the morning and in the evening. to purchase the $10 daily pass you muss enter the lottery. the lottery opens 12:01 monday
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until 11:59 p.m. monday night. only 300 passes will be,000 passes will be allowed. once you get into town you still have to get to the papal event from the station, 30th street station. on the 27th, the pope is holding mass at the art museum which is about a half mile away. live at 30th street station, jesse gary nbc 10 news. thanks for that. for more information on the lottery, to get your pass or try to get your pass for the pope's visit, check out the nbc 10 news app. there you will find details for septa, patco and amtrak. join us tuesday for an exclusive half hour on pope francis. we're the only local news
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operation to visit the pope's homeland before he visits philadelphia. jim rosenfield spoke with close friends, colleagues and critics to learn more about the man who became the people's pope. that special airs this tuesday at 7:00 p.m. on nbc 10. new this morning, verizon employees say they will stay on the job despite not having a contract. both the unions and the wireless carriers say they will head back to the negotiation table for some more talks. the decision comes after a contract covering nearly 40,000 workers expired just before midnight. that contract affects employees from massachusetts to virginia, including pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware. one of the unions representing workers says despite being a profitable company, verizon continues to eliminate job security and drive down their standard of living. that union says "we are not going to take it, will keep the fight going while we're on the job." verizon is responding saying
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it's disappointed that the groups did not come to an agreement. also verizon says the union proposals are unrealistic and out of touch in today's marketplace. this weekend family and friends are remembering the three victims who were passengers in this crash that philadelphia police are calling a case of street racing. the community came together for a vigil last night at the scene of the crash near red lion road in bustleton. there they remembered 17-year-old yvette gonzalez, and 20-year-old felip hernandez. the family members of the third victim, sabrina rhoads, tell us the circumstances of this incident are heartbreaking. >> great kid, man. 17 years old. she had everything ahead of her. she was going in the right direction. >> police say new surveillance video shows two cars going at a high rate of speed before the crash earlier this week. investigators have some new information on the second car that took off from the scene. they believe it's a dark blue or black bmw.
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police are trying to track down the driver and passengers inside that car. today in philadelphia you can step back in time at the national constitution center where they are hosting colonial field days. you can try your hand at colonial games, dress up in 18th century fashions and enlist in the continental army. also happening today, big day. eagles fan also welcome another football season. players will hold their first training camp practice in than an hour from now. it was a very busy off season to say the least. some big names have moved on. others have moved in. one big unanswered question what will they do about the quarterback? sam bradford and mark sanchez are expected to fight for that starting job. don't forget the birds have tim tebow. nbc 10 is the official station of the philadelphia eagles. we have you covered all season long. we will be following the team at
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training camp and we'll have pre and postgame coverage as well as every snap of the preseason opener. that's happening on august 16th against the colts. still ahead, new information about the crash that killed philadelphia inquirer co-owner lewis katz. we will tell you what we're learning about a potential flaw in the plane's design. there could be some big news from vice president joe biden about his future political plans.
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welcome back on this sunday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. a nice start. lots of sunshine. we will keep that sunshine all day long. temperatures responding to the sunshine. into the 80s already. a live look along house row. beautiful day to be on the water. it will be hot later on this afternoon. with the humidity levels low again, not feeling too bad. 83 now in philadelphia.
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83 in horsham. 81 in wilmington. 70s to the north and west. 77 in quakertown. 77 in reading. 73 in mount pocono. along the beaches, 81 in woodbine. 82 in millville. hot today a high of 90 degrees. mostly sunny skies so a nice day. 88 to 91. low humidity once again. we'll bring back the humidity on monday. we'll bump up the temperatures near 94. uncomfortable on monday. we'll talk more about that. and tracking big-time kuldown in downcooldown in your seven-day. >> i'm liking the sound of that. this morning in tennessee, a manhunt is underway for the person who shot and killed a police officer. this happened in memphis last night. emergency crews rushed the officer to the hospital where he later died.
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police identified the slain officer as 33-year-old sean bolton. he been with the memphis police department for the past five years. in baltimore, a commission formed by leaders to review homicides in the city has stalled. officials claim baltimore's pop top prosecutors is not sharing information needed for the program to work. last year the city spent $200,000 on forming the commission which was meant to bring together police politicians and health care workers to look at violent trends and how to stop them. just last month baltimore recorded its highest monthly murder rate in more than four decades. the fight to stop a massive wildfire in california turned deadly this weekend. south dakota engine captain david rules died battling more than 20 major fires burning across the state. 8,000 firefighters are on the front lines. experts say with the hot and
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windy conditions things can quickly change for the worse. >> probably seeing a flame in excess of 100 feet. the drought is causing significant fire behavior in this area. a lot of this area, though it seems rural, has quite a few homes spread throughout the area. >> officials say with so many fires resources are stretched very thin. they're calling in the california national guard. the guard is mobilizing several helicopters to attack from above. still ahead, we are learning new information about that crash last summer that killed inquirer co-owner lewis katz. hear what may be a flaw the design and what the manufacturer has to say about it. and this robot may have been a nationwide social experiment, but all over now thanks to something unexpected that happened during its stop in philadelphia. big kids. before dress up,
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>> there's new clues this morning about what may have led to the plane crash last year that killed philadelphia inquire"philadelphia inquirer" co-owner lewis katz. according to the owner, the plane had a flaw that allowed it to reach high speeds while unable to take off, but gulf stream airspace corporation blames the may 2014 crash on the crew's actions. six other people in addition lewis katz were killed. the newspaper reports that the faa is working with gulf stream on design changes for the 500 planes still in service. pennsylvania is in its fifth week of a budget stalemate, now the state's social services are preparing for cuts. some county and non-profit agencies are deciding which services might stop or if workers must be laid off. some counties may front the money and some workers may go unpaid.
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this is the third time in 12 years that social services are feeling the effects of budget deadlock. vice president joe biden says he is not ruling out a presidential run. political analysts say biden's friends and advisers are urging him to launch a campaign, but that decision may not happen until after this month. be sure to watch "meet the press" coming up at 10:30, donald trump will join chuck todd. trump extends his lead over rivals in a newly released nbc poll. and which candidates will make the cut for the first gop scheduled debate happening later on this week.
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>> happy sunday. we have a beautiful start to the day. lots of sunshine. sunscreen, sunglasses all that picture perfect day. if you like 90 degrees. we don't have humidity in place. that's good news. feeling a lot like yesterday. a super sunday that's our first weather headline. then the second one, hot but not humid. looking at humidity levels low today. tomorrow we will bump them back up. storms return as soon as late monday. we'll talk about timing in just a few minutes. 83 degrees in philadelphia. looking at a mix of clouds and sun. a lot of sunshine out there. temperatures mainly in the 70s. 76 in allentown. 76 in lancaster. 83 in philadelphia. to the south and east mainly 80s. 80 in glassboro. 82 in dover.
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temperatures will jump to up 90 degrees. lots of sunshine nice start to the day. hopefully you have the day off. be leisurely out there and enjoy it. 90 yesterday, 90 today, hotter as we get towards monday. mostly clear skies. if you have any plans outdoors it will be a nice one. temperatures dropping into the 80s, then the 70s, overnight lows 73 in philadelphia. by monday afternoon, more humid. a little more cloud cover, especially in the afternoon. back to the west we have a front that will move through that will move through later on monday and bring us a chance of showers and thunderstorms. then by tuesday morning, we'll see isolated storms and mostly sunny skies. pock knows today, 81 degrees. the beaches, beach waters are warm. in the 70s. high temperatures around 85.
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mostly sunny, closer to the city it will be hot, 90 degrees. not muggy, not humid. 88 to 91 winds out of the west 5 to 10 miles per hour. this is the last nice day in terms of humidity then things change on monday. bringing back a little more cloud cover a little more humidity. temperatures bumping up to 94 degrees. tuesday, mostly sunny, isolated storms. wednesday, not as hot. 87. thursday looking to be mostly cloudy. look at those temperatures 80 degrees. 82 on friday. saturday mostly cloudy chance for showers, 81. hi, i'm amy fadool from comcast sportsnet. last night on the eve of training camp, the eagles shipped out a major contributor on defense, brandon boykin who has been traded to the steelers for a fifth round draft pick. boykin was drafted in the fourth round in 2012 but was relegated to playing in the slot rather
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than the outside because of his height. he's only 5'10". his interception in the 2015 division finale clinched the division against the cowboys. boykin tweeted out the following upon his trade. quote, to the city of philadelphia, it's bin real. you know i always played my heart out every time i hit the field. all got love for you. yesterday boykin's now former teammates arrived at the nocacare complex to check in for training camp including receiver, riley cooper. camp gets started later today. nbc 10 is your official eagles television station. we will follow the team all throughout training camp. we'll have pre and postgame coverage, as well as every snap of the preseason opener august 16th against the colts. our coverage begins at 12:30. after ten seasons, three all-star appearances, and one world series mvp, cole hamels made his first start for a team other than the phillies. cole suiting up after his trade to the rangers. cole threw a no-hitter in his
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last start for the phillies. first batter he faced in that ranger red, angel pagan. down swinging. cole struck down six. not on his best last night. on the night he was charged with five earned runs, 7 2/3 innings worked. removed in the eighth to a standing ovation. the rangers faithful already showing cole some love. another former phillie, ben revere now with his new team, the blue jays. had issues with the phillies. nice play here in left. crashing to the wall, making the grab. he struggled at the dish. he hit lead-off, went 0 for 5 at the plate. blue jays fell 7-6. phillies have announced that chase utley will begin a rehab assignment today with the lehigh valley iron pigs. he has been sitting out with ankle inflammation. phillies have won 12 of their last 14, before last night's relatives of robby roberts and ricky ashburn throwing out the first pitch. aaron gave up two first inning runs. goes five innings and got his second major league win. thanks to offense like this. cameron rupp, three-run blast. phillies up 5-2. then herrera, showing some
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big-time pop. 405 feet to the upper deck. check out the reaction from the bench. they love it phillies all over the braves. 12-2 the final. yesterday a beautiful day to be at the shore which is where the sixers were at the shore in avalon. sixers holding their annual beach bash at jack's place. plenty of fun from hoops to a dunk tank and a chance to meet and hear from first round pick, jahlil okafor, who updated his progress since playing in the summer league. >> right after summer league, after vegas, i was there for ten days, i was working out, using facilities, so i got back to town a few days ago. now i'm looking for somewhere to live. >> got to make philly your home. that will do it for sports. i'm amy fadool from comcast sportsnet. it was designed as a roadside social experiment but it reached the end of the road.
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why this hitchhiking robot is now offline after a stop in philadelphia.
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nbc 10 and telemundo 62 are teaming up with dozens of animal shelters in our area to help find homes for pets in need. it's called clear the shelters. it's happening on saturday, august 15th. on that day, shelters will be offering reduced adoption fees in hopes to finding homes for thousands of animals in our local shelters. here's how you can help. just join the conversation. raise awareness by sharing the event on social media. use #cleartheshelters, and include pictures of your pets. come out saturday august 15th to welcome a new friend into your family. for shelter locations and for those fees, tap on the nbc 10 news app.
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some unfortunate news to report. vandals in philadelphia ended an american tour for a hitchhiking robot. researchers created hitchbot as a special experiment that relied on the kindness of strangers to pick up the robot and pass it on to over travelers. it was headed across country, then yesterday the creators were sent an image of the robot and it was damaged beyond repair while in philadelphia. they say they don't know who destroyed it or why. earlier today we were talking with a few people about this story. and somebody suggested maybe the robot had, like a dallas cowboys, jersey or sticker on it. >> it's like out of here. >> that robot has better boots than i do. those are nice boots. >> that may have been a justifiable region. this is the city of brotherly love. come on. >> we are die-hard eagles fans. eagles are starting to practice
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and it's hot hot, hot. i'm sure it's 90 degrees and they're playing in the snow later on. it's warm right now. hot later on this afternoon. it's in the 80s now. 90s this afternoon. more humid on monday 94. tuesday at 91. the heat wave breaks on wednesday. >> you were saying 80, maybe 70s? >> spots in the 70s. >> "meet the press" is up next.
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this sunday a potential po political bomb shell. word that joe biden is seriously considering taken on hillary clinton. we have the latest on what we ally know. also game on. it's republican debate week. >> it was hit trump. hit trump, and i am in the lions den. >> how will the others deal with the wild card donald trump? the man himself donald trump joins me this morning. the latest clues as to who is in and who is out. i will be joined by the other nonpolitician that's breaking in ben carson. we will talk


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