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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  August 4, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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today is a first alert weather day because of our threat for severe storms later this afternoon. it's a very humid morning across our area as we take a live look at center city philadelphia. conditions are pleasant across the shore now. cape may, quite a scene earlier this morning, while you were sleeping. check out this lightning we checked out in plymouth and other areas west of philadelphia. storms rolled through earlier this morning. we have a chance for more severe weather later today. nbc10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. tell us more. >> we're in a fairly long lull and there's nothing on radar now, but the phillies are back
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home tonight and that's an area that has the potential for severe storms later today and into the evening. that's why we have the first alert out for that. there is the potential for some severe storms with damaging winds and maybe even a tornado or reports of large hail in parts of the area. the relative severe threat is relatively low for the flooding, but pretty high for lightning and high winds and a good bit higher than normal for hail, for example. that highest risk is for much of delaware and southern new jersey. the farther north and west you go, the lower the risk of any kind of storms, let alone severe storms. you can see the lull now is just nothing on the radar, but the future weather computers are suggesting we do get some buildups. later this afternoon, after 2:00, 3:00 for the most part. some of them very heavy and generally farther south.
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there's one approaching the shore and then a few more later on this evening. but very little north and west of philadelphia. we are into the 80s across much of the area. 84 degrees already in philadelphia. the humidity is higher than it was yesterday. and it's going to help trigger some of those storms. more timing on the storms and when we'll break this heat wave with the seven-day in a few minutes. the philadelphia health department confirmed two heat-related deaths in this city. they tell us an 88-year-old woman and 64-year-old man both died of heat-related causes on july 20th. we'll continue to track storms all day long. glenn and meteorologist sheena parveen will have you covered on "nbc10 news" at 4:00. you can follow them on twitter and download the nbc10 app for important weather alerts delivered right to your smartphone or tablet. thousands of fans are in south philadelphia right now for eagles training camp.
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today is the first day teams with attend first practice. tim furlong is live at the linc. what's it like there? >> reporter: kid in a candy store. i remember going to westchester and lehigh. this year it's like a carnival atmosphere. you can see all the stuff going on. we have cheerleaders, the real eagle. lots of fun stuff to do here. the i want to tell you this, when the gates open, there were thousands of people here. they're here to scout out the squad. the eagles have more new starters than any other team in football. i asked fans today, who are they most excited about seeing? who are you most excited to see on the field today? >> demarco. now we have him. >> reporter: is it extra special to think that the cowboys just don't have him? >> definitely. definitely. definitely. >> reporter: six months from
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now, was sam bradford a better quarterback than sam fuld? >> i think so. you know, he would hold the ball. he wouldn't throw the ball, you know. i think sam, you know, let's see what he can do. rsh >> reporter: you know when they play this song just for nbc10. take a listen. ♪ >> reporter: we're going to turn it around for a big chant here. e-a-g-l-e-s eagles! >> reporter: that, right there, is the kind of atmosphere we have at lincoln financial field. we're going to go inside. we'll have everything from the fans in our newscast later this afternoon. john clark will have everything from the field. lots of eagles alum. this is a great day to be an eagles fan because it's going to be one interesting season. you'll see it on the exclusive station of the eagles, nbc10.
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live from the linc, tim furlong, "nbc10 news." as tim just mentioned, we'll be following the team at training camp and have pre and postgame coverage as well as evethe snap against the colts. tractor/trailer turned over in hamilton township, mercer county. police on the scene tell us two trucks were involved. we're told two people had minor injuries. three people are in the hospital after a police cruiser and taxi collided this morning. this was the scene at the intersection of 56th and haverford after 3:00 a.m. police officer, cab driver and person in the cab were treated for minor injuries. the officer was responding to a call for a person with a gun and say her lights and siren were on at the time of the accident. in north philadelphia police are investigating a shooting that critically injured a man. it happened overnight at front and tesculum streets.
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the man was shot twice in the side and taken to temple university hospital. no word yet on a suspect or motive. right now police in central new jersey are looking for the person who shot two people outside a concert last night. investigators say a fight broke out outside the pnc bank arts center in monmouth county where rappers big sean and jay cole were performing. witnesses say everyone started sprinting and stampeding once shots were fired. the victims are in critical condition. surveillance video captured the man who philadelphia police say attacked two people outside a nightclub in penn's port. one was knocked unconscious during the altercation, which happened in june along south christopher columbus boulevard. investigators say the suspect took off in a taxi immediately after the incident. a korean war veteran who was robbed and beaten in his home in chester county is now telling his story only to nbc10. police say a man pretending to
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be a water worker forced his way into the vet's home in west vincent township in late june. here is a sketch of the intruder, who never showed a gun, but did tie up the victim. nbc10's denise nakano spoke with the recovering 81-year-old vet, who asked not to be identified. >> he grabbed my arms from behind and hustled me in there. and kept saying he was going to shoot me. he must have said that 15 times. i said, if i had my pen, i would have stabbed him in the eye. >> the robber got away with cash, a laptop and prescription drugs. police are looking for a white subaru neighbors saw in the area around the robbery. from lehigh valley bureau, osha is investigating donorney park and wild water king done. we're working to find out specifics.
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oech s a man goes overboard during a powerful storm off the jersey shore and gets stranded in the middle of the ocean. this morning, he is sharing his story of survival. damien sexton was on a 40-foot fishing boat with a friend saturday night when they got caught in a storm 44 miles east of cape may. a huge wave knocked damien off the boat. with no life jacket, he started swimming. he says he chased a container ship for ten miles. he says he was unable to feel his legs, his arms were cramp sxeg started to feel hopeless. >> just couldn't picture the next day somebody coming to tell them that i'm not going to be home anymore, because i know it would ruin their lives. and i love them too much for that. >> i love him more than anything. and i mean that with every ounce of my body. >> after four hours, he treaded water for four hours. his friend found him. then the coast guard appeared overhead and pulled him to safety. happening today, recruits
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from philadelphia police academy are in washington to visit the holocaust museum. it's part of a new training program that guides troops on ethics. a newly released video. a man in a sports jersey appears to jump-kick an object against a wall in an old city street. nbc10 has not confirmed the authenticity. here's what we do know. on saturday morning the robot's creators got a picture saying it was vandalized beyond repair. hitchbot was two weeks into a cross-country where strangers helped it travel from place to place until it got to philadelphia. there's a local kickstarter campaign to help rebuild hitchbot. pennsylvania may have no budget but it still has money
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pouring into the state treasury by the billions. pennsylvania is in its 34th day without a state-approved spending plan. state revenue officials say pennsylvania collected more than $2 billion last month alone, but the budget remains in limbo because of deep policy differences between democratic governor tom wolf and republicans who control the legislature. septa now says 38,000 people filled out an online request for papal passes in that 24-hour lottery yesterday, but we still don't know how many passes in all were requested because you were allowed to request ten per day, per person. the winners will be announced on thursday. they'll actually be sent an e-mail. special passes are required to ride the rails the weekend of the pope's visit in september. be sure to join us tonight at 7:00 for an exclusive half hour on pope francis. we are the only local news operation to visit the pope's homeland of argentina ahead of
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his trip to philadelphia. nbc10's tim rosenfeild talked to his friends and critics to learn more about the man who would be pope. happening today, con cord township could decide if wawa can sell beer at one of its stores, on route 202, and the plan would allow people to buy up to two six-packs of beer and drink one of the beverages at the store. they've been looking at this plan for a while now. town supervisors will take up the matter at a public meeting tonight. community leaders are joining forces with the philadelphia police department and mayor michael nutter to keep neighborhoods safe. it's part of the national night out campaign. nbc10 was in south philadelphia last night for the kickoff rally. several events continue tonight. tonight marks the 32nd anniversary of night dedicated to fighting crime. the camden county police department also hosting several
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family-friendly events. they can attend a community walk and movie night, all free. in delaware, the wilmington national night out will be held in rottdney square. there is no parking on part of north market street from 2:30 to 8:30. heart-stopping moments caught on camera. check out two men's quick actions as they rescue a guy about to be hit by an oncoming train. later, handcuffed in class. this is video of a child with his hands behind his back. wait until you hear who is responsible for this and why he said he did it. i'm tracking our threat for severe weather later today. i'll break down the timing just ahead.
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right now prosecutors in the colorado movie theater shooting trial are giving arguments for james holmes to be sentenced to death. yesterday jurors rejected arguments from defense lawyers who says holmes should not die because of his mental illness. the same jury quickly rejected holmes' insanity defense at the beginning of the trial. they say he was capable of telling right from wrong when he killed 12 people and wounded dozens more inside a packed movie theater in 2012. in memphis, the search is over for an accused cop killer who was on the run for two days. wilborn turned himself in yesterday. he was accused in the shooting
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of officer bolton saturday night. >> we've always been one step behind him or one step ahead of him. i think he felt the walls closing in. >> he was out of prison on parole after serving time for a bank robbery. police say a 3-year-old died when an 11-year-old accidentally shot him in the face. investigators say the two boys from detroit were playing with a gun in a parked car when it went off. police have not said where they found the gun or who owns the gun. no criminal charges have been filed. investigators in california are looking for the gunman who shot a pregnant woman in the face during a road rage incident. investigators say the victim is 18 years old and three months pregnant. she was in the passenger side of her car. when her husband passed an suv on a two-lane road because it was going slowly but the suv caught up and shot at the couple. the woman is now in critical condition. watch this video. as a deputy drags a man away from his car seconds before that
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train comes barrelling down the tracks. this happened in northern california. two deputies were in the area when they heard the car crash into the crossing gates. one ran to alert the engineer while the other rescued the driver. a cal electrician who was on the first day of his job is dead after a swarm of bees attacked him yesterday in riverside. a crew was working in a field when they hit an underground beehive. one worker turned on the water truck and sprayed the man to remove the bees. two other workers are recovering from minor injuries. a father and his young daughter are dead after a powerful thunderstorm caused a circus tent to collapse last night in new hampshire. 22 others were injured when the storm tore through the area. initial reports indicated as many as 250 people were trapped inside the circus tent, but police say a majority made it out safely. this comes just one day after another tent was flattened during storms in illinois, killing one person there.
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well, we've had day seven of our heat wave and now day eight could come with some pretty strong and even severe thunderstorms. that's why today's a first alert day. damaging winds would be the main threat but there's still a chance that there could be a tornado or two around. significant reports of large hail. now, you could see visibility is excellent this morning, although the humidity is up a bit from yesterday. it's 84 degrees. it feels like 86. the wind is out of the west at 14 miles an hour. and we're in the upper 70s to the mid-80s at the moment. only 78 in westchester. that's one of the cooler spots. and we're in the 80s even toward the beaches today. and it's all about the wind direction. the winds today, so far today, is a land breeze out of the
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west. so it's 86 degrees in beach haven while it's 88 at atlantic city airport. not much of a difference today. probably get to 90 at some dell beaches today. the threat tracker is for later today and into this evening. this is especially true for delaware and south jersey. the farther north and west you are, the lower all of these things would be. the flood threat overall, relatively low. lightning and high winds are fairly high. the hail threat is much higher than normal. and the tornado threat is even a little higher than you would normally get on a severe weather day. the highest risk is in delaware and south jersey. as you can see. and there's nothing on radar now, but we're talking about development later on today. we had those storms that were really powerful to the west as they came across. the greatest amount of damage
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was in berks county with those. now we have a lull. there is nothing developing around the area. we don't expect it to develop for a few hours. but as you'll see on this futurecast, hour by hour, we're concentrating now on delaware and south jersey because that's where the storms are going to be concentrated as we go through the afternoon. so, they're going to build up. they're going to be moving today. these are not going to be stationary thunderstorms. and they're going to have some pretty gusty winds with them. the strongest look like they're going to be in, let's say, sussex county in delaware so the delaware beaches are vulnerable. cape may as well. and then later this evening we may see that break up a bit, but not totally until later on tonight. you can see here at 10:00 tonight and we still have pretty heavy thunderstorms in parts of the area. there's one right over dover at 11:00 tonight. but once this moves off, we get
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some dry air for a while. high pressure builds in as we get into the day tomorrow. that's going to keep us dry wednesday and thursday, and also help bring the temperature down. but this storm coming in from the west, this is likely to bring rain in starting thursday night, perhaps, and especially friday and friday night to give us some wet weather in parts of our area. some parts could get a lot of rain out of that one. we'll be hot and humidity this afternoon. thunderstorms developing, especially in delaware and south jersey. high temperatures getting into the low 90s. this will make it day eight of the heat wave. wednesday, most likely below 90, but even if we don't get it tomorrow, it's gone below 90 on thursday. but you'll notice that lower humidity tomorrow. much lower. than there's that heavy rain threat for friday, friday night, maybe even into early saturday.
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and you don't see 90s after today. >> yeah, i guess not. thanks, glenn. well, call it the big chill. ladies, another 90-degree day and you're wearing a sweater inside work. if you wonder why guys don't feel the same way, researchers say there's a scientific explanation for that office chill. sharing just got a little more difficult. the new limits coming to your amazon prime membership.
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researchers link early fatherhood to death in middle age. scientists who say men who were dads by 22 were 26% more likely to die in midlife compared to those who waited until 25 to 26. men who became father after 30 had 30% less likely. well, this story is for women. have you ever noticed at work the office is office is freezing cold and the men don't seem to mind? scientists released a new study that shows most office buildings are set at temperatures based on an outdated and inaccurate model based on the metabolic rate of men. the system was developed in the 60s and considers factors like air temperature, air speed, vapor pressure and clothing insulation. the study found in general women prefer the temperature in a room warmer than men. well, humid conditions
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outside right now, we're tracking a threat of severe weather for later on today. here's a live look now over market street in center city, philadelphia. nbc10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz will let us know what to expect as storms roll through later this afternoon. plus, debate-stage drama. we'll soon know who will get the spot and who will be left out in the cold for thursday's republican presidential debate. see who chris christie is targeting in a brand new ad this morning.
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heat and humidity today. we have issued a first alert because of the threat of storms later on today. a look at the philadelphia art museum. let's get details with what's going to happen later on with
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nbc10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> the first alert is to alert you to something that's going to happen later on. for example, severe storms, at least in parts of the area, with some damaging winds and even the possibility of hail or even a tornado or two in the area. now, the biggest threat is going to be the wind and also lightning. the flood threat today is lower than average for severe weather day. the hail threat higher and tornado threat a little higher as well. the area where this is most likely to occur is in delaware and extreme south jersey. the farther north and west you are, the lower the chance of any kind of thunderstorms, let alone severe storms. and the farther south you are in this area, especially, let's say, sussex county in delaware or cape may county in new jersey, you have the highest risk of getting some of those storms. but that would come much later,
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maybe even into this evening. we're in a lull now. there's absolutely nothing on the radar. but there will be showers and storms developing as we go through the afternoon, it will start off isolated, but to have the potential to grow pretty quickly and develop a lot of lightning and gusty winds. these are going to be moving. they're not going to be stationary storms. so, some storms will get severe. north and west there isn't much at all. that dryer air is going to affect all of us and help end the heat wave. details on both of those things with the seven-day in a few minutes. camden county officials confirm its first human case of west nile virus. a 60-year-old belmar man checked into kennedy health system with symptoms that began at the end of july. he was released july 17th. officials say you should use insect repel atlanta and wear long sleeves and pants if you spend a lot of time outdoors
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between dusk and dawn to avoid mosquito bites. happening now, coach chip kelly is addressing the media, ahead of the first practice training camp. let's listen to coach chip kelly. >> reporter: you want to try to keep playing? >> yeah, that's exactly what he expressed. the kid's got a passion for this game. we're going to do everything we can to help him and support him and, again, i said same thing last year, same thing this year, he wouldn't have made this team if he wasn't healthy. >> reporter: you guys are talking to sam bradford again about get a possible extension, maybe shorter one done. is that important for you guys to lock him up beyond this year or would you be comfortable -- >> i never discuss contracts publicly. there was a report last week we weren't doing it, so believe what you want to believe. i mean -- >> reporter: is it important for you to --
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>> it's important for us to have a great day today, so -- we're not going to talk about contracts. i never will. [ inaudible ] >> that was our decision. we deal with a hydration status test. he was a little high. you see guys that are high from hydration standpoint, you pull them back because they're susceptible for an injury so that was a training staff decision. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: in relation to sam bradford, would you say this is not related or do you look at it as further improved? guys with acl are prone to have -- >> that's better question -- >> coach kelly addressing the media as fans are gathered at the linc for the first open practice so they can see what the birds look like this season. wildfires in california are still growing. nbc shows us how bad the situation is for people who live nearby. >> reporter: the rocky fire has now burned around 100 square miles. that's an area twice the size of
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san francisco, more than 60,000 acres burned so far. and late monday, a major development when flames leaped over a highway, which had been containing the fire on the north end. that created several new spot fires which were attacked by tankers and helicopters. the fire is new burning in new territory with lots of dry land that is ready to go up. 2500 firefighters are on the ground here. 7,000 structures are threatened. many of them are homes. 13,000 people remain evacuated. but we ran into one homeowner, rick sanders, who stayed behind, trying to protect his home of 30 years. >> it has been almost this close before. but not this intense and close. it's a pretty hot fire. >> reporter: across california, more than 20 large wildfires are burning right now with no relief in sight. in northern california, i'm joe fryer for nbc news.
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swallowed the majority of this intersection in brooklyn today. officials say it opened up around 8:00 this morning. no one was hurt. right now crews are working to repair the damage. investigators are looking into what caused that ground to cave in. happening now, thousands of catholics are in philadelphia for the knights of columbus international convention. nbc10's jesse gary is live in center city, where morning mass just ended. one of the highlights of the convention is drawing attention to the plight of christians in the muslim world. tell us more about that. >> reporter: there's a press conference going on right behind me here on the second floor of the convention center. the subject that documented violence and persecution against christians in the middle east, particularly in syria and iraq, the knights of columbus say this is a worldwide problem with more christians now being persecuted than the members of that faith faced when that religion was in its infancy. so far the knights of columbus say they have raised more than
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$3 million in aid for the millions of people displaced by violence. charles chaput, the cardinal, says this starts the month of activities leading up to the papal visit next month. >> these poor people have virtually nothing in their situation. they need housing. they need medical care. they need clothing. they need food. we raised $3 million in the fall of last year. now we think we can double that in the coming years. >> reporter: archbishop of syria will be the keynote speaker tonight. the convention wraps on thursday. live in center city, jesse gary, "nbc10 news." now to decision 2016. new polls out this morning are shifting the numbers just hours
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before fox decides which ten republican candidates will make the cut for thursday's prime time debate. nbc's tracie potts has the latest from washington. >> reporter: nbc's predicted lineup for thursday's debate, including brand new polls out this morning from cbs and bloomberg, puts trump, walker and bush on top. cruz and paul dropped a bit. christie and kasich switched places but they're all still in. christie has a new video out targeting hillary clinton on whether to cut $500 million from planned parenthood. >> secretary clinton, answer that question. i just did. >> reporter: rick perry's closing the gap and could take that number ten spot. in new hampshire, he talked immigration. >> you can secure the border. >> reporter: it was a big opportunity for those at the top, slamming the fight against isis. >> and creating strategy and sticking with it. >> reporter: those in the middle -- >> i'm a different kind of republican. i think we need a new gop. >> reporter: and those not expected to make thursday's prime time debate.
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bobby jindal took on iran. >> absolutely disagree. this is a bad deal. >> reporter: donald trump was a no-show, even though he's pulling 24% in new hampshire. our new nbc/wall street journal poll shows almost half of the republicans think trump is hurting the party. marco rubio is the candidate most primary voters say they could support. also looking into hillary clinton's poll numbers, her positive numbers have started to drop. her positive/negative numbers are off-balance. they are upside down. but so are those for many of the candidates. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. there are new developments in the search for two missing teens who vanished during a fishing trip off the coast of florida. the boat both teens are on missing is no longer where the coast guard found it. multiple media outlets are reporting a salvage company couldn't find the boat. on friday the coast guard called
11:39 am
off its search for perry cohen and austin stephanos one week after they went missing. what appeared to be a child handcuffed at his desk and now the american civil liberties union is suing. the suit claims a kentucky sheriff's deputy, who is also school resource officer, admitted to handcuffing an 8-year-old. he said it was because the child with special needs tried to hit him. this isn't the first time he's been accused of doing something like this. >> you don't get to -- >> children are exhibiting behaviors related to their disabilities. both of them have adhd. >> the school district is not named in the lawsuit and it does not ask for the officer to be fired. it does ask for monetary damage from the county. the parents say they also want the deputies trained in how to handle children with disabilities. an attorney for the sheriff's office says it's reviewing the case but refuses to comment.
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president obama turns 54 today and he started his celebration a day early. yesterday he was created by 500 young african leaders who sang a rendition of "happy birthday." he became the fifth youngest president back in 2009. he says after leaving the white house in january of 2017, he's planning to catch up on some sleep. as you know, there's going to be more than 1.5 million people crammed onto the ben franklin parkway when the pope celebrates mass in september. many will be chronicling the event with cell phones. cell phone companies are planning for the huge surge along the parkway. they're making big upgrades to meet the demand. a super-charged cell network is being installed. many cell towers have been built to blanket the area with as much coverage as possible, meaning you can tweet, text or talk. >> giving this challenge everything we've got, and we're
11:41 am
meeting it head-on. >> we used models like super bowl events throughout the country or events that the washington mall for presidential inauguration, things like that we use, or new york city times square for new year's eve celebration. those are good starting points to give us a sense of what's going on and what we need to deploy capacity for something this size. >> you can tap on the nbc10 app right now to find out how the parkway system will work. be sure to join us tonight at 7:00 for an exclusive half hour on pope francis. we're the only local news operation to visit the pope's homeland of argentina ahead of his trip to philadelphia. nbc10's jim rosenfield talks with close friends, colleagues and critics to learn more about the man who would become the people's pope. that is tonight at 7:00 right here on nbc10. well, cecil lives on. we're tell you how a company is honoring the memory of a lion
11:42 am
killed. more severe weather is coming. i'm tracking the threat for storms as well as a break in our heat wave and let you know what you can expect and when just ahead.
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there is more backlash over big game hunting in africa. delta says it will no longer
11:45 am
allow rhino, leopard, elephant trophies. cecil the lion has a commemorative beanie baby in his honor. ty warner created cecil the lion. all profits from the toy are going to the wildlife conservation research unit of university of oxford, the organization that's been tracking cecil since 2008. amazon is putting limitations on how they can pay their fees. they could split their fee up with four people. according to tech crunch, new subscribers will only be able to split them between two adults. experts say the move is likely aimed at reducing the number of shared accounts so people get their own accounts. well, a florida family is getting a lot of support this weekend from a bucks county
11:46 am
community, helping a teen named xavier to be a fighter. xavier johnson is a standout football player at sunlake high school in florida. as of a few moments ago, xavier, x as he's known, suffered a traumatic brain injury in a boating accident while tubing. he's fighting to recover and you can help him win his battle. here's some background. xavier is a man -- is what friends call him "x," right? he's 16 years old. the son of pastor rosz and lisa johnson. and he his family live in the land oe lakes area where they moved to in 2007 to start gathering point church, where ross is the lead pastor. "x" is an outstanding young man. tell us more about -- and doug bishop is here to talk about a
11:47 am
co-run they're having there and here. tell us more about the family and the connection. >> my wife and i have known the family for 15 years. when xavier was a small child, our first interaction with them, they moved to florida to start the church. we stayed in contact with them over the years. on may 16th he was in this accident, sufrfered a brain injury. he's fighting his way back. we call him a warrior. so, we're calling this the warrior run. they're doing one on land o lakes saturday and my wife had an idea to do one here. a bunch of our friends and their friends gathered together to make this happen on saturday. >> how is he doing? >> he's getting better. right now he's -- yes, this is my t-shirt. we have these available as well. he's although brooks rehabilitation hospital in jacksonville, florida. he works hard every day. a team of physical therapists along with his mom and dad go in and help him to learn, to move and to respond and to just get better. it's going to be a long road back. we just want to be of help to them. >> so, at the exact same time
11:48 am
you're having a run there and here, what can people here in this area do if they want to be part of this run? >> they can go to and look up the run on the website. they can register there. and all of the registration fees are going to go to the family. we've been fortunate to have business sponsors, friends and family members that we know who have steptd up and they're offsetting all of the costs and anything people spend on registration will go directly to the johnson family to help with those unexpected expenses and the things that aren't covered by insurance. we all know how that can be sometimes. >> we sure do. i want to give our viewers all the details. so, it's the warrior run north, because there's one happening in florida, too, 5k, this saturday, august 8th in lenape park, starts at 8:00. we've linked to all the information right on or you can check out the nbc10 app. doug bishop, thanks for being with us.
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good luck with it. >> thank you. thanks for having me. i appreciate it. . we're coming to the end of our longest heat wave of the season so far. it will be another hot day. that's going to help fuel the storms today. we've got a first alert out for that because some of these storms could become severe with damaging winds, even the chance of a tornado and some large hail in parts of the area. we have a lot of sunshine right now. we had the early storms in parts of the area. now we have a big break, a lot of hours of dry weather and then the storms develop later. the humidity definitely higher than it has been. the temperature, though, is going to be going down as we go through the next few days. that's going to be the end of our heat wave. it doesn't end tomorrow, it will end thursday. it's 84 now. we've got a good chance of getting up to 90 once again.
11:50 am
it's 87 in dover and millville. the west wind is the land breeze today, so it's even warm at the beaches. so, not a lot of relief from the heat. at the beaches today. now, the flood threat for later today is not very high because these storms are going to be moving. there is likely to be a lot of lightning with these storms and also some high winds, maybe damaging winds. and some large hail, which has an increased possibility over the normal kind of weather threat day. the highest threat is in delaware and south jersey. especially central and southern delaware. the farther north and west you are, the greater the chance you have of getting through the rest of the day with no rain at all, let alone severe weather. you got your share overnight with some big thunderstorms, a lot of lightning. just as it got to philadelphia and into much of new jersey it weakened. we are definitely in that lull now.
11:51 am
there is some moisture back west of new york state. this is going to be stuff that's developing hour by hour. that's what we're going to be watching and i'll be updating you on twitter and facebook with the radar and warnings that do come out this afternoon. now, you can see that by 3:00, we don't have a whole lot of activity around, but any one of those storms is capable of becoming a pretty strong one. you see the red, that's the little core of very heavy rain, probably a lot of lightning with that. there's another one just east of the philadelphia area. you can see how they're moving straight to the east today. we have strong winds at higher levels. that's likely to cause some of those strong winds. look at that. by 7:00 tonight, delaware beach is getting pounded by heavy showers and storms. there could be some more even later on this evening, as you can see. so, it's not just going to be a couple of hours that we're just going to watch like a line go
11:52 am
through or anything like that. but this is coming in. high pressure comes in behind this for tomorrow and into thursday with dry weather, low humidity. it's going to be delightful for a couple of days. but maybe not so delightful for friday as this low pressure center comes to the east, it's going to spin some moisture up and parts of the area are going to get a lot of rain friday and friday night, the way it looks right now. hot and humidity this afternoon with those thunderstorms developing and strongest and most likely is delaware and south jersey. high temperatures into the low 90s. that would make it day eight for our heat wave. for tomorrow, the big issue, lower humidity. don't expect any rain. it's still kind of warm, but the humidity, that's the story for tomorrow. and thursday the temperature goes down. friday the temperature's held
11:53 am
down by the rain and the east wind. some areas get heavy rain friday and friday night. maybe even into early saturday.
11:54 am
11:55 am
here's a live look this morning at citizens bank park in south philadelphia where phillies fans will witness quite a reunion tonight.
11:56 am
jimmy rollins will return to town for the first time since the phils traded him to dodgers. the all-star shortstop played 14 seasons in south philly, becoming the phillies' all-time hits leader. coming up on "ellen," l.l. cool j and the new basement tapes. counting down to the opening of new shopping area. nbc10 gets an inside look at gloucester premium outlets. we're asking how many workers they still need to hire. that's this afternoon on "nbc10 news" at 4:00. and glenn is tracking storms for this afternoon. >> yeah. at 4:00, there probably will be some storms around, especially delaware, south jersey. they could sneak up to the philadelphia area. they do have the potential for producing a lot of lightning and damaging winds. you want to keep in touch with the weather one way or another later today. then it gets nice starting tomorrow. >> oh, terrific. looking forward to that. download the "nbc10 news" app.
11:57 am
it's a free download. thanks for watching "nbc10 news" at 11:00. i'm tracy davidson, for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us here, have a great day.
11:58 am
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>> paige: hey, i was wondering if that breakfast you offered was still-- >> kyle: paige, i didn't know-- >> jj: what the hell are you doing here? >> paige: are you doing here? >> victor: well, i couldn't call you before, and i had to get out of the house. is everything taken care of? oh, good. yeah, the best part is the bastard won't even know what hit him. >> xander: hmm. hey, remember me? we met yesterday. >> woman: well, of course i remember you. you're kind of hard to forget. >> xander: [laughs] i'm glad i ran into you. you know, i'd still love to take you to greece. my uncle actually owns an island there. excuse me, hi. could you bring my friend a glass of champagne and whatever she'd like for breakfast? >> man: not unless you have


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