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tv   Today  NBC  August 9, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. you're fired. donald trump claiming he top advisor the walking papers. the aid says he quit over the controversial comments about megan kelly. this as trump's rivals step up the attack. >> what donald trump said is wrong. that's not how we win elections. final moments new surveillance video emerges of a black teen vandalizing cars at the texas auto dealership before being shot by a cop. the teen unarmed. was the shooting justified? this morning the fbi is investigating. kayak terror. the daughter of grammy award winning singer annie lenox pulled from the hudson river as
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her kayak capsizes. and suiting up. dylan scores a role on the hit show "suits" earning one line. >> i couldn't turn it down. now i'm nervous! >> will it be stardom for dylan or will the scene end up on the cutting room floes? the forecast a little overcast "today," sunday, august 9th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today." live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. i'm erica hill. >> i'm craig melvin alongside francis rivera and dylan drier. we better enjoy you while we can. >> i thought you were on hiatus. >> yeah. >> i guess maybe like 30 minutes. >> more like 15 second.
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i love the show and it was so fun to be on the set. >> we'll get to that in a bit. the top story now. mounting turmoil for donald trump this morning. a key member of his inner circle is out. it's not clear whether he quit or was fired. kelly o'donnell has more for us. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. after a sold out three-day miniconference known as the red state gathering. some of the conservatives here told us they were disappointed to not hear from donald trump directly. as you might expect, trump has plenty more to say. the party went on without donald trump. this tailgate bash, part of the conservative convention, would have been trump's place to rail against political correctness. instead top presidential candidates fired away at him. >> mr. trump ought to apologize. >> jeb brush addressed the
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controversy directly on the attack on megyn kelly after she challenged trump's comments about women. >> come on. give me a break. i mean, are we -- do we want to win? do we want to insult 53% of all voters? >> trump's invitation had been revoked, but questions about him persisted. other candidates, like mike huckabee, were tired of talking trump. >> i'm running for president. i'm not running for the social media kritdic for somebody else running for president. >> trump's turmoil turned inward saturday. a new fight turned into public view. long time advisor robert stone is out. he turned in his resignation letter. more controversy the campaign claimed they firer mr. stone.
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saying roger wanted to use it as his benefit. >> when he becomes the president, of course his tone will change. right now if you go after him, he's sending in the missiles. >> reporter: and that has been the donald trump method when he's attacked he attacks back. so some of the candidates have been reluctant to go after him. criticizing his words, perhaps, but not wanting to discourage him from participating in the race. many of the conservatives we've talked to say the people should decide his fate over time and not organizations like the party or some of the official groups. craig? >> kelly o'donnell for us this morning in atlanta. thank you. donald trump will be among chuck todd's guests later this morning on "meet the press." chuck, good morning. >> good morning, erica. >> these are far from the most inflammatory things donald trump has ever said. yet, the reaction seems to be
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different. why is the tide turning at this point? the tone or the target? >> i think it's a little bit of everything. i think it's the accumulation, number one. if you look, he's been growing the amount of people he's insulted over the years starting during the birther movement moving to disparaging hispanics with the comments about mexicans and veterans with john mccain women with megyn kelly. i think it adds to the angst of conservatives that megyn kelly is the star on the fox news. put it together it has a last straw feel to it. the republican party, having many leaders, knows that trump is consuming them right now. at a time when they have got to figure out how to unite. they're demographically challenged going up against democrats in '16. >> kelly talked about the fact in the past any targets have been reluctant to respond in any way to donald trump because he attacks back. that seems to be waning a little
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bit, too. jeb bush was clear when he said the real issue here is that he could push aside voters specifically women voters. how much of that is a part of the equation at this point? >> i think that's the issue now. it's sort of all the candidates, many of them, i don't want to say all because not all are taking direct shots but behind the scenes they say this. at first, it was trump is trump. they think the american people swing voters would separate trump from the republican party. now there's a concern that trump's problems will now bleed into the republican party here and start to stain them even for the long-term. i think that's what jeb bush is talking about. i think many of these candidates are saying to themselves, if donald trump's words are used against them if they're the nominee think jeb bush and scott walker. what they said in this moment will matter. >> there's been a lot made about the phone call that happened between former president clinton and donald trump.
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in recent days both camps denied the phone call the presidential race was discussed the all. it hasn't silenced the speculation. the timing here is kind of interesting. what do you make of the renewed buzz about the call? >> there's plenty of conservatives who believe that donald trump isn't a real conservative. he doesn't really hold true conservative positions, at least on things like health care and even on taxes who think that he's nothing more than some sort of democratic plan. the clinton phone call feeds into that narrative, whatever that phone call was about, and i think that it's sort of just nervousness. here he is he sort of did a belly flop into the republican pool and suddenly dominating the race. so conservatives who would wish somebody else would do it are wondering how did it happen? why is he doing this? they're going to conspiracy. >> all right, chuck. thank you. we'll see you again in a little bit when donald trump joins you
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on "meet the press." police in texas asked the fbi to join the investigation into friday's deadly shooting of a 19-year-old college football player. a case that sparked a fire storm of outrage online as a critical new piece of evidence emerges. mark potter has that story. >> reporter: in a security camera video from outside a car dealership in arlington, texas shooting victim christian taylor can seen jumping on a vehicle and breaking out the windshield, which police say he did before his fatal encounter with officers. later on the tape, he can be seen driving his vehicle through a locked gate there and then in the distance driving through a glass door on to the showroom floor. >> reporter: shortly afterward, police can be seen arriving a the dealership with taylor ro
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roaming inside the building with, they told him to lie on the ground but he refused. >> during the arrest there was a confrontation between officers and mr. taylor, which lead officer brad miller to discharge his weapon striking mr. taylor. >> reporter: police say 19-year-old taylor a football player at angelo state university died at the scene. he was not carrying a weapon. the officer, 49-year-old brad miller, just graduated from the police academy in march was was being supervised by a training officer. police say details of the kron frontation with taylor and the shooting are being gathered. the fbi has been asked to join the investigation. >> our pledge is to provide these answers in the most thorough and expeditious manner possible. >> reporter: taylor's family, which held a vigil saturday night questions whether he actually had to be killed. >> he was by himself and unarmed. i think that would have been other methods or manner you
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could have done to, you know, take him down or whatever. >> reporter: the police say they await autopsy and toxicologist reports and will be public with their findings. for "today," mark potter, nbc news. meantime in missouri today marks one day -- one year to the day since the death of michael brown. the unarmed black teen was shot dead by a white police officer in the city of ferguson. brown's killing sparked months of protest and violence. overnight at least 200 protesters took to the streets outside police headquarters. nbc ron allen has been covering the story for us from the beginning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. during the past year ferguson has become more than the death of michael brown at the hands of darren wilson. many say it raised national awareness about deadly police encounters in minority neighborhoods in places like cleveland, baltimore, and new york. a year later much has changed. for others progress has been slow and there are still cries
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for justice. >> reporter: on this painful anniversary, michael brown's family still mourns. >> he never came back. i don't know how you explain it. >> reporter: brown's father, leading marches through the streets. streets still scarred by reminders of battlefield ferguson became >> is this street bad? >> it's not bad we're working on it. >> reporter: westerly bell is one of the three african-americans on the city council. the new police chief, city manager, and top judge, also, are black. in a city where the justice department report said the police and courts were biassed againstminorities. ferguson's leaders reject the allegations. all officers wear body cameras. >> do you think kids feel different? >> trust has to be earned. >> reporter: a citizens group set up by the governor to look into the underlying causes of the anger and rage has some 150
8:12 am
calls to action for raising the minimum wage to improving local schools. >> are you satisfied with where ferguson is now? >> it's a long process that has been decades in the coming. >> reporter: despite of fears of flight, most of the 200 businesses damaged by the unrest have stayed. queen green showed us her damaged salon. >> everything is water damaged and smoke damaged. >> you've been busy the last year or so. >> reporter: mary, with a newborn, finally hoping to reopen a new location by labor day. >> i mean, like i said i'm hopeful. >> reporter: overnight there was a shooting incident in ferguson police say one man was injured, one man hospitalized. the rear window of a police car shattered by the cross fire. criminal activity, apparently unrelated to the ferguson anniversary. more events are planned today marking the anniversary. unlike a year ago, so far things have been peaceful. >> ron allen this morning, thank
8:13 am
you. to francis with more on just a gruesome in texas. police doing a home welfare check called in the swat team after seeing the body of a dead boy through the window. when the negotiators' help they were final able to enter finding eight people shot to death five were children. the suspect surrendered at the scene. in florida a 37-year-old woman is recovering after losing her arm in a vicious alligator attack. witnesses could only look on in horror as the woman was mauled by gator. >> this is how big around it was, you know, from the mouth. then you see it hanging. paramedics rushed to the scene at the river in central florida saturday afternoon.
8:14 am
>> she was totally naked. her arm was gone. >> the 37-year-old victim was swimming with a group of people when she went off alone to a more remote area of the river. that's when the gator struck biting her and dragging her underwater. >> blood everywhere on the kayaks and canoes. >> reporter: conservation mem r members say a friends heard the screams and rushed to save her. canoers were able to get her to shore and she was quickly taken to the hospital. trappers are still looking for the gator. >> i was so scared. i have three kids up there. they were in the water but not as deep as she was. it was scary. >> a really scary moment. keep in mind it's the second alligator attack in central florida in many weeks. a worker was bitten while in a deep water pond at the florida adventure park. rangers in yellow stone national park say a hiker was
8:15 am
killed in what appears to be a grizzly attack. the man was found off the popular trail in the lake village property. he worked on the clinic. he may have run into a bear protecting cubs. in new york the daughter of singer annie lenox survived a kayaker accident but they are looking for her boyfriend. kelly lenox was in a kayak on the hudson river with boyfriend ian jones when it capsized. she was picked up by a passing boat but he hasn't been found. the two weren't wearing life jackets. talk about life on the edge. spacex and e lon musk is on the edge of that plane there in england. do you see it? he was spending the day with the english rocking team. while doing so up there they spent some time -- yes, as everybody does a instagram self
8:16 am
selfie. what could possibly go wrong? >> wow. . >> you got a selfie. >> it's true. it's the important thing we captured it. >> dylan is here with a check of the weather. >>s it -- it is dangerously hot down south. temperatures themselves will be well over 100 degrees. we have excessive heat warnings in effect through the south. fort worth 106. little rock 102. the feels like temperature is nearly 115 degrees. keep in mind you want to check on the elderly, keep the pets indoors. >> good sunday morning.ath i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. pleasantly warm today. a lot like yesterday. mix of sun and clouds, 83 to 87. changes on monday. a chance for thunderstorms later on monday. better chance for storms on tuesday. 82 degrees. wednesday, the sunshine returns.
8:17 am
sunny, breezy, 85. looking great on thursday. 84 degrees before that warm weather returns on friday, 86. hot and humid, 96, have a great atest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. nascar's tony stewart returns to an upstate new york track in a few hours. very close to the race where he struck and killed a fellow driver a year ago. this friday the driver's family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against stewart. kristen deahlgren has more. >> reporter: good morning. legal experts say it's no coincidence the lawsuit was filed before the weekend. the fallout is far from over. tony stewart is ready to race at watkins glen in weekend. after last year's tragedy, he'll carry a heavy burden. >> i don't think i'll ever be the same. i don't know how you could be. i don't know how anybody could be back to exactly the way they
8:18 am
were. >> reporter: it was this weekend 2014 when stewart struck 220-year-old kevin ward junior on a nearby dirt track. the video posted on youtube shows ward getting out of his car to confront stewart when he's hit. ward had marijuana in his system. a grand jury investigation cleared stewart, who called it an accident. but in a civil suit filed on friday, ward's parents call it malicious. the lawsuit claims other drivers slowed and avoided ward, but not stewart. >> the standard is was he negligent? was he reckless? should he have slowed down. and really, you know, they're asking to speculate on what was in his head and what he was thinking. >> reporter: in a statement, ward's parents call kevin the light of their lives adding they hope to hold tony stewart responsible and show him there are real consequences. for stewart, often viewed as a hot head on and off the track,
8:19 am
there is already been a cost. >> it's been the worst season. he's been in a huge slump. he hasn't had many races in which he's been contender to win. >> reporter: as he gets ready to race again, many couldn't help but go back to that night one year ago. >> i'm trying not to think about it. i have a feeling it's going to get brought up a lot this week. it doesn't help you continue to move forward with it >> that was stewart talking on wednesday before the suit was filed. he hasn't commented since. the representatives had no comment as well. >> thank you. ladies, ready? >> i think so. it's back! >> back with a brilliant and manly new ad campaign. >> manly. >> kind of a bro mance there.
8:20 am
old spice ads were all the rage
8:21 am
awhile back. a familiar face is back. >> the new commercial brings a new meaning to the word "bro mance" dylan has more. >> everyone, this it for your eyes this morning. this man, remember him? we introduced him five years ago. this is eisaiah new staff fa. he was charming and the commercials became a classic. a few months later old spice introduced the manly man. now they are coming together in an old spice new ad. >> hello, ladies. i missed you. may i speak privately to the man in your life. take your body to nature with old spice timber. it's what the angel-faced woman in your deserves. sound good? fantast fantastic. goodbye. >> it's you. >> it's me. goodbye. don't use -- >> and you thought they couldn't get any better. the new ad launches a seven-part series urging men to make a
8:22 am
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good morning. i'm rosemary connors. it's a few minutes before 8:30. meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking a warm and sunny sunday for us. ing. >> good morning. great day. great day yesterday, a repeat performance today. a few clouds mixing in. overall a pleasant day. temperatures in the 60s and 70s now. going to a high of 86. later on this afternoon, pleasantly warm. that's where we're supposed to be this time of year. 86 today. for tomorrow, changes come in. more clouds, more humidity, showers and thunderstorms on monday, 84. showers and thunderstorms continue on tuesday. some could be heavy. windy on wednesday. mostly sunny skies. looking great on thursday. heat returns for saturday. hot and humid, 90 degrees. >> today is military day at eagles training camp at lincoln financial field and it's the second and final open practice for the public. some members the military will get special seating and free food and drinks a military
8:28 am
reception will follow. there will be music and other activities. if you're headed to the linc, the practice starts at 11:45. gates open at 10:00. the first preseason game is weeks away. nbc 10 is the official television station of the eagles. we'll have pre and postgame shows. our coverage begins 12:30 next sunday, august 16th. i'm rosemary connors, michelle and i will see you back here at 9:00.
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♪ we are back on this sunday morning, august 9, 2015. these are the gentlemen that brought the moves to the plaza. ♪ we have a fantastic crowd here on the plaza. we welcome 13-year-old zach and your brother cameron. >> i love it. >> i love it! >> i can't even. >> we had a great time watching you practice earlier this morning. we realized we don't have any moves like yours. you have to tell us, first, your
8:31 am
name is "the againgentlemen." >> our choreographer came up with that. even though we are kids we dance like gentlemen. >> how would you describe your moves? smooth. >> there it is. >> how long have you been dancing? >> for seven years. >> i've been dancing for four years. >> wow. >> when made you want to turn it into an act? >> our mom wanted to because we're brothers and we're good dancers. we wanted to show everyone how good we are. >> any voting parties planned in california? >> yeah, we're telling our friends to vote for us and their friends to vote for us. >> they're telling everybody. >> we're going to get out of your way. you can show us the smooth moves.
8:32 am
♪ ♪ >> zach and cameron! we'll be watching "america's goal talent" airs here on nbc tuesdays and wednesdays 8:00 7:00 central. guess who landed a guest role on the hit show "suits?" . even got her own trailer. talk about the star treatment. she's going to take us behind the scenes as she prepares for her speaking role. very exciting. >> and that dress right there was about $3,000. >> it looks good. >> i could have stay there all day long. we'll get to that.
8:33 am
coming up later on did you know a little town in michigan is the magic capital of the world. this weekend young and old are showing off the new tricks and we've got a front row seat. also ahead, harry smith is here with an ode to summer produce. 'tis the season it wouldn't be august without the succulent tomatoes and the fresh corn. with harries it eating only the best of the best. >> so much to get to this half hour. let's start here. a group of video gamers making big news in seattle on saturday. a sell out crowd turned out for one of the largest tournaments in america. dotty schwartz takes us inside the competition that ended in a massive jackpot for one lucky teenager. >> reporter: thousands of screaming fans with play-by-play announcers, and packed arenas watched two teams with ten players battle it out by staring at their screen while they control monsters and heros with
8:34 am
their finger tips. this is the world of e sports growing faster than any traditional sport ever has. >> expanded from a couple hundred people sitting in a small section of a hall five years ago to 10,000 people in an arena. >> in countries like south korea e players are as big as kobe, jeter, or peyton manning. and it all brings gamers instant celebrities. >> people want my autograph. it's like is this real life? >> reporter: before you roll your eyes consider this $18 million in prize money is at stake. some of the sports have 27 million people watching live, which is more viewers in the u.s. than the stanley cup, the 2014 world series, and the 2015 nba finals. >> there's excitement. there are swings in the game. >> reporter: fans mesmerized by the skill and many relate to the stories of players rising out of poverty and struggle. >> reporter: this is the son of
8:35 am
p pakistani immigrants living in the u.s. he trains for hours every day. in a virtual blow out -- >> grand champions! >> reporter: he and his team evil geniuses reign supreme splitting a prize in competition that offers more fame and pay for a new generation of professional play. nbc gadi schwartz. taking a look now at the headlines. donald trump top advisor's trump said he quit the campaign. trump is firing back saying he fired the key operative. new video emerges of a black teenager vandalizing cars at the texas dealership before he was shot to death by a rookie police officer. now the fbi is joining the investigation. and the national park service said a hiker found dead in yellow stone national park
8:36 am
was victim of a grizzly bear attacks. tracks left behind suggest an adult female grizzly and one cub were involved in the attack. dylan is back with a check of the weather. back outside. dylan? >> hey, guys. every once awhile you find a creative sign. we don't come here daily so we're hoping just maybe that instead of being here criers you'll make our eyes drier. we love to join in the orange room of tones. >> i had a little bit of help. >> fantastic job. thank you so much for being here. let's take a look at the weather going on across the country. we have a chance of stronger storms today especially through parts of southern south dakota. that's where we could see some hail and damaging wind gusts. we have dangerously hot temperatures down south. the feels like temperature around 115. in the northeast it's still another warm but not too humid day. we'll see a couple of showers and storms build into the great lakes and stretching to the
8:37 am
southeast as we go into tomorrow. dealing with monsoonal moisture and temperatures are heating up in the pacific northwest . good morning, i'm michelle grossman. pleasant and warm today. mix of sun and clouds, 83 to 87. big changes on monday. a chance for thunderstorms on monday. better chance for storms on tuesday. 82 degrees. wednesday, the sunshine returns. it will be sunny, breezy, 85. looking great on thursday. 84 degrees before that warm weather returns on friday under sunny skies, 86. hot and humid on saturday, 90 and that's your latest forecast. >>. still to come on "today" the magic capital of the world. first, our own dylan drier
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when it comes to tracking storms or the coolest stories in the world we know dylan can bring the heat. >> yes, she can. she brought a lot of sizzle to the hit tv show "suits" scoring a role. >> that's some intro. it's cool when we get to go on the set of any show. it's that much more awesome when it's a show i'm a huge fan of. when they offer me a speaking role next to the actors i love and the wardrobe worth a
8:42 am
thousand dollars. it's a experience i'll never forget. >> reporter: a glimpse between the top new york city law firm mixing everything from high fashion to high drama. >> we're a law show about people. >> we all have our insecurities and vulnerabilities. i think that's why people relate to the show. >> that's what i wonder. there's so much drama in the show. how often do you break down when you're filming? >> it's not even a case of the giggles. because that would be a complete understatement. [ laughter ] >> busted. [ laughter ] >> the outfits you have on the show, what do you think of wardrobe and how fun is it to play dress up? >> it's great when we're barbie dolls standing in front of the mirror. cut to 12 hours later when we're crippled and our toe s are doing this. it's a coveted closet of
8:43 am
fashion. >> this is tom ford. i love everything. >> gorgeous. >> and oscar de lerenta. >> these are valentino. >> everything is tailored to our bodies. >> even though i was here for a guest appearance. >> i have my own trailer. i don't even have any lines in this episode! i get a trailer. here is the inside. it's about exactly half the size of my apartment in new york. we have a living room and we've got a bathroom and a tv. what else do you need? this is so much better than my desk at the "today" show. i'm waiting for hair and make up now. i'll rest. >> after my rest i met with the glam squad. then finally my turn to play dress up. just a little dress by a designer named gucci. >> this is victoria beckham. it fits me perfectly.
8:44 am
the shoes are fantastic. i think i'm sold. back on set jitters set in. >> scary but i'll take it. >> i haven't been nervous the whole time because i haven't had a line. then they said "do you want a line"? now i'm nervous. moments later lights, camera -- >> action! >> and cut. thank you. >> yeah! >> i'm going say nailed it. see if it gets the cutting room floor. >> did it hit the cutting room floor? >> it did. >> oh! >> i thought i nailed it but, yeah. >> we have it for you. >> we have it. >> oh. do you have that file? >> oh, yes. >> great, thank you. >> how did you not nail that this. >> i mean, come on! >> you seem very natch rap. >> -- natural.
8:45 am
>> that was only the second take. >> we knew you went. anyway, that dress! everybody is like did you get to keep the dress? and just so you know, i didn't. they don't get to keep any of the wardrobe. sometimes they can take it out on loan and i have to bring everything back. the material felt expensive. it felt nice. >> what was the cast like? >> they were so lovely. it was so fun to see them because on the show there's not a lot of -- they don't break down, you know, and it's very dramatic and in person they were so fun and just easy to talk to and easy to hang out with. i was so sick during the interview. i had such a cough that i had to excuse myself several times to cough in the corner. they were accommodating. >> it's great. fun to share some of that. >> say it again. >> we'll start a campaign for you. you can catch "suits" on the usa network, our sister network, wednesday at 9:00 8:00 p.m.
8:46 am
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back on a sunday morning with a tale of a sleepy town in michig michigan. >> from card tricks to disappearing acts. inside a magic show like no other. >> reporter: can you show me your trick? this weekend colon, michigan is living up to the nickname "the magic capital of the world." the 70th annual magic get together is swelling the population of the 1200 person village with hundreds of performers from around the world. there are veteran magicians that have been coming since 1956. >> it's like greeting family when you come back again. >> reporter: there are beginners like 9-year-old maya green. wow! this man came from hong kong. colon, michigan is well known around the world? >> yeah. >> magicians show each other
8:50 am
tricks. trying to outdo each other and trying to learn from each other. >> it raises the bar for everyone. i've shown you a card trick but let me show you another way to do it. >> reporter: organizers say that over the years the gathering has given spotlight to well known performers. in 1977 lance won the talent show when he was 17 years old. when magicians come to colon, michigan not all the performances are on stage. sometimes you find them just walking down the street. it's sponsored by colon's 80-year-old magic company. >> this is our showroom. >> reporter: the son of the cofounder they still make tricks by hand. mag magic's roots in colon go back to 1926 when harry black stone
8:51 am
senior chose it as a summer home. it's attracted a whole new generation. for "today" john yang nbc news. colon, michigan. very cool. he said he took magic lessons. >> when i was younger. to move to the next level you had to spend a bunch of money on the stuff, you know, and my father was like that's enough >> could you make us disappear? >> the whole magic of television. >> try it again. >> there we go! look at that! the question is can i make us reappear. >> oh, boy. >> the magic of television! >> do it again. >> the magic of television. >> that's why i got out of magic. >> oh! that's why i stopped. next harry smith the
8:52 am
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this morning on "sundays with harry" it's unfortunate but true summer is nearing an end. soon a lot of kids already back at school. others getting ready. >> yeah. some parents are probably saying it's not a bad thing. >> harry smith is here to tell us this is like the time to savor the best of summer. >> it's the kind of absolute sweet spot. the month where a lot of people take time off, take it easy a little bit, and some of the best of august is in your backyard or
8:56 am
the local farm stands. august is a month like no other. if you lot of fresh produce, august is the sweet spot. farm stands groaning under the weight of vine-ripened heirloom tomatoes it is indeed a time for glorious food. much of the produce lost over the years. the apple industry had us convinced the washington delicious was once the only one we wanted to eat. we haven't touched one in years. the tomato revolution has been a god send for us lovers of the beautiful fruit. the scent alone is sub blam and now the colors the yellows and purples to go with the beautiful reds. in a restaurant ask where the t tomatoes are from.
8:57 am
the locals rarely disappoint. you can get an argument started over which variety of sweet corn is best. some corn lovers are die hards. peaches and cream melted many heart. don't leave it in the hot water too many. if the corn starts to cook, you might as well get it out of a can. soon your neighbors will be leaving grocery bags filled with zucchini on the doorstep. as a good neighbor,s it your -- it is your duty to say thank you. it's not your duty to eat it. >> harry smith not a zucchini fan. >> no, it's fine but not a bag full! >> that's a lot of zucchini. >> i get a lot of flak sometimes for being from new jersey. the tomatoes are almost purple. it doesn't even need butter. i don't know if i've had any peaches --
8:58 am
>> why don't we have any samples. >> i know. >> here is my tip for the day. you get the great vine ripened tomato, slice it perfectly, drizzle a little olive oil, crack, crack, crack with the salt and pepper. it will change your life. >> a tomato dinner in thursday night. we'll have the story for you in a couple of weeks on "today." you would have been in heaven. oh, amazing! >> oh! >> he's doing the happy dance. >> elizabeth, i know you're watching harry wants to come to a tomato dinner. we want to remind you to tune in to "meet the press." >> that's doing it for this sunday edition of "today." thank you for watching. a big thanks for our crowd
8:59 am
9:00 am
college students crashes in a philadelphia neighborhood overnight. the driver is dead. what police say may have caused the accident. and a triple shooting caught on camera. we'll show you what happened when a man pulled out a rifle at a barbershop and opened fire in the streets. we'll also hear from witnesses at the scene and have an update on the search for the gunman. >> fly, eagles, fly. fans are lining up at the linc right now. they're waiting for the gates to open for the final public practice of the preseason. as we take a live look over center city tow t


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