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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  August 14, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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10:00, upper 70s and middle 80s at 1:00. i'll show you how warm it will get neighborhood by neighborhood in ten minutes. right now, brittney shipp has your first alert traffic. >> we're taking a look at route 42ality the new jersey turnpike. everyone is flying to where they need to do. that's great. things are moving along nicely. let's take a closer look at some of the drive times for that area. if you're 42 northbound, route 55 to walt whitman bridge will take you five minutes. it's a quick drive, southbound walt whitman bridge to route 55. again, no delays for that drive time. we're also checking out clear construction projects. we did see a vehicle fire on 76 between exit 332 to exit 330. that's now been cleared. road work on i-95 exit 51 and new jersey state line has also been cleared up. that's great. that big accident we saw city avenue to green lane has also been cleared that should help you get to work a little bit
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faster. more details coming up in ten minutes. we're following breaking news out of north jersey this morning, a magnitude 2.5 earthquake hit somerset county around 4:00 a.m. it hit north of bernardsville, about 70 miles away from philadelphia. we just found out they could feel it in four neighboring counties, a little shaking going on. a 2.5, not a large one. at this point no reported damage or injuries. here's a map again of where it happened, bernardsville inç somerset county. we'll continue to follow this breaking news and bring you more information as soon as we get it. >> preparing for the pope. we're 40 days away from pope francis coming to philadelphia. matt delucia has more information. >> reporter: the mayor's office released more updated plans as for how people are going to get around and how you will need to plan over this next month and a
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half or so before the pope comes. this map right here is an indicator of what you can expect. the yellow area, you can't bring any cars into that zone. the ben franklin parkway, this is where the pope will be next month. first it was that traffic box, now the security zones offering limited access. the security perimeters, they will go into effect the night of thursday, september 24th. we did learn that there will be that fence with entry points, where people will have to walk through a metal detector. there will be no vehicles allowed inside that zone. the second or wider perimeter, that yellow area i showed you a moment ago will be in place to protect the fenced in zone. vehicles will have to be removed and any vehicle that needs to go back in will have to be screened. as far as city government is concerned, the 24th through the
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28, the city will be operating essential services only. the mayor saying if you have critical business to take care of, picking up groceries or prescriptions, get that done before that weekend. we spoke with a couple of folks about this new plan. here's what they had to say. >> i guess philadelphia doesn't see this a whole lot. i don't know that it's an overreaction for two days when the pope is here. >> i can understand the security measures, however, the fence i understand is cause something hysteria, which, you know, it's to be expected. you're enclosing everyone into an area where you can't get in or get out. so it doesn't really make me want to hang around. >> reporter: again, a little more than a month until the pope comes to town. you have time to plan. the city says the primary goal with all this is to allow the 1.5 million people the ability to walk so they can see and hear pope francis. you don't have cars moving
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around where you have people walking. it can create a problem. we're at the art museum, about five miles from camden. new jersey has been putting together their own pope plan. more an that oat 6:30. philadelphia public schools will be closed for an extra day for the parepal visit. classes are canceled wednesday, september 23 frd through friday, september 25th. they are still deciding whether to hold school on that monday. crews collect bikes each year but this year has a special urgency because of the pope. the bikes will be fixed up and donated to local kids. >> nbc 10 was the first local news station to visit the pope's homeland of argentina. all next week we will share new stories from our trip and bring you an encore showing of the people's pope. a half hour special looking at
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the deep roots francis has in argentina and how they shaped his papalcy. 6:05. 65 grows. new from overnight, the life of a man in his early 20s was cut short after a shooting in camden. police tell us the young man was shot in the back of the head on south 6th street and chelton avenue. new information in the case of a 14-year-old boy shot by plofrs in trenton. according to, congresswoman bonnie watson coleman is calling for federal authorities to take over the investigation. the teen, hearns, is in stable condition. two officers shot him seven times after they responded to two shots fired. a second philadelphia-based chef is facing child pornography charges. police say taylor hecht was
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uploading explicit images of children from his father's home. just a few weeks ago we told you about alax capasso, the chef and co-owner of the crow & the pitcher in center city. police say he abused a 5-year-old girl and sent photos of her and other young girls to an undercover anybody agent. elsmere rejected a proposal that would have prevented people from openly caring i guns in municipal buildings. the mayor backed the proposal. he wanted elsmere to follow restrictions in place in wilmington and new castle county government buildings which do not allow an open-carry policy. the council voted down that ban last night. in cape may county, a man was arrested for dui twis within ten hours and he's not even old enough to drink. this 19-year-old was arrested
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tuesday night. he hit a utility pole on route 9 in toms river. crews were on the scene cleaning up. it caused a big backup. that same backup early the next morning, there was a hilt and run and police say it was corsair behind the wheel again. he was high on drugs and was taken into custody again. a dui task force will set up checkpoints in newport. it's part of a six-month long campaign across the state. last year, almost half the traffic deaths in delaware were caused by alcohol or drugs. 6:07 now. from the nbc 10 investigators, this morning the status of the colwyn fire company in delaware county is still up in the air. >> it is. council members met for the first time since the district attorney's office raided the fire station. the subject was not on at the agenda and was not discussed. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill
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henley. >> eight minutes after 6:00. a cooler start this morning, our skies are nice and clear. and the humidity is low. that stays low during the day, even though a warming trend begins today. yesterday we had a high of 84. we'll warm into the upper 80s today. but a heat wave is coming. the heat starts building over the weekend into the 90s. right now, though, we're a long way from the 90s. 55 in doylestown, millville with clear skies. 67 in philadelphia with bright sunshine to warm us into the upper 80s this afternoon. beach avenue, completely dry. low 80s this afternoon. with warmer weekend ahead for the shore. right now we're seeing very little wind which is part of the reason it's cooler this morning. calm conditions but the wind over the next few days will be changing. it will come out of the southwest. it will stay clg as far as rain is concern. humidity will be building over the next few days.
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it stays nice and comfortable. it will be warmer. upper 80s for allentown and reading. brilliant sunshine for doylestown, trenton and mount holly. the low 80s for cape may, rehoboth 83 degrees, move inland, you see the temperatures climbing, middle 80s for wilmington, 88 degrees for philadelphia and williams town we'll see a high of 87 degrees this afternoon. the weekend heat starts tomorrow. 91 degrees. then it gets steamy on sunday. it's going to be a hot preseason game for the eagles. the temperatures will be climbing during the pregame. it will be 82 degrees, kickoff 86 and then into the 90s for the fourth quarter. it will feel like it's in the middle 90s, even hotter feeling in the sun. those first stringers may not play as many snaps as coach originally plan. ten minutes after 6:00 now. the morning drive is ticking up. >> let's find out what you have to contend with if you're heading out the door.
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brittney shipp is watching the roads for you. brittney? >> not too bad, especially at 76 right at grays ferry. we don't have reports of major delays. we have more clearings coming into the newsroom. pa turnpike, 476 northbound between exit 44 and exit 31. route 202, nice drive times both for the northbound and southbound. route 30 to 76, that's going to take you ten minutes no matter which direction you go. if you take the 202, it should be easy and smooth sailing for you. another update coming up in ten minutes. 6:10 right now. it's a powerful drug made for adults. now the fda says it's okay forever kids to take. and the driver of this fiery crash on the new jersey turnpike survived. next, he tells us what happened behind the wheel.
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for the first time we're hearing from the truck driver who lived through this fiery crash on the new jersey turnpike. the accident turned into an inferno in central jersey wednesday night. dale miller's tanker truck was carrying oxygen tanks from philadelphia. it collided with a second tanker after police say one sideswiped the other. miller talked about what happened next from his hospital bed. >> i knew that i had to get out of the truck because everything was engulfed in flames. someone inside me told me to open the door and jump. >> miller says he's uncertain what's next for him since he has burn over 20% of his body. the other driver had minor injuries. meanti meantime, the new jersey department of transportation wants to increase fines for truck drivers violating the rules of the road. 6:14 now. the government is looking into the rise of drones spotted near
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planes at airports. it's looking for ways to curb the hobby before a mishap happens. a new faa report finds the number of incidents has tripled. violators may be fined or face criminal charges, even jail time. the military is also testing ways to counter a drone attack. showers not spray parks. a newly released report shows most deaths from legionnaires disease are tied to hospital and us inning home showers, not outdoor cooling towers or fountains. that's in the focus of the investigation to the recent outbreak in new york city. over the past two years, 14 people have died from legionnaires linked to showers. that's compared to five people exposed by cooling towers. germs spread to the lungs through water vapor. the food and drug administration says oxycontin is safe for children 11 and older. the organization approved the powerful pain killer for use to
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treat kids with severe, long-term pain. under that new approval, doctors can only prescribe it to children who can tolerate another drug, oxcycodone. a sudden dose of oxycontin cowl be deadly if patients haven't been exposed toç a similar dru a steel beam recovered from the world trade center after 9/11 is at its final resting place in florida after it passed through philadelphia international airport. >> the one-ton piece of steel was taken to the kennedy space center in kafcape canaveral. students in the philadelphia school district have exactly one month left of summer and today the district is teaming up with more than 100 organizations to help families get ready to go back to school. today the high school of the future on parkside avenue, parents can get information on everything from transportation and lunch programs to uniforms and registration.
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and while summer isn't quite over, some philadelphia students are already back in school. the global leadership academy charter school in west philadelphia opened up yesterday. about five years ago the school abandoned the school district's calendar to avoid what it calls summer brain drain. they believe kids that are out of school for a full three months have to repeat material. >> they had things they had to do when they're away from us. when they come in today, they turn in their packets and get ready to go. >> since their summer break is cut short, they have a longer winter and spring break. we have about a month before we start to see the school buses and more traffic on the road, parents taking kids to school. we'll enjoy the quieter mornings before the school year starts. >> right. especially on a friday. it's usually very quiet. let's find out for sure. brittney shipp is with us, first
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alert traffic reporter. >> no major backups to report quite yet. here's a bigger picture, right along 95. things are moving nicely. we are checking out one slow spot near route 1 heading northbound. if that's the way you take to work, allow extra time, moving around 21 miles per hour. some of the other drive times for our major highways, i-95 southbound woodhaven road to 676 will take you 13 minutes. 76 eastbound turnpike to 676 will take you 37 minutes. the average speed is closer to 36 miles per hour and then 476 northbound 95 to 76 the average speed over 60 miles per hour and that drive will take you about 14 moi 14 minutes. another update coming up in just a bit. now your first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley.
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>> the sun is up. we're seeing bright sunshine. look at that clear view from the mellon bank building in center city. we see sunshine all day long. sunset is at 7:59. this morning, it's cooler than yesterday. 67 in philadelphia. down by 3 degrees compared to yesterday. even cooler at the shore but a warmup into the 80s this afternoon. and going even warmer over the weekend. the temperatures will continue to build. satellite shows the shore is in the clear, just a few high clouds offshore. you can see scattered clouds, just north of the lehigh valley. the rest of the area is clear which is part of why it's cooler this morning, 55 in pottstown and doylestown. logan township, harrison township in the upper 50s. 56 degrees in mullica hill, 56 in washington township and 58 in turnersville. nice, cool start. it will be a warmer day with low humidity and bright sunshine. we'll see a quick warmup. middle to upper 80s this
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afternoon. sunny skies,ç yes, the humidit stays low today. it will change over the weekend. along with the temperature. 88 today, 91 degrees tomorrow and even warmer on sunday. that's when you'll start to notice the humidity coming into play. 93 sunday afternoon. steamier monday as the heat buildsing with 94 the high. will feel like it's closer to 100 degrees on monday. the heat wave continues, tuesday, wednesday and into thursday. >> bill, thanks for that. 20 minutes past 6:00. part of a building collapses in center city. we'll tell you why neighbors say they were concerned something like this would happen. plus, this weekend, the eagles take the field for their first preseason game. a live look from our new camera at the linc. birds host the colts on sunday. nbc 10 is your official station of the philadelphia eagles. on sunday watch the pregame show starting at 12:30. eagles/colts at 1:00, followed by the postgame show.
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6:24 now. this morning we're hearing from one of the two women rescued from this collapsed row home in center city philadelphia this week. it has a link to the 2013 market street collapsed that killed six people. the row home collapsed on butler avenue on wednesday. crews had stopped working on this project some time ago after the contractor was thrown off the job. that contractor was griffin campbell, the man charged in the market street collapse that killed six people at the salvation army thrift store. neighbors have said they've been complaining about safety issues for a long time. >> it's been at the same stage, the wood, the basic outline of the building. doesn't seem like anyone was working on it for a while. >> l & i says the builder's owner was trying to build a house bigger than the city
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allows. we've tried contacting that owner and are still waiting to hear back. and i'm watching the flow of traffic throughout our entire area. just got one report that there is a multivehicle accident on route 1 southbound at ridge avenue and kelly drive. i'll let you know how to get around that in my full traffic report coming up. bill? full sunshine is what we'll see for the poke mow mountains. starting off with a few scattered clouds at the lower level. it stays dry in the mountains. the rest of the area you'll see plenty of sunshine. a warmer day inland, upper 80s for philadelphia. look at the heat building at the shore. the shore and the beaches will see temperatures climb as we head through the weekend. by sunday afternoon, 87 degrees. >> a convenience store run with friends took a crazy turn. >> i've learned here all my life. i've never had anything like this happen.
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>> what that boy was able to buy in a parking lot that has a family stunned and led to the arrest of a man. plus, this -- >> if you plan on coming to philadelphia from new jersey during the papal visit, you have two options, walk or ride. i'll break down the traffic restrictions on the jersey side of the river, coming up right after this break.
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this is nbc 10 news. the countdown is on to the pope and his visit is going to transform philadelphia. >> it already is in some ways. here the new security map. you can expect fencing, metal detectors and very limited use of vehicles. >> history in the making 54 years after it was first taken down. the american flag will be raised at the u.s. embassy in cuba. we have warmer weather on tap for today as we take a live look at boathouse row on the
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schuylkill river. more humidity right around the corner but it's a beautiful morning. welcome to nbc 10 news on this friday. i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's check with meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast this morning. >> we're seeing sunshine. in fact we're seeing brilliant sunshine during the day. the buildings are glowing in the first light of the day. sunshine will be bright enough to warm us up this afternoon, into the 80s. we are getting a cooler start this morning, in part because of the clear skies. 55 in pottstown, millville in the 50s for wilmington. 67 agrees at philadelphia international. northeast philadelphia, trenton and the very low 60s this morning. a warmup, 70 at 8:00. by 11:00 we'll be in the low 80s. 86 by 2:00 this afternoon. the numbers will go higher than that during the day today. our neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back in ten minutes. let's see if the bright sunshine is affecting traffic.
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brittney shipp has your first alert traffic. >> the sunshine is not affecting it but i am tracking a backup here, especially on route 1,ç wissahickon avenue just to the south of this area, we have reports of an accident so you can see route 1 southbound has now been reduced to 19 miles per hour. if you're going northbound, it's moving quicker, closer to 50, 55 miles per hour. that's because we have reports of a multicar accident u.s. 1, route 1 southbound. that's right at ridge and kelly drive where there is a lane restriction. that's why you're seeing the delays. we have another delay to show you, closer to i-95 southbound, allegheny avenue to delaware avenue. you can see, again, down to about 19 miles. heavy volume reported. if you're going 59 northbound, those things are moving quicker, it really depends on which direction you take. 95 southbound you want to leave the house a little extra early. guys? tight security and a traffic
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lockout as we are preparing for the pope. with less than six weeks until the pope's visit, we're learning a lot more about what it will be like to try to get around. here's a live look at the philadelphia skyline. city leaders have released new information on road closures and security checks, including this new security map for that last weekend in september. take a good look at this on your screen. if you're in the green airy, you'll be able to drive in but you won't be aible to drive back in. in the yellow area, no cars, period. in the red section you'll have to go through security screening to come in at all on foot. people in new jersey are also learning about traffic changes. nbc 10's matt delucia joins us live to break down the road closures and detours and how you get across the bridge. tell us more, matt. >> if you were thinking about parking your car in camden and then come over the bridge, you might want to take another plan. new jersey transportation officials are saying to avoid unnecessary travel. camden will be the center of it
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if you want to walk over the bridge for the papal visit. we have maps and graphics to try to break this down for you so you can understand it anticipate make plans over the next month or so. 676 westbound will be closed from exit 3 to the ben franklin bridge. so will route 30 westbound from the airport circle to the bridge. 295 in the new jersey turnpike, both of those will remain open but there are the potential really for the exits there in the camden area that could be closed if there are serious backups. now to the bridges. live look at the ben franklin here. we knew it would be closed for the weekend of the papal visit but yesterday it was confirmed that all other bridges between new jersey and philadelphia will remain open. transportation officials demonstrated a walking route that people will take if they go over the ben franklin bridge to see the pope. you won't be able to drive over the bridge but you can walk across it. now talking about
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transportation, in new jersey, new jersey transit says the river line will operate on a 15-minute schedule on september 26th and 27th but there will not be service in downtown in camden. a special river line ticket will be required. they go on sale at $5 each tomorrow. in atlantic city, the atlantic city line will be running as well on an express schedule. only between atlantic city and the 30th street station. you'll need special tickets to are that as well. they go on sale tomorrow at noon for a cost of $30 round trip. the officials yesterday they were saying if you planned to park in camden and drive in that area, you will be turned away. >> you are not capable healthwise of making that long track, you may want to evaluate whether you're coming or not. >> this could alsoç trigger medical surge issues for the hospital system. no
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>> reporter: now, again, pedestrians will be able to cross the ben franklin bridge. you may want to keep in mind, it's five miles from this point to center city. i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> nbc 10 was the first local news station to visit the pope's homeland of argentina. we'll share with you new stories from our trip. we'll take a look at the deep routes pope francis has in argentina and how they shaped his papacy. that's tuesday evening at 7:00, right here on nbc 10. 6:35. today marks a historic day in cuba to say the least. for the first time in 50 years, the american flag will fly above the u.s. embassy in havana. secretary of state john kerry will be in the cuban capital for today's ceremony. the u.s. and cuba re-established ties last month.
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a car hit a person on a street in north philadelphia on broad street near oxford. the car left the scene but it was stopped a short while later nearby. 6:36. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane insists a judge has key information that could clear her name and now that judge has respond. on wednesday, kane called on montgomery county judge williams carpenter to lift a court order so she could release e-mails she calls pornographic and racially offensive. she's accusing judge carpenter of protecting friends whose names are in the e-mails. she says the e-mails are related to the investigation of former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky. in his statement, judge carpenter said, kane has not filed with me any petition, pleading, motion or other request for court action. accordingly, i will take no official action at this time. kane is charged with leaking grand jury information to a newspaper and then lying about it. she's also facing calls for her
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resignation from governor tom wolf. she's scheduled for a preliminary hearing august 24th. the delaware teenager accused of killing his dad with a crossbow has a trial date. the delaware department of justice says seth ramsey will stand trial in september next year. he told police he killed his father because he had skipped school and thought his dad would be angry. ramsey was 17 when -- >> sugar house casino showed off its new expansion in fishtown yesterday. they watched from the parking lot as beams were placed on top of the structure. the $164 million project will be more than twice the size of the casino, adding additional room -- room for additional 40 gaming tables and 300 new slots. expansion is expected to be done by the end of the year. here's a gamble of sorts where everyone is a winner today. at least if you time it right. if you're heading down the shore, you may get a free pass
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on some tolls. >> the new jersey lottery is promoting a new game called fast play. it's picking up the bill for the tolls on the egg harbor toll plaza on the atlantic city expressway. if you are traveling eastbound between 9:00 and 10:00 this morning, you can get the free ride. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> we are nearly humidity free. temperatures have dropped in the 50s and 60s. it will be a nice, warm day. humidity staysç low all day lo. a warming trend starts today. yesterday, 84 degrees. we warm into the upper 80s and it gets hotter over the weekend. we're heading into a heat wave, well into next week. the temperatures will be warming into the 90s. right now, we're a long way from that mark. 56 degrees in mount pocono. scattered clouds, those will clear, see sunshine. already enjoying bright sunshine at northeast philadelphia at 61. atlantic city is 60 degrees to
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start with. you can see we're seeing more sunlight right now. the sun coming up and it's going to be brilliant sunshine during the day today through this afternoon and this evening. there's less wind this morning. that's part of why it is cooler to start with. with less wind, a quick warmup. radar screen stays clear today. no sign of wet weather this weekend either. grab the sunglasses and prepare for a warmer one today. 81 in the pocono mountains. reading topping out at 87 within up to 88 in trenton. doylestown will be 86 degrees. plenty of sunshine for mount holly, atlantic city, cape may and dover warms to 85. warmer in wilmington, narberth, philadelphia, upper 80s this afternoon. the weekend forecast looking hotter. saturday 91 degrees. the humidity won't be bad saturday but you'll notice it increasing on sunday and it goes even higher into next week. the seven-day forecast when i
6:40 am
come back in ten minutes. looking more like august next week. well, it's the last thing you want to hear before you head out the door if you use roosevelt boulevard to get into the city. we have a backup building because of an accident. >> brittney shipp has been following multivehicle accident, again, as you said, route 1 south. let's get you updated. brittney. >> this is the boulevard southbound at fox street. if i step out of the way, you can see lots of activity. first responders on the scene. this is a multivehicle accident and the thing is, it's really messing up the right lane. unfortunately the image timed out for us. there you go. it's back. you can see this is going to cause serious delays as folks are trying to get to work. here's the boulevard southbound. if you're going northbound, it's moving nicely. but if you're going southbound, it's been reduced to about 19 miles per hour. the right lane is restricted on the boulevard southbound due to that accident at fox street. you want to allow extra time if this is the way you head to
6:41 am
work. i'll continue monitoring the situation for you and let you know how much earlier you need to leave the house. that's all coming up in my next traffic report. chris? >> here's a story that has a lot of people shocked in one part of the area. a 9-year-old bucks county boy bought a gun, a 9-year-old boy bought a gun and would you yont believe how much he paid for it and where he got it. and if at first you don't succeed, try again. the rumor mill is heating up about former vice president al gore.
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we're just getting word of breaking news out of new york. a firefighter was shot when he responded to a house fire. this happened just within the past hour on staten island. here's what we know again. the firefighter responding to a call was shot in the lower half
6:45 am
of his body. he's expected to be okay but is still a very active scene there. we're working on trying to get a live picture. that live picture is not coming to us now. there is a shot that our nbc station in new york has of the home where this is happening. the shooter is still inside the home and there's a big stanoff going on right now. i'm pulling more information off of wnbc's website that this fire broke out in a basement of a home on statin island around 6:00 a.m. here we go. here's a live picture from wnbc. you can see the police presence on the street in staten island. a gunman still inside. there's a standoff situation. we're being told neighbors had being told to stay out of the area and stay away from their homes in the vicinity. again, the firefighter was taken to the hospital with an apparent wound to his lower body. they're describing it now as a graze wound.ç apparently this firefighter is going to be okay. not a life-threatening injury but a situation we're certainly
6:46 am
keeping an eye on for you in staten island. 6:45. two bucks county boys made a quick trip to a local store for candy and soda, they came back with guns that someone sold them in the parking lot. bristol police arrested reginald cisco who they say sold a .22 caliber rifle and an air gun to the two young friends. the boys told investigators that cisco approached them, asked them if they like to hunt. >> he offered me two guns for $8 because he asked me, do you like to go hunting? and i said, yes. >> say this is the case. he stored it like this. >> we were going to buy ammo and stuff and go hunting with it when the wintertime comes. >> the boy's cousin notified police. cisco remains behind bars. 6:46 now. on to decision 2016. could former vice president al gore really be considering another run for the white house? it's unlikely but rumors are
6:47 am
flying. there were several reports yesterday that a soft conversation is ongoing about a gore bid in 2016. but other sources close to gore have shot down the idea that he may be pursuing the democratic nomination. you'll remember gore narrowly lost the 2000 election to george w. bush. we're all still waiting to hear if vice president joe biden will run for the top seat. democrats are split when it comes to biden entering the race for the white house. 45% said they want him to run, 47% say no. 6:47. preparing for the pope. church leaders in this area are making sure that everyone has a chance to see pope francis one way or another when he's here. >> in the lehigh valley, the diocese of allentown is working with steelstacks in bethlehem to host a free big screen viewing of the pope's mass on sunday, september 27th. that event starts at noon. the papal mass starts at 4:00.
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philadelphia is also helping people who cannot get close enough to see the pope in person. the president of the world meeting of families says there will be 50 jumbotrons set up throughout the city that will be showing the papal mass. we've gotten a lot of new information over the last 24 hours about security during the papal visit. let's recap, starting with the traffic box. we got a good explainer yesterday from mayor michael nutter we know where cars will be travel, cars will be allowed in the traffic box. once they leave, they will not be allowed back in. we know where the fencing will be going up and where people will be screened. a business resource center opens on monday. we heard from officials in new jersey with highway closures there and public transit changes ahead of pope's visit. check the nbc 10 news app for a complete breakdown of all this new information and how it will affect you. if you're going to see the pope or not, this may get your attention. a cape may brewery is releasing
6:49 am
a limited edition beer in honor of pope francis's visit. it's called yopo, or you only pope once. i'm reading this story for the first time. i'm processing this along with you at home. the beers will be available in south jersey and philadelphia starting in late september. yopo, you only pope once, apparently. nbc 10 was the first local news station to visit the pope's homeland of argentina. all next week we'll be sharing new stories from jimç rosenfels trip there. how his time in buenos aires, argentina has shaped his papacy. that's next tuesday, 7:00 on nbc 10. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> coming up on ten minutes before 7:00, we're starting off
6:50 am
with brilliant sunshine. look at this nice sunny view from the comcast center in center city. the beginning of a very sunny day. it's a cooler start, 67 degrees in philadelphia. the humidity is going to be dropping during the day and stay even lower than yesterday. starting to see a little bit of sunlight on the top of the boathouses. notice the flag, they're at rest this morning. it's the lighter wind. that's part of why it is cooler this morning. down 6 degrees compared to yesterday at this time in philadelphia, northeast philadelphia airport and wilmington, 8 degrees cooler in the 50s in wilmington. but with bright, sunny skies, upper 80s this afternoon. and at the shore, the heat will be building as we go through the weekend. clouds are out of here, moving out quickly. bright sunshine for the jersey shore and the delaware beaches. 83 degrees today. it gets warmer over the weekend. by sunday afternoon, 87 degrees. we'll see those temperatures for philadelphia, bright, sunny skies, low humidity today. low to mid-80s this afternoon.
6:51 am
88 degrees the high temperature today. the normal is 86. we'll be a little bit above normal today. the real heat starts moving in over the weekend. humidity stays lower on saturday but starts to increase on sunday. you'll feel the difference. 93 the high on sunday and the heat and humidity continue to build into next week. 94 monday into the middle 90s again on tuesday and still hot and humid for wednesday and thursday. >> all right, bill, thanks for that. nine minutes before 7:00. >> pretty bad backup on roosevelt boulevard unfortunately. nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter brittney shipp is telling us how to avoid it. >> the good news is, it's actually clearing up. this is the boulevard at fox street. the tow trucks are starting to move on, a lot of the first responders that were on the scene have moved on. you see the car stalled right off the shoulder.
6:52 am
the good news is, before i showed you the speeds were moving around 19 miles per hour. we're now up to 29 miles per hour. this is the boulevard southbound. if you're closer to the boulevard northbound, you're moving closer to 60 miles per hour. it is improving but you can expect delays. this is the way you take to work. another area where things are slowing down, this is closer to 95 southbound, allegheny avenue to delaware avenue. if you're traveling southbound, expect delays as well. traffic is down to about 19 miles per hour, northbound not so bad. these are some of the problem areas i've been monitoring for you. now we send it back to tracy and chris. breaking news out of new york. we brought you this about ten minutes ago. a firefighter was shot while responding to a house fire in staten island. it happened around 6:00 a.m. we've just learned that the firefighter was shot twice. he was hit in the lower half of his body but here's the good news out of this. he is expected to be okay. the gunshots were graze wounds,
6:53 am
apparently. this is still a very active scene. it's active because the gunman is still inside that house. they're trying to get the shooter out of the home after the firefighter was shot in staten island. we'll stay on top of this and let you know what happens as this story continues to develop. know is the philadelphia skyline. getting around the city is relatively easy right now. we all know in 40 days that won't be the case. >> matt delucia is live along the ben franklin parkway with security plans for the pope's visit. we're just learning more information in the last 24 hours. matt? >> we're learning more, of course, tracy and chris. we'll break down some of the updated plan for you if you're planning to be here next month.
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we continue to follow breaking news out of new york where a firefighter has been shot responding to a fire. this is a live picture of a still very active scene on staten island. we've just learned the firefighter was shot twice in the leg. here's how this all happened. u.s. marshals showed up to serve a warrant. a fire was set, firefighters responded to put out the fire and that's when the firefighter was shot, again shot in the leg. the shooter is still inside the building in a standoff scenario. we'll continue to follow this breaking news. we'll bring you more information on our nbc 10 news app as it develops throughout the day. we are overlooking the pope zone, if you will. this area will be among the spots fenced off during the papal visit next month.
6:58 am
yesterday, city and transportation officials unveiled more detailed plans for the traffic restrictions that will be in place, starting thursday, september 24th through monday, october 28th. there will be two security zones within the green traffic box. within the yellow area in center city, there will nobody cars allowed. in the red zone will be the area with the security fence. you'll need to pass through metal detectors to get in that area. transportationwise, camden will be off limits. the ben franklin bridge you can walk over but it will be quite a walk. be prepared for that. they are hoping to get 1.5 million to 2 million people here for the papal visit next month. live in center city, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. good morning. still monitoring situation on the boulevard at fox street. again, there is a vehicle that's off to the side. so the right lane is still being
6:59 am
restricted a bit. we're starting to see improvement which is great. we see the traffic moving closer to 29 miles per hour, versus 19 miles per hour. if you're heading northbound on the boulevard, traffic is moving around 57 miles per hour. here's a closer look at your drive times. 95 southbound, woodhaven road to 676. our average speed has dropped down to 43 miles per hour. 76 eastbound, pa turnpike to 676, that's going to take you 37 minutes. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> a gorgeous morning. sunshine is up as temperatures are still cool. in fact, we are running cooler than yesterday. 68 degrees now in philadelphia. but it's going to wind up warmer, that bright sunny condition that we're enjoying this morning continues to stay with us all day long. 86 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. looking for a high of 88 today. gets hotter over the weekend. you've done so well, bill, take the weekend off with a
7:00 am
forecast like that. >> i will do that. >> excellent. the "today" show is next. we'll be back with local updates in a few minutes. you can always get updates on the nbc 10 news app anytime you want them. have a great weekend. good morning. al gore for president? the newest wrinkle in an already wild campaign, a push for the former vice president to make another run for the white house. but as candidates from both parties descend on iowa this weekend, is it all just talk? survivor. a young man pulled alive from the pubrubble in china as conce grow over possible toxic fumes around the blast site. officials claim it is safe. why are residents being evacuated? banner day. secretary of state john kerry said to raise the american flag over the newly re-opened u.s. embassy in cuba for the first time in more than 50 years.


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