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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  August 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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the fire continues. we're off to a cooler start, lower humidity. we'll get your first alert forecast hour by hour to take a live look outside. good morning, welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. it's a beautiful morning shaping up out there. it feels just like fall. we'll see if that will change. first alert meteorologist bill henley has your forecast. >> inching closer to fall. today it's a nice cool start and a comfortable one, too. those northerly winds bringing in the dry air, the 7 mile-an-hour breeze in philadelphia. the wind has died down for allentown, pottstown, mount holly. a nice breeze develops in the morning hours. mount pocono, 51 degrees, 65 in wilmington. 62 in trenton and 50s in parts of new jersey. a few scattered clouds, no sign of any showers. the clouds will be thinning out, 8:00, 69 degrees.ç upper 70s by 11:00 and low 80s
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at 2:00 this afternoon. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back in ten minutes. jessica boyington is tracking traffic trouble this morning. >> what we're looking at is a video out in burlington township of an accident scene that's closing route 130 northbound. obviously an area being blocked off, several cars involved and crew on the scene. a lot of activity around the area. now, this is right at beverly road. if we can head on our to our maps i'll show you how to get around that. right now they have local detours posted. follow the detours but if not, they are forcing traffic off around campus drive. take campus drive and hop on to salem and get back on to 130 that way and you should be just fine. if you're heading out the door to the schuylkill expressway, around the vine street expressway, right in here headed eastbound. so to get from the blue route up to this point, that drive time
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still doing okay, about a 13-monday trip there. average speeds of 59 miles per hour. as for septa, we're dealing with some delays. the west trenton 309 is ten minutes late, warminster 402 is ten minutes late and we're shuttle busing passengers from west trenton to woodbourne station. back to that breaking news we've been falling all morning. four hours later, a fire at a montgomery county apartment building is finally out. it took peco workers an firefighters working together to do it. nbc 10's katy zachry is live for us in king of prussia. katy, explain why these peco utility workers were instrumental in putting the fire out. >> reporter: they really were, chris. for the laugh four hours we were watching a small section of fire still burning as we zoom into the front part of of the building, you can see smoke rising from that area. in just about the last half hour, that section of fire was put out. it had been fueled by an active gas line. peco was brought in, crews came in, they assessed they couldn't
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get through the groundç enough with their shovels, so they brought in a backhoe and they dug, they tell me, about four feet down. they got to the gas line about a half hour ago. once they turned that line off, the remaining fire was extinguished. dozens of people living inside the abrams run apartment complex here in king of prussia were evacuated. firefighters had somewhat of a hiccup when they first got here. once they attached their hoses to the hydrants, they had a problem. listen to what he says. >> we were only delayed a little bit when we charged our first hydrant supply line, the water main broke on us but we were able to get through that and work through that. it did not delay us at all with getting the initial water on the fire. >> reporter: there was a small water main break here. aqua crews are out here as well. a lot of utility craws in addition to the firefighters out here. in all, more than a dozen units
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were destroyed, about 30 people were without a home and had to rely on the red cross and apartment management company for overnight accommodations. no injuries have been reported. i'm still trying to connect with the fire marshal who's out here. he's looking into what caused this overnight fire. reporting live in king of prussia, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. a shooting at a philadelphia bar left one man in critical condition, another facing charges and customers shaken after a close call. police say two guys got into a fight at the last shot in port richmond. they went outside, one man pulled a gun, shooting the other. when the man ran back inside the bar, the shooter fired two more shots, narrowly missing other people. police arrested the suspect. new information in a suspicious death investigation. the man found dead monday night recently balm a lawyer. the victim, 27-year-old shazim uppal graduated from temple university law school last month. skyforce 10 was over the parking
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lot of genesis health care in hockessin on monday night where he was found shot to death inside his car. investigators say the victim lived close to where he was found and yesterday police were still combing the area around the scene. 6:05. new from overnight, mixed news out of the asian markets could have another effect on wall street today. the chinese markets in shanghai and hong kong showed gains for most of the day. by contrast, nikkei in tokyo rose sharply and that could spark investor confidence here at home. yesterday, the dow jones industrial average finished more than 200 points down at 15,666 and markets around the world are jittery now because china's economy is slowing. yesterday, the chinese cut interest rates for the fifth time since november, hoping for a boost. pennsylvania is no closer to a budget this morning, after the republican majority failed to convince democrats to override any part of governor tom wolf's budget veto. the house struck down all 14
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proposals. democrats argued this procedure violated the state constitution but republicans claimed there was legal authority to restore spending by individual line item vetoes. the state has been but a budget since june 30th. an update on the school budget battle in delaware county. a judge denied governor tom wolf's request to change charter school funding for the chester upland school district. at issue, the cash-strapped district is required to pay charter schools $40,000 for each special education student while public schools get less than half that amount. during a school board meeting last night, several parents voiced their concerns. >> we need chester upland schools to open. we need them to stay open and to do that we need a fair funding formula. >> governor wolf had recommended cutting the amount of funding for each student by more than half. the district is $20 million in debt. 6:06 now. happening today, a whistle-blower and his attorneys will inspect a closed frat house at penn state as part of their
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hazing lawsuit. attorneys for james vivenzio say he will go through the former kappa delta rho house room by room with a video camera to show where abuse allegedly took place.ç he claims as a new from a tornadoty member he was beaten, burned with cigarettes and forced to drink urine and hot sauce. he claims penn state ignored his complaints. the school sus pnded the frat until 2018. and sad news to pass along this morning. investigators say the young woman who was severely burned in a massive fire earlier this month in trenton as died. she had burns to 80% of her body. investigators blame gasoline cans stored in one of the homes as the cause of the fire. an investigation is still under way. 13 people were displaced after five row homes burned in that fire. today, a medical examiner in allentown will perform an autopsy on indy car driver justin wilson. the driver died monday night.
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a piece of flying debris from a crash at pocono raceway on sunday hit wilson in the head. he's the first indy car driver to die in an on-track accident in four years. a judge will formally sentence convicted movie theater gunman james holmes to life in prison today. a jury convicted holmes of killing 12 people and wounding donees in aurora, colorado in 2012. they couldn't agree on the death penalty. holmes will receive life without parole. surviving victims and family members of those killed spoke ahead of today's sentencing. now nbc 10's first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> we're getting closer to sunrise. sun is coming up at 6:23. we have a cool start. a good deal cooler with yesterday. bright sunshine, brilliant sunshine, we'll see the temperatures climb into the 80s this afternoon. the humidity stays low. this weekend, the temperatures are going warmer. in fact we'll be getting close
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to the 90 degrees mark over the weekend. not today. look at the numbers right now. allentown, 57 degrees. 66 in northeast philadelphia. in the clear for atlantic city at 58 degrees. you see a few scattered clouds over citizens bank park. those clouds clear out. bright sunshine for the rest of the day and forç the beginningf the ball game this evening. it will be another beautiful evening for baseball, hopefully with a better outcome for the phillies tonight, 79 degrees at 7:05 with northwesterly winds blowing down to 7 by 10:00 this evening. really nice and comfortable. in fact, it ill with be nice and comfortable all day long. the radar completely clear. the nearest showers, there are two lines. one barely visible off to the northwest. see some storms offshore. none of those will come anywhere near us today. stand by with your sunglasses. 72 for mount pocono, upper 70s in quakertown and reading. just in the low 80s for norristown and trenton while doylestown warms to 79 this afternoon, 79 for atlantic city, cape may and rehoboth, 81 with
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plenty of sunshine for dover and vineland and nothing but sunshine as the clouds will thin out for drexel hill and philadelphia, 84 this krafterno. 80 for westchester. weekend will be warmer. the humidity should stay low on saturday. it starts creeping back into the area on sunday that will lead to some changes on monday. full seven-day forecast when i come back in ten minutes. okay, bill, ten minutes after 6:00 now. let's get you updated on the roads, including a fatal accident in burlington township. >> the roadways are still closed on route 130 northbound because of this accident scene. now an active accident investigation scene. what you can see behind me is the seriousness of this crash with one person dead. also roadways completely blocked off. cars just manninged in the area and crew actively on the scene right now. now, again, this is route 130 on
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the northbound side, right around beverly road. now, they are forcing traffic off right now around campus. they do have local detours posted. but if you want to take campus when you get off, get back on to salem and then head back on to route 130 northbound and you'll get around that scene just fine. not a lot of traffic in the area also. as for the blue route, right around 320, everything isç movg along, whether you're going northbound or southbound right in here. you can see all leans open and no detours in the area. as for the pa turnpike, moving along there as well. still looking at great drive times, 22 minutes westbound or eastbound from route 1 up towards valley forge. we'll did a check in with mass transit in burlington township when i come?3hç in ten minutes. 11 minutes past 6:00. we're following breaking news. we have word into the newsroom of a police involved shooting at 61st and master in philadelphia. we have launched skyforce 10. we also have nbc 10's monique braxton on her way and our
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assignment desk is making phone calls. also, blindfolded and barefoot, that's how the man accused of trying to take down a train headed for paris appeared in court. more questions remain about the moroccan man and who funded his alleged terror plot. >> hunger doesn't take a break. >> the program that's making sure food is on the table for some south jersey children.
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6:15. we continue to follow this breaking news just in. police investigating a police-involved shooting. two cruise are on the scene in west philadelphia. skyforce 10 is headed there as well. monique braxton will bring you more information once we have it. today is move-in day for the
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class of 2019 in widener university in chester, delaware county. staff members and upper classmen will help the students move into their dorms. expect traffic delays and some lane closures if you're in the area today. school is almost back in session for many kids in our area still at summer camp now. their next meal is being made by hundreds of volunteers. without them, the kids might not have anything to eat. nbc 10's matt delucia went to find out why and who's reaching out. >> reporter: to understand how this happens -- >> thank you. >> reporter: you should know what goes into putting this food on the table. >> i got it. i got it. >> reporter: inside a warehouse in pennsauken at the food bank of south jersey, teams of volunteers are hard at work. >> good to help out. it's fun to help out. >> reporter: helping because throughout new jersey one in five kids doesn't know where the next meal is coming from or when. and that's the case for at least 1,600 kids at 45 different
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summer camps. folks like louise goldson just can't accept that. >> we get to go home and eat, why shouldn't they. >> reporter: where would these children be without -- >> they won't eat. >> reporter: workers at the food bank started the summer meals program last year. kids from low-income families can usually get free lunch while school is in session. then there was a void. >> summer is vacation time for a lot of people. hunger doesn't take a break. hunger doesn't take a vacation. >> open your lunch. >> reporter: at this camp in pennsauken, every bite now comes with a smile. >> they are truly a blessing. without them, the kids wouldn't be able to have any of this. ç >> reporter: full stomach, courtesy of full hearts. in pennsauken, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. matt, thanks. 6:17. another update on traffic including the fatal accident on route 130. >> in burlington township. all the traffic has been diverted around that because it is still closed.
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you said a fatal accident. let's get an update with jessica boyington. jessica? >> chris and tracy, we still are watching video from the scene of a deadly accident. now it's an accident investigation scene. you can see from the cars and the mangled vehicles involved that the seriousness of this accident. again, 130 because of this is closed on the northbound side. that's at beverly road. now all lanes right now are closed and detoured. they are automatically detouring all cars off on to campus drive. so now if you get off of campus, head back on to salem and pop right back on to 130 right beyond that scene and you'll do just fine to get around that. as for the 42 freeway out in new jersey, things are moving along. we're starting to see the traffic heading northbound from 55 up towards the walt whitman bridge. that's about a five-minute trip. no real problems or delays there. we're starting to see the typical delays for the morning. the tacony palmyra, no problems, the ben franklin bridge and the
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betsy are all clear. no problems on the walt whitman bridge as you can see headed from the 42 freeway as well. we'll check in with mass transit in the next ten minutes. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 19 minutes after 6:00. four minutes away from sunrise. you can see the clouds that are over the city. those clouds will be thinning out. already seeing a little glow of sunlight on the building. that complete cloud cover and the clouds will be out of here as the day goes on. what's already out of the picture? the humidity. nice and low at 53 clers. we are running cooler than yesterday. done by 6 degrees in philadelphia. the rest of the area is even cooler. getting ready for sunshine at the shore. it will be right around 80 degrees this çafternoon. a but full day, not only at the shore but inland. where we see temperatures right now, approaching their coolest part of the morning which is just after sunrise. 60 degrees in kennett square, washington township in wrightstown at 60 degrees. and 50s for coatesville, quakertown and allentown.
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57 right now. and 50s now in millville, atlantic city at the airport, mount holly and woodbine. delaware is right in the lower 60s. a really pleasant start an a nice sunny day. the thin clouds you can see moving through the area right now. they'll be out of the picture during the day today. enough sunshine to warm us to the low 80s in philadelphia. our weather stays quiet, the tropics are heating up. we are tracking tropical storm erika, just barely a tropical storm with 40 mile-an-hour winds, moving to the west. expected to take a turn and this will likely take it towards puerto rico. by later impacting puerto rico and the computer models take it into the bahamas this evening. that's saturday evening at 10:00 saturday evening. we'll be watching erika as it makes its way towards the bahamas. for us, sunshine, grab the sunglasses. it will be a warm afternoon but nice and comfortable with
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northwesterly winds at 10 miles an hour. the beautiful weather continues tomorrow. 50s in the morning, low 60s in center city. up to 84 in the afternoon. lack at friday. doesn't that look nice, too. 86 the high temperature. will be warmer on saturday. the humidity will stay low on saturday but starts creeping up on sunday, leeing to a chance of showers and thunderstorms later monday. 6:21. the police involved shooting skyforce 10 is now over the scene as police investigate at 61st and spruce in cobbs creek neighborhood of philadelphia. an officer shot a man in the stomach. police have taken the suspect to presbyterian hospital. we're working to get you new details. nbc 10's monique braxton is on her way to the scene to try to get you a live update in the next few minutes. while most women are overjoyed as they prepare to soon-to-be mother has mixed emotions. >> i'm anxious and excited for hannah and i'm dreading what it means for olivia. >> the tough day ahead in the
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delivery of conjoined twins. >> and a live look at the linc where they're getting ready for comedian kevin hart. before he hits the stage, you can take part in what he calls his rocky moment.
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6:25 now. philadelphia native kevin hart is teaming up with nike plus run club for a spontaneous 5k this saturday. it starts at 8:00 a.m. at the philadelphia museum of art. it's obviously not entirely spontaneous. you do have to register and you can do that on nbc 10 news app and now, the run is happening ahead of hart's scheduled performance at lincoln financial field on sunday. this is a live look from the eagles nest camera. crews are gettingç things read
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for sunday's show. and jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we're looking live at route 309 around susquehanna road. no problems northbound or southbound but we have mass transit delays. i'll tell you all about what they are and where they are coming up at 6:30. for now let's get a check on today's beautiful forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> we're getting a great start. that's the view from wilmington this morning, frawley stadium, scattered clouds. they're not going to last. sunshine will warm us from the 60s into the 80s this afternoon. got your hour-by-hour forecast just ahead. let's get information now on that breaking news we just told you about in the cobbs creek section of philadelphia. skyforce 10 over the scene of a police involved shooting. it happened at 61st street and spruce. what we know at this point is limited. we do know police say they shot a man in the stomach. we're not sure what led to that shooting, if the man was suspected of a crime. we do have a reporter getting on
6:27 am
scene and we'll get you more information as soon as it becomes available. and we're live on scene of a large apartment fire in the king of prussia area that forced dozens of people from their apartment homes overnight. coming up, find out why peco cries were so helpful in putting out this fire.
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nbc 10 breaking news. that breaking news, skyforce 10 is over the scene of this, police investigating a police involved shooting in the cobbs creek neighborhood of philadelphia. we are live with what we know at this point. also, flames rip through an apartment building in king of prussia. we're live on that scene where fire crews are just wrapping up. you're waking up to a cool change this morning as we see a breeze blowing. the flag is atop the aramark building. no humidity this afternoon.
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it's not going to be a muggy day at all. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. not going to be a muggy day, cool, 69 degrees. let's check with meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. >> the temperatures had been running 5 to 15 degrees cooler than yesterday morning which means we're in the 50s and 60s. 60s in pottstown, wrightstown is 60 degrees, 57 in toms river and 50s in atlantic city. with 69 degrees in south philadelphia and middle 60s for roxborough. northeast philadelphia, it's a nice start. a few scattered clouds this morning. they'll keep on going. we'll see lots of sunshine and a quick warmup. 69 degrees, partly cloudy. by 11:00 brilliant sunshine and a little bit of a breeze out of the north/northwest at 7 miles an hour. that breeze takes us into the afternoon and keeps the humidity low as the temperatures climb into the lower 80s. on track for a typical late august day. we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood. which areas will not see the 80s
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in afternoon. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. jessica? >> what we're looking at right now is video from the scene of a deadly accident. active investigation scene right now. you canç see the cars are completely mangled. this is in burlington township on route 130 northbound where we're seeing all of the roads being closed off, all of the northbound side and traffic being diverted around the area with crew on the scene as well, trying to get this accident investigation scene under way. now, again, that's on route 130 northbound. right around beverly road. now, they are diverting all traffic off right around campus drive. if you want to follow those local detours you'll do just fine. there's not a lot of volume in the area. for now, take campus, hop on to salem and it will take you back to 130 northbound. mass transit, elwyn train 309 is 13 minutes late,
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norristown inbound service is running 15 minutes late and shuttle busing passengers between west trenton and woodbourne station today. now to breaking news at 6:33. an apartment fire in montgomery county is finally out. it took firefighters and utility workers four hours to extinguish it. katy zachry is live in king of prussia. this fire threatened dozens of families. tell us what happened. >> reporter: it did. many of them did not have a place to stay overnight. fortunately they found accommodati accommodations. now that the sun is up, you can take in for yourself the extensive damage, you can see how fast moving and dangerous this overnight fire was. peco crews who are still here on scene were very helpful in putting out the remaining fire. they shut off a gas lane that was feeding the persistent flames. of the apartment building inside the abrams park complex in king of prussia is destroyed. overnight families were put up by the red cross or taken in by
6:34 am
relatives. at the height of the fire, flames were coming through the roof i'm told. dozens of people were awoken by police officers banging on their doors. those officers were the first on scene. >> i think it took them 12 minutes to get here again. the police were here almost snaptly. but you know, they got right to work early on, running around, eventually we had a ton of ladder trucks from radnor, berlin, norristown, all over the place. they were prepared. >> many of the fire companies have since left. most of them are volunteer firefighters. now that the sun is up they're getting home and having to go to their actual day johns. behind me, utility crews are cleaning the ground where they had to break through and get to that gas line and shut it off. fortunately no injuries have been reported to firefighters or anyone living in this area. the cause of the fire has not been determined. reporting live in king of
6:35 am
prussia, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. back to the breaking news we told you about out of philadelphia's cobbs creek neighborhood. skyforce 10 live over the scene of a police-involved shooting. here's the latest information we have on this. officers shot a man in the stomach. they are calling the man a suspect but not yet saying what he was suspected of, what kind of incident was happening when this occurred. the officer shot the man in the stomach. he was taken to presbyterian hospital. we done the know his condition and again, this is in the cobbs creek neighborhood of philadelphia. monique braxton is on scene gathering information. the chester county courthouse is expected to be open this morning. >> that was put on lockdown and closed yesterday after a deputy shot and killed a man inside. a man named curtis smith charged past metal detect ares, pulled out a knife and slashed a
6:36 am
sheriff's deputy. >> he slashed through the door, says i'm gonna get you, i'm gonna get you and keeps running. all of a sudden, pop, pop. >> he was friendly, looked out for a lot of people around here. >> in march smith was arrested for jumping the white house fence in washington. he was facing burglary, assault and harassment charges stemming from aç domestic incident. the deputy attacked was hospitalized with cuts to his arm and hands. 69 degrees outside. happening today, supporters of the iran nuclear deal are planning a seers are of rallies across the country in our our area they'll gather outside the offices of senators bob casey and chris coons and congressman bob bradyp thi brady. republican white house hopeful chris christie is blasting the iran nuclear deal. yesterday christie called on the state's congressional delegation to vote down the deal. he stood alongside jewish leaders in denouncing the
6:37 am
agreement. christie called it a bad deal and said president obama lied to america about the details. now to decision 2016. republican presidential front-runner donald trump is making headlines once again, this time after he threw a univision news anchor out of a news conference in iowa. watch and listen. >> excuse me. fit down. you weren't called. >> hang on. >> sit down. >> no, you don't, you volcano been called. go back to univision. go ahead. >> that was jorge ramos trying to question trump about his plan to deport millions of undocumented immigrants. a trump security guard escorted ramos from the room. he later returned with trump greeting him before they resumed their argument. >> they looked at some of the gang in baltimore, in chicago, they looked even in ferguson. they got some rough, illegal immigrants in those gangs. do you mind if i send them out?
6:38 am
if they come from mexico, do you mind if i send them back to mexico? no, no, do you mind if i send them back to mexico? okay. those people are out. they'll be out so fast your head will spin. >> trump reminded ramos that he is suing univision. the spanish-speaking network dropped trump's miss universe pageant. show coming up at 7:00 on nbc 10. the suspected terrorist. >> that's how the shooter is now seen. authorities led the moroccan man barefoot and blind folded into a paris courtroom yesterday. he's charged with attempted murder, attempted mass murder and belonging to a terrorist group. an american shot in the back is in stable condition. one of the three others who helped subdue the suspect can't believe the honors they're getting. >> i feel like i'm in a dream. this is unreal. two days ago we were just on the
6:39 am
train and two days later, all this is happening. it's pretty crazy. >> saddler's back home in the u.s. his two friends are in germany. one of them is seeing a doctor for injuries he suffered on board that train. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 21 minutes before 7:00. the sun is up and we've got a cool start this morning with clear skies overnight. the temperatures really came down. there are a few clouds right now. we're on our way to brilliant sunshine this afternoon. and a weekend warmup. the temperatures will be closer to 90 degrees over the weekend. 61 degrees in doylestown, 69 in philadelphia and millville is 63 degrees. we'll keep our cool for the phillies game tonight. look at this, nice,en isny view of citizens bank park. plenty of sunshine through the day and by game time, well, the temperatures will be cooling at game time with clear skies, we'll see sunshine after we peak in the middle 80s this afternoon. 79 degrees at 7:05. by 10:00 this evening at the
6:40 am
ballpark, down to 74 degrees. radar completely clear or our area. showers are offshore, way off to the north and west. don't expect to see any showers until next week. i do expect to see a lot of people wearing sunglasses. that ill, bright, 72 degrees this afternoon in mount pocono. look at reading and quakertown, also in the 70s today. very low 80s for norristown, trenton, mount holly up to 83. comfortable at the shore, 79 degrees for atlantic city, low humidity in vineland and dover. and plenty of sunshine as the clouds thin out this morning for wilmington, ç82 degrees, 84 in williamstown and philadelphia and 80 in westchester. seven-day forecast with a look at your weekend when i'm back in ten minutes. bill, 20 minutes till 7:00. a couple things to watch out for before you hit the roads this morning. >> including that fatal accident that had route 130 shut down for a few hours. jessica boyington has an update now. >> chris and tracy, so accident investigation seems still active in the area from route 130 northbound at beverly road.
6:41 am
now, for the predominant part of the morning we had all lanes shut down. word of the northbound side, left-hand lane being opened. traffic is allowed to move through the area. that's definitely good news. you do still want to avoid the area, take campus to salem and hop back on 130 and you'll be fine. also an accident scene in norristown on west main street and george street. the schuylkill expressway looking okay. westbound drive times starting to slow just a little bit. this is looking live around spring garden street. westbound toward the king of prussia area, and eastbound to the center city area, about a five-minute increase in drive times. we'll update the breaking news we're following in philadelphia's cobbs creek area. the police shot a man they identify as the suspect. we done the know yet what the man was doing when police shot him. a live update from monique braxton, moments away. 6:41. by now you know obviously the pope is coming to philadelphia.
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you probably also know there will be inconveniences that come with his visit. one man has a message for all the whiners.
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back to that breaking news we're following. philadelphia police are investigating a police-involved shooting in the cobbs creek neighborhood. 61st and spruce blocked off. monique braxton is now on scene. monique, what can you tell us there. >> reporter: we just got here. details are still sketchy. what we can tell you is police do confirm a male suspect was shot in the stomach. what led to that shooting we do not know. you can see here on the right side there are three police brass, detective, also a patrol officer. 61st street is shut down between
6:46 am
walnut and sampson. this is no doubt going to affect the morning commute. neighbors have begun to come out on to their porches to figure out what has gone on while they were sleeping. no doubt some may have been awakened by a gunshot. officers are gathers their information. i did try to get the attention of one or two officers and i was told, give him a minute and he will talk to us. let's see if he'll come over right now. sir, we're live on tv. could you share with us some of what happened here? okay. all right. we're still being told one minute. as soon as we get more information about what led up to the police shooting, we'll have it for you. live now from cobbs creek, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. keep us updated. preparing for the pope. stop complaining. that's the messageç a local seminarian has for people concerned about the inconveniences surrounding the pope's visit in philadelphia. in an article posted on the facebook page of the archdiocese of philadelphia, south philly
6:47 am
native eric baneker says the city has become the capital of whining. the same people who say the phillies never got respect even after winning the world series and who feel interior to new yorkers are the same ones whining about the long walk, the traffic boxes and the big crowds they'll deal with during the pope's visit. >> part of that is just being able to man up in a sense and say this is a city, we want to be the next great american city. this is our opportunity to do that. so let's do it. >> you can read the entire letter. it's available on our nbc 10 news app. nbc 10 has a wealth of information on our app about the pope's visit and the world meeting of families. from mass transit changes to road closures, details on how the locals are preparing for the pope's visit, download the free nbc 10 news app right now. 6:47. this morning, police want to tell you about a counterfeit cash scam that's ripped off department stores in this area. those fake bills could wind up
6:48 am
in your wallet. police say the ring of people using the fake money is huge. look at this, we mapped it out for you. more than a dozen stores in montgomery county, bucks, lehigh and northampton county have been targeted. they will use the fake money to buy electronics at walmart, home depot and target. they then return the items to another store to get real money. they say you could end up being a victim, too, if the counterfeit bills wind up in your wallet. >> if you're making a purchase of a couple hundred dollars and one bill is wrong, chances are it's somebody that had a bill that didn't know they had it. >> police believe the thieves have gotten away so far with about $10,000. a settlement has been reached between the state of new jersey and exxonmj(jy it can now go forward. that's according to a judge
6:49 am
yesterday in trenton who approved the environmental contamination settlement. exxonmobil will take $225 million for damage across new jersey. environmentalists have blasted the settlement saying it's a fraction of what should be paid. 6:49. happening today, a former student a a prestigious prep school is expected to take the stand in his own defense. 19-year-old owen labrie is accused of raping a girl. his lawyer denies they had consensual sexual contact but denies he raped the girl. a 14-year-old boy held 27 students and a teacher hostage with a pistol yesterday before eventually surrendering to police. a prosecutor says she plans to file charges against the teen. investigators have not
6:50 am
determined a motive. 6:49 now. a nose for porn. a black lab may have played a big role in the arrest of former subway pitchman jared fogle on child pornography charges. you're looking at bear here. he's one of five dogs in the nation specifically trained to sniff out electronic devices like sd cards and flash drives. though devices can contain pornographic images. the trainer confirms that the dog was used at fogle's home in indianapolis. >> he will hit on an sd card, thumb drive, an ipad. whatever the kpons inside of that, this is something with the canine's help we can find, saying with some children with that. >> the local u.s. attorney told him just the other day it was indeed bear that was used in the fogle case. it is a bittersweet day for one woman today.ç
6:51 am
she's named her girls olivia and hannah. she learn her identical twins were joined at the chest, stomach and hips. doctors plan to deliver and separate the girls during a 12-hour procedure today in colorado. they've told amber that olivia has the most challenges and likely won't survive after she's born. absolutely dreading it because it's olivia's last day. but hopefully we'll have hannah pull through. >> amber says she doesn't know what health challenges hannah may face after she's born. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> just a few minutes before 7:00. we're getting nice sunshine now as the clouds are thinning out, looking past the comcast center. a nice cool morning. it's 69 degrees in philadelphia. that's down 6 degrees compared to yesterday. most of the rest of the areas
6:52 am
are cooler than the city, including the in mountains. those clouds thin out for sunshine. it's in the low 50s right now in the mountains, low 70s this afternoon. 65 in wilmington. chester springs is at 57 degrees. 55 now in quakertown. this is the coolest time of day just after sunrise. we're seeing more 50s in south jersey, including woodbine at 58 degrees. while it's 62 degrees in dover. sunshine will be bright. the clouds are starting to thin out. there you can see them on the satellite imagery. while our weather will be quiet for days, the tropics are getting busy. we're tracking tropical storm erika. moving to the west at 18 miles an hour. a minimal tropical storm with 40 mile-an-hour winds. still moisture cowl be impacting puerto rico by later tomorrow and the bahamas this weekend. for us, though, sunny skies. nice and comfortable. 80s this afternoon. 84 is the normal high temperature for this date. that's why we're heading into philadelphia today. some spots in the 70s which
6:53 am
means a cooler start tomorrow morning, down to 61 degrees. 84 in the afternoon, the humidity stays nice and comfortable for thursday and friday and saturday. we'll be warmer saturday afternoon near 90 degrees and then into the 90s for sunday, monday and tuesday. with a chance of much-needed rainfall later monday. >> all right, bill, seven minutes till 7:00 now. if you take 295 to work, listen up to this. >> let's get an update, nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is watching that. >> out in lawrence township we have a disabled tractor-trailer that's over into the right shoulder with a fuel spill in the area as well on 295 southbound. that's right around exit 67. just watch out for that. also in new jersey, still have a scene from an earlier accident, now accident investigation. route 130 northbound was closed at beverly road for the predominant part of the morning. right now, we have word that one lane on the left-hand side northbound has opened. traffic allowed to move through
6:54 am
the area. if you're heading out the door on 95, approaching the betsy ross bridge in this area, if you're headed northbound or southbound, no problems. facing a little bit of sun glare. otherwise, everything is moving along nicely. out in norristown, watch out for an accident scene on west main street and george street. i'm monique braxton, live in cobbs creek where there has been a police-involved shooting. we're gathering information from officers here on the scene as well as witnesses, attempting to talk to both to find out what's going on. we'll have the latest for you after the break.
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i'm nbc 10's monique braxton
6:58 am
live on the scene in cobbs creek where there has been a police-involved shooting. i'll show you the scene from the ground. we've been here for about 15 minutes watching police brass as well as patrol officers gathering around this spot near 61st and walnut. preliminarily we've been told there was an attempted robbery and a police-involved shooting and the suspect was taken by police to penn presbyterian hospital. the status of his condition is not clear at this time. but the entire block between walnut and sampson is locked down. no doubt, it will affect traffic this morning. the flow into philadelphia. since we've been here, we've also watched detectives arrive on the scene. we're going to continue to try to gather information from police as well as the status of the suspect and have that for you as soon as we get it. live now from cobbs creek, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. i'm katy zachry, live in
6:59 am
king of prussia where behind me more than two dozen people are out of a home this morning after fire destroyed a building at the abrams run apartment complex. it took firefighters nearly five hours to put out the fire in its entirety because part of it was fueled by an active gas line. the cause of the fire is under investigation. live in king of prussia, katy zachry, nbc 10 news.ç i'm jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. watch out for this disabled tractor-trailer in lawrence township on 295 southbound, exit 67. that's in the right-hand shoulder. good news in burlington township, that accident investigation is allowing traffic through. it's still active, 130 northbound at beverly road. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> oh, what a beautiful morning. oh, what a bougeautiful day. >> you should write a song. >> you should sing. >> i have a beautiful feeling everything is going my way. low humidity, sunshine, 84.
7:00 am
>> we're almost out of time. "today" show is next. we'll be back here with local updates and maybe some songs in a few minutes. >> always get updates on the nbc 10 news app. check it out. good morning. ejected. uni vision's anchor kicked out of a donald trump news conference. >> sit down. go back to univision. >> as trump's ongoing battle with megyn kelly forces her boss to step in. can his confrontational style take him to the white house or will it wear thin with voters? we'll talk to trump in a live interview. hero's welcome. one of the americans who stopped the train attack in france returns to the u.s. the man he helped take down charged with terrorism overnight. what authorities are revealing about his plan. >> all eyes on erika.


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