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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  August 26, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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vester flanagan, a former reporter who went by the name of bryce williams. he had been filed and filed a complaint of discrimination. >> he was an unhappy man, after many incidents of his anger coming to the fore, we dismissed him. and he did not take that well. >> within hours posted that shocking video to facebook. as police search for flanagan, he was live tweeting derogatory remarks. >> something snapped in his mind, i don't know. >> virginia state police spotted the suspect's car on i-66 in northern virginia. >> when trooper neff approached the vehicle, she found flannigan suffering from a self-inflicted
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gunshot wound. >> families and co-workers mourn. >> they were special people, they would brighten up a room every morning. >> two people in the prime of their lives, gunned down early in their promising careers. in monday etta, virginia, dave wagner, nbc news. >> as dave reported there, the general manager of wdbj described vester flanagan as an unhappy, angry man who was eventually fired. >> he had trouble at previous jobs. he sued a former employer of race discrimination 15 years ago. the lawsuit claimed a producer at a tv station called him a monkey. he also claimed a white supervisor called black people lazy. nbc10 has learned the significant others of both journalists have ties to our area. >> the reporter who was killed was dating the station's evening
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news anchor. hurst is from the philadelphia area, he went to conestoga high school and attended temple university. he tweeted this photo today saying, she was the most radiant woman i ever met and for some reason she loved me back. he says the two recently celebrated her 24th birthday and just moved in together. >> the photographer who was killed was engaged to a producer at the same roan oak tv station. this is a photo from adam ward's facebook page that shows him proposing to melissa ott. she's an intern here at nbc10 news a few years ago. >> it was supposed to be ott and ward's last day of work at the station. they were both set to start new jobs together in north carolina. cydney long is live in gibbstown where ott grew up. cydney? >> reporter: that's right, melissa's uncle told me that her
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family, her entire family is devastated by this, he said today was the end of one chapter and the beginning of a brand new life for melissa, not just in her career, but in her love for adam ward. >> it's very devastating. a great loss to family. >> your heart is broken for your niece? >> yes, and for adam. >> he can't imagine the heart break his niece is feeling. melissa worked at his farm stand as a little girl, but quickly developed a love for news, learning the ropes at nbc10. >> she enjoyed being around the news, and she really excelled in it. it's just tragic. >> adam ward was standing behind the camera. melissa wrote, definitely feeling the love this morning during my last shift at wdbj 7, will absolutely miss my 7
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family. as a producer, she likely was watching tv monitors when a former disgruntled employee pulled the trigger on live tv. >> we're hurting very bad. you don't know the complete outcome of everything, but she was close. so our thoughts and prayers are with her. >> that's when her phone rang, melissa's parents left south jersey to rush to roanoke to comfort her daughter. >> adam got shot and he was on their way to see what was going on. >> she spoke about the balloons that adam surprised melissa with at work to celebrate both of their last days on the job. melissa's family loved adam. >> they came and visited we had dinners together and everything. he put melissa on a pedestal. very good, very nice -- very kind gentle man. >> this is the home where melissa grew up in rural gibbstown. melissa's mother and father left
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very early this morning for virginia just as soon as they found out. of course, to comfort their daughter. melissa and adam were getting ready to pick up and move, start their new lives and new jobs at a television station in charlotte, north carolina. live in gibbstown, cydney long, nbc10 news. >> count on nbc10 to follow new developments in this case. coming up at 4:30. we'll have reaction from co-workers of the victims. you can get the latest any time on the nbc10 news app. here at home, a little girl was shot while playing on a playgrounded. two other people were also injured. mitch blocher is live with more. how are the victims doing? >> reporter: they're all in stable condition, we're talking about three victims in all. two men who police say were the targets of this shooting, and then just down the street, you can see that playground, that is where that 10-year-old girl was
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playing a block down the street when the slots started to be fired. take a look at video from right after the shooting, it shows life returning to normal fairly quickly. one of the victims had already taken himself to presbyterian hospital, all three as i said are in stable condition many police say that 10-year-old girl was just grazed by a stray bullet, but they are still looking for the shooter. >> there should be no time where a 10-year-old playing in a playground would be shot with a bullet. they should feel safe in their community. >> you can see those stray bullets, they caught more than the playground shots are also hit windows. police still out here on the scene. they say in all, there were more than 20 gunshots fired. they also say that that playground was full of children just after noon when the shooting happened. we're live in west philadelphia tonight, mitch blocker, nbc10 news. >> to the new york stock
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exchange, the story developing there. here's a live look at the big board. trading is done for the day, stocks have surged. the dow finished up by 600 points. that's the third biggest point gain ever. it's a rebound from a six-day slump driven by worries about the chinese economy. >> movie theater shooter james holmes was formally sentenced today to life in prison. after he was convicted of murdering 12 people, the jury couldn't agree to the death penalty, which requires unanimous decision. the judge added an additional 3200 years without parole. the final three-day sentencing hearing was a formality, but gave survivors a chance to tell the judge how the blood bath to change their lives. holmes was in court this week listening to more than 100 of those victims testified. he shot and killed 12 people and injured 70 others when he opened fire in a crowded colorado movie theater three years ago. holmes mother told the court her
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son is mentally ill and is sorry about the attack. the first funeral was held today for one of three people whose bodies were found inside a strawberry mansion garage. leon nelson was laid to rest today. his body was found yesterday inside a garage used by a nearby funeral home. nbc10 discovered the funeral home's license expired two years ago. >> you're saying to me that my mother knew her father was in the garage. >> i will not discuss it -- >> the family wants to know why their relatives body was found in a garage. nbc10's doug shimell has more on the cemetery confrontation coming up at 5:00. the two other bodies have been cremated. meanwhile, xian in a durante has been looking into the funeral home and connections to others in the area. she's live in west philadelphia. deanna, what did you find. >> we can tell you that the operators here in in west
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philadelphia tell us they are hipping out the operators of the powell funeral home. the funeral home where its owners have told them that she did put three bodies in a garage nearby that funeral home. the outside of the funeral home in strawberry mansion had a sign in the window yesterday saying it was closed for renovations. police sources want to know more about the closure and they're looking into the home's finances. it didn't take much for us to dig up page upon page of civil actions that date back to the mid 1980s. the funeral home owes more than $17,000 in back taxes. the irs and the pa department of revenue have both placed leans on the property for unpaid taxes. the outside of the powell funeral home had a sign in the window yesterday saying it was closed for renovations. police sources say they want to know more about the closure and they're looking into the home's finances. it didn't take much for us to dig up page upon page of civil actions on the funeral home that
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date back to the mid 1980s. according to the website, the funeral home owes more than $17,000 in become taxes, and the irs and the pa department of revenue have both placed leans on the property for unpaid taxes. janet powell daily twice today refused to speak with us on camera about the remains of three people found in the garage that's listed to her funeral home or the documents we told her we found online showing unpaid taxes. the outside of the powell funeral home in strawberry mansion had a sign saying it was closed for renovations. police sources want to know more about the closure, and they're looking into the home's finance -- we also talked to the operators of a nursing and rehab facility in east falls section of philadelphia. they tell us that they were uncertain how one of their patients who died at that facility ended up in that garage. they are still investigating, you'll hear from them coming up tonight at 6:00.
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for now, live in west philadelphia, deanna durante, nbc10 news. to tropical storm erica, gaining strength in the atlantic ocean. it could make landfall in florida with hurricane force. our in house hurricane expert has been tracking erica since the storm developed. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now with the storm's latest track. >> this continues to move in the general direction of the bahamas and florida. it's another small storm, very much like danny, and it's not that well organized at the moment. the conditions are not favorable for immediate strengthening. packing winds 45 miles per hour, moving west at 17. you see the center of it is not where the center of the thunderstorms is. that is imbalanced, and those kinds of things do not strengthen immediately. the official track from the hurricane center very close to where these computer models are,
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at least until it gets to the bahamas on saturday, then there are some differences in some of the computer models. a little bit further to the right than they were yesterday. the latest track from the hurricane center takes it through the bahamas and in the general direction of florida. new adviser will be coming out within the hour, but yes it may become a hurricane. certainly a threat to florida or other parts of the southeast united states. more on that track and our great weather, how long that's going to last in the seven-day in a few minutes. new information about the upcoming papal visit. reading terminal market will be open while the pope is in town in late september. people nay not have to walk as far to see the pope. harry hairston is live in the digital operations center with more on that last minute detail on the city. >> today's news is good for residents and visitors who feared the long walk to the
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festival area. mayor nutter announced food will be available to feed the crowds. in addition to the reading terminal market, restaurants in the fairmount area will be open, there will also be food and beverage zones that include food trucks on the festival grounds. they'll have the same access that taxi's have for the traffic 3w0678. you won't have to walk more than a mile to get to the festivit y festivitities. there are new options for those who have trouble walking. >> uber wave, that's wav, that's a wheelchair accessible vehicle. there are puc licensed paratransit partners will have the same access in the traffic box as taxis -- >> septa will also be running on the festival grounds and it will be using jumbotrons to help people get a good look at pope francis. harry hairston, nbc10 news. >> the nbc10 news app is your go
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to tool for the papal weekend. you'll find all the stories we've done as the city prepares for pope francis' historic visit. a philadelphia police officer shot a man this morning, police tell us the suspect was trying to ambush another officer. it happened as officers were investigating an armed robbery at 60th and spruce. one officer chased a man down the street, while his partner followed in a cruiser. the gunman rounded a corner and stopped waiting for the officer to come around. the officer and the cruiser spotted him told the man to drop his done, when he didn't the officer shot him. at last check, the suspect was in surgery. >> a former maintenance worker under arrest. he's charged with sexually abusing a young girl six years ago. 47-year-old david allen victor
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of schwenksville. he was a camp counselor at camp hope when he isolated and sexually abused a girl at the camp and a nearby bar. a whistle-blower inspecting a fraternity at penn state. he's going through the former house room by room today, he's recording video to show where alleged abuse happened. he's suing kdr and penn state, he claims he was beaten, burned with cigarettes and forced to drink urine and hot sauce. he claims penn state ignored his complaints. the school suspended the fraternity until 2018. layoffs hit lasalle university, pink slips went out to 3% of the workers. the new president of lasalle says the school is facing a $12 million deficit and declining enrollment. it's something she wasn't aware of when she took the job three months ago.
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she says the university has begun a top to bottom review of all school operations. 23 workers were let go. a new hospital complex could be coming to south jersey. virtue with a health proposed a new complex on a farm in burlington township. it calls for a nine story hospital that would replace v virtua hospital, 2400 people would work on that campus. there are calls for peace across the country today. they come from supporters of the nuclear deal with iran. the supporters include several local democratic lawmakers today. cory booker has yet to announce liz position on the plan. members of the group delivering a petition calling for diplomacy with iran to the senator's office. similar protests happened in wilmington. >> obviously this is a very
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crucial time for an important vote in congress, and i think it impacts our country and the world. >> the nuclear deal lifts billions of dollars in sanctions in return for eliminating iran's nuclear program for at least a decade. donald trump says a tv news anchor was out of line during their confrontation in iowa about. >> excuse me, sit down, you weren't called. sit down, sit down. sit down. >> last night, trump clashed with univision anchor jorge ramos. he was challenging trump on his immigration proposal. the plan includes ending u.s. citizenship for children born here if their parents are in the country illegally. this morning on the "today" show, trump said ramos was being disrespectful. >> i was asking and being asked a question from another reporter, i would gotten to him quickly. he stood up and started ranting and raving like a madman. >> last night security escorted
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ramos from the room before he returned and continued his argument with trump. today ramos said he's never been thrown out of a news conference before. as for his criticism of trump's proposal, ramos said as a journalist, you have to take a stand. the comfort has returned to the area. and we have more like this coming. we have three beauties out there, three of them in a row, today, tomorrow and friday. the 90s are going to return. and erica does appear to be a threat to florida. at least a close call. we have mostly sunny skies here in the philadelphia area. a little more clouds up toward the poconos. 81 degrees, the winds west at 13. 7 degrees cooler than it was at this time yesterday. despite the sunshine. it's a cooler air mass, and it is less humid. 81 in philadelphia, still in the
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70s. only 70 in mount pocono with partly to mostly cloudy skies. as we move ahead toward the shore, it's 82 degrees at atlantic city international. we have a west wind it probably shouldn't be much different at the beaches, it isn't, it's 82 degrees at beach haven. 78 in atlantic city, marina. 81 at sea isle city. the wind direction tells it all. you can see lots of sunshine here in the philadelphia area and to the south. more clouds, generally fair weather clouds up to the north. a couple lake effect showers, northwestern pennsylvania. a lot of the country is dry and it's going to stay dry for a while. now we go out into the atlantic, this is the historical peak of hurricane season. it's not unusual to see these things developing. this is tropical storm erica. it's moving straight to the west at 17 miles an hour, toward parts of the caribbean. now, the center of this storm is
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not near the middle. that's why i'm showing you that symbol here, it's offbalance, the wind sheer that we've been telling you about is affecting this storm. and as long as it does, it can't intensify. where is it going to go. the computer models, pretty good agreement here, about taking it up toward the bahamas as we go toward saturday. then we start to see some differences. two clusters of solutions. one of them right toward florida, and another one curving further out the difference is 250 miles. this is the official latest track from the hurricane center. 5:00 one is coming out, let's see if it shifts more to the east. because of some of this new data that's just in in the last few hours. what about that wind sheer, the colors show the unfavorable conditions for strengthening, that's a lot of it. high sheer, upper level winds tear the storm apart.
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there it is friday, still there. but as it goes to the bahamas, the wind sheer disappears and that's when the storm can strengthen and it can strengthen fast. clear and comfortable, 65 degrees for the low, 50s in the suburbs, tomorrow sunny, low humidity, another beautiful day, fair weather clouds. friday is great too, saturday gets a little warmer, a little more humid. we don't feel much of a change until sunday. then it's really like summer. hot and humid, that lasts into next week. coming up, the breakfast food one major company is warning you about, the item they say will spoil before its due date. jersey shore residents call it an eyesore, why some say this house is costing them big time. coming right up on nbc10 news.
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from an historic factory to a live music destination. >> we're getting a look inside of fillmore, philadelphia. our cameras were invited in. it sits at frankford avenue and richmond street in fishtown, which used to be the site of the ajax metal facility. it's undergone a $32 million transformation, which includes two concert halls under one roof. >> we'll do national bands, local showcases, d.j.s, it gives us an opportunity to do a lot in the building. also gives a lot of opportunity for dpans. >> the grand opening is set for october 1st, the sold outconcert for philadelphia's own hall & oates. much more on our top story, the murders of two journalists on live tv this morning. >> a former colleague shot and killed the reporter and
4:26 pm
photographer on live tv. > kathleen cane gets her wish. live in harrisburg with what you need to know.
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terrifying moments on live tv in virginia, a gunman opened fire on a reporter and cameraman, killing them both. >> it appears the gunman recorded that shooting and posted it on social media. here's what we know, the shots rang out live wdbj at 6:45 this morning. it happened at alison parker and adam ward were promoting a local tourism story at a local
4:30 pm
shopping mall. a third victim was also shot and is now in the hospital. video appears to show the gunman here. police arrested the suspect hours after the crash, as he sped away from troopers on the highway. officers say he shot himself and later died at the hospital. alison parker was 24 years old, and graduated from james madison's school of media arts. adam ward was 27, he had been working at the station since 2011. we're told today was his last day there. ward was moving on to take a new job in north carolina. the suspect has been identified as vester flanagan, a former employee at the station. he went by the name bryce williams on the air. the general manager says he was known for being unhappy, angry, hard to work with, and that he was fired two years ago. as we've said, this unfolded on live tv as wdbj was in the middle of their morning show. >> the employees really became part of that story as they learned about the loss of their
4:31 pm
two co-workers. during the broadcast they reflected and shared their memories of parker and ward. >> today was just like any other day, you know, just -- they did great work and put their all into what they did. i'm going to miss them. >> how can this individual have robbed these families, the families of alison and adam of their lives and their happiness and love. for whatever reason. >> they were special people. we're all sleepy, tired. it was like gangbusters. he would grab his candy, say something to leo about the bruins or something. talk about virginia tech, just happy, just to start her day. >> this kind of loss will resonate in these halls for a long, long time. >> one thing we can tell you here, both victims were in love, they were involved with co-workers at the television
4:32 pm
station. >> both of their significant others have ties to our area. >> alison parker was dating the station's evening news anchor chris hurst. he's from the philadelphia area, he went to conestoga high school in better win and attended temple university for a year. adam ward was engaged to a morning producer at the station. this is a photo posted on his facebook page in april, showing him proposing to melissa ott. an intern right here at nbc10 at the beginning of her career. count on nbc10 to follow new developments in this case, you can get the latest at any time on the nbc10 news app. hundreds of images containing porn have been released at the request of pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane the e-mails kane wanted court officials to make public as part of her defense. she faces perjury and other charges. she argues the charges against her resulted from her role in exposing the exchange of pornographic e-mails within the
4:33 pm
state prosecutor's office. rosemary connors is live in harrisburg where she's been going through the newly released documents. rosemary? >> kathleen kane has claimed that since state employees like frank fina, he worked on the jerry sandusky case, have tried to keep these e-mails sealed. by the way, this is just a portion of them, while they have been released, the state supreme court has made them available. we really cannot show them to you, because they contain such explicit and graphic images. closeup shots of men's and women's again tail ya and other highly sensitive material. >> it's considered to be objectionable. mostly pornographic images, in one e-mail sent from a state prosecutor, the subject reads, new office motivation policy posters. the attachments include posters of women engaged in sex acts with captions underneath that say, devotion, making your boss happy is your only job, and
4:34 pm
performance, monthly performance evaluations are mandatory for all secretarial staff. >> from what i understand, they're reprehensible. >> governor wolf has told me he has not seen the e-mails, explains that anyone responsible should be held accountable. in another e-mail a photo of a tennis player considered to be sexually suggestive. >> that kind of behavior if you're asking generally is inappropriate in the workplace. >> if any of these people worked for you, would they be fired? >> yes. >> while we've been here in harrisburg, we did reach out to kathleen cane's office for a response for a comment. i just got a statement back from her press secretary saying the attorney general is pleased the supreme court has released this material. i also tried to reach frank fena, he's now currently an assistant da under seth williams. i'm told by the press secretary
4:35 pm
they are working on a statement or some kind of release for later on today. as soon as we have it, we'll pass it along to you. rosemary connors, nbc10 news. we have new information on the legionnaires contamination at west chester university, turns out health officials say they found more buildings with the bacteria. all school activities will continue as they work to eliminate the bacteria. legionnaires bacteria has been found in the hot water systems of several buildings, including the village apartments. the school says the strain of bacteria at the school does not cause legionnaires disease. a woman severely burned in a fire in trenton earlier this month has died. 21-year-old alicia jones had burns to 80% of her body. the fire happened on august 14th on hills place. investigators are blaming gasoline cans as the cause of that fire. five row homes were destroyed. a fire fueled by an open gas
4:36 pm
line sent flames through the roof of the abrams run apartments in king of prussia. fire officials tell us, 16 apartments were destroyed. peco crews helped firefighters put out the two alarm blaze. the cause of that fire is unknown. police are looking for a man who passed counterfeit cash. the man seen here used a fake $100 bill at the wegmans in cherry hill. he was seen getting out of the red colored minivan on route 70. sad note from washington's national zoo. within the past hour we learned that one of the zoo's two newborn panda cubs has died. the cub survived for three and a half days. the remaining larger cub appears to be strong and behaving normally, its adult female panda mei xiang gave birth saturday night. if they had both survived they would have been her third and
4:37 pm
fourth surviving offspring. what's really in all that grime that collects in your house? the cost of sitting in traffic. where philadelphia falls on a new listu[6m ranking major u.s cities and what it means for you the driver. >> you know what that music means, the countdown is on to eagles preseason game three. the birds visit the packers saturday night. can you see that game only on nbc10 at 8:00 p.m. our pregame coverage starts at 7:30. nbc10 is the official television station of the eagles.
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don't like dusting, maybe this will change your mind here? researchers studied common household dust from 1200 homes across the united states. each house contains more than 5,000 different types of bacteria and 2,000 fungal specimens. most of it blows in from the
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outside and is harmless to our health. by looking at the bacteria, they can tell if men, women or pets live inside. your clothes could be putting babies at risk when you visit them in the hospital. a small percentage of clothing had detectable traces of rsv. exposure to those clothes could put the babies at risk. more studies are needed to determine how long rsv remains infectious on clothing and whether separate gowns should be recommended when visiting the nicu. call it a truce, two big burger chains could be working on a collaboration. >> the cause that's bringing burger king and mcdonald's together. tropical storm warnings are posted in parts of the caribbean as erica churns closer to land.
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check your refrigerator. craft/heinz foods is recalling more than 2 million pounds of oscar mayer turkey bacon, because it may spoil before the best when used by date. it was produced between may 31 and august 6th of this year. burger king asked mcdonald's to join forces to create a mcwhopper in honor of the occasion. but the request fell flat. burger king put out a full page ad. the company ceo said we love the intention, but think our two brands could do something bigger to make a difference. we commit to raise awareness worldwide, perhaps you'll join
4:46 pm
us in a meaningful global effort. how much money must a family make to live comfortably? >> it may be a lot more than you think. that number is 76,000 child care is the biggest expense for families. it's more costly than rent. a single adult with no children on the other hand must earn $33,765 to live comfortably in philadelphia. it's much more than you can make working a full time minimum wage job. we don't have to tell you this one, but it's a fact, u.s. roads are much more clogged now that the recession is behind us. >> drivers are stuck in traffic about 5% more than they were in 2007. a live look tonight at the schuylkill expressway. according to the study, cities with fast growing economies and the most job growth are the most
4:47 pm
plagued by traffic. philadelphia ranked 22nd on the list, with drivers spending an average of 48 extra hours in their cars. that adds up to more than $1100 in lost time. a lot of other cities have it worst. tops on the list, washington, d.c., drivers spent an extra 82 hours in their cars. los angeles long beach area. number two, followed by san francisco, oakland and new york, newark, connecticut, san jose rounds out the top five. every time the weather gets bad, the traffic gets worse we have more perfect days ahead, sunshine and comfort for this time of year, 90s are going to return a close call coming up as
4:48 pm
we head into the weekend and early next week. the phillies get you great weather, now that we've got past the heat sunday and monday. 81 degrees, the wind west at 13, 7 degrees cooler than it was at this time yesterday. we're in the 70s in many of the northern and western areas. glassboro, mt. holly at 79 degrees. we have a beautiful day out there, lots of sunshine, a few clouds coming into the pocono mountains. these are related to the lake. and a couple little showers northern pennsylvania, they're not going to be affecting any part of our area. overall, a lot of dry air, all over the country. not so dry out in the tropics, the pacific has been going crazy all summer, now, the atlantic is getting a little more active. new advisory is due in in
4:49 pm
minutes. sheena will have that for you at 5:00. moving west at 17, it is not well organized. if anything, it would be weakening for a little while. the computer models, we showed you the tracks, the future tracks. pretty good agreement. not so with the intensity it's a tropical storm now, each line is a different computer model. almost all of them keep it as a tropical storm all the way through friday. after friday, remember we showed you the wind sheer, when the wind sheer lets up, it can strengthen. we have several different ones of these possibilities, making it a major hurricane. just off the coast of florida. that's why. we're especially watching this, not just a tropical storm potential here. once it gets into the bahamas, the conditions would become more favorable and the new forecast in the hurricane center coming out in a matter of minutes.
4:50 pm
for the rest of the night tonight, we find clear skies, once again, 65 for a low in philadelphia, 56 north and west, and then during the day tomorrow, sunshine, low humidity, another beautiful day, highs in the low 80s, and another day just like that on friday. we start warming up a bit on saturday humidity coming up a little bit. and a little bit more on sunday. hot and humid weather on sunday. don't have any real thunderstorm chances in the forecast until monday afternoon, and we have more days coming up 90 plus. breaking news now, sky force 10 over the scene of a crash in montgomery county. this is on horsham road in north wales. several ambulances are on the scene. a helicopter transported one victim to a nearby hospital. a second victim was taken to abington hospital. horsham root is shut down between north wales and route 202 parkway. count on nbc10 for new
4:51 pm
information as we get it. a blue house at the jersey shore has neighbors seeing red. a local neighbor sees a house you call here a circus. ted greenberg is looking into whether this home's unusual decorations are legal. and it's still ahead on nbc10 news at 5:00, we're going to introduce you to a very special group of eagles fans with 37 children, this family makes quite the cheering section. how they got a special invite to see their favorite team.
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one man's idea of art has a few of his neighbors at the jersey shore feeling blue. that's the main color his house is bathed in at night.
4:55 pm
>> the lights here are a bit distracting, and bringing in a lot of unwanted traffic. ted greenberg found out why the city's unable to take action. >> spinning lights. >> when the sun goes down. >> it looks like a nightclub. >> the lights come on. >> some people could say it looks like a bordello. >> this margate home known locally as the blue house. >> some of the other neighbors can see the lights shining into their homes. >> has some people seeing red. >> i just think it's over the top. >> it's been attracting a lot of people. >> including an uptick in traffic caused by folks stopping to see the light. some of which flash along with artwork and unique even presidential statues. >> it does create an inclusion into the neighborhood. >> jack owns the house, and has
4:56 pm
added to the display over the past few years. >> it's something i wanted to do. >> the home was ryne thely thrust into the spotlight after some neighbors voiced their displeasure to city leaders. one says he's been unable to sell his house because of the spectacle. >> i don't know what they're complaining about. if you look out your window, you're going to see them. they're on timers, they go off at 1:30. >> there's not much the city can do about the home's display. margate has no laws regulating this type of residential lighting. >> we're looking at other communities that may have been faced with this same scenario, to see what the proper thing to do is to help the neighborhood out. >> lots of people tell him they like what he's done, but clearly not everyone here is growing about his surging creativity. ted greenberg, nbc10 news. next on nbc10 news at 5:00.
4:57 pm
come and be a part of history. >> that's the message tonight as officials try to spark new excitement around the pope's visit to philadelphia. we continue to follow that tragic story out of virginia. a tv news crew shot and killed on live television. how they're being remembered and their connection to our area. and we have another cool night in store, then a warmer weekend, plus updates on tropical storm erica's track.
4:58 pm
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5:00 pm
i'm heart broken, i cannot tell you how much they were loved, alison and adam, by the wdbj 7 team. >> two journalists murdered on live television tonight. alison and adam are being remembered by co-workers in virginia and by loved ones in our area. >> the reporter and photographer were doing a live broadcast when the gunman opened fire. this shows the moments just before they were killed. we're freezing the video before the gunshots began. >> dave wagner has this live report from the scene of the crime. >> he's normally a very serene spot, now a crime scene here. dramatic end to a moment of horror that was captured on the morning news. >> a violent end to a shocking moment of horror. played out on live tv. two journalists from the cbs fi


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