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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  August 26, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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i'm heart broken, i cannot tell you how much they were loved, alison and adam, by the wdbj 7 team. >> two journalists murdered on live television tonight. alison and adam are being remembered by co-workers in virginia and by loved ones in our area. >> the reporter and photographer were doing a live broadcast when the gunman opened fire. this shows the moments just before they were killed. we're freezing the video before the gunshots began. >> dave wagner has this live report from the scene of the crime. >> he's normally a very serene spot, now a crime scene here. dramatic end to a moment of horror that was captured on the morning news. >> a violent end to a shocking moment of horror. played out on live tv. two journalists from the cbs affiliate in roan oak virginia in the middle of a live
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interview, shot and killed as viewers watched. this is the broadcast right up to the point of the shooting. alison parker and 27-year-old photographer allen ward are dead. the woman being interviewed seriously wounded. as the photographer fell, his camera captured the killer's image, an early lead that helped police identify the suspect. a former reporter who went by the name of bryce williams. flanagan had been fired and filed a complaint of discrimination. >> he was an unhappy man. after many incidents of his anger coming to the fore, we dismissed him. and he did not take that well. >> he used his own video camera to capture the killings, and within hours posted that shocking video to facebook. as police searched for flanagan, he was live tweeting derogatory
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remarks. >> something snapped in his mind, i don't know. >> virginia state police spotted the suspect's car on i-66 in northern virginia.pfrq >> he ran off the road into the median. when trooper neff approached the vehicle she found him suffering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> they were special people, and they would brighten up a room every morning. >> two people in the prime of their lives. gunned down early in their promising careers. >> the head of the local chamber of commerce that was injured in that attack. in virginia, dave wagner, nbc news, now, back to you. >> alison parker and adam ward were both in relationships with colleagues. we've learned their significant others have ties to our area. melissa ott was engaged to adam ward.
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ott grew up in gibbstown and started her news career as an intern here at nbc10. today her uncle told us melissa's parents left immediately for virginia to comfort their daughter. the deadly shooting unfolded on what was the last day of work for both melissa and adam. >> loving girl, loving guy. they were making plans for their wedding, it was going to be down in virginia. >> ott posted about her fiancee an hour before he died. adam brought balloons to work, and co-workers brought flowers and a cake, to celebrate the couple's last day before starting new jobs together in north carolina opinion we've also learned alison parker's boyfriend was from our area. chris hearst went to conestoga high school in better win. hearst called parker the most radiant woman he ever met.
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a memorial at the museum remembers fallen journalists. nbc10 will continue to follow the latest developments on this story. coming up in about 30 minutes, we'll get another update from dave wagner in virginia as police look through an alleged manifesto from the gunman. >> in west philadelphia, a drive by shooting leaves a 10-year-old girl injured. she was grazed by a bullet around noon. two men who were targets of the shooting were also wounded pup all are in stable condition, there were no arrests. the first funeral was held today for one of three people whose bodies were found inside a philadelphia garage yesterday. that garage was used by a nearby funeral home. his license expired more than two years ago. more than 17 thousand dollars in back taxes are owed on the
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property. their loved one died at a nursing and rehab in east falls two weeks ago. the nursing home says it's investigating how this happened. >> you're hitting me with this we'll do so. extremely disappointing and concerning to us. until we gather the facts, we don't know much more to say at this point. >> philadelphia police say they continue to investigate the funeral home it's financing and the handling of human remains. family members confronted the owner of the funeral home. >> one of the bodies found in that garage, doug shimell spoke with his family members today. what did they have to say about the handling of their loved ones remains. >> the nelson family was using words like insult, outrage to describe the chain of events. >> they thought they had buried
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leon nelson two weeks ago. >> we get contacted. my grandfather was the one that was in the garage. >> police say nemgsen's casket and two other bodies were found decomposing tuesday in a strawberry mansion garage owned by janet powell and powell funeral home. >> it wasn't us that chose this funeral home. we offered the lady money, she said no. she said the funeral was already paid for by the nursing home. >> detectives say leon nelson and the other remains have been taken from the price funeral home in west philadelphia monday and stored in the garage. >> he should have been in a refrigerator or something. we could have gotten the money ourselves if that's what she needed. >>. >> leon nelson's family had him buried in bala cynwyd.
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>> he didn't deserve to be desecrated like this. >> it seems as if it had been a couple weeks. >> it had nothing -- none of that was true. i can't vingdy indicate myself here because of the emotion right now. >> i'm trying to get some understanding. >> ed nelson also hp questions about what happened to his grandfather. >> you're saying to me that my mother knew her father was in the garage. there's no way i would allow that to happen. >> i will not discuss it any further. you're skipping a point. >> i'm not lying. >> mother -- that's my mother. >> the family of leon nelson says they have contacted an attorney. live in bala cynwyd, doug shimell, nbc10 news. >> in the meantime, the caribbean is bracing for tropical storm erica. >> schools, airports and casinos are being closed as the storm approaches. this is a look at erica as it gets closer to the eastern caribbean.
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preparations are being made in a number of island nations. airports in the u.s. virgin islands will be closed for incoming flights until friday. >> we just got an update on erica's status. sheena parveen is here to bring us the latest details. >> as of the 5:00 p.m. update, it's still barely a tropical storm, we don't expect it to strengthen any time soon, not until we get closer to the weekend. it's 200 miles to the east of antigua, still a problem cal storm, max winds still 45 miles an hour, move together west 17 miles an hour as it moves to the west. it is going to encounter wind sheer, aside from that the models are in agreement. some models have it going into the gulf of mexico, others have pushed it up a little further east. into the atlantic, this is something that florida is going to keep a close eye on as well as we are. the computer models tend to go out in different directions as we go further out in time.
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as we get closer to the weekend we'll have a lot better grasp on this storm. here's the official track for the storm. it's going to encounter unfavorable conditions. as it goes across the area. still possibly a tropical storm. we don't expect it to strengthen much as it approaches the bahamas. it's going to encounter favorable conditions. that could cause it to strengthen. the cone has shifted to the east favoring the atlantic side more than the gulf side of florida. we'll have updates later on this evening. we'll take a closer look at your local forecast, hotter temperatures are in it too. that's straight ahead. >> here are other stories making headlines at 5:00. a rebound on wall street, the dow finished up 619 points. it's the third biggest point gain ever since the market streak has broken now. the losing streak we were talking about the past few days, the nasdaq, s&p 500 also rose.
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today's bounce back ends a six day slump that drives worries about the chinese economy. one man is dead another hurt after a crash that ripped a car in two in burlington county. take a look at your screen, nbc10 on route 130 in beverly road burlington township. the driver was going fast, hit a grass median and shot across the northbound lanes hitting a telephone pole. the survivor has significant head injuries and broken ribs. he's in stable condition. a philadelphia police officer shot and critically wounded a man in could bes creek. investigators tell us that man was trying to ambush another officer. it happened while the officers responded to a robbery. one officer chased a suspect down while his partner followed in a car. the gunman rounded the corner, then waited for the officer to come around. that's when the officer in the cruiser told the man to drop his gun, when he didn't, the officer shot him. to this now, come and be a
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part of history. that's the message tonight as officials try to spark some excitement about the pope's visit to philadelphia. drew smith has more on the city's pitch. >> you'll start to see photos of pope francis pop up in the windows of local businesses. you're going to want to pay attention if you're planning to visit restaurants or stores. kathleen kane gets her wish, the courts have released hundreds of new documents from a criminal investigation. why they contain sexually explicit material and why kane believes that could help her case. still ahead on nbc10 news at 5:00, we're going to introduce you to these guys. a very special group of eagles fans. 37 children. the briggs family makes quite the cheering section. how they got a special invite to see their favorite team.
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get excited, the pope's visit gets close irand closer. >> all of the security mentors have caused a lot of anxiety. the city began a new approach. drew smith joins us live in fairmount with new information. >> what's the plan to get more people engaged in this event. >> the i'll be there campaign
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includes the signs that plan to hit hundreds of businesses over the next couple weeks. the plan is to turn the nervous talk about street boxes and perimeters into some actual excitement. jacks firehouse restaurant in fairmount was one of the first businesses to wholeheartedly commit to being open even as the streets around it close for the pope's visit. >> we're open, it's a month away, we're definitely open, we're going to do the best we can, we're going to have fun doing it. >> city leaders chose the restaurant for its new i'll be there campaign. businesses are encouraged to post these signs in their windows to show they'll be open while the pope is here. >> this event is not about what you can't do, but all about what you can do in our great city. >> we also learned today reading terminal market has ironed out a plan to get some deliveries in. popular attraction is now
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committed to staying open. so far, 250 businesses have called the special hotline set up to answer questions. >> i think there's a general sense they want to be open, they understand they're going to have to make a plan and work out some details. >> world meeting of families has a new name for the so called traffic box of closures. at least some business owners are going to change. >> you're going to run out of food? is that the worst thing that can happen to you? >> there will be several high-tech editions to the festival grounds. 40 jumbotrons where you can watch everything that's happening on a live feed. drew smith nbc10 news. >> hopefully that will release some of the anxiety. drew, thank you. montgomery county today released new details about how it's getting ready for the pope. the county will activate its emergency activation center.
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the pope is expected to stay at st. charles seminary in lower merion. the county has filed a request for help with the state's emergency management agency. it wants 600 national guard personnel for traffic and crowd control. the county will boost staffing at its 911 center and activate its backup center. take a look at this cute little girl. nbc10 at camden children's garden. hands up right through the sprinklers. she turned around went right back through. my nephew loves that too. all the kids love to play in the fountains, especially on a night. i think the one kid was trying to drink the water. did you see that? it's a nice day for that, certainly. just not as hot. even tonight we're going to have a nice evening again. temperatures get cooled down again for the 50s for some of you. more perfect days in the forecast, if you like today,
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we're going to have more of this tomorrow and as we go into friday. we go into the weekend, temperatures are going to get hotter, we're going to be in the 90s as we go into sunday and by that time we will have a much better idea of what tropical storm erica is going to do. by sunday it will be nearing florida. that's something we're going to be keeping a close eye on. here's a look at citizens bank park. 81 degrees. humidity is lower, only 48%. we're only in the 70s through the lehigh valley, 77 in reading and allentown. 77 in glassboro, 81 millville, very comfortable day today. 80 degrees in dover. the temperatures will drop back down to where they were last night and early this morning. if you thought this morning was cool, tomorrow morning will be much of the same. we're nice and dry on the radar, nothing heading this way as far as rain is concerned. and that big area of high pressure still in place, still building in, we'll have these dry days in the forecast.
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we'll talk about erica, it's still a tropical storm. it's not that organized, we really don't expect it to increase in intensity over the next few days, winds at 45 miles an hour, it's barely a tropical storm, but take a look at the updated track from the hurricane center, as it passes over puerto rico, near hispaniola, on its way to the bahamas, it's going to be encountering some unfavorable atmospheric conditions. sunday and even monday, that's when it gets closer to the bahamas and florida, at this time, we could see it intensify, the cone has shifted a little more into the atlantic, so of course as we go across the weekend, that cone will be extending further out, so we'll have a much better idea on where this storm is heading. as far as the intensity is concerned, i showed you unfavorable conditions. a lot of computer models as we go through the end of the week, do keep it as a tropical storm until we get to sunday and
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monday. at that point we would be looking at the potential for a major hurricane. but still a little too far out to tell, we'll have much better updates over the next few days. tonight we're looking at cool conditions, 56 for the low in allentown, reading. mid-60s philadelphia, and much of our new jersey suburbs. tonight and tomorrow, sunny, low humidity, temperatures in the low 80s, another beautiful day like today, that's going to continue for friday. pretty much a carbon copy of tomorrow, saturday nice, great start to the weekend. hot or a little more humid by sunday. low 90s, humidity really coming back into the forecast, we're going to throw our thunderstorm chances now monday and tuesday, feels a little more like the beginnings of fall to you, that's going to go away as we go into the end of the weekend feeling more like summer. today donald trump is talking about his high profile clash with one of the nation's
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best known univision news anchors. the newsman was briefly thrown o out. brian mooar has the story from washington. >> excuse me, sit done, you weren't called, sit down, sit down, silt down. >> reporter: donald trump head to head with jorge ramos. >> i have the right to ask a question. >> no, you don't, you haven't been called. >> i have the right toe ask a question. >> go back to univision. >> please -- >> reporter: ramos was booted from trump's news conference in iowa. >> you don't just start taking over the press conference. >> i have -- i can. >> yes? absolutely. good, absolutely, good to have you back. >> he was invited back and engaged trump in a 4 1/2 minute immigration debate. >> i want them to get documentation and -- so they become legal. it's going to be -- you know what it's called, management. >> do we have to talk about this guy? >> the rest of the republican
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field. >> this guy doesn't have a plan, he's appealing to people's angst and anger. >> competing with donald trump -- >> we have an illegal immigration problem that continues to grow. >> hillary clinton cut short her campaign in iowa. >> a strong america depends on strong rural communities. >> her mission much like the republicans. >> thank you. >> breaking out of donald trump's spotlight. >> there's also plenty of work for the democratic front-runner, if vice president biden does decide to jump into the race. brian mooar, nbc news washington. switching gears now, keep your hands off our legs. that's the message today from these protesters here outside the department of health and human services building in washington. they're upset over proposed medicare cuts for prosthetic care. the new policy is so respective, it will send amputees back to 1970s technology. >> i'm able to do a lot of
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amazing things in my life because i was exposed to advanced prosthetic care. they're trying to limit that. medicare's trying to limit that for us. we're taking a stand, we're not going to stand for it. >> some 2 million people live in the u.s. without limbs. 2,000 people signed a white house petition to stop the medicare changes. after decades on the radio, a jersey shore legend announced he's signing off for the last time. how do you catch a 400 pound fish? one guy did it the hard way. and still ahead on nbc10 news at 5:00, help is on the way, where residents can now get financial help after a summer storm left all this damage behind.
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he's probably exhausted. take a look at that he reeled in a 412 pound grouper fish while sitting on a paddle board. this is last thursday off the coast of florida. the fish was 7'11". it's a record. >> what do you do after that poi point. >> he spent close to 60 years on the radio. >> today a south jersey
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legendary broadcaster is hanging up his microphone. pinky kravitz hosted pinky's corner on womd a.m. he was widely known as mr. atlantic city for his constant promotion of the region. he interviewed conway twitty and sammy davis, jr. we wish him the very best. next on nbc10 news at 5:00, sexually explicit e-mails and alleged threats. nbc10's rosemary connors is following the latest. jacqueline and keith, we are talking about hundreds of images too graphic for television. now seth williams, the district attorney in philadelphia is getting involved in the case. i'll explain that coming up at 5:30. we continue to follow the latest developments from virginia, where a news crew was shot and killed while they were on the air.
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how their colleagues are remembering them, and what police are trying to uncover about the shooter.
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right now at 5:00, kathleen kane gets her wish. hundreds of new documents from a criminal investigation and they contain sexually explicit materials. >> rosemary connors is digging through those documents today. >> i did, just a few moments ago, i got a statement released by the district attorney's
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office in philadelphia. it reads in part that the philadelphia d.a.'s office has clear human relation policies, seth williams believes a thorough review is necessary of the e-mail chain. these e-mail chains we're talking about, a graphic explicit images, the reason why williams and his office will be reviewing his materials is because one of his employees is named the sensitive materials. >> one e-mail attachment reads my wish to you. a new second. the image under the caption showed a nude woman sitting in front of a computer. another e-mail shows photos of sarah palin topless. he worked as a prosecutor under tom corbett. he's now an assistant district attorney in philadelphia. >> kathleen kane has claimed the state employees who sent the pornographic e-mails are behind the criminal charges against her. that she leaked grand jury information and lied good it.
5:33 pm
today her office tells me she's pleased the supreme court released those e-mails. >> it creates an awful work environment and should not be allowed. >> although he has not seen these e-mails, he considers them to be reprehensible. kathleen kane fights the charges against her. wolf has urged her to resign. >> she's spent a lot of time making that defense. >> is it a distraction in. >> i think it's -- it competes for time. >> in addition to pornographic materials, some of the other e mates that were circulated contain homophobic and racially sensitive remarks. nbc10 news. >> this just in, people in pennsylvania will soon be able to reg str to vote online. tom wolf's administration will launch the system tomorrow. pennsylvania will become the 23rd state to offer internet based registration. delaware's among them already, new jersey is not.
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>> from the jersey shore bureau. atlantic city resorts hotel unveiled a new meeting. close to $9 and a half million. the resort was struggling to survive against bigger new casinos. since then, four competitors have gone out of business. in the meantime, resorts added new amenities, hired a new casino management team and kept prices below the competition. >> a new light will shine on part of north broad street in philadelphia. 41 decktive light towers reminiscent of those are going up along broad street right now. they will line broad from hamilton street to glenwood avenue. mayor nutter and gerald clark made that announcement today. the $9 million initiative will make the area more inviting for customers and residents. each light is made of stainless steal mesh and stands 55 feet
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tall. the lights are programmed to be on every night from dusk until dawn. >> to new information now about the disaster relief for parts of delaware county hit hard by a summer storm. you may remember these videos. county council announced today that areas damaged by the june 23rd thunderstorm are now eligible for state assistance. the storm knocked out power to some residents for days. damage estimates for the county and municipalities are more than 2 $1/2 million. meanwhile, several rallies in our area are calling for peace for the run. today supporters rallied at the camden office of cory booker, who has yet to announce his position on the plan. members of the group delivered a petition calling for diplomacy with iran to the senator's office. similar protests happened in wilmington. >> obviously this is a crucial time for an important vote in congress that i think impacts not just our country but the world.
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>> the nuclear deal lifts billions of dollars in economic sanctions in return for limiting iran's nuclear program for at least a decade. the mormon clutch is keeping its long time affiliation with the boy scouts. the church is the largest sponsor of boy scout units. the scouts recently agreed to allow gay troop leaders. the mormon church was upset but agreed to keep its affiliation after being assured it can appoint troop leaders. that means troop sponsored scout units can continue to exclude gay adults. peanut allergies can be very dangerous for some children. tonight the american academy of pediatrics had some new advice for parents that could help their kids. lots of eagles have very loyal fans. and a large group of them all come from one family. we'll introduce you to the briggs coming up at 5:00.
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when it comes to peanut allergies, the american academy of pediatrics recommends kids with peanut allergies be given foods with peanuts before they turn one year old. it seemed to help build tolerance. allergy tests should be done on at-risk babies before giving them foods with peanuts. amazon speedy prime delivery service has come to the region. customers can get one or two hour delivery of thousands of
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other products as well. seattle is now the tenth city to have prime now, philadelphia by the way isn't one of them. another nice night for the area, cool temperatures too. then hotter, more humidity by the weekend, we're tracking tropical storm erica for you coming up.
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this afternoon, we're learning more about the two young journalists killed on live television. the gunman was a former co-worker. a journalist's job is to report on ors not to become the news story. >> erica edwards has more. >> they were just out doing their job. a job they did regularly as a
5:44 pm
news team. >> adam morgan and i are putting the final touches -- >> wdbj reporter alison parker and adam ward were in the middle of a live interview when a gunman shockingly shot and killed them both. >> it is my very, very sad duty to report that alison and adam died this morning. >> the newsroom was stunned. >> you can hear people behind us in the newsroom crying. it's just really hard to -- >> alison and adam weren't just co-workers to those at wdbj, they were family. adam proposed marriage to his girlfriend. she was at work wednesday morning her last day before she was to take another job in another city. he had plans to follow her. >> he always came in with a smile and willing to stay late even though he worked a 9 hour
5:45 pm
day. >> they recently moved in together and talked about getting married much they were very much in love. i am numb. who knew both alison and adam were shaken. >> i was watching this morning's broadcast and couldn't understand what was happening myself. >> it's a tragic news story. journalists and viewers alike struggled to comprehend. erica edwards, nbc news. >> that shooting happened during a live interview. >> dave wagner's live at that scene now. >> are we learning anything new about the gunman? >> keith and jackie, they're getting new information. almost by the minute. they're still processing the crime scene behind me. this is where those three people were shot this morning. two of them have died. they're getting new information as i mentioned, one of the key
5:46 pm
pieces of evidence that they're looking at is an apparent news. we have not independently confirmed the contents of that. two days after those shootings, he went out and bought a gun. this is the alleged gunman. the church shooting was the tipping point my anger has been building steadily. i've been a human powder keg for a while just waiting to go boom. one of the many pieces of evidence they're processing this evening. >> we know more details will come out. we know the gunman's image was captured on camera right after that attack. the cell phone calls the gunman made -- >> there's a bit of tragic irony here that that photographer that was killed, adam ward, his camera was able to capture an image that led to the capture of that gunman, the person who killed adam as well as alison parker. now, that image then led the
5:47 pm
folks at the station that identified the gunman. former employee at the station, and at that point the police had a good indication to track his cell phone. the pings from his cell phone. the chase was on at that point. the gunman had dumped his car at the airport. and then got a rental car, and then led authorities on the chase. quite a distance from here. apparently after a while, they were able to catch up with him. and the gunman wreck ed his car and apparently shot himself in the head. he died at a local hospital a short time later. >> a lot more we're going to learn about this. thank you very much. nbc10 will continue to follow the latest developments on this story. live in south jersey, we spoke to the family of the victim's fiancee. look for a full report tonight on nbc nightly news with lester holt at 6:30.
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humidity stayed low today, this morning it's going to stay loy as we end out the week. we have more nice days in the forecast, weekend weather will start to get hot or hotter. more humid as we go across the weekend. we have crop cal storm erica we're keeping a close eye on. that will be nearing the bahamas as we go into the weekend. current temperatures are on the cooler side especially if you're in the lehigh valley, comfortable day 7 agrees in pottstown. 81 in philadelphia. the humidity is helping the overnight temperatures with the humidity being so low. 79 right now, wilmington, 80 degrees dover, millville. a really nice day at the shore. here's a live look at cape may. a little bit cooler at the shore with temperatures right around 80 degrees, either way, still nice and dry with plenty much sunshine, no rain any time soon. as we go through the rest of
5:49 pm
your evening. temperatures will start to drop off, you'll notice it more, by 6:00 p.m., 80 degrees in philadelphia, by 10:00 tonight already in the low 70s, some areas will be in the mid-50s again by tomorrow morning. locally, nice and dry on radar, no rain heading this way, if you look way back off to the west we have a lot of dry air in place. a lot of quiet weather. that's why we don't expect rain chances to come back until next week. we're looking down in the tropics, that's tropical storm erica. pretty unorganized. moving to the west at 17 miles an hour, the track has updated, favoring the atlantic 150id a little more as it nears florida. it will be getting closer to the bahamas. that's not expected because there's so much wind sheer in the atmosphere, that inhibits storm chances getting any stronger, we expect to see favorable conditions, as we go
5:50 pm
into monday over the bahamas, we could see this strengthen because conditions will be more favorable by then. low temperatures overnight tonight. mid-50s through the lehigh valley. 65 degrees in philadelphia, 63 in dover, if you thought this morning was cool, tomorrow morning is going to be pretty much a lot like today. temperatures will stay in the low 80s, sunny, low humidity temperatures in the low 80s, by saturday, we're up to 87 degrees, a little more humidity, especially by sunday, temperatures in the low 90s. we could be looking at the start of another heat wave, that's when the rain chances come back too it will begin to feel a little more like summer if you think the next few days won't. we're going to introduce you to a very special group of
5:51 pm
eagles fans. >> the briggs family makes quite the sheering section. they got a special invite to see their favorite team. from the streets to the classrooms, local officers spent the day retraining.
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the eagles have very loyal fans, a large group of men all come from one family. >> the briggs family, they were special guests of the eagles this past weekend. chris cato introduces us to the pretty large football loving family. >> tia briggs. >> and it's not even all of them. >> this is pretty special. >> the briggs family has 37 children. >> we don't go out as a big group too often. to come out here, it's a great event. >> spending saturday night at the eagles preseason game was so special for paul briggs and the 14 children who came with him. >> it's a great opportunity about because again to be able to do something as a whole family, the planning that goes into it, the buildup for it, something that we just enjoy a great deal. >> the tickets were given to the
5:55 pm
briggs family. many of the children the briggs adopted have health issues. >> we appreciate them extending an invitation to us. >> these kids couldn't be more excited to be here. >> really happy. i was so excited i had to take off work to come here. >> the family lived in west virginia but luke is a bringing eagles fan. >> i'm glad i got to be here because of tim tebow and thankful how the eagles allowed us to come here, it was really a blessing. >> if you think 37 kids is enough. well, the briggs don't. >> we just committed to one more, a little girl who's just a few months old, abandoned in a trash dumpster. this little girl will be number 38. >> chris cato, nbc10 news. >> boy, the eagles have 38 lucky
5:56 pm
charms this season. >> they do. >> the briggs have five biological children. how much does it cost to feed all of those kids? >> we're not kidding with this number of their grocery bill for the year is $52,000. a lot of money there, big commitment. great family. the eagles head to the mecca of nfl football. lambeau field in green bay for saturday's game. nbc10 is your clusive home for the eagles, count on us for extended preand post game coverage. kick off this saturday at 7:30. coming up next on nbc10 news at 6:00. the local tie to the tv news crew killed on live television. the weather is crystal clear in our area. in the tropics we're seeing some trouble. a month after this 8-year-old became the youngest double hand transplant patient
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next that's next at 6:00 many
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. a television crew murdered on live tv. the suspect recorded the shooting rampage and posted it on social media.
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we have learned new details about the shooter before he killed himself, plus, the reporter and photographer's significant others both have local ties. we continue to get new developments about the reporter and photographer in roanoke virginia police confirmed the shooter, a former co-worker is dead. we learned the shooter was fired two years ago from the television station. vester flanagan who also went by bryce williams on the air had anger issues. he shot himself inside his car more than 100 miles away after virginia state police spotted his vehicle. as for the victims, alison parker and her photographer adam ward are dead. ward captured an image of the shooter as the camera fell to the ground. that helped pe


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