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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  August 28, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, we got exclusive surveillance video of a carjacking in progress. the police say the suspect left something behind at the scene which gives them everything they need to arrest him. good morning. i'm chris cato. a wild sequence of events played out in south philadelphia that ended with innocent by standers being carjacked and police looking for a man who left his prison i.d. at the scene. monique braxton has a look at this new video. >> reporter: investigators tell us they know who they're looking
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for. they don't have him in custody yesterday. they're trying to decide if they can release a former mug shot. detectives in the south division say, the ex-con left behind his prison identification at the scene. police also tell us they were attempting to stop this black sports car for driving erratically. the driver sped off. this is where a surveillance camera captures him jumping the curb, then crashing into this gray lexus. we talked to the owner. >> fourth time my car's been hit in two years, so as long as everybody's safe, i know they said he went up a block, you know, a block up our street and jumped into a car with another two girls. as long as he's safe. it's just a car. it can be replaced. >> reporter: investigators also say down the block, the suspect carjacked this sedan. we're told he forced two men into the front seat out, but he drove off with two women still
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inside. the suspect eventually pulled over and ran away. police admit they could not catch up to him. so far we're told the suspect is about 5'8", dreadlocks and wearing a white shirt. we'll monitor this investigation and look for an update in about 30 minutes. live in south philly, monique braxton, "nbc10 news." 11:02. from puerto rico to florida, people are prepping for tropical storm erika. florida's governor rick scott declared a state of emergency there. people in puerto rico are starting to fill erika's effects. 3 inches of rain have fallen and hundreds of people are without power. look at this video of damage from the caribbean island of dominica. homes were swept away by floodwaters. 15 inches of rain fell on
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dominica. here's more video from that island. mudslides are affecting people there. after erika hits puerto rico, it's expected to remain a tropical storm, but it could still hit south florida pretty hard. let's get more on that now with nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz tracking erika for us. >> i think the biggest problem for this storm is going to be the rain, even for florida, because the chance of this becoming a hurricane goes down. partly because of the track, it's gone south of puerto rico, as we were suggesting yesterday. what happens there is the next target is dominican republic. they have huge mountains there, which will weaken this even more. 50-mile-an-hour winds moving north-northwest at 18 miles an hour. so, there are mountains over puerto rico helping to keep the storm weak, and those bigger mountains over the dominican republic, and that will continue
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to weaken it. then it could encounter the mountains of cuba. and weaken even more. here's the radar. the center of the storm is over here on the western edge just the way it's been. totally disorganized like yesterday. too much wind shear. so, the chances of it strengthening into a hurricane just continue to go down and down. latest track for the national hurricane center takes it partly over cuba and over 50-mile-an-hour storm by sunday morning. we're talking about still a potential threat to florida, but not as nearly as strong a storm as it could have been if it would have tracked north of puerto rico. more on the forecast of this and our weather, when we'll be seeing it again. we have new video showing a
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crash in northeast philadelphia that had bystanders stopping to take a look. people could not believe how these two vehicles ended up like this. one on top of the other. witnesses say the suv was turning onto bloomfield avenue when it lost control. it flew over awe property so high that it actually cleared power lines and landed on this car. right there, turning the car upside down. the driver of the suv appeared to be having a medical problem behind the wheel. no one else was hurt. >> i would have been going to my car to go to work soon, so if anyone would have gotten hurt, it would have been me. all of this is replaceable. as long as everybody is okay. never a dull moment around here. >> the homeowner says that's the second time something like that has happened on his property. 11:05. state officials in virginia have revealed both of the journalists who were killed on live television earlier this week were both shot in the head and the torso.
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the medical examiner's office did not specify how many times they were shot. meantime, the sole survivor of those on-air murders in roanoke, virginia, has a long road to recovery, according to her husband. vicky gardner was being interviewed by alison parker on live tv. gardner was injured. she lost a kidney and part of her colon. alison parker and her cameraman, adam ward, were both killed. parker's father says he's gearing up for easy access to guns in this country. >> my grief has turned to anger because how many times are we going to see an incident like this happen. newtown, charleston, the movie theaters, you name it, it's got to stop. i'm not going to stop until something happens because i don't want to see another alison tragedy like this again. >> police say the shooter, vester flanagan, a former
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reporter at that station, had two glock .9 millimeter pistols. he bought them legally. he had three license plates and a wig, a possible clue he may have tried to escape before taking his own life. last night hundreds of people gathered outside that television station in roanoke a day after the shooting. they held a candlelight vigil for alison parker and adam ward. stocks are trading mildly lower on the final day of a volatile day on wall street. taking a live look at the big board. it now looks like the dow is down 42 points. about 40 points lower after briefly falling 100 points in the morning trade. at the close of business yesterday, the major averages are on track to post weekly gains with nasdaq outperforming. stocks plunge more than 3.5% monday with the dow falling
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1,089 points for biggest one-day point scene. smoke from a fire in camden could be seen for miles this morning. look at this video we recorded from one of our cameras on top of a comcast center in philadelphia. firefighters say the fire actually started at a vacant house around 6:15 this morning. this is what it looked like after the fire was out. this home again was on mechanic street in camden. there you go right there. started on the second floor. investigators say they really don't know at this point how it started. they're still looking into that. no one was injured. 11:08. 28 days until pope francis comes to philadelphia. septa wants us to pass along more information to you. first of all, the transit agency says there are more than 200,000 rail passes still available for that weekend. also, they've opened up more parking spaces available at septa stations. septa will keep running as long as it takes to get people back home after the weekend papal
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events. septa's general manager also points out that all of the drop points are within a two-mile walk of logan circle. we're making it easy for you. we're running express service on the region rail and trolley lines. it's easy. it's an easy commute. once you get downtown, it's an easy walk to the event. >> you can also ride the airport line into center city, another option there. again, just 28 days until the pope comes to philadelphia. we're getting our first look now at an exhibit that will be very interesting to a lot of pilgrims. world renowned artist magazine sulman revealed this. people can write their hardships on a ribbon and tie it to this. the exhibit will be on display near the cathedral basilica of sab
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saints peter and paul. if you plan on renting out your home during the pope's visit, it's going to cost you. it's perfectly legal, but if you do it through the air bnb website, you have to pay 8% sales tax. a meeting was held yesterday to remind everyone of that rule. we checked the airbnb website this morning. we found some homes going for as much as $3,000 that weekend and some individual rooms for as low as $100 per night. you can get more on septa's plans and all of the plans associated with the papal visit by checking the "nbc10 news" app. we have all of the information on road closures, security, the "nbc10 news" app is a free download. an explosive scene caught on camera. a ball of fire engulfed this gas station. we'll tell you how it happened and why the outcome was remarkable. is it a boy or girl? this morning we know the sex of the baby panda at the national
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zoo and we also know who the daddy is. no more daddy drama, glenn. we have another potential heat wave beginning this weekend. we'll tell you how hot it's going to get and how thot will be next week along with the latest on erika.
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those places that we can't wish or squish away. well now fear no mirror, and eliminate those problem areas with coolsculpting - the patented cooling technology targets and kills fat cells, with no surgery or downtime. so if you want to see a slimmer you when you look in the mirror, go to today to receive a limited time offer for a free consultation. i want to ask for a moment of silence for the roanoke journalists that lost their lives tragically a few days ago.
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alison parker and adam ward that were senselessly murdered. the world we're living in is really kind of scary in so many ways. if we could just bow our heads and think about them and their families. thank you. >> that is republican presidential candidate jeb bush. he's in norfolk, virginia, now. he just wrapped up a town hall, where as you just heard he honored the two journalists killed on live television on wednesday. he went on to focus on veterans issues. last night bush was in richmond, where eric cantor gave him his endorsements. democrats are descending on minneapolis for the summer meeting of the democratic national committee. stakes were especially high for hillary clinton. her goal at this meeting, to make the case that she is the strongest candidate for the party but many are waiting to hear from joe biden who are mulg over a decision on whether or not to run. kristin welker reports.
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>> reporter: in minneapolis today, secretary clinton's mission is clear -- reassure the party faithful she can weather the political storm caused by her e-mails. her strategy thursday, go on the offense, take aim at republicans. >> extreme views about women. we expect that from some of the terrorist groups. we expect that from those who don't want to live in the modern world, but it's a little hard to take coming from republicans who want to be the president of the united states. >> reporter: republicans fired back, releasing this statement. for hillary clinton to equate her political opponents to terrorists is a new low for her flailing campaign. some democrats say clinton should more aggressively address nagging questions about her e-mails. >> you know, the american people are concerned about it. >> reporter: overshadowing it all, vice president joe biden still weighing his options.
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but members of the biden superpac are here in force. >> the force we talked to at the dnc are excited for it. >> reporter: kristin welker, "nbc10 news." mayor michael nutter is also in minneapolis this morning at that committee meeting. next summer, of course, philadelphia is hosting the democratic national convention. sad news out of georgia. savannah state university confirmed a student died after being shot in the student building late last night. the school identifies the victim as christopher stark, a junior. a fight broke out between several people in the cafeteria prior to the shooting. the school was put on lockdown. it was lifted but it's not yet clear if a suspect is in custody. take a look at this explosion and fire at a gas station in connecticut. police say an suv slammed into a gas pamp. witnesses caught that blast on video. fire officials say the driver drove over a median before
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hitting the pump. police are still investigating. hawaii's kilauea val contain notice is active again. lava is flowing from the rumbling dome. amazing video. this new flow began tuesday night. it has moved more than one-half mile in less than 24 hours and is now threatening a subdivision of homes about three miles away. so far no reports of injuries or accidents from the flow. it's a boy, how about that? the panda team at the national zoo says the surviving giant panda cub is a boy. and his father is the national zoo's own tian tian. the zoo made that announcement an hour ago. the second cub that was born was also a boy, but he died of pneumonia. survivors -- zoo keepers say the survivining cub looks great, is active, healthy and nursing.
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we continue to see comfortable weather around here while our eyes are focused down toward florida. erika has shifted somewhat in the track. that really helps florida. i'll explain that a bit. we've got another heat wave, at least in the forecast, as we go especially into next week. a lot of sunshine out there now. the humidity is low. the temperature yesterday got up to 81. a little warmer today. a little warmer tomorrow. a little warmer on sunday. by monday we're talking about some really hot weather. that may last even beyond monday as you see with the seven-day. temperatures are in the 70s except for that 64 degrees at
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mt. pocono. again, well below average for this time of the day, especially with a sunny day. hardly any clouds around. clouds way out to the west. where are they headed? well, they're headed toward green bay. eagles are playing there tomorrow. what's going to happen? the rain is coming tonight and it should be gone by game time tomorrow. it should be dry. a little on the cool side, but not bad. certainly not bad for football. it's going to be great being on temperatures, 80, sea breeze there, rain. they're getting tremendous rains in puerto rico now and they're going to get even more in the dominican republic and haiti. 50-mile-an-hour maximum winds with erika. the pressure is not dropping. it's weak and disorganized but
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unbelievable amounts of moisture. as that goes over the mountainous terrain, mountains over 10,000 feet, the flooding is going to be just terrible. it's the right side of the storm so they're not getting it yet in the dominican republic, but as all that rain shifts, it's gets heavier because of the mountain. forecast track for erika is certainly more than they were yesterday. i still think it might be to the left of the current computer models. eventually there is a trend to go to the north. so, will it go into the gulf of mexico? will it even survive into that area? the hurricane center forecast taking it in the general direction of south florida but not as strong because of this
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track going over the mountains. and as long as it continues near the mountains and it's weak already, it cannot strengthen significantly. sunny with low humidity. temperatures in the low 80s and the rest of the seven-day forecast. we've got temperatures going into the upper 80s tomorrow. then into the 90s sunday and then staying there along with higher humidity as we go through next week. >> thanks. women should pay close attention to their sisters' pregnancies. what their siblings go through could offer big clues about their own health in the future. we'll explain that coming up. plus, when is the best time to have your kids brush their teeth? some say whenever you can convince them to do it. a new report may have parents changing their morning routine.
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it's 11:4. a new study suggests women should pay close attention to their sisters' pregnancy. it may show issues you might encounter, especially when it comes to hypertension. the research shows women with hypertension has a chance of higher blood pressure than their sisters with normal pregnancies but the siblings were more likely to develop that later in life, compared to siblings where
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neither sisters had pregnancy related hypertension. acupuncture can relieve hot flashes during chemotherapy. the acupuncture group saw the biggest relief, followed by mra see boeb and then medication. four months later it was linked to the greatest reduction in hot flashes. brushing before breakfast? sounds backwards, doesn't it? dentist suggest that routine for kids. they say when kids are rushed around, they can forget to brush their teeth or do a sloppy job about it. dentist remind parents about brushing your teeth during the busy back to school time. tropical storm erika, as we mentioned earlier, has already claimed some lives. ahead, we'll have more on the damage that it's causing in the islands and a change in the storm's projected strength. we'
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glenn will have that for us. the road to hell is paved with good intentions. mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran. whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism, scream for the destruction of israel and death to america. so, what if you're wrong? and they can't be trusted? senator coons, don't trust iran. vote this down.
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we have this exclusive surveillance video this morning. police say it shows a driver behind the wheel moments before he carjacked two women and took them on a wild ride. he escaped but he left behind a rather obvious clue to his identity. police say that carjacking suspect took away a lot of the guesswork when he left behind a calling card of sorts. nbc10's monique braxton is live with a key piece of evidence. >> reporter: that's right. i can tell you detectives tell us they know who they're looking for and right now investigators here inside south division say the person behind the chaos and the destruction left behind
11:30 am
prison identification. police also say they were attempting to stop this black sports car for driving erratically. the driver sped off. surveillance cameras catch him jumping the curb, then crashing into this gray lexus. we spoke exclusively to the owner whose car was banged up. >> we were sleeping. we heard screeching and a bang and people screaming and running. i looked out my top window and i saw cops running. >> reporter: investigators also say down the block, the suspect carjacked this dark-colored sedan. we're told he forced two men in the front seat out, but drove off with two women still inside. the suspect eventually pulled over and ran away. but police admit they simply could not catch up to him. we asked investigators to give us a description of the person they're looking for. they say it's still sketchy but they also tell us he's wearing
11:31 am
dreadlocks, wearing a white shirt and about 5'8". live from south philadelphia, monique braxton, "nbc10 news." thanks, monique. florida governor rick scott said tropical storm erika poses a, quote, severe threat to the entire state. he declared a state of emergency. take a look at the damage erika has already caused in dominica. 50 people there are dead. right now in puerto rico, people are getting a lot of rain. hundreds of thousands of people there are without power. the storm could hit florida on monday. a hurricane has not hit florida in ten years, but the latest forecasts shows florida will remain at tropical storm strength when it makes landfall. and nbc10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz was showing us those models. you say it's not a given it will even hit florida at this point, right? >> at least not hit directly. i think it will affect florida
11:32 am
in one way or another. mainly in the form of heavy rain. i think that will be the legacy of erika. it will be rainfall and flooding as a result of that rainfall rather than strong winds. the wind now, maximum, 50-mile-an-hour and moving west-northwest at 18. the pressure has not dropped. when the pressure drops, the storm has intensified. that's one piece of evidence. it's also in balance. you saw all the clouds are on the right side. one of the reasons it won't strengthen for a while is it's going over mountainous countries. they're small islands but they have big mountains. especially over the dominican republic. so this storm moves right in. the hurricane needs warm water. flat, no direction.
11:33 am
here's the latest radar. again, because everything's on the right side, nothing has hit the dominican republic, but as it moves, it will drag all that rain over there, and the mountains, that will increase this rainfall. there's going to be devastating flooding over those islands. then it may encounter cuba. after that, it would be affecting florida. more on the future of erika and our next heat wave coming up with the seven-day in a few minutes. remarkable timing for that storm, too. it was a defining moment in our country's history ten years ago this week, hurricane katrina slammed into the gulf coast, tearing apart communities and toppling the levees surrounding new orleans. we have a live look at new orleans. if you look behind the buildings in the foreground, you see the obvious outline of the superdome where so many horrors were suffered as residents sheltered there during the storm.
11:34 am
a decade later the storm recovery. jay gray with a look at what's happened, what's been done and the work still left to do. >> reporter: the struggle began even before katrina made landfall. at this exact hour ten years ago, many along the gulf coast started to realize it was too late to try to outrun the massive storm. katrina struck with a fury that rip add cross the gulf coast. then the levee gave way. >> it was one of our country's darkest moment. >> at the time, many blamed george w. bush for a slow federal response to the storm. today he was back in the region for a closer look at the recovery and the work that remains. the numbers from the tragedy are staggering. >> help us. >> reporter: more than 1800 killed. more than 100,000 lost their homes. 80% of the city was under water.
11:35 am
>> there were continuous insults, continuous traumatic events. >> reporter: still somehow the survivors have managed to keep moving forward. >> if we take a deep breath and realize how far we've come in ten years, it indicates how strong we are. >> reporter: strength you can see in the celebrations that fill the french quarter again. in the uptown, garden and university neighborhoods, flourishing. but there are other areas a decade later that still aren't back. nands like new orleans east and the lower ninth ward where the recovery is patchwork at best. >> we were devastated to tune of 180,000. we've come a long way but there's still a lot to do. >> reporter: and work is still being done with a renewed focus on the communities that need it the most. >> i believe we're going to continue to get better.
11:36 am
>> reporter: just like they have across this region for the last ten years. jay gray, nbc news, new orleans. a number of katrina survivors have called the philadelphia area home for the past ten years. one of them is well known new orleans jazz drummer alvin jock. they were flooded out of their home in new orleans. they managed to get his mother to the superdome but they were separated and she did not survive. >> i love my mother. i still love my mother like she's alive in my heart right now. what happened, i didn't witness it. it was a story i was told. >> reporter: he says he misses the new orleans clubs where he used to play, but he says playing music in philadelphia has helped him heal institute fate of a new hampshire prep school graduate is now in the hands of a jury. closing arguments wrapped up yesterday in the case of 19-year-old owen labrie, accused of raping a 15-year-old freshman two days before he graduated
11:37 am
from st. paul school last year. labrie and the alleged victim both testified they agreed to meet for a senior salute, a sexual conquest contest, but the girl says it went to far and she was forced to have sex. labrie says there was never any intercourse. >> this someone saw how vulnerable a 15-year-old freshman was and took advantage of it. this someone was going to get what he wanted. and not take no for an answer. >> labrie pleaded not guilty. the jury may have a verdict today. checking our other top stories right now at 11:37, investigators still looking for the cause of this house fire from either this morning in camden. our camera caught the heavy smoke billowing from the house around 6:00 this morning. fire broke out on the second floor of a vacant home on mechanic street. no one was hurt. a crash in northeast philadelphia had passer-bys
11:38 am
gawking. this suv flew through the air, landing on a parked car. police say the driver of the suv appeared to have a medical problem behind the wheel. virginia state officials now say both journalists killed on live television were shot in the head and torso. meantime the sole survivor of that on-air attack near roanoke lost a kidney and part of her colon and will be in the hospital for a while. nothing says back to school more than a pep rally, right? in just a few hours -- just a few hours ago, i should say, philadelphia kicked off its 18th year of service in philly schools with this pep rally. it's an education nonprofit group that helps students graduate. comcast, nbc10, telemundo 62 were there to help get things started today. imagine working without pay. well, that's what teachers and staff in the chester upland school district agreed to do yesterday, at least for a while.
11:39 am
the district is operating under a $20 medical deficit and doesn't have money to meet payroll. the staff says they don't want to keep students from attending school so classes will start on schedule next week as the district works to find funding. more drivers are stretching the terms of their auto leases. a new report finds an 18% surge in longer term leases from april through june of this year. that report is from experian automotive. buyers are stretching out their commitments in an effort to lower their monthly payments. the average monthly payment was $394, down from $407 last year. just when you thought target had it all, well, now you can get booze there. not just get there, you can drink while you shop. this store in chicago is being converted into a target food market and it has applied for a liquor license. a whole foods store in that same neighborhood has a wine bar
11:40 am
inside and also serves beer and liquor. no word if those are coming to this area. we'll keep an eye on that. a local senator announced his stance on the controversial iran nuclear deal. does he support it or will he go against a president from his own party? delaware senator tom carper is here. we'll talk to him live to discuss his vote coming up. another heat wave could be on the way. i'll show you when it could start and when it might end. plus, the latest on erika.
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a u.s. senator from this area has announced that he will support the nuclear deal with iran. senator tom carper revealed that decision in an op-ed published by the delaware news journal. the senator writes, this is a good deal for america. our negotiating partners and the world. that's not just my view. it's also the view of scores of american national security leaders and former senior officials, as well as many of their israeli counterparts. senator carper is a democrat, now serving his third term in the u.s. senate. he joins us now live on "nbc10 news" to talk about his support of this deal, along with other issues. why do you think this is a good deal for america and the world? >> the president said very clearly we're not going to stand aside while iran -- we have
11:44 am
economic sanctions of our own that didn't work very well. we reached around the world and asked the french, the germans, russians, chinese and a whole lot of other countries to join us in economic sanctions and join us in an effort to negotiate a deal with iranians, which would put to rest their plans or aspirations for nuclear weapons. i met a couple weeks ago with representatives from those five countries -- the brits, germans, chinese, russians, i said, do you think we could get a better deal? their response was, are you kidding? this is a great deal. are you kidding yourself? besides, if the iranians somewhere down the line, a new regime if they to want cheat and develop a nuclear weapon on the covert side, we alone, the u.s. alone, can reimpose all those economic sanctions again and put a hurt on the bickering. >> talk about the cheating. you said what if the following regime chooses to go against
11:45 am
this deal and cheat. in your op-ed you said we will know of any covert action by any regime. how will we know? >> there's an organization called international agency for energy. what they do, they will be able to go -- they go into countries across the world that have nuclear weapons. we have a specific agreement for the things that the iaea can do in iran to find out, going to their nuclear facilities, being able to check their supply chain to see what they're doing in the way of a nuclear deal and it's very intrusive. very intrusive inspection regimen. if at the end of the day we find out that the iranians have cheated, we have very good intelligence capability, so do the israelis. if they step out of line, if they do the wrong thing and they won't step down, we reimpose the economic sanctions. we have all the old option on the table, including the military option. >> this is something -- new
11:46 am
jersey governor chris christie has been outspoken, along with many republicans, but he says the mistake is allowing iran's revolutionary guard to have oversight of these facilities when this international agency isn't doing inspections. is that a mistake? >> it turns out the revolutionary guard is opposed to that because they don't support this deal. they don't want their country to do this. if you go back to 1979 when they had the iranian revolution, that was like, what, 35, 36 years ago or so. today, 36 years later, the average age of the iranian people, 25. they got 78 million people there. they don't remember the shaw, the guy we supported and they sought to depose. it's the new country. they want to have a better relationship with us. they know they're getting screwed to the wall with their economy. we've said to them very clearly f you want an economy again, you can have that. here's what you have to agree to do. the revolutionary guard don't want any part of this.
11:47 am
iranians, the president, and negotiators have finally accepted it. our negotiating partners said, america, why wouldn't you take yes for an answer? >> in your op-ed you say if we don't take this deal, it's more likely war. we'll have more on @issue, which we're taping after this show. we have to ask you about this veterans job fair that is part of the reason you're here today to talk about getting jobs for veterans. tell us what's happening in delaware now that will help veterans get work. >> we would invite a bunch of employers and people looking for jobs to come. a year and a half ago i said, why don't we just do a job fair for veterans. employers come in, scores of them, and veterans come in looking for work. this is our seventh one. we help literally hundreds of
11:48 am
veterans find jobs. the unemployment rate for our country six years ago -- i'm a vietnam veteran, retired navy captain so this means a lot to me. six years ago the unemployment rate for veterans was higher than the national average. this week the unemployment rate for our country, 5.3%. the unemployment rate for veterans, 5.3%. >> oh, wow. >> so, we've actually -- they've both been cut in half. we're headed in the right direction. we have to keep up that progress. >> let's put the information on the screen about the veterans job fair. it's thursday, september 3rd, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at wilmington's dover campus. we have a link on i would be remiss if i did not ask you about this. after serving with vice president joe biden in the senate from delaware, if he decides to get into the presidential race, will you support him? >> oh, yes, i would, sure. i don't think he's decided what he's going to do. i think the world of joe. i think the world of hillary. i think either one would be great presidents. i'm a delaware boy, so is he,
11:49 am
and he's been my friend for a long time. he would be a great president. >> we'll wait to see if he will decide to get into that race. >> i just want him to pick me to be vice president. an all-delaware ticket. what do you think? >> joe biden, there you go, you have an offer from senator top carper. >> an offer he could easily refuse and probably will. >> senator tom carper of delaware. thank you for being here, sir. thank you for talking about that. >> thank you. >> we will now check in with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. our great stretch of weather continues. florida is looking toward the southeast at erika. the shift in the track we were talking about yesterday has happened and that could help florida quite a bit, as you'll see in a minute. we have another winner of weather around here.
11:50 am
then another heat wave on the way. philly has had great weather. not great results but great weather. more coming. 77 degrees right now. wind is light. 64 degrees in mt. pocono. the only real exception. as we head toward the beaches, got another great weekend ahead. more sunshine. we got a little land breeze, but it's a cool breeze because -- just because the air mass. mid-70s and the ocean temperature in the mid-70s right now. not much in the way of clouds around the area today. back out to the west there is some. that is headed toward green bay where the eagles are going tomorrow night. you heard chip kelly talking about the weather yesterday. he's concerned about showers for the game, so let me put his mind
11:51 am
at ease if anybody wants to tell him about this. saturday 5:00 a.m., that's when the rain comes. then it dries out. it does look like it's going to be dry for the game tomorrow night. it's a little on the cool side but it's football. good football temperature as opposed to the 90s we saw here a couple weeks ago. this is erika. it has tracked south of puerto ri rico, as we were suggesting yesterday because it's disorganized and weak, it's still disorganized and weak, so it may continue to track to the left of where all the forecasts are. 50-mile-an-hour maximum winds now. moving west-northwest. here's the radar as it approaches the dominican republic. no rain yet because everything is on the east side of the storm. there are big islands there and terrible flooding.
11:52 am
the computer model is shifting to the left from what we saw yesterday but also that trend to go up to the north. this is not over with. it's going to affect florida. there's going to be tremendous rains out of this. we'll obviously keep following it. sunny with low humidity today. high temperatures into the low 80s and the seven-day forecast. going into the upper 80s tomorrow. the humidity is not that high. on sunday it starts getting hot. if anything, it gets hotter. we have that potential heat wave and eventually thunderstorms coming back. but not for a while.
11:53 am
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breaking news. justice may be come in a notorious hit-and run. philadelphia police issued an arrest warranted in connection with this man for a hit-and-run that killed a 2-year-old boy. this is 22 miguel cologne. he was involved in a hit-and run on mascher street. mom and son were taken to the hospital where the little boy died from his injuries. the city of philadelphia is now offering a $20,000 reward for information on this man's arrest. miguel cologne is the suspect. coming up this afternoon
11:56 am
starting at 3:00, "ellen" has a star-studded lineup including scarlett johansson and adam lambert. then "nbc10 news" at 4:00. this afternoon, changes at the checkout. why bar codes on products could be a thing of the past. and the new system that could benefit shoppers. that's this afternoon on "nbc10 news" at 4:00. nice weather for shopping outdoors today. >> absolutely. tomorrow is going to be a little warmer, but still the humidity is not that bad. we'll be heating up as we get to sunday and into next week. the humidity will be going up, so, yes, we may have another heat wave, but we don't see any indication that erika would have any effect on our weather or anywhere close by. now, erika continues to be producing heavy rain in parts of the caribbean, the mountainous islands like the dominican republic are coming up as the next target. and what i'm concerned about is
11:57 am
just horrendous flooding out of that. the storm itself should stay relatively weak because of its interaction with the mountains. it's already weak. when it hits the mountains, it gets even weaker. that doesn't stop the rain from falling. >> you've got your eye on if. thank you for watching "nbc10 news" at 11:00 a.m. when you turn
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[tense music] ♪ >> john: hey, roman. just dropping off a case for hope i was working on. i'm gonna miss working with that girl. partnering with a cop that good really keeps you on your toes. >> roman: then why are you dumping her and going to work for the isa? >> john: well, first off, they wanted me back, and that made me feel good. secondly, working here made me realize just how much i miss working there. >> roman: know the feeling. been there, but those are still emotional reasons to go back to a very dangerous job. john, i hope to hell you know what you're doing. >> ben: maybe we should go back to the bookstore. >> abigail: why? >> ben: i'm just not sure you bought every single book that has to do with being pregnant. >> abigail: hey, i did not get that many. i also got a couple on newborns, and, you know, i got few for the baby. >> ben: mm-hmm.


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