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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  August 28, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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still missing on dominica after flooding and mudslides killed at least four others. >> let's go to first alert meteorologist sheena parveen. >> we just got the official update from the national hurricane center, the 5:00 p.m. update. still a tropical storm, winds of 50 miles an hour, and still moving straight to the west at 21 miles an hour. so could be picking up a little bit of speed but either way, it is starting to approach land. the center of it. with that being said, hispaniola is pretty rugged as far as the terrain goes. it will be helping to at least weaken the storm a bit. here you see a lot of the rain moving in. it is approaching that area right now. here's the updated forecast. by saturday, 2:00 p.m., this storm could very well weaken to a tropical depression. cuba is also very well known for killing a lot of these tropical systems as it moves over that terrain as well. it could become a depression by tomorrow afternoon. now, if it holds together it could also re-emerge south of
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the florida keys and once again intensify to a tropical storm as it approaches florida and moves inland. we could again see that. now, the cone itself has really shifted a little farther to the west. now you see monday, 2:00 p.m., that cone is now including a little more of the gulf of mexico and much less of the atlantic. so we have seen quite a big shift to the west. computer models are finally picking up on more westward movement here. of course, as it moves over land, if this were to be the case, since that cone does get wider out in time, it does have the potential to stay in the gulf of mexico but if it were to move over florida, it would weaken back down to a depression. so these storms need warm water to fuel them and keep them alive, to intensify. but any land interaction will be weakening this storm. so this is the latest track on erika. we will have more later on this evening. and we have your weekend forecast. hotter temperatures, another heat wave coming. we'll take a look at that coming up. also tonight, the hunt is on for a hit and run driver who
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killed a 2-year-old boy and now there is new information on the case. >> philadelphia police told nbc 10 today they are looking for 22-year-old miguel colon. police say he hit and killed david alacia back in april. the nbc 10 investigators have been looking into this case and the scale of philadelphia's hit and run problem. >> mitch blacher joins us live in the digital operations center with just how rare it is for police to have a suspect in a case like this. >> reporter: think about this. in the last 18 months in the city of philadelphia there have been eight deadly hit and runs. only one of those currently has a suspect. david is one of thousands affected by hit and run accidents every year in philadelphia, thanks to surveillance video and persistent police work, this man, miguel colon, has been identified as the man behind the wheel. >> we have circumstantial evidence, direct evidence, video evidence. >> reporter: last week, the nbc 10 investigators revealed nearly 23,000 hit and run accidents in the city since january 2014.
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we mapped them and found the four block stretch where david died is the deadliest in philadelphia. we also found hundreds of drivers hit and left the scene when someone was injured or a car was so damaged it had to be towed. >> if you strike someone and you leave the scene, you are facing a mandatory sentence, three years in prison. >> reporter: criminal defense lawyer michael diamondstein represents people who hit and run. he is not part of this case. >> by leaving the scene you can turn what is nothing more than an auto accident into a significant criminal case. >> reporter: police say that's what miguel colon did when he sped through north philly on april 13th. the philadelphia district attorney's office tells us they prosecute between 500 and 600 hit and run cases every single year. so far this year in philadelphia there have been more than 9,000 hit and runs. i'm mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. teachers and students in burlington county are mourning the death of a middle school teacher. alison mcginest was hit by a car
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while jogging yesterday on route 206 in southampton township. the 29-year-old was headed into her second year of teaching at helen ford newcomb middle school. grief counselors will be available monday and tuesday for co-workers and students. this is the second tragedy at the school in two weeks. a 13-year-old student died last week after she was hit and killed by a car. right now at 5:00, a chase, a carjacking and a kidnapping all in one this morning. tonight, police are still looking for the man behind all of these crimes but they have a pretty good clue to go on. nbc 10's jesse gary joins us from south detectives. let me get this straight here. the suspect left his prison i.d. at the scene? >> reporter: that's right. along with a ringing cell phone inside the carjacked vehicle which prompted police to take a closer look where they found that prison i.d. you talked about. i just talked to the commander of south detectives. he tells me police are waiting on the district attorney to give them a search warrant so they can go after their wanted man, a man who is accuse fd carjacking
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four people, kidnapping two and causing lots of damage. >> we were sleeping, we heard screeching and a bang and people screaming and people running. >> reporter: geno says the sounds leading up to that commotion early this morning were captured on this surveillance video. a suspect wanted in connection with a police traffic stop leads officers on a high speed chase, driving his mustang from south 17th to camac and mifflin. >> the driver of the mustang after crashing exited the car and ran up to a car that was occupied by two males and two females, and he committed aid carjacking. >> reporter: the driver was forced out as his passenger jumped out to help in the struggle. the suspect sped off in the nissan altima with two women still in the back seat. the victims, both in their early 20s, say the carjacker drove to fifth and shunk, then ditched the car and ran off. >> one of the females drove the car to ninth and ritner where they flagged down a third district uniformed police officer. >> reporter: police say the
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suspect has a rap sheet and adds to it carjacking and a trail of damage on several blocks. >> fourth time my car has been hit in two years. long as everybody's safe, it's just a car. it can be replaced. >> reporter: the passenger in the front of the carjacked vehicle suffered minor injuries to his knees. police say he will be okay. investigators are confident they are going to make an arrest because they have the i.d. from the prison who allegedly carjacked the vehicle. jesse gary, nbc 10 news. new information on a training accident that killed a pennsylvania state trooper. according to the inquirer, a judge sentenced richard schroeder to two weeks in jail for accidentally shooting and killing a man during a training session last september. he will have to serve three to 18 months of house arrest. he had pled guilty to reckless endangerment and retired from the force earlier this year. prosecutors say he breached safety protocols by failing to
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ensure his weapon was unloaded and failing to point it away from everyone. right now at 5:00, a new proposal puts the pennsylvania budget battle on hold. governor wolf is considering a new budget from republicans in the house. the proposal would give more money to schools. that's good news to wolf, because that was one of his campaign promises. it would scale back future pension benefits. that's bad news for union members. the next step would be a stopgap budget to allow schools and social service agencies to get paid. pennsylvania has been without a budget since july 1st. some groups say the lack of a budget is putting lives at risk. nbc 10's deanna durante shows us why some people can't wait for law makers any longer. >> this is the worst i ever remember it. >> reporter: for maria, and the seconds she works with, seconds count. the last 59 days have been brutal. >> these people are in crisis. they were just assaulted last night and need $300 airfare to
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get to safety. we have been managing to do it. i have staff people using their own credit cards and whatever to try and help those people with the hope they will be reimbursed later. >> reporter: after the state shutdown in 2009, one center closed and never opened again. she said just for the women's center of montgomery county right now it will take a year to catch up to the damage in its finances. >> you are talking physical safety, people could die. i think that has to be more important than any point anybody is trying to make. >> reporter: the governor's office says it can't approve funding for some agencies over others. some education providers tell nbc 10 they have taken out loans to cover the cost of halted state funds. >> this is going to hurt them even more. not like they have been able to put away all this money to carry them through that time. there are people who care about the mission, do this work, have given up other opportunities because of that commitment and now are being punished that they can't even get paid. >> reporter: some private funding will keep that center running until at least october. she says if the impasse goes beyond that she's not sure how she and other centers will pay
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their bills. in delaware county, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. pennsylvania has now gone more than 58 days without a budget. but that's not the longest in the state's recent history. in 2009, it took 101 days before governor rendell signed the budget into law. in 2003 the governor and lawmakers went 176 days past the budget deadline. from the nbc 10 delaware news bureau, three workers were taken to the hospital after a chemical release at the delaware city refinery today. officials say it was brief, prompting an immediate evacuation. the employees were taken to the hospital as a precaution. just last week, a fire destroyed a building and some equipment at that plant. if you are planning on taking the delaware memorial bridge this weekend, expect delays. crews closed one lane in each direction today and they will stay closed through sunday. it's due to a painting project. it's expected to be finished by
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late november. two men were in the right place at the right time. tonight a 4-year-old girl is alive thanks to their quick actions. what they did after hearing a mother's cries for help. plus, when did they know? why one woman says subway ignored her warnings about jared fogle's alleged illegal activity, next on "nbc 10 news at 5:00."
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a jury reached a verdict today in the case of a former prep school student accused of raping a freshman. he was acquitted of felony rape charges but found guilty of several misdemeanors. he sobbed as the verdict was read. he faced nine criminal counts in the alleged rape of a freshman girl last year. prosecutors say he did it as part of a ritual called senior salute where seniors try to have sex with younger students. the defense argued the girl lied about the rape to protect her reputation. a campus shooting in georgia left one student dead last night. it happened at savannah state university in a student union after witnesses say a fight broke out. this morning, the school released a statement and confirmed a junior student was killed. savannah state says no arrests have been made. the georgia bureau of investigation is now looking into this case.
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to another shooting. we have new information about it just released about the two journalists murdered on live tv earlier this week. virginia medical officials now say both journalists were shot in the head. the family of photographer adam ward is planning for his funeral to take place wednesday. they have also learned the sole survivor of the on-air shooting is said to be in good condition. virginia governor terry mcauliffe says more needs to be done to prevent these types of tragedies. >> we lose on average 89 individuals a day to gun violence. there are too many guns in america. there is clearly too many guns in the wrong hands. >> mcauliffe spent the earlier part of the day visiting with grieving employees at wdbj in roanoke. an attorney for former subway franchise owner says she knew jared fogle had a thing for underaged girls. in fact, she told an advertising executive with subway in 2008. but she claims nothing was done.
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cindy mills says she and fogle swapped phone numbers. in conversations, mills said fogle talked about paying to have sex with minors. fogle is the former spokesman for subway. he pleaded guilty to paying for sex with underaged girls. subway has not responded to requests for comment. crews demolished a baltimore cvs this morning that allowed the store now to get a fresh start after it was set on fire by protesters back in april. you might remember that. the store was burned when riots broke out in the city following the death of freddy gray. the company hopes to rebuild and reopen that store by the end of the year. gray died from a spinal cord injury while in police custody. six officers have been criminally charged in his death. here's a look at them. there's a hearing in the case next week. police say they are prepared to handle any protests. the officers are scheduled to go on trial in october. it's been ten years since hurricane katrina devastated the gulf coast. today, former president george w. bush returned to new orleans
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to revisit areas hit the hardest. the former president and laura bush visited warren e. carter high school. it's where he spoke exactly one year after the historic storm. ten years ago, the school was not only under water but the entire school system was doing poorly. the former president spoke about how it has turned around and highlighted the resilience of those who helped make it possible. >> today, we celebrate the resurgence of new orleans schools. we honor the resilience of a great american city whose levees gave out but whose people never gave up. >> he went on to say new orleans is now the beacon for reform. four presidential candidates are addressing the democratic national meeting in minnesota. they were given turns on the stage. >> hillary clinton is using the opportunity to shore up support from party insiders.
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nbc 10 national correspondent brian mohr has the story from washington. >> reporter: as democratic leaders meet in minneapolis, hillary clinton is trying to win over the delegates who will decide the nomination. >> my whole life, i have worked to even the odds for people who have the odds stacked against nem. that's what we democrats do. >> reporter: two challengers complained clinton's supporters are stacking the odds against them. jim webb skipped the event and martin o'malley argued the debate structure gives the front-runner an edge. >> one debate in iowa? that's it? one debate in new hampshire? that's all we can afford? >> reporter: it's not a problem for bernie sanders, who is drawing huge crowds and gaining ground in the poll. as clinton's private e-ma e-mai server draws attention, they vote
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attempt to avoid donald trump's spotlight. >> my goal will be to restore national security. >> let's have a debate about the ideas people have as candidates. when they do i will do a lot better than mr. trump. >> reporter: trump and clinton still out front and dominating the conversation. hillary clinton says she is wooing delegates now because of a hard lesson she learned in 2008 when she had plenty of votes but not the inside party support she needed to win. brian mohr, nbc news, washington. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> another gorgeous day outside. perfect for hitting the swimming pool. nbc 10 in abington, montgomery county. lots of kids trying to cool off from the temperatures today but it could be a lot worse. it's actually really nice outside with temperatures in the 80s right now. we are also keeping a very close eye on tropical storm erika. we have a shift in the track. we have the latest 5:00 update
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that just came in. i will show you that in just a minute. otherwise the weekend looks great. it will be hotter as we go across the weekend. but so far, perfect weather for anything you want to do outside. it could be the beginning of heat wave number five. so yeah, we will be getting back into the 90s over part of your weekend. temperature right now in reading is 80 degrees. allentown, 81. 80, pottstown. mid 80s in philadelphia. 84 degrees. but the humidity is still at a very comfortable level. 82 in wilmington, 80 glassboro, 81 degrees in millville. dover coming in 77 degrees. little nicer closer to the shore, especially, too. the average high is 84 degrees. today so far we have gotten to 84. tomorrow, we are up to 87. sunday, we are up to 90 and starting next week, we are looking at the low 90s. so it looks like we have another heat wave in the forecast. we will be watching that very closely, too. here's a live of look at center city from the adventure sqe aquarium. nice sunny day. dry conditions, too. temperatures again very comfortable. tonight it will be another cool one and we really don't have any
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rain heading this way. the closest rain is all the way near green bay, so that's not even going to get here. but it will be leaving just in time for the eagles game tomorrow. so no rain in that forecast. that's good news, too. low humidity as we go through tonight. here's future weather. so your friday night looks really good if you have any plans. saturday, though, the winds shift more in from the south so hotter temperatures move in to start the weekend off. by sunday we get even hotter, the 90 degree temperatures return to end out the weekend. that's going to be the start of the next heat wave. a look down in the tropics, this is tropical storm erika moving right over the dominican republic. the center of it is. even though it won't encounter all the ruggedness of hispaniola, the land interaction will help weaken this thing over the next couple days. winds are at 50 miles an hour, still a tropical storm moving to the west at 21 miles an hour which will eechtly be putting it over part of cuba. cuba is also very rugged
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terrain. that could weaken it by tomorrow afternoon back down to a tropical depression. we will watch this very closely. if it continues to survive it will be just south of the florida keys possibly on this updated track. that would be by sunday afternoon. at this time, going back into the water, the warm water just south of key west, that could bring it back up to a tropical storm. the current track says it still includes florida although it has shifted more into the gulf of mexico. that would be by monday afternoon. then weakening as it makes any more land interaction. so by tuesday and wednesday we could be talking about tropical depression erika. take a look at the computer models. a lot of them have really come into more of an agreement of the gulf of mexico or right over florida. not any of the models are even showing the atlantic like we have been over the past few days. things have really started to change as we have gotten a better idea of where this storm is actually heading. more updates tonight, too. clear and comfortable, mid 60s philadelphia, low 50s north and west. tomorrow, sunny, warmer day,
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temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. at the shore or the delaware beach, temperatures here will be in the low 80s. it looks nice over the weekend, nice and dry. by sunday, we will get into the 90s. low 90s monday. tuesday, and by wednesday, thursday and friday, 90 degrees continue. how does a 3-year-old boy leave his day care without anyone noticing? tonight we hear from the boy's mother who had some tough questions for that south jersey day care. plus, the eagles are away in green bay this weekend but the linc will not go to waste. who will be taking the stage in front of thousands this weekend.
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happening this week, do you need a laugh? comedian kevin hart takes the stage at lincoln financial field. this is a live i lolook inside linc from the nbc 10 eagles nest camera. you can see the stage going up. hart performs on sunday. tomorrow, you can run with kevin hart. hart is teaming up with nike for a 5k run 8:00 in the morning at the philadelphia museum of art. register on the nbc 10 news app and on listen to this. the chester county spca is giving free vaccinations in a community outreach event in
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coatsville. there will be free food assistance for those who need it. tadventure aquarium is the only aquarium in the world where you can see the nile hippo, the third largest animal in africa. guests can go nose to nose with button and jenny and watch the hungry, hungry hippos get their favorite treat. we now know the gender of the surviving panda born at the national zoo. we have seen these images already. today the zoo said a panda cub born last saturday is male. the smaller of the two born last week died. that panda cub was also a boy. zoo officials are thrilled to see how the surviving cub is thriving. a little girl rescued from the bottom of a jersey shore
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pool. >> bee wiwe will hear from the n who saved her life. all new at 6:00, a gun pointed at a toddler during a store holdup. how witnesses took justice in their own hands.
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two men were in the right place at the right time. tonight a 4-year-old girl is alive thanks to their quick action. >> the man heard a mother screaming for help from a campground pool in cape may county and ran to help. >> nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg joins us from upper township. these guys are heroes, ted. >> reporter: they certainly are. since our last report at 4:00, i spoke with that little girl's grandmother. she tells me the 4-year-old is okay, thanks to those two men who came to the rescue. >> thank god they were here. >> reporter: kathy harper says her 4-year-old granddaughter layla is still alive because of joe heffernan and ed reynolds. >> i can't say enough for them. they saved my granddaughter. they did. >> we brought her over, put her on here, and that's when i saw she was blue. >> reporter: he says the little girl from berlin, camden county, was lifeless after being pulled from the bottom of this swimming
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pool this afternoon at echo farms campground in upper township. >> for the life of god, she was somewhere else for a good two to three minutes. >> reporter: the 18 year veteran of the delaware county sheriff's department and former millborn borough police chief, and ray noe reynolds, a retired septa police officer, performed cpr and gave mouth to mouth resuscitation for three minutes until she began breathing again and regained consciousness. >> it was something else. it was amazing. >> sometimes it's a miracle where you're placed. but i was happy to do it. i'm really happy that mom got her daughter back. >> reporter: ambulance crews rushed the girl to a local hospital. we are told she's now just fine. her grandmother says layla was playing with a snorkel in three feet of water as her mom put sunscreen on her little sister. when the 4-year-old became submerged. >> it was so quick. >> reporter: the pool has no lifeguards but the two men were just feet away.
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>> i was doing what i had been taught to do for the last 30 years. we train and train and train for situations like this. >> i'm telling you, they're my heroes. we will do something for them. we will, because they saved my granddaughter's life. >> reporter: layla was initially taken to shore medical center in somers point but is now being transferred to st. christopher's hospital for children in philadelphia for observation. just as a precaution. i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. all eyes are on tropical storm erika as she churns her way through the caribbean. >> the threat of the storm hitting florida is diminishing but people are still preparing for the worst. >> reporter: tropical storm erika weakened further friday, tracking south of the dominican republic, but still has its sights set on florida where the governor has already declared a state of emergency. >> we can always prepare for the worst and hope for the best.
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>> reporter: the storm devastated the caribbean island of dominica thursday, killing 12 people, including an elderly man and two children who were killed when a mudslide crashed into their home. another 20 people have been reported missing. that's not what they're expecting in florida when erika comes ashore possibly by monday. the forecast of up to a foot of rain is more disconcerting and hurricane strength winds. >> we are worried because this is the season, actually we have abnormally high tides. it may not be that we are able to get rid of the water as quickly as we want. >> reporter: relief agencies are already gearing up. >> here as you can see, the state headquarters, they make everything available to wherever their need may be. >> reporter: miami could be experiencing gale force winds as early as sunday night. chris clackum, nbc news. >> nbc 10's in-house hurricane
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expert has been tracking the storm for days now. >> we are talking about chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. even if erika weakens, the rain from the storm could still cause problems? >> yes. it's already caused a number of deaths in the caribbean and probably more by tonight and tomorrow in places like the dominican republic which has a very mountainous terrain and that's where the storm is. it's very very close there, as you can see. the red areas are the biggest thunderstorms. that's right over the dominican republic. they have mountains that are over 10,000 feet high. that's a bad combination. the track as we told you yesterday likely to go south of puerto rico and now south of dominican republic. there's haiti. there's cuba. the pressure has not dropped. the winds have not increased. what's going on here? well, hurricanes need warm ocean water to start off. 80 degrees, you need a cluster of thunderstorms to start off with.
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then you add a little bit of spin. the warm air rises, evaporation from the warm ocean, but when you have the thing going over land, where even a portion of the circulation goes over land, you are cutting off the energy source here. where the mountains are, the more you're cutting it off. so the wind is forced to come up. that creates even more rain, tears up the circulation of the storm. but it is still producing tremendous amounts of rain. in these mountainous countries, you get these mudslides that come down through cities and towns and that's where the fatalities happen. the latest track from the national hurricane center continues to take it over these mountainous islands and even southern cuba, and as a result, weaken it into a depression by tomorrow. sheena will be back with more on erika and the forecast in a few minutes. "nbc nightly news" will continue our coverage with more
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on the damage in puerto rico and other parts of the caribbean. that's coming up at 6:30 right here on nbc 10. a u.s. senator from our area announced that he will support the nuclear deal with iran. senator tom carper talked with nbc 10 today after announcing his decision in an op-ed published by the delaware news journal last night. carper said the deal is good not just for america but for our negotiating partners and the world. senator carper wasn't shy to tell us he would support vice president joe biden if he chose to run for president. take a listen. >> i'm a delaware boy. he's been my friend for a long time. he would be a great president. >> carper went on to offer to be biden's vice president for an all delaware presidential ticket. but will he run? that is the question everyone is asking. >> the v.p. reportedly said he will decide whether to run for the white house by the end of summer which is quickly approaching. >> for more, let's check in with
5:37 pm
chuck todd of nbc's "meet the press." >> first, what factors do you think will play into biden's decision to enter this race? >> i really think it's all personal. i have talked to people very close to him. ultimately this is about whether is he ready to give up his own ambition. let's remember, i think sometimes we forget that politicians are human beings and obviously, he has been mourning the loss of his son. but there's another aspect that we forget. if he announces he's not going to run, this is it. he's announcing the end of his political career. think of athletes who struggle with the decision to retire, knowing that they will never play the game again. that's what's facing joe biden this time. i think that's always wearing on him a little bit. he spent more than half his life with one eye pursuing the white house. i think all of this is personal. i really don't think, he already knows it's an uphill battle. he already knows it's probably very very difficult. the question he's got to answer for himself is number one, does
5:38 pm
he want -- is it better for his family to do this? it may be. it may be good for the healing process, or not. number two, will he regret not trying. >> chuck, it seems hillary clinton is taking steps to discourage biden from actually making a run? >> i think she's absolutely doing that, in very subtle ways but sort of flexing her campaign muscle. so notice what we have seen over the last couple of weeks. they have earlied up a bunch of endorsements, whether key people in iowa, today at the democratic national committee. it's clear she's trying to send a message to the vice president if you choose to do this, know it's going to be a very difficult task. >> chuck todd live in washington, d.c. thank you very much for taking the time. for more analysis on biden as well as the latest on the presidential race, watch "meet the press" sunday at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. turning to sports, the eagles hit the road. we are live as the team arrives in green bay to face the packers in the preseason.
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plus, the new drug that could help the millions of people battling high cholesterol.
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it's time to get ready to head back to school. there's nothing like a pep rally to get things going. listen. this morning, a member of the americorps service network kicked off its 18th year of service in philly schools with this pep rally. the group is an educational nonprofit that works to help students graduate. comcast, nbc 10 and telemundo 62 sponsored today's event. to this now. a new drug making its way to the market that may dramatically reduce your cholesterol. the fda approved a new injectable drug called repathia that was found to lower levels of unhealthy cholesterol by as much as 60% but it's expensive of. it costs about $14,000 a year.
5:42 pm
the fda approved the drug for two groups of patients. one, those with extremely high levels of ldl and two, patients with persistently high levels of ldl. more than 73 million adults in the u.s. have high ldl cholesterol according to the centers for disease control. we told you about a new jersey teacher who was allowed to keep his job after being late more than 100 times. we are still tracking tropical storm erika. the latest updates as of 5:00 and of course, your weekend forecast. we are watching another heat wave. reaching into a young girl's bedroom window. tonight, police in south jersey just released this sketch. details tonight at 6:00.
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take a look at some of philadelphia's newest officers. nbc 10 at temple university for the police academy graduation ceremony. 372 people will become philadelphia police officers. temple university police officers or philadelphia housing authority officers. congratulations to all those new graduates. we are learning more about the roads in wilmington impacted by the pope's visit in philadelphia. rosa parks drive, south front street and part of water street will all close friday, september 25th through monday the 28th. they say we should expect heavy traffic on martin luther king jr. boulevard, wilmington boulevard, south market, and southwest streets. by the way, wawa plans to open the doors to its newest center city philadelphia location just in time for the pope's visit. wawa's avenue of the arts location will be open september
5:46 pm
18th. that's just a few days before the world meeting of families starts. the 5,000 square foot location is at the corner of broad and walnut streets. the store wasn't supposed to open until november. the date was pushed up to accommodate all the people coming to see the pope. nbc 10 has the information you need for the pope's visit in philadelphia. go to and look for our special section called "preparing for the pope." we have new information about that new jersey teacher allowed to keep his job despite being late more than 100 times. arnold anderson is speaking out and blames breakfast for his tardiness. anderson says he has a bad habit of losing track of time while eating. his school in middlesex county tried to fire him but an arbitrator said he should have the opportunity to correct his tardiness. he's suspended without pay until january. moving on to sports. the eagles have arrived in green bay. tomorrow, they face off against
5:47 pm
the packers in their third preseason game. >> john clark from comcast sports net is live in green bay tonight. hey, john. >> reporter: yeah, this is the game you're going to want to watch tomorrow night, because this is really the most important preseason game. the starters will not play in the final one. the fourth one. they will play about a half tomorrow night. that's usually what they play. we are hoping to see sam bradford a lot more than we did against the ravens. take a look. chip kelly arriving here at the team hotel. he won't say officially that sam is playing or how much and sam bradford says he plans on playing. sam bradford says he wants to play more than he did in his first preseason action against the ravens when he only played that series. take a look at some fans here. we have eagle fans wearing chip kelly shirts. they are excited to see the birds here in green bay. especially tim tebow. who else is excited to play in what is basically a regular season tune-up? running back demarco murray. >> i think we're approaching
5:48 pm
like a regular game. obviously you can't go out there with the preseason mindset. we're focused on playing whether it's one snap or 40 snaps, we're going to play hard and try to execute as much as we can. i love it here. i love this team. i love what we're doing here. obviously it's a continual process of learning the offense and learning the blocking schemes and what not. it's been great so far. >> reporter: where is chip kelly taking his eagles for the team dinner tonight? when you're in title town, you take them to vince lombardi's steakhouse. the legendary packers coach. at 6:00, we will hear from kiko alonso. i'm john clark. back to you. >> nothing like a good pregame dinner. count on nbc 10 for complete coverage before, during and after tomorrow night's game versus the packers. join us starting at 7:30 here on nbc 10, your official eagles station. now your nbc 10 first alert
5:49 pm
weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, these kids took advantage of the great weather today. at the greater plymouth community center in montgomery county. the kids gave the play ground a workout. a lot of them enjoying the comfortable conditions with low humidity. i'm sure the slide's a lot of fun. tonight it will stay comfortable, humidity stays low and one thing in the forecast that we are certainly watching, not our local forecast, but we are watching tropical storm erika. the track did shift. florida is paying very close attention to this storm as they should be, going into early next week. i will show you that in just a second. otherwise, our weekend looks great. hot temperatures in the forecast but it does look to be rain-free. we are also talking about the heat bringing us our next heat wave. we could be looking at heat wave number five as early as starting this sunday. a live look at cape may, lot of people at the beach. you need the umbrella. it is sunny out there in cape
5:50 pm
may and along the shore and the delaware beaches right now. temperatures 77 degrees in cape may. humidity's low, only around 42%. feels really comfortable at the shore. even through the lehigh valley, 81 degrees allentown. 80 in reading and pottstown. 84 degrees in philadelphia. 82 wilmington. 77 in dover. 78 degrees, atlantic city airport. these temperatures will actually be higher tomorrow afternoon at this time, then even hotter into sunday. but we will stay dry. radar's nice and dry right now. the closest rain is moving into green bay. but for the eagles game tomorrow, the good news is the rain will be gone by the time the game starts so we are looking at a dry eagles game later on tomorrow night. future weather for we have a pleasant evening in store. pleasant night for you. temperatures for some areas still dropping down to the 50s. then we get hotter tomorrow afternoon. for your saturday, we stay dry, lot of sunshine but temperatures into about the mid to upper 80s. by sunday, the heat continues,
5:51 pm
the dry pattern continues, too. temperatures by then around 90 degrees. if you are heading to the shore or delaware beaches this weekend, looking pretty good. saturday and sunday both. temperatures will be in just about the mid to low 80s. so very nice weekend there. and the uv index, because of the heat in place and the sunshine, will be high. skin damage in about 15 minutes. make sure you wear the sun block. an update on tropical storm erika, it is still spinning in the caribbean but is moving over the dominican republic. still a tropical storm moving to the west at 21 miles an hour. so here's the center of it. it is moving over land now. as it continues moving to the west we expect it to be encountering cuba, too, eventually at least by tomorrow afternoon. the land interaction here could be weakening it back down to a depression. but if it re-emerges back into the gulf of mexico or at least south of key west, the florida straits, we are looking at possibly increasing back to a tropical storm. florida is going to be watching this very closely early monday afternoon.
5:52 pm
they could be looking at quite a bit of rainfall from this. then if it continues over land, you see the cone gets wider as we go farther out in time. that's the uncertainty. the land interaction would continue weakening the storm. of course, we will have updates later on tonight and over the weekend. tonight, clear and comfortable. mid 60s in philadelphia, low 50s north and west. another cool start to the morning but a warmer afternoon. mid to upper 80s. sunday, around 90 degrees. the 90s continue into next week. could see a chance of thunderstorms monday but take a look at those 90s in the forecast. that is why we have another heat wave. could be lasting all week. a mother in disbelief. her toddler left a south jersey day care and walked home by himself. >> their response only made her more upset. coming up on "nbc 10 news at 6:00," what a popular local restaurant will have to fork over after it was forced to shut down because of roaches.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
a mother says her toddler wandered away from his mercer county day care and walked home without workers noticing. >> nbc's michael george spoke to the mother and has the story. >> i still can't believe this happened. >> reporter: she says it's lucky her 3-year-old can take care of himself because his day care didn't. she told us after she dropped her son dario off in hamilton,
5:56 pm
she got a phone call from a family member. somehow, dario had come back home. >> i couldn't believe it. i thought she was playing a joke on me. >> reporter: he told his mom he wanted to come home so he just left. it's only a two-block walk from the day care to his house but this 3-year-old had to cross a busy street all by himself. >> i don't know what to think. i'm in disbelief. >> reporter: she says what was even worse was the day care's response when she called them. she says they didn't even know he was missing. >> she had nothing to say. she just apologized and said it wouldn't happen anymore. >> reporter: we went to the day care to get some answers but employees wouldn't talk with us. she did file a complaint and we did see a state inspector visit the building. >> it's obvious something is going on. i don't want it happening to any other kid. >> that was michael george reporting. for now the day care is still open. they are still taking care of kids but have one last customer. she is never bringing her son there again.
5:57 pm
coming up next on "nbc 10 news at 6:00," street justice. a store gets robbed and bystanders jump into action. how they helped police get their guy. plus, the last weekend before labor day. how hot is it going to get? plus i'm tracking erika next. plus, gunfire in downtown dover. we just learned why officers started chasing a man before they opened fire next on "nbc 10 news at 6:00." the road to hell is paved with good intentions. mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran. whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism, scream for the destruction of israel and death to america.
5:58 pm
so, what if you're wrong? and they can't be trusted? senator casey, don't trust iran. vote this down.
5:59 pm
now at 6:00, street justice. witnesses chase down a robbery suspect, grab him and hold him down until police arrive. good evening. i'm jacqueline london. we learned the suspect allegedly used the owner's daughter as leverage to get cash and pointed a gun at the toddler. it happened inside a corner store at 11th street in south philadelphia. nbc 10's jesse gary joins us from south philadelphia. jesse, he didn't get far thanks to a very tight-knit community. what's the latest? >> reporter: that's right. members of the community jumped in, gave chase and meted out old-fashioned street justice to defend a mother and her child. >> [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: mostly, relieved.
6:00 pm
her most precious possession is all smiles and unaware of the danger that just passed. around 11:00 this morning, witnesses say the man sitting in the back of this police cruiser walked into the grocery store at south 11th and tree street armed with what appeared to be a real gun, he held the store's owner at bay by pointing the gun at her infant. he then stole cash from the register and ran off. that's when neighbors sprang into action. >> couple buddies were running up the street, chasing and screaming. i came running out of the house and we ended up chasing him over here. by the time i got there, they already got him. about six guys were holding him down. >> reporter: a crowd grew as police rushed to the scene. joe hughes says aiming an apparent pistol at an infant went over the line. >> we took action. he got stomped. he wanted the cops to come. >> reporter: third district officers arrested the suspect and recovered a pellet gun. police say they appreciate the help but prefer citizens leave chasing criminals to the professionals. >> i was not really expecting them to actually do this. i'm grateful nobody got


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