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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  WCAU  August 28, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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new at 11:00, a child's bedroom no longer safe. residents of a large washington township apartment complex are on alert as police work to track down the man who tried to lure a young girl through her bedroom. good evening. >> investigators believe the man took a picture of the child before running off. families at washington way apartments are concerned. only nbc 10's george spencer talked to the 6-year-old's mother tonight. >> reporter: she was just gettiget ing home from work around
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quarter of 11:00. washington township police and neighbors are circulating this sketch hoping to track this guy down quickly. the washington way apartment complex is vast and full of families, and right now those families are on the lookout for the man depicted here, a man who allegedly acted out a parent's nightmare earlier this week. >> it could happen anytime to anyone unexpectedly. >> reporter: for her family, it happened late wednesday in the safety of their own home. the man made noises outside the window to get her attention. police believe he may have used his cell phone to snap a photograph of the girl through the window. he introduce ed himself as joe d
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told her he was a friend of her father and a doctor. >> i'm just trying to make him understand, hey, i'm a friend. >> reporter: the mother was just arriving home from work and saw the man with his head in the girl's window. she startled him and he took off. a white man in his 20s or 30s with light brown hair and a beard. >> scary. >> reporter: the incident has put these neighbors on guard for their own kid and left that young girl shaken. >> she's very confused because he tried to make her feel like she was a friend, but we try to make her understand he was a bad person. >> reporter: that girl's mother told police she had actually seen this same man near her home just the day before. at that time, he told the mother he lived somewhere else in that same apartment complex. something no one has been able to verify so far. we're live tonight in washington
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township. new at 11:00, philadelphia police need your help finding a man wanted for sexual assault and robbery at port richmond. he robbed the group and sexually assaulted one woman. afterwards, police say he bound them with their clothes and took off. this is surveillance video taken in the morning on august 16th. it shows the suspect running from the scene of a shooting in yorkship square. if you recognize him, call police. tonight tracking tropical storm erika. at least 20 people are dead on the island of dominica.
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we have the latest track. >> an update just came in from the national hurricane center. >> the update still keeps it as a tropical storm. it's now leaving the island of h hispanola. right now, there you see the center of it, trying to leave land. but again, it is still holding on to that tropical storm strength. it then tracks over cuba. that's going to weaken the storm back down to a depression. then it could be reappearing in the florida straits and possibly into the gulf of mexico, so the track has shifted a little more to the west. more of the gulf of mexico is included in this, but anyone in the cone at this point is fair game. now it would be possibly making
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landfall if it continues on this track somewhere along the florida gulf coast by about tuesday or wednesday. but of course, more updates to come as we go through the week. a better idea of what we'll happen. tonight, a double loss for a south jersey community. a teacher and her student both killed in traffic accidents. school starts next week at the middle school both were apart of in pemberton. it's going to be a difficult start to the new year. >> reporter: the first day of classes at helen minority newcomb middle is just a few days away. a teacher and a student were both killed in separate traffic accidents. >> we're pemberton family. my goodness, we're being put to the test. >> reporter: 13-year-old janiya
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castleberry was severely injured in an accident in august, but she died last week. >> she was a very loving person. she was one of my very close friends. >> reporter: yesterday janiya's own teacher, allison mcginnis was killed in an accident. >> to have one of those teachers pass away days later, it shakes me up. >> reporter: the superintendent says allison was an avid runner excited to begin her second year at the school. at the scene of the most recent crash, a small memorial is growing. the middle school is uniting together. >> we are in the business of teaching and learning, but then obviously we have to recognize these losses that we've had. >> reporter: and the school
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district tells us the teachers will have access to grief counseling for the next couple of days. in the meantime, the district will be holding a vigil for parents and students in the coming days. also in south jersey, a 4-year-old girl is lucky to be alive after two men found her at the bottom of a swimming pool. she was blue and lifeless when she was pulled out of the water this afternoon at echo farms in upper township. she was revived. >> i can't say enough for them. they saved my granddaughter. they did. thank god they were here. i don't know. >> heffernan is a former millbourne borough police chief. turn yourself in.
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that's the message from the family of a 2-year-old boy who was struck and killed. tonight they're speaking out as police release the name of the man they believe was behind the wheel and now on the run. a grandmother's pain. >> it's not easy. >> reporter: her grandson, just 2 years old. >> the house was always loud when he came in. >> reporter: tonight, we showed her the man's face who allegedly ran him down. police say his name is miguel. they do have the white car he was allegedly driving. this is what it looked hike moments after hitting david and his mother, who survived, as the 22-year-old sped away from the scene. >> why did he keep going? >> reporter: police hope to ask the same questions. >> we have video. we have circumstantial evidence.
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we have direct evidence. we have video evidence. >> reporter: he is one of thousands effected by hit-and-run accidents in philadelphia. 20,000 hit-and-run accidents since january 2014. the stretch where david died is the deadliest in the city. >> he's a coward. >> reporter: family members want colon to turn himself in. >> you can say, i did wrong, but i will never see my grandson do his first day of school. >> the philadelphia district attorney says as many as 600 hit-and-run cases are prosecuted this year, but there have been 9,000 so far in 2015. a show of support for the family of a fallen philadelphia police officer. we are at bocci's steak house where the first of two
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fundraisers was held to benefit the family. the veteran died late saturday night when his pickup truck crashed into a tree in rocks borough. ali was speeding when he missed the curve and hit the tree. turning to this now. question for you. are you craving chinese food? you may be able to get it around the clock soon in chinatown. a food court will have eight restaurants serving thai, japanese, and american cuisine. it's scheduled to open next february. we're 24 hours from game three of the preseason for the eagles right here on nbc 10. >> the birds are on the ground in green bay ready to take on the packers. for many key eagles, this is
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likely their last. >> two preseason games down. only two more to go. tomorrow's game will likely be last call before the regular season. that means one last chance for sam bradford to shake off any rust from the time he's missed since he tore his acl. that could mean lots of playing time for tim tebow as he fights for a roster spot. >> any idea how many plays the first teamers are going to play in saturday? >> no. coaches never discuss that with us. just go out and play and go out and try to perform well. that's the plan. >> how satisfied are you with the way the defense has performed over the first two games? >> you're only as good as your last game. we'll see how tight we are after this game. >> john clark will join us later
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in the show with just how much play time sam bradford will likely get tomorrow. >> don't miss our pregame coverage at 7:30 tomorrow night. kickoff is at 8:00. how hot it will get where you live. this man aimed a gun at a toddler in an attempt to rob this store, but what happened next caught him by surprise. how philadelphia neighbors took the law into their own hands. then this 3-year-old disappears from day care and walks himself all the way home. the local business that was supposed to be watching him and what happened when his parents called to complain coming right up on nbc 10 news.
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a mother is grateful her 3-year-old son is okay tonight. >> he wandered home from his day
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care without workers noticing. she dropped off her son at day care in hamilton. she got a call from a family member that he had come home. the toddler later told his mom he wanted to go home, so he just left. it's a two block walk from daycare. that's when she called the day care and they didn't even know he was missing. >> it's obvious something is going on, and i don't want it to happen to any other kids. >> ortiz filed a complaint against the day care. have you seen this plane crash? tonight an investigation is underway to find out why this stunt plane went down in new windsor new york. the pilot was practicing tricks for a weekend air show. the aircraft had an apparent structural failure. it spins out of control, goes
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straight down, and crashed behind some trees. the pilot did not survive. the man in the back of this police car here is accused of robbing a store, but he wasn't caught by officers. it was witnesses who chaised hi down and held him down until police arrived. tonight, he's charged with robbery and aggravated assault. he walked into the 11th and tree grocery. that's in south philadelphia. he pulled a gun. he demanded money, opened the register, grabbed what he could and ran. the store owner screamed for help and she got it. >> they were chasing and screaming, so i came out of the house. by the time i got there, they were already holding him down. >> reporter: that group held him down until police got there. police say they found a bebe gun in a bag that the man was carrying.
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police are investigating an officer-involved shooting. they approached the suspect, a man with a gun, matching the description, but he took off toward another group of police officers. that's when he was shot. a crowd became hostile after the shooting. police say this man was stocking grocery stores with synthetic marijuana. he's facing charges he distributed the k2 to stores in redding. he is a wholesale distributor, but police say his side business is illegal. they busted him this morning when he allegedly sold synthetic marijuana to an undercover agent in spring township. in ardmore tonight where dozens of people came out to celebrate the end of the box lunch and book program.
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it's a program designed to give children a healthy lunch along with educational opportunities. organizers hope this helps students stay sharp during the summer months. another pleasant evening for the entire area. temperatures are cooling down, and since it is after 11:00, we have the updated track for tropical storm erika. it has shifted even more to the west. more of the gulf of mexico in the track. florida still included. temperatures heat up, though. we could be looking at our next heat wave. that would be heat wave number five. 62 degrees in potstown. 73 in philadelphia. low 60s right now in mount holly. our suburbs will be in the 50s by tomorrow morning. 68 in dover. now the advertised 84 degree,
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today we got to 85. tomorrow, we'll be getting closer to 87. we're looking at our next heat wave in the forecast, and the 90s are going to keep continuing through the rest of next week. the closest rain is right now over green bay. now tomorrow when the eagles play, the rain is going to be clearing out, but for now they're looking at rain in the area. locally, we don't expect the rain until about monday. over the weekend, we do get hotter. tonight will be pleasant, even starting tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon temperatures start to jump up with more of a south wind. sunday pretty much the same thing. 90 degree temperatures returning in the forecast, but a pretty hot weekend in store for the area. saturday, we have a moderate risk of rip currents. uv index is going to stay high, about 7 to 8. in 15 minutes, you'll want the
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sun block. this is tropical storm erika latest update. barely a tropical storm. still moving to the west-northwest at 20 miles an hour. it's on its way to cuba. this could bring it to a depression, but it could be crossing over the florida keys and then maybe through the panhandle of florida. conditions don't look great for further intensifying of the storm, but we'll watch it closely over the weekend. low 50s areas north and west. tomorrow sunny and warmer. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s, so a hotter day for saturday. even hotter sunday. temperatures will be in the low 90s going into next week. i'm marshall harris from comcast sportsnet. a young philly accomplishes a franchise first. john clark sets the scene from wisconsin when we return. good intentions. is paved with
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i'm marshall harris. tomorrow night, it is the dress rehearsal for the eagles in green bay. the big question is how much time will the starting quarterback get and how much will the understudies play. for answers, we head to wisconsin and john clark. >> the eagles have arrived here in wisconsin, getting ready for the most important preseason game. the third game is usually where the starters play the entire first half. chip will not say officially that sam bradford will play, but here is sam. he says he plans on playing.
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of course, he wants to play more than the one series he did in the last preseason game against the ravens. he led the birds on a touchdown drive, but i'm sure he would love to play the entire first half. >> the biggest thing would be just getting into a rhythm. it's nice to go onto the field multiple times, establish that rhythm, work on communication with the line own the receivers, talk about what we're seeing on the field, so when we get to regular season, that's not something we're trying to work through. >> reporter: you've got some eagles fans supporting the team through the preseason. it doesn't look like the birds are going to be able to face aaron rodgers. it looks like the packers are going to hold him out after they lost jordy wilson to a torn acl. >> you can only see tomorrow night's game on nbc 10. our pregame coverage starts at 7:30.
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we're the official television station of the eagles. even though the phillys have the worst record in baseball, the catcher homered in nola's last five starts. striking out six. bottom of the eighth, aaron comes up with a big liner to right. all the way to the wall for a triple. the only player to start his season with seven extra base hits. jeff francoeur comes up as a pitch hitter. he makes it 4-1. a three-run home run. phillies win it, 7-1. that's sports. we're right back.
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♪ listen to that. a great night for a concert too. it was clear, comfortable outside as o.a.r. took the stage at festival pier. a lot of people out there tonight. >> yeah, great weather for it. not too hot. not too chilly. humidity gone. >> it's the kind of weather where you can actually wear a light jacket and it's okay, so yeah. it's going to be really pleasant. this weekend is going to feel more like summer. sunday, 90 degrees, hot. it's going to start to go up a little bit, so over the weekend we will see a change. we will be staying on the dry side. the delaware beach has a moderate risk of rip currents saturday and sunday. temperatures staying in the low 80s. starting sunday could be the start of our next heat wave, meaning we're looking at the 90s
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next week. >> summer is trying to hang on. that's nbc 10 at 11:00. >> thank you so much for watching. "the tonight show" starring jimmy fallon is next.
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- barbra streisand. musical guest, barbra streisand. and featuring the legend


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