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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  August 31, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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kimball's, gaither's and most recently by a group called hawkins funeral services. the funeral director who is working inside here today is licensed but we have confirmed that his funeral home operation is not. that means police have a lot of questions for him. >> at this point we are still investigating, we are still looking for documents that we need but most importantly, we are trying to care for the bodies at this point. we have three bodies in this building. they belong to somebody's loved ones. we are trying to get the bodies first and deal with the investigative part with the state. >> reporter: looking up on the back side of this property up by peach street, that is where investigators are now working. we believe they are beginning to bring out some of the three bodies that were found in this funeral home. we are expecting the medical examiner arriving any moment. once again, three bodies discovered in a funeral home that was operating without a
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license. that's the latest. live in west philadelphia, george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> today's discovery comes nearly a week after three bodies were found inside a philadelphia garage. a police source told us those bodies likely came from at least one nursing home. a criminal investigation is under way in that case. moving on to a developing story. gunfire in a crowded philadelphia park. nearly 20 bullets fly. skyforce 10 over that scene shortly after two men were shot. children played nearby. >> nbc 10's lauren mayk is following the story for us and joins us from the scene. lauren? >> reporter: good evening. this is pretty scary. this is where police believe the two victims may have been sitting. let me show you something. right over here, this is playground equipment for children. we have seen families in this area all afternoon and both police and neighbors tell me someone else could have been hit.
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erica was a block away when the shots rang out. police tell us two young men were hit in the gunfire. they found 18 shell casings. >> horrific that someone would get shot next to a park probably occupied by dozens of people in broad daylight. >> reporter: you can see baby carriages, kids on scooters here and sometimes, erica's kids. >> knowing this happened right here where your kids often are, how does that make you feel? >> i'm really paranoid. it got me anxious. >> reporter: it is scary stuff. police tell me that two suspects fled on foot. at least one of them had a gun and the two victims, a 23 years old, were both transported, one in stable condition, the other critical. i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. to the preparations for the pope. mayor nutter and other city
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leaders are kicking off a campaign to bring people into philadelphia. it follows weeks of warnings to people about big crowds and lots of traffic. >> take a look at this countdown. september 26 is the day. that means we are now just about 25 days away from pope francis' arrival in philadelphia. >> nbc 10's cydney long has been tracking this about-face all day. >> she joins us live in center city. cydney, did the city scare potential visitors from participating in this historic event? >> reporter: mayor nuts nutter no, crowds are not getting cold feet. he says today's pep rally for businesses to be open is proactive, not reactive. i have to tell you, the pomp and circumstance, the string band, a very different feel from the nervousness that's gone along with all the security and logistics. a pep rally of sorts as mayor
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nutter and the world meeting of families street teams were armed with hash tag open in philadelphia kits, hand delivering them to dozens of businesses. so you will begin to see these welcome pope francis banners and buttons on employees in stores that will be open and want you to visit that weekend. >> it's exciting to be part of it. it's an historic moment for philadelphia. >> reporter: not everyone is on board. >> the concerns are definitely safety. having our employees get here safe without having to walk many miles. also, the deliveries coming in. >> reporter: monica says it's been push and shove from the beginning on the logistics and pre-planning. >> owners have put their foot down saying no. they don't think it will be worth it in the end for us. >> the city of philadelphia never told anyone to close. people started making early, early decisions as i best understand it based on, a, some very preliminary information and then a bunch of bad information. >> reporter: while septa and patco passes are not sold out as
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well as center city hotel rooms still up for grabs and delaware hotels not feeling the trickle-down, we asked the mayor did the logistics and security scare people to not book a date with history. >> this is not exactly something you rsvp to. what we are planning on is a million to a million and a half. >> reporter: nutter did say new jersey officials are way off base on estimates of 10,000 tour buses to deliver visitors during the papal weekend. >> completely wrong. it was never a number anyone ever talked about. >> reporter: i think there has been a lot of inflated numbers. we are hearing about people saying it's retreat centers and homes in new jersey and delaware and northeastern pennsylvania. today, we can tell you it is the deadline for the tour buses to register with the world meeting of families but wmof as well as the city say they don't yet have a solid figure on how many thousands of buses will come. that's because many church groups are registering last minute. i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news.
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>> also today, the world meeting of families unveiled a prayer cross which will be the focal point for the youth congress i was made by students and staff at mercy vocational high school in north philadelphia. the cross stands ten feet high and is designed to be filled with notes of love and hope. the nbc 10 news app has all the information you need about the pope's visit and the world meeting of families. download the nbc 10 news app. it's a free download to your mobile device. we have new information on the suspected hit and run driver accused of killing an off-duty philadelphia police officer this weekend. investigators now say 59-year-old louis vogwill has been charged with murder, manslaughter and dui. he was arraigned this afternoon. police claim vogwill turned his car in front of 42-year-old officer lamar pool, who was riding his motorcycle on devereaux lane and the boulevard late sunday afternoon. that's in the city's oxford circle section. a tow truck driver followed
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vogwill and boxed him in until police arrived. >> the guy was so under the influence or not, just the fact he could get out, see another human being laying there, get back in his car is pretty disgraceful. >> vogwill is being held on a half million dollars bail. 5jjut right now at cape may, where the beach has been packed all afternoon. labor day is one week from today and everybody is trying to squeeze in as much summer fun before the unofficial start to the fall season. >> how long can we expect to see this stick around? >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen joins us with when we may get relief. >> it won't be any time soon. it's still going to feel like summer for the rest of the week. temperatures will be in the 90s this week so we are talking about a heat wave. we did have a few showers pass through today but that has come
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to an end. you can still see some cloud cover around mostly in south jersey and delaware, some crowds across the philadelphia area, but there's still a chance for a stray shower this evening. otherwise it's just going to stay hot and humid the rest of the evening. live look at center city, looking a little hazy here and there. you can still see some cloud cover in place. temperatures still close to 90 degrees. we have already gotten to 90 degrees in philadelphia. we're at 88 now. 88 in wilmington, 88 in allentown and reading. so it is still a hot and humid day. not oppressive humidity but a little more humid than last week. the rest of the evening, we have a slight chance for an isolated shower by 6:00 p.m. temperatures around 87 degrees. 8:00 p.m. tonight, mid 80s. still warm and humid. by 10:00, still around 80 degrees. again, there's a heat wave in the forecast. i will show you those numbers coming up and also an early look at the labor day weekend forecast. >> thanks, sheena. fortunately the driver of this car on your screen right now is going to be okay.
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skyforce 10 over the scene of an overturned car in northeast philly. the car flipped on its side at academy road and presidents street just after 2:00. no word yet on what caused the accident. a college student says she was sexually assaulted near the rutgers university new brunswick campus yesterday. the rutgers student told police she was approached by a man early sunday morning. he followed her into a yard where she was assaulted. students say the situation makes them uneasy as the school year kicks off tomorrow. >> that could so easily been any of us. >> sad that you can't walk home by yourself. like even if we were here we could walk back, we're a minutes away. it's scary you can't walk back by yourself. >> the student was treated and released by the hospital. anyone with information is asked to come forward. university police urge students to remain alert. it was a quick-thinking driver who helped stop someone else from driving the wrong way on a busy highway.
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police in lehigh county tell us a driver was going west in the eastbound lanes. state troopers were not able to stop the driver but another motorist maneuvered his car in such a way he was able to force the driver to slow down and eventually stop. the wrong-way driver is facing dui charges.4znn from the nbc 10 jersey shore bureaus. casinos are calling on governor christie to sign a financial assistance package. the casino association of new jersey says if he doesn't sign that package of five bills, it could cost the city's taxpayers $50 million a year. the state legislature passed the measures in june but the governor hasn't taken action yet, nor has his office commented on the situation. by the way, speaking of this, stockton university is weighing several offers now for the former showboat casino property it now owns. the university's board of trustees held a special meeting today to consider its options.
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the school's acting president says he hopes to sell the property in the near future. stockton bought the casino last winter, hoping to turn it into a satellite campus, but that has been prevented from happening. technically the calendar still says summer but a lot of students have traded in their shorts and flip-flops for sneakers and backpacks. it was back to class for students at mass community charter in philadelphia today. more than 1300 kids started school at the campus in somerton. the school has new studio space for science and design projects. help wanted. with philadelphia public schools set to open next week, the district has a pressing need for something. what it needs 5,000 of and why it needs them fast. tom brady back in court. that means a second chance for the sketch artist whose initial drawing of the star quarterback didn't go over so well. a look at her shot at redemption straight ahead.
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plus, car thief switch. it's about to change for thousands of drivers in our area in a matter of hours. those stories and more ahead on "nbc 10 news at 5:00." ♪ i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life, state farm is there.
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a court appearance today for the man charged with killing a dp ut who was filling up his gas
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tank. shannon miles was charged with capital murder. darren goforth was a veteran of the police department in texas. prosecutors outlined what they believed happened in the ambush. miles stood quietly appearing to show no emotion. investigators say miles targeted goforth apparently for no other reason than his sheriff's uniform. he was a member of law enforcement. they described an execution as the gunman fired repootedly even as goforth was on the ground. a showdown between patriots quarterback tom brady and the nfl. both parties are now back in court today. lawyers for both sides couldn't reach a settlement. nbc 10 national correspondent justin michaels is live in new york as the controversy continues on. >> reporter: i don't think it's over yet. it will probably go on a while longer. it didn't last long in court today, only about 15 minutes for both sides. there was no settlement and now
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it's up to a federal judge to make a decision on this whole thing and the fate of tom brady. it's been believe it or not 225 days since that afc championship game when the patriots defeated the colts 45-7. in the days that followed, now we know something called deflate-gate. it's of course all the water cooler talk across the country no doubt in the sports world. will brady sit out for four days, less, maybe no games at all? again up to a federal judge. richard berman said he believes the sides worked hard to come to a settlement but in the end, they just came up short. it's now time for him to make a decision tomorrow or wednesday. he set the deadline for that decision. the court sketches of tom brady have been in the news. a lot of social media. this done by jane rosenberg. i'm no art critic but this is not a bad effort, pretty good, in fact. some might say really good compared to the last one she did. take a look at this. you probably remember this from a few weeks ago. rosenberg caught a lot of flack
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about this drawing of tom brady, some comparing him to quasimodo. jane says she's glad this entire things over and is looking forward to celebrating. what's going to happen next related to the court and to deflate-gate? well, a judge said, judge berman said s he will have a decision tomorrow or wednesday and that decision will upset one side so we can expect an appeal and all legal analysts we have talked to have said this is probably not over any time soon. back to you. >> justin michaels, thanks. talking weather now. remnants of what was tropical storm erika has been hitting the east coast hard. heavy rain poured down on parts of charleston this morning. take a look at this cell phone video shot by residents who live in downtown charleston. the national weather service tells us more than six inches of rain fell there between midnight and 8:00 this morning. many streets are closed and at least one person had to be rescued from the rising water.
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also, the remnants continuing to bring rain into florida's gulf coast. i will show you where that is in just a second. we are in fact tracking more heat. we have a lot of heat in the forecast. not so much rain. heat wave number five is upon us. we already hit 90 degrees today in philadelphia but this also comes with a pretty dry stretch. today, some of you saw isolated showers, but that's really the most we are going to see through most of the week and going into your weekend looks pretty good. an early look at the labor day weekend forecast. a live look at the linc looks pretty nice but it is hot outside. 88 in philadelphia, feels more like 92 degrees with the humidity around. humidity is a little bit higher but going into the weekend, things will start to get more comfortable for you. through the lehigh valley, we are near 90 degrees. 88 reading and allentown, 87 in pottstown, 89 right now in bensalem, also trenton. many areas still in the mid to upper 80s through south jersey
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and delaware. wilmington is still near 90 degrees. 85 millville. and dover, 87 degrees in atlantic city. so for the few of you who did see isolated showers today, hopefully it cooled you off for a bit but the heat was still there. we got to 90 degrees. yesterday we got to 91. and we expect 92 tomorrow, so that would be a heat wave. wednesday and thursday, we still expect to be in the 90s so it is going to be a hot week. now, we are on the dry side, though. we do have the clouds moving through and there's a chance we could still see an isolated shower early this evening but not a very big chance at all. i think most of the area will be staying dry. big area of high pressure off to the west, that's going to stay in control through most of the week, so that's going to be responsible for our heat wave and also that dry spell. there you see all the tropical moisture down around florida and off the carolina coast. that will stay far away from us. future weather trying to pick up on a couple isolated showers by 8:00 tonight but i think most of the area will be staying dry. don't be surprised if you see a couple sprinkles. then we go into tomorrow, at
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this time will be mostly dry, a hot day, temperatures staying in the 90s. humidity will be up there but not as bad as in the past. then we go into wednesday, more clouds moving through but temperatures still stay hot so the hot streak is going to be around pretty much all week long. even into part of the weekend. like i mentioned, a little more comfortable for you with lower humidity. tonight, early stray shower, warm and humid. 73 for the low in philadelphia, 66 north and west. and tomorrow, back in the low 90s. a hot, humid day. looking at just about mostly supy conditions. here's an early look at the holiday weekend forecast. philadelphia, mostly sunny skies through the whole weekend, temperatures in the upper 80s, for the poconos, low 80s and along the shore, looks like a nice dry spell. over the labor day weekend, that is good and the humidity will be lower, too. the temperatures will still feel like summer. to breaking news right now. i want to show you skyforce 10
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live over bucks county. take a look at this accident. this is the 600 block of ferry road in doylestown. the car that you see there, the white one in the embankment crashed into a pole which brought wires down. some of them are resting on the car. workers are pointing at that pole. we know the road is closed. again, the 600 block of ferry road and crews are on the scene. as soon as we know more about this accident we will get it back to you. coming up, lottery winners in limbo. quite a few folks who struck it rich now have to settle for an iou. the reason why straight ahead. and saying good-bye to august with an ice cream offer that expires in just a few hours.
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the road to hell is paved with good intentions. mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran. whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism, scream for the destruction of israel and death to america. so, what if you're wrong? and they can't be trusted? senator casey, don't trust iran. vote this down.
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despite the cheers, the stock market has closed out its worst month in three years. today the dow jones closed down about 115 points. the nasdaq slid about 52 points. the s & p fell 16 points. experts say august has been a volatile month because investors are worried about slowing growth in china as well as looming interest rate increases here in the u.s. they thought they hit the jackpot in more ways than one. >> that's right. despite winning $400,000 in the illinois lottery last month, the
5:25 pm
whitfields haven't seen a dime yet. that's because the lottery won't pay any winnings over $25,000 until illinois reaches a state budget. so the whitfields will be planning and moving to florida with their kids. they have adopted four of them. the youngest is 8 and has down syndrome. >> $400,000. >> we're not going to be able to enjoy it as old as we are if we don't get it. >> for now, they are staying put until they finally get that lottery money. if you are looking for a sweet bargain today, consider a run to your local baskin robbins, the chain is marking its 70th anniversary. today only, they are offering scoops at a discount. that's $1.31 to celebrate the brand's 31 flavors. if you do order ice cream, chances are it will be vanilla, chocolate, chocolate chip or mint chocolate chip. those are their top sellers. >> wish you hadn't told me that.
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i know exactly where i'm going once i get off the desk. the philadelphia eagles are off to a start that has fans fired up. >> there's one more tune-up to go before the birds do it for real. coach chip kelly opens up about what we can expect to see in the preseason final this thursday on nbc 10. in particular, his plans for quarterback tim tebow. that's straight ahead. plus -- >> people have asked about how scared i was and i think what happened was i got into complete survival mode. >> one surfer's close encounter with a great white and how she says she survived. then all new at 6:00, the first day of school. a child arrives two hours late, the bus ride that has a parent fired up.
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coach chip kelly stepped to the podium today to start a short week with tough cuts on the horizon. one question we are all asking, will tim tebow be one of them. >> a live look at lincoln financial field. still three weeks before the birds' home opener but this thursday the team brings the preseason to a close in a clash with the jets. you can see it right here on nbc 10. danny pommels is live at comcast sports net. >> chip kelly isn't one to tip
5:30 pm
his hand but the third string quarterback battle between tebow and matt barkley will be among the toughest roster decisions for chip kelly. tebow's versatility was supposed to be a strength but when chip kelly gave him a look on two two-point conversions, he couldn't convert either of them. he went 2 for 2 in limited minutes under center. both coach and player are taking things in stride at this juncture. >> was it a good camp? he's got a big week again this week and the guys are going to play against the jets. i anticipate him working real hard like he always does. >> i wouldn't say more nervous. i always get excited every time i step foot on the field in practice or a game. i intend to live one day at a time. that means i'm going to finish today, i'm going to try to have an awesome walk-through and awesome recovery session and i'm going to worry about today. >> the guy attracts a crowd wherever he goes. the eagles only attempted the two-point conversions because
5:31 pm
cody parkey missed the game with a groin injury. chip said if it was a regular season contest, parkey would have played. at 6:00, we'll explain why you haven't seen much of riley cooper in game action this offseason. for now, back to you. >> thanks, danny. don't miss the final preseason game right here on nbc 10 thursday night. it's the eagles and the jets. kickoff is 7:00. our pregame coverage begins at 6:30. nbc 10 is your official eagles television station. president obama is now the first sitting president to visit the alaskan arctic. today he left for his historic three-day trip in anchorage. the goal is to call attention to climate change. mr. obama will tour alaska and highlight the most urgent issues facing the arctic. scientists say this year alone the average glacier will lose 30 inches of thickness. the race for the white house as it stands now, donald trump remains on top but ben carson is rising on the gop side. on the other side, bernie
5:32 pm
sanders is now threatening a win among democrats in iowa. steve handelsman has the story from washington. >> reporter: it's the same liberal bernie sanders attacking the system. >> i hope every man here tonight will stand with women and fight for pay equity. >> reporter: suddenly sanders, who leads in new hampshire, is just seven points back in iowa. hillary clinton, who had been steady at 50% in iowa, is down to 37% in the respected bloomberg des moines register survey. >> the big story from this new poll is more about hillary clinton's numbers going down rather than bernie sanders' numbers going up. >> reporter: dozens more of her e-mails were declared classified today retroactively. plus clinton is establishment. >> i think what's going on is people understand that there is something fundamentally wrong in this country. >> reporter: 71% nationally in the new quinnipiac poll say they are not satisfied with how things are going. >> 71%. does that include you?
5:33 pm
>> yes. it does. dechl. definitely. >> every time something comes up there's more gridlock. >> reporter: so the non-politicians are rising. ben carson, chief among them, preaching a conservative war on poverty. >> fix the economy and create a ladder. >> reporter: the neurosurgeon who has never run for anything is tied in iowa with the biggest of the the nonpoliticians, donald trump, in the monmouth poll. carson's close in the des moines register poll. in a political season that so far is tough on politicians. recent history shows the front-runners in both parties in iowa and new hampshire in august seldom go on to win their party's nomination. steve handelsman, nbc news. the atlantic city air show is making changes to this week's program after the death of a stunt pilot who was scheduled to perform. 53-year-old andrew wright was killed when his plane went down while practicing for a weekend
5:34 pm
air show in orange county, new york. his plane's tail broke off just before the crash. on wednesday, the texas pilot was slated to attempt a new world record for the most inverted flat spins. >> always in the back of your mind. you hate losing a performer, especially one that you know real closely. >> organizers say there's no need for any changes in safety but they have altered the show's lineup, adding a memorial tribute to wright. from the nbc 10 delaware bureau, a military birthday celebration in the first state today. listen. nbc 10 at fort christina in wilmington today for the delaware national guard's 360th birthday ceremony. when it was formed in 1655, the delaware guard was originally called the militia. it was basically locals protecting their swedish colony from dutch invaders. since then, the delaware national guard has served in
5:35 pm
every american military conflict. >> we are in awareness of our first president, george washington, the bulwark of our nation's defense. we are the national guard. >> take a look at this. the crowd at fort christina was there as a c-130 made a flyover and later, a blackhawk helicopter passed overhead. a hazy shot of boathouse row along the schuykill river. summer may be coming to a close but the heat and humidity made a comeback today in philadelphia and it will feel sticky this week. >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen, any relief in sight? >> honestly not in the next several days, not for the rest of the week, really. it will feel more like summer as we go to the official end or unofficial end, i should say, this weekend. take a look at the middle of the country. 90s. locally we hit 90 degrees today but we have a lot of heat here.
5:36 pm
that's going to continue as we go through the rest of our week. so we do expect a heat wave in the forecast. right now we are still near 90 through the lehigh valley, allentown and reading. both at 88 degrees. 89 northeast philly. 89 in trenton. hot, kind of humid day. not unbearable humidity but it's enough to make it feel about four to six degrees hotter when you walk outside. live look at the aramark building, little bit of a breeze but it's not very cool. we will keep that around tonight. the winds get lighter into tomorrow. some cloud cover through south jersey into philadelphia, also delaware, but for the most part, we are on the dry side. we had a few isolated showers earlier today. we could see a few more this evening. the chances are going to be very small. most of us will stay dry. and the heat continues through the rest of the week. temperatures in the 90s. coming up, i will show you if that will last into the labor day weekend forecast. we'll take a look at the shore, the poconos and if you are staying in the philadelphia area. that's coming up. >> see you soon. rising danger.
5:37 pm
we will show you the disaster on the road that police say all started with a selfie. close call. we will tell you about one surfer's brush with death. her board is proof of the incredible story. plus, help wanted. what philadelphia schools need 5,000 of for the new year. ♪
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hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! ♪
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. a surfer had a very close encounter with a great white shark off the coast of california. while she escaped unharmed, the same can't be said for her surfboard. take a look. surfer eleanor dempsey was incredibly close to a shark. sharks are no stranger to the west coast. in the last 15 years, there have been 85 shark attacks from california to oregon. that has not stopped dempsey from surfing. >> it's not going to stop me or anybody else from surfing. i know people probably don't understand that. but there's a love of the water. >> experts say warming el nino
5:40 pm
waters are drawing the sharks further north. we all know you can't text and drive. but a man in new england learned you shouldn't take a selfie and drive either. wish we were kidding here. police say jordan toner was driving in maine saturday when he took a photo of him zself an some of his passengers. their car veered off the road and hit a tree. several passengers injured. police issued toner a distracted driving summons. research says there's only one way to prevent a hangover and it's about as straightforward as it gets. drink less alcohol. according to the bbc, dutch researchers asked 800 students what they do to relieve hangover symptoms but found neither food nor water had any positive effect. the study found additional research is needed and the next step is to carry out more controlled trials on hangovers. the clock is ticking. school starts for philadelphia public schools next week.
5:41 pm
help wanted signs have gone up. the district has a pressing need for something. what it needs 5,000 of and as soon as possible. we are tracking more heat in the forecast. temperatures staying in the 90s this week. that will be another heat wave and an early look at the labor day weekend forecast, too, coming up.
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5:43 pm
here are some of the stories making headlines on "nbc 10 news at 5:00." who shot two men near a north philadelphia play ground at huntington and lawrence streets. that's what investigators are trying to figure out right now. more than a dozen bullets were fired in a crowded park and playground. police think the victims may have been sit ting on a nearby wall.
5:44 pm
one victim is in critical condition. the other is stable. murder charges have been filed against the man whom police say was driving drunk when he hit and killed an off-duty philadelphia police officer. it happened yesterday in the city's oxford circle section. louis vogwill was arraigned this afternoon. he did not make bail after a judge set it at $500,000. police now say they have found three bodies inside an unlicensed funeral home in west philadelphia. officers tell us the bodies were not refrigerated. the investigation is under way right now near 53rd and vine streets. according to police, several different funeral homes have used the building in the past. a new funeral director recently took over. summer is over for some students in philadelphia. nbc 10 was at mass community charter school in somerton where more than 1300 kids headed back to class today. let's talk about how they are searching for subs. the philadelphia school district has hired a firm to find 5,000 people to work as substitute teachers.
5:45 pm
>> they have got to move fast so they are advertising in high traffic areas like highways and train stations. >> owen murphy is the spokesperson for the firm called source for teachers. he joins us live in the digital operations center. >> 5,000 seems like a very large number. how far along are your recruitment efforts right now and what's the deadline? >> well, we are making considerable progress. 5,000 might sound like a large number. in actuality, it's not. in our experience, we have realized that you really need between five and seven individuals to cover any individual absence. five to seven people need to be waiting in the wings and available to take a substitute role. in the school district of philadelphia, the average daily absence rate could be anywhere near 1,000 or more. so we believe 5,000 is a realistic target and also an achievable one. >> so who can apply here? do you have to be certified in some sort of way before you hand in your application? >> we of course want certified teachers but we also have a lot of positions available to
5:46 pm
uncertified people. our substitutes, it's important to note that yes, they can be substitute teachers. we have a variety of other positions available as well, librarians, for example, secretaries. we feel we are presenting a pretty good opportunity for recent college graduates who perhaps have not found a full-time work yet in education, but are certainly consciously looking for one. they are a great candidate for us as are any teachers who have had previous experience and are looking to get back in the classroom. >> owen murphy, thank you for taking the time to join us. >> thanks for having me. we should mention that there has been some dissent during the process to privatize the substitute teaching issue in philadelphia. the city council president darryl clark and the city controller have recently raised questions about the decision. the teachers union also has concerns about the pay scale for subs.
5:47 pm
a hot start to the week. temperature already hit 90 in philadelphia today. so if we hit 90 tomorrow which we expect to be in the 90s, we will be tracking a heat wave, the fifth one so far this summer. it is definitely going to feel like summer for the rest of the week. the rest of the week, we also expect to remain on the drier side. so a dry stretch ahead. that's going to lead us into your labor day weekend forecast. i do have an early look at that coming up in just a minute. now, the average high this time of year is 83 degrees. yesterday we got to 81. today we got to 90 so far. that could be heat wave number five with our 92 degree high temperature expected for tomorrow, wednesday and thursday staying in the low 90s. live look at cape may, this is the place you want to be to get away from the heat. not too many people at the beach in cape may but it is very nice day for the beach. 82 degrees right now in cape may. sunny skies. feels more like 86. our humidity's up a little bit, not unbearable, but it's going to be noticeable once it drops this weekend. so the weekend looks pretty
5:48 pm
comfortable so far. right now, still near 90 through the lehigh valley, near 90 in philadelphia, northeast philly, trenton. some of the suburbs through south jersey and delaware, more like the mid 80s. locally, on the dry side. we do have a few isolated showers earlier today. there's a very small chance we could see a few more later on this evening. but that's really about it. most of the moisture is down to the south at the carolina coastline. this is in part the remnants of erika and more tropical moisture still lingering near florida. all that moisture staying away from us. future weather here trying to show a few isolated showers by 8:00 tonight but most of the area will stay dry. then through tomorrow, another dry day, temperatures back into the 90s through the afternoon. it's going to stay hot tomorrow, it will stay hot into wednesday and the overnight hours will be pretty warm and muggy. so mostly dry, even as we go into wednesday and as we go even through the rest of the week we expect mostly dry conditions, too. for tonight, early stray shower, staying warm and humid. 73 for the low in philadelphia.
5:49 pm
mid 60s north and west. tomorrow, a hot, humid day, temperatures in the low 90s. jumping ahead to the labor day weekend forecast, the last unofficial weekend of summer, it is going to feel like summer and we expect dry conditions across the area. so that's nice. if you're in the philadelphia area, about the upper 80s, poconos and the shore, you should be closer to 80 degrees. if you're going to made in america this weekend, saturday and sunday, sunny and hot. if you're waiting for beyonce, of course later on saturday evening, temperatures by then in about the mid 70s. we expect to stay on the dry side. so there you see it. 90s continue for the rest of the week. friday, there's a chance we could see a couple showers. we will watch that closely through the week. either way, not much of a cool-down into the weekend. the only thing you will notice is i think the humidity just dropping. football practices at one ivy league school have gone high tech. dartmouth college is using remote controlled tools to help players train on tackling. the goal is to make playing
5:50 pm
safer. nbc's jack thurston explains. >> reporter: this is no dummy. >> real cool, real neat. >> reporter: it's an mvp, mobile virtual player. >> it will totally change the game. >> reporter: it's the latest addition to the dartmouth college football team. >> i have had a number of concussions. >> reporter: this rugby player wanted to help reduce brain injuries to athletes when as a dartmouth student he worked with others at the engineering school to design the concept. it replaces the need to have one player take a big hit from another and risk getting hurt just for practice. >> this could become a staple on fields. >> reporter: now an alum, he hopes to keep refining the remote controlled prototype and take them national. dartmouth coach bars any of his players from tackling teammates during practices. the heavily padded mvps will take the impact instead and since the nimble humanoids are
5:51 pm
squat, he thinks they will train his guys to make lower, safer tackles to the midsection. >> it will be huge for us. >> reporter: drills will continue with that kind of old-fashioned tackling pad but what the new high tech mvp units do is add the element of motion into the equation because of course, in a real game setting, a player isn't exactly standing around waiting for you to hit him. >> the idea here is to much better simulate a player in motion doing something that you don't know they're going to do. >> reporter: with any new technology of course there are kinks to work out. how the mvps move on a field and withstand all the blows. already, the developers and the team testing them out believe the units can score big. when it comes to improving player health. >> looks promising. that was jack thurston reporting. to this now. drivers be warned. >> a car seat switch is on the way. what's about to change for thousands of drivers in our area in a matter of hours. that's ahead on "nbc 10 news at 6:00."
5:52 pm
one year after three atlantic city casinos closed their doors, their futures remain uncertain. >> a little depressing. >> i'm ted greenberg, why it could be a long time before at least one of them reopens.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
big changes start tomorrow for parents in new jersey.
5:55 pm
your child could be required to sit in a rear-facing safety seat until the age of 2. >> as nbc 10's brian thompson found out, not everybody's on board with the new rules. >> reporter: new jersey is catching up with much of the rest of the country when it comes to securing children in car seats. some parents we met struggle just to keep up with the old law, like the wrong seat. this should face backward. juan torres and his 8 month old son juan jr. >> i have two cars so he's usually with me in my other car. >> reporter: or this woman will and her 5-year-old son max. there's no booster seat in this car. >> he always uses it. not today. not right now. >> reporter: here's the new law for that baby on board or older taking effect tuesday. up to two years old or 30 pounds, the child must be in a rear-facing seat. up to 4 or 40 pounds, front-facing seats must have a five-point harness.
5:56 pm
the booster seat requirement of either up to age 8 or 80 pounds changes to age 8 or 4'9" tall. fines go up as well. >> the previous legislation didn't deal with that. it was just very vague. this is much more delineated. it gives the police more guidance. >> reporter: for the thompson family, three kids have required three different seats. they all appear legal now but the idea that their now 3-year-old would have had to face rearward until age 2 isn't pleasant. >> we have no room for his legs. >> reporter: parents we talked with are on board with the changes recommended by the american academy of pediatrics after extensive survival research. >> if it's a law we abide by the law. >> whatever's safest. >> reporter: police don't usually go looking for child seat violations but if you are stopped for any reason and they see something wrong, there's a good chance you will be paying a new stiffer fine. brian thompson, nbc 10 news. coming up next on "nbc 10
5:57 pm
news at 6:00," lost on the way to school. how a mother tracked down her daughter's bus. i can't believe it but september begins tomorrow. it will still feel like the middle of summer. how long you can expect another heat wave to last. plus your labor day weekend forecast next. also, new developments in the investigation into an unlicensed funeral home. just minutes ago we spoke with the owner. that's next on "nbc 10 news at 6:00." the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
5:58 pm
mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran. whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism, scream for the destruction of israel and death to america. so, what if you're wrong? and they can't be trusted? senator casey, don't trust iran. vote this down.
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right now at 6:00, a bus driver late and lost on the first day of school. that's when a mother takes matters into her own hands. she chases down the bus and pulls it over herself. good evening. i'm jim rosenfield. a student called her mom this morning after she was already more than an hour late for school. she goes to dickenson high school in the pike creek area of wilmington in the red clay school district. nbc 10's delaware bureau reporter tim fur long spoke with the mother. >> reporter: as if it isn't tough enough on a kid, how about walking into class almost two hours late. she is in a program at dickenson high school. they have the advanced student transportation company handle some of its bussing. today, the advance bus was a half hour late. it gets worse.
6:00 pm
>> i was thinking does this driver know where she's going. she kept pulling over and looking down. >> reporter: that's when she called her mom. >> she said we're still on the bus. i said where are you? she said near pennsylvania. >> reporter: the bus wasn't anywhere near where it was supposed to be. mom did talk to the driver. >> said are you lost? i will come guide you if you want. she's like no, no, i'm okay. >> reporter: mom didn't believe her. she literally had her daughter tell her where they were. mom chased the bus down and got her daughter to school. mom called the school district. i did, too. red clay officials confirmed that the driver did get a little bit lost. they say they worked with her to make sure she knows her route going forward. advance student transportation, i called them, they didn't call me back. mom called them, she did talk to somebody but she didn't get the answers she wanted to hear. >> the dispatcher was yelling and arguing with me, first day of school, things happen. we're running the route with her now. shouldn't she have done that ahead of time? >> reporter: katarina had an okay day at school but they'll have to talk


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