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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  September 2, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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the three cop killers grows. we're off to a foggy start in some areas. i'm tracy davidson. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. >> i'm vai sikahema. i'm in burlington county. that's one of those foggy areas. it got bet every as i came west. >> a short time ago, this thick fog is in place in burlington county. we're getting closer to sunrise, half an hour before sunrise. look at the low-lying fog in valley. this is a view from the french manor in the pocono mountains. hazleton has half a mile visibility within looking at quarter mile visibility. mount holly, zero visibility, toms river ioç ocean county, zeo visibility and thick fog for wrightstown. millville is seeing improvement now. a little bit of a breeze and one-mile visibility. atlantic city, zero visibility.
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that might be messing with some flights this morning. center city, light fog and temperatures clamming. t we're back in the 90s this afternoon with another hot, humid and hazy day today. jessica boyington has a look at the roads and the possibility that fog might be messing with your travels. good morning, jessica. >> good morning, bill. we're on the vine street expressway right now. right around 24th street. we still have a three-minute drive time in the westbound lanes. if you're headed towards the schuylkill expressway, or 30th street station you'll be just fine. if you're headed eastbound towards 95, watch out for the work design right here. it's coming off of the off ramp. as for the drive times in the philadelphia airy, 95 southbound from woodhaven road up towards the vine street expressway. 14-minute trip eastbound on the schuylkill. blue route is doing fine still with a 15-minute trip.
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watch out for an accident scene on jolly road. be careful. currently no weather or fog related delays at the airport. three people are dead and a fourth person is injured in a house fire in monmouth county. we have just learned two adults and two children live in the long branch home. we don't know the identity of the victims, however, we also learned officers tried to enter the long branch home to help but there was too much smoke. it drove them back out of the home. investigators are looking into what sparked that fire. right no you, a manhunt is under way for three men who shot and killed a police officer in illinois. nbc 10's chris cato is following the developments in the digital operations center. chris, the community where this happened is on high alert this morning. >> the big ripple effect of this, several schools north of chicago are closed this morning because of this ongoing manhunt for three men who killed a police officer.
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here's what the search looked like overnight. let's go to the video here. this is the scene of the manhunt there in the fox lake area. this is about $60 mile north ever chicago. it all started yesterday morning. an illinois police officer in the town of fox lake was chasing three suspects. he was responding to a call of suspicious people, chasing them through an area. he was a 32-year veteran of law enforcement. he leaves behind a wife and four children. today flags are lowered to half-staff in his honor. supposed to retire last month from the fox lake police department but his chief asked him to stay on for one more month as they look to fill a vacancy. that manhunt continues. we'll keep you updated and let you know when those suspects are caught. live in the digital operations center, chris cato, nbc 10 news. 6:03. new from overnight, two crooks
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tie up employees before robbing a family dollar store in southwest philadelphia. right now we're waiting to hear whether the store on woodland avenue and south 58th street will re-open. investigators say the armed robbers got into the store just before 11:00 last night. no one was hurt. >> in delaware county, the students in the chester upland school district will head back to class even though the teachers will not get paid on time.ç community leaders will hold a bell-ringing sayre -- ceremony. last week educators voted unanimously to stay on the job even though they will not receive a paycheck. also happening today, camden schools are getting a big money boost, thanks to a very generous group of people. you can also get in on the action if you'd like. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in camden with how you can help camden students. >> reporter: they hope people
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will. camden teachers are back in the classroom today. students arrive next week. to help them start this school year is a six figure gift. >> most things the earlier you start, the better. >> reporter: it's not off a teacher chooses to spend some of her summer break at school with her principal. that's exactly what fourth grade teacher sharon vogel did this summer. she and sharp elementary school principal wrote about more than a dozen projects their teachers hope to do, including the costly items they'll need. they posted it all on donors anyone can donate to the project. >> have friends and family been supportive of your project. >> very much so. >> the money raised by the community will be matched by a private donor. >> i would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. >> two years ago when the district did this matching fund-raiser, classrooms received ipads, tablets, musical instruments within chess sets and more. tool too expensive for the district or teachers to buy but life-changing for students.
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>> the computer skills themselves, how to handle a computer, keyboarding, using a touch screen. these are things that, you know, you need to be taught. >> oh, my god, it's like we got this, we got this, can we get more? how can we get our teacher to do another project. >> how exciting for the students. beginning next week, every dollar raise for the projects on website will be matched by a private donor, up to a certain six figure amount. so how much is this donor willing to spend and who is this don'ter? the district of camden will announce that later this morning in a press conference. reporting live along the water front, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. new from overnight in chester conte, officials are investigating a fire that destroyed a home. skyforce 10 was over the scene on ire court in pocopson late last night. that one was hurt. it's not clear what sparked the flames. a wrestling ledge send free on bail after police charge him with killing his girlfriend in a
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decades old cold case. yesterday police arrested jimmy "superfly" snuka for the murder of nancy argentino back in 1983. investigators say snuka repeatedly beat her while at an allentown motel and left her to die. the now 72-year-old lives in atco, camden county and in his autobiography in 2012 he wrote about his girlfriend's death saying he never hit her and is innocent. a west philadelphia funeral director is behind bars this morning after investigate ares found decomposing bodies at his unlicensed funeral home. blair hawkins is charged with corpse. two decomposing bodies, an enbalmed body in an unventilated room and bags with organs. prosecutors say tracey kratzer created a charity for a
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fund-raising website for jay henson. he was diagnosed with advanced stage pancreatic cancer nearly a year ago. investigators say people donated more than $8,000ç to the cause but she had no intent on handing the money over to henson. kratzer faces a preliminary hearing in the case next week. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 6:08. we're getting closer to sunrise, getting a better view of some of the thick fog in the area. we saw fog yesterday, a little bit of a temperature climb and the fog will disappear. the same will happen today. we'll see the temperatures climb into the hot and humid zone this afternoon, back into the 90s today. haven't seen rainfall in a while but we're on track for showers and thunderstorms before we get to the weekend on friday. right now, 64 in allentown, northeast philadelphia, atlantic city, both reporting fog. it's 68 degrees in atlantic city and it's getting a little bit murkier on this view of
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boathouse row. fog will be out of here this afternoon. look at the dense fog. it got thicker in blue bell, northeast philadelphia, trenton, wrightstown, zero visibility in mound holly and toms river. fog is extending into south jersey as well. look at atlantic city, zero visibility at the airport. it was down to a quarter mile visibility in millville, now under a mile for visibility. stan by for a warmup today. the fog disappears, the temperatures into the 90s re-appear this afternoon. 91 in morgantown, pennsburg. abington, new hope, all in the 90s. ventnor city, 83 the high temperature. rehoboth 84 while millville, milford up to 90 degrees today and 92 the high for wilmington, philadelphia, 93 degrees. newark, top out at 91. look at the weekend forecast, the holiday weekend is coming. got the seven-day when i'm back
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in ten. >> really? >> just about 6:10 this wednesday morning. visibility probably because of the fog and parts of burlington county. doesn't seem to be so much on the majors. >> let's find out, jessica boyington has been watching her cameras. >> we're on 95, starting to gather a little bit of morning traffic for this commute at state road. so 15-minute drive time. we're not seeing a huge increase in the drive time right now from woodhaven road up towards the vine street expressway. brake lights and starting to fill in the lanes even through the work zone, northbound leans doing just fine. out on 422, the cars are green and moving. from 29 up towards that point, still an eight-minute trip. westbound doing just a tad better with about a minute less of a trip. out in whitpain, watch out for an accident scene on dekalb pike and jolly road.
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the same-sex marriage battle goes on in one state. >> why are you not issuing marriage licenses today? >> because i'm not. >> why? >> under whose authority. >> under god's authority. >> same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 states but that's not stopping one county clerk from refusing to issue marriage licenses. her refusal could land her behind bars. and happening today, secretary of state john kerry comes to philadelphia trying to drum up support for a controversial white house deal. the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
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mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran. whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism, scream for the destruction of israel and death to america. so, what if you're wrong? and they can't be trusted? senator coons, don't trust iran. vote this down.
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just about 6:15. from our delaware bureau, wilmington police say they have made three times as many homicide arrest this year compared to last year. the chief made that announcement yesterday saying the department has a 37% clearance rate for homicides this year. in 2014 that number was 12%. last year, you'll remember,
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"newsweek" dubbed wilmington murdertown usa. the fight over same-sex marriage in kentucky is intensifying. >> why are you not issuing marriage licenses today? >> because i'm not. >> under whose authority? >> why. t©ñrowan county clerk kim davis is refusing to issue marriage licenses to any couples because of her religious objection to gay marriage. two federal courts have ruled against her ordering her to do her job and monday night the u.s. supreme court refused to block those court orders.ç >> i don't see this as being a religious issue at this point. this is a law issue. it seems like it's not personal but thiscy small community. it is personal. >> a federal judge ordered davis to appear in court tomorrow where she could face contempt of court charges and possible jail time. and now to a health alert in delaware. four people tested positive for the west nile virus. three of those people live in
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new castle county, the other in kent county. none of the four showed symptoms of the virus. doctors say they discovered the virus while performing routing procedures and blood work. we checked. there were no reported cases in delaware last year. students seekinged amiss to the university of pennsylvania or swarthmore are no longer required to take the essay portion of the s.a.t. and a.c.t. tests. swarthmore made that announcement yesterday, penn released a statement in july. target is getting ready to cut 300 jobs, most of the cuts coming from the company's technology sector. a target spokesperson says the cuts are primarily from locations in minnesota. this is the third round of layoffs this year. september is hunger action month. nbc 10 was in south philadelphia yesterday to kick off a month-long fund-raiser and food drive. phil-abundance says it's goal is to raise 30,000 meals for
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750,000 hungry people right here in the delaware valley. walmart helped kick off the effort with a check for $75,000. >> i'm encouraging everybody out there to continue to volunteer, make donations and contributions, do whatever you can. we can eradicate hunger and, together, we can make a difference. >> several food trucks parked outside the event donated a portion of their proceeds to phil-abundance. >> excellent. 6:17. let's check the roads. we continue to watch route 73. >> let's check in with traffic reporter jessica boyington for more on that. >> i keep checking in with a lot of our cameras around the new jersey area for dense fog. you can see around mt. laurel, route 73 at 295, we are moving along but some reduced visibility there in the area, whether you're headed into either direction. that spreads out to burlington county. parts of cherry hill and on the pa turnpike westbound, eastbound, still no increase.
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the work zones cleared out of the way. 23 minutes from valley forge to route 1. in whitpain, good news, an accident scene just cleared out of the way on dekalb pike and jolly road. mass transit, still doing okay for new jersey transit, patco and septa. we're starting to see volume on 95. i'll show you where when i come back in ten minutes. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 18 minutes after 6:00. we're starting to see some limited visibility looking across the delaware. it was completely clear an hour ago. you can see a little bit of fog is forming in philadelphia. much thicker fog in some of the suburbs. 74 degrees, 85 for said humidity. winds are very light to nonexistent. that has allowed the temperatures to come down and fog to form. traffic is moving in the fog in burlington county, an improvement since when we went on the air at 4:00 this morning. we'll see continued improvement as the temperatures climb.
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at this hour, the sun's not up. the temperatures are still falling. we have quarter mile visibility in blue bell. mt. pocono, it's not an issue. hazleton, we've seen dense fog in the hazleton area. look at the thick fog for blue bell, northeast philadelphia, trenton and into burlington ç county. burlington county, ocean county, atlantic county, that's the worst of it this morning. it's actually improving in millville. zero visibility in atlantic city at the airport. once the fog clears, we'll see scattered clouds but not expecting to see much many the way of showers. the clouds look impressive. the radar shows barely a shower, eastern west virginia. those showers are likely to stay clear of most of the area. there's a chance late this afternoon with a few clouds in south jersey of an isolated shower. most of the area stays dry. tomorrow morning the fog is back. 6:00 tomorrow morning. it clears out, we have another hot and humid day tomorrow. it's friday. could see much-needed rainfall in the area during the day on
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friday. just enough cloud cover to keep temperatures cooler friday afternoon. cool will not be a word we use today, not this afternoon anyway. sunny, hot and humid. middle 90s tomorrow, up to 94 after another steamy start with some fog likely to start with in the morning. the showers a possibility friday. that will keep us cooler, 85 friday afternoon. then look at the timing here. gorgeous weather, just in time for saturday, sunday and labor day monday with low humidity, even though temperatures are climbing it will be a nice day monday with a high of 91. >> timing is everything, bill. >> 20 minutes past 6:00. parents in upgloucester county commune are resting easier. they catch a man who they believe opened a little girl's window. it's time to look to the skies. in just a few hours, the atlantic city air show begins. this year, there's a special group performing that has not been seen in ac for nearly a decade.
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to our jersey shore bureau, the atlantic city air show takes off today. thunder over the boardwalk is free and it starts at 11:00 this morning. nbc 10 was there for yesterday's practice runs. now if you happen to go, you can expect to see several military and civilian acts. the u.s. navy blue angels closing the show around 3:00 this afternoon. the blue angels haven't performed in atlantic city since 2008. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we're starting off right now on the blue route around 320 where we're still moving along nicely. the right-hand lane, taillights headed southbound with more volume than the northbound side. coming up at 6:30, i check in with 95.
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we're starting to see a big crease in the drive times there. i'll show you scabbingly wherex. right now, we check in with meteorologist bill henley for the first alert forecast. jim thorpe, that's above the cloud level. the fog is really thick this morning, much thicker than yesterday, thanks to high humidity and clear skies that allowed the temperatures to fall. we're waiting for sunrise, just a few minutes before sunrise. the thick fog is easing a little bit in blue bell and the pocono mountains. it's thick fog in mount holly, now down to one-eighth mile visibility in parts of burlington county, toms river quarter mile visibility and zero visibility right now in atlantic city. >> thank you, bill. we're following breaking news throughout the morning. a deadly house fire down the shore takes at least three lives. chris cato is in the digital operations center live this morning with an update. chris? >> it appears more likely these
6:26 am
three victims are all members of one family, vai. and police tried to save them. police, not firefighters, tried to save they will. up next, the first time we hear from a police officer about that attempted rescue.
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nbc 10 breaking news. breaking news, a house fire takes the lives of three people down the shore. and for the first time, we're hearing from police about how they tried to save this family. >> a double shooting in west philadelphia leaves one person dead and a second hurt. now the search is on for the shooters. and we are off to a muggy start this morning. in some parts of our area, a foggy start. take a live look here at what we don't know for sure because i can't see. >> i think it's boathouse row. but it's hard to see. the fog has definitely moved in.
6:30 am
>> welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. it is sticky as well and 73 degrees outside. just about 6:30. let's get you updated on the fog and what's to come for today with meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. bill? >> that humidity, we get to see it this morning thanks to cooling temperatures. this is 95, academy road. look at the thick fog. traffic is moving. the fog will clear out.ç the next couple hours it's going to be slow to clear. already seeing some improvement in pennsylvania, blue bell now has half a mile visibility. it is still socked in for trenton, northeast philadelphia, wrightstown and zero visibility, not just in mount holly but also in atlantic city. stand by for a muggy, foggy start and sunny, hazy, humid conditions this afternoon. 75 degrees, still a little bit of fog in south jersey at 8:00. by 11:00, though, the fog will be gone and the temperatures up to 85 degrees. 90 by 2:00 this afternoon. and they will go higher than that. i've got your neighborhood by
6:31 am
neighborhood forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. right now jessica boyington has first alert traffic. jessica? >> and bill, we're seeing a combination of fog with reduced visibility and now traffic on 95. this is approaching the betsy ross bridge right here. see the southbound drive times really start to increase, adding about ten minutes to your trip at least southbound from woodhaven road up towards the vine street expressway. the average speeds there, 36 miles per hour. you can see that reflectioned in our cameras right here with what you can see with reduced visibility and fog hovering over the area. that's the southbound side right there. slow going, give yourself extra time. as for the schuylkill, certain areas before the curve and right after, starting to see some red cars and yellow cars tacking on five or six-minute trip in either direction. eastbound will start with that one. from the blue route up towards the vine street expressway, 43 miles per hour average speed. 18 minutes. though we're adding some time really in both directions. currently no reported weather or fog related delays there.
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chris cato live in our breaking news center. we told you we were working on getting more information on this deadly house fire on the jersey shore. for the first time we're hearing from the chief of police whose officers tried to rescue a family trapped inside this home. it's a real tragedy unfolding in long branch, monmouth county. fire broke out inside this home. it's tough to tell. the fire was contained inside. a family of four lives here, two adults, two kids. police tried to go inside, police got on the scene first, tried to go in. there was a lot of smoke on the second particular. their chief says they could not get past the thick smoke. they didn't have the pro-tentec gear that fire crews would have. here's the public safety director in long branch. >> it's just a natural instinct, they want to go help people. they heard there may be people up there. they tried to enter the house.
6:33 am
>> he said they tried to do whatever they could but couldn't make it past the thick smoke. a family of four lives inside the home. authorities have not identified the victims. three people dead, one critically injured. authorities have not identified the victims but there's no evidence that the family had any gives in town or anything like that. it appears that three of the four family members are dead, including possibly two children. we'll stay on top of this and give you any new information as it comes out of monmouth county. live in our breaking news center, chris cato, nbc 10 news. bystanders ran for cover overnight when gunmen fired nearly two dozen shots in west philadelphia, killing a 25-year-old man and injuring another person. police say shots were fired from three different guns near 62nd and market. it is not clear if the victim was the intended target. police have not fopd the shooters but they do have surveillance video and are reviewing it. the gloucester county man
6:34 am
accused of opening a little girl's window and taking a photo of hers is nowç behind bars. turns out he's a neighbor. this sketch we first aired friday night led to numerous tips to police. they arrested 27-year-old gregory scott yesterday. he lives in the same apartment complex as the little girl in washington township. neighbors say he lives with a woman an a young child. but they know little about his background. >> a lot of my friends and neighbors recognize them. i had no idea who he was. >> knowing there was somebody that close, that scares me. >> investigators say scott told the little girl he's a doctor, snapped a photo of her and promised to come back each night if she never told her mother. this morning, he faces child luring and burglary charges. police have charged a new york man with molesting a young girl at six flags amusement park. ronnie lacy is accused of assaulting a 13-year-old girl at the park on sunday. it happened while he was standing in line behind the girl
6:35 am
for the batman ride. he was charged with criminal sexual conduct and endangering the welfare of a child. police need your help tracking down three people. these surveillance people show the suspects in the case. the crimes happened last week. happening today in philadelphia, leaders will introduce a bill that would prevent an officer's name from being released to the public if the officer was involved in a shooting. john mcnezby will outline the bill this morning. it aims to protect an officer's identity during a shooting investigation except in cases where the officer is charged with a crime. also happening today, secretary of state john kerry will be in philadelphia later during the day. he's here to give a speech on the nuclear deal with iran. and secure support in congress. nbc 10's monique braxton is live for us at the national constitution center. monique, support is growing but this is not a done deal yet. >> that's right, vai. senator kerry, secretary kerry
6:36 am
now, comes here to sell president obama's most controversial but yet one of his most significant foreign policy initiatives. this morning, president obama is one vote short of the 34 needed to clench the deal. that means he would have the power to sustain a veto of any congressional move against the nuclear deal. it would freeze as you know iran's capability of building nuclear bombs but not destroy their entire arsenal. two local senators are waking up this morning in support of that deal. the alternative to me is a scenario of uncertainty and likely isolation. finally i will support this agreement despite its flaws because it is the better strategy for the united states to lead a coalesced global community in containing the spread of nuclear weapons. >> i think the agreement as i said enhances our own national security but also enhances the security of israel. >> they're supporting the president as well as their former colleague.
6:37 am
kerry's visit follows intense negotiations with u.s. allies and iranian leaders. kerry says if there is no agreement, the u.s. dollar weekends and our allies lose confidence in america. but as you know, the jewish community has been against this deal, believing it will bring iran closer to obtaining a nuclear weapon and endangering israel. their influence weighed heavily on new jersey senators. menendez says he will vote against the plan. but senator booker is still undecided. so secretary kerry is due to speak here at 11:00 this morning. our cameras will be rolling. live outside the constitution center, monique braxton, nbc news news. leaders in philadelphia say they don't thinkç the pope's sp in new york city will take away from his trip to our area. the vatican announced pope francis will greet thousands of people through a procession in
6:38 am
central park. it will happen on september 25th, before a mass at madison square garden, a day before the pope arrives in philadelphia. we've learned there will be an alternative to walking across the ben franklin bridge during the papal visit. here's a live look at the bridge. you can see it's foggy out there. the riverlink ferry will run through the 28th, including extended hours on saturday and sunday. officials are preselling-c4 tis online. from transportation to the papal itinerary, the nbc 10 news app is your source for everything you need to know about the pope's visit and the world meeting of families. it's a free download to your smartphone or tablet. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> a foggy start for much of the area. see the low clouds and fog over center city. that's a live view from the adventure aquarium. we will see improving conditions during the morning hours. this afternoon it will be another hot and humid one.
6:39 am
dense fog, not just in pennsylvania this time. most of it is in new jersey. the fog will disappear as the temperatures climb, hot and humid this afternoon, back into the 90s. the threat of showers and thunderstorms, minimal for the next couple days. friday looks like our best bet for getting much-needed rainfall. right now we need the temperatures to climb to get rid of the fog. atlantic city, zero visibility. 68 degrees. allentown is seeing sunshine. it is clouds and fog in philadelphia. not bad visibility. we can see across the delaware without any problems there. the thickest fog, though, is in mount holly. and now northeast philadelphia at the airport, zero visibility. trenton has quarter mile visibility at the airport and zero visibility also in toms river. the very low visibility could mess with some flight schedules this morning. millville is reporting quarter mile visibility once against and stockton and atlantic city at zero. once the temperatures start to climb, that's when fog will
6:40 am
disappear. then 90s reappear this afternoon. low 90s for allentown and reading while mount pocono warms to 85. norristown, we'll see a high of 92 degrees today. right along the coast, we're looking at 80s. 89 for dover but philadelphia is going to warm to 93 degrees along with narberth, 91 in wilmington. got the weekend forecast, the holiday weekend forecast when i'm back in ten. 20 minutes till 7:00 this wednesday morning. i saw there's an accident in west norriton. let's look at 95. >> reduced visibility. we can see the fog has moved in. >> parts of 95 showing that dense fog as well, vai and tracy. we have a disabled vehicle on the southbound side of bridge street. you can see them pulled over after the off ramp, taking out the right-hand shoulder. we still have lanes moving
6:41 am
through and by that area. we're starting to see reduced visibility and combined with the added volume. we're starting to see that delay right here on our drive time. 95 southbound from woodhaven road up towards the vine street expressway. now a 25-minute trip. that's usually about a 12-minute trip for the morning hours with not a lot of traffic. we're adding just over ten minutes. the schuylkill expressway within pretty much the same story, about a 21-minute trip. no problems on theç blue route yet. west norriton, watch out for this accident scene on whitehall road. a fight between two dads. we've shown you this video, two south jersey fathers fighting over girls softball. ahead, they learn their punishment. and the golden arches is making a change that will make a lot of breakfast lovers very happy.
6:42 am
the road to hell is paved with good intentions. mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran. whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism, scream for the destruction of israel and death to america. so, what if you're wrong? and they can't be trusted?
6:43 am
senator casey, don't trust iran. vote this down. "t>ed to perspective
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restauranteurs will find out more about the space at love park. it will seat 55 people indoors, another 150 outdoors. the fairmont park conservancy is trying to find an operator. the restaurant won't open until spring of 2017. two atlantic county dads who got into a fight at this youth softball tournament are sentenced to a year of probation. they pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. >> are you ready for it? >> [ bleep ]. >> that video went viral after it was first posted, we first showed it to you, the fathers phiing in salisbury, maryland, back in july. court documents revealed that
6:46 am
barbella was angry because his dawg was cut from a softball team. it ended with barbella on ground bleeding from his face. two former employers of a day-care center are accused of encouraging the kids to fight on camera. they instigated fights between kids as young as 4 years old. the day-care center says both have been fired and it is refraining -- retraining its other employees. parents at a catholic school on the main line got an explanation from the school surrounding the controversial firing of a gay teacher. a parent at waldron mercy academy in merion station. the diocese did not tell the school to fire the teacher. winters was the school's religious instruction director. officials said her same-sex
6:47 am
marriage which they knew about when they hired her years ago, was against the church's doctrine. an archdiocese spokesperson told us he want there for the meeting but sent this statement. however, i will reiterate that the personnel decision in question was not made by the archdiocese and it was not influenced by the archdiocese. at no time did anyone threaten to revoke the catholic standing of the school. 6:47. happening today in baltimore, pretrial hearings begin in the case against six police officers accused in the death of freddie gray. a judge will hear several arguments in the case, once is a motion to dismiss the charges, another is a debate on whether the officers should be tried together or separately. also the defense wants to remove the baltimore state's attorney from the case. >> strategy here has been clear from the beginning, the police would like to remove miss mosby and her assistants and would like to take the case outside of baltimore. >> next week, a judge will hear
6:48 am
arguments on defense motion to move the trial out of the city. los angeles announces a bid for the 2024 olympic games. l.a. is now the u.s. contender for the games after boston dropped out of the bid. the city's council gave mayor eric garcetti the go-ahead to pursue the bid after assurances that taxpayers would not foot the bill. the games have been there twice already. did you usually stop at mcdonald's for breakfast on your way to work? >> a lot of people do. soon you'll be able to grab hash browns and maybe a bagel sandwich an your way home as well. mcdonald's announced it will serve breakfast all day long. it will also do away with liquid margin and use real butter on its breakfast sandwich instead. >> iç always fooe feel beel ba person working at 10:30 that has
6:49 am
to tell the person they're no longer serving breakfast. we go to new york. >> i've been one of those angry customers, it's 10:29 on my watch. >> good morning to you. coming up on the show, we'll be live outside chicago where this manhunt has intensified overnight in the search of the three men who gunned down a beloved police officer there. schools in the area are shut down today. we'll talk with the former assistant director of the fbi about what is being done to track these men. >> then we'll take a turn and ask the question how old is your heart? a new study says most of our hearts actually are older than our real age. we'll put ourselves to the test and find out how we can turn back time. >> also ahead on our free money series, jean chatzky is here. she has a simple social security trick that could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in your retirement. >> that sound goods. >> we'll fall into incredible steals and deals with jill martin just in time for the change in seasons when we see
6:50 am
you here on "today." vai and tracy, a lot of stuff to give away. >> steals an deals is my favorite. >> they'll save us tons of money this morning. thanks. >> i hope so. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> ten minutes before 7:00. the sun is up, getting a better view of the low clouds and light fog in the city. that's the view from the comcast center. the humidity is high across the board. everybody seeing that. 85% humidity in philadelphia. it's 74 degrees. humidity has produced very thick fog in new jersey. this is the view from mt. laurel in burlington county this morning. the fog will be clearing out during the morning hours. right now, parts of the area are still socked in. it just got thicker, now zero visibility in blue bell, seeing light fog in the hazleton area. that's an improvement. it just got worse, not only in blue bell, northeast philadelphia at the airport, now reporting zero visibility.
6:51 am
trenton, the airport there, quarter mile visibility and the thick fog extends back into the millville area and atlantic city. still looking at zero visibility this morning. air travel might be on hold in the short term. clouds are starting to move into the airy. it will be nice if we got much-needed rainfall to keep things cooler. these clouds will be moving through. behind the clouds, no rain. there's only a slight chance of an afternoon shower. the hour by hour forecast shows an isolated shower popping up in new jersey. that's 1:00 this afternoon. that's not the rain we need. that will wait until later in the week. hazezy, hot and humid. back into the 90s this afternoon. winds light today. the temperatures a little warmer tomorrow after we hit 93 today, 94, some fog in the morning, will disappear in the afternoon, then the 90s disappear finally on friday with you achance that we'll get much-needed rainfall. showers and thunderstorms are possible friday. then they're out of here just in time for the holiday weekend. 84, much less humid saturday.
6:52 am
really nice sunday 88 with low humanity. even though it will be warmer for monday, up to 91, the humidity stays low for labor day. it's a bit hotter tuesday afternoon, up to 93. >> looks perfect for the weekend. but first we have to get to work this wednesday morning at eight minutes before 7:00 with the reduced visibility because of the fog. >> let's check in with jessica boyington and the first alert traffic center. >> we're on 95 where this is the biggest place we're seeing the delay this morning. girard avenue southbound we're starting to see about a 25-minute or so drive time from woodhaven road up towards the c vine street expressway. that's typically about 12 minutes. you're adding at least a 10 to 15-minute trip so far for this morning. mass transit, no problems for new jersey transit or patco. septa, elwyn train 6309 is running ten minutes late. in jenkintown on york road and
6:53 am
westest a, an accident and also in hatfield township. flames ripped through this home leaving three people dead, just ahead we have an update on this breaking news we've been following down the shore. and this -- >> vai, coming up, i'll tell you what's important enough to pull teachers in camden back to the classroom during their summer break. what is it? coming up, we'll talk about this impressive back-to-school gift.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
chris cato live in our breaking news center this morning. a tragic house fire. we're getting new information on this fire out of monmouth county on the jersey shore in long branch. the fire broke out in this home around 2:00 a.m. we now know four family members,
6:57 am
two adults and two kids were inside, trapped by the smoke and flames. police went in first, tried to rescue them, couldn't. firefight couldn't save them either. there's one report that the mother survived and the father and two children died. we haven't confirmed that yet. a tragic morning in monmouth county, long branch. live in camden today, teachers are back in the class. students arrive next week. to help them start the school year, a six h figure gift, a private donor is contributing up to a certain six figure amount for the camden school district. we'll know more later this morning as to that exact dollar amount. but basically teachers go online to donors and list their projects for the upcoming year and the costly tools they'll need like ipads and tablets, things the district cannot afford to buy. starting next week, every dollar raised for those projects will be matched by a private donor.
6:58 am
in just a few hours we'll learn what organization is donating all of this money. reporting live in camden, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. i'm monique braxton live outside the constitution center where secretary kerry will appear in about four hours to sell one of the president's most significant foreign policy initiatives. this morning president obama is one vote short of the 34 needed to clench that deal. and that means he would have the power to sustain a veto of any resolution against a nuclear deal. its goal it to freeze iran's capability of building nuclear bombs but not destroy their arsenal. yesterday, senators casey and coons announced support of the measure. the jewish community protested believing it will eventually harm israel. new jersey senator menendez says he will vote against it. senator booker is still undecided. we'll have secretary kerry for you as soon as he speaks at
6:59 am
11:00. live outside the constitution center, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. good wednesday morning. i'm jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. the schuylkill expressway seeing some fog and delays if you're headed eastbound or westbound with the 21-minute drive time. watch out for double accident in jenkinto jenkintown. hatfield township on orvilla road and cow pass road. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. the sun is up and we're starting to see skies brighten a bit in cape may. that's a live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. look at the pocono mountains. that's blue mountain this morning. looking gray thanks to the thick fog. it's not just the mountains. very thick fog, especially in new jersey. this is some of the thickest fog we've seen in a very long time. now zero visibility for blue ç bell, northeast philadelphia,
7:00 am
mound holly and other locations into south jersey. >> doesn't look so blue this morning. "today" show is up next. local update in 25 minutes. good morning. massive manhunt. communities on edge outside chicago and schools shut down as the search intensifies for three men who gunned down a beloved police officer. we are on the ground with the latest in the desperate search for the suspect. ready to run? a dramatic return t the political stage for vice president joe biden. his first major speech since buzz about the 2016 run began. while jeb bush and donald trump ratchet up the slugfest over who is a real conservative. an american hero. >> we did what we could to disarm him. an nbc news exclusive with a california man who helped stop an attack on a paris-bound


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