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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  September 2, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now, cars vandalized in one community. someone smashed multiple windows in south jersey. in one camden county neighborhood got a rude awakening when they went out to their cars. this happened in dmren doer gle. >> reporter: we found broken out windows and we also found one shattered windshield along fern drive. the larsens were taping up their
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windows, others were vacuuming up glass. they say whoever was responsible had no regard, and police live in this neighborhood. >> i'm in school, in class 9:00 to 6:00, and now have i to come back, the 40-minute long break i have, to go get the window fi d fixed. i only work a few hours a week, because i'm in school full time. coming out of my paycheck, not a fun thing. >> my dad woke me up and came inside and said, did you get in a fight with somebody? i said, no. >> reporter: also reached out to gloucester township police and they say so far they have had reports of four incidents in glendora and nobody in custody. we'll tell you what one resident believes is the timeline. live in glendora, monique braxton, "nbc10 news." hapgs now, secretary of state john kerry is in
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philadelphia to deliver a speech on the nuclear agreement with iran at the national constitution center. the senator kerry is in the process of being introduced. he is standing to the left of the podium. we expect to hear from him any moment now. the state has just 15 days left to vote on the deal to freeze iran's capability of building nuclear bombs but not destroying their arsenal. two local democratic senators announced their support for the deal yesterday. bob casey of pennsylvania and chris kuhns of delaware. tom carper announced his support for the deal last week. that leaves the president just one short -- one vote short, rather, of the number he needs to prevent a veto override if the congress tries to strike down a deal. >> i think the agreement enhances our own national security and also enhances the security of israel. right now the reality is, as we sit here today, iran has only two or three months before they
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would have enough fisile material to make a bomb. >> it puts us on a path of iran making a bomb within the next 15 years. >> senator kerry said in the past is it will weaken the u.s. dollar and force our allies to lose confidence in the united states. iran's clerical body of experts held their annual meeting yesterday. the chairman of the assembly said members support the historic nuclear deal but it does not change the islamic republic's policy during the u.s. he added the u.s. remains iran's number one enemy. if you want to watch secretary kerry's speech in its entirety, go to our website -- actually, secretary kerry stepped to the po podium. let's listen in. >> it's great to be in philadelphia. i'm delighted to see so many young people with us. i know school has started. i know the choice between coming
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here and sitting in class was a very tough one. we're glad you made the choice you did. i am particularly greatful senator lugar chose to come here this morning in order to introduce me and reaffirm his support for this agreement. i'm even more grateful for his service to our country over the course of a lifetime. as a former colleague of his on the foreign relations committee, which he referred to in his introduction, i can bear witness that dick lugar is one of the true legislative path-finders of recent time with a long record of foreign policy. what he and sam nunn did is a lasting legacy of making this world safer. he is also someone who has consistently placed our country's interest above any other consideration. and he has a very deep understanding of how best to prevent nuclear weapons from
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falling into the wrong hands. he is one of our experts when it comes to that judgment. so, it is appropriate that the senator is here with us this morning. and i think every one of us here joins in saying thank you to you, dick, for your tremendous service. it's also fitting to be here in philadelphia, the home ground of this absolutely magnificent center to the constitution, the liberty and one of our nation's most revered founders, benjamin franklin. and i must say, i never quite anticipated, but this is one of the vistas in america and to be able to look down and see independence hall there is inspiring, i think, for all of us here. i would say a quick word about ben franklin. in addition to his many inventions and his special status as america's first
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diplomat, franklin is actually credited with being the first person known to have made a list of pros and cons, literally, dividing a page in two and writing all of the reasons to support a proposal on one side and all of the reasons to oppose it on the other. and this morning i would like to invite you, those here and those listening in the media, to participate in just such an exercise. because two months ago in vienna, the united states and five other nations, including permanent members of the u.n. security council -- as early as next week, congress will begin voting on whether to support that plan. and the outcome will matter as
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much as any foreign policy decision in recent history. like senator lugar, president obama and i are convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that the framework we have put forward will get the job done. and in that assessment -- >> you were just listening to secretary of state john kerry, who first lauded the former senator of indiana, dick lugar, who just introduced him. we just learned in the moments as the secretary took to the podium they just received the 34th vote they needed to -- in order to -- for the override of a veto. democrat barbara mccullsky of indiana is that vote. we'll continue to monitor the speech and have more of his remarks on "nbc10 news" this
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afternoon. meanwhile police in gloucester township are warning about a scam where thieves pretend to be a utility worker to get into your home. an elderly woman says she was outside her home on honey locust court when he approached her and said he needed to check the water. while inside her home, he distracted her while a second man came into the home, went to her bedroom and stole items from the woman's dresser. this is a sketch of one of those men. you happen to recognize him, you're asked to call the police. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a house fire on the jersey shore that killed four people and left one person in critical condition. the fire broke out overnight on this home on jolene avenue in monmouth county. the fire was contained inside. not too much damage in the home, but a family of four appeared to have been trapped inside, two adults and two kids. police arrived on the scene first. they tried to go in but there was a lot of smoke on that second floor.
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>> just natural instinct, they want to help people. they heard there may be people up there, so they tried to enter the house and give whatever help they could. >> by the time the fire crews got there, it was too late to save the victims. authorities have not identified them, but there are no indications that guests were inside or staying in the home. so, it appears the three killed were family members, possibly two children. chester county officials are investigating a fire that destroyed a home. skyforce10 over the scene late last night. no one is hurt. it's not clear what sparked the flames. deadly gunfire in west philadelphia forced by standers to run for cover. a gunman killed a 25-year-old man and wounding another man in his back side. police say the shots were fired from three different guns near 62nd and market. it's not clear if the victim was the intended target.
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the surviving victim is in stable condition. police have not found the shooters, but they do have surveillance video and they are reviewing it. and the gloucester county man accused of opening a little girl's bedroom window and taking a photo of her is now behind bars. it turns out he's a neighbor. this sketch we first aired friday night led to numerous tips to police. yesterday they arrested 27-year-old gregory scott. he lives in the same apartment complex as the girl in washington township. neighbors say he lives with a woman and young child, but they know little about his background. >> a lot of my friends and neighbors recognized him. i had no idea who he was. >> knowing there was someone that close, that scares me. >> investigators say scott told the it is girl he's a doctor and snapped a photo of her and then promised to come back each night if she never told her mother. this morning he faces child luring and burglary charges. a wrestling legend is free
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on bail after police charged him with killing his girlfriend in a decade's old cold case. yesterday police arrested jimmy "superfly" snuka. investigators say he repeatedly beat her while at an allentown motel and left her to die. the now 72-year-old lives in camden county. in his autobiography in 2012 he wrote about his girlfriend's death saying he never hit her and he is innocent. we're continuing to follow developments out of illinois. a makeshift memorial for an officer killed in the line of duty. we'll have the latest on the manhunt following the death of a beloved lieutenant coming up. concerns over tower with donald trump's name on it. we'll tell you why the issue called turmoil in a major north american city. the heat and humidity marches on. i'm tracking rain and relief in your seven-day forecast. i'll let you know when after the break.
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shooting an illinois police officer are on the run today. federal, state and local forces vowed they will work around the clock until they capture the suspects. nbc's john jang in illinois with an update. >> reporter: today the nature of the search seems to have shifted. officials say they have given up on the focused search around the two-square mile area around the
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spot where lieutenant gliniewicz's body was found. instead their doing saturation patrols to reassure residents they're still out there looking for these three suspected cop killers. this is not only a community on edge, it's a community in mourning. lieutenant gliniewicz touched many lives, young and old, and they've come out to pay tribute to him. >> he was just an all-around caring person and he was -- the kids loved it when he came down the street. >> we all tried to run outside. >> yeah, they would try to run outside. they loved it. sometimes he would buy them an ice cream. >> reporter: lieutenant gliniewicz was an army veteran, father of four sons, including one in the military. he touched many lives in this community, especially young people, who were interested in becoming law enforcement officers themselves. he had been on the force more than 30 years and had talked about retiring at the end of
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last month. the chief police talked him into staying just a little longer to help out. john yang, nbc news, fox lake, illinois. now to decision 2016. as vice president joe biden mulls a possible presidential bid, he visit the crucial swing state of florida this afternoon. the vice president will deliver remarks at the science center at miami-dade college. during the trip he'll also attend a fund-raising dinner to fund the democratic campaign committee. there's no definite word on when he could announce his running but some advisers say that could happen before october 1st. now to the bitter war of words between leading republican contenders jeb bush and donald trump. it's heating up and it doesn't look like it's going to end any time soon. nbc's halle jackson is in washington with that story. >> reporter: the gop war of words now escalating with the new intensity from jeb bush, delivering one of his hardest
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hits yet against donald trump in this new video. >> i am pro choice in every respect. >> as far as single payer, it works innen canada. >> this is not a guy who's a conservative. using his own words is not a mischaracterization. >> reporter: bush on offense in two languages. [ speaking spanish ] >> bush wants to define trump as a democrat. that's way bush and many in the republican establishment see a way to bring trump down. >> reporter: trump brushed it off. >> everybody was a democrat prashgly. >> reporter: the billionaire businessman on top of the polls as he bashes bush at every stop. >> jeb never uses his last name. he can't negotiate his way out of a paper bag. he's very low energy. >> reporter: now slamming
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hillary clinton. >> what does hillary to the bush family? >> my sister-in-law. >> lighting up facebook with 30 million mentions in just the last week. bush appears to have the little in a different battle, the one for latino votes, whose support could be key to 2016, which may be why trump reached out to the hispanic chamber of commerce for a private meeting tuesday. >> that was nbc's halle jackson reporting. meantime, canadian police say an antenna on top of the trump hotel in toronto poses no safety risk. an area of the financial district was closed for two days after hotel management noticed a potential problem with the antenna. they alerted police as a precaution. authorities say the antenna was inspected and declared safe, so the area has been reopened. the luxury hotel and condo is named after republican presidential candidate donald trump, of course.
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good morning. another hot and humid day on tap for us. we've been on instant replay over the past couple of days. so, the heat is going to continue, so is the humidity, but i am tracking rain and relief as we head into the end of your work week. that will set us up for a try holiday, which is great. the timing on these showers looks pretty good. a closer look at our september heat wave. started on sunday with 91. today we warm to 95, which is well above the average offal -- 83. we expect temperatures to continue. poconos at 78, the city at 83 with patchy fog. temperatures at the shore in the low 80s. wind speeds at 7 miles an hour. it's a mild start to the morning. we'll continue to see muggy conditions as well. here's a closer look at the rest of the area. 81 in chester springs.
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pottstown, 79. 78 in the poconos. low 80s in millville. temperatures in the low 80s for woodbine and the atlantic city airport we're at 81. our radar shot shows quiet conditions, nice and dry, although we could see a few little isolated showers similar to what we saw yesterday and the day before. as we head into your 4:00 hour. so, that's going to be closer to the southern part of sussex county. but everywhere else we stay mainly dry. same thing as we head into thursday. just a chance of a few isolated little showers. that's going to be closer to 6:00 p.m. near again sussex county. here's where the relief will come from. we are going to see a back door cold front move in. that's going to give us a better chance of showers and even an isolated chance of thunderstorms. this will mainly be combined to the lehigh valley, the poconos, stretching down into berks county and lancaster county closer to 4:00 p.m. we'll notice a lot starts to dry out. we'll get cooler air coming in from the north and northeast. that will set us up with less humidity in time for the holiday
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weekend. we'll see dry conditions and lots of sunshine saturday and sunday. sunday will be warmer. our highs around the region, low 90s for philadelphia. same thing in pottstown, allentown, reading, all back into the 90s. mid-80s for the poconos. a little relief closer to the shore with temperatures expected to stay in the low 80s. a closer look at your shore forecast as we heated into the labor day holiday. saturday temperatures in 80s degrees. same thing on sunday. low 80s on labor day with plenty of sunshine. make plans to head down the shore. if you're going to stay in the poconos, low 80s as well. for philadelphia, we'll stay warm, even popping back into the 90s by monday. your seven-day forecast shows that the heat is here to stay, at least until friday. how do you land a date with rowdy ronda rousey? the mma star says yes to one new jersey marine. she just had a couple of conditions. we'll tell you what they are coming up. she loves math, sports and animals. she's looking for a forever family.
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i'll introduce you to this week's wednesday's child. mirrors. they show us all our problem areas... those places that we can't wish or squish away. well now fear no mirror, and eliminate those problem areas with coolsculpting -
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the patented cooling technology targets and kills fat cells, with no surgery or downtime. so if you want to see a slimmer you when you look in the mirror, go to today to receive a limited time offer for a free consultation.
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she's a young girl who loves math, art and sports. one thing missing in her life is a forever family. allow me to introduce you to dania, this week's wednesday's child. a friendly and energetic 9-year-old. she has a bright personality that just lights up a room.
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she loves to laugh and play, so we headed to a place where she could do all that. putt-putt fun center in clifton, pa. >> she's has a bubbly attitude, loves to play all day long. >> the fourth grader enjoys her art and math classes. she loves sports, especially basketball. even got a chance to show off her skills. >> there you go. >> dania would do best in a structured, loving home where she's the youngest or only child. she knows what she wants in a forever family. >> i want mom and dad and foster brothers and foster sisters. >> she wants a mother and a father. she also wants at least one sister and one brother. she loves pets, so she wouldn't mind having a pet. >> she is ready to share in the love that comes from a forever family. >> dania was in a loving home, she would offer a sweet spirit, a lot of energy. she's kind of funny, so some
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humor. >> she would make a great addition to a loving home. dania is this week's "wednesday's child". >> what a beautiful little girl. if you would like to help make her dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child sponsored by the dave thomas foundation, go to our website at and search wednesday's child. you can also call the national adoption center directly at 1-866-do-adopt. we'll check back on our top story today. several residents in one local neighborhood find their cars vandalized. and the vehicles' windows smashed. we'll hear more coming up. what brought some teachers back to the classroom during the final days of summer vacation? we'll show you straight ahead.
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cars vandalized in one local community. someone smashed multiple windows in south jersey. the search is on now for whoever left the street littered with broken glass. it happened in glendora, and that's where nbc10's monique braxton has been talking to victims of the vandalism. it seems to senseless. slashed tires in another neighborhood and now this. >> reporter: that's right, vai. everyone is on edge because it happened in the middle of the night. this is just a sample of what we found when we arrived here in glendora along fernwood drive. right now people are assessing the damage, contacting their insurance companies. take a look at the video along a two-block area. gloucester township police say they're investigating four cases of criminal mischief but have no suspects at this time. we talked to neighbors, including one family who got a double dose of vandalism. >> i think the rock was thrown at the windshield and i think they used a tire iron or
11:31 am
something to break the side window. good thing i didn't look out and seen them, otherwise i might have been in jail. >> my husband works at midnight and he gets home at 1:00 in the morning and it wasn't like that. my son was going to leave for work at 5:00, and that's when he seen it. it happened to have happened between 1:00 and 5:00. >> reporter: are you mad? >> a little. could have been worse. >> reporter: one victim told us his deductible is $500. the three cars we found here all belong to college students, so they are borrowing their parents' cars and they also have to borrow money to get the windows fixed. gloucester township police say they don't have a suspect, but we'll be following the investigation and let you know when happens. live in glendora, monique braxton, "nbc10 news." >> thank you. and we have traffic problems to tell you about in newark, delaware. north chapel street is now closed by the railroad bridge north of main street. you see why right here.
11:32 am
a tall tractor-trailer crashed into the overpass. the driver wasn't hurt but he tells nbc10 he usually drives a flatbed truck. bit time he saw the sign saying the bridge was only 12 feet high, by then it was too late. checking out our top stories right now. a house fire killed three people and left one person in critical condition. at the jersey shore overnight. it appears the victims were family members who got trapped inside the home in long branch. investigators are trying to figure out exactly what caused the fire. police are searching for the shooters who open fire in west philadelphia overnight, killing a 25-year-old man. police say shots were fired from three different guns near 62nd and market. it's not clear if the victims were the intended target. a second person was injured. police in gloucester township are warning residents about a scam where thieves impersonate utility workers. two men pretended to be with a water company to get inside an elderly woman's home last month. they got away with some items
11:33 am
from her bedroom dresser. meanwhile, the heat is still here. a look although boathouse row. it's hazy. temperatures are in the 90s but big changes are on the way for friday. first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is here. >> another hot and humid day. change is on the way. we're at 78 degrees in the poconos. 81 in allentown. 79 in pottstown. low 80s in philadelphia. 80 in wilmington. temperatures in atlantic city at the airport at 83. your eight-hour city planner shows we'll push into 90s by 4:00 p.m. by 7:00 p.m., 88 degrees. a few more clouds will move in. we also have an air quality alert. if you live closer to south jersey, you want to be careful out there, especially if you suffer from any lung disease or
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asthma, so children and elderly, you should limit your outdoor exposure and outdoor activity. we haven't seen rain in a long time so all the pollution is building up so you want to be careful. we do have rain back in the forecast for friday. first, we have to get through this heat wave, which was official yesterday with the high of 95. as we head into today, low 90s expected. same thing on thursday. that's about 10 degrees above average. i'll let you know how much we'll cool down as we head into friday and what to expect for your labor day holiday. that's coming up in my full forecast. police have charged a montgomery county woman scanning donors out of thousands of dollars. prosecutors say the charity was set up for hensen, who was diagnosed with pan creatic cancer. $8,000 was donated to the cause
11:35 am
but tracy had no intention of handing over the money to henson. >> i can't even complain it. i can't explain the feeling you have. it's awful. >> she faces a preliminary hearing in the case next week. and now to a health alert in delaware. four people tested positive for the west nile virus. three of those people live in new castle county. the other is in kent county. none of the four showed stomsz of the virus. doctors say they discovered the virus while performing routing procedures and blood work. we checked. there were no reported human cases in delaware last year. and students seeking admission into the university of pennsylvania are no longer required to take the essay portion of the s.a.t. and act tests. swathmore college announced it yesterday. penn state say component are the least predictive of the overall
11:36 am
writing section. this morning in delaware county, parents and students are showing their appreciation for teachers who agree to stay on the job. even though they won't be paid. >> it's a great day in chester and a wonderful day at chester high school! >> this morning a bell-ringing ceremony welcomed students back for the first day at chester high school. class is in session thanks to a decision by chester-upland teachers and support staff to keep working, despite a financial crisis facing the dire district. that means those teachers won't get paid next wednesday. >> it's a great benefit these teachers are looking out for these students because they diplomat have to do it, but they're doing it for the benefit of the children and education. >> the school district has been in and out of financial crisis for 25 years and now under state control. it's not receiving any state funding at the beginning of the school year because of the ongoing budget impasses in harrisburg.
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today students at crystal ray philadelphia high school will find out which company has chosen them for a work study program this year. it's an event similar to an nfl draft where businesses announce the names in front of a cheering crowd and then they present the students with company-branded apparel. the students will work one day per week for the company, getting paid, learning from the mentors and gaining on-the-job experience. camden schools are getting a big money boost thanks to a very generous group of people. you can also get in on the -- in on the action. nbc10's katy zachry explains how you can help camden students. >> reporter: camden teachers are back in the classroom today. students arrive next week. and to help them start the year, a six-figure gift. >> most things earlier you start, the better. >> reporter: it's not often a teacher chooses to spend some of her summer break at school with
11:38 am
with her principal but that's exactly what fourth grade teacher sharon vogel did this summer. she and sharp elementary school principal ruiz wrote about a dozen projects the teach rz hope to do, including the costly items. they posted it on anyone can support the project. have people been supportive of your project? >> very much so. >> reporter: the money raised by the community will be matched by a private donor. >> i would like to say thank you. >> reporter: two years ago when the district did this matching fund-raiser, classrooms received ipads, tablets, musical instruments, chess sets and more. items too expensive for the teachers or district to buy but life-changing for the students. >> the computer skills, keyboarding, all of those kind of things, using a touchscreen. these are things that you need to be taught. >> it's like, we got this, we got this. oh, ms. ruiz, can we do more?
11:39 am
how can we get aour teacher to do another one? >> reporter: next week, all the money raised will be matched by a private donor. for more on who this donor is and how much they're willing to invest in the camden district, go to our web, reporting from the camden water front, katy zachry, "nbc10 news." mixed martial arts fighter ronda rousey is making a new jersey marine soldier's dreams come true. take a look. >> you are my celebrity crush. like, i love everything you do and i think you are a phenomenal person. which is why it would be my honor to take you to the marine corps ball on december 11th. i really hope this doesn't -- >> that video has more than 4 million views so for. rousey told tmz she was impressed with the invitation. she's currently the ufc title
11:40 am
holder in women's bantamweight division. she had two conditions. she would like him to find a few dates for her friends and also he has to treat her like a gentleman. of course he will. los angeles announced it will go for the gold and bid to bring the olympics back to l.a. the city is now the u.s. contender for the 2024 games after boston dropped out of the bid. the city's council gave mayor eric garcetti the go ahead to pursue the bid after assurances that taxpayers will not foot the bill. the summer games have already been there twice, in 1932 and 1984. of course, nbc is your official network of the olympic games. taking a vacation for less money. fliers this fall could be saving cash. coming up, we'll show you how much less you might spend if you plan a trip. we have a few more days of the heat and humidity, but i am tracking a chance of showers, thunderstorms and relief on the way. i'll let you know if it will get here in time for your labor day weekend. that's all coming up in my full
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a fire hazard prompted the recall of nearly 3200 wall chargers sold exclusively at charlotte russe stores. the chargers are compatible with the iphone 5 and 5s. if you have one you should stop using it immediately and contact the manufacturer for a full refund. target is set to slash 300
11:44 am
jobs. most of the cuts are coming from the company's technology sector. a target spokesperson says the cuts are primarily from locations in minnesota. this is the third round of layoffs this year for target. mcdonald's announced it will start serving breakfast all day at all u.s. locations. the change is set to happen october 6th. mcdonald's also says it will do away with liquid margarine and use real butter on its breakfast sandwiches instead. that rollout will happen when all stores use their liquid margin. amazon's prime members will be able to download certain tv shows and movies to watch offline on their apple and android devices whenever they want. previously amazon only allowed downloads on the fire tablet. customers won't have to pay any extra money for that perk. we are just a few weeks away from the fall. if you're planning a trip during that time, it could be cheaper
11:45 am
than last year. according to airfare prediction at, current prices are currently 9% cheaper. it predicts flyers will find the best prices in early november when average domestic round-trip fares could dip to as low as 262 bucks. a work of art is now on display in philadelphia. its creator hopes will catch the eye of pope francis. it's based on one of the pope's favorite paintings. joining us now to tell us more about the project is meg, overseeing all of the official artwork being prepared for the pope's visit. welcome. thank you for coming in today. >> thank you. >> now, tell us about the work. >> well, the not garatto is sponsored by mercy and justice initiative. we're saying untie the knots of the hungry and homeless and those who are struggling. so, the initial painting, mary
11:46 am
undoer of knots, has mary healing those, healing families and we are hoping to take this symbol and people come to the gr gratto and give us their struggles. we've collected 30,000 so far. >> the knots represent people's challenges and things they have going on in their lives. this is an interactive work. there are also other ways people can get involved. tell us about that. >> yes. you can come visit the gratto, add your own knot. you can go to and send in your struggle. you can contribute to the francis fund. you can write letters of advocacy. we're trying to do something positive for those who are struggling. >> now, the gratto is currently at the cathedral basilica of
11:47 am
saints peter and paul in center city. what will happen to the work of art once the papal visit is over at the end of the month? >> the cool thing is that all of these struggles that we collect will be turned into the exterior substrate of an apartment building that will house formerly homeless residents. >> you were telling me this work is really wearing you out. >> i know. it's quite a job. it's an orchestrate, it's down at the basilica. it's hot and busy. >> i'm sure you can't wait until the pope's visit, but i'm also guessing once it's over you'll breathe a sigh of relief, glad it's over. >> i think so. glad we did it. glad it's over. >> thank you very much for coming in. for more on how you can submit your own -- how to volunteer and to help with in art project, go to our website at or on our nbc10 mobile app. you'll find a link for more information. thank you, meg. >> thank you.
11:48 am
good morning. we are gearing up for another hot and humid day. we're officially in a heat wave with yesterday's high reaching 95 degrees. today 93 and the humidity will continue. i'm tracking rain and relief as we head into the end of your work week. that means a dry holiday weekend for us. a closer look at our temperature trend. it shows we've seen three straight days of temperatures in the 90s. our average is 83. we're well above that. today we'll stay 10 degrees above average for a high of 93. tomorrow same thing. across the region right now we're at 82 degrees in reading. 83 in westchester. 80 degrees in mt. holly. temperatures in atlantic city at 83. that's at airport. 82 in millville. 81 in dover. glassboro at 84. it's not just us that's pretty hot. right now the entire nation for the most part with the exception of the far extreme northeast is
11:49 am
dealing with temperatures similar to ours in the 80s. wichita at 81. little rock at 85. we have an area of high pressure situated to the south of us. that's going to stay in control at least through today and heading into tomorrow. our radar shot shows dry conditions. high pressure tends to help with that. we're seeing hazy skies and a little fog this morning. we'll mainly stay dry with the exception of a few chances of isolated showers, once again near sussex county. that will be drew as we head into tomorrow. mainly dry. a chance of a few stray showers as we head into the afternoon. and then by friday, this is when we're going to see our best chance for widespread rainfall, but it looks like it's only going to stay closer to the lehigh valley. poconos, berks, lancaster county, the northern part of new castle county before things dry out nicely heading into the rest of the weekend. we'll see wind speeds coming in from the north. that will dry out some humidity we've been dealing with. that's a great setup heading
11:50 am
into the holiday. 84 will be in the high in the poconos. 90 in allentown. 91 in norristown. we'll see temperatures at 90 degrees in doylestown. closer to rehoboth beach, 80 degrees. a high today of 93 in philadelphia. again, that's 10 degrees above average. this is well above where we should be for this time of year. labor day weekend shows that as we head into your saturday, sunday, monday, temperatures continue to swing up. back to 90 degrees by monday. if you stay in the poconos or the shore, we'll stay in the low 80s. good news is all three days look dry. seven-day forecast shows our temperatures at 93 degrees heading into today, hot and humid. same thing on thursday, a little more sunshine. then a better chance of storms and showers as we push into friday. right now the models are showing the best chance for our suburbs to the north and west, the lehigh valley. the northern parts of new castle county. and into the poconos. and then as we head into saturday, things dry up nicely.
11:51 am
less humidity. we see that humidity going down. that will make it more comfortable. heading into sunday, temperatures start to inch back up. 88 degrees. 91 by monday on your labor day. with plenty of sunshine.
11:52 am
11:53 am
a dramatic moment was caught
11:54 am
on camera when a construction worker was too close to a steam pipe explosion. this video is shocking. that worker did survive, but he was badly injured. the county released the video in its fight with the construction company. the county says it proves there's a breakdown in safety design. the construction company says the county is trying to divert attention from its own mismanagement of the project which will not be completed on time. a russian soyuz spacecraft is on its way to the international space station. the rocket launched from kazakhstan this morning with three people on board. they're expected to dock at the space station on friday. one man will stay there for six months while the others will return to earth after only eight days. the eagles' preseason is winding down. but for players fighting for a roster spot, the most important
11:55 am
game of their careers is right in front of them. that includes a battle for the third quarterback spot between matt barkley and tim tebow. coach kelly says barkley will get the start in the final preseason game tomorrow. tebow expected to play most of the second half. teams will have to shave their rosters from 75 to 53 players by saturday afternoon. you can catch tomorrow's game against the new york jets right here on nbc10. the official tv station of your philadelphia eagles. pregame coverage starts at 6:30. kickoff set for 7:00. coming up this afternoon, starting at 3:00, it's "ellen" with madonna and the cast of one big happy. then "nbc10 news" at 4:00 and this afternoon fighting the growing heroine epidemic in a new way. the problem is so worrisome in one local community, that officials are launching awe new wave of health. the new plan to save lives and offer peace of mind to
11:56 am
struggling families. all this afternoon on "nbc10 news" at 4:00. now to an update on our top story. some neighbors in glendora, camden county, will spend their day repairing their cars after vandals broke their windows overnight. all the cars were parked along fernwood drive. one victim told us his deductible is $500, so that's going to be an expensive day for that person. police say they're investigating four cases of criminal mischief, but have not arrested no suspects as of yet. another look at the afternoon haze. >> yes, hazy, hot and humid. so, we're still in this heat wave. it's going to stick around today heading into tomorrow. but relief is on the way. take a look at the seven-day forecast. 86 degrees on friday, showers with a chance of isolated thunderstorms. also a weak cold front will help drop our temperatures back to the 80s. that sets us up for a beautiful labor day weekend. take a look at that.
11:57 am
less humidity on saturday. but a little warm by monday. >> yeah. saturday and sunday looks great. thanks for watching "nbc10 news" at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema, for brittney shipp and all of us here at nbc10, have a great day. homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism, e leadeg scream for the destruction of israel and death to america. so, what if you're wrong? and they can't be trusted? senator coons, don't trust iran. vote this down.
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11:59 am
12:00 pm
[phone rings] >> rafe: hey. >> hope: hey. good. you're back. anything new in the mason murder? >> rafe: yeah. good news, bad news. good news: we got the dna back on the blood from the napkin. the bad news... >> hope: it doesn't match anyone in our system. >> rafe: you got it. >> hope: in other words, we're back to square one. >> rafe: mm. >> serena: you were very sweet but i've got to put the brakes on. >> chad: ah, come on. what fun would that be? >> serena: [shouts] [grunts] you need to learn that no


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