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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 5am  NBC  September 5, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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the made in america festival is hours away, soon two days of music will kick off the holiday weekend on the ben franklin parkway. we're live with what to expect from the event. gunfire on south street. a scary scene in philadelphia, somebody starts shooting into the crowd before a concert and police are looking for the sh t shooter that left one man dead. and we'll explain just ahead of today's final roster cuts for the birds.
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penn state and temple square off in their season open nerz, and we'll preview the match-up. this is nbc 10 news today. i am rosemary connors. first alert meteorologist, brittney shipp, tracking a cool start. >> we will see the temperatures dropping down to the 80s, closer to the average and that's a nice setup as we head into the holiday weekend. 69 in allentown, and 70 degrees in trenton, and 69 in mount holly, and low 70s in wildwood right now. your city planner shows we'll mainly see sunny skies by be 10:00 a.m., and we are going to see temperatures dropping down a bit and that will help us out. temperatures range between 83
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and 86, less humid and not as hot. i will go over how long the cooler temperatures are going to stick around. the fourth year for the event expected to draw tens of thousands of people to the ben franklin parkway. two days of music kicks off this afternoon. jesse gary joins us live with what you need to know, whether you are going to see the crowds are trying to avoid the area. >> reporter: this is the stage of the 22nd street entrance to the festival area, and this is one of the reasons why driving in the area is not a good idea. the stage sitting in the middle of the ben franklin parkway on 22nd street, and the parkway is blocked and the cross streets are blocked all the way down to 21st street. yesterday this area, especially two blocks down at 20th street
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was a sea of slow-moving vehicles and the philadelphia police rerouted traffic to help the slow-speed commute and backups blamed on construction and the setup for the made in america festival, and beyonce will take the stage tonight, and there will be 30 performers on five stages that range from the rocky steps all the way down to 21st street. it should attract another 21,000 attendees. >> it's successful and people in the city embraced it, which is a great thing, the hotel and bars and restaurants are full. >> reporter: city officials say there will be multiple layers of security, both visible and clan decemberant. we are along the ben franklin
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parkway. a scary start to the labor day weekend for dozens of people on south street last night. one man is dead after somebody open fire outside of a large concert. it happened near 3rd and south where a concert featuring lil dirk. it does not appear to be random and could be gang related. take a listen as one concert goer tells what he witnesses. >> how many gunshots did you hear? >> three. >> what did you see on the ground? >> somebody laying down with blood. >> the shooter fled in a limousine, and the police caught up with the limousine three blocks away, and three people are in custody for questioning, and so far no charges have been filed. today a burlington county
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community will hold a fund-raiser for a family with two siblings where a car hit them. police say the children were walking home from the park in the middle of the road last month when they were hit. the driver was not charged. the couple charged with starving their disabled daughter to death will spend the next 20 to 40 years behind bars. a judge in philadelphia handed down that sentence yesterday. the two pleaded guilty to third-degree murder after 3-year-old daughter was found unresponsive inside their bug-invested home in 2013. the toddler weighed just 11 pounds at the time of her death. one popular park inial ly h
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county is known for its picnic pavilion. today officers will be stationed at each entrance to the park to keep people from getting inside. the park will resume normal operations on tuesday. today chip kelly will shave down the roster to 50 players, and quarterback matt barkley will not be on it. tebow shined on thursday night tpwepbs the jets right here on nbc 10. coming up in sports we'll break down the barkley trade and tebow's chances of making the eagles squad. college football back in philly. the alls will take on penn state here at the field.
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here is where the stadium is sold out. kickoff is set for 3:30 this afternoon. we will hear from both coaches about the season opener. this morning following a story overseas. a victory. we'll explain how the migrant crisis is playing out. plus, an active defiance leaves a kentucky clerk in jail on this holiday weekend. we will hear from her husband about how long she's willing to stay behind bars over a same-sex marriage license controversy.
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good morning, temperatures expected to be cooler today which is a great way to start off the weekend. hour heat wave should officially
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be over. we will start off at 68 in philadelphia township, and a mild start in some locations. 70 degrees in trenton, and 69 in allentown, and 63 degrees in mt. pocono, and we will see cooler air working its way in from the east and northeast, and drier air on the way and our humidity will drop because of that. 85 will be the high today in philadelphia, and mid-80s for allentown, and 78 degrees in the poconos and if you head on heading down to the shore, low 80s straight through labor day. we have a moderate risk of rip currents that you want to be careful, and our water temperature expected to be in the mid-70s. we have more details on what we can expect as we get closer to labor day and that's coming up in my full forecast. do you need a hair cut today? you can get trimmed up by the
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battleship barber. the battleship memorialship is offering cuts today and tomorrow from 10:00 until 2:00 in the afternoon. next, a happy ending to the theft. a delaware county family has their flag back after somebody stole it from their porch.
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a developing story overseas we are watching. bus loads of migrants and refugees arrived in the dark and in the rain early this morning in austria. they had been stuck for days at the strain station in budapest after authorities blocked them from boarding western-bound trains. 100 buses were transported to the border, and many of them are fleeing the war in syria.
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back here in the u.s. the battle over gay marriage continues in kentucky. the lawyer for the counter clerk, kim davis, says they are not legally valid without their approval. yesterday same-sex couples were issued licenses for the first time ever, and the deputy clerk issued them as his boss, davis, sits in jail. she says her christian faith prevents her from authorizing gay marriage. >> how long is your wife prepared to stay in jail? >> as long as it takes. >> davis will spend the holiday weekend in jail in isolation, and the person you just heard from is her husband. her lawyer says they expect her to be in custody until tuesday. talk about a close call. an elderly man's car bursts into
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flames outside of a diner yesterday, but the 85-year-old man, charlie flowers, managed to escape just in time thanks to the waitress. she saw the smoke coming from his engine and ran outside to warn him. >> it was really dangerous. i thought the car might explode. >> they said get out, and angela helped me out, thank goodness. i appreciate it. >> nbc 10 cydney long was with flowers yesterday when he called her to thank her, and he says his insurance will help him replace his car. a driver in colorado is counting his blessings after a large piece of road debris fell through his windshield almost killing him. >> thank god nobody was in the car, and especially my pregnant wife. it could have bench worse than it is.
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i think maybe that's why i am so calm about it right now. >> the driver thinks it could have been debris could be a roll bar from a suv or truck. an update on a story we shared earlier this week. this video shows a man stealing a flag off the front porch from a home and we are happy to report the flag has been returned and the thief wrote a letter apologizing for putting the family through all of the suffering. the flag that shows the family crest has sentimental meaning. the note from the thief had 20 bucks in it to fix the broken flagpole. rescuers will set out to free a blue whale tangled in a fishing line. it was spotted yesterday near
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the catalina islands. marine and wildlife experts arrived at the scene before sunset and attached a larger buoy to keep track of the whale. >> announcer: now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist, brittney shipp. good morning. temperatures to start off your three-day weekend are going to be cooler than what we saw in the last couple days. we stayed in the 90s for most of the week and now we will start to see cooler temperatures on top of that, and more good news, we are also going to see relief from the high humidity. staying dry for us and happy labor day plans, dry conditions, although we will push back to the 90s in a few location, but right now 72 degrees with a few clouds lingering. our humidity is up to 773%.
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low 70s in atlantic city, and dover at 70 degrees. summer was holding on all last week and it started last weekend on sunday, so we had a heat wave for the first three days and ended the week strong, and temperatures yesterday at 93 degrees so we stayed anywhere from 10 to 13 degrees above average. right now nice and dry on the radar shot which is fantastic, and we are going to see less humidity, and part of the reason why is the wind direction here, you will notice it's coming in from the northeast, and it's cooler and drier air moving in and we will see an onshore flow head into the rest of the day and that's going to keep us dry and cooler than what we saw previously in the workweek and that's going to be a nice way to start off your holiday weekend. as we approach monday we will start to see cooler temperatures still right along the shoreline here, but we will also see a lot
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more moisture moving up as the wind direction shifts coming up out of the south, so expect the humidity to return and also high pressure is going to get stronger by monday, so that means our temperature are going to warm back well above our average, which is 82 degrees for this time of year, so it will be a lot closer to 90 degrees as we approach monday. any sprinkle will stay to the north of us. a look at the highs around the region today. 84 degrees is the high in allentown. high 70s in the poconos and 80s along the shoreline. your three-day labor day forecast shows we are going to continue to climb, you will notice for philadelphia, saturday, sunday, monday, each day warmer than the previous day. we will see similar conditions along the shoreline and in the poconos and in the low 80s, dry and sunshine, beautiful no
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matter where you decide to go. i will have your 7-day forecast coming up in just a bit. tom brady breaks his silence in the wake of the deflategate decision. coming up, what he has to say to the fans. plus, who will make the final cut. the eagles will whittle down their roster this afternoon. how a trade could pave the way for tim tebow. that's coming up in sports.
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hreul. today tens of thousands of people will pass the ben franklin parkway as the made in america festival kicks off. here is an overhead view and we are live on the parkway this morning right there on the ground. coming up we will have a preview of the two-day event. if you are spendingor holiday weekend in the lehigh valley, the fair runs through labor day. last night country music star eric church headlined the event. of course there's plenty to do
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there. rides and all kinds of treats for the kids. teenage pop fans had their bubble burst after finding out the tickets to see their favorite band were fake. several ticket holders could not get in to see the group and they purchased the tickets on the website not affiliated with the band. >> i was heartbroken and disappointed. we were supposed to see the sound check and have the meet and greet with them. >> i want to cry. it's my niece and it broke my heart. >> we spoke with live nation officials who told us they are investigating the case and they recommend only buying tickets from live nation itself. meantime the families are hoping they can do a charge back on their credit cards. some have filed police reports. talking sports now.
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tom brady is breaking his silence and apologizing. brady posted something on his facebook, while i am pleased to be eligible to play, i'm sorry our league had to insure this. on thursday a federal judge wiped out brady's four-game suspension. the deflategate saga is not over, the nfl is appealing the ruling but brady is expected to be in uniform and start the patriot's season opener against the pittsburgh steelers on thursday night here on nbc. that does it. that is one of the greatest, most spectacular high-quality comebacks. >> two time u.s. tennis champion
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nadal has been eliminated in this year's open. it ended nadal's ten-year streak of winning one of the four tennis majors. here is the rest of your saturday morning sports. i am amy fadool. matt barkley and tim tebow, and after a trade yesterday the eagles coach made his choice. the condition is if matt barkley is on the card's roster for six games, and tim tebow may have won the battle between he and barkley. ruben frank will be released, but bailey could be added to the eagle's practice squad if
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another team doesn't find him, and the eagles have until today at 4:00 p.m. to trim the roster to 53 players. and then at lincoln financial field this afternoon, if you want a ticket you have to look elsewhere. the ticket is sold out and both coaches looking forward to this match-up. >> i am 0-1, and this team that we have right now, they have not had a chance to play them yet, and i want them to play well. i want them to not have the moment be too big. >> last year we were excited to play the game and we could have used another two weeks for preparation, and i don't feel that way, i feel like we are ready to play the game. >> and that don brown has been desired with a concussion and could miss the remaining month
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of the philly's season. and travis shaw singling to right, and then the relay gets away, and david ortiz, that was the kind of night for the phillies. he beats the throw home and the phillies fall 7-5. last night serena williams in trouble in the u.s. open. she dropped the first set, and tying it up in the second set of five games a piece, and serena is two games away from defeat, but do not count her out. and then finishes with the overhead winner, and takes it 3-6, 7-5, 6-0, and she is still alive. in just a few hours from now, tens of thousands of people will be on the ben franklin parkway for the made in america
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festival. jesse gary is live with what to expect this year. >> reporter: everything is set up for people to come out and have a good time, and also the philadelphia police to get a good look and chance to go over their plans for when the pope comes to town. we will talk about that right after the break. if you plan on heading out to the festival, the good news is, temperatures will be cooler than what we have been seeing in the past couple of days, and so expect highs close to the 80s with low humidity, and that's a great way to watch a concert. i will have more details on your made in america forecast. that's coming up.
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today, the parkway will be packed in philadelphia this weekend for the made in america festival, whether you have tickets or trying to avoid the crowds, we have you covered with all you need to know. it's coming up in a live report. a busy south street on friday night became a crime scene after somebody open fire on a crowd killing one man. why police are investigating the shooting. and the weather will be pleasant as we unofficially get ready to say good-bye to the summer season. the forecast in just a moment. i am rosemary connors. it's 5:30 on t


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