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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 7am  NBC  September 6, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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right now a delaware county police officer is recovering after he was stabbed inside his police cruiser in south philadelphia. we'll sort out what happened and update the investigation. gearing up for the finale in a few short hours tens of thousands of music fans will swarm five stages along the benjamin franklin parkway for day two of made in america in philadelphia. a live report is just ahead. if your holiday weekend plans included a trip to the beach. here's a live look down the shore at cape may. we are tracking plenty of sunshine. good morning, this is nbc 10 news. i'm rosemary connors.
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it's 7:00 on this sunday. let's get to that first alert forecast with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. everything looks fantastic again heading into today. lots of sunshine, even a bit of cloudiness. our humidity stays low. wind speeds stay light. it's a perfect combination. temperatures for philadelphia at 87 degrees today. warmer as we push into labor day. current conditions, as you make plans for brunch. 54 in the poconos. 56 at allentown. 64 in philadelphia. 59 in wilmington. 63 in wildwood. our highs around the region today pushing into the high 80s. 87 in philadelphia. 84 in pottstown. 80 is the high in the poconos. low 80s in wildwood. 83 at the atlantic city airport. now, let's switch over to labor day. getting hot out there. 90 for northeast philly labor day. 89 in philadelphia.
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87 in pottstown. temperatures in the poconos will warm into the low 80s. i'm also tracking the return of storms and the potential risk for rip currents. more details on that in my full forecast. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a house fire in philadelphia's stenton section. the fire started just before 3:30 morning on 76th avenue. crews had it under control about 45 minutes later. nobody was hurt. this morning we are learning more about what led up to a stabbing that injured a tinicum township police officer. investigators tell us the officer was transporting a man from a motel 6 in tinicum township to a holiday inn in south philadelphia it was a courtesy transport. all of a sudden the man began fightinging the officer inside the cruiser. the scuffle spilled out to the parking lot and the man
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stabbed the officer in the arm. police arrested the suspect. this weekend rutgers university removed five players from its football team following their arrest earlier this week. four players are charged with aggravated assault in connection with a fight that left a man with a broken jaw. another player is charged with two home invasion robberies. one suspect is from coatesville, another is from egg harbor township. the university has also suspended those players. today patco riders will begin following a new schedule. this is a live look at the ben franklin where a track rehabilitation jekt is entproje entering its final stages. work requires revised schedules from thursday midday through sunday night that will last through the end of october. patco will return to a full normal schedule between monday and thursday mornings. in chester county this is
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all that's left of several townhomes after a fire. the american red cross is helping a dozen people out of their houses this morning. flames ripped through three townhomes on armstrong lane in phoenixville yesterday. a viewer sent us this video of flames and black smoke shooting into the sky. investigators are working to determine the cause of this fire. more viewer video from montgomery county where a car burst into flames. the fire here spread to three other vehicles. this happened in the parking lot of the towers of wyncote apartments. no one was hurt. get ready for another day of outdoor music and fun in center city. this is time lapse video of 70,000 people crowding the ben franklin parkway for the made in america festival. in just a few hours, the second and final day of the event
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begins. jesse gary has more from the parkway. >> reporter: this is the last opportunity for city officials to music as a means to fine tune pope security plans. the made in america music festival is expected to draw in 70,000 fans. amid the sea of people, philadelphia police fine tuning security plans when pope francis arrived in three weeks. officials say they're using this scale gathering as a dry run to prepare them for a crisis. >> it's a good run through, definitely. i think when the pope is here there will be more people. but i expect more people as the day goes on. >> the city is expecting more people when the pope arrives. upwards of 1 milt onpeople. that's not to say it wasn't a challenge to try to find an open spot to see the stage when
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beyonce was performing. live in center city, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. >> you can find the entire lineup for the weekend on our website, and it's worth checking out even if you are not going to the concert today because we also have road closures listed so that you can avoid any traffic. talking sports this morning, the eagles are looking for a third string quarterback after the eagles cut tim tebow. tebow was one of 22 birds released yesterday. coach chip kelly praised tebow's work ethic and said he had improved but wasn't good enough to make the team. tebow shined against the jets, the next day it looked like his chances of make the team were better after the eagles released barkley. tebow tweeted thanks eagles and coach kelly for giving me
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the opportunity to play the game i love. you can find more about the eagles decision to cut tim tebow and the other changes that happened yesterday on next, rough day at the beach. well, not exactly. however there was some danger in the water. riptides kept many beach-goers on guard. we'll update you on the riptide risk there today after the break. and ahead, preparing for more than the pope. imagine planning a wedding scheduled on the same day as francis arrives in philadelphia. how this bride is not letting it ruin her big day.
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the road to hell is paved with good intentions. mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran. whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism, scream for the destruction of israel and death to america. so, what if you're wrong? and they can't be trusted? senator casey, don't trust iran. vote this down.
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plenty of people are trying to extend the weekend down the shore. it still felt and looked like a summer weekend as folks crowded the atlantic city boardwalk yesterday. others spent time on the beach under colorful umbrellas. the water not so inviting thanks to dangerous rip currents. >> came prepared, brought by body board. the lifeguard said no body board and you can't go in past your waist. >> all because of the rip currents. >> yes. >> expect some improvement in the water today but there will still be a moderate rip current risk.
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i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. we will see a mix of sun and clouds throughout today. you're taking a live look at the city skyline. we will see nice conditions today. it will be a beautiful day for us. if you look closer, one thing that we're monitoring is a moderate risk of rip currents. temperatures throughout cape may in the mid 60s. as i switch you over, i can show you your city planner. it will show how we will progress throughout today. temperatures push into the high 80s for philadelphia. by 9:00 a.m., 70 degrees. by noon, 80. by 3:00 p.m., 84 with lots of sunshine. temperatures will warm up more as we head into tomorrow. i'll switch you over to our right now conditions. that shows a cool start mornito morning 55 in horsham. 56 in allentown.
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54 in mt. pocono. 54 in oxford. 57 at the atlantic city airport. 60 degrees in dover. a moderately warm day on tap. temperatures going up into the 90s. i'll have des on that coming up. this morning overseas, thousands of migrants who fled their troubled homelands have made it to austria and germany. more than 7,000 people fleeing war in syria, iraq and afghanistan surged across hungary's western border yesterday. once in germany, well wishers welcomed the migrants with signs and supplies. some came into the country by train or bus, others walked the final stretch across the border. in canada this weekend, family, friends and strangers gathered to remember who little syrian refugee boys and their mother who drowned when their boat capsized off the coast of turkey. photos of the lifeless body of one of the boys has focused world attention on the migrant crisis in europe.
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yesterday's memorial service was held near the home of the boy's aunt who lives in vancouver. still ahead, high and dry. the sunny and hot summer is drying out more than your lawn. it's taking a toll on crops across new jersey. and next, changing the color of recycling. we'll tell you why children are the driving force behind collecting, melting, and reusing crayons.
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this morning we are following a developing story out of north carolina where a 9-year-old boy is dead and three others are hurt after a shooting. it all happened in the front
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yard of a house in charlotte where a family was having a party. another child and two adults were hurt after the attack. polices are looking for the shooter and trying to figure out what led up to the sudden violence. police in vegas have a man under arrest on drunk driving charges following this deadly multi-vehicle crash. according to investigator, the man was driving a bmw that sped through a red light yesterday morning, it hit a mini bus and another car. the bus overturned and caught fire. the crash left two people dead and four injured. among those killed was the bus driver. >> he was great man. very humble. game from humble beginnings. had respect to everybody. didn't matter if you were ceo, trashman, he showed everyone respect. >> the bmw driver was also hurt. he and the three other people injured are still recovering. now to a true story of survival.
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a dog from colorado is back home safe and sound after being lost for more than 40 days in the wilderness of yellowstone national park. jade, the australian shepherd went missing on july 23rd. her owners were driving through yellowstone when another car crossed the yellow line, hit them head on. after the crash, jade ran off. the couple searched for her but she never turned up. they launched an online campaign to find the dog and she had been spotted a few times recently. so the couple decided go back to yellowstone this week and they went out with their other dog for a walk with hope. >> a minute or two later, i saw this black head pop up at the edge, i said here puppy, puppy, good girl. she came bounding to me. >> the owners say jade has lost a bit of weight but is healthy considering how much time she spent in the wilderness. it's an example of turning
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track into treasure. it's an effort to use children's discarded crayons to help kids in need. it's called the crayon initiative. the founder got the idea four years ago. he wondered what happened to excess crayons left behind at restaurants. >> my kids were coloring with crayons. i was wondering what they were doing with the excess crayons. why throw them away. we could do something else with them. >> kids help to sort and recycle the old crayons, then melted down and reformed and distributed to hospitals and other places to brighten the lives of sick or need children. good morning. this is a great weekend if you have outdoor plans. it will stay nice and dry and warm. at the shore, the poconos, if you're cityi istaying in the ci. i want to talk about the moderate risk of rip currents. keep that in mind if you plan on
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going into the water. storms return not over the weekend but next week. a live look at the parkway where everybody is gearing up for day t two. in philadelphia, 64 degrees. currently at 54 in the poconos. 56 in allentown. millville at 58. 60 in dover. rough surf expected for today. this will affect cape may up to beach haven and rehoboth beach and lewis. moderate risk of rip currents. check with lifeguards before you go into the water and make sure you're careful. satellite radar shows a few little clouds lingering near sussex county. other than that, we don't have any other weather disturbances. we will be in the clear over the next couple of days. high pressure will stay in control. that means warmer temperatures. we are watching the wind
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direction closely. that gave us the drier air yesterday. cooler temperatures with air blowing off the cool water temperatures. pushing that cooler air inland. heading into tomorrow we will see a few clouds developing, i will in south jersey. atlantic city included and most of delaware. by 7 a.m:00 a.m., mostly cloudy skies and then more sunshine. expect temperatures to push to 89 for labor day. 87 in pottstown. close to 90 in allentown. same thing for northeast philadelphia. temperatures close to wildwood will bump up a bit. for today, poconos, 79 is the high. 87, and then temperatures along the shore at 81. seven-day forecast shows above-average temperatures will continue. our average for this time of year is 82. instead we'll be in the high 80s today, tomorrow. as we look at the rest of your work week, temperatures push
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back to the 90s. maybe even a heat wave with three straight days in the 90s expected. we track a chance of storms starting thursday. next what should be the happiest day of her life could be a very hectic one. this bride get marsried the same d s married the same day pope francis visits the city.
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philadelphia is preparing for the pope. residents, business owners, everybody. if you think you're stressed, try planning a wedding in the city at the same time. we look at how one pride is handling the extra challenges.
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>> my mom said she is not come together wedding, she will see the pope and get holy water. >> reporter: anne ha's mom is not serious, but it's a good thing her family has had a good sense of humor as ha plans a wetting to her fiance tom the same day that the pope is giving mass in the city. >> trying to get around the city on that day, i don't know. >> reporter: to complicate things more her wedding is two parts. the first in philadelphia. the second in bucks county. requiring guests to detour some major routes just to get to the ceremony. already about two dozen friends and family have canceled. >> if it happens, it happens. if i don't get it my way, that's okay. >> reporter: it will work out. >> it will work out. >> reporter: ha survived a tough fight with cancer last year and was recognized by president obama because her health coverage saved her life. after waging that battle, planning a wedding around the pope doesn't seem so tough. >> we're trying not to stress out about it. it sucks they can't be there because we wanted this to be
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more than a wedding celebration, we wanted this to be a celebration of life. >> if you haven't done it yet, download the nbc 10 news app. from the traffic troubles to the pope's itinerary, we have a section covering all events surrounding the pope. summer's last hurrah means live music for tens of thousands of folks in philadelphia. jesse gary is live along the parkway where the made in america festival wraps up today. >> it begins with music and later today this is how it ends, breaking down all of this. that's coming up after the break. there's still one more day of fun and one more round of beautiful weather for us. high 80s expected in the city. cooler down the shore. i'll let you know to expect from the poconos and the rest of the region coming up in my full forecast.
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packing the parkway. tens of thousands of fans will make their way to the parkway. not a cloud out there. we'll make it into the 80s again and warmer weather is ahead for later this week. good morning. this is nbc 10 news. welcome back. i'm rosemary connors. it's just before 7:30 on this sunday. let's go to meteorologist brittney shipp. we couldn't ask for everything better on this three-day weekend. >> it's true. temperatures above average, not too warm. it will be enjoyable once again today and tomorrow. a live look outside right now of
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the poconos. the water park there. camel beach. temperatures are at 54 in the poconos. 59 in reading. 58 in lancaster. millville, 58. 63 in wildwood. we will be slow to warm up. by noon, into the 80s. by 3:00 p.m., 84. lots of sunshine. temperatures topping out today at 87. 83 at the atlantic city airport. in the poconos in the 80s as well. new from overnight, fire broke out at a two-story house in philadelphia's west oak lane neighborhood. nobody was hurt. the fire started just before 3:30 in the morning on 76th avenue. crews had it under control about 45 minutes later. the cause is under investigation. this morning we are learning more about what led up to a stabbing that injured a tinicum
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township police officer. investigators tell us that the officer was providing a courtesy transport to a plan from a motel 6 in tinicum township to a holiday inn in south philadelphia. the man began fighting with the officer in the cruiser. the scuffle spilled out to the parking lot and the suspect stabbed the officer in the arm. police arrested the suspect. the officer is in stable condition. from our south jersey bureau, dozens of people came together last night to hold a candlelight vigil for a teenage girl who died during a sleepover. kara lemanowicz was found unresponsive inside a home in mantua township yesterday morning. she was 14 years old. the girl with was at the home having a sleepover with teammates from her soccer club. police say her death does not appear to be suspicious. they believe it may have been caused bay medical condition. >> police in delaware say tips from the public helped get a suspected thief off the streets. 28-year-old anthony lynch is charged with two counts of
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robbery. he snatched women's purses around rehoboth beach. one of the incidents happened just this past tuesday at the tanger outlets. he is being held at the sussex correctional institution in lieu of bail. today tens of thousands of music fans will be setting up camp along the parkway in center city. the two-day made in america festival in philadelphia wraps up today. nbc 10's jesse gary is live along the parkway with a preview. >> reporter: how are you doing? the first act takes the stage at 2:00 this. then the group the weekend takes over at 9:30 tonight. in between hours of music complimented by food, drink and fun along the benjamin franklin parkway, promoters expect 70,000 people to attend, an increase from last year because the festival area has been increased by one city block.
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the extra room did not translate into extra help for some concert-goers looking for clear view of the stage. >> we need somewhere to chill and look aid round until beyonce comes on. ♪ >> reporter: the queen bea of music was the featured performer and took the stage late last night. fans say she did not disappoint. festival ends today, then the cleanup and the deconstruction of all this begins. they hope to get this all done on wednesday, because thursday they start to set up for the pope's arrival. so they think there may be a one or two-hour overlap. so they hope to get all this removed before they prepare for the next big event coming to philadelphia. >> what's that next big event? right, the pope. just a few weeks from now. coming up next, drying up. that's the case across much of
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new jersey. it's not just your lawn that the lack of rain is hurting. we'll tell you what dry conditions are doing to jersey produce. we thought we'd be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. you can't predict it, but you can be ready. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at
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drought conditions have taken over most of new jersey from bergen county to cape may
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county. nbc's brian thompson reports. >> reporter: in bergen county, united water was first out of the gate earlier this week for the appeal for voluntary conservation. its three main reservoirs below 50% capacity. with this warning. >> we may be headed into mandatory restrictions if demand continues to be high and we have no rain. >> reporter: ten days ago, a noaa drought monitor map showed abnormally dry conditions in northeast new jersey only. now that designation covers most of the state with the northeast rated as being in a more severe/moderate drought. the threat to drinking water supplies making new jersey american water appeal to its north jersey customers now. >> what did well? >> early corn did all right. sweet corn. >> reporter: for middlesex county farmer, bob kellerman, the hot relentless sun has been burning up cornfields since at promising start to the growing season a few months ago. inside his farm stand, customers come for the crops he's been able to irrigate. they're fine. but look at these two ears of corn.
7:38 am
the small one on the left is kellerman's. the one on right from another farm. >> the people buying it say it's still sweet, but not as big. you're not getting your money's worth i don't think. >> reporter: i shucked this ear of field corn and the lack of water shows on the dimples of each kernel of corn. kellerman does have irrigation here, but he doesn't have the time to keep everything irrigated so this zucchini crop is also a lost cause. and with these drought conditions bringing deer to these fields to find anything moist -- >> i never had them eat zucchini before. can't grow zucchini now. >> reporter: brian thompson, nbc 10 news. we will see great conditions today. a sneak peek at the highs around the region. if you look now at our
7:39 am
headlines, we will stay nice and warm as we push into today. warmer conditions expected today. i'm tracking the moderate risk of rip currents and the storm's return into the seven-day forecast. for philadelphia, the poconos camera timed out. 64 degrees. a close look at the rough surf. we will see a moderate risk of rip currents. you can see how rough it is there. temperatures at the atlantic city airport in the 60s. we are at 68 in beach haven. 65 in cape may. it is a cooler start to the morning. as we push into the afternoon, we will warm into the 80s. 56 in horsham. pottstown at 54. 56 in allentown. 58 in millville. woodbine at 57. satellite radar shot shows that we will see dry conditions once again. lots of sunshine, a bit of cloudiness trying to make its way up from the south to cape may, parts of dover, our
7:40 am
satellite radar, as we widen out the picture, it shows no weather disturbances in the area. we will stay nice and dry. high pressure continues to remain in control. a closer look at our future cast shows nice and dry today. same thing for tomorrow, even into tuesday. the big difference between today and tomorrow, our humidity increasing and our clouds will develop more in south jersey. highs around the region at 87 in philadelphia. 83 in atlantic city. low 80s in wildwood. 80 in the poconos. 86 in allentown. a closer look at tomorrow, hot conditions with a few locations pushing into the 90s. 89 in allentown. 87 in pottstown. 83 in wildwood. our micro climate high shows the poconos today close to 80 degrees. if you plan on heading down the shore, lots of sunshine, temperatures in the 80s. seven-day forecast shows warmer today, even warmer tomorrow. and even warmer heading into tuesday. we'll get close to the 90s and
7:41 am
the possibility of a heat wave tuesday, wednesday, thursday with temperatures expected to stay in the 90s all three days consecutively. by thursday evening we track the chance of storms. >> in case you thought it was fall, it's not. summer is still here for a few more weeks. there are some silent victims of california's unprecedented drought. the giant sequoia trees. the trees are showing symptoms of drought stress. some have lost 75% of their needles and others are dying as they can't get enough water. >> measurements we've been getting of the amount of tension in the water in the foliage indicates there's more stress than ever before. >> though the sequoias are showing troubling signs, they have lived thousands of years and survived previous droughts. ♪ we have high hopes ♪ we have high hopes
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>> the temple owls are flying high after a history making day at the linc. highlights coming up in sports.
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you're a parent. we're both busy people. so pick up my new hand prepared $20 family fill up meal. eight pieces of original recipe chicken, two large mashed potatoes and gravy, a large coleslaw, and 4 biscuits. i'll get back to ya. (door squeaking)
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it's finger lickin' good. the road to hell is paved with good intentions. mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran. whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism, scream for the destruction of israel and death to america. so, what if you're wrong? and they can't be trusted? senator casey, don't trust iran. vote this down.
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a new schedule goes into effect today for patco riders. this is a live look at the ben franklin bridge where a track rehabilitation project is entering its final stages. if you drive over the bridge, i'm sure you've seen it. work requires revised schedules from thursday midday through sunday night that will last through the end of october. patco will return to a full normal schedule between monday and thursday mornings. the battleship new jersey was buzzing this weekend, with free hair cuts that is. they were offering free buzz cut cuts for kids going back to school. after getting their new dos, guests got to take a tour of the historic ship. good morning to you. i'm danny pommells from comcast sportsnet. we're talking football. the eagles released 22 players yesterday.
7:46 am
the roster stands at 52. one below the maximum. the cuts included tim tebow, chip kelly carried three qbs in his first two as soon as, but with tebow and matt barkley now gone, he has just two on his roster now. kelly said he will add a third qb. kelly explained why it wasn't barkley or tebow. >> we had an offer for a trade for matt, we thought that was the best possible scenario in the situation for matt, and i think tim has progressed but not up to speed right now. after his release, tebow took to twitter writing thanks eagles and chip kelly thanks you for allowing me to play the game i love. romans 8:28. #blessed. here are a few other play that's right eagles released. they include rasheed bailey, one of four wide receivers let go. some players who were cut could return when the eagles build their ten-player practice squad if no other teams claim them. to college, it's been a while since temple has beaten penn state in college football.
7:47 am
74 years. 1941. since then the nittany lions were 38-0-1 against the owls. the owls had had enough. chip kelly visiting his home's other tenants. shaking hands, kissing babies, slapping backs. third quarter. temple overcame a third quarter deficit to tie the game. hackenburg's pass intercepted and taken down to the two. the owls would punch it in for a 17-10 lead. this time, the two-rush. ensuing drive, thomas takes it in from 24 yards away. he had 135 on the day. the streak is over and they're singing in the locker room. ♪ ♪ we got high hopes ♪ we've got high hopes
7:48 am
♪ we have high pie in the sky hopes ♪ >> you can't beat that jubilation. the phillies in boston. phillies don't like playing the red sox. they won just 1 of the last 13 series against boston. make it 1 of 14. bottom of the fourth. bas bases juiced. asher gives up a double to xander bogaerts. all three runners score. when the ball gets away from ruiz, bogaerts tries to score. a pretty slide to home. he avoids the tag at the dish. he pulls that right hand back, slides in with the left. the umpire calls him safe. next batter, williams in in goes david ortiz. they call him big papi or large father. career home run 496. sets a red sox record with his ninth 30-home run season. boston wins 9-2. to think some people were saying that guy's time in the majors was up. that's sports. i'm danny pommells from comcast sportsnet. let's head up to new york and check in with erica hill and
7:49 am
peter alexander for more on what they're working on on the "today" show. hi, guys. >> hi, rosemary. just ahead on a sunday morning on "today" -- the race for the white house is anything but ?f?s  bernie sanders seeing a new surge in the polls as hillary clinton remains on the defensive over that e-mail scandal and now she's going after donald trump. >> and a tragic accident on the high seas. a sailor has died in the first week of an around the world voyage that we first told you about last week. and finding confidence and help from a friend. how these special pups are making a difference for kids learning to read and inspire ina new love of learning. and move over, puff. we have piff the dragon in the
7:50 am
house. the "america's got talent" star stops byfli)u@ his chihuahua an their unique brand of entertainment. we'll see you shortly on a sunday morning on "today." >> nothing like a mr. x-r#f to brighten your sunday. >> and a bowl of rice, right? >> and a bowl of rice. thank you. yes. >> we'll be right back.
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i'm tracy davidson. join me today. two local senators on two sides of the iran nuclear debate speak out. >> we need to try to take yes for an answer and the iranis need to take yes for an answer. >> when i look at this, i'm afraid it diminishes american security and does not enhance american security. it's a dangerous agreement. >> coming up 11:30 this morning after "meet the press." only on nbc 10. effo efforts appear to be heating up to dislodge kathleen kane from office. senate lawyers are looking for a constitutional provision to possibly remove her. the pennsylvania state supreme court is trying to suspend her law license. on friday lawyers for kane argued against that saying it would violate her right to due process. montgomery county authorities have charged kane with leaking secret grand jury
7:54 am
information and lying about her actions. congress comes back from its august recess on tuesday to a long list of unfinished business. before pope francis addresses congress on september 24th, lawmakers would like to approve a measure to keep the government operating temporarily. both house and senate republicans will vote on a resolution to reject the iran nuclear deal, which president obama said he will veto. with 37 democrats pledging to support the deal, the president has enough support to sustain that veto. the nuclear iranian deal is the top issue on "meet the press." joining us with a preview is moderator of "meet the press," chuck todd. >> good morning. >> president obama scored a victory this week with news that the iran deal is poised to move through in congress despite the controversy and questions from critics. how does this factor into his legacy? >> the deal will only factor into his legacy depending on how it works. if it prevents iran from getting
7:55 am
a nuclear weapon and there is relative peace and not a nuclear arms race in the middle east, as critic predict, it will be a huge positive for the president's legacy. ultimately it's about whether the deal works or not. let's remember, just while there is a veto-proof minority now in congress, you are still going to have majorities in congress voice disapproval of this deal. it is just a reminder of how polarized we've become that we've always expected domestically -- everybody sees everything wearing red jerseys or blue jerseys. now foreign policy decisions and votes are conducted through the lens of politics. it is a trend that my guests this morning, secretary of state and colin powell is very much discouraged by. i think you'll hear him -- we'll hear for the first time where he stands on the iran deal. regardless of where he stands, you will hear him lament the
7:56 am
bipartisan success. >> i want to talk to you about decision 2016 and in hillary clinton's interview this week, she said she wished she made a different choice about having a private e-mail server. how is the controversy impacting the race with bernie sanders, and does joe biden need to make a move soon? >> we will show new poll numbers that we conducted this morning out of iowa and new hampshire. i won't give you all the details now, but they are bad news for hillary clinton. not only showing momentum for bernie sanders, but it show there's is a lot of room for joe biden if he chooses to run. democrats may not want him to run, they may need him to run. hillary clinton performs worse in general election match-ups against jeb bush or donald trump than joe biden does in iowa and new hampshire. if you're joe biden and just looking at the data, you sit there and say there's plenty of room for me to go. the joe biden i heard this week, when he talked about the race,
7:57 am
sounded like somebody who do doesn't have the fire in the belly do this. >> chuck todd, thanks very much. celebrating his one-year anniversary on "meet the press." >> one down, a few more to go. >> this morning, chuck will have an exclusive interview with former secretary of state retired general colin powell, at 10:30 on nbc 10. before we leave you, we want one last check of the weather. looking outside behind us, not a cloud out there. >> plenty of sunshine. it's great for everyone heading out for day two of made in america on the parkway. temperatures range between 84 and 88. sunny and warm. the seven-day forecast shows tomorrow, on the actual holiday, 88 degrees. as we head into the next couple of days, we stay in the 90s. >> summer's still here. >> definitely hanging on.
7:58 am
>> that will do it for us. we'll see you at 9:00.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning getting nervous? a bold statement from bernie sanders about the hillary clinton campaign as he makes a big push in a key battleground state. while hillary clinton gets a scrap with donald trump. we're live on the campaign trail. deadly crash a horrific scene at the road rally as a car crashes into a packed crowd. at least six people are killed including a pregnant woman. how did it happen? picture of strength. the first images of the only person to survive the deadly shooting in virginia last month. her positivity inspiring many this morning. hail mary! an incredible start to the


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