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tv   Today  NBC  September 6, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning getting nervous? a bold statement from bernie sanders about the hillary clinton campaign as he makes a big push in a key battleground state. while hillary clinton gets a scrap with donald trump. we're live on the campaign trail. deadly crash a horrific scene at the road rally as a car crashes into a packed crowd. at least six people are killed including a pregnant woman. how did it happen? picture of strength. the first images of the only person to survive the deadly shooting in virginia last month. her positivity inspiring many this morning. hail mary! an incredible start to the
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football season. the clock ran out and the unbelievable play. >> down to the goal line and caught! >> the celebration going strong today. sunday, september 6, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. and welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. i'm erika hie i'm erika hill. >> i'm peter alexander. when football begins like this, you know -- >> oh! we're in for a good fall season. the guy who threw the pass was a back up quarterback. the guy came into the game after the starter was hurt. he hasn't played organized football in three years because he had been on a mormon mission overseas. >> talk about coming in and knocking one out of the park. even more exciting the play is something great. when you hear the byu radio call of the final play whole new
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perspective. >> got time. loads up, watches it. goes for the end zone. the bill is in the air and it drops at the goal line for a touchdown! he got it! he got it! he got it! touchdown byu. >> the the cougars win it! >> he got it! i can't even get my voice that high. >> i know. >> it was great. and northwestern quite a nice start for the season. >> the big upset against stanford at home. the last time northwest beat a top 25 team they went to the rose bowl! >> hey! look at that. >> this is fantastic. >> we've been waiting for that for awhile now. kicking things off in style for the football season. our top story is not football at this point. it is the campaign for the white house. and hillary clinton really trying to reset her campaign at this point. it's a controversy over the
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e-mail looms large. on saturday clinton acknowledged she paid a state department staffer to maintain her private e-mail staffer. she started a little bit of a feud with donald trump. kristin welker is on the campaign trail in iowa. >> reporter: good morning to you. secretary clinton will court the labor constituency over the holiday weekend. the goal is to move beyond the e-mail controversy, but with mounting questions the race keeps getting tighter here in iowa. secretary clinton back in iowa today after a big win in new hampshire on saturday. >> my friend, hillary clinton for president! >> reporter: clinton scored the coveted endorsement of jeanie shaheen. >> i believe what is good for women is good for america. >> reporter: overshadowing it all a new revelation. clinton acknowledging for the first time her family personally
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paid state department aid brian pagliano. >> we obviously paid for those services and did so because during a period of time we continued to need his technical assistance and i think that's in the public record. >> brian is the same aid who said he would plead the fifth last week refusing to speak to a congressional committee about the issue. >> we encouraged everyone to cooperate. >> reporter: the e-mail scandal is taking doll where bernie sanders is coming within striking distance of clinton. >> clinton said she's not focussed on sanders but her republican rivel taking a shot saturday at frontrunner donald trump. >> i'd rather you stop cherishing women and start respecting women.
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>> reporter: trump characteristically fired back saying hillary said such nasty things about me read off her tell prompter. there was know motion. clinton will try to turn the page away from her e-mails and back to issues like t. >> reporter: now it is going to be a busy 48 hours. a lot of candidates expected to be campaigning over the holiday weekend. and a lot of eyes will be on vice president joe biden who will mark labor day today tomorrow in the battleground state of pennsylvania as he continues to mull a run himself. back to you. >> kristen welker, thanks. chuck todd is moderator of "meet the press." marking one year anniversary on meet the priest. congratulati -- "meet the press."
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>> thank you. give me the report card for the democrats specifically. hillary clinton trying to overcome the e-mail over the course of the summer and bernie sanders. how do you grade how they have got ton this place. americans begin tuning in in earnest. >> let's expand it and look at the entire both parties. it's basically establishment had a horrible summer. outsiders had a great summer. it's working this way in both parties. bernie sanders surging. we'll have new polling come out of iowa and new hampshire. not to giveaway the score, but basically the song remains the same which is bernie sanders is urge ing and hillary clinton is suffering. we have joe biden viewed as the more electable democrat in the swing states than hillary clinton. >> wow. >> the traditional start of the campaign season, is labor day, we say. at the starting line hillary clinton is in some trouble.
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>> yeah. that's going add to the conversation in willmingtmingto. i want to ask you about congress. they're wrapping up the five week summer recess. congress will be back in session this coming week, and the iran deal is on the horizon for them. the president has secured a veto proof iran deal. it means it is going to go through. is this a victory or more he's avoiding defeat here? >> it's about surviving. our polarized climate everything is done through a red blue prism. i think foreign policy being viewed that way now as well. we're seeing the iran deal republicans essentially against it. democrats some splintering but mostly for it, at least as far as elected democrats are concerned. and this way of -- it makes conducting foreign policy more difficult than ever before. it's going to be one of the pieces of the conversation i'll have former secretary of state
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colin powell on the show this morning. >> chuck, we'll be watching a short time from now. we look forward to more on meet t -- "meet the press." >> this morning investigators in illinois are hoping some newly discovered evidence will bring them closer to finding the three men suspected in the killing of a police officer. this asfbi welcomes any tips to find the member. >> reporter: authorities are calling this new evidence significant leaving many hopeful it could finally be the break they've been looking for in the search for the killers. as investigators scour the scene of tuesday's deadly shooting a discovery. something officials think could help lead them to whoever killed lieutenant joe glin wesz.
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17 minutes later officers found him shot to death. officials won't say what the newest evidence is aside from calling it, quote, significant. for days they have been skocomb through the thick brushes. the officer's gun was recovered from the scene. >> it was found near the lieutenant's remains. i can't reveal how many times it was fired. >> reporter: fbi technicians are piecing together several videos from intersections and area homes. the images they see match what the officer said. two white men and one black. >> they murdered a police officer so they're capable of doing anything. >> reporter: the sheriff's department said they believe they're getting closer to identifying someone. >> historically what we found
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they are still localized. that's what they're hoping for. they're still within the area. >> reporter: officers will only say the new evidence was found by officers using machetes to clear that dense brush. meantime the trooper will be laid to rest with full honors on monday. expect a huge turn out. the case has touched so many people. >> there is good news we want to share about another story we covered repeatedly. this is uplifting on a sunday morning. we get the first look at the only survivor of the deadly shooting in virginia. it's the smiling vicky gardener. there she is in the hospital bed weeks after gardener was shot during the live television broadcast near roanoke. >> according to her recovery page on facebook gardener suffered a minor setback on saturday but continues to heal. doctors say she may be able to leave the hospital soon. gardener the only survivor after a gunman opened a fire while she was being interviewed on live tv. reporter allison parker and
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cameraman adam ward were both killed. another headline today this morning a deadly road rally crash is under investigation. sheinelle has been following that. >> good morning. there's a state of mourning across spain after a crash that killed at least six people and injured 16 more. the horrific moment of the crash was recorded and posted to youtube. nbc is on securing the moment of impact. in the saturday evening dusk, they lost control and launched into the pack crowd lined up to watch the high speed race in northern spain. witnesses describe a horror scene of dead and injured. including a pregnant woman and one child. several children were taken to the hospital. the two-person team is not injured but said to be getting psychological scarcare. race organizers posted a black ribbon to facebook. and spain's prime minister
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tweeted condolences. police are investigating what caused the deadly crash. a moment of silence will be held at sporting events across spain today. my grants in hu s is in hun continuing to march. they were unable to provide buses for those that want to travel to the border. thousands have made it to the two countries and the waive continues to arrive. pope francis called on every european parish to take in one migrant family. in kentucky demonstrators gathered to show their support for kim davis. davis is in jail on contempt of court charge after she refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. davis' husband insists she is going to stand firm. a disturbing story surfacing out of texas this morning. an investigation into a video of high school football players targeting an blind sighting a referee. two players were involved here.
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one barrelling into the ref and causing him to fall. the other then diving into him. both players were ejected. school and team officials say they're trying to find out what brought about the behavior. a california kayaker is recovering this morning after surviving an attack by a hammer head shark. the 29-year-old was fishing with a friend dangling a foot in the water when the 10-foot hammer head attacked. the kayaker was air lifted to the hospital to undergo surgery on his foot and listed in stable condition. now a frightening find for a homeowner wrapped tightly in the toilet bowl. a 10-foot long python. here it is after getting removed by a snake handler. if you think it doesn't happen off? it happened two days earlier in the same town. i'm never going to the bathroom ever again.
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we take you to rwanda for a joyous celebration for a naming of baby gorillas. rangers say any time there are new arrivals for the critically endangered species, it's a reason to celebrate! we live you with baby gorillas. >> super cute but i can't get the other image of my head. >> i guess you would see it before you sit. >> i hope so. otherwise that's a rude awakening. dylan dreyer, what do you have? >> the heat does not want to let go. it it remains hot through the middle of the country through the midwest and the east coach coa -- coast. we go into the afternoon we're looking for temperatures to run around 15 to nearly 20 degrees above average. especially across the upper midwest. chicago should hit 92 today. kansas city 95. a little farther to the east looking at temperatures above average still by about 5 to 15 degrees. highs approaching 90 degrees. in the northeast it's going to stay warm. today is another beautiful day
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in the low to mid 80s but 90s by monday and tuesday. scattered showers in the southeast and a chance of stronger storms with the cold front moving to minneapolis. watch out for large hail and damaging wind gusts. the cool down arrives behind that. >> i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. this sunday temperatures range between 84 and 88. sunny and warmer than what we saw yesterday. wind directions shifting out of the southeast 5 to 12 miles per hour. seven-day forecast shows tomorrow warmer. we nudge closer to 90 on your labor day. if we look at the rest of the week, we stay in the 90s, possibly three days. we could have another heat wave on our hands. a chance of storms on thursday. >> that's your latest forecast. >> thank you very much. on "today." tragic accident on the high seas. one person is killed in the
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hydro boost. from neutrogena we're back on a sunday morning. this is sad news on the story we first told you about last weekend. a sailor taking part in the yearlong voyage has died. it's the first death in nearly 20 years in the race history. jacob rascon has more. >> reporter: good morning. it is a grueling one of a kind competition started in 1996. a race around the globe in a yacht that never lost a sailer and only in the first days. race organizers call what happened a tragic accident. they were in an extraordinary yearlong voyage around the world. expose to the the brutality of the seas. sailing to rio dejaneiro when
8:18 am
tragedy suck. british ailer andrew ashman was struck. the first they fafatality in thy 20 year history of the race. >> it's disbelief. oh, god, it's andrew. such a lovely man. >> reporter: our thoughts and prayers to an old friend and colleague establish ambulance tweeted. a true gentlemen and inspirational paramedic. he had a permanent grin stuck on his face. he had unstoppable enthusiasm. the race began last sunday. twelve teams on identical yachts including eight americans. legendary yachtman sir robert johnson founded the competition. he understands the pearil of th journey which is open to all
8:19 am
sailers regardless of experience. the best thing to do is get back on there. >> reporter: a grueling adventure of a lifetime turned tragic. all of the race teams headed to brazil are observing a minute of silence in honor of ashman and other tributes like lowering their flags to half-staff. sir robin said ashman will be replaced and his yacht will finish the race. >> jacob rascon this morning, thanks. up next on "today" hello and goodbye. the adorable fan joining peyton manning on the field. two nfl players who have just found themselves without a team. that's right after this. with my android from tracfone, i can... order safety goggles. play music for seedlings. post science fair projects. schedule guinea pig feedings. video chemical reactions. take pics of mr. bones.
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cute pictures emerging from the world of football. >> i had to put on the eagles dress. do you like it? >> it's like a night shirt. tim tebow was cut by the eagles saturday ending his bid to return to the nfl. the nfl tweeted the following quote from chip kelly, quote, we didn't feel like tim tebow was good enough to be the number three quarterback right now. reaction son social media was instant. tebow was a worldwide trend on twitter for a few hours. tebow tweeted "thank you for giving the me to play the game i love." >> next up devon still has been cut by the cincinnati bengals. still may be best known for the
8:22 am
dad of very brave and courageous leah stills who was battling cancer last year. he tweeted the message for fans. so very good news his daughter leah is in remission. two cute not to share. this is the denver broncos peyton manning with his 4-year-old son marshall during a warm up before his game against the cardinals last week. look at the pictures. i'm in officially in love with him. he's adorable! >> you don't see a lot of peyton manning pictures. i'm a huge manning fan. that's great. >> maybe this is his future. what do you think? another manning on the field. >> he's got the genes for it. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much.
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good morning, i'm rosemary connors. it's just a few minutes before 8:30. meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking some pleasant weather outside. >> that's a great way to describe it. pleasant and warm. as we head into the afternoon, temperatures will push into the high 80s for the city. cooler in the poconos and down the shore. a live look outside. we'll switch you over to our temperatures. 62 currently in the poconos. 69 in philadelphia. mid 60s in wilmington. 66 wildwood. city planner shows us warming up nicely today. low 80s by 1:00 p.m. mid 80s by 4:00 p.m. today's high, 87. this morning we are learning more about what led up to a stabbing that injured a tinicum township police officer. investigators tell us the officer was transporting a man from a motel 6 to a holiday inn. it was a courtesy transport.
8:28 am
the man started fighting with the officer, a scuffle broke out to the parking lot, and the man stabbed the officer in the arm. the officer is in stable condition. labor day weekend is bringing us plenty of sun, but also some rough surf at the shore. lifeguards have been keeping swimmers out of the water in some spots. in philadelphia, the made in america festival continues today on the ben franklin parkway. if folks are not down the shore, they may be in the city. this was the scene from day one of the two-day concert event. i'm rosemary connors. now back to "today."
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8:30 am
other way. inside the food. [ cheers and applause ] >> we are back on a sunday, september 6, 2015. he's leaving judges stunned on "america's got talent." they'll join us live. a great crowd here! can we hear you? [ cheers and applause ] we have to get it out of our system. still to come in the half hour dogs helping students in the classroom. we'll tell you to the chicago school that is being fetching -- like what i did with that?
8:31 am
fetching results. rough crowd, as it were. they are helping kids learn to read. >> i love this story. and a little bit later harry smith, of course, sunday and this week's "sunday's with harry" he's taking to central park for a intense race against hundreds of boats. it's been going on for many years. a search for a killer in dallas. this morning police say they're looking for the gunman in the shocking death of a popular dentist. nbc's kerry sanders has the latest as the victim's family makes a desperate plea for justice. >> reporter: this morning kendra hatcher's family is searching for answers. >> i don't feel like i can move on. i don't feel like i can grieve at all. i'm just on a wait mode. >> reporter: waiting for dallas police detectives to track down the killer who gunned down the 35-year-old dentist in the park
8:32 am
garage of her apartment building saturday night. authorities already arrested 23-year-old crystal cortez after releasing surveillance images of vehicle of interest cortez borrowed. she admitted she conspired with an unnamed individual for $500 to be the get away driver in a robbery. the suspect's brother says he's shocked. >> knowing my sister, she's not capable of something like that. but i guess certain occasions have been to certain people and they're pushed to the limit. i'm not sure. >> reporter: according to the arrest warrant, cortez said another suspect shot hatcher and robbed her. the suspect remains on the loose and residents of the luxury apartment building are still on edge. >> really the main thing we want to know is why. the motive behind it. >> reporter: that's something that hatcher's aunt is feeling
8:33 am
this morning. >> i just want them to find who did this and make them pay for what they did to her. >> reporter: as family members continue to grieve, supporters are contributing to a go-fund me page to help pay for funeral costs. services are set for the end of the week. for "today" kerry sanders nbc news. . sheinelle is back with another look at the top headlines. >> good morning. investigators in illinois are hoping a new piece of evidence will help them find three suspects in the killing of a police lieutenant. investigators won't say what they found but do say they are getting closer to idding someone they want to talk to. investigation underway this morning into what exactly caused a deadly crash in spain. at least six people were killed when a car ran off the road during a race. and a kayaker in malibu, california is recovering this morning after he was bitten by a shark. dylan marks was dangling his foot off the side of the kayak when he was bitten.
8:34 am
he's in stable condition in the hospital. let's send it outside to dylan. >> a final check of the weather. >> hey, it's gorgeous out here now. we are loving the labor day weekend here in new york city. we have temperatures in the 80s and back into the 90s by the time we get to monday and tuesday. we want to take a look at the tropics. we have another storm system that developed off the coast of africa. fred to the northwest there is fizzling out, but this is grace. this is just a tropical storm right now, but it is going to continue on the west ward trek at about 13 miles per hour. it doesn't strengthen that much. it's going to stay as a tropical storm for awhile and eventually upgrade, possibly to just a tropical storm at 45 miles per hour winds. so the strongest it ever gets will be about 65 miles per hour. not really going to be a threat but want to show you it's out there. a stronger storm today through minneapolis especially this afternoon and evening. keep in mind with the cold front. we could see damaging winds and also some large hail. also, chance of scattered
8:35 am
showers and storms through the southeast and the western great lakes we'll see the storms move in tomorrow. i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. as we head into sunday, temperatures ranging between 84 and 88. sunny and warmer than what we saw yesterday. wind directions shifting out of the southeast, 5 to 12 miles per hour. seven-day forecast shows tomorrow warmer. we nudge closer to 90 on labor day. if you look at the rest of the week, we stay in the 90s possibly three days. so we could have another heat wave on our hands. a chance of storms by thursday. and a quick announcement out here. you want to announce to your family that you're having --? >> a girl! [ cheers and applause ] >> congratulations! that's exciting news! congratulations. >> exciting news. dylan, thanks. days ago president obama became the first sitting u.s. president to enter the arctic
8:36 am
circle. he spoke to residents of one small alaskaan village. >> residents may be forced to flee because the changing climate. dave mel cough takes us alaska. >> reporter: only tiny cargo planes can land on that island. the 400 americans who live here can soon become this nation's first climate change refugees. >> basically that is what we would be. refugees. >> reporter: winter storms are literally eating the village alive. crashing ocean waves are eroding the island. once protected by huge chunks of sea ice. >> it's a sad thing. >> reporter: the same ice that protected their ancestors and reliably froze over for the winter hunt. as recently as the 1970s and
8:37 am
'80s village elders remember the winter arctic sea ice 10 feet in thickness. but this past year, it came down to 3 feet. not thick enough to hunt on and not thick enough to protect the village either. >> reporter: a congressional audit and the army corps. of engineers have identified these four alaska villages in desperate need of immediate relocation saying climate change is the issue here. for now the big rock wall is holding just barely. ♪ the plan here is to move everyone off the island. ♪ >> reporter: but that will cost billion billions. >> we want to keep alaska alive. >> reporter: with less ice to protect them and less food to
8:38 am
sustain them, even the berries they pick are changing. >> everything has changed. how we gather our food everything has changed. >> reporter: now the arctic ocean is quickly melting away the only life they've known. shelter from the storm is just 2 1/2 miles that way, but moving everybody and everything is expensive and difficult here 80 miles above the arctic circle. for today dave melcoff. >> you think about the climate change. but the idea of climate change refugees from the united states and the image of the ten feet of sea ice now just being a couple of feet. >> they've been so subtle. but so much happening so quickly. >> there's no time to adapt. >> nice to get the opportunity to have dave take us up there. s a place in the world we don't see often enough. coming up next sit, stay,
8:39 am
read. how about that? >> how that command is getting these dogs to help school kids. we'll explain after the go get help, boy. go get help. go get help! right now! if you're a cat, you ignore people. it's what you do.
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to get well and stay well. that's having a partner, who's with you all the way. cigna. we are back on a sunday morning with man's best friend. dogs can teach us so much about love and low -- loyalty. >> kevin tibbels are taking us to one school where the four-legged friends are just as important as the teachers. >> reporter: the kids light up when it's story time in this chicago school. >> their eyes pop out and they get thrilled about it. >> reporter: because on one very special day each week, they all goat re get to read to a special friend whose tail wags with approval. the program is called "sit,
8:43 am
stay, read" and designed to improve literacy rates in inner-city schools. >> our goal is to make the children in low income neighborhoods as articulate and as capable of communicating as children in any neighborhood. >> reporter: is it fun to read with a real dog in the room? >> yeah. >> reporter: when a canine companion like buddy comes to visit, whatever is going on outside the classroom fades away. >> they stay more focussed learning the theme of the story, the plot, the setting. things they need to learn when it comes to writing. >> reporter: the kids write and read their own stories. one on one with a four-legged friend who doesn't correct or judge or pass or fail. he just listens and loves. >> reporter: what do you see in the kids' faces when they interact with the dogs? >> just sheer joy. i mean, it's just, to me, you can't put words to it.
8:44 am
>> reporter: learning to tell a story here is more than adjust treat. >> i feel happy when my dog -- >> reporter: it's a gift that will last a lifetime. >> what are you going to do until next time? >> reporter: for "today" kevin tibbels nbc news. how great is that? >> yeah. >> i remember back in the day when sometimes, like first and second grade, a teacher would call on the kid and they would be so embarrassed to read. other kids were aware. something like this is fantastic. >> it is. it is so hard because all kids learn at such different speeds and so to have that confidence be brought to you by your buddy the four-legged friend. >> the idea he just listens and doesn't judge it's beautiful. we send it to dylan now. she's in the orange room with today's plaza fans of the day. >> good morning! i swear we didn't pick brian because the amazing sign. we picked him because it's his
8:45 am
birthday today. you are here for your birthday having a great time in new york. >> having a blast. never thought you would make it to the orange room. >> never in a million years. i'll let you toss us break. still to come on "today" putting the wind into the sails of one new york city's best kept secrets. >> but first, these messages. >> but first, these messages. [ cheers and applause ] this guy first roamed the earth >> but first, these messages. [ cheers and applause ] over 65 million years ago. like our van. yeah. we need to sell it. hi. need an appraisal? yeah. we do. vo: when selling your car, start with a written offer, no strings attached. carmax. start here. bestest sandwich?ay footlong the biggest, you do. 'cause it's all about your choice.
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this morning on sundays with harry. we're taking you to new york central park. a group of racing enthusiasts come together for a tradition that is nearly a hundred years old. harry smith has more. ♪ >> reporter: if you're going to do this, it takes concentration. total commitment as they say, you got want it. >> three, two, one! >> reporter: it is racing model sailboats in industrial pacentr. a sport that has been around for more than a hundred years. what are you doing saturday and you say? >> going to central park to sail my boat. >> how big is your boat?
8:49 am
>> 1 meter and 40 inches. [ laughter ] you know, out to long island or up to connecticut to their yacht clubs. i've got my yacht club. >> reporter: bruce richter is the vice commodore of the central park model yacht club. >> you pause and look at the place. i'm so plinrivileged to be able sail here. it's a beautiful spot. >> reporter: the boats are beautiful and the park is without pier, but racing is intense. the sail and the rudder are operated by remote control. marco has been sailing here since she was a kid. >> i would say tricky more than hard. controlling the boat is easy. it responds really quickly. the hardest part is understanding where the breeze is coming from. >> reporter: right. >> it takes patience but not hard. once you get it it's fun. >> reporter: sailing in central
8:50 am
park began in the 1800s. the park was new. people flock to the pond to see the model yachts. back then the boats were guided by sticks and so it continued for years. john tucker is commodore of the club. >> yeah, i'm one of the six guys. it was the way of directing the boat. it took two days to sail in those days. a skipper one side and the mate on the other. between the two of you, you keep the boat in a straight line. >> reporter: the remote makes it a true test of seamanship. sometimes the wind is almost imperceptible. as the song says, if you can sail it here, you can sail it anywhere. >> on certain days i can stand outside like this and some skipper will couple and show up and he'll say i'm from germany or i'm from sweden but they have
8:51 am
to come here. yeah. >> reporter: this is it. >> this is it. this is mecca for them. it's a pleasure for them to come here because they can go home and brag about it. >> reporter: for "today" i'm harry smith new york. yet another little gem here. >> beautiful! >> i don't want summer to end! >> i know! >> it was beautiful. that's great. still to come he hcombined still to come he hcombined when it helps giveshot ma lifesaving vaccine to a child in need in a developing country. thanks to customers like you, walgreens "get a shot. give a shot." program
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>> oh! >> it was a nice try. [ laughter ] >> dragons are usually known for breathing fire not telling jokes and doing card tricks, but don't tell that to piff the magic dragon. a rising star on "america's got talent." >> he's here with his side kick mr. piff lles. >> i'm actually a magic dragon. i'm basically naked now. >> thank you for dressing up. >> you are on ameri"america's g talent." you have your own las vegas show, you are apparently the greatest performing dragon of all time. >> there's jimmy a great
8:56 am
juggling dragon but, you know. >> so if you've done that, you already have the whole successful thing. why "america's got talent?" >> america doesn't know me. i thought i would change that. >> like straight out of las vegas. can you talk about the courtship. how did you and mr. piffles come to be? >> he's a rescue chihuahua. >> is he okay with that? >> you have to ask him. are you okay with that? >> he nodded an approval. you have two have quite the thing going on here. show us the magic. >> don't drop him. do you have a pen? >> i don't. >> oh! look at. that always prepared. do you have any playing cards? >> thank you. >> any sound effects? >> focus. any one of the cards. just one. can be literally anyone. >> mr. piffles what do you say? >> he doesn't care. >> we'll do it the hard way.
8:57 am
write your name on the front. >> on the 9 of hearts. >> are you supposed to show? >> you're not supposed to show me. >> come on. >> good thing we have enough time for the segment. >> exactly. >> write your name. perfect. >> mr. piffles -- >> all right. hurry up. >> you don't have to -- everybody remember the card. remember peter's card. >> got it. >> mr. piffles is going to find the card. >> it's your big moment! >> yeah. mr. piffles one card come all the way up. the 2 of diamonds and -- stop focus on the negative. >> it changes! oh! >> what! >> it's very lovely. >> put that on our tab. that's very cool.
8:58 am
>> so watch the 6. there we go. >> can we see the card? >> yes, oh, my goodness. >> it's amazing! >> the card? >> look. there we go and it changes back into the 2 of diamonds. >> hold this. hold this. can you hear this? ♪ >> i hear it. inside the box. >> i was shaking the box the entire time. there was nothing in the box. >> wow! >> i have no idea how -- >> keep that little momento. it's been a pleasure. thank you for being here. i hope you enjoyed your breakfast. >> how about the banana. "america's got talent" live from radio city music hall 8:00 7:00 central here on nbc.
8:59 am
chuck todd a police offi
9:00 am
recovering this morning after someone stabbed him inside his own cruiser. what investigators say the officer was doing before the attack. ♪ we have high hopes >> the sweet sound of victory. temple is singing a new tune after stunning penn state on the field. highlights of the win that was decades in the making. if you thought yesterday was a beauty, get ready for a repeat. another nice day is ahead but the chance of a heat wave is back in the first alert


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