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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  September 7, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tonight at 11:00, back to school. how a fight over money could impact thousands of kids heading back to class tomorrow. but first, tickets for the pope. tomorrow is your chance to get an up-close look at pope francis. good evening, everyone. i'm jim rosenfield. starting at noon tomorrow, you can reserve a spot outside independence hall. that's where the pope will deliver a speech on religious freedom and immigration. that speech happens on saturday, september 26. that's one day before the pope's mass on the ben franklin parkway. nbc 10's drew smith is live on independence mall. drew, you found out there is still some confusion about all of this, right?
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. >> reporter: yeah, jim, and that's because they added more tickets than was planned. if you want one of those tickets, you have to log in tomorrow for the best place to see the pope at independence hall. pope francis is still one of the hottest tickets in town. >> there is a lot of people i know that want to see him. >> reporter: even after news of the papal visit brought a backlash last week. we checked with the world meeting of families tonight which predicts its system will be able to handle the demand starting at noon tomorrow. you can reserve up to four of the 10,000 tickets available on, and all you should need is your e-mail address. >> a lot of my coworkers sent their e-mails, too. >> reporter: she attends a nearby catholic church, but even she has some concerns. >> they didn't really advertise about the pope passes, so nobody really knows what's going to
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happen. >> reporter: others are more optimistic. >> top security, top notch. >> reporter: he watched after crews cleaned up from a made in america concert tonight. he said the event went fairly smoothly, and if that is a test run for the pope, it should work out okay. >> it should be all right. we can all work together. can we all get along? >> reporter: those tickets being offered tomorrow are first come, first serve. they are also free. there are two other ticketed events as far as this whole weekend with the pope in town. we should be able to get those starting on wednesday. live in independence mall, i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> and if you don't get tickets, you can still get your chance to see the pope during two parades. on saturday the 26th, he'll traveled around city hall and back to the park. a second parade will be held sunday the 27th, but roads haven't been released on that one yet. turn to our app for the full papal itinerary. we also have details on traffic
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changes plus the tickets drew just told us about. it's all available on the nbc 10 app. crews battling a forest fire in south jersey tonight. it's primarily burning in a very remote area, manchester township near the border of burlington county. it settled down a bit tonight but it could be approaching 1,000 acres in size, but there is no threat nto any property. summer vacation is over for thousands of kids in our area tomorrow. kids in philadelphia public schools will head back to closs. over 200 schools will open the doors to students in grades k through 12. but it comes at a time of uncertainty. school funding is one of the big sticky points in harrisburg as they battle over the state's overdue budget. the keystone state has been without a budget for over 64 days now. the gop-controlled senate will be back in session a week from today. republicans say they will pass a
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stop-gap budget plan if they can't come to an agreement with governor wolf. one of the goals would be to get money to counties and non-profit organizations that deliver the state's safety net services. public schools are also losing state aid. chester township in delaware was hit especially hard. they said they don't have money for paychecks. school bus drivers and teachers trour turned to work last week and agreed to work without pay. they need to invest in education, something they did not do in their budget proposal. >> we have to make sure every child in pennsylvania has access to a good education. that means we have to make sure educators have the resources they need. the budget they had didn't balance, and even if it did balance, it didn't invest in
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education. >> this holiday season, families all across our commonwealth are facing an uncertain future due to governor tom wolf's continued refuse to join with republicans in enactsing a fiscally responsible budget that finds our schools in a bind without raising taxes. let's go to nbc 10 meteorologist sheena parveen with her bus top forecast. it's back to school time, sheena. >> definitely, jim, and it's going to still feel like summer if anyone hits the bus stop out there, or if you're doing anything in the morning hours, temperatures will be on the warm side. so for kids at the bus stop in the morning, areas north and west through the lehigh valley, temperatures around 70 degrees. philadelphia area, mid-70s and suburbs in delaware, you can expect temperatures around 73 degrees. we'll see mostly sunny skies through the afternoon. now, as far as today was concerned, it certainly felt like summer. wade lot of areas around 90 degrees tomorrow.
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we expect the low 90s once again. average high, though, 81 degrees. today was the day we hit 90. tomorrow low 90s. wednesday we could hit 90 degrees, and if we do, it would be heat wave number 6. that might be a close call but we'll be watching it very closely. then we go into thursday and that really starts to break. temperatures by then in the mid-80s but also thunderstorms in the forecast for your thursday. we'll take a closer look at the timing of that, coming up. this was a crucial weekend down the shore, but some business owners are telling us tonight they're disappointed with the crowds. nbc 10's keith jones reports from atlantic city. >> we could be on the verge of our sixth heat wave of the season so far, and couple that with plummetting gas prices and some business owners hope you'll say, what official end of summer? french fries, chicken, ice cream. nonstop movement inside a
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presti's. on this labor day, she says they've seen better days. >> it's like atlantic city years ago. >> reporter: in other words, no eye-popping business. nobody knows that better than a laid-off casino worker. >> there's more people but no money. money is not like last year. >> reporter: mohammad caan used to work at bally's. now he works at a one-stop. how does this year compare to past years? >> it's pretty slow. >> he's been pushing these crowds for 20 years. gas prices are at their lowest in a decade, according to aaa, and yet andrew swears -- >> i've never seen it so easy to get to atlantic city on the weekend. >> reporter: but outside atlantic city, people haven't set on summer. >> i think people have more casinos now and everything we had here that brought people in, everyone else is getting.
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>> reporter: the question is how long will it stay hot. temperatures are back to normal next weekend. reporting live in atlantic city, nbc news. police say he rape aid wod and then tried to carjack her. she was sitting in a car in the intersection just below 4:30. he then raped her. he took off and tried to carjack someone before he was caught. police have not released his name. stabbed nine times all over $20. tonight a man is in the hospital after being attacked and robbed in west philadelphia. the victim was stabbed at 3:00 in the afternoon. it happened near 49th and arch. officers say the victim is in stable condition and they don't have a description of the attacker. police have identified twot victims hit and killed by a taxi after leaving the made in america festival. they say 29-year-old miranda
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giramaldo were hit when they crossed center city. the impact sent their bodies flying about 100 feet. witnesses told police the cab appeared to be going about 50 miles an hour in a 20-mile-per-hour zone. it's not clear whether they will face charges. turning now to the migrant crisis in europe. hundreds broke through police lines in hungary today, impatient with the handling of the country's situation. there are 50,000 migrants and police are trying to round them up. germany has been more welcoming with 4,000 migrants arriving in munich today. in the meantime, britain announced it will take in 20,000 syrian refugees. italy's court explained why they threw out the case against amanda knox and her boyfriend. they said there just wasn't enough evidence to say they were at the scene of her murder. knox's lawyer shared her reaction to today's news.
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>> she's very satisfied and happy to read this decision. at the same time it's a very sad story. it's a sad story because this is a tragedy that nobody can forget. >> a third person accused of the murder is serving a 16-year sentence after choosing a fast track trial. new at 11:00, a father arrested. take a look. what this man is accused of doing while carrying his baby. >> how are you? vice president biden looks like he's on the campaign trail. what he said to his supporters in pennsylvania about the rumors of his candidacy. and we're looking at a possible heat wave in the forecast followed by thunderstorms and a lot more cool air moving in just in time for your weekend. we'll take a look at all that and the timing, coming up.
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a labor day celebration on the philadelphia waterfront for more than 100 different local labor unions. the parade started this morning at penn's landing and ended with more activities including live music, games and food. it's the 20th year for the event which aims to recognize union workers. president obama marked labor day in boston with a major announcement. he signed an executive order requiring federal contractors to give their employees paid sick leave. that's expected to benefit 300,000 workers. the president told the crowd that he wants congress to require paid sick leave for all workers, but since he can't mandate that on his own, he focused on employees of federal contractors. to decision 2016 now. millions of americans had off this labor day, but many presidential hopefuls spent the day hard at work reaching out to potential voters. all eyes were on vice president joe biden who still hasn't announced where he'll run just yet. >> reporter: vice president
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biden might or might not be running for president, but he sure looked like a candidate in the democratic stronghold of pittsburgh on this labor day, unofficial kickoff of the fall campaign season. and he embraced the union members he'll need if he runs. >> and when the middle class does well, the wealthy do very well, and the poor have a way up. so organize, organize, organize! >> reporter: hillary clinton was in iowa where she's been losing ground in the polls and losing her voice. >> all the way! >> with your help. >> reporter: but the heat was on when bernie sanders was. unlike scott walker who is struggling to get traction, and lindsey graham, fighting to be heard over the crowd. >> this is the first inning of a nine-inning game and it starts
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today. >> reporter: labor day 2015, a day of hard work for the candidates hoping to be the next president. but one candidate was conspicuously out of the spotlight on this labor day, republican frontrunner donald trump. bryan moore, nbc news, washington. >> by the way, in pittsburgh today one of biden's supporters yelled that he should run for president. the vice president replied, you've got to talk to my wife about that. in the nation's capitol, lawmakers are set to return to work tomorrow, and they'll have a lot on they're plates. that means dealing with some looming deadlines. they expect to spend the first days back battling the iran nuclear deal. some democrats want that bill while republicans oppose it. also a bill to keep the government open past september. new accused drug dealers behind bars while he tried to escape holding his infant daughter. henry wojnisz's charges include
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endangerment of a child and possession of an illegal substance. they had a warrant for his arrest, but police say he ran off holding his own child. when police caught him, they found 92 bags of heroin along worry drugs. the child was okay and family services has been notified. funeral services will be held tomorrow for a jersey shore family that died in a murder-suicide last week. police say lyndon bahary shot his partner and their two children last wednesday before setting their long branch house on fire and killing himself. services will be held in long branch tomorrow afternoon. police have not released the motive for the tragedy. you're using god for hate. >> no, i'm not. >> attorneys representing the kentucky clerk seen in this video refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples have filed an emergency motion to help get her out of jail. it calls on kentucky's governor to free kim davis based on her
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religious beliefs. davis was found in contempt of court last week. well, definitely felt like summer. today we hit 90 degrees, so we expect to hit the low 90s tomorrow. if we hit 90 degrees on wednesday, that is going to be heat wave number 6. so we do have that in the forecast, then that's going to be followed by thunderstorms this week. mostly thursday we could see some as early as late in the day wednesday or wednesday night, and once this rain leaves, we're going to have big changes coming in for the weekend in the form of cooler temperatures closer to where we should be this time of year. right now we have clear skies across the area. allentown is in the mid-70s, philadelphia around 77 degrees, atlantic city around 73 degrees. when you wake up tomorrow morning around 8:00 a.m., expect mostly sunny skies. here are your 8:00 a.m. temperatures, whether you're at the bus stop or heading out for
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a morning jog. 73 mt. pocono, low 70s philadelphia area, mt. holly and still most of our suburbs about mid-70s close to the shore. but we'll be staying dry. it will be a day much like today. locally we are dry on satellite and radar off to our west. that's a cold front we're watching. that will be moving through as we go into the end of the week, but until then, we do expect to stay hot. here's future weather. going into tomorrow, the hot temperatures continue into the afternoon. 4:00 p.m., mostly sunny skies, looking dry. we expect to get sbinto the low 90s again. then wednesday we expect more clouds to move in. there is a chance we could see some late day showers, so if our temperatures get hot enough before this moves in, then we would hit heat wave number 6, still feeling unseasonably hot for this time of year. but the rain will be in the forecast late wednesday into thursday. by thursday afternoon, i think some of this rain could be more widespread than what the model
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is showing, so we have showers and storms in the forecast. take a look at all the heat across the country, especially the middle of the country, so we are still in this hot weather pattern, but that jet stream, that's going to be dividing that cooler air from getting to us until the rain moves through. watch what happens. there is a cold front and the storms we expect thursday, and there's the cooler air right behind it. that is going to move in as we end out the week and go into your week. you will notice cooler temperatures, and in fact, those will be temperatures where we should be this time of year, right around 80 degrees for an average high. for tonight, though, we stay mostly clear for a low in philadelphia, 63 degrees north and west. tomorrow temperatures in the low 90s again, and we expect the heat to continue for wednesday. then some late-day or even thunderstorms at night on wednesday going into thursday. thursday we could have even some locally heavy rain at times. temperatures about mid-80s. by friday we do start to dry out. 83 degrees. that's when that cool air mass starts to move in putting us
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where we are to be this time of year. again, the average high 1is 81. we should not be in the 90s, but since we have this hot air weather pattern in place, maybe we've gotten used to it. come the weekend, we are looking at temperatures much cooler, closer to where we consider them seasonable for this time of year. >> but if you like hot weather, it will be around for a few more days. well,ñi from our jersey sho bureau tonight, the miss america preliminaries begin tomorrow night in atlantic city. nbc 10 was there as the contestants arrived last week. tomorrow they'll also unveil the shoes they'll use in the show us your shoes parade. this year's winner will be crowned inside boardwalk hall coming up on sunday. amy? we are exactly one week away from the eagles season opener. hear from the head coach on his final roster. a team had lost 12 straight.
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the braves were the ones having all the fun.
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hi, i'm amy fadool for comcast sportsnet. football is back in just seven days. burt is off today and tomorrow, back on the practice field on wednesday. all the preparations for the falcons next monday night. he spent the weekend finalizing his roster. steve morris claimed from the jaguars. barkley was traded on friday, and tim tebow was cut on friday. coach tells us how he decides to make the cut and who doesn't. >> the best players earn spots
11:25 pm
on this team and i don't look at where they came from or stats or anything, and i think if you do, you're going to hurt your football team. there was no master plan, everybody comes in there and competes when you get here in april, and we'll let it play out the way it plays out. >> it's that time of year. don't forget to vote for a high school football game of the week. this week's choices, garnet valley at bonner-prendie. highland versus camden. quarterback geno smith says he will not press charges against the former teammate who broke his jaw with a punch. paulie hit smith. here's smith today addressing that incident for the first time. >> none of the outsiders were in this locker room, and i think the team did a great job of moving forward and not talking about it, and that's what i want
11:26 pm
to do as well. i want to move forward and put that incident behind me. i put it behind me, and we'll move forward. >> back here in philadelphia, the phillies will recall david buchanan this week. he could be the sixth starter as they expand their pitching rotation to finish out the season. tonight opening series of the braves who came in losers of 12 straight. only 15,125 fans on hand tonight. that's the lowest attendance ever at citizens bank. freddie freeman comes off aaron haran. havara gets the silence treatment and they finally cut him a break and celebrate with him. we'll be right back after this.
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students holding onto the last several hours of summer with a block party. those attending the one-time event got a book bag filled with supplies. the event also included a moon bounce and food fresh off the grill as well. and it's going to be hot tomorrow for the first day of school for a lot of kids. >> it's going to be hot tomorrow, tank tops or whatever the school dress code is. mostly clear overnight, around 69 for philadelphia, 63 north and west. those numbers will hit right around sunrise, so if that's how early you have to be at the bus stop, it's going to be pretty mild. throughout the week, temperatures in the 90s. snin skies. if we hit 90 on wednesday, that will be heat wave number 6. finally after some storms thursday, we actually get down to where we should be this time of year over the weekend. so we'll be looking for afternoon highs right around that 80-degree mark, but that's going to be after rain on thursday. so there is rain in the forecast
11:31 pm
this week. i feel like we've been so dry lately the kids at the bus stop will need your umbrella by then. >> by thursday. >> yes. i'm jim rosenfield. for sheena and all of us, thanks for watching. have a great night.
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- lebron james. tina fey and amy poehler.


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