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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  September 8, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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good morning. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> bill? you look great. >> you look fantastic. >> you do, too. >> tracy, you don't look bad either. >> bill, thanks. >> it is going to be a must bey one. it may be a challenge for some. temperatures climbing into the 9 o's this afternoon. right now, let me show you the numbers. 72 degrees in northeast philadelphia. 68 in wilmington. 70 in dover and atlantic city. it will be a sunny, hot day the clear skies right now. so that clears the way for a quick warmup into the 90s. even hotter than yesterday when we topped out at 90 degrees. and with southwesterly winds, even just at 12 miles an hour that, is enough to bring in additional humidity today. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, right now jessica boyington has the first alert traffic. >> bill, stweerting to see things pick up a little bit on 95.
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drive times are still okay. still a 14 minute trip here. these are the cameras looking live on 95 right around girard avenue. southbound avenue in here. we're starting to see an increase in the roadways right there. average speed is about 59 miles per hour. so we're picking up early this morning. as for the blue route, no problems. 18 minutes. that's a little higher than normal. but we're still moving along. you see everything green from 95 up towards the schuylkill expressway. we have a few things going on this morning. one in lower marion and grays lane. now word that intersection is closed. so the best bet to get around is to take old gulf road. and out in penntauken township, watch out for that water main break with the right lane closed. right now kids across the tri-state area are getting ready to head out the door for the first day of school katy zachery
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is live with us. the back to school shopping is done. now time to get to work, right? >> yeah, i feel bad for these kids. all summer long the alarms were not going off around this time. and this morning they're starting to. schools throughout philadelphia like carver high school behind me are opening around 200 in total will be opening doors for the beginning of school this year. leading up to today, parents and students have been back to school shopping getting all the item they need for their desks and classrooms. because of funding cuts in the past mshgs philadelphia schools have come to rely on students to bring things like hand sanitizer and paper towels with them on the fist day. in philadelphia, around 140,000 kids will return to the classroom today. and it is bittersweet for their families. >> it's an adjustment. also sad that summer is sending. >> and here at carver high school, superintendent william height and mayor michael nutter
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will be here in an hour and a half to take part in a traditional bell ringing ceremony. later in the day, they'll visit a middle school and then end the day at a high school in south philadelphia. they have a busy day packed. this is a big day for so many families throughout the city. reporting live in north philadelphia, katy zachery, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. since it is the first day of school for many students in the area, dads both here and around the country are being asked to take part in a million father march this morning. it is a nationwide campaign to get dads more involved in their children's education. >> pennsylvania's budget battle is having an infect on school districts around the state. the chester oakland school district in delaware county has been hit particularly hard. that cash strapped district doesn't have money for this week's round of paychecks. teachers, bus drivers and secretaries return to school last week and they voted to keep working without pay. pennsylvania has been operating without a budget now for 69 days. as time passes, some counties are dipping into cash reserve
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frontz the money while nonprofits are taking out loans and putting off services or postponing bills to stay afloat. now the gop controlled senate will be back in session a week from today and republicans say they will pass a stopgap budget plan if they can't come to an agreement with governor wolf. one of the goals is to get money to counties and those nonprofit organizations that deliver the state safety net services. governor wolf says the new budget needs to invest in education, something he says the gop proposal does not include. a bar fight led to gunfire, injuries, and charges. police say a fight broke out after a woman stole someone's pifrt purse inside the bar. a man pulled a gun and shot the woman and a man. the man is listed in critical condition. the woman is in stable condition. officers chased down the suspected shooter and arrested him. also new from overnight, a fire ripped through a home in north
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philly. firefighters were called around 2:15 this morning to grass street. everyone did make it out of the home okay. funeral services are being hailed for a family that died in a murder/suicide last week. he shot huz partner and their two young children last wednesday before setting their house on fire and killing himself. services for all four will be held in long branch this afternoon. police have not released the motive. >> it's 6:05. a suspected rapist is behind bars this morning following an attack in philadelphia's olney section. according to investigators, a woman was sitting in her car around 6:30 last night when the man farced her out of the car and sexually assaulted her. then he tried to carjack a driver nearby before they caught up with him. police have identified the two victims of a -- that were hit and killed by a taxi after leaving the made in america festival. they say 25-year-old giranimo and broi an body were hit while
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crossing broad street near ash much and center city yesterday morning. the impact sent their bodies flying about 100 feet. witnesses told police the cab appeared to be going about 50 miles an hour in a 25 mile an hour zone. so far police have not filed any charges. in delaware, a suspected drug dealer was arrested after he tried to run from police. get this, with his infant daughter if his arms. he is charged with child endangerment and possession of a controlled substance. officers approached him yesterday with a warrant for his arrest. the police say he ran off while holding his baby. when police caught him, they say they found 92 bags of heroin along with other drugs. the child was not hurt and family services has been notified. after surviving a dangerous journey across land and sea, migrants and refugees are being welcomed in germany. in munich, refugees are arriving at the city's main train station every hour exhausted and
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relieved. more than 20,000 have arrived in the past three days. they're giving clothes and something to eat and then they board buses for shelters across germany. the illinois police officer shot and killed in the line of duty was laid to rest yesterday. several hundred officers from around the country attended the funeral. thousand of people looked on from the roadside and applauded the procession. gliniewicz was a 30-year veteran just ready to retire from the fox lake police department. people called in gi joe because of his commitment to the community. the suspects are still on the loose. >> seven minutes after 6:00. skies are clear. it's going to be a hotter and more humid day than we saw yesterday. yesterday we topped out at 9 o degrees. and tomorrow expected to be in the 90s. a summer heat wave that will break with showers and thunderstorms later this week. we need the rain. it will finally get some.
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66 right now in doylestown. in the clear for philadelphia at 73 degrees. millville is now 64. look at the clear skies in the pocono mountains. that's the view. it's going to get hot in the mountains today. not just the city. at the shore, temperatures will be climbing into the 80s. it's a muggy morning for atlantic city. look at the humidity. 90%. 100% and holding in dover. now 97% humidity for pots town. sat lie, we're in the clear. no sign of fog this morning. and clouds are way to the north. so we'll see sunny skies today. you'll need sunglasses. find a shady spot if you can. these will be the temperatures in the shade. camel back, 90 degrees. low 90s for bethlehem and morgantown. bright sunny skies and middle 90s for new hope. at the shore, it will be middle 80s today for cape mae and rehoboth. 88 for avalon.
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92 in wilmington. look at philadelphia. 94. a break in the heat coming. seven day forecast when i'm back in ten. all right. we'll see new ten minutes. 6:10 this tuesday morning. pay attention to drive times. >> jessica boyington has that for us. >> we're going to start to see a little increase in volume a little earlier than normal, i would say, with all the back to school traffic. right now we're doing okay on the boulevard. you can see no problems northbound or southbound. maybe the southbound side right in here. increase. we're not doing okay. it's been there since 4:30. now we have word that intersection is closed. the best bet to get around the area is to take old gulf road. if you're heading out the door, we're still okay. drive times are still down where, you know, they're
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actually moving along. everything green. you can see 15 minutes on 95 towards the vine. no problems in the center city area on the schuylkill. the blue route is just fine. we'll check in the drive times in the next ten minutes. >> a 10-year-old boy suffers a traumatic brain injury not from a car accident or fall. the family says the ex-terminator is to blame. and today the pope is making a ground breaking announcement about divorces. what the pope is expected to say about catholic couples that call it quits.
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chris cato. we have new video now of that wildfire we were telling you about all morning burning strong now for almost 12 hours. this is right on the county
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line. burlington county is where the fire started. now the fire is burning right along the burlington county-ocean county line. sky force 10 giving thus view. you can see a large fire line here with a lot of smoke involved here. you can see which direction. the camera zooms in, can you see which direction the wind is pushing the flames there. now let me give you a better idea wrf this is happening for those of new that area. this is just north of route 72 just west of 539. again, it started in burlington county and woodland township. a lot of smock overnight drifted into manchester township and now the fire itself is spreading into that area. now the good news here is this is around no structures, no homes, no occupied property, nothing like. that officials are saying no one and no property is in danger at this point. but they say this could take a while for them to get a handle on. the last update we got if forest officials, they say this may take them a couple days to get completely contained. we'll keep an eye on it.
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sky force 10 bringing us very clear pictures of this brush fire burning in burlington county and now ocean county as we continue to watch it this morning. we'll keep you updated to any significant developments lives in our breaking news center. >> thank you. 6:15. a 10-year-old florida boy is suffering brain damage and lost control of 90% of his body. it happened when his family whoe was fumigated for termites. they were told it was okay to return. hours after arriving back home, the family said they were sick and their son's stochlz got worse. they say their not sure if he'll ever be the same. they're hoping for the best. >> we don't know if it's going to be 20% recovery or auto% or 80% recovery. we're hopeful it's 100%. but nobody really knows. >> miami dolphins football players surprised the boy with a visit at the hospital yesterday. we expect to learn more today about a plane crash that
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killed three people in north carolina. it happened yesterday about 80 miles north of charlotte. authorities say the plane took off in florida, was en route to greensboro when it crashed into a rocky quarry and fell to the ground. a wildfire that investigators think was intentionally set continues to grow in utah. officials say 100 acres are burning just outside of salt lake city. crews are having a tough time. heavier winds are making it difficult to contain. no word if any structures are in danger or whether any evacuation orders have been given. >> 6:16. happening today, rowan university releases a new report crediting itself as the driving force behind glassborough's growing economy. over the past decade, rowan university's economic impact has increased from about $17 million in 2004 to $108 million today. the report found that in glassborough alone, rowan supports more than 1,000 external jobs. it says rowan is helping raise
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property values in three communities. >> it's 6:17. let's get you cow caught up on what you need to know to get back to work or school. right, a lot of school buses. >> pay attention to the school buses. make sure you stop when he this put the arms out. jessica boyington is here with more on that. >> yeah. we're starting to see a little more traffic than normal today. especially right now as we take a look at the 42 freeway. at this time typically we're still moving along. you can see the drive time is still okay. right here approaching 295 this is our camera right at the new jersey turnpike. approaching 295 and heading to the philadelphia area, can you
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but otherwise, out in new jersey, watch out for that water main break on 130 southbound. still closing out that right hand lane. no problems so far from new jersey transit and paco. but we have doylestown train number 514 running about 17 minutes late. >> 6:18 is the time. 73 degrees. look at. this clear skies. the view looking past the comcast center. we'll see lots of sunshine. we're starting at 73 degrees. that's warmer than yesterday. it's going to be hotter this afternoon. at the shore, another beautiful day ahead. 80s for cape mae. that's a live view from the lafayette hotel. clear skies there. and nothing to show you on the radar. nothing for today. come tomorrow, you see that line of showers to the north? late tomorrow we could get the first showers, possibly some thunderstorms. next 24 hours, completely dry. by noon time tomorrow, we're still in the hot, humid air mass
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that could produce some showers during the evening hours. those storms on the move wednesday evening. we could see some showers and then steadier rainfall coming in thursday. still tracking the storm known as grace. tropical storm grace weaker today. 40 mile an hour winds still moving to the west. still a potential to bray some much needed rainfall to puerto rico this week and saturday. and the dominican republic for later on saturday. we'll be watching that more weakening is expected. for today, more heat and more humidity in our area. 90s this afternoon. the steamy weather continues tomorrow. in fact, humidity is higher even though the temperature is lower. 91 the high. late day showers and thunderstorms, you likely need your umbrella on thursdayst wet weather, heavy downpours a possibility on thursday. a few showers into friday. and it gets dry on saturday. partly sunny skies, 84 the high. and cooler sunday with a chance of showers up to 79.
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>> all right. thanks. 6:19. happening today, if you're trying to figure out a way to see the pope, now is your chance. tickets to see pope frances will be available in a few hours. nbc 10s matt delucia is live on the mall. >> you may have to act fast. all that happening online. we'll explain the process you to coming up after this break. and the phillies hit a record that is nothing to cheer about.
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it's a record know team
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wants. a record low crowd. a live look now at citizens bank park where things are quiet and empty. about the same as it was last night. just a little over 15,000 fans turned out for last night's game against the braves at citizens bank park. they lost 7-2. that is the fewest fans since the park opened in '04. they recorded the 85th also of the season falling to the braves. they play the next nine game at home. >> we're on 95. whoa. look at this. a string of brake lights from southbound to that vine street expressway. 37 miles per hour is your average speed. this is pretty much what we're seeing across the board right now. we'll check in with more of the majors coming up and especially that descent scene out in lower marion coming up at 6:30. let's get a check of today's
6:25 am
forecast with bill henley. >> jessica, if you like yesterday at the shore, good chance that you'll enjoy today as well. probably see a smaller crowd. schools going back into session. the temperatures will be in the 80s at the shore. right now under clear skies. 68 degrees in cape mae. at the airport, a bit cooler at 66 degrees. >> all right am thank you, bill. and in two hours, schools begin for students. there is excitement and uncertainty. katy zachery is live at carver high school. good morning. >> good morning. here at carver high school behind me, school year is beginning with a lot of new and exciting changes. unfortunately at many other schools around the district, teachers hands are tide. i'll explain how that could affect kids in the classroom. >> speaking of kids, switched at birth. months of pain comes to an end for one couple as their tears of horror become tears of joy.
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preparing for the pope. in just a few hours, thousands of tickets will go public and they're free. you'll have to act fast. >> and you're going to need your sunglasses today. we have a hot and humid day on tap. not exactly sure what you do with the hair when it's humid. tracy will tell you. >> ponytail, that's what you do. >> good morning. welcome to the news today. >> let's get right to bill henley and find out about the humidity and heat. >> it is a steamier morning. it's going to be a hotter afternoon. right now we're looking at temperature in the 60s and 70s. 73 degrees in philadelphia. it's 68 in trenton. wilmington at 68. all the numbers are higher than yesterday. and look at this. clear skies. this is a view from here to the
6:30 am
nbc 10 substitute yoez. it's going to be bright sunshine and we're minutes away from sunrise. 11:00, 86 degrees. that's beyond the normal high temperature. it will still be climbing with southwesterly winds at 7 miles an hour, that is the humidity increasing. 92 degrees at 2:00. i expect for some areas to go higher than that. excuse me. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. the heat chokes me up, jessica. jessica boyington has the first alert traffic. >> i'm smoegsal now. thanks, bill. this is something to watch out for. we have an accident scene in dennis township on the garden state parkway. on the northbound side. right around sea aisle boulevard. a lot of extra traffic heading home this morning. if we're out the door on 422, we're seeing an increase a little early so far this morning. you can see in the eastbound side right in here, that's
6:31 am
headed to the schuylkill expressway. now we have a 13-minute drive time. it is almost doubled right now. average speeds are about 39 miles per hour. so as we head forward on to lower marion, we still are watching this descent scene on mill creek road and grays lane with that intersection closed. your best bet to get around it is to take old gulf road and coming up in the next couple minutes, i'll check in with 76 and new jersey and see what's going on. there. >> thanks. happening today, a major change in the way catholics get annulments. it's coming just before that major trip pope frances is making to cuba and the u.s. in a few hours, church leader will explain that the pope is making it easier to get a marriage annulled. the church doesn't recognize divorce. instead, marriages have to be annulled which is a lengthy and costly process which really means that the marriage was never valid according to the church. the situation of divorce and remarried catholics who want to fully participate in the church is a high lie debated topic.
6:32 am
that's the sound of choirs preparing for the pope in cuba. pope frances will celebrate mass on the 19th. it will be the pope's furst trip to cuba. there are all musical performances composed by cuban artists. pope frances will be in philadelphia then. one of the stops he'll speak at independence hall on religious freedom and immigration. >> and that speech will be open to the public and it's free. you need a ticket. nbc 10s matt delucia is live at independence mall. can anyone get tickets? >> you have to remember a little more than a month ago when they tried selling passes for the papal visit, the website crashed. and there were far fewer tickets available this time around for the actual event itself. so this is for the event that is
6:33 am
happening on saturday the 26th. that will be tickets going up for grabs later on today at noon. you need to be close to a computer. these are only available online. this will be for the pope's speech that will focus on i inauguration. 10,000 tickets will be available to the public starting at noon. they are first come, first serve with a limit of four per person. more tickets here, 10,000 for the festival of families and 10,000 for the papal mass are offered starting tomorrow. there is a difference here. today's tickets are for the speech at independence hall. it was after people said they would not be able to get close to the pope without one. the majority of tickets are giving out to churches in our area. the website will be at the world meeting of families website. we have a link to that on our website. you have to keep in mind this link is not active until noon. that will be when these tickets go up for grabs. if you're wondering like i was just a few minute ago what
6:34 am
10,000 tickets would be as far as an impact, you have to figure that they're expecting about a million and a half people to park the parkway for the papal mass. 10,000 tickets amount to less than 1%. so demand is xbeexpected to be fairly high. i'm live at independence hall, nbc 10 news. >> and if you don't get tickets, you can still get your chance to see the pope during two parades on saturday the 26th. he'll travel around city hall and back to the parkway for a festival. a second parade will be held sunday the 27th. route information on that parade has not been released yet. a lot of people are going to try to avoid papal crowds in philly. so cape mae county leaders have a new slogan. you will still be able to seat pope's mass. the cape mae convention center
6:35 am
is showing pope frances' mass on the big screen. before the mass, they'll be showing the movie "sister act." go to the nbc app for the full itinerary and the ticket information. it's all available now on the nbc 10 app. >> today students in cam den head back to school. the superintendent there plans to lead the mayor on a tour of several schools. also south jersey native and nba player jason thompson will give away backpacks and school supplies to some of the students. meantime in, philadelphia, more than 100,000 students will head back to school. but the first day of class begins, there is uncertainty about the school district's budget. and how it will effect students' education. nbc 10s katy zachery is live at carver high school with more. katy? >> tracy, it's normal for kids waking up now heading back to school for the furst time in a few months. they may feel some nervous
6:36 am
energy. but i'm hearing that start of this school year, parents and teachers are feeling some anxiety as well. the deadline to approve the budget is june 30th. the concern is without a concrete funding figure from the state, districts like here in philadelphia won't know if they can afford certain programs, activities, and teacher salaries. we asked governor tom wolf how much longer districts will have to operate without this key funding. he says it's unclear but he's not willing to sacrifice education. it doesn't do as much as i think needs to be done for education. >> back out here live at carver high school. in just about an hour, mayor michael nutter and superintendent william height will be here to meet with students and teachers as they celebrate the beginning of the school year.
6:37 am
those two take part in a bell ringing ceremony at the high school. later in the morning, those two will then go to a middle school for lunch and finish out the day at south philadelphia high school. reporting live in north philadelphia, katy zachery, nbc 10 news. >> labor day was the unofficial kickoff of the fall campaign season for the presidential hopefuls. all eyes were on vice president joe biden who may or may not be running for president. hillary clinton was in iowa where she's been losing ground in the polls and also losing her voice. the real heat on labor day was in new hampshire where bernie sanders is surging. one candidate absent from the spotlight yesterday, republican front-runner donald trump. >> it's 6:37. in washington, lawmakers are getting back to work after their summer break. congress expected to spend the first day back in session debating the iran nuclear deal. most democrats support the
6:38 am
agreement and republicans oppose it. another topic, keep the government open beyond september as the new bijt year gins october 1st. >> 22 minutes before 7:00. sun just starting to come up. we have a hotter and more humid day on tap. going to be a heat wave. expect them again tomorrow. then showers and thunderstorms to bring our temperatures back down. right now, it is cooler in the mountains. 65 degrees. 72 in northeast philadelphia. and nice and sunny for atlantic city at 70 degrees. in the mountains, this is the view. you can see some low clouds. you might see a few spots of fog. we're not getting widespread fog like we saw yesterday morning. we are clear. no clouds in the region. the nearest clouds are way to the north and they'll stay out of the picture today. you'll need your sunglasses. look at the 90s for allentown
6:39 am
and quakertown. at the shore, another beautiful day. middle 80s for rehoboth and atlantic city. inland, look at the temperatures taking off. this afternoon, 94 in philadelphia. 93 in williams town and wilmington. 92 degrees. but cooler weather will be here for the weekend. saturday partly sunny. look at tund. the chance for showers 79 degrees. seven day forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. >> we have a report of a car fire in south jersey right now. jersey check. you can see the red cars right here leading up towards that point. no problems once you pass that scene. and head over into the schuylkill expressway. we'll keep our eyes on that for
6:40 am
you as well. in dennis township, watch for an accident scene on the garden state parkway. a lot of extra traffic heading home. on the 42 freeway, this is near the atlantic city expressway. far way from the city now. you can see that backup towards this point. starting to slow down just a little bit if you're headed to the center city area. nine minute drive time. we're adding on five minutes. we're doubling it now from 55 up towards the walt whitman bridge. possibly also because it's headed to that point on 76 where that vehicle fire is. no problems if you're headed towards the atlantic city expressway. >> thank you. tried, convicted and in prison. later, amanda knox was exonerated. and now we're finding out why italy's highest court threw out the murder charges. plus, many people are fascinated by the mystery of stonehenge. there is a new find that is prompting even more questions about one of the world's greatest puzzles.
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the din tientist accused of killing a lion is going back to work today. walter palmer came out of hiding. he dropped out of sight closing his office in minnesota after the word got out that he hunted and killed the beloved lion in july. late sunday palmer spoke with the minneapolis "star tribune" and associated press. he said if he had known this lion had a name and was important to the country or the study, obviously i would not have taken it. and he is heart broken about the disruption this has caused his staff. >> people have seen the pictures of him, this den sift with the bright white smile all over the internet. we never saw that smile once. it was a very serious business
6:45 am
like expression the entire time. >> the 65-year-old has not been charged with a crime. petitions circulated to extradite him to zimbabwe. and people made death threats not only against him but his family. >> and new this morning, republican presidential hopeful mike huckabee will join protesters today in support of the tennessee clerk jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. he was jailed by a federal judge thursday after defying several court orders. her lawyer spent labor day weekend filing appeals in an effort to force her release but she remains there on a contempt charge. davis who has been behind bars since thursday says her religious beliefs forbid her from following the law. a couple who feared their newborn baby was sold to traffickers from an el salvador hospital was reunited with their biological child. the couple flew to he will val
6:46 am
so the baby could be born in the mother's knave it country. when they returned to the u.s., they decided to have a d if. a test after noticing the baby didn't revery many bl either of them. they launched an investigation after the couple filed a lawsuit against the doctor who delivered the baby. italy's top criminal court revealed why it through out murder convictions against amanda knox and her ex-boyfriend. the court said there was no evidence that knox or her boyfriend were there when the woman was murdered. the pair served nearly four years in an italian prison after lower court convicted them in 2009. >> she's very satisfied and happy to hear this decision. at the same time tshgsz a very sad story. it's a sad story because meredith is not us with and this is a tragedy that nobody can forget. >> the third person accused of the murder is serving a 16-year sentence after choosing a fast track trial. now to an incredible find
6:47 am
overseas. >> this is amazing. in the series of stone monuments believed to have been hidden for thousands of years not far from the famous site of stonehenge. this shows a giant arrangement of 100 stones with space for 100 more. stones up to 15 feet tall and six feet wide stretching nearly a mile in a c shape as you see there. the underground formation is two miles from stonehenge was likely built for the same purpose, worship and rituals. i saw the story yesterday on "nightly news." it was fascinating. let's go to new york for a look at what is ahead on the "today" show. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> tracy, good to see you. coming up on tuesday from a new look studio 1-a, the new hints being dropped by joe biden about a possible presidential run. >> then on a special report, we're taking you inside what is called the safest school in america. the high-tech tools in place to
6:48 am
protect kids and should they be in your child's classroom? >> we have those stories and a parade of stars from movies, fans sh and spore news. >> richard gere opens bup going homeless for his new film. and jordan speith gives me a couple of pointers as we get ready to see you on a tuesday morning right here on "today." and, yes, the orange couch is gone. headline actually. >> look at that. >> what? >> yeah, that's the new orange room. >> wow. >> you like it? >> yeah, i love it. >> very, very nice. >> savannah has been very busy over the weekend. >> exactly. >> can't wait to see you and jordan speith. i can't wait to see you with that piece with you and jordan. >> it was a thrill. gosh he can hit it. it was great. >> all right. we'll see you in a little bit. >> all right. take care. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 12 minutes before 7:00. you're hitting the links today,
6:49 am
you'll need sun block and take a hat. it is going to be a hot and humid day to day. that sun will be bright. in fact, start to see some of the glow of sunlight on center city. 73 degrees right now. look at the humidity, 84%. both are running higher this morning. at the shore, sunshine is going to be another beautiful day. another beautiful summer day at the shore. temperatures topping out in the 80s for cape mae. nothing on the radar, not today. but tomorrow it's a different story. we need rain for now, this line of showers well to the north extends into the midwest. but that line is going to be on the move. a good chance that we'll see a few scattered showers popping up late tomorrow during the day tomorrow, another hot and humid one. that's 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. some spotty showers in delaware and look at that line developing by evening time. just to the west of allentown and into harrisburg area. that line will be moving through the area tomorrow night. for today, starting off with a muggy one. 69 degrees in the suburbs.
6:50 am
75 degrees at the bus stop in the city. the temperatures take off this afternoon. hotter and more humid than tomorrow. 90s today. another hot humid one tomorrow. 91 and the late day showers and thunderstorms. good idea to carry an umbrella on thursday. here come more wet weather. potential for some heavy downpours on thursday. a few showers into friday morning and then we clear out later on. a nice day ahead for saturday. partly sunny. there is a chance of a shower sunday. look at that temperature. forget about the 90s. 79 degrees sunday afternoon. and nice with low 80s monday. chris cato live in the breaking news center. sky force 10 getting over the scene of a shooting in west philadelphia. this is what we're seeing. a street is blocked off by police cars. they continue to investigate the circumstances of this shooting. you see the uniformed officer walking on the sidewalk there. this happened at 55th and master, west philadelphia, a man
6:51 am
was shot several times, bullets hitting him in the chin, in the leg several times. police believe the motive may be robbery. they're not saying yet if this victim may have known the attacker. but they believe the motive was robbery. apparently no one arrested. yes, the suspect is still at large. we're trying to get more information for you to find out if police believe this guy, this person may pose a danger to the neighborhood here. but right now we see a city street here in west philadelphia blocked off by police cars and police investigate a shooting that left a man injured. we don't know that man's condition yet. this comes after a violent labor day in philadelphia. we had four, actually five shootings counting one overnight in olney injuring four people and killing one person on labor day. so police have definitely been working a lot with shootings and violence in the city. and we'll continue to follow this investigation for you in west philadelphia. live in our breaking news center, chris cato, nbc 10 news. >> it's nine minutes before 7:00. let's check the roads. volume building. back to work, back to school. >> probably on 95, jessica
6:52 am
boyington, fill us in. zbh we're starting to see the big increase around girard avenue where we normally see it. it started a little early this morning. 28-minute drive. almost a half hour trip. doubling southbound up to the vine street expressway. you can see that headed southbound into the center city area. watch out if you're in gloucester city, new jersey, there is a big backup and vehicle fire at 676. two right hand lanes are closed. you can see that backup behind this scene is moving back towards the 42 freeway in new jersey as well. so give yourself an extra 10 to 15 minutes before you head out the door there. still watch out for that water main break on 130 southbound at route 90 with the right hand lane closed. the next five minutes, we have one last check with traffic. >> thank you. happening today, things are going to get pretty icy in the wells fargo center. you're taking a live look at the arena. later today, they're going to start making ice in preparation for the upcoming hockey season. it takes a whole day to make the
6:53 am
ice. get this, fans are invited to come watch the process from 10:00 to 2:00 today. you have nothing going on, go over there and watch ice being made, you're welcome to. more than 10,000 gallons of ice will be used in the ice making process. maybe painting as well. you can watch the paint dry while you're there. preparing for pope, if you want a ticket to seat pope, you'll need an e-mail address and fast fingers. nbc 10s matt delucia is live for us this morning in independence mall. hi, matt. >> only 10,000 tickets available for the first event happening that saturday the 26th. we'll explain when and how to get those tickets coming up.
6:54 am
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6:57 am
chris cato live in the breaking news center. news out of vatican city. pope frances shaking up the laws in the catholic church. we told you this was coming earlier. now it is official. an announcement coming down. a decree in rome where the pope changed the way that people in the church can seek an annulment of marriage. speeding up that process. it was a process that many criticize of being too complicated and costly and out of reach. again, this is falling in line with what we saw on the pope's decree on abortion. this is his way of trying to make the church accessible and bring people back to the church. also another note out of the pope's -- in the pope's realm this morning. he also tweeted a tweet on the current ip grant crisis in europe asking every perish and religious kplunt to host a refugee family. and that is something that we'll probably hear him touch on here in philadelphia as he gives that address at independence mall. live in our breaking news center, chris cato, nbc 10 news.
6:58 am
good morning. i'm matt delucia live in old city. free tickets are available for the papal visit starting today. first up, the event at independence hall. he'll address immigration on saturday the 26th. 10,000 tickets will be available to the public at noon. then tomorrow, more tickets will be up for grabs for the papal visit. the mass and the festival of families. all this is being done online. the tickets are free, first come, first serve. limit of four per person. we have a link to that website on ours at i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. and jessica boyington with your first traffic alert. there are problems in new jersey. so right in front of the walt whitman bridge, can you see that right behind that scene. all red cars slow beyond that and then okay once you get to the bridge. that has the two right hand
6:59 am
lanes closed. water main break still tying up the right hand lane from 130 southbound around route 190. >> live view from sky force 10 which up is flying around. a little hazy this morning. not seeing the thick fog that we saw yesterday morning. but it is a muggy start and a warmer one, too. right now the temperatures 73 degrees in philadelphia. 68 in wilmington. trenton at 68 degrees. northeast philadelphia, 73. and in south philadelphia, right along the delaware river trail, it's also 73 degrees. a warm start and sunshine. look at the warmup. 7 adegrees at 8:00. by 11:00, 86 degrees. and then 92 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. >> back to school day. >> you said you're going
7:00 am
ponytail later. >> oh, yeah. >> local updates in 25 minutes. >> you can always get updates at the nbc news app. thanks for watching. good morning. answering the call. meeting enthusiastic crowds all weekend what joe biden is telling supporters about a possible campaign. when will he decide and will hillary clton's slipping poll numbers usher biden into the race. >> breaking overnight a bold move by the pope. what he's doing to bring millions of divorced catholics back to the church. >> back to work the minnesota dentist who killed cecil the lion returning to his practice today. will his patients follow? and trapped. a 4-year-old and his dog fall down a well


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