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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  September 8, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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sees the annual bell-ringing ceremony and a step inside carver's new edition. this year 120 seventh and eighth grader begin their year at this s.t.e.m. magnet. it's a little overwhelming for her. h 60 days and no budget in harrisburg. philadelphia has not received over $4 million in education
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funding. superintendent dr. william hite says schools opened with the same resources as last year. >> we will get to a point as much of the schools across the commonwealth and run out of cash. >> reporter: when do you start chewing on your fingernails? >> around the end of october. >> reporter: and just in time for end of year holidays. the superintendent says they may have to look at cost-cutting measures. we'll look at that coming up at 11:30. the first charter school in delaware county, william penn's charter school opened in morning. vision academy charter school in lansdowns. today's the first day of school for thousands of catholic school students in our area. we were at st. margaret in
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arlington this morning. september 8th is the first day of school for most schools associated with the archdiocese of philadelphia. back to school for students in camden county. advisory board went on a multischool tour to celebrate the beginning of school. it will be a hot first day of school for students in philadelphia. you saw them wearing shorts. many will are sitting in schools that lack air conditioning. a live look at center city where temperatures will reach the 90s today. bill henley is here with the forecast for the first day of school. bill? >> vai, it's already wamrmer thn yesterday. look at boathouse road.
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look at the breeze coming in and it will be sticking around this afternoon. already 85 degrees in philadelphia. that's 5 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. and the humidity, that's elevated as well. ú@úare the southwesterly @@ú satellite, not a cloud to be found. not in our area. clouds are staying to the north. no sign of rain today. later in the week we'll likely get showers. humidity has come down a little bit this morning, but we're still several points higher than yesterday at this time. it's a muggier day and hotter day. we're into the 90s this afternoon. we topped out at 90 yesterday. we will be at 87 yesterday, warming to 92 degrees at 4:00. it will likely go higher than that. 87 degrees with bright sun. the seven-day forecast when i continue later this half hour. new this morning.
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final service plans on the broad street and frankfurt service lines. trains on the two lines will operate in both directions from 5:30 a.m. until 1:00 a.m. each day during the papal visit. for revised maps showing which stations will be opening and which will be offering express service g to our nbc10 mobile app. within the next hour, tickets for two events featuring pope francis here in philadelphia will be available to the public. nbc10's matt delucia has the details. >> reporter: the tickets are for a chance to get close to pope francis. the tickets are free but few. only 10,000 will be offered to the public less than an hour from now. the first round is forred event at independence hall, where pope will be talking about immigration. organizers believe that more than a million people will show up for the papal mass that
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sunday, so another set of 10,000 tickets will be available for that mass tomorrow. the online ticketing plan came last week after it was announced people would not be able to get close to the pope without one. the majority of special tickets rbing given out to churches and pa ri parishioners in the area. in old city, i'm matt delucia, "nbc10 news.." on saturday the 26th the pope will travel from aikens oval to city hall and back to the festival of families. the second parade sunday, the 22nd, but the route has not been released. we're learning more about housing options for those coming into town.
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the campground in east fairmount park will open thursday before he comes to down and close monday. go to our website or mobile app for more information, or "nbc10 news." we also have details on traffic changes plus the ticket information that matt was just telling us about. it's all available right now on the nbc10 app. pope francis issued a new law regulating when pope's determine a fundamental law allowing for dissolution. this comes after the pope encouraged more forgiveness for women who have had aboerss and a little more than two weeks to his trip to philadelphia. right now police are searching for the gunman who they say shot a man several times in west philadelphia. skyforce10 was over the scene earlier at 55th and master.
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officers had the entire block roped off. investigators say the victim was shot several times in the leg and shin. no word on the victim's condition. police think robbery may have been the motive. a bar fight overnight in philadelphia's olney area. a fight broke out after a man stole a woman's purse. the a man pulled out a gun and shot the suspected shooter. all three people will face charges. the brush fire in burlington county appears to be settling down but it could approach 1,000 acres. skyforce10 was in woodland area, it's a very renote area near the county line.
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officials believe it could take several takes to taken the flames. also new from overnight. nine people including four kids are out of their homes this morning after a fire tread into hoehomes around 3:00 this morning. firefighters had to fight flames from the roof. everyone did make it out okay. also from overnight, a fire ripped through a home on north philly. firefighters were called to a home this morning and everyone made it out okay out of that home. a suspected rapist is behind bars this morning following an attack in philadelphia's olney section. according to investigators, the woman was sitting in her car around 6:30 last night when she says the man forced her out of the car and then section juxual assaulted her. they say he started carjacking a car nearby before they caught him. police identified the two victims killed hit and killed by
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a taxi after leaving the made in america festival. the 25-year-old amanda and 25-year-old brian were hit crossing broadway and arch yesterday morning. the impact sent their bodies flying about 100 feet. witnesses say the cab appeared to be going 50 miles an hour in a 25-mile-an-hour zone. so far, police have not filed any charges. developments for a kentucky official, kim davis, getting a high-profile show of support. the latest on her case coming up. plus, parents reunited with their baby after they say a hospital sent them home with someone else's child. we'll have their story coming up. 90 yesterday. 90 today. expect to be in the 90s again tomorrow. heat wave number six, but there is change in the seven-day forecast. i'll show you what will bring an end to the heat wave with the
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demonstrators are gathering outside the kentucky jail where a county clerk is being held without bail after refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. nbc's sarah doloff reports. >> reporter: kim davis starting her fifth day behind bars after refusing to give marriage
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licenses to couples. >> her conscious is clear. she may still be behind bars but her spirit is free today. >> reporter: last week a federal judge found her in contempt and held her without bail for defying the supreme court. over the holiday weekend her supporters gathered to call for her release. >> you need to obey the law but there needs to be an exception made for that woman. >> reporter: a larger rally will be held this afternoon to include republican presidential candidate mike huckabee. meanwhile back at the courthouse, davis' clerks began issuing marriage licenses on friday, something davis still opposes. >> the problem she has with what happened on friday is those licenses continue to be issued under her authority and under her name. and that is a fundamental violation of kim davis'
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conscience. >> reporter: nbc news. a thou man teryn crisis continues overseas. today hundreds of new migrants and refuse geese crossed into hungary after a long journey from serbia. they're currently living at a reception camp that will be the temporary home for about 500 people. they'll stay there until taken to transit camps elsewhere in the area. while the camps are meant to help the refuse geese, many are wondering what happens after their time there is finished. meantime, thousands gathered across australia in support of migrants from syria. more than 5,000 people gathered in sydney to light candles and to listen to speakers. people honored a 3-year-old syrian kurdish boy whose body was found washed up on a turkish beach over the weekend. a couple who feared their newborn baby was sold to traffickers from an el salvador hospital was reunited. when they returned to the u.s.,
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they decided to have a dna test after noticing the baby didn't resemble either of them. authorities in el salvador launched an investigation after the couple filed a lawsuit against the obstetrician. an australian surfer is lucky to be alive after being attacked by a shark earlier today. the surfer escaped with only a cut to the hand and slightly battered surfboard. it happened while he was out surfing for morning surf on the coast of australia's new south wales state. the victim spoke about the narrow escape. >> just something came up from below, a bang, like a battleship hitting the board. threw me straight up into the air. >> the surfer says the shark released him after a short struggle. he was able to swim back to shore on his own and is doing just fine. in washington state, a
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museum worker is on the mend after he was bit by this ten-foot long yellow burmese pyth python. stella the snake is the zoo's most popular resident. yesterday she bit an employee and then wrapped herself around his leg. emergency crews had to wait for stella to unlatch before they could check the wound. the worker was taken to the hospital. he was not seriously hurt. one of the most puszling locations on earth has gotten even more mysterious. in an elaborate series of stone monuments believed to be buried not far from stonehenge. this shows hundreds of stones with space for 100 more. stones up to 100 feet tall, six feet wide, for a mile in that c "c" shape.
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it was likely built for the same purpose of stonehenge. >> archaeologists have been coming to this landscape for the last 400 years, but this is the first time that we've ever really gotten a clue there are a whole series of stones buried there, which is extraordinary. >> a new discovery prompting even more questions about one of the world's great puzzles. it's 11:18 and we're well on our way to the 90s. a hot day, another hot summer day with bright sunshine through the day. no sign of wet weather today. a pretty good sign we're onto our last heat wave of the season. yesterday, today, tomorrow 90s and then i'm tracking some rain that's on the way. we need it, too. that will bring an end to the high heat. at least for this week.
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84 degrees in reading. 85 in philadelphia. cape may also in the middle 80s. crowd not as big, obviously, from labor day to today, but it's a day that will see sunshine to 80s this afternoon for that crowd. so, good day to be at the shore. inland, temperatures are warmer. 6 degrees warmer in philadelphia compared to yesterday this time. wilmington is up 8 degrees. and the satellite in the clear. but the change, the time, you can see it. these clouds, and with those clouds, showers and thunderstorms. that will likely arrive later tomorrow. the first round is possible tomorrow. for today it's completely clear and dry. no sign of any showers and thunderstorms and not expecting them for the next 24 to 36 hours. the future cast shows that line on the move by tomorrow morning, those showers are to the west. by tomorrow afternoon, the line with the heaviest downpours is in central pennsylvania.
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before that gets here, we could see some isolated showers pop up in the area late tomorrow afternoon. then those storms will be moving into the area late wednesday night and early thursday morning. a look at the potential for some heavy downpours, some of the western suburbs. that should not be the end of the steady rainfall. steadier rainfall on thursday. today you need your sunglasses. 89 degrees in camelback. bright, sunshine for abington, bordentown, up to 95 degrees today. at the shore it's 80s with bright sunshine for avalon. milford, 89 degrees. topping out at 88 am millville. 90 for thorn dale, philadelphia with sunny skies today. the humidity that's high today will go even higher tomorrow, though it won't be as hot. clouds building and then those late day showers and
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thunderstorms for wednesday. steady rainfall. potentially on thursday with some thunderstorms. high of 87 degrees. that's the end of the heat wave. and then the temperatures come down a bit more. friday, friday morning some showers to start with, but they'll be clearing out later in the day on friday. looks like partly sunny skies. nice on saturday. 89 degrees on sunday. there's a chance we'll see scattered showers on sunday. 80, nice and comfortable with low humidity on monday. >> thank you you, bill. it's a story all parents want to hear. a new study reveals unexpected effects of smartphones on young people. details straight ahead. a local father arrested. the story of this man in his mug shot and what he was allegedly doing when he was taken into custody.
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new research suggests light from smart phones may lower hormones in children. they add up to 37% drop in melatonin when exposed to one hour of light before bed. experts say the study doesn't prove light causes adolescents to get less sleep but it may affect sleep rhythms and keep kids up later. the cdc says the west nile virus is no longer a growing problem in the u.s. new research finds while the disease is still an issue, the
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number of cases has remained stable. last year the cdc reported 2200 cases, making it the most common mosquito-borne illness in this country. there's no specific vaccine or treatment for west nile. and here's a look at the number of cases in our region this summer. there may have been ten in pennsylvania, six in new jersey and one in delaware. most people never develop symptoms and less than 1% develop a neurologic illness. c.a.t. scans usually diagnosis health problems but the technology is now being used on bodies that are thousands of years old. see what researchers hope to discover about some ancient mummies. a safer way to play. in our next half hour, we'll show you how coaches are changing their technique in order to help student athletes avoid concussions.
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about 1 is:30 and checking stories. the search continues for the gunman for the philadelphia man police say shot a man several times earlier today. skyforce10 was over the scene at-n west philadelphia at 55th and master. the victim was shot several times in the leg and shin. no word on the victim's condition. police think robbery may have been the motive. fire officials in woodland township, burlington county are keeping their eye on a brush fire currently burning near the ocean county line. officials say the fire appears to be slowing down but its total size could reach about 1,000 acres. crews say no structures are in jeopardy. nine people, including four kids r out of their homes this morning after fire spread through a set of rowhomes in philadelphia's fishtown neighborhood. the fire started at a home on east norris street around 3:00 this morning. firefighters had to fight flames
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from the roof and an investigation is ongoing. in delaware, a suspected drug dealer was arrested after he tried to run from police with his infant daughter in his arms. henry wanish is charged with child endangerment and possession of a controlled substance. officers approached him in new castle county yesterday with a warrant for his arrest, but police say he ran off while holding his baby. when police caught him, they say they found 92 bags of heroine along with other drugs. the child was not hurt and family services has been notified. well, labor day may have marked the end of summer vacation season, but it definitely still feels like summer if you step outside. here's a live look at north philadelphia where temperatures will reach into the 90s today. 83 right now currently. nbc10 first alert meteorologist
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bill henley here with the forecast. >> it is definitely still summer and mother nature is proving it. yesterday labor day, a nice crowd at kam beach now. they're cleaning things up. sunshine is bright and it's warming up quickly in the mountains and the rest of the area as well. with sunshine we'll see the temperatures around 90 degrees in the mountains. 83 in mt. pocono. trenton is 86. look at, that 88 in northeast philadelphia. atlantic city at the airport is 78 degrees. a wind blowing out of the southwest, additional humidity coming in and will keep increasing for tomorrow. sunny and hot today. 90s this afternoon. in fact, the potential for middle 90s this afternoon. southwesterly winds as high as 12 miles an hour. sunny, hot and humid today. not as hot but more humid tomorrow. seven-day forecast with details on the weekend when i come back later this half hour. vai? lifeguards along the beach
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in oahu, hawaii, rescued 95 swimmers were removed from the choppy waters over the weekend. no injuries were reported. all systems are go on the first day of school in philadelphia. but there are concerns that could change if there's not a new state budget soon. the lack of a budget means philadelphia has not received hundreds of millions of dollars in education funding. nbc10's jesse gary is live in north philadelphia for us. what's the possible impact on the new school year? >> right now, no impact at all. all schools opened here in the district. we were free of the anxiety we've seen the past couple of years at the opening of school. are they going to open on time? a delay? how much of a delay? not true this year? all of the schools open, all 134,000 school students had a nice, bright early start this morning. that includes the chief executive for the city of philadelphia, mayor michael nutter was here on hand,
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personally welcoming carver high school students to the start of the new academic year. this s.t.e.m. magnet sitting in temple shadow now has seventh and eighth grade students for the first time. it's a blessing for parents of new attendees. >> i'm excited. this is a new experience, a new journey for us, but i'm looking forward to her years at carver. >> reporter: that journey could hit rough seas, though. without additional funding. mayor nutter pressuring parents to pressure state legislators to pass a budget and provide adequate education funding. without it superintendent dr. hite says cost-saving measures will be need to be implement sdmrood we have been negotiating with our vendors to take lower payments. we have sent a letter to charter schools asking how much reserve do they have on hand? we have taken out -- we plan to take out the rest that was borrowed at the end of the
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summer. >> reporter: the superintendent says doing all those things will keep the district operating for a few more weeks, not months. a few weeks would allow a new program here at carver to get up and running, that starts in october. a new s.t.e.m. program for seventh and eighth grade students of those living in north philadelphia but not currently enrolled in carver. the goal is to bring those students in here, get them enrolled on saturday, acclimated to the school, and hopefully they can enroll, go to carver, graduate, temple, graduate, et cetera, set up an educational pipeline right here. jesse gary, "nbc10 news." pennsylvania's budget battle is having an effect on her school districts around the state. the chester-upland school district in delaware county has been hit particularly hard. the cash-strapped district does not have money for this week's round of paychecks. teachers, bus drivers, secretaries all returned to school last week. they voted to keep working
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without pay. pennsylvania has been operating without a budget for 69 days. as time passes, some counties are dipping into cash reserves to front the money while nonprofits are taking out loans, putting off services or postponing bills to stay afloat. the gop-controlled senate will be back in session a week from today. republicans say they will pass a stopgap budget plan if they can't come to an agreement with governor wolf. one goal is to get the money to the counties and nonprofit organizations that deliver the state's safety net services. governor wolf says a new budget needs to invest in education, something he says the gop proposal doesn't include. from 24 students in 2005 to more than 300 students this year, aim academy kicked off day one of tenth anniversary year. nbc10 was there as students headed back to class. they enroll students in first
11:36 am
through 12th grades and specializes in educating children with language-based learning differences. and more than 200 men lined up to greet students at two different camden high schools. the district student alongside alumni, fraternities and veterans gave roses to young women and hand shakes to young men. organizers created the initiative to combat violence in the community. pope francis issued a new law regulating how bishops determine how a flaw makes a marriage invalid. the decision reforms the catholic church's process of annulling marriage, allowing for fast-track decision, after the pope encouraged more forgiveness for women who have abortions. a little more than two weeks before his trip to philadelphia. free tickets are available for the papal visit starting today. pope francis will deliver an address on immigration on saturday the 6th. 10,000 tickets will be available
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to the public at noon. and then tomorrow, more tickets will be up for grabs for the papal visit and festival of families. all of this is being done online. the tickets are free. first come, first serve. we'll have a link to the site at and a lot of people are going to try and avoid papal crowds in philly, so cape may county leaders have a new slogan. >> they're looking at the papal visit. we have been working basically to say, you know, escape to the cape. >> escape to the cape, but you will still be able to see the pope's mass. the cape may convention center will be showing pope francis' mass on a big screen. before the mass, they'll be showing the movie "sister act." ♪ >> that's the sound of choirs preparing for the pope in cuba. pope francis will celebrate mass
11:38 am
in havana on the 19th. it's to be a distinctive cuban affair. tap the nbc10 app for the full papal itinerary. we also have details on traffic changes mrut the ticket information we just told you about. it's all available on the nbc10 app. the presidential campaign is entering a new post-labor day phase. most of the talk is focused on a man who isn't even in the race yet. vice president joe biden. peter alexander has rt report. >> reporter: with summer in the rearview mirror, the race for the white house is now heating up. still unanswered, will vice president joe biden jump in? >> organize, organize, organize! >> reporter: rallying union members at a labor day parade in pittsburgh, an energized vice president heard a chorus of encouragement from his
11:39 am
supporters. >> i have to talk to my wife about that. >> reporter: later telling reporters -- >> it's home! >> reporter: biden's decision could be weeks away. hillary clinton is trying to jump start her campaign. with the latest poll showing an increasingly tight race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders in iowa and a reversal in new hampshire, clinton trailing sanders for the first time. >> we're coming after those republicans and their alice who would turn the clock back on america. >> reporter: campaigning so much over the weekend, clinton nearly lost her voice. >> i'm so happy to be back. my voice is a little raspy -- >> reporter: in a new push to answer questions about the private e-mail she used as secretary of state, clinton spoke with the associated press. what i did was allowed. allowed by the state department, she says. adding the controversy has been a distraction but in any way hasn't been ineffective on our campaign. next stop is to sit down with
11:40 am
ellen degeneres. jeb bush and joe biden set to appear on stephen colbert's new show, and donald trump will visit jimmy fallon friday. with the next republican debate just a week away, analysts say the campaign is at a turning point. >> voters begin looking at the race through a different lens. they sfart evaluate people not just as candidates they might be interested in or have fun listening to, but potential presidents of the united states. >> that was peter alexander reporting. now hillary clinton's strategists are promising a new view of her. an oklahoma hospital is performing c.a.t. scans on two 2400-year-old egyptian mummies. both are displayed in an oklahoma art museum and blessed by monks before being sent away for x-rays. researchers believe they are both females but the work is now just beginning. the team is studying the results to uncover new information about who the mummies were and how
11:41 am
they lived. if you know a student who plays football or is thinking about playing football, we have a segment coming up you'll want to see. with concerns about head injuries growing, see how coaches are helping spread the word about a safer way to play the game. we'll sit down and talk with one of those coaches coming up. and he's someone many viewers might recognize. 83 degrees. you'll recognize this weather as being summer weather. it's still summer and we've got more hot weather ahead. but there is a change just in time for the weekend. seven-day forecast coming up.
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verizon will reportedly announce a new ad with streaming service. they say it's available to anyone even if they're not a verizon customer. it will have a mix of live shows, including concerts, nfl games, tv shows and original web series. you might see this on christmas list this is year. amazon's new tablet. the best part about it -- it cost just 50 bucks. it has a six-inch screen and a mono speaker. amazon is trying to compete with bigger names in the tablet market like apple and samsung. and a lot of americans who lost their homes seven years ago during the real estate busts are expected to make a return to the market.
11:45 am
they're called boomerang buyers and experts say they'll be an important part of the real estate market in the coming years. realty track expects phoenix and miami with the most boomerang buyers. college students eat more frozen yogurts. they found college students are 162% more likely to order frozen yogurt than the general population. waffle fries were second on the list, followed by the chicken pita, chocolate chip brownies and hibachi chicken. keeping students -- student athletes safe on the football field, that's the aim of a new comprehensive study by design usa football and one master trainers is gabe infonoti, whose joining me here today. thanks for coming. the program is called heads up football. so, tell us a little more about
11:46 am
it. >> heads up football is a comprehensive program, as you mentioned. it's gained a lot of notoriety for its heads up tackling but it's more than about tackling. it's a comprehensive program that deals with block, heat acclimate, to work with youth sports around the country, give them a support system, give them something to work off of that can help provide a safer game for the youth playing football today. >> usa football is backed financially by the nfl. that seems interesting to a lot of people. why does the nfl have a vested interest in this program? >> well, i think they're major stakeholders in the future of our game. so, the popularity of the game and, obviously, their ability to support youth sports and high school sports around the country is a natural synergy between the two. and so having young people growing up, watching super stars
11:47 am
on tv, emulating them, wanting to be more like them, it's a natural marriage to help support the young people that aspire to be maybe some day great players. it's a natural relationship. >> coach, you think also it speaks to the nfl and football in general, trying to -- i guess maybe there's so many kids who -- and parents who may want to have their kids play other sports that may be safer for them. this may be a way of helping alleviate some of those concerns. >> sure. i think with the advent of the concussion epidemic, i think education is always important when you're dealing with an epidemic. the nfl, i commend them for taking a leadership role and trying to educate parents and empower parents to feel there's a safe way to play this game, this great game that we've all played that's meant so much for us. around important game for young people to play. it can be done in a way that's safe and they can feel
11:48 am
comfortable their children are being taken care of and the people working with those children are being taught the right things and right methods to keep their children safe. >> this is more than just preventing concussions. tell us about that. >> it's a train to trainer model. as master trainer i go around the country and we do safety player clinics where we teach them certain standards. it's about eight hours and covers everything from equipment fitting to hydration to how to plan a proper practice. and, obviously, the heads up tackling, the heads up blocking, which was a new this year. it's a really comprehensive program. when you think about yoult sports and youth football in america, how fragmented, the experience of youth football can be very different than one place and another. heads up football was a gray to unify the experience and to give support to a lot of youth coaches who tend to be parents, who have the expertise to plan a
11:49 am
proper practice or teach proper tackling. this is a way for us to support those great volunteers that go out there and are the ones giving the experience to youth players aren't the country. >> i can't let you go without asking you about a little update on prep football. tell us how your team is doing. >> we opened against shreveport, louisiana, we won 14-0. our jv program played on sunday and won 17-14. saturday morning. so, our program is now undefeated in the first week depend looking forward to a challenging program against dom bosco from north jersey. >> wish you well. for more information, go to our website at nbc10.comñrñr or nbc10 mobile app. you'll find a link there and more information about the program. coach, thank you. >> thank you.
11:50 am
the temperatures are up and still climbing. seeing plenty of sunshine. look at the breeze getting going on top of boathouse row. that's that muggier air coming into play. in the middle 80s but we'll easily reach the 90s. the ballpark, nothing but sunshine. not nothing but a cloud in the sky over citizens bank park. it's going to be a hot start over the weekend. phillies and braves, 7:05. 87 degrees, southerly winds at 87 miles an hour. it will cool down easier. 80 degrees at 10:00. warm and muggier than last night. radar, completely dry for our area today. i do expect that changes tomorrow. you can see the line of showers and thunderstorms moving into the midwest. that's on track for us later tomorrow. in fact, that line will move in during the late evening hours. but before it gets here, we'll likely see some spotty showers
11:51 am
late tomorrow afternoon. not a lot. isolated showers. possibly a thunderstorm. then this line of showers and thunderstorms comes into play during the late evening hours. this is 11:00 tomorrow night. look at the heavy downpours in the allentown area, into berks county as well. that will bring a pretty good amount of rainfall, up to an inch in doylestown area by 11:00. still more rain on the way for thursday. just not today. sunglasses, 87 degrees at 1:00. by 4:00, 90s. then the sun sets during the 7:00 hour, 7:23. clear skies overnight but we won't be clear of the high humidity. in fact, it's a bit steamier for tomorrow. 91 the high after a morning low of 73 degrees. the showers that pop up wednesday will likely be more numerous on thursday. showers, thunderstorms, possibly steady rainfall. we're lucky we'll get some rainfall to make up for the deficit from last couple of months. 87 degrees for thursday.
11:52 am
a little cooler on friday. a few showers on the morning and then we clear out and saturday and sunday looking good. there's a chance of a shower on sunday. but most of the day will likely be dry and definitely cooler. just 79 degrees sunday afternoon. looks like a nice one with low humidity monday and a high of 80 degrees. we'll be right back.
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the phillies season hit a new low last night, at least when it comes to attendance. the phillies announced a little over 15,000 fans turning out for last night's game at citizens bank park. that's the smallest crowd since they opened the ballpark in 2004. the phillies recorded their 85th loss of the season last night, falling to the atlanta braves 7-2. phils and braves have the two worst records in the majors so far this season. so, let's forget about baseball. talk about football. how about high school football? you can vote for our game of the week. this week's choices garnet valley at bonner, or highland at camden. to vote, go to or call and text your vote in. we'll announce the winner
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thursday night on "nbc10 news" at 11:00. looks like garnet valley is leading right now at 54% with 10% better than connell egan versus king. you still have a chance and there's still time. coming up at 3:00, "ellen" kicks off premiere week with a long list of celebrities, starting with caitlyn jenner making her first talk show appearance after becoming the most high profile transgender woman in the world. a south jersey waitress. an act of kindness that has inspired people across the country. and then nbc"nbc10 news" at 4:0. we're at the scene of a forest fire burning in south jersey. police say they're getting calls from neighbors about the smoke. it's an issue out there. today at 4:00, nbc10 is looking into the widespread impact for people who live nearby. let's check in with bill henley.
11:57 am
>> since we've been on the air at 11:00, the temperature has moved up 3 degrees. now 88 degrees in philadelphia. thanks for watching "nbc10 news" at 11:00. we'll see you this afternoon.
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. >> clyde: oh, damn. i'm going to have to call in a cleaner. >> jj: you killed him? >> clyde: i'm a businessman, son. i just took care of business. >> paige: jj! oh, my god. what is-- >> jj: shh. stop it. someone is probably watching. i'll meet you at the park in ten, okay? our spot. >> paige: jj-- >> jj: you need to go. if anything happened to you, i'd die. go. >> aiden: yes, i am very clear


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