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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  September 8, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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next thing you know, i was being attacked by a dog. >> someone with a family pet mauled to death. a man trapped for hours in his car after it plunges off an embankment. >> a man is alive tonight thanks to a police officer in the right place at the right time. doug, this story could have had a very different ending. >> reporter: exactly. this rescue hinged on a very few crucial seconds without which that driver might still be
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trapped, or worse. a police officer on patrol was going by and heard cries for help. they seemed to come out of the darkness at gray's lane and millcreek road at 4:23 in the morning. >> after investigation he found a car in the creek bed with one male in it who was trapped in the car. >> reporter: the driver told rescuers from the marion fire company that he lost control of the chevy avio and went off the road through dense brush and into trout run around 7:00 monday night, some nine hours earlier. we tried to show you how completely enshrouded at night, you would never see it. that's why they say this was part luck, part miracle. it took more than an hour to get him off. >> they had to take the door off and the roof off to get to him, and the front kind of rolled onto his feet and legs, so we had to take the dashboard and steering column. >> reporter: the driver was taken out on a backboard and
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neck brace but alive. >> if no one saw him until that police officer heard him, if that police officer wasn't coming by, i'm sure he could have been in there for another day until somebody saw him. >> reporter: and we are told the driver is expected to make a full recovery. live live, nbc 10 news. fire on a plane preparing forteoff in las vegas. cell phone video shows the plane on fire in the distance. passengers went on the emergency slide after the engine caught fire around 2g:00 in the afternoon. the plane was about to take off for london. a contractor hit a gas line here at a construction site near market and juniper streets. no one has been evacuated and right now it's not clear if this has affected any customers. firefighters say this forest fire in south jersey is now 100%
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contained. >> here's how it looked from sky force 10 above woodland township today. that's in the area of ocean and burlington counties. the fire has burned about 1,000 acres since it broke out yesterday. no homes have been threatened but smoke has been blowing into populated areas. health officials are urging people with breathing problems to stay inside. >> i just came from the store, and everybody was saying, go back in. it's so much nicer in the store, in the food store with the air-conditioning. don't come out. it's awful air. >> firefighters say the fire will likely continue to burn until the area gets enough rain. local students are resting up tonight after a busy day. >> it was back to school for kids throughout the entire area. philadelphia public schools were among those to reopen their doors today. mayor michael nutter shook hands near carveer high school. this is a stem magnet school that added 7th and 8th graders
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for the first time. nba jason thompson greeted students outside their school this morning. he now plays for the golden state warriors and today he delivered backpacks and school supplies to students showing up to start the new year. tomorrow is the second day of school, but some students will get out early because of the heat. they include students in trenton public schools. let's go to sheena parveen. sheena, how hot will it get tomorrow? >> we expect temperatures around 90 degrees again tomorrow, so it's going to be another hot day. the humidity will make it feel even hotter. as far back as yesterday, really, we hit 90 degrees. even sunday we were close to 90, but three days in a row at 90 degrees is a heat wave. tomorrow if we hit 90 degrees, and we could be very close, that would be heat wave number 6. this is well above normal, the high is 81, but we break out of
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the heat. highs may be in the low 80s with some rain moving in. right now we're nice and dry but the rain is just off to our west. this area of moisture will make its way in later in the day tomorrow, and when we go into thursday, that's when we can expect heavy rain. we'll see more clouds with temperatures in the mid-70s and possibly patchy fog, especially areas north and west. coming up, we'll take a look at the timing of the rain and cooler air moving in for your weekend. with less than three weeks to go now until the pope's visit to philadelphia, tomorrow you can finally snag a visit to the papal mass on the parkway. 10,000 tickets will be up for grabs tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. at 4:00 p.m. tomorrow, you can also try to get one of the 10,000 tickets that will be made available for the festival of families on saturday, september 26. today tickets disappeared quickly for the pontiff's appearance at independence hall. in fact, some tried to sell
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their tickets on ebay and craigslist. mayor michael nutter was not happy. >> it's just trifling. just trifling. >> if you want a ticket for either events, they will be available on some changes that will help you get around for the papal visit even if you're not going to see the pope. keith has more. keith? >> this is one of the added train stops, eighth and market street. it's going to help alleviate that traffic for people trying to get to work. we also have this updated map of the train schedule. >> it's going to be a mess. it's going to be a mess. >> reporter: she lives in philly but works in delaware county. she's not looking forward to the crowds. >> people who don't know how to ride the train, it's going to be crowded. >> reporter: they pushed the number of stops to nine, all within a two-mile walk from the
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parkway where the pope will hold a papal mass. >> it's about a two-mile walk to the ben franklin parkway, that's if you're interested in walking for the people who work right here, the employees say it's an inconvenience. ariel works downtown and likes the extra stops. still -- >> i'm not coming downtown at all when the pope is here. i don't want to be part of the chaos. made in america was already crazy. >> does it make it easier on your trip? >> it's not going to make it easier at all. how? >> reporter: he understands it won't make it easier for him to see the pope, but he understands they need to have extra caution. >> they need the area shut down a little bit. >> security. >> security, exactly. >> they added another stop at 44th street, and there will likely be more changes leading up to the next few weeks. reporting live in center city, keith jones, nbc 10 news.
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philadelphia international is still waiting for a papal payoff according to our partners at the philadelphia business journal. the airport isn't seeing a major increase for the week of the pope's visit. the journal found philadelphia has the lowest international demand that week compared to new york and washington. one reason the airport isn't seeing an uptick is because the majority of people flying here are domestic travelers. >> the nbc 10 app has everything you need to prepare for the pope. you'll find information for the mass and maps. the pope is making another radical change in the catholic church. he is simplifying annulment with a fast track process. he said people can get an annulment in the church, but it's long been criticized as complicated and expensive. there are streamlines that
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determine if tmarriage has a flw that makes it invalid. but the changes come too late for one delaware county man. >> i think it's more of a pr thing. i think that, you know, i understand what the pope is trying to do. he's trying to change with the times. but i don't necessarily agree with the entire process itself. >> in a statement today, the archdiocese of philadelphia says marriage is still supposed to be considered permanent. but they say for years they tried to make the process easier for catholics trying to get an annulment for what they consider valid reasons. a rock star welcome from supporters for kim davis as she was released from jail today. the kentucky clerk had been behind bars since thursday because she refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses. the judge released her because her deputy clerks began issuing licenses today. davis thanked her hundreds of supporters who waited for her outside the jail.
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>> i just want to give god the glory. you are a strong people! >> republican presidential candidates ted cruz and mike huckabee were among those who showed up to rally behind davis today. it's not clear when she will return to work. now to airline turbulence that could cause headaches for the presidential campaign for new jersey governor chris christie. the airline turbulence has resigned that dogged christie for months. they announced the resignation of the united ceo today. the investigation sprung from the so-called bridgegate scandal. that scandal involved lane closures on the george washington bridge. the prosecutors say they were ordered by top allies to governor christie. we could learn more tomorrow about the plane crash that killed philadelphia enquirer
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owner lane cass. cass and six others died when their jet overran the runway and crashed in massachusetts later last year. preliminary investigations suggest the crew ignored a safety check. funeral services are set tomorrow for an off-duty police officer killed in a hit and run crash. it is scheduled with a first viewing at 9:00 a.m. followed by services at 11:00 a.m. he was riding his motorcycle on august 30 when a hit and run driver allegedly killed him and took off. they boxed him in before police got there. rogers is charged with vehicular homicide. this family pet killed by strays they tried to rescue. who is now under investigation for the dog's attack? plus, rumors swirling over apple's next big technology. how long apple fans will have to wait before seeing the rollout.
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heavy rain. when storms will move to bringing downpours.
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new at 11:00, animal control under investigation in delaware county. two dogs have died in just a week, and in both cases, animal control officers were involved. >> tonight a local shelter is asking for more oversight. nbc 10's drew smith spoke to a family struggling with the sudden loss of their pet. >> reporter: it was the night of the dog shelter for maurice hoggenback and his family. they were adopting a new pet after their dog was killed by two larger dogs. the family said they found a stray rottweiler and took it home. when delaware county animal control arrived, officers showed the family a second dog believed to be related to the other. >> we couldn't believe what happened, because they told us the dog wasn't a violent dog or anything like that. >> reporter: the family claimed the second dog was forced on them to hold overnight. we went where the private
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company is based and asked why that happened. the business referred us to their lawyer. >> it does not appear that delaware animal control did anything other than act carefully, consistently and in a caring manner. >> reporter: attorney gerard shrum said the animal control officer warned the family and offered to introduce all the dogs to avoid an issue. still, the shelter says the public should not be holding a stray brought by animal control. >> they really put the owner in harm's way by asking them to hold two unknown dogs. >> reporter: the spca in chester county is so concerned about this they're no longer taking any animals from delaware animal control. that company is in turn suing this shelter saying it conspired to put him out of business. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> that incident comes days after another dog died while in custody of upper darby animal control officers. the pitbull spent two hours in the back of a van with no air-conditioning before he was
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dropped off at the chester county spca. those who treated the dog said his temperature was 117 degrees and he died of heat stroke. the district attorney is looking into whether to file animal cruelty charges. upper darby township says it's not sure the heat caused the dog's death. we have new information tonight on the taxi crash that killed two people in town for the made in america festival. police say the cab's driver likely had a green light, and witnesses say he hit the pari ps they were crossing broad street on red in center city. they were looking at those accounts and to confirm how fast the driver was going at the time of the crash. angela digirolomo was killed along with her boyfriend. she was from chester county. in montgomery county tonight, the focus was youth sports. organizers of this event said kids' clubs have become targets for fraud and embezzlement, and they wanted to provide people
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with information on how to avoid fraud. many believe apple will announce a successor to the apple iphone 6 and 6-plus. apple hasn't said why it's holding the event. rumors also center around the possibility of a new and larger ipad. those who want to watch the event can stream it live on their apple ipads, phones or computers. a familiar face is said to make a return to the miss america pageant today. we learned vanessa williams will serve as head judge of the competition. you might recall the singer and actress won the title in 1984, becoming the first black miss america, but she resigned after a nude photo scandal. today marks the competition in atlantic city. this year's winner will be crowned inside boardwalk hall on sunday. kevin hart is taking his comedy act to the shore.
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sold out of his "what now" show at the link, he will be seen on the boardwalk. tickets go on sale at noon. well, temperatures did get into the 90s today, and we do expect at least close to 90 tomorrow, so if we hit it, we will be in heat wave number 6, well above normal for this time of year, but eventually our temperatures will start to steady out to where they should be. this is going to be after we have rain moving through, so thursday, thunderstorms with some locally heavy rainfall. we could see areas of localized flooding mostly through the day thursday, so we'll be tracking those showers and storms for you as we get closer. then we get a cooler air mass moving in just in time for the weekend. temperatures by tomorrow morning, though, will still be warm and humid. by 8:00 in the morning when you wake up, we could have patchy fog in let high valley. 73 for allentown, 76 redding,
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mid-70s when you wake up tomorrow morning in philadelphia. more clouds in new jersey and delaware with temperatures right around mid to upper 70s and that humidity. locally we're dry but there you see that big area of rain right off to our west. that's all part of a cold front, so ahead of it we are hot and humid. we are going to stay like that tomorrow, too. behind it there's that cooler air mass. once that rain moves through, that cooler air will start to move in. now here's 10:00 tomorrow morning. i think a majority of tomorrow will be dry. until we get to the afternoon hours by 10:00 a.m., already around 80 degrees. then we go into tomorrow afternoon. this particular model is putting us into the low 90s. that will be heat wave number 6 by 3r:00 p.m. we could see showers develop in the afternoon. overnight and into thursday, thursday morning we could have showers for the morning commute. then here's noon thursday. this is showing some locally heavy rain with the yellows,
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oranges and reds. temperatures by the afternoon, mid-70s, some areas could still be in the 60s. 4:00 p.m. thursday. temperatures will really be held down, i think, by the cloud covering the rain. even by 4:00 p.m., we could have heavy rain still. that will move out later into early friday and then we'll see some clearing. as for today, temperatures really heated up for the northeastern part of the country. we were in the mid-90s, but that cooler air is just to our north and northwest. that's going to move in once this rain moves through and that's going to cool us down going into the weekend. tonight, though, warm and humid. patchy fog for some areas. tomorrow highs around 90 degrees, hot and humid with the chance for some late showers. more rain thursday with some heavy rain and some thunderstorms. temperatures could be around 80 degrees. we might have to drop that. we'll see what it looks like tomorrow, but then we go into the weekend and the stretch of weather drops down to the low 80s and upper 70s. john? >> thank you, sheena. which injured eagle could be
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back at practice tomorrow? we sit with malcolm jenkins about this secondary compared to last year. talking about the birds again! that's next. ♪
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hi, i'm john clark. good news, eagle fans. tight end zach ernst will hopefully return to practice and he could play in the season opener monday night with atlanta. the falcons let go of a few players on their line this week. only one team had more sacks than the birds last year, so malcolm jenkins tells us the birds' d-line will be getting after it.
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>> i'm sure all those guys are really looking forward to match-ups, but for me i think d-line and our linebackers can match up against any offensive line in this league. >> how do you feel about the secondary going into this year as compared to last year in. >> i think i'm much more confident, and i think it's because the guys in the room are much more confident as well. i'm trying to keep up with these guys where last year everyone kind of looked toward me. >> that is good to hear. i thought shawn mccoy was done talking about the eagles. in gq he's talking about murray. he said, i think murray's good but i don't see him as competition. the eagles have resigned andrew gardner to a three-year deal. nola squall lwallowing up t braves tonight. nola is 6-2.
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phillies beat the braves 5-0, so their five-game losing streak is over. how about this? the nationals beat a 7-1 lead tonight. mets win 8-7. they're up six games. penn state players were so disgusted losing to temple for the first time in seven years, nittany lions burned the game tapes. that's right, they used shovels to burn the videos next to their practice field. they're moving on. so is head coach james franklin. >> i would just ask for everybody to take a deep breath and have some patience, because the negativity is not going to help. >> and you can vote for your high school football game of the week at here are this week's choice. this game and all the action on the high school blitz friday night at 11:00. donald trump stumping for votes. trying to get jon mcenroe's vote at the u.s. open tonight.
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sister venus beats serena in the sister act. venus williams is to history. i'm john clark. be right back.
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tasty. president obama roughed it a bit during his trip to alaska last week. he sampled some partially eaten salmon carcass left behind by a bear. don't worry, it was cooked first. it was part of the edition of "running wild with bear grylls." it will air later this fall. he said it was tasty of te yita. don't know about that. the warm weather continues. >> yes, the warm weather tomorrow. if we're in the 90s tomorrow, if we hit 90, heat wave number 6. thursday we'll have heavy rain
11:31 pm
moving in, so once that rain moves through, we cool down and the weekend will be much cooler. i think a lot of people will enjoy it. >> back to normal. >> yep, back to normal. >> thanks for watching. "the tonight show" next.c with ger. have a good night. ♪
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- richard gere, jessica simpson, musical guest, keith urban,


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