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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  September 11, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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don't wait. call now. we are learning more about an early morning pornography raid that turned deadly. skyforce10 was over the scene earlier this morning. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. we know the fbi guild a gunman and others were taken away by officers. monique, give us an update. >> reporter: we have watched dozens of fbi agents, prosecutors from delaware county work the scene. some are dressed in hazmat gear, the white gear, protective clothing. we also learned two people who
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live in the house are with police. >> i heard some people say, get on the ground, get on the ground! and i heard, pep, pep, pep, pep. i looked out the window. >> reporter: this is what wyvete armstrong and her neighbors saw on high lst land avenue. fbi agents dressed in s.w.a.t. gear. one person led auto way by police. what's the investigation? >> we take all witnesses to. interviewed. >> reporter: federal agents executing a search warrant encountered a gunman. sources say an fbi agent open fire, striking and killing the gunman. it's outraged some neighbors. >> guess what? he's somebody's child, possibly somebody's father. so, you know, execute to search warrant doesn't necessarily mean they need to carry a body out either. >> reporter: police sources tell us three people were inside the home equipped with surveillance
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cameras when gunshots shattered the early morning silence. two people are being questioned. are you surprised something like this would happen at this house? >> surprised? yes. because that's the quietest house on highland avenue. >> reporter: but the police say this is a hot bed of crime. >> i've requested the fbi come to the city years ago. they've been a great partner with us in trying to break up some criminal activity. >> reporter: now, the identity of the person who was shot and killed by the fbi agent has not been released or if that person is the subject of a pornography investigation. right now we're waiting more information from the fbi. as soon as we have it, you'll know it and we'll be back live at 11:30. in chester, monique braxton, "nbc10 news."
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the country's marking the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks today. this was the ceremony at ground zero in new york city earlier this morning. it's to remember the 2700 americans killed when terrorists intentionally crashed two airliners into the world trait center. the names of all those victims were also read outloud at ground zero this morning. ♪ >> at the pentagon, the other target of the tris attacks, 14 years ago secretary of defense ash carter led the ceremony this morning. they remembered a hijack plane being crashed into the pentagon. [ bells toll ] >> president obama and the first lady observed a moment of silence at the white house to mark the anniversary. at 8:46 this morning, the time the first plane hit the north
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tower. a bugler then played "taps," and the president will visit ft. mead, maryland, where he'll thank service members for protecting the country. there are a lot of memorials in our area as well. katy zachry spent the morning at garden of reflection in bucks county where they held a memorial there. >> it was the perfect day in new york. it was the perfect day here in yardley -- >> reporter: it's how so many of the victims' families remember the start of september 11th, 14 years ago. but just a few hours into the morning, everything changed. >> i'm sure my memories are very similar to everyone else that's here. i remember rushing to try to find where my children were, my husband was, and trying to find where joshua was. >> reporter: judith's son, joshua, worked at the world trade center. he never game home. >> in the 14 years, we all stand back and say, did we do
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something wrong? no, we didn't. each one of these people were in the place they were supposed to be, doing their jobs that morning. each one of these people would not want us to spend the rest of our lives crying. >> reporter: it's why so many come to the garden of reflection in yardley. over the years it's grown into a moving tribute for the 18 victims of bucks county, each as their names etched in glass around the two fountains. outside of that, the names of nearly 3,000 victims who lost their lives. grace's son was among them. >> did everyone see the rainbow yesterday over the world trade center? i'd like to think of that rainbow as the souls of our lost saying, we're okay. >> reporter: in yardley, bucks county, katy zachry, "nbc10 news." in somerset county, hundreds gathered to remember the victims
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of flight 93 killed on september 11th. that flight was hijacked during 9/11. the passengers fought back and the plane crashed near shanksville. happening now, philadelphia international airport is honoring the victims of the 9/11 attacks. a ceremony is under way right now inside the international arrivals hall. on this day in 2001, hijackers hijacked four commercial jets, killing 3,000 people. passengers fought back on that fourth plane, forcing it to crash into a field in shanksville, somerset county. for a full list of all the september 11th memorials throughout the region, just go to our website at you can also find the events on our nbc10 app. sunshine and blue skies throughout our area. it's turning out to be a pretty pleasant friday as we take a live look now at philadelphia's boathouse row. looks nice out this. much different scene early this morning. take a look at the flooding
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overnight. we shot this video on route 130 oot brooklawn circle in brooklawn, camden county. you can see cars there slowly making their way through high water. not advisable doing that. meanwhile, more rain heading our way. nbc10 first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is here with the forecast. hi. >> not for today. we saw record rainfall yesterday with almost 5 inches at the airport. today everything is clearly up nicely, including the clouds. we'll seen see a little sunshine heading into the afternoon. not right now. we're seeing overcast and mostly cloudy skies over citizens bank park this morning. we're on the mild side for philadelphia. 73 degrees. low 70s in pottstown. 73 in allentown. mid-60s in the poconos. 70 degrees in wildwood. low 70s at atlantic city airport. we're at 74 in millville. as we head into the rest of today, the temperatures will be
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above average. the high temperature in philadelphia, 83 degrees. we should see a lot more sunshine getting into the late afternoon hours. coming up, i am tracking the return of storms and it is going to affect your weekend. i have both saturday and sunday, a chance to see rain. then i'm also tracking cooler temperatures. we're dropping back down into the 70s, so an early taste of fall. vai? >> thank you. happening as we prepare for the arrival of pope francis to philadelphia, montgomery county commissioners are holding a briefing right now to go over their plans for the papal visit. the county is expecting a large influx of traffic since i-76 will be closed that weekend. there will be a high volume of people taking mass transit. also pope francis is staying at st. charles seminary in lower merion township. we'll have an update this afternoon starting on "nbc10 news" at 4:00. in delaware, transportation officials are also gearing up
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for the pope's arrival. they're hosting a media roundtable at d.a.r.t. administrative office. they're going over plans and details surrounding the papal visit. 15 days until pope francis arrives in philadelphia to cap off the world meeting of families. one thing you'll notice, metal detectors will be in place near city hall, the parkway, independence hall and around the cathedral basilica where the pope will hold a private mass. people that live within the per imters will have to move their cars a week ahead of the pope's visit. you can park in the naval hospital for free. space is limited. or you can go to one of the ppa's six designate the garages on the 20th. it will cost you 20 bucks for the weekend. tap the nbc10 app for what you can and can't bring during the papal visit. you'll also find the pope's
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itinerary, plus a list of road closures and mass transit changes. philadelphia police want to you take a close look at this video. a woman stealing a pair of uggs. they say she broke into a home on north 5th street in olney by forcing open a side window. once inside she takes the boots, some books and the homeowner's social security card. if you recognize this woman, the police want to hear from you. today the results will be announced as to several murders and violent crimes in new castle. "newsweek" dubbed it murder town usa. 28 people were killed last year and this year the city's already on pace to beat that record. there have been 20 homicides since january, according to in an effort to curb the violence, surveillance cameras were installed in violent neighborhoods to catch a crime
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in progress. but a public safety report found that there's only one person monitoring 62 cameras. city council says that simply is not enough oversight. happening this weekend, philadelphia boxing legend smokin' joe frazier will get a statue in philadelphia. it's set to be unveiled tomorrow at the corner of 11th pateson. it recreates him mid-punch when he knocked down mohammed ali. frazier was the first fighter ever to defeat mohammed ali. we're following breaking news. the announcement stephanie rawlings blake just made straight ahead. i don't think any man or woman should run for president unless, number one, they know exactly why they would want to be president. >> the vice president gets
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emotional. hear what joe biden said last night about his late son, beau, and about whether he'll run for president. we're going to see a bit of a break from the rain today, but as we head into the weekend, our chance of storms returns. i'll let you know exactly what to expect. that's coming up in my full forecast.
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this is breaking news out of baltimore where that city's mayor just announced she will not seek re-election.
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mayor stephanie rawlings-blake, her decision comes months after baltimore erupted in riots following the death of freddie gray in police custody. her announcement comes day after the city agreed to pay $more than $6 million to gray's family. she says she needs time to focus on the city's future and not her own future. no decision -- to decision 2016. vice president joe biden says he can commit fully on to being president. he sat down with the late shoe host stephen colbert. nbc's peter alexander has the highlights. >> please welcome vice president joe biden. >> reporter: on the late shoe late thursday, the man next in line to be president -- >> be careful what you wish for. >> reporter: -- talking about what's next in line for him. >> i'm going to get in trouble. i feel it coming. i think you should run for
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president again and i'll be your vice president. we're inspired -- >> reporter: during an emotional conversation for the third time in as many weeks, biden suggested he may not have the heart for another prnl run. >> i don't think any man or woman should run for president unless they can look at the folks out there and say, i promise you, you have my whole heart, my whole soul, my energy. i'd be lying if i said that i knew i was there. >> reporter: biden spoke about suffering and service and the struggle this summer after losing his son, beau. >> he said, datd, i know how much you love me. you've got to promise me something. promise me you're going to be all right. i don't know what it was about him. he had this enormous sense of empathy. >> it sounds like you love him, sir. >> oh, geez. i mean -- >> reporter: at time the host seemed ready to give biden a cold air bump. >> i think that your experience and your example of suffering
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and service is something that would be sorely missed in the race. i think we'd all be very happy if you did run. >> reporter: but the democratic race hasn't slowed down without biden. sanders surging past hillary clinton in iowa and new hampshire, surprising even the senator himself. >> could you really see yourself being president of the united states? >> increasingly, yes. >> reporter: still, clinton remains focused on the republican front-runner, donald trump. >> it's all the same to you, mr. trump, i'd rather you stop cherishing women and started respecting women. >> reporter: earlier in ohio, a less than capacity crowd. one reporter tweeting, not exactly a packed house. but what does keep showing up, clinton's e-mail controversy. pleading the fifth thursday, brian pagliano, who clinton paid to watch her server. that was nbc's peter alexander reporting.
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tonight donald trump will be on "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon. he'll discuss his campaign. you know jimmy fallon will probably take a few swipes and make a few jokes at billion's defense. the iran nuclear deal has survived a key vote in the senate. it's a victory for president barack obama. now the nuclear deal is moving forward. but republicans are now vowing nail keep on fighting the. the deal reduceses international sanctions against iran in exchange of its pursuing that weapons. he also asked iran to eliminate their stockpile of enriched-uranium. rescue crews are trying to rescues those sfranded northeastern of japan. 2200 are still missing.
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torrential rain and caused atlanta slits across paft are the country. about 120 people there are stranded new people in southern texas will be closing up today after flash flooding there. this video was taken in katrinale be, rex rex. about 175 miles to the west in san antonio, one person drowned, another missing in floodwaters. rescue teams will continue to search for the missing tern later today. brittney shipp. >> wm. judges on the way. today is try, which is nice, but a stormy saturday on tap, plus a chance of showers heading into sunday. cooler temperatures, we can lady into your days. look a look across some skies,
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over 73 degrees. our wind speets at about 13 miles an hour. our humidity is at 71%. we'll see the xhumentd go down a bit. 73 in allentown. it's 72 in pottstown. 7 is at atlantic city airport. dove, 363 and millville. closer look at our shat shord, we're done with all the rainfall but still dealing with a inspect . as we get more of this air coming in from the north, we'll continue to see these clouds pushing out. we'll see a little more sunshine as we head into the afternoon. we're watching a cold front that's draped down south. it stretches all the way to houston. as we get into the next 24 hours or so, you'll notice that cold front's going to approach with an area of low pressure. that's going to bring you a
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chance of showers as we head into saturday at 3:00 p.m. once this gets going, we'll see a pretty good chance of thunderstorms. this will probably affect your saturday afternoon plans, especially as we wanted it to be outdoors. we'll be dealing with on and off thunderstorms through 8:00 p.m. this could linger model. the heaviest downpours will be between 3:00 and 8 p.m. a slight chance of showers as we head into sunday. everything looks clear but we'll still keep a chance of showers in the forecast throughout sunday as well. a break down of saturday's storms. we could see a few heavy downpours impeded in the isolated thunderstorms that will roll through. we could get up to an inch of rain and that could cause localized flooding if you get caught. heads occupy that. be careful. today we'll see clearing with warm continues and expect those
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to reach a high for north east philadelphia. 42 will be the high in allentown. our temperature 65. a little more sunshine moving in. your seven-day forecast shows we dry out today, but the dry conditions don't stick around. as we head into saturday, late storms expected. heading into sunday we still expect a few a.m. showers. take a look at next week. nice, cooler "temperatures"s we drop down. it's a disease that affects thousands in your area but many know nothing about it. what you can do to make people more aware of the can condition of sickle cell disease.
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♪ with the card most accepted in the philadelphia region, you have the compassion and security of blue cross. giving you the power to do more. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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it's a genetic disease that affects 1 out of 12 african-americans as well as other backgrounds. september is sickle cell awareness month and we're working to get the word out about treating and living with this illness. medical director of the sickle cell disease association of america, philadelphia of delaware valley chapper. she also happens to have sickle cell disease. she's here with 12-year-old nazire who is a sickle elcell patient as well. thank you for being here. doctor, this disease is prevalent mostly among
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african-americans, but others have it as well, right? >> it's a global disease. what we tend to see in the states it's in more african-americans but if you go to india, asia, morocco, their numbers are up to 1.28 million who have it. it's definitely a global sdoez but the face we tend to see here in the united states is african-americans. >> how old are you? >> 17 years old. >> what's it like living with this disease and what are some struggles you deal with on a daily basis? >> one of the struggles is just waking up and getting out of bed. that's one of the hardest struggles. when you start your day, getting out of bed because you may wake up and your legs are just hurting so much. it's hard to get up to even go to school sometimes. i go to school. >> doctor, do you have -- when you get out and speak and treat puking and talking to people,
11:27 am
especially in the african-american community, tell me what the response is and how serious it's taken. >> well, in our community, it's taken very, very seriously. i love that. in philadelphia we have a very strong population of physicians, providers and community organizations like scata and national organization really tried to put a comprehensive program together to support the patients what i find when i go out and speak is once i put it in a language everybody understands and gets it. there's always a common thread and people can relate to each other. it brings them to the forefront. it gives them an opportunity to speak about themselves and who they are. the reality is patients with sickle sdeel disease can be as good as anybody else can. the stigma and tentdz to paints them in that slightly different perspective. it empowers them, when they see patients like myself who come through and say, this is what i've been able to do with the
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illness, it becomes a whole different conversation. when you have a patient empowered, educated and then spreading the world with other people they know, like nazire is doing with his friends and family. the conversation turns to, how can we help you? how can we raise awareness? how do we do research or get the word out? treating this illness, it's a chronic illness. it's about getting the word out more and making people aware of the facts. >> thank you. thanks, my man. you look sharp. the walter e. brandon sickle cell 5k happening the 24th. for more information, head over to our website at and chum it out there. good luck to you. be good. >> i will. >> all right. we're getting a break from all the rain we say yesterday. here's a live look outside the ben franklin bridge. beautiful weather right now. looks like we're in the '70s.
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keep an umbrella handy. meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking you usually in the afternoon. >> anthony rodriguez. >> and it is hard to believe it's been 14 years since the september 11th attacks changed the world forever. live look here at lower manhattan. ahead, the ceremonies marking the somber day in american history. >> richard rodriguez. >> david bartolo rodriguez barcus.
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we're half past the hour. we continue to follow new details about an early morning pornography raid at a delaware county home that turned deadly. skyforce10 was over the scene in
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chester. nbc10's monique braxton is live at the scene. tell us what's happening. >> reporter: just moments ago i learned from fbi sources that they came here about 6:00 this morning for a raid involving a child pornography case. right now you see fbi agents, some dressed in protective hazmat clothing, along with investigators from the d.a.'s office in delaware county. they've been going in and out of this house for several hours. we learned two people who live at the house are with police as part of the child pornography investigation. they're being questioned right now. investigators also say, federal agents executing a search warrant in the investigation encountered a gunman. sources say an fbi agent open fire, striking and killing that gunman. we spoke with witnesses as well as parents taking their children to the bus stop in the midst of the investigation. >> i heard some people say, get on the ground! get on the ground! and i heard pep, pep, pep, pep.
11:34 am
>> as a parent, it's hard because already this morning as soon as my kids walked out the door, they were asking, are we going to school? hey, we can't go up that street. so, to try to explain this to my kids is hard. >> reporter: police sources tell us three people were inside the home, equipped with surveillance cameras when gunshots shattered the early morning silence. the police commissioner told us he request the fbi come to the city years ago to assist in breaking up some of the criminal activity. now, the name of the person shot to death has not been released or if he was, in fact, the suspect in the child pornography investigation. we'll continue to follow this and have more to you in our evening newscast. for now, live in chester, monique braxton, "nbc10 news." a live look at citizens bank park in south philly the they'll take on the chicago cubs in a
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doubleheader at the ballpark. last night's rain canceled the first game of the series, so the two teams will play ball starting this afternoon at 5:05. a great night for baseball, especially with two games up ahead. what about the rest of the weekend? nbc10 first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is here with that forecast. >> not as great as when we head into tomorrow. today we're definitely drying out from the drenching rain. almost 5 inches at the airport, setting a record. current temperatures at 76 degrees in poconos. low 70s in reading. temperatures in wilmington at 75 degrees. 73 in dover and at the atlantic city airport, 71. it's an even spread with our temperatures. it's a mild start but also overcast. we'll start to see a little more of these clouds clearing out of here. that will take a while. that won't happen until we head into the afternoon. as far as your highs around the region, we'll be above average. staying nice and warm in philadelphia.
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85 degrees. low 80s in dover. 83 in wildwood and 82 degrees in allentown. our future cast shows we'll stay nice and dry tonight and we'll even see a dry start as we head into saturday. take a look at what i'm tracking as we head into saturday afternoon. this line of thunderstorms is expected to push into the region. i'll show you exactly when it will get here, when it will stick around and how much rain will be coming up in my full forecast. ♪ this morning the country is remembering the deadliest terrorist attack in american history. thousands of people are marking the 9/11 tax in new york city. this is a live look from ground zero. people across our area are remembering the victims of terrorist attacks 14 years ago. this fire truck was set up with flags this morning in milford township, bucks county. ♪
11:37 am
>> nbc10 in new castle county for the rotary club of brandy wine. it was held with flags along route 202 in honor of those in the military or first responders. the rotary had flags and all the money went to delaware center for homeless veterans. ♪ and the pentagon, secretary of defense, ash carter, led the ceremony there this morning. family members gathered to remember the 180 people killed at the pentagon when a hijacked plane crashed into the building on 9/11. [ bells tolling ] >> and president obama and the first lady observed a moment of silence at the white house to mark the anniversary. this was at precisely 8:46 this morning. the time when the first plane hit the north tower.
11:38 am
a bugler then played "taps." the president will go to ft. mead, maryland, where he'll thank service members for protecting the country. nbc's dave wagner has a closer look at the ceremonies, including the one in shanksvi e shanksville, somerset county. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we've been listening for the past couple of hours the names of the victims read. when you hear all those names, 3,000 names in all, you realize the scope of this tragedy. it's been 14 years since september 11, 2001. today the country is coming together for a moment of reflection. [ bels tolling ] >> reporter: 14 years after the world stopped, watched and mourned, grief remains at ground zero. a new tower but painful wounds for those who lost family and friends. at 8:46 a citywide minute of silence marking the moment the
11:39 am
first plane struck the world trade center's north tower. >> peter craig alderman. >> reporter: a somber reading of the names marks the human toll of that day. >> and my cousin, melissa, we are so blessed to have you as an angle. >> reporter: nearly 3,000 lives lost and remembered from new york to washington. where the president and first lady once again led the nation in a moment of silence to mark this somber day. and at a field near shanksville, pennsylvania, where on thursday the national park service opened a visitor's center in that field with 40 memorial groves. one for each of the passengers and crew members who died. >> gene hoedly peterson. >> reporter: as this small town commemorates a tragedy that hit home. the september 11th memorial museum has welcomed 3 million people since it opened last year. museum, memorials and
11:40 am
remembrances of a day too personal and painful to forget. there was no business that was hit harder than cantor fitzgerald. they were on floors 101 to 105 in the world trade center. they lost 658 employees. to date, 50 children of those employees have been hired by cantor fitzgerald. in new york, dave wagner, "nbc10 news." back to you. >> for a full list of all the september 11th memorials today throughout the region, just go to our website at you can also find events on our nbc10 app. this wildfire in california expected to grow again today after it more than tripled in size yet. the butte fire has burned nearly 15,000 acres. high winds and warm temperatures caused the blaze to explode in size. at least six homes have been destroyed so far.
11:41 am
authorities ordered mandatory evacuation of part of one town. >> it grew very big, very rapidly. again, i attribute that to the dry conditions that we have throughout the state. >> the fire had been 20% contained earlier yesterday, but now it's only 10% contained. we're drying out today but as we head into the weekend, expect another round of thunderstorms. i'll help you with the timing, your weekend plans coming up in my full forecast.
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actress, comedienne, advocate, fans of the tv show "in living color" and "celebrity fit club" have seen different sides of kim coles. she's in our area for a very important cause. we would like to welcome miss come. >> how do you do, sir? >> good to have you here. also, i loved "living single". >> i love "living single" too. it sometimes airs. we have fans growing up with the show. >> you live through syndication. >> and the residual checks come in. it's a happy thing. >> tell us why you're here. you're not from here but tell us what brought you to center city. >> i'm from brooklyn, i just told you. i've been coming here all my life. now i'm here to host tomorrow's power of laughter luncheon sponsored by the american heart
11:45 am
association and american stroke association. >> tell us why this cause is so important for you and why it's important pore the luncheon. >> a couple years ago i had a health scare. i was having heart palpitations and went to the doctor. they say one in four women have -- have risk for heart disease. i may just need to change my lifestyle. need to cut out some salt, exercise more and focus more. the power of laughter and luncheon is about informing and entertaining. i'm going to be entertaining people, i hope. giving people information about how to live heart health y how to avoid stroke, how do, you know, have this lifestyle that's about health and wellness. >> especially when you're out on audition. she was checking her phones, folks, checking on an audition. >> i had an audition. i'm still doing that, too. but i get a chance to step into this other world, which is entertaining people and giving them information on health because it's also -- i'll in
11:46 am
that generation now that needs that information. >> i'm with up. the first ever power of laughter luncheon happening tomorrow from 11:00 to :00 at first district plaza, 38th and market streets. for more information, go to our website or to purchase tickets g to our website at nbc10 or the nbc10 app. >> that was too fast. i was going to talk some more. >> we can keep talking. we're going to commercial -- >> we just won't be on the air. >> that's right. >> thank you, thank you. in the past few minutes montgomery county commissioners wrapped up a meeting about the pope's upcoming visit. deanna durante is live with mother on that. >> reporter: we had police officers, school officials, township officials from all over the country, listening to some very detailed planes. remember, pope francis will be staying in montgomery county. while that's one of the focuses
11:47 am
is how the entire county will be impacted. we've learned there will be doctors in suvs and smaller vehicles roving through the country so they can get to people in the event of massive traffic townships. the twib are planning to have water and food should there be a lot of traffic in the neighborhoods, where people can't get through. >> all of this planning is necessary, although they aren't expecting any of these events, they are planning for the worst and hope for the best. >> we spoke with pin pin police the high-item energy. >> we're bringing two helicopters into the area and one fijtsed-length community. we'll be able to see real-time what's going on on the highways or if superintendent mcgrath has
11:48 am
an issue, the seminary, we could concentrate there. >> we have learned there will be 300 national guard deprovided for the event in the area. also, we learned there will be a number of police officers, more than 100 stationed around that seminary. many of them you will see. a lot of them we learned you will not see. s.w.a.t. teams will be foesed aren't to keep it closed. for now, we're live in conshohocken, deanna durante, "nbc10 news." a new miss america will be crowned in atlantic city. and a famous song will be back at the pageant. ♪ miss america >> sunday's miss america pageant will include the famous line "there she is, miss america." a legal dispute kept the song out of the pageant the past five years. the organization reached a settlement of the estate with the original songwriter.
11:49 am
good morning. drying out today with temperatures expected to be above average, but we have changes on the way as we push into the weekend. storms expected on saturday plus a chance of showers on sunday and cooler temperatures move in for the second half of your weekend. a lot going on. a look outside where we're seeing mostly cloudy skies and even overcast skies throughout philadelphia. 73 degrees. breezy conditions for us as well. across the rest of the region, you'll notice we're seeing mostly cloudy skies in allentown stretching out to cape may. temperatures in cape may right around 71 degrees. ist an even spread with our temperatures. we're also seeing on the satellite/radar shot that most of the rainfall has pushed well offshore. we're seeing a few clouds break up. we'll have more sunshine in the afternoon. it will just take a while before we see the sun shining through.
11:50 am
>> a closer look as we head into tomorrow. we have a weather disturbance near chicago, stretching down to st. louis. it's a cold front stretching down to houston. this will transish it will be a dry start. as we get into the 57. the heaviest downpours will be lan kagser county and the western parts of. wilmington, 6:00 p.m. the heaviest thunderstorms will be north of atlantic city. lingering in the poconos and lehigh valley. according to the latest mottle ones here we should clear out closer to 7:00, had dlolg are going to move in. that's going to drop our temperatures down to the 70s on sunday. we'll stay there as we head into monday as well. cooler air is definitely on the way. as far as our highs around the region todayen 767 degrees in
11:51 am
poconos. 84 degrees in another rin for the philadelphia area expect temperatures in mid-80s with a mixture of sun and clouds. we will start to clear out. drive already tried out. our twempts will change between 62 andled have hot dogs. next week looks great. vai? >> thank you now. eagles coach chip kelly is talking to reporters for the last time between the match jun between the birds and follow tons. let's listen for a minute. >> i've heard a lot of things in headsets. i think there's frequency issues. i hourt traffic control, a lot of different help. >> was it really the first time
11:52 am
s . >> yeah, it was pretty loud. one thing about preseason going to lambeau there's an incredible crowd there. no matter whose playing them. they've got great flejt for anything we do. you can answer. >> chip yell
11:53 am
11:54 am
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. tom brady is back and the star quarterback along with help from rob gronkowski and stout defense beat the -- steelers in a game you saw here on nbc10. brady almost missed the game after being suspended for four games for his involvement in deflategate. a judge overturned that suspension and pats beat the steelers 28-21. we asked and you answered. the results are in for this week's blitz game of the week. the answer is garnet valley versus bonner-prendie. you can see more on "nbc10 news" at 11:00. coming up at 3:00, jim judge fallon jimz from the interviewer to the interviewee. he'll be in the hot seat on an
11:56 am
ail new "ellen" explaining how he early finger. as kids go back to sxool and football season starts up again, a lot of parents about the risk brain injuries and how to prevent them. that's all new on "nbc10 news" at 4:00. brittney shipp with a look at weather this afternoon. >> that's right. big change is on the way. we're drying out and then another set of changes because we have more storms moving in as we head into the weekend. plus, cooler temperatures on the way. expect to drom down to mitt 70s on sunday and we stay there until monday. >> next week looks great. >> thank you for watching "nbc10 news" at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. how about meteorologist? >> big difference from ned. what what a
11:57 am
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. [dramatic music] ♪ >> justin: eve... what are we doing? >> lucas: no, no, actually, i didn't buy a boat. but i did rent one. yup, we have a picnic hamper chock-full. we have a nice bottle of bordeaux if you'd like a little wine while you're out there. that could be all you. we'll head out on the river-- way out, way beyond the city lights. and it's amazing tonight. i mean, the view, it's unbelievable. it's a sky full of stars. it's about as romantic as it gets. we could see everything. >> adrienne: i can't do this. >> daniel: what? well, you better pick which ice cream you want, 'cause i can--


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