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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  September 12, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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breaking news, water is spilling the streets in north philadelphia after a water main break. this is video just in of the flooding intersection. good evening. this is happening at westmoreland avenue. nbc 10 george spencer is live on the scene. what are you hearing from the water department? >> reporter: they have just confirmed this break spilled millions of gallons of water here at the old tasty cake factory site. take a look behind me at the shear power of this water ripping away the edge of this parking lot pushing down the fence line. in some of the remaining water is still in the roadway here
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along hunting park avenue. that underpass there is flooded out. take a look at some of the video we shot as this break was still acti active earlier tonight. you can see the power of the water eating away at the parking lot. this is a 48-inch transmission line that's been in place since the late 1800s. this 8:00 break meant some inconvenience for neighbors in this area. take a listen. >> there were some low pressure issues. we didn't turn anyone's water off but when you have a main of this size break, sometimes pressure goes down in some homes. about quarter of 10:00, everyone should have had full pressure back restored and normal service. >> reporter: nbc 10 covered major water main break literally around the corner from here back in june. the water department has told me that the june water main break was not the same main as
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tonight's but it was part of the same grouping of four large transmission lines that runs under that area. that two-hour spill back in june spilled some seven million gallons of water in the shop right plaza. we come back to the live pict e pictur pictures. the lights that you're seeing is the plaza where the june break occurred. it's just around the corner from where we're standing as we widen out the dark space, it's some fright train tracks that are unusable because of this break. the water department on the scene still calculating the exact total amount of water spilled. they say it's easily in the millions of gallons. i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> thanks for the update. disoriented but safe. that's the status of a couple who went missing yesterday. dominic and his wife told their
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son they were going to the grocery store yesterday morning. no one heard from them until they were found today far from their retirement home. a caretaker who worked with other clients in the same community told nbc 10 how difficult these situations can be. >> you just can't tell. it's just frustrating. it's very hard. i can't imagine anyone being such a situation. it's terrible. >> law enforcement officers across delaware valley were helping with the search. we now know the identity of a man killed in a plane crash in south jersey earlier today. 65-year-old david crashed in a single engine plane this morning into a backyard of a home. people saw the plane flying low before it went down narrowly missing some homes. police say there did not appear
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to be an explosion at the crash site. >> did you hear any people screaming? >> nothing. didn't hear anything funny from plane. >> we reached out to the airport to see where sees was headed. officials are still trying to figure out why his plane crashed in the first place. this morning's crash is the third deadly plane crash in just the past week. a small plane crashed into the atlantic ocean. the plane had no radio communication for the final two hours of the flight. the pilot's body has not been found. the third crash happened on tuesday in northern new jersey. you can see the streets are damp in cape may. it's been a wet night across our region. how does it look for sunday? michelle is here with the answer.
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>> hi there. we're going to see the chance for more showers on sunday but not wash out. we'll see more sunshine on sunday. right now we're seeing leftover showers, we'll call them. mainly to the north and parts of the poconos. we're pretty much drying out over the next several hours. we can't rule out the chance of a shower or two. we're not going to get the heavy rain. taking a look back to the west. we're watching upper low. that will swing through on sunday bringing us another round of showers. some of us not seeing the showers again. keeping that chance in place. 68 degrees right now in allentown. 64 in lancaster. 72 in philadelphia. it's 70 in dover and 70 in wild wood. we have rain cooled temperaturetemperatures to the north and west. as we wake up we're waking up to clouds. mostly cloudy. we'll talk about the shower chance on sunday an lots of sunshine during your workweek. on the run with no shoes and pair of handcuffs.
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this escaped prisoner literally ran on foot as he was being taken to the burlington county jail. michael mimms was last seen runnirun ing on high street. if you see him call police. a former little league coach is charged with stealing money from fund-raisers. william berry turned himself in. there's is new way for philly to look up for smoking joe frazier. the statue was unveiled today in south philadelphia. the artist recreated frazier in mid punch depicting the moment after the boxing landed the
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knock out blow that brought ali down in 1971. >> you have a rock key statue that's a movie. it should have been here ages ago. >> it took a little time but it's here. the frazier's say thank you. >> the city of philadelphia commissioned artist stephen lange to make the statue. he began with a clay model and constructed a silicone mold. it's a tradition for the miss america pageant. they parade the board walk showing off their shoes.
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>> show me your shoes and they show them to you. >> thousands watch the parade. one from each u.s. state and territory. >> they put it all design. >> we spotted miss delaware rocking nascar theme. while miss alabama dressed up like a butterfly. >> a shoe that represents her state. today i'm wearing a monarch butterfly shoe. >> reporter: the young fans were loving it but the parents say there's a lesson, more than cool shoes. >> it's something to aspire to to go to college and have great purpose and meaning. >> it usually mark s the end of
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the season. >> cloudy, rainy cold. >> reporter: the heavy rain and whipping wind didn't stop the parade. quite a culture shock for miss hawaii. >> this definitely not hawaii weather. it's exciting. i'm going to show off my shoes and represent my state. >> reporter: tomorrow night a new miss america will be crowned. on the boardwalk, randy gillian hall. one year later, remembering the deadly police ambush that set off a huge man hunt. the father talks about the man who targeted his son. we can't let that happen.
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james blake who wants the police officer who tackle and mistakenly arrested him to lose his job. that's ha the former tennis star told nbc in a new interview. he was outside a manhattan hotel when he was taken down been aundercover aufrts. he said he was handcuffed for ten minutes before police realized they had the wrong man. he had two pending excessive force lawsuits filed against him. >> it makes me wonder why he was out on the street and given this position to given. it was completely unnecessary. i still don't think the person they were looking for deserves to be treated the way i was treated. >> the new york mayor and police commissioner have apologized. they greet to meet with the former tennis star who said he is considering filing a lawsuit. we had a soggy saturday.
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we're tracking more showers for your sunday and after that lots of sunshine during your seven day. we'll look that the in a few minutes. machine
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. one year ago today two pennsylvania state troopers were ambushed in the poconos. the shooting happened just outside of the blooming grove barracks in pike county. the attack set off a 48-day man hunt. nearly a thousand state and federal authorities descended
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aupon the area. he was restrained using the handcuffs of corporal dixon. his father shared what life has been like over the past year. >> he's definitely non-remorseful. the stuff that he said and written he's just an evil individual. like i said, i kind of shelter myself from anything to do with him because i really don't want to know anything about him. >> the trial on first-degree murder charges is scheduled for december. we had the rain today it was heavy at times in a lot of spots. we have a few leftover showers but we have the chance of seeing additional showers on sunday. not like today.
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it won't be a wash out but still you may need the umbrella later. drying up right now a few showers in the poconos. some showers on sunday. then we're looking at a nice week ahead. we had lots of sun shrishineuns. it's a cool night. winds out of southwest at 13 miles per hour. we're looking at clouds outside. most of us are drying out. temperatures rain cooled. so cool to the north and west. 64 in mt. pocono. 67 in pottstown. 72 in philadelphia. we're looking at the upper 60s and low 70s. 70 right now in dover and 69 in atlantic city. we're going to keep it on the cooler side tomorrow. below normal. we come in at 80. right now we're looking at clouds in philadelphia. we had the rain earlier. that's moved to the north and east. we had a few leftover showers in parts of the poconos. that's about it. you're going to see that moving off to the north and east.
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it's back to the west we have this upper area of low pressure that will swing through sunday and that will give us threat for another round. isolated showers on sunday. timing out for you on future weather. some sunshine too as well. we'll call it mostly cloudy. by the afternoon is when we bring about the chance for showers. you can see the green popping into the map here. that lingers into the dinner time hours. everything moves out. we're looking at clear skies and waking up to sunshine on monday. cloudy skies. mostly cloudy in some spots. 64 in philadelphia. 60 north and west. by tomorrow temperatures not too bad. mostly cloudy. again, don't cancel your plans. make sure you look at radar before you head out in the amp. chance for showers in isolated thunderstorm. by monday, 76. fall feel. if you've been wanting that, you'll get that on monday.
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tuesday, lots of sunshine. 84 on wednesday. sunshine also. look how long that sunshine stays with us. thursday, 86 and warmer by friday. sun and clouds saturday. 87. the countdown to kick off for the eagles continues. if the pre-season is anything to go by the falcons defense could have a long night ahead of them. he's ready for the real thing. >> more than any other season opener i'm probably more excited to get back on the field. something i've been waiting a long time for. i didn't get the opportunity to do it last year. it's been a while. i'm looking forward toyota. >> when i was playing before i got injured, i think there's
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jitters every week. >> be sure to check it out. john clark will be the host. i'll have an exclusive interview. that's eagles game day tomorrow at 10:00. the college ranks, penn state hosting buffalo. look at the hurdle. part of a 17-yard run for the youngster. first true freshman. barkley from nine yards away finished with a buck 16. how about temple looking to go 2-0. thomas finds a team and catch him if you can like the gingerbread man. 19 in the fourth. on their way to the first 2-0 start. villanova going at it.
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he threw a touchdown. wild cats get the first win of the season, 14-7. he takes it in. to baseball now. phillies and cubs rain delay to start for almost an hour in this one. starter. the top of the seven freezes not too shabby. doubles to right. kicks off a five run frame. an rbi double. cubs score four in that inning to tie at five. cody ash comes a calling. good night. phillies win in dramatic fashion, 7-5.
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redding spills playoff. one of the phils brightest prospects feels the throw to second and makes the tag all in one motion. great play in the delay field. makes the leaping catch. fighting phils gets the victory in that one. that's sports. we'll be right back.
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we said we needed rain. >> we did. july 4th is is the last time we had rain. we needed it. my grass is brown. we got rain today. we got three inches in some spots. chance of showers on sunday. pumpkins come out. by tuesday lots of sunshine. we're looking at a really nice workweek. >> that's nbc 10 news for now. snl is next.
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>> okay. welcome to "politics nation." [ cheers and applause ] now, what happened in ferguson has come to new york. this eric garner decision has upset me so muha


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