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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 17, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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you don't need an apprentice in the white house. we have one right now. >> the candidates mix it up in the republican presidential debate brice garnett we will break down who took game as the front runner and how he responded. in pope visits philadelphia, we have a look at his stop in the city brice garnettresponded in pope visits philadelphia, we have a look at his stop in the city. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. good morning glen with the first alert forecast.
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>> good morning, tracy. we have this incredible stretch of weather out here. another day with a lot osunshine and low hume t. air is stagnant. we have a air quality alert into the suburbs and into delaware throughout the day and the temperatures, 66 in philadelphia. it's in the 50s in many parts of the area. pottsdown, millvale. 57 in mount holly. as we go through the day today, we will be seeing a lot of sunshine, looking and feeling a lot like yesterday. the temperatures jumped up through the 70s by 10:00 a.m. another day well above average in the '80s. more about any changes over the weekend into next week with the 7-day in a few minutes. >> right now we are looking at that time vine street expressway. where we do have something over into the right-hand lanes. so this is actually on the westbound side around 24th street. so headed towards 30th street
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station off this exit ramp right here. we do have a sign and a crew in the area with lane restrictions. other than that, you have no problems getting to the schuylkill expressway. you can see a three-minute drive time from 95 to the schuylkill expressway. as for the rest of our area roads, we are doing okay. 13 minute drive time. >> that road work around wood haven road doesn't seem to be active right now. no problems on the schuylkill expressway t. blue route is doing okay. coming up in a few minutes, i will do a mass transit with tracy. >> 11 candidates squared off last night in a marathon debate that lasted more than three hours. we are live to break it down. >> reporter: it was a long debate. it was the second prime time gop debate of the election season. former hewlett packard ceo carley fiorina wasn't in the
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first debate. since then, she has been doing better in the polls. she did take a swipe on donald trump on her looks. >> i think women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. [ applause ] >> i think she's got a beautiful face and i think she's a beautiful woman. >> and that was the most tweeted moment of last night's debate, according to twitter. fiorina wasn't the only one to stick it to trump. most candidates went at the front runner more forcefully than in the august debate. >> but the simple fact is -- >> excuse me, one second. >> no, the simple fact, donald. >> more energy tonight. i like that. >> i was asked a question. >> we don't need an apprentice in the white house. we have one right now. he told us all the things in 2008. we den know who you are, where you are going, we feed someone to get the job done.
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>> candidates knew this may be their last opportunity for weeks to appeal to a mass tv audience. that next debate is october 28th in boulder, colorado. live in the digital operations center, nbc 10 news. it's 4:0467 degrees. with nine days until pope frances arrives in philadelphia, we will learn what is going on in the city. katie, tell us more. >> reporter: hi, tracy, well you said it, the cathedral of the basilica is the first stop pope frances will make after arriving in philadelphia. let me tell you, pence, there is a lot of preparation and excitement going on him we got an pence look yesterday. we were fortunate enough to get a tour with the director of the cathedral. we got a look at the work being done for the holy father's arrival. on saturday, they can accommodate about 1,800 people
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between the cathedral and the channel next door. attending that service will be dee cons and other individuals and parishioners of this parish. the mass is going to be a celebration of this home parish and the director of the cathedral will be one of two people meeting pope frances right at the doors outside, entering the cathedral. he will be walking him down the aisle into the service. coming up, we will show you where pope frances will go before he holds mass. it's an pence area cordoned off. we got an pence look at that yesterday. >> that will be coming up in the next 25 minutes. reporting live, nbc news. >> looking forward to that. also we are learning how the philadelphia police department will protect the city during the papal weekend. yesterday, they detailed some of the plans for the department. they will work 12-hour shifts and no officer will have a day off during that time.
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>> it will be a tough three days. we will get through it. hopefully, the city will shine. >> they are working out other details like temperatures. meanwhile, today we get a new preview of an exhibit that features works of arts in the vatican. this morning the media gets a preview of the exhibit packed with historical and religious pieces, some from michael angelo. today in delaware county, councilmembers get a sneak peek at the commemorative coin. they made the hand crafted bronze medallions, this morning, officials will meet with the sculpt tore and the mint master who worked on the coin. the app has everything you need to know. you will find road closures, ma transit changes, plus a list of what you cannot take to the parkway. breaking overnight. a major magnitude 8.3 earthquake struck off the coast of chili.
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five people are dead. one is missing. now hawaii and parts of california are under a tsunami watch. you can see how violently the traffic camera shook when the quake hit. look at that video. it was so powerful. it was felt as far away as buenes aires. here's a map. people were evacuated from the sea coast. several coastal flooding and tsunami advisories were issued as far away as california and hawaii. it's 4:07. new from overnight, two gunmen are on the loose. they say they tried to rob two men on the corner of 54th and walnut. when the victims ran the suspects opened fire. one was shot in the hand, one in the leg. both are if stable condition. it was initially a possible suicide t. shooting death of a temple student is now being called murder t. victim's boyfriend is the suspect.
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yesterday police charged him in the murder of his girlfriend agatha hall. two weeks ago, shelves found shot in the head. police say meade claimed he found her dead and says the gun was nearby. new evidence shows there was an apparent fight before the situation took a violent turn. we spoke to mall's stepmother over the phone. >> she was shot because you don't think an a student in a college who has overcome adversity could be subjected to something that quick and that violent. >> hall's stepmother thanked police for sorting out the lies he told investigators. family members are sorting out for next month in minnesota. >> we had quite a stretch of weather. >> that stretch is going to continue not only fron for today by tomorrow as well. it's warm and dry again. we do have an air quality alert. the air is stagnant any
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pluttants hang there. they're not rained out, they're not plane out. changes are coming. cooler changes towards the 7-day. we have mostly clear skies. 66 degrees. it's dead calm. it's 2 degrees warmer than it was this time yesterday. it's cool, thoughno carrierring.
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but nothing too significant out there. and any rain, that is a long way away. and so, we are dry certainly through the next few days. sunny and warm. still not very humid today. high temperatures up into the mid-80s and more to come tomorrow. we'll talk more about the changes over the weekend and the specific eagles forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> excellent. glenn. thanks. it's 10 after 4:00. we will check your ride to work. >> we are seeing ongoing construction on 295. these are our cameras right there. we can see this doing okay. from 38 up towards this point at the plaque hors. you can see back in here, we do have flashing lights and moving vehicles in the area. watch out for that. this is something we have been used to for quite some time. look out for those lane
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restrictions. as for the 42 freeway, there is a patch of emergency construction. those drive times are okay moving through the area. manh nguyen still a five-minute drive time. no problems heading into philadelphia as well. mass transit. no problems and delays. in the next ten minutes, we will go over the schuylkill expressway. it is a war of words over dangerous properties in philadelphia. we will tell you why a 68thing report from the city controller has top officials lashing out at each other. and its another call to come out and enjoy the pope's upcoming visit. you will hear what south jersey officials are saying about making it easy to see pope frances.
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>> it's 4:14. 57 degrees outside. look at this video, several students and instructors were on this small plane in an emergency landing in the middle of a busy southern california street. investigators say the pilot was north of the airport that they were headed to yesterday when he was forced to land the plane. no one was hurt. there was no property damage. an investigation continues. meantime, search efforts continue today for two people missing after the deadly flash floods in utah. one of the missing is a 6-year-old boy. concerns about more flooding are causing rescue teams to scale back their efforts. a war of words in center city. top philadelphia officials are lashing out at each other because of the city's dangerous properties. the city controller released a 68thing report calling for the head of licenses and inspections to lose his job. this all stems from an nbc 10
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investigation which shows dozens of deficient buildings. like this one at the corner of cambridge street. the abandoned property is crushing under its own weighing t. controller says 100 buildings are like this around the city. that i are calling the report faulty. mayor michael nutter offered his support for williams, calling the investigation a person nal vendetta by the city controller. >> we're not going to get distracted be i that kind of nonsense or ego or narcissistic disorder. >> that's a lie about a life and safety issue. how can the mayor say that that's a personal vendetta? my god that's a sin. it's a sin for him to say that. >> the controller is now furious at the mayor. he says the report highlights real public safety issues that haven't been addressed now two years after the market street collapse. but the mayor says, extensive changes have been made. he says they've invested $4
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million in new equipment and software and l & i is much safer than years ago. 2016 is a rough start for rutgers football. the team's coach has been suspend for three games. the comes after several players were arrested and suspended for different incidents in the past few weeks. now the head coach is being fined $50,000. they say he contacted a faculty member about the academic status of a player. the school says that is exactly what he was told not to do. there is a new organization fighting to end human sex trafficking. villanova university launched the villanova law institute to launch the commercial institute last night. they are focusing on human trafficking. it hopes to become an international think tank focusing on the issue. hang today, there will be a meeting to discuss whether to close universal bluford charter
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school. it's converted to a charter school under a turn around program. earlier this year, the philadelphia reform commission voted to close it saying it has academic and management short comings. tonight's meeting is at 9:00 on north broad street in the auditorium. today a judge will hear arguments on the future of the chester upland school district. they filed a recovery plan to help the district climb out from under more than $20 million of debt. at the beginning of the school year the district could not meet payroll. the teachers decided to work anyway. they are now getting paid. well, we are are now just nine days away from the pope's visit in philadelphia. leaders in camden, for instance, announced details on parking yesterday. 8500 parking spaces will be available during the papal visit. >> that will put people closer to the ben franklin bridge. the space cost $30 a day. you have to preregister for
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them, though. you can do that by tapping our nbc 10 news app. don't let the rollout and confusion and angst discourage you. this is a great event for the region. we want as many people as possible to participate. county officials say patco will sell passes on both the saturday and sunday of the papal visit. they do warn, lines will be long. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with glen hurricane swartz. >> as we get closer to the pope's visit, of course, we get into more detail about the forecast. but it does look right now like it will be on the cool side and most likely dry. of course, we'll keep updating that. warm and dry again today. back into the '80s. the air quality alert the ozone is code orange once again and we got changes coming. starting on sunday and especially next week. next week is not going to be exactly like this one is. 66 degrees now. the humidity relatively high and the wind is very low.
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it's dead calm. that's why we have a little bit of fog and the air quality isn't so great. we got temperatures well into the '80s over a few days here and the average high temperature is way below that. 66 now in philadelphia. 50s in many of the suburbs and we have some pretty nice weather at the shore, too. a little bit of a southwest winds with temperatures in the upper 60s. dry air across the region now. high pressure keeping things in control as we go towards sunday, we got a cold front coming. it's not a lot of moisture with it. and right now we're not predicting any kind of rain for the eagle's game. but there is a slight chance let's say towards the fourth quarter or just after the game, temperatures are nice and comfortable for football this weekend. sunny and warm today. still fought very humid, high temperatures in the mid- to upper-'80s, well above average and the seven-day forecast,
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another nice day on friday and on saturday. some more clouds come in on sunday. and then as we go into next week, it starts getting cooler and the chances of rain start to go up. >> all right, glen, it's 20 minutes past 4:00 right now. a lot of cameras watching just the make sure you get to work on time. jessica. >> a lot are starting out just fine. on the schuylkill expressway around girard avenue the westbound lanes are okay. eastbound into the center city area is doing great as well. 12 minute drive times for the blue route. as for the pennsylvania turnpike, all the cars are green. work zones clearing up right now. westbound, eastbound, no problems a. 22 minute trip no matter which direction you are going. as for the valley bridges, no problems getting into inside so far this morning.
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i are keep you updated on the scheduled option for the morning. tracy. it's 4:41, city police get more than a half sudden new motorcycles. we will fill you in on the donation that made that possible. the improvement that will help you stay connected while you commute. ever wonder what happens behind the scenes here at nbc 10 today? what happens here during the studio in the is commercials. you can ask us questions. we have been talking to a lot of people already on the news set. it's really easy to do. download the app periscope. ory address is nbcphiladelphia and start the conversation. .
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supreme court justice steven briar is expected for the annual constitution celebration. festivities start at 9:00 and continue throughout most of the day. 50 imgrantsz across the world will officially become citizens as a part of today's event. it will soon be easy for patco riders. the service will be available through october free through comcast. even if you are not an x fenty subscriber, you can still participate. the philadelphia police department has a fleet of new motorcycles thanks, to a new donation. we told you about this yesterday. eight new fully outfitted harley-davidson police motorcycles will be presented to the department. the new motorcycles are made
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possible by a fundraising campaign. the do faegs came just in time for the world meeting of families. they will escort pope frances next weekend. >> it's important to under score the fact that this papal visit is something we are all stake holders. everybody in this city. >> philadelphia police foundation plans to do nate more motorcycles this year. a judge has once again ruled against a burlington county teenager fighting to use medical marijuana to treat her seizures in school. the judge says jenny barber's mother cannot come to the lark school in belmonte to give her daughter homemade cannabis oil every day. it is the third legal defeat for the family. they say, though, they will keep appealing. retailer target is on a healthy kick under its new ceo.
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the company says it's trying to reinvent its image as a company of wellness for customers and proceed years. some of the changesically selling granola bars and healthy snacks. the company will hands out free activity track torres its more than 300,000 employees. plus they get extra discounts on fruits and vegetables. >> well, we have another beautiful start to another beautiful day. not a whole lot of wind out there. the pluttants are hanging around. we got an air quality alert. otherwise, a lot of sunshine, we see how long that lasts coming up. jessica. >> 4:22. you can see everything that's moving along nicely. no problems eastbound or westbound. i will check in with the expressway and drugs there when i come back at 4:30. coming up, we take you pence pope frances' first stop and show you where the holy father
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will get ready for his first mass of the weekend.
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>> preparing for the pope. he'll be here in nine days. now we're getting a behind the scenes glimpse at what he will be doing from his first stop in philadelphia. 11 republican presidential candidates squared off in a marathon debate. it lasted more than three hours. they sparred on the issues, but they also took aim at each other. here's a live look outside. another warm and sunny day today. there is a cooloff coming. we'll have the timing of that in the first alert forecast. good morning, there is nbc 10
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news today, i'm tracy davidson. >> we continue the string of 80 degrees plus days. we like it. let's go to glen swartz making an appearance. let's check out your forecast. >> okay. we got pretty food weather, as a matter of fact. it's been great all week. we don't see changes, not a whole lot of winds out there. that's causing the only problem that exists. the air quality is an issue because the pollutants just hang around. they don't get blown around and there is no rain to wash it out. so the ozone is code orange during the day today. 66 degrees in philadelphia now. as low as 54 in millvale. 55 in allentown and potts town. so it's pretty cool first. in the morning. but things are, of course, going to change. as the sun comes up, temperatures will jump up by noon time. we're talking about 82 degrees. we got some more '80s com


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