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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  September 17, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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news today, i'm tracy davidson. >> we continue the string of 80 degrees plus days. we like it. let's go to glen swartz making an appearance. let's check out your forecast. >> okay. we got pretty food weather, as a matter of fact. it's been great all week. we don't see changes, not a whole lot of winds out there. that's causing the only problem that exists. the air quality is an issue because the pollutants just hang around. they don't get blown around and there is no rain to wash it out. so the ozone is code orange during the day today. 66 degrees in philadelphia now. as low as 54 in millvale. 55 in allentown and potts town. so it's pretty cool first. in the morning. but things are, of course, going to change. as the sun comes up, temperatures will jump up by noon time. we're talking about 82 degrees. we got some more '80s coming. it will nost last throughout the
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seven day. we'll have that and the forecast in a few minutes. >> we're on the schuylkill expressway right now. you can see where a half an hour ago that ramp was partially blocked with ongoing construction right now you see nice and opened. no problems in that vine street expressway. drivetime, we have a three-minute trip. no problem, in the green from 95 to the schuylkill expressway, looking great there as well. so no problems. out the door in the blue room this morning, we have mo problems there also. all work zones, lanes opened. southbound typically where we see that delay in the morning time we still have a 15-minute trip. when i come back, we will do another check on mass transit and see how that's doing. >> with more than a week until the papal visit, we are seeing more changes around the city. we found crews setting up a
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stage for the papal events and here's a bird's eye view from our live camera looking over the parkway. officials expect this area to fill with hundreds of thousands of people during the pope's mass on sunday. >> and as the excitement over the pope's visit builds, we are learning more about what will happen behind the scenes at the pope's first stop in the city. good morning, katy. >> reporter: hi, tracy. to the cathedral right in the heart of center city, this is the first stop pope frances will make after arriving to the philadelphia international airport saturday morning. we got an pence look with the director of the cathedral, father says down the aisle. on the other side will be the archbishop. to prepare for mass, pope frances will go into the small
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sacred room behind the altar. he will get ready for the service there assisted by the master of ceremonies who travels with him. >> basically what he will do is what every priest does, that is to prepare himself prayerfully for the celebration of mass and after mass is over, he will return to the same sacristy to di vest and get ready for his next stop. >> reporter: and in the early hours of the pope's arrival here to philadelphia, there will be a lot of focus and attention on saint peter and paul behind me, the mother church if you will. coming up in the next hour, i'm working on a story about what the parishioners of the parish have been doing for the past year to prepare for this momentous occasion. >> katie, thank you. breaking news from overnight, a major magnitude 8.3 earthquake struck off the coast of chili.
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one person is dead, one is missing. part of california and florida are under a tsunami watch. it was on the opposite coast of south america. high waves hit the chiliian coastline. a mall had some major damage. the quake triggered panicked reactions at the santiago airport. but it is up and running right now. we are waiting to see new poll numbers after the second marathon debate between the top presidential candidates last night. the candidates wrangled over gay marriage and foreign affairs, in between personal jabs at one another. carley fiorina was on stage this time t. former ceo of hewlett packard was involved in two of the most tweeted moments last night t. first was when she commented to donald trump about her looks t. second is this comment about planned parenthood. >> anyone who has watched this videos tape i dare, hillary clinton, barack obama, to watch
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these tapes, watch a fully formed fetus on the table. its heart beating, its legs kick. while someone says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain. this is about the character of our nation and if we will not stand up and force president obama to veto this bill, shame on us. >> planned parenthood has come under attack for videos that surfaced over the summer. leaders were discussing the sale and ice of fetal tissue from late term and partial birth abortion, coming up, we will have more from the debate, including what new jersey governor chris christie had to say. . hang today, the superintendent of camden public schools will hear from parents about the challenges they face in enrolling their children. the meeting begins at 5:00 p.m. at new life ministries. parents need to navigate 17 different applications and
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deadlines in order to find the right school for their child. he hopes their feedback will help make some changes. leaders from the coatsville medical center are holding a town hall meeting tonight. they are looking for feedback. well, with just nine days to go, everyone is preparing for the pope's visit to philadelphia. >> we will tell you what one of the suburbs is doing to help people navigate through the suspected traffic congestion. and it's birds versus the boys, the eagles are gearing up against their battle with dallas. what a former cowboy now with the birds says he is doing to prepare. plus he's done with the da "daily show" why did a bearded jon stewart show up on capitol hill? what they're demanding.
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yeah, pretty amazing week out here. a lot of sunshine, warm. humidity is down. not a whole lot of wind. that's creating the only problem for the air quality alert for the area during the day today. 66 degrees in philadelphia. 50s, you can see in many of the suburbs. of course, it's going to warm up very quickly as we go through the rest of the day. we got dry air all across the region. nothing more than high thin clouds. the one area we will be watching over the next several days is way down through the south. any moisture from that might take five, six days to get up here. but that's what we are focusing on, because as we go through the rest of the week into saturday, you really don't see anything in the way of precipitationings anywhere close by. so it really is an amazing forecast that we have here.
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for the rest of the day, we see a lot of sunshine, high temperature well above average, still not very humid. then for the rest of the seven-day period, it's starting off again on the warm side, low humidity. so that's still pretty nice. even on saturday, it's fairly warm, sunday we start cooling down a bit. some clouds come in. a slight shower sunday night. temperatures next week come in much colder and below average. construction typically is the issue out there right now. >> let's check 95 see what's happening there. jessica. >> i said it already. we have ongoing construction on i-95, tracy, this morning, which we are watching actively right now. it's approaching the blue route on the northbound side of 95. so you can see, we do have lane
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restrictions there. traffic moving along nicely, right by the scene. so right now we are not dealing a lot in terms of traffic and volume, so for right now, it's something to watch out for. also, watch out for lane restrictions on the 42 freeway in new jersey on the southbound side heading towards philadelphia right now which is definitely at least a good. once rush hour gets under way later on in the morning. right around 355, three right-hand lanes closed. 6r7b89s it's 4:41. honoring some american heroes. >> we will tell you why these men who this warted a train attract in france will be making a trip to washington today. >> i am extremely honored that he's calling me and that i'm speaking to him. >> except elton john was not
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speaking to russian president vladmir putin. we will tell you about the prank call that pulled the wool over his eyes.
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about a quarter to 5:00. president obama is meeting with the three young americans who stopped a plane attack on a plane in paris. they were tied to radical islam last month. the men have already been honored in france. we have learned president obama and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will meet at the white house. the two leaders will discuss implementation of the iran nuclear deal and other regional issues. the accused shooter in the charleston church massacre says he is willing to plead guilty for a life sentence and at the same hearing, media organizations challenged the judge's gag order in the case. the judge blocked the release of
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some information, citing concerns about graphic phone calls and 911 calls that might have recorded sounds from the victims. a settlement deal may be announced that will resolve a probe and how general motors handseled defective emission systems. gm it is predicted will pay around $9 million. they began recalling millions of cars with ignition switches that can suddenly shut off t. prosecutor said gm knew about the problem for years. they estimate about 100 people were killed by the defect. pennsylvania governor tom wolf says republicans are misrepresenting the status of negotiations over the budget stalemate. pennsylvania has been operating without a budget since the start of july, which is more than 78 days. republicans said yesterday wolf rejected their previous offer that would set back negotiations. wolf counterred, insisting he has made an offer to bridge the divide. republicans say they're
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considering that proposal. washington has said he will veto a short-term spending package pushed by the republicans. the odds have increased over the fight over legalized port betting in new jersey, two judges removed themselves from the case wednesday, one day after the four major sports leaks and the ncaa were ordered to respond to new jersey's request to have the case reheard. >> that means only six of the ten judges now need to agree to hear the appeal instead of seven out of 12. currently nevada is the only state that allows betting on original games atikacy nos and racetracks. police say union county new jersey have launched an investigation after it shows a player bashing an opponent in the head with a helmet. watch as the player's helmet comes off and a member of the lyndon team swings it at his opponent while he's still on the ground. administrators permanently removed him from the team t. victim received ten stitches.
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the refs penalized the lyndon player but did the not throw him out of the game. >> it's crazy somebody should be hit with a helmet. i don't think he should be able to play the rest of the game or the season. >> the lyndon superintendent says the school board is considering the severest disciplinary measures under law. it's not sure if the student will face criminal charges. earlier this month, two players were suspended in san antonio after video appears to show them targeting the referee. one knocked him to the grounds t. other jumped on top of him during the game. the students could face criminal assault charges. research shows nearly 60% of cars are misused. today the lehigh valley technicians will run free car seat checks. appointments are recommended. it's 4:47.
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65 degrees outside. leaders in philadelphia's suburbs are preparing for the pope. they are getting ready for an influx of drivers. they say road closures could force people to flood their streets. yesterday, leaders talked about those closures, traffic and the safety of residents. >> the gridlock especially 476 and 95. because all the cars would be on 76 east would no longer be on 76 east. >> the mayor says police officers will be stationed at every intersection, the national guard will be there. they will shut down the middle lane of fayette street bridge so emergency vehicles can get around. we now have a 3-d view of what the papal visit could look like. they teamed up with the virtual images to depict the mass. a group preaching the pope's message meantime on climate change, environmental activists
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marched through center city. they want the city to transition as to 100% renewable energy. the pope recently called on followers to live in a way that addresses climate change, poverty and cruelty to animals. 4:49. the eagles are coming off a week one loss, now they're getting ready for the nfc rivals, the dallas cowboys. >> they are squaring off against his former team. demarco murray led in rushing yards for dallas last yeert. on sunday afternoon, he is suiting up for the birds. murray says, eh, just another game. >> this is a game. it's week two. no matter who it is, i will be doing the same. i have been doing leading up to the weeks. libidoing nothing different in my preparation. ly not do this and that and be special. we will go through our plays. >> demarco just another game with the cowboys. you are with the eagles now.
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nbc 10, of course, is your official station of the philadelphia eagles. even though it's not on your r our air, come to us for exclusive preand post-game coverage. you will hear from chip kelly and key players you won't see on any other station. >> of course. we will be updating that weather forecast for the game each day as we get closer to it. we got warm and dry weather again today. this is an incredible week. it continues. wech do have have an air quality alert. the air is kind of stagnant. it's sitting there. it's not getting rained out or plane out, so the pollutants tend to build up and change is coming as we head towards the end of the weekend especially next wee. we have clear skies now. high thin clouds, 66 degrees. humidity is high, there is virtually no wind out there at
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the moment. 66 in philadelphia. 50s in many of the suburbs. yeah, it's another school tart to the day and it's going to warm up pretty nicely. there are no significant clouds around. high pressure. right on top of us. that's going to keep things the same today and tomorrow. there is a cold front that's going to be approaching on sunday. it doesn't have a whole lot of moisture with it. so in chances of rain are still fairly low for the eagles game, if there is any, it would be towards the end of the game the way it looks now or even after the game. but kind of comfortable out there and not like today. it's not going to be 87 degrees. it will be more like 77 during the afternoon. for today, temperatures up to perhaps 87. the 7-day forecast. another nice day. low humidity. tomorrow another one on saturday. not much in the way of
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temperature changes. on sunday we got more clouds coming in. next week the temperature goes down quite a bit t. chances of rain go up a bit. >> all right. glen. 8 minutes before 5:00. >> it was clear at least a couple hours ago. jessing ka boyington, film us in. >> it's clear on the boulevard around fox street, looking nice right here. i checked all of our camera, around henry avenue, no problems ray cross the board on the boulevard. you will have no problem. if you are headed out the door on 95, it doesn't look like this. it actually has ongoing construction on 95 around the blue route. we'llup date you on that in the next couple 06 minutes. if you are on i-95 headed to delaware. no bs pro. we currently have a ten-minute trip right now. out in new jersey, watch out on the 42 23wr50i. we have a patch of emergency construction around i-55 closing
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three right-hand lanes. watch out for. that at least it's not headed into philadelphia. we'll have more updates for you when i come back in the next ten. bye. a tuck of war on the issues and with each other. the republican presidential hopefuls squared off in a prime time debate. we'll break it all down for you coming up in a live report at 5:00 a.m. plus, up against the clock. a muslim student was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school. officials thought it was and why the whole. earned the student and invitation to the white house.
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into 22 light soups, all with 100 calories or less per serving. so if you want to eat light and not give up rich flavor, do what we do...make it progresso. >> five minutes before 5:00 right now. we now know who tricked elton john into thinking he spoke to vladmir putin. two russian comedians are renowned for targeting celebrities. they say they called a day after he announced he wanted to meet
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putin to discuss gay rights. >> i am extremely honored that he is calling me and that i am speaking to him. it's a great privilege to be able to speak to one of the most influential people in the whole world. it's amazing. >> john agreed to travel to moscow for a gay pride event and hoped to have a wonderful discussion with putin. john's representatives did not return the phone calls once they fixed out it was a prank. 9-11 first responders demands they be compensated for their illnesses at grounds zero. they demand that congress renew that the 9-11 compensation act. stewart says it's embarrassing lawmakers haven't already renewed the funding. >> and everything that they say about this country about how much they love it about how much
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they believe from it is, that's all symbolism as far as i'm concerned if they can't take care of the people that took care of us. >> personally, i was diagnosed in november with brain cancer that's inoperable and it was immediately linked to the world trade center as well as my father. he was also a fireman on 9-11. to me it's an act that the federal government needs to pay for. >> one part of the act expires at the end of the month. a 14-year-old boy arrested for brigg a homemade clock to school is now a social media sensation. some people thought it was a him bo. he was put into handcuffs and suspended from school. >> i built the clock to impress my teacher. but when i showed it to her, she thought it was a threat to her.
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so, so it was really sad that she took the wrong impression of it. i got arrested for it later that day. >> police did not press charges. you impressed a lot of people. in a matter of hours, the clock made a star on social media with the #i stand with akmed tweeted more than a million times. that was last night. president obama invited him into the white house. mark zuckerberg invited him to facebook, nasa scientists invited him to drive the mars rover. president obama tweeted out this message of support. 6r7b89s six philadelphia families could be waking up intense in kensington for the last time t. philadelphia housing support plans to supply them with vouchers for public housing this morning t. families pitched their tents because they could not afford housing and found no room at local shelters.
4:59 am
they wanted to bring attention to the plight of the homeless as the city spends hundreds of thousands on the pope's visit. activists say the fight is not over. >> we are prepared to take more of the philadelphia housing authority's vacant properties throughout this city. we'll take this army of people here. we will rehab those things and we will need those properties. >> donations have been pouring into the tent city to help these families and others on the list waiting for public housing. you and i both know, of course, how generous the people of philadelphia are. another example. >> you are watching nbc 10 news at 5:00 a.m. starts right now.
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>>. >> it looks like we are having a few technical difficulties. we will fix it in a few minutes and we'll get started. >> we have a lot 20 to cover today. we have a lot to show you about the debate. >> this is about the character of our nation and if we will not stand up and force president obama to veto this bill, shame on us. >> taking aim at president obama and each other. the republican presidential candidates came out swinging and they didn't let up for three hours. we will show you some of the memorable moments voters are talking about this morning. >> lining up to see the pope. we are live as one local church gets ready to hand out free tickets for the papal events in


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