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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  September 19, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> that's right. dense fog in parts of the area. you want to be careful if you plan on headed out soon along the shore or south jersey. we're concerned in melville, mount holly, toms river, dover, atlantic city, dense fog, visibility 0, and philadelphia at 5 miles visibility, .25 in wilmington, and .50 elsewhere. taking it easy over the next couple hours as it takes awhile for the fog to burn off. current temperatures, close to 70 degrees in. mild start to the morning. 63 degrees in melville, 64 in wildwood, and 62 at atlantic city airport. your city planner shows temperaturing warming up as we head into the afternoon and in the 80s by 1:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m. 83, and today's high is 86. tracking more cooler weather
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tomorrow. rosemary? >> thank you. more road closures as we approach the world meeting of family, and here's a live look at the ben franklin parkway shut down this weekend. more lanes of traffic closed there this morning crews prepare for a crowd expected to be several hundred thousand people strong in that immediate area where the stage is where the pope will be speaking, nbc 10 is live in center city to explain the detours to us on the parkway, jesse? >> they close the outer lanes of the parkway, the inner lanes are shut. they are prepared to close the outer. you see here, they have the detour sign up. this is supposed to be turned the opposite direction to face traffic. a couple hours ago, but that has not happened. the video, motorists, a little confusion as they come around eakin, they don't know the lanes that closed, happened days ago, and they approach the outer
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lanes, and complete closure from the art museum over to city hall area allows for increased security, so-called security box. traffic must convert on to north 4th street or there are notices on cars letting them know of the closures and the parking restrictions that are starting sunday, 6:00 p.m. cars within the security box that do not have a plaque will need to be moved or they'll be towed. we'll talk to center city residents who say all closures, the crowds, and mail postal service interruptions in the coming week prompted them to get out of town. >> what's the plan for the weekend? >> shore. >> the shore? >> yes. yes. the shore. >> may be cliche, but it's, what, 2 million people here? >> all right. i called the philadelphia police department traffic division minutes ago to check in why the
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lanes are still open. we have not heard back. getting ring tone. i'll try again and update in 30 minutes. jesse gary, nbc 10. >> thank you. see you then. pope francis begins the ten day trip today. right now, he's on the way to cuba. the pontiff boarded a plane in rome after 4:00 a.m. our time. he'll be in cuba today through tuesday. tomorrow, francis will celebrate mass in ha that's main square of the plaza of the revolution and meet with government officials, priests, and seminaries tomorrow afternoon. on tuesday, he departs cuba and heads to washington, d.c. the white house says president obama and cuban president castro have been talking on the phone this week ahead of the pope's arrival, and pope francis played a key role in the secret discussion that have gone on between the u.s. and cuba over the past year. on these recent phone calls this week, the white house says the two presidents talked about depress in normalizing their
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relations, and the leefrds also discussed ways to address differences on important issues. from cuba as i mentioned, the poem will come here to the u.s. to visit washington first and then new york city before he ends the trip philadelphia. you can count on the nbc 10 app for all the information about the pope's visit, his itinerary, plus, we can help you navigate around the city and suburbs during the visit from traffic maps to road closures, and public transit information. we'll have you covered. new information in the arrest of the man wanted for a string of shootings on freeways in phoenix. we now know the name of the suspect police have in custody. 21-year-oldless si allen merritt arrested in walmart last night, believed to be responsible for the first four shootings on august it 29th and 30th. since then, 11 other vehicles targeted, and only one hurt in those incidents. arizona authorities warn there
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may be copycats out there. >> the weapons and the man who we believe that was responsible for what started this spree in arizona is in custody. >> right now, merritt is only investigated on shootings that occurred on the two specific dates mentioned. police are investigating the other shootings. new from overnight in our area, police are investigating two shootings in north philadelphia. nbc 10 was on nicholas street where a drive-by shooting sent a woman to a hospital. a dark pickup truck opened fire at 10:00 last night. the victim struck in the lower back and abdomen and is in stable condition. police look for the gunman wanted in this deadly shooting on north seventh street. a man shot several times just after 9:00 last night died at temple hospital. investigators did not recover a weapon at the scene, and they have not made any arrests. today, hundreds of people will be walking the beach in
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delaware to show support for law enforcement across the state. a group of officers organized a mile long walk ending in a rally at the camden police department. it starts at rodney high school at 9:00 this morning and open to the public. also today, if you have a child safety seat in your car, you can get it checked by the professionals for free. the checkups are all part of a nationwide child passenger safety week. experts want to make sure that parents and care givers properly place their children in their car seats so the free safety seat checks are available today and the region. for specific locations and times, go to the nbc 10 app or to our website for more information. now to a health alert for high school students in bluster county. officials confirmed one case of whooping cough and suspect a second case. both students go to clearview high school. whooping cough is a highly
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contagious respiratory disease. new jersey teachers can take the next step in their careers without leaving the classroom. yesterday, governor krchristie signed a bill for teachers to earn status, by completing graduate programs, spend five years as a teacher, serve as mentors, and bring research to the schools. it's up to each district and unions to achieve leader status and determine a pay raise. europe struggles with the growing migrant crisis. next, how frustrations are running over. and the fight over planned parenthood, and why house republicans made that move even know they know it's doomed to day. before you know it. hello, halloween. it's the one night when everybody dresses up. and that includes dinner. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing.
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>> and in and so, again, be careful driving, that is very dense fog we are dealing with, and our current temperatures at 69 degrees in nifl, 64, 61 in poconos, and that's a closer look at our eight hour city planner, shows how the day's going to break down, it's going to be warm and humid. the humidity is making a return, and 75 degrees by 1:00 p.m., 82, and 4:00 p.m., 83 degrees. our current temperature right now is 69, changes come tomorrow, all the details on the cooler air moving in. that's coming up in the full forecast. rosemary? >> thank you. new video this morning shows
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a very cayic scene, croatia, thousands of my grants trying to board a packed train for passage to europe. last night, refugees waited for hours climbing through windows to ensure they got on board. elsewhere in the country, desperate people boarded busses. meanwhile, young children on the shoulders of their parents, screams as people pushed their way through the packed crowds. in los angeles, police in a helicopter shot and killed a suspect at the end of a high speed car chase and crash yesterday. the man was wanted for home invasion. officers who tried to pull him over say he took off driving the wrong way on a highway at over 100 miles per hour. suspect's car, as you see, crashed head into another vehicle, injuring those inside. investigators say the suspect fired at police, and that's when officers in the sheriff's helicopter fired down on him killing him. the house has voted to block federal funding of planned
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parenthood for one year. lawmakers voted 241-18 6 in favor of legislation with a few crossing party lines in response to videos that have surfaced showing planned parenthood officials allegedly discussing the sale of fetal tissue the vote does not have a strong chance of moving forward as senate democrats can block it, and the white house promised to veto. party leaders. to prevent that fight from creating impasse with legislation needed to keep government agencies from closing next month. the time right now is 1 minutes after 8:00. coming up, introducing you to this week's wednesday child plus. when we come back, the warm summer weather hangs on before fall-like temperatures roll in. the timing of the cold front is next in the first alert full forecast.
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today, a montgomery county, the flourtown farmers market celebrating a grand open in a new location after vendors were forced to leave from their former spot. the market has been in operation for nearly 30 years. time to check in on wednesday's child. a young man with a curious mind who loves to play sports hopes to find a forever family. nbc 10 introduces us to mohammed. >> heighten this on the hips and tighten it. >> shy at first, by warming up quickly with a bright personality mixed with a sense of adventure, up for anything,
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and we tried rock climbing in philadelphia. >> work in baby steps, there's another foot here. >> he's inquisitive, asks a lot of good, deep questions,ment mw to know about a lot of different things. >> plenty of hold to the right. >> reporter: we had a blast trying out all the walls, and 8th grader does well in school and enjoys math and reading, but his passion is sports. >> what are your faif represent sports? >> football. >> football. >> what position do you play? >> either running back or wide receiver. >> really? are you fast? >> yeah, pretty fast. >> the ideal family would provide love structure to help guide him towards reaching his goals. >> i think he would do well in a two parent household. he would prefer to be the only child. i think he wants and needs a lot of the attention that can be given to him. >> me knows what he's look for in a forever family. >> a family that you could trust
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and a family that you know that will be at your side. you need someone throughout your life taking care of you. >> one, two, three. >> go vertical. >> reporter: that's this week's wednesday's chill. >> if you'd like to make his dream come true of any wednesday's child sponsored by the dave thomas foundation, go to and search wednesday's child or call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning, we're gearing up for another warm and humid day, temperatures expected to stay above average so that's our first weather headline, and now we are dealing with foggy conditions. it is a foggy start, and your eagles forecast, cooling it down by tomorrow. closer look at foggy conditions. in pottstown, it's 1.75 miles,
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and just over a mile in lancaster, and clear skies in the poconos, and 0 in mount holly, and at the shore, atlantic city, the airport, probably having someddelays wit visibility. there's a live look, center city, one of the cameras in the city, and it's totally fogged over, be careful, especially if you drive on the shoreline. there's foggy conditions, mostly cloudies, humidity at 90%, winds at southwest at 6 miles per hour. visibility for philadelphia down to 5 miles, this is something we are watching over the next few hours. we should start to see the fog burn off, but definitely a foggy start. current temperatures at 67 degrees in wilmington, 65 in pottstown, and temperatures in
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the ppoconos at 63. this is changing the weather tomorrow. no rain associated with this cold front, but what we'll see is an area of high pressure shifting offshore for a clockwise rotation pulling in moisture. more humidity for today that continues to move offshore, and the cold front comes in behind it bringing us cooler air from the north, cooler, breezy conditions, setting us up for cooler temperatures headed into the eagles game. if you plan on tailgatie ining tomorrow, you'll love the forecast. game kicks off at 4:25, and at the time, temperatures 7 7 degrees, breezy, mix of sun, clouds, and dry for us around the fourth quarter, nice conditions expected as well. around 72 degrees. can't beat that. the shore and beach forecast, saturday, a high of 81 degrees sunday. 5, dropping down between today
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and tomorrow. getting cooler air coming in from the north. water temperatures at 72. still a nice beach weekend and shore weekend. highs in the area today, making it into the highs or mid to high 80s, and we'll see temperatures closer to the poconos 76 degrees. today, a range of 84 and 87, warm and humid, winds southwest at 5-10 miles per hour. your seven day forecast shows you drop into the 70s headed into tomorrow, and we stay in the 70s monday, tuesday, and officially fall starts on wednesday, and temperatures will be a little bit above average at 81 degrees. the excitement is building for the eagles' home opener tomorrow against dallas. today, birds fans will have a pep rally featuring cheer leaders, and the mascot. this is video from last year, by the way. rich avenue from leverington will be blocked off for today's pep rally which runs from noon
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until 5:00. let's take a live look now inside lincoln financial field from our eagles nest camera where tomorrow's big game takes place, and nbc 10 is your official tv station for the philadelphia eagles. join us before and after the game for exclusive coverage. watch the game day kickoff tomorrow morning at 10:00. that's the start of your day. you'll hear from zach erst, one the eagles most famous fans, and join us tomorrow night for eagle game day final featuring exclusive post game interviews with chip kelly and malcom jenkins, full highlights, and locker room reaction. ♪ >> a nonprofit performing arts center in the area is celebrating an important milestone today. we'll talk to the person behind the big move and tell you how you can join in on the fun. that's coming up.
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this is nbc 10 news. 8:23 on this saturday, a live look at center city skyline. foggy out there right now. meteorologist brittney shipp says eventually this is going to clear. today, temperatures will be in the 80s, and we'll have the humidity with us. a nonprofit performing arts cementer here in the area is holding an open house today in their brand new digs. it's the grand opening of the new wolf performing arts center. performing us with details is bobby wolf, found ir of the arts center known as wolf pack, thank you for being with us, bobby. >> good morning, thank you for having me, rosemary. >> so, bobby, tell us about the nonploft a n nonprofit and the activities you host. >> it's the only performing arts
8:24 am
center for children in the area, it is a nonprofit, we have classes, performances, camps, workshop rs and we have classes for children from six months through high school. >> and for many of these children, it's a life changing experience. >> it is indeed. it is a wonderful feeling to know that you've truly made a positive difference in the life of a child. we offer what we give our children most is confidence, character, and creativity. >> and, bobbi, an important milestone for wolf pack. >> sure. after ten years, we have moved to a new location, and 1240 montrose avenue. we have all kinds of activitiesed today, theater games, miniclasses, and live performances by our incredibly talented children, and tours of the new building. >> so this is a chance for folks to get out there today if they are not familiar with the nonprofit or the performing arts
8:25 am
center for their kids to get involved. >> it's for new people and families that have been with us for many, many years. we are all celebrating to the and inviting everyone to join us between 1:30 and 3:30 today. >> all right. great. bobbi wolf with wolf performing arts center, and there's more information up on the screen as you can see. it's happening today from 1:30 this afternoon as bobbi mentioned through the afternoon. it will take place at 12: -- 1240 montrose avenue, and i'm familiar with the place being a local montgomery native, and it looks tok behind lancaster avenue? >> exactly. where the townships meet. >> all right, great, thanks, bobbi, thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you so much. the time is 8:25, and still ahead on nbc 10 news today, more road closures for the pope's upcoming visit to philadelphia shifts into another gear today. jesse gary is live in center
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city with details. >> reporter: a lot of activity here on the parkway to prepare for the world meeting of families, but the outer lanes are open, update on the closure coming up after the break. tracking another warm day for us and humid conditions. plus, it's a foggy start. you want to be careful driving close to the shore with zero visibility and cooler temperatures in store, what it means for the eagles tailgating forecast coming up right after the break.
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i was at my shop tied up with a customer
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when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it. when i got out it was almost closing time. traffic was bad. i knew i was cutting it close. but it was ok. i use td bank. it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day. i'm sid. and i bank human at td bank.
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this is nbc 10 news. one week from today, pope francis will be in philadelphia, and right now, center city crews are working to transform the parkway for the festival of families and papal mass next weekend. live with details on road closures and crowd estimates. today could be summer's last gasp. we'll warm up into the mid-80s again, look for a cool change. a live look outside right now shows a breeze and fog out there, and the first alert forecast is just ahead. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors, before 8:30 on this saturday, and we have the weekend weather. a foggy start, but mild
8:30 am
start. let's look outside right now. we are checking out foggy conditions. you can see right down the cityline, and a current look at the temperatures, 70 degrees in philadelphia. 64 in melville, 66 in wildwood, and 65 in atlantic city. the wind direction, there's moisture coming up, and we'll continue to see a southwesterly flow into the rest of today, and that's going to help lead to our above average conditions continuing along with that big area of high pressure that's been in control. so we'll say good-bye to summer after today. warm, humid, above average condition expected for us, average of 77 degrees this time of year, and closer to that as we head into sunday, but a closer look into the visibility, dense fog reported in melville, and atlantic city, toms river, and dover. patchy fog in cape may, allentown to lancaster. you want to be careful, especially where we see 0 visibility including atlantic city and toms river. when the fog clears up and what
8:31 am
to expect for your eagles' forecast coming up. right now, let's take a live look over the ben franklin parkway where traffic is being partially detoured. crews are hard at work preparing for the pope's visit. on thursday, the inner lanes of the parkway closed, and this morning, the outer lanes are scheduled to shut down, and nbc 10 is live on the parkway this morning. jesse, tell us why the lanes have not been shut down yet. >> reporter: roast, it's a mystery we are wondering this morning. i called the traffic division, no response from them. we are left to wonder. there's a lot of construction vehicle down in that area, and that are using the area where the close sure would take effect at the start of the outer lanes that are moving and backing into that area so, perhaps they have not moved the barricades there because of construction vehicles need the extra room. whatever the case, you can see,s
8:32 am
vehicles are still able to get all the way down on the outer lanes that goes another police vehicle, looks like homeland security, another police vehicle moving down. oh, wait a minute. hold it here for a minute. looks like the police vehicle is slowing down. nope. he kept going. okay. he's going to keep going. the outer lanes are still open. let's look at the video. i talked to one police vehicle, and officers were from homeland security. they say they are going to be on con patrol of the ben franklin parkway area until the pope is gone and all construction that's out here is removed a week from monday. parking authority has been out during the week letting residents know about the new restrictions that take effect tomorrow evening. the signs point to increased parking anxiety unless you have a ppa exemption plaque in the window. that allows you to park within the security box until thursday, and them everyone's going to have to be movings someplace else. >> it's, like, the most stress much thing. >> you're getting out of dodge?
8:33 am
>> yeah, deaf in tfinitely. just have to figure out where to put the car. >> reporter: there's parking garages where you can park. the cost of the next weekend, $20. there's free parking near down the stadiums in south philadelphia. remember, though, towing starts tomorrow, sunday, at 6:00 p.m., so get your vehicle out there. they will seriously tow. you know how the ppa is about that. live again, you see outer lanes open, if you're headed out saturday morning, don't be fooled by this. if you come this way and thinking, well, i saw it was open on tv watching jesse, it could be closed because it will be at some point. as a general rule, avoid the area, avoid the parkway all together. live in eakin oval, nbc news. >> appreciate it, jessjesse. watch the detour signs. these signs are posted on city avenue. they are giving drivers a heads
8:34 am
up on closures happening in kenwood and winwood, the area around around st. charles seminary where the pope is staying. we have a list of the closures posted on the nbc 10 app. pope francis is on his way to cuba at this moment. the first stop on his trip. take a look. this is video of the upon stiff boarding a plane in rome after 4:00 this morning, and he'll visit cuba today through tuesday. on francis' schedule tomorrow, the main square, the plaza of the revolution. on tuesday, he'll leave cuba and head to washington, d.c. francis' visit to cuba and the u.s. comes as the two countries are working to normalize relations after a 50-year freeze. the white house says that president obama and cuban president castro have been talking this week ahead of the pope's arrival in havana. pope sis played a key role in the secret discussions that have gone on over the past year getting the u.s. and cuba talking again.
8:35 am
on the recent phone calls, the white house says the two presidents talked about the progress in normalizing their relations, and that the leaders also discussed ways to address differences on important issues. as i mentioned, from cuba, francis heads to the u.s., starting in washington, and then go to new york, and then end the trip here in philadelphia. today, septa starts the weekend sale of one-day regional rail papal passes, $10 passes sold at opening stations next week during the pope's visit to philadelphia. there's a list of stations where to buy the passes, go to our app or website for a complete list. also happening today, volunteers for the world lead meeting families get their uniform. officials will distribute them throughout the day. more than 4,000 volunteers are registered. the world meeting of families opens at the vengs center on tuesday. count on the nbc 10 app to
8:36 am
help you navigate around the city and ee ethe suburbs in the visit. traffic maps, road closures, information, and, of course, the pope's full itinerary while in town. new from overnight, investigators look for the cause of this house fire nbc 10 was on scene on west high street in clayton earlier today. neighbors called fire crews just before midnight when they saw flames shooting through the roof of the house. firefighters had the flames under control in less than an hour. no one was hurt. >> in philadelphia's neighborhood, a car hit a building leaving two people injured. this was the scene at fifth street and roosevelt boulevard where authorities say the two cars collided just after 1:30 this morning. one slammed into an appliance store. the other flipped over down the block. a man and woman went to the hospital in stable condition. finally, a done deal.
8:37 am
details on how a philadelphia developer bought a shuttered atlantic city casino from the university trying to unload it. ♪ with the card most accepted in the philadelphia region, you have the compassion and security of blue cross.
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giving you the power to do more. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. a live look, the fog is slowly burning off, but it's going to take awhile in other locations, especially atlantic city, toms river, mount holly, 0 visibility this morning.
8:40 am
melville.25 mile, and so, again, this is going to take awhile to burn off. be careful driving around. right now, conditions for philadelphia at 69 degrees, moersly cloudy skies, winds from the southwest at 6 miles per hour. towards the afternoon, a lot of sunshine it's going to take awhile through the morning hours. today, temperatures range between 84 and 7, warm, and more humid than what we saw yesterday. i am tracking cooler conditions as we head into sunday. i'll let you know what it means for your eagles forecast. >> humidity and fog today, but at least it's not rain. i'm sure folks in delaware are happy to hear it because 2,000 volunteers are on the beaches for a statewide coastal cleanup. they spread over 50 sites including fox point state park and more. the local cleanup runs from 9:00 this morning, in a few minutes, until noon organized by the delaware department of natch resources and environmental
8:41 am
control. a notable philadelphia developer is buying the old showboat casino in atlantic city. yesterday, stockton university announced the $22 million deal to sell the former casino to bart blackstein. the gaming hall shut down just over a year ago. it was brought from caesars last december, but conflicting rules on how the property can be used ended the school's plan to turn the building into a branch campus. this sale, though, does not clear up those issues. >> we wanted to ensure that we sold it to someone who was deeply committed to atlantic city, someone we knew invested his time and energy and resources into this city. >> he recently took over the struggling pier shops at caesars and rebranded it the playground. he had no comment on this plans for the old show boat. eagles ready to face the cowboys tomorrow, and we have the best action on the high
8:42 am
school gridiron. don't miss week three of the blitz. that's next.
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8:44 am
eagles are fine tuning the game plans, big rivalry game against the cowboys tomorrow. sam bradford gets his first look at dallas as a bird. he struggled last week in the season opening loss in atlanta, but he did find his way in the second half, and that's something he's hoping to build
8:45 am
for tomorrow. hopefully we pick up right where we left off in the sec half. the second half was great, got things rolling, you know, what we want to do, push the tempo, play fast, put pressure on them so hopefully that's how we feel the whole game this time. >> join us before the game for game day kickoff tomorrow morning at 10:00, hear from zac erst, and carly lloyd, and then tomorrow night is eagles game day final with exclusive post game interviews that include chip kelly and malcon jenkins, highlights, and locker room reactions. nbc 10's high school blitz is presented by -- yeah, it's that time again. week through of the high school blitz. we have more highlights than a pack of magic markers, but we'll kick it off in maryland where collins high school faces the no. 4 team in the country.
8:46 am
♪ yeah, pretty impressed with this catch here. check out the one-handed grab. oh, my. beckh beckham, jr., eat your heart out. hitting the gap in the first quarter. mcfarland gets the running room with no one to stop him, lasalle loses 32-12. pw fakes the hand off and cameraman and finds the end zone, pw with the w 20-16. lincoln visiting mlk, the quarterback austin airs it out. bad throw, though. king's there for the int, knocking off lincoln 20-12. lee high valley, hosting allentown central catholic, the fake, takes it in himself, double up catholic 28-14.
8:47 am
>> to south jersey, campus catholic hoeting, and rogers seals the envow lope on airmail. what a catch. scoring later in the drive winning 43-7. winslow, check out the wheels on their prince drew bay. dashing to the end zone, winslow the winner at 30-14. [ cheers and applause ] >> come on, win it, johnny fired up the base for cherry hill west quarterback, the quarterback, fires to a wide open call, over the shoulder catch, and it was 27-0. putting on the show as always before ben franklin and northeast face off. northeast, capping off the opening drive with a 3 yard score. they go for 2, and the conversion is good. north vest upset franklin. the bucks county, pennridge
8:48 am
driving, but the pick, and pennridge shuts out cb west, 34-0. charter woods, and in for the score, looks easy, 49 -8 the final. [ cheering ] >> frankford quarterback calls his number, and frankford all over mastbaum. central's fires to omar, and that's a 28 yard score, and they battle back, driving 50 yards down field to the 20. that's when time runs out. central wins in the battle of the attrition, 24 hfr -- 28-22. campbell, the p of jenkins, a big loss there, the bulldogs' offense, louis follows the locker, finds his team, and he's
8:49 am
gone. final count of 55-0. game of the week list for next thursday. note the special date because of the pope's visit to philadelphia. the games are south philly and central, mastbaum and central, and bartram versus gratz. go to our website to vote. enjoy your day. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. summer's hanging on. we'll see one more day with warm and humid conditions, warming into the mid-80s, but a soggy start, and dense fog and a closer look at the eagles forecast. here's a closer look at where we're see dense fog. 0 visibility, same in quakertown, and it's a little better closer to the poconos only really clear visibility, nine miles, and down to 2 miles in philadelphia, .50 in
8:50 am
wilmington, and 3 in dover. it's toms river and mount holy the main concerns down to 0 visibility. you want to be very careful driving around. this is not even the worst of it, just patchy fog over the philadelphia skyline. 69 degrees, mostly cloudy skies, and in the afternoon, a lot of sunshine. winds now to the southwest at 5 miles per hour, that's why we have foggy conditions, we have changes and moisture from the south and the southwest. our current temperatures in the poconos at 60 degrees, 61 in allentown, and 64 in redding, 66 in dover, and 67 degrees in wildwood. mid-60s in atlantic city with at above average day for us. average this time of year is 77 degrees, and today's high is 86 with humidity climbing. definitely feeling the difference out there today. 78 by tomorrow, a cold front's going to come in, and this is the cold front you can see the rain associated with it, and it's going to fly closer to us as this area of high pressure moves offshore.
8:51 am
that clock wise rotation pulls in the moisture where the humidity's coming from, and that continues to transition away from us. the cold front moves in in its place bringing us cooler, breeey conditions, and winds move from the north tomorrow. that's setting us up for cooler tailgating forecast as we check out the eagles football forecast tomorrow. kickoff at 4:25, and temperatures will be closer to 77 degrees. by the fourth quarter, still nice as the sun sets. 72 degrees. that's a beautiful day for football. highs in the region today, mid-80s for philadelphia and in wilmington, 83 the high in pottstown, and 76 in the poconos. seven day forecast shows temperatures drop from 86 to 78 heading into tomorrow. we drop even more, a cool day as you head to work monday. look at tuesday, staying cool, and then wednesday, fall officially starts, bumping up into the low 80s, and we'll stay
8:52 am
there into thursday.
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i'm michael douglas, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. and there's no time to see it like the fall. take metro north to take in the beautiful fall foliage from high above the hudson. swing a club at one of america's greatest courses... see spectacular sights underground... ...or thrilling sights above it. there's so many incredible ways to experience the fun of fall in new york state. plan your trip at there's something for everyone.
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all morning long, we've been checking on the situation the ben franklin parkway in center city, and we just got word from jesse gary who's been out there throughout the morning that police are now shutting down those outer lanes of the parkway. earlier when you saw jesse, cars were able to get through. not the case anymore. so keep that in mind. again, this is all in preparation for the papal visit this week. nbc 10 continues our commitment to clear the shelters and find homes for adoptable pets. this morning is eva williams . this is sunshine here? >> yes. she is 1 year old, and she's the
8:55 am
sweetest thing, super affectionate, loves giving kisses issue and she's looking for her forever home. >> a nice disposition. >> only with us for a few days b and exhibiting being loving and sweet. she would be a great pet. >> and great guest in studio. >> yes. >> you called her your itty bitty pity, the title of a book you're featuring? >> yes. we are going to be sharing the itty bitty pity in the great big city book. we have an event wednesday -- sorry, tuesday september 22 from 6:30 to 8:00, and we'll be doing a reading and a book signing. yeah. >> with the author. >> yes, we author, will angelos, free to attend, and 25% of the proceeds from book sales are donated to the shelter ananimal. it's great. >> the book is sort of a way to, one way, that a lot of people
8:56 am
are trying it dispel stereotypes about pit bulls? >> absolutely. pit bull are great companion, and the book is about an itty bitty pity rescued from a police officer in a negative situation and brought to us, and he found his forever home, and it's actually will's dog is the dog in the book, and it's a great story. >> sunshine looking for her forever home. you dpguys took her as a stray d is looking for adoption. we have information on the pscpa. if you'd like more information, you can reach them on the web, get in touch with them if you'd like to adopt sun shine. >> yes. before we leave you this morning, a check of the weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. good, a foggy start in most locations, especially along the shore, and so be careful leaving the house because of zero viz
8:57 am
the in toms river and atlantic city. high of 86 degrees. more humidity. feel the difference tomorrow, breezy conditions, and temperatures drop to the 70s, and stay there for the start of next week. >> that's all for us, i'm rosemary connors, and for britntney shipp and everyone hee at nbc 10, have a good one. we'll see you tomorrow.
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