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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  September 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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schedule. we're live in washington, d.c. with the latest. >> fall is getting off to a warm start, a cooldown is on the way. at 62 degrees right now, 6:00 a.m. on the notz. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. welcome to fall. >> it's not going to feel like fall. felt like fall yesterday. >> we'll let meteorologist brittney shipp sort that out. >> sums it up. a flip-flop thing. a cool end to summer, now a warm start to fall. our current temperature is at 60 degrees in philadelphia, a few clouds, 78% in the humidity. our wind speeds out of the north at about 6 miles per hour. current temperatures throughout the region at 59 degrees in northeast philly, 49 chester springs, 53 in kennett square. 44 in the poconos, 49 in allentown and 52 in oxford. 60 in woodbine, 58 at the atlantic city airports, so not a bad way to start the morning but things will warm up heading into
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the afternoon. we mentioned yesterday it was a cool summer's end, a little below average now. we had above average, 80 degrees for today and tomorrow. but we cool back down as we head into friday and we'll continue dropping our temperatures into saturday and sunday. so, it should be comfortable for the papal visit. high pressure is in control because we're not seeing a lot of anything really. a few clouds in south jersey and the shoreline. and as we head into the rest of today we'll see lots of sunshine. i'm tracking a fall warm-up, a cooler weekend, then a look at the papal visit. let's chat with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. good morning. >> good morning. we're out in germantown right now. this is a live picture of a serious accident scene. earlier this was an overturned vehicle. it's pushed upright. you can see heavy police activity in the area. we have a tow truck in the area as well. they are about ready to get this out of the way. this is germantown avenue and
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washington lane. your best bet to get around this scene right now is to take west duval, pretty much take you around the block. the man who gave us so many great quotes, baseball hall of famer yogi berra passed away. berra won ten world series with the new york yankees, he served in world war ii. they will be remembered for his yogiisms, like it ain't over till it's over, if you get to the fork in the road, take it. and you should always go to other people's funerals or they won't come to yours. many will come to his. yogi berra was 90 years old. >> more breaking news, three nooses are found on the university of delaware campus and now campus police are investigating the act as a hate crime. jesse gary is live in newark with a look at how the campus community is reacting. tell us more.
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>> reporter: tracy, social media is blowing up with noose about the hate crime and students we've spoken to say they are shocked that an old symbol from days of the kkk is being used. >> it's crazy. you never think that's going to happen on your campus. it goes to show that crazy people are everywhere, you know what i mean. it's really sad, crazy. >> reporter: the crime took place outside mitchell hall, an auditorium in the middle of campus. three nooses found hanging from a tree limb. this is the same site where black lives matter members gathered to protest a monday appearance by conservative commentator and writer katie pavlich. university officials say it's a coincidence but too early to say the crime is linked to monday's appearance. campus police removed the nooses and have begun an investigation, aided by video. >> there are cameras all over so what we're doing is just looking at -- taking all of this
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surveillance tape from the cameras and analyzing that footage. >> reporter: the acting president nancy target says if the guilty parties turn out to be students they will be expelled and face criminal prosecution. back to our pope coverage. pope francis is waking up in washington, d.c. this morning. busy day ahead. the pope will head to the white house later to meet with president obama, one of the stops on his busy schedule. after his plane touched down yesterday which you watched live here on nbc 10, the president, the first lady and their daughters were there to greet him along with other dignitaries and welcome him. his first ever trip to the united states. and one philadelphia area nun is getting the opportunity of a lifetime. she will get a chance to greet pope francis in washington, d.c., matt delucia is live for us in the nation's capital. and matt, this is one of thousands there for this
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historic time. >> reporter: indeed, chris. quite a few from our area traveled down here to washington to see pope francis, and they are joining thousands of others from around the world. of course, a lot of them, they are lining up right now. we've seen some of them line up just in the past couple of hours. waiting for pope francis to come out. there is quite a bit of security as you can imagine around this area. we have roads blocked off around the white house, the capitol and the basilica where the pope will hold a mass for a crowd of about 25,000 people. first, though, this morning is a meeting and address with the president at the white house. sister mary from our area will be late to watching. >> this really is an important historic time and a real time for change. and so i think he's going to call tuesday that conversion and transformation. and i think that's a very important message for all of us,
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our congress and people to hear. >> reporter: as i mentioned there is a mass later on this afternoon at the national shrine, the basilica there by the catholic university of america. they are quite excited about this papal visit and they will be -- a lot of folks will be out there later this afternoon and including people from our area. some students from our area and a mother who drove down from bucks county to be there at the mass with her daughter. i'll have their stories coming up in the next 30 minutes. now to the papal moment that has everybody buzzing. pope francis leaving in a fiat outside, also the pope and three others inside which was surrounded by security and black suvs. we learned this may not be the pope's ride in philadelphia, instead we could see a whiteh d
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whitehoodless jeep wrangler. crews brought out concrete barri barriers around where the pope will stay. >> the event bringing the pope to philadelphia, the world meeting of families the second day is the second day of that at the pennsylvania convention center. the faithful will gather at 8:30 followed by convention sessions throughout the day starting at 10:30 and the highlight of course when pope francis arrives on saturday for the festival of families which will close out the week-long gathering. tonight at 7:00, this is something we want you to know. we have a special called "pope in america, a detailed look at everything that will happen in washington, d.c. as well as what's ahead for the rest of the papal visit. and the "nbc 10 news" app also has everything you need to know to get ready for the pope's visit. you'll find pictures and videos
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and a list of the no parking areas, road closures and mass transit changes. 6:08. police are trying to figure out who opened fire on a crowded basketball court in philadelphia's strawberry mansion section. bullets hit two men at 27th and clearfield. both are expected to survive. the clock is ticking for attorney general kathleen kane. the state supreme court notified kane that the suspension of her law license will take effect on october 31. though she will lose her ability to practice law she can make administrative decisions. montgomery county officials charged kane with leaking secret grand jury information and lying about it. she will release thousands of e-mails cane says they are pornographic in nature and were exchanged by people in government and law enforcement.
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good morning. taking a live look at boathouse row where temperatures today will be on the warm side for the first day of fall. we saw a cool end to the up isser season and now change is on the way. we'll stay warm as we head into the rest of today and into tomorrow. here is a current look at temperatures. 60 in philadelphia. 63 in kenneth square. 58 in washington township, 46 in quakertown, 49 pottstown, 52 oxfo oxford, 62 in dover, and we're at 60 degrees in woodbine. a closer look shows that we are going to see high pressure staying in control. you notice a few clouds near cape may and atlantic city. then lots of sunshine versus what we saw yesterday with a cloudy and gray end to the summer season. your city planner shows by 11:00 a.m., lots of sunshine, by 2:00. sen 7 and our temperatures don't stop there. closer to the 80s for today. the highs around the region, 78
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in pottstown, 79 in allentown. 74 in the poconos, 77 in atlantic city and 75 degrees in wildwood. early look at the pope weekend shows we'll continue cooling down from the warm temperatures today heading into the weekend so 74 on saturday, then on sunday we'll watch closely a system that's off the carolina coast. right now we think that it's going to stay to the south of us, we have a slight chance of showers. i'll take a closer look at the system and tell you how it's going to impact our weather. that's coming up in my full forecast. >> 10 minutes after 6:00. time to get a check of how things are going. school is closed in philadelphia so that may lead to less volume on the roads in the city. >> let's find out, specifically the schuylkill. >> that's a good point, almost like a holiday today so we have everything open right now. we can see no lane restrictions on the schuylkill expressway. this is right around the vine
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street expressway. that's actually where we were starting to see over to flow in our crime time rush hour. for the morning and the afternoon the center city area as well. this is devine street expressway around 24th street headed westbound into the schuylkill expressway or 33 street station. this is 95 around girard avenue. slow in the normal spots. can't get ahead, we are still seeing that delay. so more on these when i come back in the next ten. >> greener technology may be not. we'll tell you what the emissions testing scandal means. plus this. >> reporter: i'm monique braxton where the fourth round of towing for the world meeting of families in anticipation of the visit of pope francis starts in about three hours.
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>> this new video shows how hard it can be for officers to tell the difference between fake and real guns. officers responded to a 911 call about two people carrying guns. eventually they surrender, the men carrying guns turned out to be 15-year-olds with a replica shot gun and pistol. officials say the situation could have ended deadly. they are pushing for lawmakers to make carrying replica guns a crime. local police agencies are getting a financial boost through federal grants. part of a nationwide initiative through the u.s. office of community oriented leasing services. more than $5 million will go to four new jersey law enforcement agencies including camden, wildwood, east orange and essex
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county. the new jersey attorney's office says 15 new officers will be hired in camden county alone thanks to the grant. this week gay, lesbian and transgender catholics are holding workshops to coincide with the papal visit. the groups say they are coming together to work on getting lgbt parishioners greater inclusion in the church. they were told that they could not have their workshop at a local catholic church so the united methodist church offered space. at the first workshop yesterday the teacher at waldrin academy fired over the summer for her same-sex marriage told the group she would like pope francis to listen to them. >> we are your sisters and brothers in faith. we ask that the church reflect on its treatment of the lgbt community through the lens of social justice. >> and margie winters and her
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wife will be at white house when the president welcomes pope francis. they hope to get a chance to meet him. and in other preparations for the pope's visit, today crews will begin towing more vehicles from more streets in center city and the fairmount section of the city in preparation for the papal vtz. monique braxton is along the ben franklin parkway with details to make sure their car does not get towed. >> reporter: that's right, chris. for folks just waking up as the sun rises over philadelphia, you need to make sure that you are not parked in an emergency zone or you'll be shelling out more than $250 come monday. look at the map we're showing you on tv. any cars parked in these designated emergency routes wilt be towed. that's in addition to parking enforcement that's under way since sunday. the parking authority tells us so far only one third of the cars they anticipated to tow
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have been moved from the area within the security box. in less than three hours the tow trucks are going to line up and begin removing cars from along the emergency route. mayor nutter tells us the world meeting of families is paying up to $12 million for towing, extra pleas and security as well as other expenses. if your car is towed in philadelphia expect a $76 ticket. if you purchase the placard you have until thursday night at 10:00 p.m. to move your car or expect to pay $175 for the impound fee, then $76 for the towing. that's $251. all of this no doubt is affecting philadelphia and local schools. as you know, the schools are out today for the jewish holiday. yesterday it was announced that the superintendent is going to keep schools closed through
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monday to give afternoon chance to get cars out of the tragedies and the streets to be totally reopened. we'll continue to have all of this for you in the next half hour. monique braxton, "nbc 10 news." right now we are going to check in with all of those road closures. on the ben franklin parkway, first spring garden, a new one closed between pennsylvania avenue and kelly drive. back to the ben franklin parkway, closed in this area between the art museum circle and logan circle as well for seat up so you can be prepared. be on the lookout for fencing, barriers, putting up jumbotrons, police activity. and working crews in the area. as we also are dealing with over flow from all of the parking restrictions for vehicles moving their cars. this is something we should look
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at again from the old city area all through the parkway area north and south. we do have cars being moved all in that yellow area. no parking. we air digsnally adding additional no parking streets by 9:00 a.m. this is very important number to keep in mind. they will get figured out for you. good morning. temperatures start to push above average heading for the 80s we go on this first day of fall so a warm start. same into tomorrow in the 80s. a cooler weekend on tap, then a closer look at your papal forecast as we push into saturday and sunday. allentown under clear skies, 49 degrees, atlantic city mostly cloudy skies. 58. so depends on where you are. certain areas are seeing more
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clouds than others. 49 in allentown, 55 westchester, 60 degrees in millville, 62 in dover and then 58 degrees in wilmington. our 24 hour temperature change map shows we're down about 9 degrees, 8 in allentown, 9 in pottstown, down 3 degrees, it will be a warmer afternoon. so temperatures yesterday only got to 75 degrees so that set us up for cooler nights and morning. by afternoon 80 on this first day of fall. same thing tomorrow. then we drop back down. we'll continue with a cooling trend into the weekend. clear conditions, then we're watching this area of low pressure off to the stout of us, and we'll watch what it does. we expect to the stay to the south even if it moves closer to us. it will not give us a chance of shower, so your saturday forecast for the papal visit, 74
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degrees, breezy and cool and on sunday that slight chance of showers mainly to the south of our area. your wake-up temperatures show that as we head into the rest of the late morning hours, then by on the. 73 in philadelphia and a high ranking between 78 and 81. the seven-day forecast shows that our temperatures will stay in the 80s today, tomorrow, and start to drop back down heading into the weekend. >> 6:22. 150 people were killed. we'll tell what you transportation experts are doing to make sure a similar crash never happens again. this sweet treat cause as problem that lands one person behind bars.
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more fallout after volkswagen admitted to rigging 11 million vehicles to cheat pollution standards. we're now hearing from a customer who is filing a lawsuit. volkswagen north america is incorporated in new jersey, a newark man says he now feels guilty when driving his vehicle after learning about the hidden emissions. the biggest battle they may face besides legal trouble, could be winning back the trust of once faithful buyers. >> was a good purchase i thought it wasn't bad for the environment or as bad. i don't know how i'm supposed to trust the company that feels like it's all right to do this. to a consumer. >> volkswagen has ordered dealers to stop selling the affected models and it set aside more than $7 billion to fix cars in the u.s. i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. taking a live look at the
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poconos, lake wallenpaupack we're seeing patchy fog to start off the morning, this will continue for the next few hours and our temperatures here in the city expected to warm above average into the 80s. 62 by 8:00 a.m. and a high of 80 degrees. chris. >> today of course marks day two of the pope's visit to america. he has a jam-packed schedule. matt delucia is live in washington, d.c. to run it down for us. >> reporter: chris, the first stop later this morning the white house. and there are people from our area here in washington hoping to get a glimpse of the pope. we'll hear from them next. >> reporter: live on the university of delaware campus, symbols of hate hanging from a tree lim here. coming up after the break.
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a symbol of hatred showing up on the campus of a local university, we are live there talking to students. gone but not forgotten. yogi berra the man known for his baseball skills and humor has died. take a look back at his life and career. and pope francis begins a busy day in washington, d.c. we have new video in to the newsroom of the crowds that are already starting to gather. big crowds expected there. crowds headed to philadelphia. welcome to "nbc 10 news today" on this wednesday. i'm chris cato. >> 60 degrees outside, let's get to meteorologist brittney shipp with her first alert forecast. for this first day of fall that's going to feel like summer. >> exactly sums it up. the temperatures above average today. warming into the 80s, not a bad start in philadelphia at 60 degrees. cooler in pottstown, 49, it's
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going to feel like fall in allentown at 49 degrees as well. currently we're at hour 44 in the poconos, close to 60 at the atlantic city airport. closer look at the city planner shows as we head into the rest of today, by 11:00 a.m., 71, by 2:00, 77, so not a bad start to the afternoon. heading into the late afternoon hours we'll push to 80 for philadelphia, 78 in pottstown, close to 80 in allentown, 74 in the poconos and 75 degrees in wildwo wildwood. your head lines show i'm tracking a fall warm-up and a closer look at the papal forecast. >> a quick update in the germantown accident has cleared out of the way on germantown avenue and washington lane. for preparing for the pope we have several closures, a new one on spring garden between pennsylvania avenue and kelly drive and kelly drive closed between fairmount avenue and
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museum circle. when you're in these areas you can't drive through them but in the surrounding areas watch for work crews setting up barriers, jumbotrons and keeping all pedestrians and people out of those areas. so a heads up there. as for parking all of this area in the yellow is the no parking zochblt no will be in effect by 9:00 a.m. today. if your scar towed, this is an important number to have. call them, they will help you out. get your car back. >> 6:33. now to the pope's first visit to america. pope francis is waking up in washington, d.c., the pope will go to the white house later this morning for a formal welcoming ceremony with president obama. after his plane touched down
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yesterday the president and first lady and their daughters were there to greet him and welcome him to america. this morning the pope will go to the white house to meet with president obama. matt delucia is in washington. the last half hour you mentioned there are quite a few people from our area in washington right now ahead of the excitement. tell us more about that. >> reporter: college students no less, hoping for a learning experience like no other. a short drive by the camtal grounds. right next to that is the basilica of the national shrine where a mass will be held later on this afternoon in front of about 25,000 people. first look at this. in the past half hour we got knew video in. the crowds starting to form. people lining up trying to get a glams even before the track of
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dawn. look at this. ♪ >> reporter: the sights and sounds, hours before the pope speaks for the first time in the u.s. a lot of work was being done as of last night to get everything ready and like i said, a few folks from our area are here, geovona a senior here, and then janet schultz drove just to be here with her daughter. >> this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. i feel so fortunate as well as everyone else who goes here. it's amazing. >> this is a pope who exemplifies unity for our catholic faith. this is a hope who wants to draw everyone together. love everyone. it's fan lasstic.
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>> reporter: a lot of the pilgrims here in washington, d.c. for this papal visit are planning to go to philadelphia later on this weekend when he travels there, following this pope wherever he goes to the u.s. >> pope francis will be busy in washington, going to the white house where he will with president obama. you can watch the events live on nbc 10 and through the "nbc 10 news" app. a prayer service at saint matthew's and he will celebrate a noose canonize a missionary at the ba sill cat. when the pope addresses congress tomorrow don't expect to see lawmakers giving him stand occasions. both have asked their yellow members not to rise and aplaut
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while the pope is skreeping. p lawmakers have been told not to try to shake the pope's hand when he enters and exits. >> count on nbc 10 for coverage of the pope's visit. matt will continue his reports from washington, d.c. throughout the morning, and rosemary connors lish from d.c. later. then our coverage from new york tomorrow. >> the week long convention that is the berld meeting of families held every three years. this be broke a record. almost 18 thousand are here from all owy ve y over the world. many attended the opening ceremony at the convention center. the archbishop celebrated mass as the pope was arriving in washington. whether visiting from west africa or wynnefield everyone told us how eager they are to hear the pope.
6:38 am
for some getting here was not easy. >> you are 150 people but 25. >> 25 of you made it. >> the catholic church cry 80s to strengthen and celebrate the bond of family it causes society's greatest resource. you'll find pictures and video from the pope's arrival and you'll also find a list of no parking areas, road closures and mass transit changes. >> breaking news from overnight that will shock the baseball world, the entire world for that matter. all of famer yogi berra died. he also served in world wor 2. he may be most remembered for his famous yeaings, like it's deja vu all over again.
6:39 am
i haven't kiel are really say anything i said. my favorite, congratulations i knew the record would stand until it was broken. yogi berra was 90 years old. a university of delaware student found three nooses hanging from a tree. >> now campus police are investigating. jesse gary is live on the school's pam bus. >> several rallies are planned for later today including one by the group demonstrating owe vefr by mitchell haul, shortly before the crime. the three nooses found hanging from a retrim, the same site where black live matters were. university officials say it's a coincidence at this point and too early the link the presence
6:40 am
of the symbols of hate to monday's appearance. i spoke with the university president. she has been working with the investigators duringñxzthe overnight and without sleep. >> students are my top priority of here at the university of delaware. you can get i'm going to be up all night until i get this resolved. >> the president said there is a rally at 4:30 by memorial hall. jesse carry, nbc 10 use. good morning. taking a live look at the parkway, lots of activity and i am tracking what to expect as we get closer to the papal visit. pushing into the weekend. so our current temperatures right now on this first day of fall at 44 degrees in the poconos, 49 in allentown.
6:41 am
49 in pottstown. a mild start in philadelphia. that's one of the only spots, in the suburbs in the 40s and 50s. 63 in wildwood. 68 in atlantic city. today our highs will be above wafrnlg lot of sunshine. 74 degrees. 78 in quakertown. 80 in norristown. 79 in mount holly. along the shore we'll push into mid-70s for today. 79 in vineland and 80 degrees in drexel hill philadelphia swedesboro all above afternoon action your average for this time of year is 76. taking a closer looking, we're watching an area of low pressure off the carolina coast, it's going to move closer but the good news is right now all models suggest most of the showers are going to stay to the south of our area so.
6:42 am
for sunday we have a chance of showers south, stay cooler. it's 74 degrees. we're headed into what is an unprecedented traffic situation this coming weekend with the papal visit. hopefully things are calm on the roads. >> fingers crossed. let's check 42. jessica boyington is doing that. >> we're seeing it more quiet than normal but right now i am finding a double spot in new jersey. this is around the area. northbound you can see having more of a delay and problem in the southbound side because this is the heading to the center city area or going to 295. the drive time in tot sl okay. but this starts after this seen so it probably clears out of the way. if you look at the rest of the
6:43 am
majors around the philadelphia area, 95 southbound from wood haven to the vine street expressway. only 22 minute trip so far so we haven't seen a huge increase there. we're atting about five minutes. for mass transit no problem but the attorney dale line. >> it may be a sign of trufk for bill cosby. he may be shopping for a criminal defense lawyer.
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6:46. a look at eighth and market. the world meeting of families moves into the second day in center city. at the pennsylvania convention center, the faithful will gakter followed by sessions throughout
6:47 am
the day. starting at 10:30. then of course pope francis arrives on saturday. and he will have the festival of families saturday evening. several lucky children joined president obama to greet the pope when he first set foot on american soil yesterday. the vatican selected four students to be among the first the pope saw as he stepped off the plane. this greeted the holy father. one boy said he made sure he was ready for this special day. >> how did you spend the day preparing to meet the pope? >> dress. i dressed, make sure i fixed my collar. i took a bath last night and this morning too. >> and this morning too. when pressed all four of the children said they had butterflies before this once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the pope. when pope francis travels to new york and to philadelphia he will fly on an american airlines
6:48 am
jet. temporarily christened shepherd one. american says the jets the pope will fly on will be put in regular use after the papal visit. the nbc 10 app has everything you need to know to get ready for the visit. you'll find pictures and video from the pope's arrival in d.c., also you'll find a list of no parking areas, road closures and mass transit changes in philadelphia. 6:48. happening today, republican presidential candidate carly fiorina will file papers to get on south carolina's primary ballot. that primary is next february, the first in the south. the paperwork includes a pledge that the candidate will not run as a third party candidate in the general election in november. fiorina has seen an increase in her poll numbers. fellow republican candidate ben carson is trying to defuse comments over a remark he made. days after he said he could
6:49 am
never support a muslim for president he's had an apparent change of heart. >> i don't care what a person's religious beliefs are or what their religious heritage is, if they embrace american culture, if they embrace our constitution, and are willing to place that above their religious beliefs i have no problem with them. >> and carson has consistently placed among the top three republican contenders in polls since the first gop debate. >> penn state remembers a fallen state trooper who was ambushed along with his partner in the poconos last year. the university established a scholarship to honor corporal dickson. the goal is provide $2500 to criminology major each year, dickson graduated from penn state's program. he was killed outside the barracks last september. he left a wife and two children. trooper alex douglas was wounded. he is still recovering and
6:50 am
police arrested eric frein after a manhunt. frein has pleaded not guilty. 6:50. time to go to washington, d.c. now for a look at what's coming up on the "today" show. >> good morni ing to matt lauer. >> good morn, matt. this is philly. >> hey, good were mooing. i'm just hearing you now for the first time. coming up today, we're live as you can see from the white house, the south lawn and we're going to have complete coverage as the president rolls out the red carpet. thousands lining the streets of washington just to try to get a glimpse of this so called people's pope. we'll bring that live. savannah. actually i'll take it. also the tributes to yogi berra, pouring in this morning with the sad news of his death overnight. and is he feeling the pressure yet, we'll catch up with trevor noah as he prepares to take over
6:51 am
the daily show from jon stewart. right here on "today." sorry for the distraction. a lot going on. >> no worries. we understand. see you at 7:00. thanks, matt. good morning. it's the first day ofzl;í fall, temperatures today heading above average and will stay there into tomorrow. plus we have a cooler weekend on tap so temperatures hit the peak today and tomorrow, then start to drop into the weekend. i'm also tracking what else to expect for the papal forecast. it looks like we will see our showers staying to the south of us. i'll break that down for you. 49 degrees, a chilly start in allentown with sunshine, we're seeing a few clouds in atlantic city, 58 degrees. 60 in philadelphia and 44 in the poconos, 56 in mount holly, 58 degrees in wilmington, 62 in dover, glassboro close to 60 and 60 now in millville. our average for this time of year 76, yesterday on the final
6:52 am
day of summer, 75 degrees. now as we head into today, 80 degrees. we stay there into tomorrow. then we start to drop down in the 70s on friday. 77 degrees. we will keep dropping as we head into the weekend so it should be more comfortable out on saturday and sunday. our satellite/radar shot shows high pressure in control so we'll see lots of sunshine. then we have this weather disturbance here off the carolina coast, and we'll watch to see what happens with this system. the latest model suggests it is going to move a little to the north but not far enough to where it's going to create a lot of rainfall for us heading into saturday or sunday. in fact, looks like most of the rain's going to stay to the south of us, even as we go through sunday. so on saturday, temperatures 74 degrees, breezy conditions expected and cool for us. look likes we'll get an onshore flow there and then on sunday we'll see a few more clouds
6:53 am
moving in, slight chance of showers and that's going to stay to the south. so closer to 74 degrees. our temperatures will continue to climb into the 80s today, 80 degrees in philadelphia, 79 in millville, 77 in atlantic city, and a closer look at our temperatures. 78 to 81, mostly sunny and warmer. the seven-day forecast shows as we head into the rest of the week it stays warm above average before dropping into the weekend. >> 7 minutes before 7:00. let's get you out the door where you need to get, especially if you live in the center city or drive around the center city area. >> places you need to be and don't need to be. jessica boyington has a big old glob of yellow on the map. >> that glob of yellow means you cannot park your car for the papal parking restrictions. so they have had most of these restrictions in place the last few days and we just spread it off into the old city area. so pretty much from third street
6:54 am
on up toward where the pope and festivities will be in place. and additionally we are having more parking restrictions and streets added around 9:00 a.m. so don't be surprised by this. you have to pay attention to the signs in the area. that's your number one job you have today. your car will be towed if you don't. as for the schuylkill expressway, westbound at city avenue, slow going, 19 minutes from the vine street expressway to the blue route. >> pope francis is waking up in the nation's capital and that's where we sent nbc 10's matt delucia. what's the atmosphere like in d.c.? >> reporter: chris, it's feeling more and more like the pope is here and is going to say good things to the folks who came to see him. you saw matt lauer's live shot. a lot of excitement at the white house. we'll run down what's happening today.
6:55 am
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university of delaware police thought they had a hate crime on their hands. three apparent nooses over a tree limb. word just in from the president. not nooses but remnants of paper lanterns from an event over by mitchell hall behind me. live in newark, jesse gary, "nbc 10 news". the pope is here and the first stop will be at the white house. check out this video. crowds lining up by the security fences trying to get a glimpse of pope francis. a lot of them were up before dawn. a lot of excitement here and a busy couple dafs after the white house visit the pope will hold a private mass with catholic bishops and a public mass. a ticketed event there.
6:59 am
and tomorrow, the pope will be talking to both chambers of congress, i've started talking with our local leaders and interesting comments there so join us for our coverage continuing tomorrow morning. live in washington, i'm matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." jessica boyington with your traffic. the most important thing for now the pope closures. spring garden street closed between pennsylvania avenue and kelly drive. kelly drive closed between fair mount avenue and the art museum circle. it's not affecting our drive times yet. we're okay for our majors in to center city. >> the forecast show as warm start to fall, 80 degrees today, tomorrow we start to drop down, heading into the rest of the work week and the weekend for the papal visit. we're watching the chance of a few showers that's going to stay south. >> keeping the rain out of the area for the the papal event.
7:00 am
your mission is accomplished. today show is next. we'll be back with a local update in a few minutes. good morning. he's here. pope francis waking up in the u.s. for the first time this morning after being greeted by the president, the vice president and an adoring crowd at andrews air force base. he was whisked away in a tiny fiat dwarfed by the secret service vehicles surrounding him. in jus a couple of hours, he'll arrive at the white house and offer his first words to an american public anxious to hear from him. we're joining him on his journey live from the south lawn today, wednesday, september 23rd, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news this is a special edition of "today," pope francis in america, with


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