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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 24, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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>> after a -- a jubilant day in d.c. greeting people, pope francis is preparing to faces politicians. he will deliver the first ever agree dress to congress. get ready for more road closures later today brice garnett we have everything you need to know about that and a live look outside from one of our cameras in center city, looking towards the ben franklin parkway there brice garnett where a million people will gather this week brice garnett we are looking at another warm day today brice garnett we are
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tracking a cooler change for the pope's visit this weekend brice garnett we begin with meteorologist brittany shipp brice garnett. >> definitely on the cooler side brice garnett i definitely needed a jacket coming to work this morning. again, you will need it the morning, even though our temperatures say 66 degrees in philadelphia brice garnett it's only like 48 brice garnett 55 degrees in wilmington. temperatures in potts town brice garnett 48 degrees brice garnett 46 in clinton town brice garnett so this is a pretty cool start to the morning and parts of south jersey brice garnett 49 degrees in mill vai brice garnett 56 in dover brice garnett 56 if woodbone a. closer look at our city planner shows as we head into the next few hours by 9:00 a.m., 65 degrees. by noon 76 brice garnett it's going to be another warm day with lots of sunshine brice garnett i am tracking cooler changes brice garnett i'll let you know what's in store for your friday ap what's in store
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for the weekend. that's coming up brice garnett now, let's check in with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> brittany, word of police activity on the vine street expressway right around broad street. so i checked out our cameras here brice garnett we can see, police activity is a rolling police activity brice garnett right now we have no problems brice garnett can you see this is what we want to see on one of our majors especially early this morning brice garnett really no problems westbound or eastbound brice garnett still under a five-minute trip from the schuylkill to 95 brice garnett so no problems on the vine brice garnett as for the rest of our major, 95 into the center city area, we have a 14-minute trip t. blue route is doing just fine brice garnett area ridge, you have to get into philadelphia brice garnett so far for the morning, we have po problems the bend and the burlington bristol brice garnett chris. >> it is day two for the pope in america brice garnett day two-and-a-half brice garnett today you will be addressing congress before he heads to new
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york city brice garnett nbc is live in our nation's capital with a preview of today's events brice garnett matt. >> chris brice garnett it will be a history-making day yet again this time when he addresses the congress later on this morning brice garnett a great number of people if lean right now here in the nation's capitol brice garnett these are folks waiting to get in line for security to get into the west lawn of the capitol because these folks will not be allowed pence brice garnett of course the pope will be addressing both the house and senate later on this morning brice garnett he is expected to arrive here at 9:15 brice garnett he will meet with house speaker john boehner brice garnett he will be greeted and will speak in english for about 20 to 30 minutes brice garnett then he will make an appearance out on the west front of the capitol, where he will wave
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here. some started arriving at 3:00. we are back in 30 minutes with that. we are live in washington. >> st. joe's this morning, students will watch the congressional address together a. watch party starts at 10:00 a.m. we are told a game of pope bingo is in the works for that party. let's run through the pope's stooul schedule. >> that address to congress is at 9:20 a. couple hours later, he will visit st. patrick's in washington. >> that itself the oldest parish. for this afternoon, pope francis will leave ought paint base andrews and expected at 6:55, he is giving the evening prayer at st. cathedral in new york city. last night an enthusiastic crowd
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welcomed the pope at the apostolic anunciar where he spent the night. now pope francis didn't disappoint the crowd either, of course, hugging people there, stopping to say hello before turn income for the night. ♪ and this was the scene earlier at the white house, rolling out the red carpet for the pope. he addressed 10,000 people. he spoke in english, touching on poverty and climate change. today's address to congress will also be in dplimpblt his mass tomorrow at madison square garden and on the parkway if philadelphia will be in spanish, the pope's native language, of course. and after leaving the white house, francis went on parade.
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a huge crowd there. he did stop a number of times, though, to kiss panes as you see there, waving and giving the crowd a thumb's up. we can expect something similar with each planned in philadelphia this weekend. you know a lot of us have taken pictures with those quote cardboard cutouts, you probably seen those, this is for real. pope francis has no problem with selfies. an nbc producer shot this yesterday in d.c.. the wasn't the only one either. you can check out the selfie on instagram. you will see plenty more there. the hope doesn't arrive in philadelphia for another 52 hours. we are counting it down. if you live or work downtown, there are more changes you need to know today. monique. >> reporter: hey, chris, throughout center city, you see signs posted like this, letting you know when you can no longer stop or park along what's called
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the secure perimeter. we will walk you through now the changes you will notice across the city today. if you purchased a yellow parking plaque et like the one you see here, your car must be moved by 10:00 tonight otherwise it will be towed. as you know, towing been along the ben franklin parkway close to it on sunday evening. you have the option of using one of six parking garages through monday morning. tonight only people who live or around logan circle will be security checks will begin also at 10:00. the francis festival grounds are beginning to take shape from city hall to the art museum. sound and camera checks for the concert will begin tonight. the next hour, we are working to bring you up to date on the public transportation changes that take place. along the ben franklin parkway, you see security barriers like
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this, they're going to be popping up along some of the major transportation routes around center city. we'll have that for you as well at 5:00. live for now along ben franklin parkway, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. if you are using public transit. suburban station on the regional rail line closed. the 15th street and city hall on the broad street line and the 15th street trolley stop. those will remain closed through the weekend to reopen on monday. we just gave you a lot of information there, we know. that here's an easy way to get a second look at i. our nbc 10 digital team put together a great guide of what's when and much more on the pope's visit on an nbc 10 app. it's a free download. if you don't have it, get it
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now. >> good morning, it is going to be a cool start as we come into this thursday, so for philadelphia, 60 degrees t. air is calm, our humidity is at 69%. we see comfort annual humidity levels as -- comfortable humidity levels. we saw temperatures in the '80s yesterday and their average this time of year senior 76. so we will definitely be above that average. it will drop closer to average as we head into friday. >> that will be the beginning of a cooling trend that will send us into the mid-70s and 74 will be the high today in the poconos, 81 in allentown, 81 in quakeer town, high 70s in doils town, 81 -- doyles town. ranging in the mid to high 70s for rehoboth beach and cape may. 81 in wilmington, 82 degrees in sweets borough and temperatures
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for philadelphia at 80 degrees. coming up, i'm talking about how long we will stay warm. your papal forecast looks like it's cooling down t. possibility of showers on sunday, staying to the south. i will go over all the details. i will show you what is the path. where we expect it to go. that's coming up in a bit. let's keep those showers to the south, brittany, for that papal mass on sunday. a lot of people want to know about that. it's ten minute after 4:00. we are getting a check on the roads. jessica boyington has her eye on 76. >> that's right. schuylkill and girard avenue, no real problems here. we can take a look at our drive time. 11 minutes only. headed westbound t. westbound lanes are if here where you will see headlights come through from the vine to the blue route. if you are headed eastbound, we do have the same drive time. maybe a touch longer, about a 12
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or 13 minute trip. still no problems right now on the skull schuylkill expressway. the pennsylvania turnpike moving along, all the roads are green. if you are headed westbound from group one to valley forge, check the mass transits as well. we currently have no problems or delays so far for the morning. when i come back in the next ten minutes, i'll go over some of those pope closures in preparations. chris. 11 minutes after 4:00. pope francis' visit to the u.s. has excited people from all over a diverse crowd lined washington, d.c. you will meet a couple in that crowd getting a glimpse of the pope. [ music playing ] and the queen of soul will be performing for the pope. she is not seeing respect. we know one sing she is singing. we will tell you about that spiritual gift is she says she
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will give him.
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>> 4:14. pope francis, of course, continues his visit to washington, d.c. here's his schedule. the holy father will address congress. everyone eager to hear what he says there. a few hours later, he will visit st. patricks the oldest parish and he will speak to people in poverty. then he leaves from joint base andrew, heads to new york city. at 6:45, he's fwifg the evening prayer on fifth avenue. the pope, of course, drew a large diverse crowd in our nation's capitol yesterday. people from all over the country and the world are there hoping to catch a glimpse of him.
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we found a new jersey couple who plans to follow him for the remainder of his u.s. tour to new york and on to philadelphia this weekend. >> it's a policeing to have him here in america and it's my first time to see a pope. so that's really, really god. i'm so excited and we love him. >> i am so happy. i'm so excited. god bless you pope and we love to see you more and more and more. >> more pope, they want more pope. >> that is his second time to see a pope. he also saw pope john paul, ii. although we are two days away from the papal visit here. people have had their eyes dplud to the events in washington. the students at st. joseph's university campus ministry could have been watching an eagle's gym as excited thai as they were yesterday. it was pope franciss a quarterback, of course. seeing him on the streets of walk so close to philadelphia, really built up suspense for
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this weekend. >> i think a lot of people are thrown off. >> i do plan on being on guard when the pope passes by, feeling like those students trying to get a high. >> meantime in reading, students at berks catholic high school learned interesting facts that the pope was once a nightclub bunser. a true story. ♪ it's time for a little respect at home ♪ ♪ baby >> and the queen of soul, of course, will perform for pope francis in philadelphia on saturday. she las a special gift for the holy father. aretha frank llin says she will serve him wither is mons by her father. she plans on sing amazing grace and one other song she won't reveal yet saying it will be a surprise for the pope.
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i can't wait to hear that. the world meeting of families, this is the event bringing the pope to philadelphia. it starts with a morning mass at 8:30. at 10:30 the first key note speaker will discuss human sexuality t. second note had the session entitled the family, a home for a wounded heart. now yesterday we caught up with catholic high schoolers from across the region. they were packing up food for people in west africa. now, they're out of school. they tell us they chose to be here a. global family is what one man from ghana calls this. 4:17. in other news now, a man is in very critical condition. we arrived at 67th and ogon
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avenue after a man was stabbed multiple times in the chest. they tell us the victim hit the suspect in the head with a 2 x 4. the suspect is also in the hospital in stable condition. we have new information this morning on a man shot and killed by police in wilmington yesterday. investigators say police were responding to calls about a man with a possible self inflicted gunshot wound when they arrived on the home on tulip street they found him in a wheelchair armed with a handgun. they say a quote departmental shooting ensued. they haven't elaborated on exactly what that means and haven't provided details. an investigation continues. good morning. taking a live look at center city on top of the aramark
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building. proceedsy conditions. ure main weather headlines are, cooler temperatures is what we're tracking for the papal visit heading into the weekend and then a chance of showers. but a look outside right now for philadelphia. 60 degrees, just a few clouds. the air is calm. the humidity is at a comfortable letter 50 degrees in allentown. a little warmer here in philadelphia. we have quite a spread. our krchs are a lot cooler. take a look at potts town at 48 degrees. 55 if wilmington 56 in dover. 55 if wildwood. a closer look at our temperature change map we are 9 degrees colder in atlantic city. it will be a cold start to the morning t. good. is, as we head into the
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afternoon, we once again head into friday we drop closer to average. >> that will set us up for a pe low average weekend only creating few clouds for us so that's great. we will watch this system off the coast of the carolinas. we'll see the system shift a little bit more to the north. it will bring us a bright chance of showers t. mid-els show this will stay to the south of us when we will see it saturday into sunday, an onshore flow will help our temperatures as well. you the notice the rain stays to the south. for saturday, 74 degrees, breezy, cold a chance of showers. temperatures stay at 74 degrees. as far as the day is concerned, we will be a little warmer, ranging between 78 and 81, sunny
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and nice. wind out of the northeast. 10 to 15 piles per hour. the seven-day forecast shows we will see more clouds as we head into tomorrow. our temperatures drop down into the mid-70s on saturday and sunday. >> all right. we'll take it, brittany. let's see what happens when you hit the roads this morning. we know there are a lot more closures going into effect center city. >> the main closures. we are starting to see overflow parts of the schuylkill
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approaching the expressway. so those areas have been impacted mlk drive as well. so different yourself extra time. you are going to need it. we only have so many alternates for you to get by the area. also, in effect yesterday morning, actually, the papal parking restriction, everything is shaded here in the yellow in the center city area is no parking. your car will be towed if it's in that area. additionally yesterday, they added several more no parking streets, which actually are evacuation routes in case of an emergency. you want to follow those posted signs in the area. some of them are little side streets. some are a little larger. spring garden street, some in lombard and stretching into university city. chris. >> one more reminder on that, for 2w40es purchathose who purc parking placard, have you to have those in the garages by 10:00 p.m. tonight. they say a picture is wore atmosphere thousand words.
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here's one. we will add some words to it. we will tell you more about the snapshot that a white house photographer captured during pope francis' visit with the first family whamplts is going on with bo the dog there? plus a fitting tribute. how new york city is honoring yankee legend yogi berra.
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>> 4:25 now. pope frin sis continues to live up to his reputation for being a beacon of hope for all living things, including dogs. the four legged members of the first family got to meet the pope. bo and sunny got a pet from pope
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fran sichlts this photo was taken in the blue room on the south lawn yesterday, pretty cool. >> the philly fanatic is joining the efforts to feed the hunger during the stop hunger now campaign. that's an event hosted by catholic relief services. those mills will be sent to orphans, widows and vulnerable youths in west africa. new york city gave a special tribute to one of baseball's most iconic and colorful players, the empire state building was lit up in yankee pinstripes last night a. memorial to the legendary yogi berra. we reported new york yankees legend yogi berra died tuesday night. the three-time mvp was a member of ten world series championship teams. he was elected to baseball's hall of fame in 1972. from baseball to high school final. our high school blitz game of the week is a tie right now. look at this. for the first time ever, this is
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the first time this has ever happened, south philly and central and mastbaum-kensington have tied. you have a little over four hours to fet those votes in. >> good morning, i'm first meters brittany shipp. cooler weather is in store for us as we head into the weekend. jessica. >> and brittany, we're looking live right now and the pa turnpike on 309. you can see everything is moving along. intundz doing just fine. not a car in sight. coming up, we'll have more updates for you on our philadelphia majors.
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be there. see you in philadelphia him. >> he road through the throngs of people along the streets of d.c. today he will be on the hill. we'll preview pope francis' big day in washington as he prepares to address the congress. will the good weather hold for when the pope arrives in philadelphia. here's a live look outside, a pretty nice breeze proceeding there. we're off to a rather cool start. 60 degrees. it will feel a little more like summer today, though. we are tracking changes ahead for the pope's visit this coming weekend. good morning, welcome to nbc news 10 today. i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson


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