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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  September 29, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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breaking news from overnight a college student attacked and robbed. we are live on the scene. >> headed to court. we'll tell you what to expect as the trial begins for the contractor who is charged in the building collapse that killed six people. >> and tracking showers and heavy rain, look at that, we're starting out warm and muggy. by this afternoon wet weather will move in. find your umbrella. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato and it is tuesday, or as we call it national coffee day here. meteorologist bill henley is standing by and bill, we haven't seen rain in a while. we could use a heavy dose on the way. >> this is the week we're going to get plenty of rainfall. this morning you don't need to worry about the rain gear now, but this afternoon you can see the first showers further to the west. the showers and possibly even a thunderstorm later today. but i think the heavy rainfall waits until tonight. this morning, we've got thick fog. it's warm, it's muggy. quarter mile visibility in the
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western chester county. mount holly and northeast philadelphia at quarter mile visibility. that's dense fog there. and light fog in the dover area. starting to ease in millville. these change every couple minutes. we're watching these through the morning. the showers holding off until this afternoon. by then the fog will be gone. you can see a little bit of light cloudiness in center city. some low clouds have moved in. moving out, 69 degrees at 7:00. 73 is the normal high temperature. we'll be warmer at 10:00. and the clouds take over as we go into the afternoon. 81 at 1:00, then later on, we'll see some wet weather. your neighborhood forecast, neighborhood by neighborhood, when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington is watching traffic on a tuesday morning. >> and bill, we have two accidents in montgomery county that popped in. upper hanover gravel pike and waters. watch out for those. over to new jersey we see light fog on the deptford area.
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five minute drive time. no problems from 55, headed to the walt whitman bridge. the bridges are okay as well. moving to cherry hill, there is construction here, route 38 east and westbound blocking a lane there right around haddonfield road. so lane restrictions in either direction. when i come back another check for mass transit. >> 5:32. following this breaking news, a temple university student attacked and robbed, now police are warning other students stay alert. nbc 10's katy zachry is live on the scene. tell us what happened. >> reporter: tracy, the victim in this assault is a female temple student and it's really jarring students who are waking up around this hour. i talked to a few. this is the street where police say it took place. the 1400 block of carlyle street, we're just about two
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blocks south of temple's campus. we are a block away from broad street, there are a lot of lights, it's well lit, there are security cameras, an emergency call box if you will, one of those blue call boxes you often see on college campuses. police are right now investigating what happened. they are in touch with temple university police. temple police sent an alert early this morning around 2:30 this morning to the entire campus asking students, telling them about what happened and saying they need to be careful, cautious of their surroundings. the information that we have, i got off the phone with temple police, they are offering limited information at this time, that a temple university female student was sexually assaulted and robbed on the 1400 block of carlyle street behind me. again, temple students waking up this morning pretty nervous to get this news and extra vigilant of surroundings. we'll stay on this. i callinged philadelphia police trying to get more information
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and i'll have an update in about 25 minutes. reporting live near temple campus, katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." 5:33. also happening the demolition contractor who is charged in that deadly market street building collapse from june 2013 is street go to trial today. jury selection is scheduled for griffin campbell charged with third-degree murder, reckless endangerment and aggravated assault. six died, more than a dozen hurt when a building under demolition at 22nd and market collapsed on the salvation army store. a lot of people inside. campbell hired the excavator operator. >> also happening we'll get an update now the pennsylvania budget battle is affecting school districts in philadelphia and the state. governor tom wolf as you know a democrat is at odds with the republican-led legislature over the budget. the state operated without a budget now since july 1.
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today wolf's auditor general will reveal the results of a study on how schools have been impacted by the delay in funding. this from the delaware bureau, a councilman kuling for an investigation into the deadly shooting of a man in a wheelchair. nbc 10 obtained this cell phone video last week, it shows a portion of the shooting that happened. we blurred the victim's face and froze the video to be sensitive to his family. but you can hear how the shooting unfolded here. jere jeremy mcdole is the man in the wheelchair. he was not obeying orders to put the weapon down. his family is asking why police opened fire. and new castle county council man jea street sent a letter that read in part the footage from the video is more horrific than from other jurisdictions
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where the department of justice found it necessary to intervene and investigate. this situation cries out for a fair, impartial and unbiased investigation. the delaware department of justice is already investigating the shooting. wilmington police chief told us last week that he believes the four officers involved in the shooting acted professionally. those officers are on paid leave during the investigation. the fbi director is promising more reliable information on police shootings of cliflianings. james comey said she urging all law enforcement agencies to collect the data to dispel rumors and encourage accountability. he announced the fbi will begin publishing information that details when police use force. the dalai lama under fire, this morning the controversial comments made about a possible female successor. palp b papelbon's punishment.
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>> 69 degrees, look closely, low cloudiness over center city but other areas are seeing dense fog. some rain on the way. 69 degrees at 5:37.
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5:39. a muggy start and we're watching for fog. you can see a little low cloudiness surrounding city hall and center city. the fogginess this morning is actually thicker in the suburbs. northeast philadelphia has fog. visibility down to a quarter mile there. 70 degrees, humidity up to 87%. it's going to be a muggy one. also quarter mile visibility for coats town and mount holly. wilmington is at 7 mile visibility. a half mile in dover. thick fog to start. the fog disappears, we're watching for showers and a slight chance of thunderstorms. more likely those will hold off
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until tonight. see heavier rain to the south. expect the heavy rain to move in during the evening hours and continue overnight and into tomorrow. we do have much-needed rain on the way. to start with dry. we warm into the upper 70s for fleetwood, bethlehem, camelback 74 degrees today. low 80s for bordentown, norristown, 83 for new hope, showers developing this afternoon. at the shore harder to find showers, mostly cloudy for cape may, avalon and rehobeth in the upper 70s. inland a better chance you need an umbrella later with temperatures back in the 80s. just like yesterday for thorndale, wilmington and woodstown. seven-day forecast when i'm back. >> it's 20 minutes till 6. let's see how the drive on the schuylkill expressway is shaping up. >> jessica boyington is watching that. >> nice to be back to normal on the schuylkill expressway with all lanes open. we're starting to see delays a
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little bit here around spring garden so these are the eastbound lanes here. headed toward the center city area. we still have a 13 minute drive time, it hasn't budged but this is a big spread. there may be pockets of volume in spots but from the blue route to the strin 13 minutes, hasn't budged. in the cleanup in philadelphia watch for that and the ben franklin parkway. kelly drive between fair mount and the art museum circle and cleanup on spring garden from pennsylvania avenue to kelly drive. mass transit, we don't have any problems. but watch outcóí for septa's w trenton line. we'll have more drive times in the philadelphia area. tracy. >> thanks. 5: 5:41. transportation to security we'll walk through the impact of the papal visit by the numbers. he hasn't decided whether to run but already he's got a pretty kb head start. the latest poll that gives vice president joe biden a new reason to enter the race for the white house.
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5:44 we have this new video from north carolina. look at this, a wall came crashing down onto a parking lot yesterday. thankfully no one was injured. but investigators say this is a result of four days of rain in north carolina, causing that retaining wall to collapse. city engineers say the wall stood for the past 40 years. they will rebuild it.
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>> more fallout in seattle. state officials suspend all activities for the business's parent company. ride the ducks seattle was ordered to immediately stop operations while safety regulators inspect its entire fleet and investigate all of its drivers. five people died after a duck boat hit a charter bus last week near seattle. ntsb investigators say the vehicle involved in that crash did not have an axle repair that was recommended in 2013. quarter to 6 now. president obama will meet with cuban president raul castro. this will be the second meeting between the two since they restored regs diplomatic relations. the two will discuss money matters. >> today in washington first lady michelle obama will be part of a panel on education for adolescent girls. actress charlize theron will join and focus on the fact that
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tens of millions of girls are not in school. the event is part of the first lady's let girls learn initiative. >> this morning the dalai lama is still at the mayo clinic after health concerns forced him to cancel his visit to philadelphia. he was scheduled to make appearances in colorado, utah and philly but doctors advise the 80-year-old to rest for the next several weeks. his website says he is at the mayo clinic for a medical evaluation. no other details were provided. some are focused on a recent remark that his successor should be attractive if she is a woman. he said that during a recent interview with the bbc. supporters say it was taken out of context, he met attractiveness from within. >> now that pope fran sills' visit is in the history books we're getting real numbers about the impact on the city and what it took to keep the masses of people safe. first off let's look at hotel rooms. the city did not sell out.
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90% occupancy is where it was at. less than 10,000 of the 11,200 available hotel rooms booked. there were empty seats on mass transit, 62946 for the weekend, now that's compared to 65,000 on an average work day. and from new jersey, nearly 52,000 commuters took patco to the event. mass transit wasn't the only way to get around. use of the city's bike sharing service indigo was doubled. saw a lot of these on the streets. 13,000 trips from friday to sunday compared to 6,000 on a normal weekend. tim furlong also took a bike for a spin as he tried to get out of the city. i took uber which reported lower numbers. let's talk about security. this has to be the biggest feather in the cap for the city and the planners on the weekend, everything was quiet, no major security events. 71 local, state and federal agencies were involved including
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6,000 national guard soldiers and 300 pieces of heavy equipment. how about this. more than 1,000 emergency personnel were brought in to treat the sick or wounded. in the end 423 cases treated at the 10 first aid stations, of those 129 people went to the hospital. philadelphia hospitals say they had lower than average volume at their emergency rooms. as for the attendance, a million people perhaps more for sunday's mass. we're still waiting on a final count from the city and organizers. >> here is a moment we remember. a philadelphia teen music to our ears, now enjoying new found fame after his performance in front of pope francis. ♪ 14-year-old bobby hill wowed the pontiff and the parkway crowd
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saturday night. now check this out. the kid is being recognized on the streets of new york. his choir director septembnt us these. we talked to a fellow member. >> were you nervous for him. >> i was, yeah. before he started to sing i sort of held my breath and especially to that very high note at the end like is he going to make it? i knew he was. ♪ >> of course he hit that note. he will be performing with the boys choir on thursday at abington presbyterian church. look at this. check this out. have you seen this. the pope wasn't the only one lifting spirits. this is a pennsylvania state trooper and a viewer took this video. the trooper was a crowd pleaser while everybody waited on the parkway. >> you can relive all of the memorable moments from the pope's weekend, see all of the performances that happened at the festival of families on our news app free for smart phones
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and tablets. 10 minutes before 6:00 and we've got a foggy start this morning but no rain. not yet. just some light fog and low clouds over center city in the process of thickening right now. as the humidity has ramped up to 93%. 69 degrees, should be cooler this time of year. another warm afternoon. fog in the pocono mountains will not last all day. it will be breaking but showers will help move it out. so rain is going to be with us. look at the humidity. 100% in dover, topping 90% in trenton, 100% for mount holly which has thick fog. coatesville, quarter mile visibility. not bad for most of the mountains but a few spots seeing thick fog. the dense fog continues for northeast philadelphia, mount holly and wrightstown. the rain, just to the west. this is moving in not only later
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today but the next several days. we have a good chance of seeing more rainfall, in part because of tropical storm joaquin. it's meandering barely a tropical storm at 40 miles an hour. it is out to sea right now but we could see some rainfall if, it's a big if, if it takes a turn to the north. we'll be watching joaquin closely. during the day you might see a hint of sunshine but as we go into the afternoon, warm, muggy and cloudy conditions and showers developing later today. expect lighter rainfall today which will allow our temperatures to move into the 80s. heavier rainfall overnight and into tomorrow. that will start to bring the temperatures down. it's a cooling trend that continues for thursday and friday. now, that rain later thursday and friday could come courtesy of joaquin. the storm expected to be offshore but we could see some rain coming in with winds that will be picking up but not to tropical storm strength. look at the weekend, a little warmer but a chance we'll get
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rainfall for saturday, sunday and monday. >> bill, thanks for that. eight minutes before 6:00. heading out the door let's check the roads. start with the blue route. >> jessica boyington has a look, seeing any of that fog on the blue route? >> we have good visibility here around germantown pike and not a lot of cars in the area. nice to get back to that right now. you can see no problems southbound, northbound lanes doing fine. we're going to head over to montgomery county, though, having a little bit of the fog covered areas. upper hanover watch for two accidents. mass transit, no problems so far for new jersey transit or putt co, 15 minute delays for septa's west trenton line. we'll check with new jersey and the construction going on. on too decision 2016. a new poll that could sway vice
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president joe biden's decision whether to run for president. an nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows if biden entered the race today he would be the most popular candidate, 40% have a positive impression, 28% have a negative impression. compare that to hillary clinton of 39% positive and 49% negative. hillary clinton is rolling out a new but familiar strategy in her effort to deathlete e-mail controversy that continues to plague her campaign. >> her husband bill clinton is getting more involved. the former president said most of the time in the background but he is eager to be more actively involved. this week he is to attend a series of fund-raisers and events. >> on the republican side donald trump released his plan for lowering taxes but critics say it's too good to be true. trump wants to cut taxes across the board including eliminating income tax for people who make
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less than $25,000 a year. it calls for reducing or omitting deductions and loopholes for wealthy americans and corporations. critics say it's too expensive and would benefit the rich. >> it will provide major tax relief for middle income and most other americans. it will grow the american economy. at a level that it hasn't seen for decades. >> although trump said the wealthiest earners would not be thrilled with his plan, he says he believes they would still benefit has the economy grows. here is something that will make do you a double take. look at this picture. that's what people saw, look at that, upside-down hot air balloon. more than meets the eye.
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all right. put your cheerios down and look at this new video. how would you like to be in the basket of this hot air balloon? hang on. a lot of people were shocked when they saw this over las vegas on friday. look again, there is a small
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basket at the bottom of the balloon. i should have pointed that out sooner. there you go. the police department says it received a lot of calls from people worried who might be in the balloon but the company who owns the balloon says everything is fine. this was just the first time they had flown it in the u.s. that's why people were surprised. >> we have video this morning of a violent collision in baseball. if you don't want to see it now is when you should look away. it happened in pittsburgh last night. peter and steven of the cardinals right there, ran into each other. piscotty got kneed in the face. you see he knew something was wrong. piscotty didwave to the crowd as he was carted off. the cardinals say tests were negative. he suffered a bruise to his head. >> bruises here, jonathan papelbon, his season is done. the nationals reliever throttled his teammate in the dugout over
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the weekend. the nats had given a four-game suspension for throwing at a batter. washington fans have now started a fund to have pat kicked off the team. i don't know how that works how the fund results in him getting kicked off. >> i don't blame pap for yelling but i learned playing you never physically challenge the guy that's the franchise player. >> he's got a bubble of protection. >> thank you. you're watching "nbc 10 news." "nbc 10 news today" at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. we're following breaking news from overnight. a temple student is sexually assaulted near campus. we're live at the scene with the details. >> take it slow on the roads, you might run into fog as you make your way to work. it is just about 6:00 a.m. good morning.
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this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. i ran into that fog coming in. let's get to bill henley. welcome back, we've got fog and maybe rain. >> no rain this morning but the fog in burlington county among the thickest. western chester, coats zril, quarter mile visibility, down to zero visibility. northeast philadelphia, trenton and now starting to ease in mount holly. it was probably the gust of wind following vai's moving through there that is helping to ease that fog. don't have rain now but the showers are not far away. they will be moving in. the clouds and fogginess. this is looking toward center city. not much wind. that's one of the ingredients for fog. we've got it this morning. 71 degrees. cloudy, breaks in the clouds at 11:00, possible 77 degrees, that will lead to temperatures in the 80s and as weo


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