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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  September 30, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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more rain is on the way. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. the first alert forecast with bill henley. hi, bill. >> good morning. the issue is rain over the last 24 hours for much of the area, but this morning we're seeing drying conditions right now. clouds still with us over center city. the warm temperatures, we've still got them. 76 right now. look at the humidity, 91%. as far as the showers are concerned, the heavy rainfall, there it goes off to the northeast. that being said. there's still some showers especially in new jersey. seeing a few raindrops and into camden county as well. but mainly quiet in the philadelphia area. you might see a sprinkle or two in delaware county and some spotty showers will be with us during the day. the temperature, wi should be in the low 50s right now. this time of year, it should be much cooler.
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but we're at 76 degrees. 73 in roxborough, northeast philadelphia. 76. a warm muggy cloudy but mainly dry start for philadelphia. showers likely to pop up this afternoon as the temps climb a little bit. 79 degrees later today. 77 by 2:00 this afternoon. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood and have the latest on tropical storm joaquin. updated information since you woke up. vial that one back in 10 minutes. katy zachry is following your first alert. katy. >> there was a disabled vehicle right before you hit the girard accident. you see traffic is moving fine now. there's not a lot of backup. though because of the slick roadways and the rain that moved in as bill said, we're seeing a slight delay southbound if you're headed between woodhaven and the vine street roadway. moving west now, flooding has
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been cleared. the last ten minutes i told you about flooding and there was a lane restriction on 202 northbound. in the last few minutes as soon as i got back to my desk i saw that had since cleared. the roadway between route 55 and the walt whitman bridge, it's only taking you five minutes the same for that stretch. vai? >> thank you, katy. we're following philadelphia news in the frankford section. police are looking for two men who broke into a house full of people. nbc 10's matt delucia has the details. matt? >> reporter: police have the details. fortunately no one was injured. here's what happen aid cording to the philadelphia police in the 1300 block of cellar street.
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they broke in through some glass. a 51-year-old man was sleeping at the time. they tied him up with electrical cord and went through the house. they took $200, a tv, and a playstation. while all this was happening the man's wife and 10-year-old grandson they were hiding in the bedroom. again, no one was injured in all of this, but the men are believed to be wearing all dark clothing. they had masks on at the time. the suspects are believed to be in their 30s and 40s. there were several cameras in the area, so police are reviewing all of that right now. if you know anything, you're asked to call police right away. one final juror. that's what they need today. he faces third degree murder charges for the collapse of a brick wall in june of 2013. that wall fell onto a salvation
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army thrift store at 27 2 2nd and market killing six people and in injured dozens. campbell's construction team was charged with carrying out the demolition. sean benschop pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and causing a catastrophe. he faces up to 20 years in prison when he's sentenced next month squloo meanwhile a man accused of shooting and wounding a police officer heads to court. dell burt is charged with murder. he shot an officer in a standoff at an apartment complex in late augu august. and there will be a summit this morning. it's to address violence and crime. they'll discuss ways to improve
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community deps and trust in police and look at how departments investigate police misconduct. it's 6:05. tropical storm joaquin, we don't just know what the effects will be just yet on this region but the storm has the attention of several shore communities. emergency responders still remember the damage caused by hurricane sandy less than three years ago. local officials are moving equipment into place and they could activate the emergency operation center later this week. meantime bellemare also racing to restore a system to pump water out of lake como. that's because of the runoff. if the lake is already full t water could flood homes. they're shoring up sand dunes to keep tidal damage to a minimum. >> what else do we know? >> it's really going nowhere for the next 36 hours to 48 hours.
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it's going to stay far to the south. hurricane warnings are in effect. it's as we go into the weekend. that's when it's expected to make its move. there's still a lot of uncertainty. in fact, the computer model that so accurately forecast it takes it completely out to sea. but other models strongly disagree with that. that's a look at tropical storm joaquin. a much stronger storm than what we had yesterday. this time yesterday the winds were at 45 miles an hour, but this morning the winds are at 70 miles an hour and it's barely moving along at 6 miles an hour. not a lot of movement. as we head into the weekend, it's a different story. it's a live view from center city from the adventure aquarium. clouds overhead. the heb rain for our area. it's still warm and muggy. 85% humidity and a few scattered showers, not related to joaquin at all.
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this is the same system that brought us rain overnight. this is much lighter tircht this is what we're going the see during the day. you can see a few scattered showers moving through virginia. those will pop up. for today, neighborhood by neighborhood, if you want to carry an umbrella, you might want to. certainly not an all-day rainfall. 70s for quakertown. mt. holly at the show. upper 70s for cape may. dover. spotty showers. a chance of light afternoon showers. 74 in west chester. upper 70s. nar berth will hit 76. we've got your seven-day forecast and a closer look at the forecast packet for tropical storm joaquin which will likely become a hurricane. that's when i'm back in ten minutes. >> all right. thank you, bill. we'll see you then. katy zachry is in the first
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alert camera center. she's got her eyes on new jersey. >> route 38 in morristown. if you look behind me, you can see this. it's pretty indicative of what we're seeing throughout new jersey. as bill said, some of the rain still moving through, some of the scattered showers. you can see there are slick roadways out there. but traffic is moving at a pretty good clip. just proceed with caution. this is one of those morning you'll not want to be late moving out the door. traffic is moving slowly. cautiously. highway overview. 295 the turnpike. the 42 turnpike. everything is running smooth ly. moving into pennsylvania, we're seeing a slow-up southbound. it's going to take you about 21 minutes to go that stretch. the average speed in the 30s
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right there. it's pretty typical this time of morning. 76 eastbound, things are looking good between the vine or vice versa. 14 minutes to go. the blue route rout has been looking good all morning. tracy. >> thanks. we have less than 18 hours until the u.s. government could shut down. can lawmakers come together in time to avert a financial crisis. we'll tell you what needs to happen to keep a government going. and it's fast, electric, and futuristic. the new tesla is revealed and has the unique feature that just might make you say, wow, that is awesome. we'll show it to you next.
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the budget plan is now approaching one of the longest budget impasses that we've seen in the last 15 years and local schools are being affect by lack of much needed funding. >> there is real pain, i understand, and the longer this impasse goes there's real pain for a lot of schools and agencies and organizations throughout the state. but we need to get it right. >> governor tom wolf vetoed a stopgap plan yesterday. wolf says the state need as long-term solution, not a short-term fix. and it looks like lawmakers have what it takes to avoid a government shutdown today. they're expected to vote on a temporary funding bill to keep the government running past midnight. if approved it would add $13 billion for defense and more for fire. meantime they're pushing for a
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long-term deal through 2017. >> so next year we could have a regular appropriations process. >> i think everyone is relieved we're keeping the government open. >> despite the stopgap deal, they're fighting. >> you're looking at a video where they're pushing for an arrest. it's been two months since a street racing crash killed three young people. felipe, rhodes, and gonzalez were killed in the crash. a fourth victim remains in the hospital. family members are calling for justice. >> every time i see racing and stuff like, that it's messed up. people need to be more careful. >> surveillance video from moments from before the crash in june shows a driver racing another car at triple the speed limit along the industrial road in bustleton. the second car never even stopped. the car from the crashed car walked away from the scene.
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essentially a hit-and-run in the minds of family members. >> leaders in cam ben will lease a plan. the superintendent will release the plan later this morning. the plan is based on feedback gathered duringj# meetings ove the summer with hundreds of parents, teachers, students, and citizens. >> the electric carmaker teslla has shifted gears. it's released its new model "x." it will cost about $142,000. tesla's smallest sedan, the model "s" goes for around $80,000 to $90,000. the falcon doors open upward. >> look at that. that is futuristic. it's 6:15. let's check your traffic. >> katy zachry is sitting in for us today. hi, katy. >> good morning.
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so things are running pretty smoothly on i- 5. there is some of the typical slowup we see this time of morning coupled with roadways. no accident, fingers crossed. so your drive times are about -- well, they're typical of what we see. between wood harch and the vine, it will taken 20 minutes. your average speed as you get up to ail guinea and girard, you see this. 76 drivetime, if you're headed eastbound from the blue route into the vine, you notice a merge. there is some backup there. but stay with it as you head closer into center city. it lessens out. lit take you about 17 minutes to go from the blue to the vine. be aware of rain that moves
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through. i want to call your attention if you're headed on 202 northbound. it's flooding. that is the last word we gone gott between route 30 and 401. it may creep up. be aware of that if you're headed on 202 this morning. >> 17 minutes after 6:00. headling out, the heavy rainfall we had overnight. that's done, but there's still scattered showers and plenty of clouds. still raining in the pocono mountains. 68. trenton and wilmington. there you can see a damp view. we geefrt the light on this morning. the rain is going to taper off in the mountains. still scattered showers. not at a lot of rainfall. not compares to what we had yoef night. you can see it lining up south.
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those will be here this afternoon. big uncertainty is where joaquin is going. the next couple of days, this tropical storm may very well strengthen into a hurricane. in fact, that's the forecast. it's also to stay here. the bahamas through the end of the workweek. this storm is on the move. and early sunday morning at 2:00 it is off the south carolina coast but heading to the north and the official national hurricane center track takes it closer to our area early monday morning with 90-mile-an-hour winds. the possibility of this one sending rain into the area at that time is the current forecast. but there are indications that this storm subpoeystem may chans path again. as we go into the weekend these computer models brings to the
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weekend. wheel be taking a close look and keeping a close look at joaquin as he makes his moves over the next few days. for today, if you're moving out the door, you may want to graduate an umbrella. a warm and muggy one. not as hot as yesterday. cooler weather to come tomorrow. scattered showers. 59 degrees the high temperature. then as we go through the day on friday, the wind and the rainfall will be on the increase. some heavy rainfall coming through friday night and saturday. saturday will be warmer, but the winds will be gusting saturday and the rain will be coming down into sunday. there's still a possibility of showers on monday finally drying out on tuesday. >> a police department in burlington county will be going pink. starting tomorrow they'll wear pink patches and pink hats and
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logos. the police chief who lost his mother to breast cancer wants to bring the importance of early detection. well, lieu is 141 years and her age is beginning to show. she need as make joer. we'll tell you how you can help. secret meeting. the kentucky clerk says she had a meeting with the holy father. we'll tell you what she says the pope said to her.
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authorities are calling for change after a student who took a realistic toy gun to school will not face felony charges. a 15-year-old took an airsoft gun into chester high school yesterday. officers swarmed the school and put the building on lockdown until they realized the gun wasn't real. they charged the 15-year-old with a mice demeanor.
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a fired up police commissioner said it should be a felony. >> this is a horrendous message to send to this community that you can do what you damn well please and if it looks like a toy, you can pull it out. >> we need to look at that law and say maybe it should be a felony of a thirty degreed instead of a misdemeanor crime if you're going to bring a gun to school. uf. >> they say the teen is lucky they didn't shoot and kill him. the six-story landmark in margate is showing signs of age. repairs began a few days ago, but organizers say they still need to raise $35,000 to cover the cost. they're selling lucy the elephant t-shirts to help make a accident.
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and good morning. i'm katy zachry. take a look. slick roads as a result of the heavy rains that moved through earlier. if you're headed into inner city philadelphia, you're going to go "your speeds are going to be in the 30s and 40s. bill, can we expect more rain in our future? >> the heavy rain has moved off to the northeast. so a scattered shower at time this afternoon and still warm and muggy conditions. but over the next couple of days, the temperatures will be changing considerably and the rain is likely to intensify as we head into the weekend. >> all right. thank you, bill. we're following breaking news in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood. the search is on for two criminals who terrorized a family overnight. we'll get the latest on that investigation coming up in three minutes.
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in breaking news, home invasion robbery strikes fear and how a woman protected her grandson. heavy rain brings down a tree in montgomery county and causing some ponding on the roads. and here's a live look at the first alert radar. the heavy rain is gone, but scattered showers will remain for most of the day. we'll get your first alert forecast hour by hour. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. it's 43 degrees outside. let's check in with bill henley. bill? >> we still have some showers in the philadelphia area. south river, getting a few light
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rain showers moving through philadelphia. it won't be an all-day rain but it's going to be muggy all day long. our temperatures are in the 70s. this time of year we should be seeing low 50s. unusually warm and muggy at 73 degrees. we'll warm into tupper 70s in roxborough. already 76 in northeast philadelphia. clouds and occasional showers and temperatures that will be holdi holding steady for much of the morning. when i come back in ten minutes, the latest on tropical storm joaquin and what impact it could have on our area. right now katy zachry has your first alert traffic. katy. >> i just got word there is flooding and we'll have details for how to get around it. earlier this morning there was flooding on 95 northbound. fortunately there's no flooding on 95. it's looking pretty good other than residual slick roadways and
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the typical morning rush. your drive times if you're going southbound, about 30 minutes. that number has been creeping up over the last few minutes. your average speed for that stretch is in the 20s. be 'ware of that. 76 drive time. you're seeing slow spots eastbound between the blue route and vine street expressway. your area bridges are clear. i do have them in the yellow because procedure with caution as many of -- some stretches of bridges are slick after the overnight rain that moved through. and moving into new jersey, 295 the turnpike and the 42 freeway all looking good. proceed with caution. you might see slick spots. >> we've been following this breaking news overnight. masked men broke in and terrorized a family inside. nbc 10's chris cato is inside our digital center. chris, walk us through this story. >> katy, this story is something
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that matt had information on. he passed on this information to me. it was a terrorizing moment for the family inside this hoemt. here's what happening on sellers street. police say two men wearing ski masks broke into the home, tied up the man, took a television with them. we're not sure what else they were taking. they're not telling us what they're going after. there were other members including children at home at the time. here's how they avoided being injured. listen to chief inspector scott small. >> the wife and grandson were in another bedroom hiding under the bed. they don't know if the perpetrators knew they were in the house, but the perpetrators never touched the grandmother or the son. they only touch and tied up the
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51-year-old grand fore. >> the police chief said there are a lot of homes in the area with security cameras and they'll look to see if it captured footage. we'll keep you posted if there are any arrests. live in our digital operations center, chris cato, "nbc 10 news." the man wanted for sexually assaulting a campus student still on the run. it happened near carlisle street near master. the stay tuned told police the man approached her from behind, hit her in the arm with a hand gun before pushing her up against the wall and sexually assaulting her. she immediately alerted the system. they urged everyone to stay alert. >> probably have somebody's boyfriend, friend, walk me around because i walk here at night all the time to go to my friend's house. never thought anything could happen around here.
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it's a quiet town. lit up. it does offer students who walk off campus from 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. temple police are looking at surveillance footage that may have captured the man involved. we have new numbers showing how the pope's visit impacts philadelphia's kml economy. it turns out the city got less than half of the customers they get on a typical weekend. according to the businesses. retail and clothing stores saw only 21% of a normal weekend's business. the restaurants didn't do much better. only 45% of a normal weekend's number of customers. hotels seemed to fair a little bit better with an 88% occupancy rate. that's the same as a typical weekend. and it's been three days since pope francis left. all are open with one exception. >> the inner lanes ofthe ben franklin parkway. but they'll reopen tonight.
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meanwhile a new petition is asking for more closures of center city soon. a group has created a petition online. it's asking the city to hold three open streets next summer with flo no drivers allowed. it allowed for freedom of people to walk in the roadways and bicycles. it now has support from local decision makers. 1y506:35. big rain overnight. tracking showers overnight and there's more rain to come, especially as we head toward the weekend. we're tracking and watch wag keen. a strong topical storm that will likely become a hurricane. rain in allentown. not as heavy as it was earlier. 73 degrees. clouds over northeast philadelphia and atlantic city in the 70s this morning. a really warm cloudy start as
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you can see by this live view from the comcast center in center city. we'll see occasional showers but heavier rain could come our way this weekend as a result of tropical storm joaquin. a tropical storm now with winds of 70 mile an hour. likely to strengthen. but also likely to stay put over the next couple of days affecting the central bahamas. hurricane warnings are in effect. that happens early saturday morning as a category two hurricane based on the latest forecast track from the national hurricane center. it has it off the carolina coast early sunday morning and then moving farther to the north potentially impacting our area come monday morning and into tuesday we could see some wet weather in the area. that's monday morning at 2:00. this will get the attention of people making preparations. but there are indications that it could move inland sooner than that. there's still a lot of uncertainty in the track.
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with we're watching joaquin very closely and watching the radar today. you see scattered showers. light showers in south jersey. the heavier rain has moved off to the northeast. that's what you could expect for this afternoon. it's going to be another warm muggy day. low 70s for bethlehem, fleetwood, and morgantown. 78 degrees. 76 for new hope. upper 70s from rehoboth to vent never city. wilmington, 76. scattered showers today but heavier rain in the forecast for this weekend. we get the seven-day when i'm back in town. 6:37 this wednesday morning. it looks like we may have flooding. you want to take a look at south
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jersey and 42. >> nbc 10's traffic katy zachry has more before she heads out. what are you seeing? >> there is flooding here. be alert for that. moving north as you head into center city, if you're taking the 42 freeway between route 55 and the walt whitman bridge, things are looking good despite some of the showers. it will take you five minutes to go. your bridges are looking good. everything is looking good. proceed with caution because some of those bring surfaces could be slippery. a live look onto some of the interstates in pennsylvania. 76 at city ave moving along quite well. that is slowing you down as well as some slick spots along 76. 95 as well. once you're in center city, some
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of the cleanup still in play. we do have some road closures still. those lanes are closed. expected to reopen later today and then kelly drive between fairmont avenue and the art museum circle, that small stretch does get busy at this period of time. still closed to traffic. overnight georgia executed a female prisoner. we'll walk you through that that, plus her final moments. >> it was like hugging a mom or family member. instant connection. >> the decades in the making. the reunion between a nurse and former patient that will tug at your heartstrings and might just bring you to tears.
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gloucester county are comparing reports in surveillance video trying to solve a robbery spree. a smashed glass door at a dunkin' donuts and a crook who got inside. when they couldn't get cash, they tried again at another. >> anyone who sees this video f they can help to identify these suspects, they're not going to stop until they're caught. >> getters say they're the same robbers who hit three dunkin' donuts in and around gloucester township september 10th. some men have been caught taking pictures of a high school. the video show as man in the dark car right there using a cell phone to take pictures in front of the school and then ten minutes later with two people
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circles in back while someone else in front takes more pictures. police want you to call if you fwhoe took these pictures or if you see it again. in georgia, kelly gissendaner was executed. she plotted with her lover to kill her husband in 1997. she sang "amazing grace" during her final moments until she was given a lethal injection. you may recall the pope's urge when he visited the u.s. to spare her life. and the county clerk in kentucky who refused to issue marriage licenses says she had a secret meeting with pope francis. she claims she and her husband had a meeting. davis claims the pope parade
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with her, gave her two rosaries, and told her to stay strong. nbc 10 could not confirm it with the vatican. man faces life for killing a 2-year-old son of vikings' adrian peterson. prosecutors say he murdered peel peters peterson's sohn when he was alo alone. officer william porter shown here at the top right of your screen will be in court november 30th to face charges. all six officers will be tried separately. gray died in april a week after sustaining injuries while in the back of a baltimore police van. more backlash. officers arrested three women for allegedly vandalizing a sign outside dr. walter palmer's
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officers. the women wrote insults on the sign. police released surveillance video showing a colorado man trying to light a bank on fire. they think he used a jar of gasoline inside a drop-off box. police say the suspect was likely burned after the massive fire ball exploded in his face. investigators don't have much of a suspect description because he was fully covered. however, there are some key things they're looking for. today we will learn if a nascar superstar will announce his retirement tony stewart is scheduled to speak in north carolina this afternoon. reports have circulated he'll retire after the 2016 season. stewart is a three-time sprint cup champion. also he was involved in a sprint car accident last year that killed a fellow driver. check out this. look at this video. honeybees swarmed a police
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cruiser parked along the highway in oklahoma after a truck carrying the bees crashed. thousands of bees trapped the sheriff's deputy in his car. he recorded it with his cell phone. it tomb several hotook several take care of the bees. this girl was treated at birth after rolling offer a couch onto a hot steam humidifier. she posted a picture of the nurse who treated her on facebook. the nurse contact aid maanda. >> it was like hugging a mom or a family member. instant connection. >> nurse sue berger says after three decades she's never forgotten about amanda. very nice connection with social
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media. let's look ahead at what's happening on the "today" show. >> we get a preview from matt lauer and savannah g guthrie. >> hey, guys. >> more trouble with roy key. where is this storm headed? we'll have answers. also serious injuries, even deaths of players leave some high schools to actually do away with the sport. then, why some of the popular supplement use're taking may not only be a waste of your time but be harmful to your health. back to you guys. >> all right. we'll see you in about 12 minutes or so. >> you've got it. heavy rainfall overnight but it's take break, the heavy rain that is. right now rain is falling in
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allentown, 73 degrees. light showers there on northeast philadelphia in millsville in the 70s when this time of year we should be seeing readings in the 50s. low 50s at that. clouds are in place over the city. don't need your sunglasses but at times an oomz umbrella will be handy. there are scattered showers and more to the southwest. you can see them in the carolinas. not all that impressive but we'll see a few rain drops later today. the futurecast shows showers on and off and tomorrow morning we'll start with clouds. showers to the south and a chance of scattered showers during the day on friday. some showers on the shore early in the morning and cloudy skies in the later morning hours and here comes the heavier rain later friday afternoon and the rain will be moving inland. we could be seeing inches of rain as we head into the weekend. that's friday evening with more rain to come for saturday and
6:50 am
sunday and some of it may be coming from that storm. that is tropical storm joaquin. you just heard the folks from the "today" show say expect it to become a hurricane later today. at this time yesterday, 45-mile-an-hour winds. now 75-mile-an-hour winds. it's not moving all that fast. over the next couple of days it's expected to stay in this region. but then as we go into the weekend, it will be on the move by early saturday morning. a category 2 storm heading to the north. the official hurricane track keeps it offshofrmt that's early sunday morning. now, there's still a lot of uncertainty. there's some strong indications that this one will come inland, but the official hurricane trackite now takes it closer to our area. still offshore early monday morning. for today, we'll be tracking some occasional showers and warm muggy conditions.
6:51 am
temperatures in the 70s but that changes tomorrow. 50s with scattered showers for thursday. then the heavier rain will come friday night into saturday. wet and windy conditions for the weekend foie keen does get closer to the area. we're finally drying out tuesday. >> all right, bill, thanks. it's nine minutes before 7:00. still can be found on the roads in some places. flooding and ponding. >> katy zachry is going to help you navigate around the county. hi, katy. >> we're foul cussing on the city. we're seeing flooding and lane closures on route 30 right at the intersection of route 50. you can take duer street around that immediate flooding area. moving now into pennsylvania, looking at the majors, a shot of
6:52 am
95 right at caster avenue. look at all this. yes, it is that parking lot we steppicly see at 6:52 in the morning. this is pretty typical. a lot of the roadways we saw earlier this morning, much of it has dissipated. it's like christmas on the map. you're seeing drive times about about 35 minutes. you're free and clear of any problems there as you typically are. moving along 76, a lot of red on the map. unfortunately you're going to see that from where you merge on the 76. as you head eastbound into center city, it will take you 30 minutes. vai? >> thank you. we're following braking news in a philadelphia area. police say two masked men stormed a home and robbed them. in three minutes we'll tell you how a grandmother protected her grandson.
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chris cato inside our news center. this morning two masked men broke into their home, ransacked the place, tied up the homeowner. this is where it happened. this is on sellers street. this is in frankford, pennsylvania. two men came nrk tied up the man. we don't know if they had guns a that point, but they forced the man into a chair, tied him up, then they ransacked the house. police told us the guys got away with a television. wi don't know if that's what they took or anything else. but they took a television. here's the thing. the man's wife and small grandchild were both at home.
6:57 am
they hid under a bed and weren't hurt. that is the one bit of positive news. the 51-year-old man who was tied up did suffer minor injuries. police are investigating this closely. they have not caught the guys. do have hope because of surveillance cameras in the neighborhood. we'll let you know if anything develops. chris cato, nbc 10 mus. good morning. at 6:57, if you're headed out the door, there is flooding on our roadways. we're going to start off specifically in egg harbor city. the white horse pike in both directions has closures. you can take duer street. moving in, a live look at the schuylkill expressway. we're seeing some increased traffic. your drive times, well, they
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show it. take a look at this. 95, that's the worst of it this morning. sn between woodhaven and the vine, that's going to take 35 minutes. eastbound, that's going to take you about a half hour. 476, that's been the is stretch throughout the morning. despite the rain and flooding we had throughout the area, 47 f has remained free and clear of any issues. taking a look at our area bridges, all free and clear of any problems. i do have it in yellow because many of those bridge surfaces can be slick after the overnight rain that rolled through. just before we've got cloudy skies over the city and still some showers in the area, but light showers this morning. we'll be cloudy through the day, so forget about the sunglasses. but umbrellas will be going up at times. 76 degrees. a few light showers. look at the humidity. we're warmer than yesterday.
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should be in the low 50s this time of year. scattered light showers. the heavy rain we've had overnight is off to the northeast. it's on and off light showers and into tonight as well. 76 to start with. south philadelphia, 72, wheel see the temperatures hold pretty steady. by 11:00, 77. not much warmer at 2:00 when we're likely to see more scattered showers in the area. in the next few days, expect to see some changes in the packet of tropical storm joaquin. in fact, it's expected to be a it already has 70-mile-an-hour winds. that could have an impact in our weekend with some heavy rainfall later friday, saturday, and sunday. but there's a lot of uncertainty in this past. you'll be watching that storm
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system closely over the next few days. >> thank you. we'll have an update in the next 25 minutes. >> you can always get news updates especially as we track joaquin with our apps. good morning. super soaker. tens of millions facing a messy commute with heavy rains that will last for days. a passageway at university of virginia turning into a river as joaquin gains strength in the caribbean and is expected to become a hurricane today. secret meeting? the controversial kentucky woman jailed for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses now claiming she met with pope francis during his visit to washington. this morning his message to stay strong and the gift he gave her. document dump. another 6,000 pages of e-mails from hillary clinton's private server to be released today. will they bring more headaches for her campaign? while


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