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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  September 30, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, we're tracking two weather stories that could bring us wet weather. our first alert weather radar is showing a system that will keep bring parts of our area later today. we are keeping a close watch on hurricane joaquin. it's a powerful storm that has the potential to bring us rain into early next week. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. joaquin gained hurricane strength this morning. the first alert weather team is tracking the storm and another chance for rain this week. nbc 10's first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is here with the forecast.
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hi, brittney. >> we have a lot going on. here's a closer look at the radar right now. ux see it moving through philadelphia right now. a few more showers are to the west of harrisburg, expect more showers, temperatures will stay stay warm above average. temperatures will be close to 80 degrees in philadelphia. and throughout most of the area you can see how scattered the showers will be. we'll see another round moving in thursday into our evening hours. that will continue into the overnight hours pushing into friday. we folks see heavy rain as we head into friday. friday will be a first alert day. same thing into saturday. one big difference you'll notice as we head into tomorrow is temperatures will drop and stay down into friday as well. as far as today is concerned, over the next eight hours or so, temperatures will warm above
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average, by 4:00 p.m. 75 and by 7:00 p.m. temperatures at 70. we'll see a few passing showers. you can see the gray clouds here. our headlines show that the cold is coming up. more details on how much we'll drop, i am tracking temperatures dropping 20 degrees. also round two more rain expected as we get towards the end of the week and i'm tracking hurricane joaquin. i'll let you know how that impacts our area. >> we don't know how joaquin will affect our area, too, but the is storm has the attention of several shore communities. belmar monmoumouth county is working to install a pump system on lake como. the water could flood homes there. the town is shoring up sand dunes to keep tidal damage to a minimum. and long island, new york, is also preparing for joaquin. home owns and emergency responders are remembering the
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damage caused by hurricane sandy less than three years ago. home and business owners are stocking up on supplies just in case. and we'll stay on top of this week's weather on your smart phone and tablet. download the free nbc 10 news app for the first alert forecast, radar weather alerts and much more. we just found out camden county's government offices are closed because of a power outage. camden city hall, the courthouse building and the board of social services administration building are all closed. we'll find out when the situation will resolve. all southbound lanes of i-95 near stanton are closed while crews clean up a multiple vehicle crash involving a
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tractor-trailer. officials tell us the truck is leaking racing fuel. let's check in with katy zachry about any delays in the area. hi, katy. >> hi, vai. i got off the phone with the delaware state police corporal who is monitoring the latest. the good news is it's starting to clear. fortunately, the activity has been moved to the shoulder along 95 southbound around exit 4b near the churchman's crossing exit. this, again, is happening in newcastle county. for the last three hours all of the lanes with the exception of one were closed with the exception of the left hand passing lane. fortunately, everything has been moved over to the shoulder though the corporal tells me there are still delays and will be for a while because look at this red on the map. traffic is just crawling, three miles an hour, six miles an hour as it approaches this scene. that has been moved off to the shoulder but while traffic is getting by i would advise you to take the detours around this. you can take route 37 to route
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273. that will get you back on 95 south whereof where this scene . vai? >> thank you. we have more on the home invasion in the frankfurt neighborhood. monique braxton joins us live. you talked to a grandmother and child that went through this terrifying ordeal. >> reporter: that's right, vai. investigators hope this surveillance camera will help them catch the armed men who broke into into this house. as vai mentioned just moments ago, we spoke to the victims. >> just tied me up and i cooperated with them. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview, the 51-year-old victim says he managed to free himself after three armed men -- two wearing masks -- stormed his house, robbed them and then took of off. >> they wanted money. i had $200 in my pants and i told them to grab the pocket
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because i figured if they grabbed the money they can go. >> reporter: he's numb from the terrifying ordeal but his wife walked us through the home to describetory missing belongings. >> the laptop was sitting right here in the case. >> next to the tower. >> yeah. and my car keys were on the table. they took my car keys. a 56-inch tv was right there. a playstation. the xbox was over there. >> reporter: while her house was rand sacked, she held her grandson tightly in an adjacent bedroom. the ten-year-old boy shared what he heard. >> they said they wanted a dodge charger. >> reporter: that's a car? they said they wanted a car? whose car is a dodge charger? >> we don't know. >> reporter: you don't a charger? >> no. >> reporter: but the victims say they don't recognize the demanding voices. now, after 19 years here, they want to move.
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your thoughts that somebody would barge into your apartment? >> i don't know, we live in that society right now where things are just happening everyday. it can happen anywhere. >> reporter: one of the victims said he recognized the intruder that wasn't wearing a mask as someone walking through the neighborhood earlier in the evening. fortunately, no one was injured. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. new video showing people robbing a bar in the juaniata park neighborhood. this happened at a bar along east cuyahoga street. the men forced open a back door before stealing money and $500 worth of liquor. anyone with any information if you recognize these people, contact police. opening statements could begin the center city building collapse trial. lawyers need to see one final
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juror before they can begin. a demolition contractor griffin campbell faces third degree murder charges for the collapse of a four story brick wall in june of 2013. that wall fell on to a salvation army thrift store at 22nd and market streets killing six people and injuring dozens. campbell's construction company was in charge of the demolition. the jury will decide if he carried out the process with criminal recklessness. meanwhile, sean benschop, the heavy machine operator working on the demolition, pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter and causing a catastrophe. he faces up to 20 years in prison when he is sentenced next month. the kentucky clerk who stirred a same-sex marriage controversy is back in the news. we have details of came davis' reported secret meeting with the pope. find out what her lawyer says happened between the two. he's a young singing star whose
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angelic voice wowed audiences during the papal visit. he'll join us live in studio and you can find out where to hear him next. i'm meteorologist brittney shipp. we% to see more showers and we will stay warm. we're tracking cooler temperatures. plus, what to expect from hurricane joaquin for our area. that's coming up in my full forecast. mirrors. they show us all our problem areas... those places that we can't wish or squish away. well now fear no mirror,
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we have launched skyforce 10, it's up in the air hovering over this scene. this is breaking news. we have limited information but here's what we know. it's a partial building collapse on 7th and cumberland streets in north philadelphia. we don't have much information about how and when and why this is a building collapse in north philadelphia. we'll continue to make phone calls as we get information. we'll be sure to bring it to you. breaking from overnight, the state of georgia executed convicted killer kelly jissendanner. she's the first woman to be executed in georgia in 70 years. a jury found her guilty of plotting with her lover to kill her husband in 1997. she sang "amazing grace" during her final moments until she was given a lethal injection and you may recall pope francis called for an end to the death penalty
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during his visit to the u.s. the open even urged georgia's board of pardons to spare her life. a lawyer for kim davis, the county clerk from kentucky, who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples claims davis had a tsecret meeting with pope francis. attorneys for the clerk says davis and her husband met the pope in washington last thursday, the same day the holy father's speech to congress. the lawyer claims the pope prayed with davis, gave her two rosaries and told her to stay strong. nbc news could not independently verify the claims with the vatican. ♪ ♪
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it was one of the indelible moments of the papal visit. 14-year-old bobby hill of the keystone state boy choir wowed the crowd and the world with his performance for pope francis and young bobby joins us live in studio. he is our guest this morning. you really didn't have fluff time -- i can't imagine you had much time to get nervous. you had five minute notice because there was a set change and they asked you to get out there and sing? >> i found out they told my choir director in advance but he didn't tell me. >> so that's why -- everybody else was -- had formal dress, you came throughout in jeans a w a polo shirt, grabbed the mic and like a pro you took over. tell me what that was like. >> i would say i was a little nervous, i don't think i had enough time to get nervous. but it was surreal. it was amazing. >> bobby, tell me when you
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realized your performance became a huge sensation. >> well, right after i got off the stage cnn called the choir director. >> that fast! >> yes. >> now speaking of phone calls, what kind of calls have you been getting and who's been calling? everybody's calling now, right? >> yeah, a lot but i don't really get them so i don't really know. >> i didn't think they would call you. now you've got people that handle the phone calls? >> i guess so! >> so you did the "today" show. are they telling you who's calling? who's contacting you? >> sometimes. >> white house? >> no, not yet. >> not yet, i like that. tell me what has been the most amazing thing that's happened to you and how this is changing your life since two or three days now? >> on the set of the "today" show i got to meet famous people and they realized who i was and
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that was -- >> like the actor charlize theron. what did she say to you? >> she said that she wouldn't have had the courage to goetz up on stage and kudos to me. >> wow! how about -- is andrea bocelli one of your idols? >> yes. >> did you meet him? >> yes. >> did you sing for him backstage? >> yes, before i performed. >> and what did he say? >> he said "bravo, bravo, bellissimo." >> i understand, what is that? >> beautiful. >> you speak a little italian now. when's your next performance? >> well, the boy choir has a performance on thursday at 7:30 pat abington presbyterian church. >> all we can say is wow. the keystone state boy choir has a concert 7:30 at the abington presbyterian church. both the keystone state boy choir and the pennsylvania girl choir are auditioning. if you know a young person who
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loves to sing like bobby, is as good as bobby -- probably not as good but good like that we'd like to do cool things with the pope like this, you're invited to try out. we posted a link to all that information to our web site. i'm so honored that you are here. i've interviewed a lot of people but i'm so honored. oh, you want odd get your twitter site snout. >> yes, it's @bobbyw hill. >> you're the man amazing. >> everyone loves bobby. i have to get a picture. but we have lots of weather to talk about over the next couple days into the weekend. gray skies over the city. center city skiline. we have a first alert issued for friday and saturday. cooler temperatures coming. the cold is coming and i'm
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tracking what is hurricane joaquin and the trouble it could cause for our area? lets start off with the first alert weather day that will be in effect for friday and saturday. we expect to see heavy downpour, flooding will be a possibility and beach erosion right along the shore for us. 67 in the poconos. 76 in pottstown, 78 in philadelphia. it will be another warm humid day with showers and that will change as we head into tomorrow so that will give you perspective. it will be warm again, above average but as we head into tomorrow things will cool down as a cold front moves in and that will help trigger more rainfall we'll see. here's a close look of showers, here's a look at futurecast through the end of today heading into thursday. more rain starts to come up from
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the south moving in. this will continue until 9:00 a.m. this will be an all day thing with the rain coming so friday will be a soaker. then we'll take a closer look at what will be hurricane joaquin and its path. so we expect this to continue to track to the north moving along the eastern sea board into friday closer to 4:00 a.m. the latest update shows friday at 8:00 p.m. we have a category too. saturday at 8:00 a.m. wind speeds at 115 miles per hour. as we get into saturday, sunday and monday the timing and the strength is still uncertain. this is something we'll watch. we call this the cone of uncertainty. you can see how wide it is. really the hurricane can go anywhere in between this cone so you have to stick with nbc 10 every single time we're on, we'll be updating the
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information we're getting into the weathercenter. so if we take a closer look at the cold approaching into tomorrow, today we'll be in the 80s, tomorrow into the 60s then we'll drop more into friday. cooler conditions are on its way, also we are going to see more rainfall coming. today warm with showers, temperatures close to 80 for philadelphia. high 70s in pottstown and allentown. our range between 77 and l 1 with showers expected. wind speeds five to ten miles per hour. your seven-day forecast shows as we head into tomorrow we drop about 20 degrees down to 60 degrees and drop more into friday. friday and saturday becomes first alert weather days with heavy downpours expected. wind speeds picking up and the possibility of beach erosion. then we watch to see what happens with hurricane joaquin between saturday and monday and we see more showers and wet weather straight through monday with temperatures back to the mid-70s.
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>> thank you, brittney. it was an unusual sight this weekend. center city devoid of vehicle traffic thanks to the papal visit. could we have an empty street reneat the near future? find out straight ahead. he's a young man who loves baseball and has dreams of serving the public. i'll introduce you to this week's wednesday's child coming up.
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he's a young man who loves baseball and has dreams of serving the public.
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the one thing missing in his life is a forever family. allow me to introduce you to cy' mir. 15-year-old zy' mir loves to talk baseball. he loved getting a backstage look into his favorite team. he tried out some swings. >> when players get here into the dugout -- >> and even took to the field. >> zy'mir is a sweet young man. he loves sports and if you're a person that loves sports also that will be something that will engage him. >> he enjoys school and loves his science class. he knows what he would like to do with his future. >> i want to be a police officer because i want to help people. >> reporter: zy'mir is open to all types of families. he would thrive in a loving home where he would receive one on one attention.
11:25 am
>> he's going to require a family that is patient, loving and caring. he as a bright young man but he needs help from someone that cares. >> reporter: he knows what he needs in a forever family. >> a mom and a dad, brothers and sister sisters, for the family to be keeping and respectful. >> zy'mir is this week's wednesday's child. we appreciate the fiphillies fo hosting. if you'd like to make his dream come true or the hope of any wednesday's child, just go to our web site at or call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. we are hearing more about a local family terrorized in an overnight home invasion. we'll hear exclusively from the man tied up in our next half hour. and twitter may be getting ready to make a big change -- one a
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lot of users have been asking for for a long time.
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the first alert weather team is tracking two weather stories today. we're watching a system that will keep bringing showers to parts of our area later today and we are also keeping a close watch on hurricane joaquin. it's a category one storm that has the potential to bring us rain this weekend and early into next week. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is here with our forecast. >> lots changing for us into the next couple days. today we'll see more showers. temperatures stay warm, above average, close to 80 for philadelphia. here's a closer look at the showers. the heaviest rain moves through overnight and has moved through out of philadelphia. we are tracking these heavier
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downpours pushing into the northern parts of burlington county near browns mills and just to the south of mount laurel, gloucester county, winslow all seeing these light rain showers. as we go goo into the next 24 hours, we'll see spotty showers. temperatures getting close to 80 degrees but we are going to see a cold front sweep through our area and that will help drop our temperatures from the 80s to the 60s as we head into your thursday. so by the time you head home from work we're in the low 60s. then more rain coming in moving from the south to thursday. overnight hours thursday into friday. so it will be a wet end to your work week and we gear up for more rain as we push into the weekend and part of that is going to be caused but hurricane joaquin. as far as today is concerned we'll see temperatures ranging between 77 and 81. showers expected for us. wind speeds will be out of the north five to ten miles per hour and friday through saturday the possibility of flooding we have
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issued a first alert weather day due to the heavy downpours, flooding will be a possibility and beach erosion. coming up i'm track hurricane joaquin and let you know how it will affect our area and what you can expect over the next couple of days. >> thank you, brittney. we have exclusive details surrounding a home invasion from overnight in philadelphia's frank further neighborhood. monique broxton talked to the family who went through this terrifying ordeal and joins us live now. monique? >> reporter: hey, vai. investigators tell us they are hoping three surveillance cameras on this house will lead them the armed men who shattered the glass and broke inside just before sunrise this morning, tying up one of the victims a 51-year-old man was tied up while three men demanded money and a car. they spoke with us about the other deal if we agreed not to
11:32 am
show their faces. >> they said they wanted money. >> reporter: did you give them money? >> i had a couple dollars in my pants, 200 something. i told them grab the pocket because if they grabbed the money they could go. >> the laptop was sitting right here in the case. >> reporter: next to the tower? >> and my car keys were on the table. they took my car keys. a 56-inch tv was was right there. a playstation. xbox was over there. >> reporter: their ten-year-old grandson told us the sbruzers -- two of whom were wearing masks -- wanted a dodge charger car but the family doesn't have one. one of the victims says he recognized one of the men not wearing a mask as walking through this neighborhood earlier in the evening. he says he didn't recognize him and fortunately the family wasn't injured. we're going to continue to
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monitor this investigation live for now, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, monique we're keeping an eye on the southbound lanes of i-95 near stanton newcastle county. those lanes are closed because of a crash involving a tractor-trailer. officials tell the truck was leaking racing fuel and no word on injuries. opening statements could begin in the center city building collapse trial but lawyers need to find one final juror. demolition contractor griffin campbell faces third degree murder charges after a four-story brick wall fell into a salvation army thrift store in 2013 killing six people that day. campbell's construction company was in charge of the building's demolition. and philadelphia police need your help locating the two men shown in this surveillance video robbing a juniata park bar earlier this week. investigators say the men forced their way into the back door at
11:34 am
the bar before stealing money and $500 worth of liquor. now turning to decision 2016, republican front-runner donald trump is switching things up with a new charm offensive. peter alexander shows us how he's reinvents himself as donald trump the family man. >> reporter: donald trump buried the hatchet with fox news less than a week after he insisted he's boycott fox for the foreseeable future. >> am i fair to say that in order for you to win the republican nomination that you'll have to change your style and be a bit kinder and more mature? is that a fair question? >> i think it's certainly fair. i think it's not a maturity question but it's fair. >> reporter: with his popularity numbers below the likes of ben carson, carly fiorina or hillary
11:35 am
clinton, he's already everywhere. >> i'm on a lot of covers. i think more than any supermodel. >> reporter: he's now launching a new pr campaign to show a more personal side, opening up his lavish manhattan penthouse to "people" magazine. "my life is so busy and so crazy and i'm away all the time" he says "if i can stay home and do nothing it's considered a great luxury." the tough talking father of five speaking affectionately about his third wife and their nine-year-old son baron who donald jokes has "the trump comeover." he says his family prefers to have no nanny. "if you have too much help you don't get to know your children." despite controversial lines of attack against his opponents and on the issues, trump insists empathy will be among his strongest assets. as for his pursuit of the white house, the master salesman recently told the "new york times" the u.s. needs to be glamorized, the branding of our country, he said, is at an all time low.
11:36 am
and bill clinton is defending his wife, a frequent trump target. >> she's the worst secretary of state in the history of this country. >> reporter: clinton dismissing trump insisting his sales pitch needs work. >> the thing about branding is you can be fact free. i. >> that was nbc's peter alexander reporting. meantime, vice president joe biden was called president during the annual meeting of world leaders yesterday. biden was chairing the u.n. leader summit on countering isil and violent extremism when denmark's prime minister called mr. biden "president biden." >> mr. president -- vice president, sorry. well, it could have been, can be, who knows? if you have something new to tell us here, please let us know. >> vice president biden laughed but he hasn't entered the race. an nbc news "wall street journal" poll found that many would support him if he did.
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>> all the streets in center city are open with one exception. the inner lanes of the ben franklin parkway. those lanes will reopen by tonight. meanwhile, a new petition is asking for more street closures in center city soon. a group called open streets philadelphia created a petition online and it is asking the city to hold free open street weekends next summer with no drivers allowed. the group said keeping cars off the streets for the papal visit created freedom for people to walk in the roadways and freedom for cyclists to discover new routes around the city. the petition has more than a thousand signatures now. the group says it has support from some local decision makers. well, a classic musical is getting set to take the stage in our area. ♪ everything's coming up roses for me and for you ♪
11:38 am
>> a new production of "gypsy" is coming to the media theater in delaware county and veterans and local law enforcement officers will get a chance to see it at a reduced price. here to tell us more about the show is chrissie fralik who plays mama rose and patrick ward. christie, thank you for coming. patrick, good of you to be here. this show has been performed since 1959. tell us why there's such a love for this performance. >> oh, it's a great show. it's an iconic show. many a broadway favorite have played the role of mama rose. the music is one of a kind. the storyline is one of a kind, a lot of mothers in the musical theater business, out of the musical theater business can relate to. that typical ultimate stage mother trying to get their kids to do the best they can do. >> krissy is there anything new in your version that theater goers may expect to see in
11:39 am
"gypsy"? >> anything new? i think just a new little twist with lots of wonderful projections that show the actual time frame of our production that are projected on the back of our screen. a lot of people commenting on how great that is to make you feel like you're in the moment back in vaudeville back in the early '20s, '30s. >> classic broadway theater. patrick, tell us about the veterans night you have planned? >> this is our 15th season of veterans night. we'll kick it off this saturday, october 3 at 7:00 with a reception and then the show starring the fabulous krissy frefr fraelic as mama rose. this is a special one for us because we'll be honoring a group of individuals who are veterans who serve our community, the media police department and chief wisinic will accept the honor on their behalf. >> that is a great theater.
11:40 am
i love local theater but that's a great venue. >> it's a beautiful venue. >> it looks like an old vaudeville theater. >> it does. "gypsy" is running from now until november 1 at the media theater and this coming saturday is veterans night honoring military vets and the media police department. a special $31 ticket is kbg offer theed for our veterans and their guests. we've posted a link for more information on our web site at and on our nbc 10 mobile app. thank you for coming in today. >> thanks for having us. still ahead this morning on nbc 10 news at 11:00 a.m., big change in credit card security is coming tomorrow. we'll tell you what you need to know straight ahead. brittney? >> and after heavy rain moved through yesterday, i'm tracking more showers today. plus a drop in our temperatures heading into tomorrow and friday and i have more details on a first alert weather day we've issued. all the details after the break.
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the electric car maker tesla is shifting gears to a larger family-sized suv. tesla introduced its new model x last night in california. a fully loaded model will cost around $142,000. tesla's smaller sedan, the model s goes for around $80,000 to $90,000. the all electric suv features
11:44 am
unique rear falcon wing doors which open upward. a big change in credit card security is coming tomorrow. many of our credit cards have a high tech security chip in it and tomorrow the start date for switching to the new cards. a new report shows many card holders have the old-fashioned magnetic strip cards that are being phased out. the change designed to stop criminals from forging fakes if you need a new card contact your bank or credit card company. twitter is considering ditching the 140 character limit. it's being spearheaded by the interim ceo and co-founder jack dorsey. some at twitter are in favor of raising the limit by 10 or so characters. a new study shows more education benefits not only the brain but the body as well. researchers followed more than 3,000 children living in finland.
11:45 am
they found each additional year of education was linked to a 60% improvement in their health. in fact, education helped counter some of the harmful effects of smoking, alcohol, and job-related stress. another study shows vitamin "d" supplements can help build muscle after women in menopause. researchers conducted the test because vitamin "d" deficiency is a common problem among older women. after nine months, the test group showed a 25% increase in mull strength. the placebo group lost nearly 7% of their muscle mass. a ride to raise awareness. thousands of bikers are set to pedal from the city to the shore. among them john mcclain, he was an athlete when he was younger. he became a paraplegic after being knocked from his bicycle by a truck back in 1988 but that didn't slow him down. since then he became the first person in a wheelchair to complete the iron man world championship and swim the english channel. in 1995 and also 1998.
11:46 am
he also won a silver medal in rowing at the 2008 beijing paralympics. he joins us along with kevin moffett, welcome to you both. let's start with you, john. you're an inspiration. what has kept you going? >> after gets hit by truck and having a near death experience i was challenged to see how far i could go with my journey. so i wanted to set new challenges and looking forward to the ride coming up on the weekend. >> tell us about the city to shore ride. >> well, it's the time that i'm excited about, a great cause to support and my intention is to ride a conventional bike which i've been transitioning from a hand bike as a wheelchair athlete learning to ride a conventional bike so that will be my mode of transport. >> how much money do you hope to earn and tell us what the money -- how the money will benefit the fight against ms?
11:47 am
>> our goal is six million to be raised this weekend and the money goes for research, better treatment than a cure. right now there are 13 fda approved medications for ms but they slow the disease, don't work for everyone and there's a form of ms called progressive ms where there are no treatments for so the dollars we can devote to research, to solving this problem are important in addition to providing local services. >> you guys are doing great. important work. the bike ms city to shore ride is this weekend. go to our web site at or our nbc 10 mobile app for a link to more information. also nbc 10's chris cato is part of the circumstance this will year. he's raising money for the national ms society so if you don't feel like riding a bike, maybe you can show your support by making a doe in addition to chris' campaign. the link to his fund-raising page is at and check out his twitter or facebook pages to find the link he thanks you from the bottom of his
11:48 am
heart. good luck to you guys. appreciate you coming in. >> good morning, we have lots of changes as we head into the next couple of days, today will stay cloudy with showers moving through also above average temperatures expected. we'll head close to 80 degrees for philadelphia but you can see low hanging clouds, those are sticking around, not going anywhere heading into the rest of today. we're tracking more rainfall as we push into friday and saturday so both days are first alert weather days and i'm tracking the cold coming so we will see temperatures drop from the 80s to the 60s, even possibly the 50s by the end of the week then we're tracking what is now hurricane joaquin and how that's going to affect our area. so there's some uncertainty with the track and also the timing. i'll go over the details on that but let's start with the first alert weather day which will go into effect due to the heavy downpours, windy conditions.
11:49 am
flooding will be a possibility and we're keeping an eye out for beach erosion. we'll start with showers today. you'll notice most of the heavy rain you heard last night has pushed offshore. we're dealing with showers moving out of the philadelphia area pushing mainly into south jersey. the northern parts of burlington county seeing this rainfall. we have more shower activity that is expected to move through along with a cold front and that's what will help drop our temperatures as we go from today into tomorrow. about 20 degrees. so that's a lot of cold air moving in. as far as futurecast goes as we go is into the rest of the day, hon and off showers then we gear up for round two. another round of heavy downpours. as we push into thursday evening heading into friday, you'll notice as you're driving home from cape may or the southern parts of delaware, we'll see another round of rainfall pushing through and that will continue into your friday morning so probably a wet commute for most locations, philadelphia and points south
11:50 am
and east and as we go into the rest of friday, widespread rain, heavy downpours will be a possibility and then we're going to look at how hurricane joaquin is going to affect our weather as we head into saturday, sunday, and possibly monday. so we have a lot of elements that we're dealing with here over the next couple of days so the uncertainty isn't clear but we're going to go ahead and tell you what we know. we have a hurricane one right now, wind speeds sustained at 80 miles per hour near the bahamas. and by sunday at 8:00 a.m. we expect hurricane joaquin to strengthen to cat 2k3w0ir with wind speeds closer to 105 miles per hour. then monday it looks like the hurricane stays together sand in our area. so this is what we call the cone of uncertainty. it's partly based on the spaghetti models is what we call them. these spaghetti noodles represent a model where we think hurricane joaquin will go so it's split and that's where the
11:51 am
cone of uncertainty comes from. we have one model that keeps hurricane joaquin well off the shoreline. this is something we'll watch and just because the models are split we don't know the timing or the path so hurricane joaquin will stay to the south and transition to the north, it should make landfall here but we're not sure where. it could go well off towards new york, it could go towards delaware, philadelphia or stay inland so this is something we'll continue monitoring for you as well. but as far as the next couple of days, the next 24 hours, you'll notice temperatures will drop 80 to 60 and then we track more rain, wet and wind eye, friday and saturday are first alert days but temperatures by friday in the mid-50s.
11:52 am
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don't forget to vote for our nbc 10 high school blitz game of the week. here's the early voting. this week's choices malvern prep versus st. joe's prep. they're at 12% of the voting. norristown and quakerstown they're at 10% and paul vi running away with it. it's 80%. cast your vote and go to you can call or text your vote to 6106244111.
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we'll announce the winner at 11:00. a southern california surfer recorded his encounter with a 20 foot long gray whale. he shot this video with his gopro camera. he says he thinks the whale was a youth. oceanographers say it's not uncommon to see gray whales off the southern california coast but they say this appears overly thin and has a number of barnacles on its body which is an indication it is swimming slower than normal. amazing. now to an update on our top story. a home invasion rattles a northeast philadelphia family overnight. nbc 10's monique braxton spoke exclusively with a family who's hoping surveillance video will lead them to the men who rabbed their home. they say the three intruders tied them up before stealing electronics and cash from one family member. one victim says he recognized one of the robbers who wasn't wearing a mask and he says he spotted the man on their street last night. let's check in with brittney
11:56 am
shipp for a final check. >> we have a lot of changes happening over the next four to five days so if you take a closer look temperatures push to 80 degrees. then a cold front moves through. by the end of the week 56 degrees for us plus more rain expected, windy conditions, we have a first alert day for friday and saturday and we're tracking hurricane joaquin and that will affect our weather as we get into the weekend and early next week. so stay tuned because the track and timing continues to change to make sure everyone stays safe. starting at 3:00 it's "ellen" with kim kardashian west, tracy ellis ross and jake owen. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. for brittney shipp and all of us
11:57 am
here at nbc 10, have a great day.
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>> kayla: ah, victor. hi. >> victor: why isn't caroline here? >> kayla: well, there was nothing else we could do for her in the hospital. she just needs to rest. >> victor: when have you ever known caroline brady to rest? >> kayla: well, she's learning. but, um, she's at home if you want to call her. [floor creaking] [suspenseful music] ♪


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