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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  September 30, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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tonight, drying conditions. but it's really friday into saturday that we're most concerned with. first alert weather day has been issued for both friday:÷8gjno c. plus storm surge at high tide by friday night. that's for atlantic city.
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on top of this, monitoring what's happening with hurricane joaquin and another thread looming for us and sheena parveen is tracking that. she'll have the most upto date information on hurricane joaquin. >> continuing to track hurricane joaquin, category 1 hurricane, meandering around the bahamas. movement is extremely slow and not moving up into the atlantic, into the north soon. here's a closer look. in the bahamas, florida. it's moving to the southwest now. it won't be for a few more days until this starts moving farther north. and that's when it will be getting closer to us and giving us more impact aside from the rain that brittney showed you. here it is now, cat gore 1 hurricane, winds sustained 85 miles per hour. we'll continue to watch this as we go through the next several days. it's going to keep moving to the north what we expect. but currently to the southwest at 6 miles an hour. so it's going to be more days until this thing starts to get
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closer. what we have going on, weather pattern, a big area of high pressure to the north. this is blocking the storm to the south for a little while. once it gets closer, it's going to cause it to make a left ward shift here. so there you see the hurricane by friday, around the ba hhamas. we have a stationary front which is going to continue giving us that rain to start off the weekend. this front is going to be absorbing moisture from hurricane joaquin as it gets closer. that's going to keep increasing rain chances going into the weekend. and that front is going to eventually move this on land somewhere before it pushes it back out. the question would be where at this point the timing would be about saturday to monday. but either way, once it does get closer, the winds are going to stay up, it's a strong onshore wind. we're dealing with heavy rainfall and we'll talk more about that, what you can expect time wise with more rain and when it will clear up, all
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coming up. >> as you expect, threat of a hurricane's causing concern as long the coastline in delaware and new jersey. >> team coverage begins with ted greenberg, live in atlanta county, where he found people preparing for the threat of strong winds and rain. >> reporter: emergency management officials here in atlanta county as well as cape may county, ocean county, are urging people to get ready now for the flooding and heavy rain that we could see in the next few days. some folks we talked with today are in waiting. >> and everything's ready to go. >> reporter: for joe bish that meant putting out door furniture inside his house today, before mother nature hits the jersey shore with day of rain and then possibly tropical weather from joaquin. >> i want to be prepared. >> reporter: so do public works crews in ocean city. today they used heavy machinery to stockpile sand ready to block off beach access paths if needed
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to keep the ocean from pouring into streets. >> low lying areas, keep an eye on the time of high tide, be prepared to move cars out of the way. >> reporter: some resorts north end beaches are badly eroded with carved into dunes. the ocean has been pushed into the coastline by onshore winds. >> try to bolster up some areas between now and next couple of days. >> reporter: seaside heights, a temporary dune system has gone up to provide protection from whatever joaquin might bring. crews took trash cans off of beaches so they don't wash or blow away. >> message is prepare now, because if you wait for the next couple of days you might be doing it in heavy rains that we're going to get in between. >> reporter: joe bish is ready. his house is 9 feet higher than it was when sandy swamped it with water three years ago. >> a lot safer. i'm very confident. >> reporter: now, moderate
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coastal flooding is possible along the jersey shore tomorrow with the potential for moderate to major flooding on friday. keep in mind, that's all ahead of any impacts from hurricane joaquin. live in ventner, nbc 10 news. >> beaches could take a direct hit from hurricane joaquin depending on the storm's path. >> tim furlong live in dover where the big nascar race could be in jeopardy. tim? >> reporter: they have to prepare as if the rain's going to happen no matter what. with nascar, there's a huge road show. take a look here at the work going on as if the races are going to to happen. everybody's hoping they happen. people plan vacations around the races. everyone is counting on great fall weather coming up and it's not looking good. >> chillaxing with retired
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teachers. >> reporter: that's what ann is doing, ready for whatever weather rolls through this pretty piece of weather. >> we're peeped to work indoors and play outdoors as well. >> reporter: outdoors might be a problem unless you really, really like rain. erin counting on nice weather, as are all rehoboth businesses planning for the city wide sidewalk sale. it's a big deal. >> in this town, you to make majority of your business during summer but our seasons have become more and more. >> reporter: at the scooter rental place, rain is worse for business. it's a big duh, nobody rents scooters in the rain. rehoboth welcoming to anybody who wants to come here, but joaquin not so much. >> go out to sea and stay there. >> reporter: clouds over the monster, miles the monster in the rain. rain's been on and off. the race, jeff gordon's final
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race. if you're not a racing fan, it might not mean much. sponsored by delaware's dupont corporation. folks in delaware love this guy. everybody's hoping to get the race and give him a nice send-off. tim furlong. >> nbc 10 tracking both storms and hurricane joaquin. stay with us morning and night as projected track changes. download nbc 10 app, customize the app to get alerts when severe weather is threatening your community. new information in february's deadly crash in california involving caitlyn jenner. prosecutors announced jenner will not face charges in connection to the crash. february 7th, police say jenner's suv crashed into two cars, pushing one in oncoming traffic. investigator says jenner was traveling too fast for conditions. prosecutors say there's not enough evidence to bring charges. a philadelphia grandfather sharing his terrifying ordeal,
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after waking up to guns pointed in his face, masked men broke into his apartment this morning, tied him up while his wife and grandson were hiding in another room. nbc 10, from the digital operation center with more on how that family is doing. >> they told nbc 10 they're scared but thankful they did not get hurt. he saw one of the suspects in the neighborhood, thought he looked suspicious but the victim went home, went to sleep, only to be jolted out of bed at 3:30 this morning. >> 56-inch tv right there. play station, kids' play station, xbox. >> reporter: some of what two masked armed robbers took when they ransacked the apartment, entered through an alley, broke the glass on the side door and let themselves in. >> tied me up and i cooperated with them. >> reporter: police say they gagged the man with the shirt, while the man's wife and
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10-year-old grandson hid in another room. the family asked we not reveal their identity. >> i was scared. me and my grandson were scared. >> reporter: the family says they don't know robbers or why they were targeted. police hope area surveillance video can help capture the suspects. >> we live in a society where things are happening, things like this are happening, every day, with our lives. it can happen anywhere. >> there is not a good description of the always spec. the men were carrying handguns. if you have any information, police want to hear from you. aundrea cline-thomas. >> opening statements under way in center city building collapse trial. griffin campbell faces third-degree murder charges in the collapse his defense began this afternoon by citing pope francis, talking about forgiveness and justice. campbell is expected to testify at some point in his own defense. that was back in june of 2013
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when a four-story brick wall fell on to a salvation arm thrift store at 22nd and market street. six people killed. more than a dozen hurt. griffin campbell's construction company was in charge of the demolition. shawn benschop was working on the demolition. he pleaded guilty to involuntary man slot somewhere cau-- slaugh and causing a catastrophe. >> a building that partially collapsed today in set to be demolished. over 7th and cumberland streets, no one was hurt. according to the department of licenses and inspections, the property has a history of violations. >> from our trenton bureau, freon leak forced the justice complex to shut down. evacuated after high levels of the gas were detected inside. no one will be allowed back inside until trenton fire
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department, environmental protection agency and hazardous material team give the okay. a power outage forced camden county offices to close for the day. about 1600 customers were affected, including camden city hall, camden county courthouse and the social services building. an equipment failure is to blame. power was restored after 10:00. and the cause of that outage is under investigation. >> down south, officer is dead, suspect in custody, after a shooting at a mall in south south carolina. the officer identified as a 32-year-old, incident happened in forest acres north of the state capital of columbia. shot and killed after a struggle with an armed man. the suspect later apprehended, armed with a handgun and knife. the officer was a seven-year veteran of the force. >> a south dakota school locked down after a student pulled a gun and fired at the principal.
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it took place in small town harrisburg, ten miles south of sioux falls. the student has been taken into custody. officials say the principal suffered a light flesh wound to the arm and is in stable condition. police say an assistant principal eventually tackled the suspected shooter and restrained him until police arrived no other injury reported. >> washington lawmakers nearing a deal to avoid a federal government shutdown this afternoon. the senate approved a bill to fund the government until december 11th the measure goes to the house where republican leaders plan to pass it in time. they'll need to count on democratic votes to balance out opposition to the bill from tea party supporters who want to cut funding for planned parenthood. i funding bill must be approved by midnight tonight. pope francis reflected on his visit to cuba and the u.s. today as he spoke to thousands in st. peters square.
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he wished to embrace all cubans without exception and renew the hope that cuba will hope itself to the world. turning to the world meeting of families in philadelphia, francis said it was an opportunity to sell bray the beauty of god's plan for the family. the kentucky clerk jailed for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses did meet with pope francis. nbc 10's keith jones joins us with more on the story. >> a source close confirmed that the pope met with kim davis during his trip to washington, d.c. davis and her husband were in washington last week to receive an award from a conservative advocacy group in recognition of her stand against same-sex marriage. according to davis' lawyer, she and her husband joe were secretly driven to the vatican embassy last thursday afternoon. the couple met with the pope, who spoke with them in english for 15 minutes. a statement, davis was humbled to meet the pontiff saying,
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quote, who am i to have this rare opportunity? i'm just a county clerk who loves jesus and desires with all of my thoort serheart to serve . the he had no comment on the pope's reported meeting but didn't deny it actually happened. keith jones, nbc 10 news. overseas, russia has launchedite first air strikes oversyria. who they're targeting is up for debate. according to a top russian military official, the strikes are aimed at isis military equipment, communication centers and ammunition. but a u.s. official said the bombings are not against isis targets, civilians are being killed. strong words today from senator mccain who blamed the obama administration for what he calls inaction in the region. >> this is a series of decisions or nondecisions which has led to the situation we see today. >> the white house says it was made aware of russia's plan ahead of air strike in syria.
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u.s.-led coalition missions in the region continue despite a request from russia to stay out of syrian airspace. >> while the nation awaits joe biden's decision whether he's making a white house run, one world leader already has him there. those was the scene in new york. vice president biden chairing the united nations leaders summit on countering isis and extremism when denmark's prime minister had a slip of the tongue. take a listen how he referred to vice president biden. >> mr. president, vice president, sorry. i'm -- well, could have been. can be. who knows? if you have something new to tell us, please let us know. >> biden has not entered the race, an nbc news/"wall street journal" poll monday found he would be the most popular candidate if he chose to give it a go. >> as nascar stars arrive in our area for the weekend's race in dover, one of nascar's all-time
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greats is putting the brakes on his career. tony stewart is retiring after 2016 racing season. three-time sprint cup champ made that announcement today. stewart will be 45 next season. says the decision to step away is 100% his own. august of last year, stewart involved in a deadly dirt track incident that killed a fellow driver. he was cleared of wrongdoing but does not want to race since that incident. jeff gordon is retiring at the end of this season. fans can see him for the last time right here in doven this weekend. >> now you, nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittany shipp. >> good evening. we have a lot of changes with our weather as we go into the next couple of days. we still are dealing with gray skies. rain has stopped for the most part. a few locations seeing showers as we head into tonight. we'll see a break drying and as we head into tomorrow. by thursday night, pushing into friday, saturday, we have a first alert day for both of
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those days due to the heavy rainfall we expect to come back to our area. also, the cold is coming. temperatures will drop drastically. so i'm sure you've enjoyed temperatures in the 80s but those are going to disappear. and then a closer look at joaquin and trouble it's going to cause for our area. let's start, first, with our first alert weather days and that's for friday and saturday. and what you'll see is heavy downpours, strong wind, also flooding's a possibility and beach erosion and storm surge, those are things that we are tracking associated with those heavy winds -- that heavy rain and strong wind speeds. closer look at satellite radar. shows a few more showers pushing into lancaster county and burkes county, lehigh valley a few scattered showers but we're going to dry out as we head into the rest of night and as we head into thursday morning to start off the day. late afternoon, evening hours, that's when the light rain starts to develop for us. and once it starts it doesn't stop until we get to friday
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afternoon heading into friday evening. by friday evening, that's when the intensity started to pick up so when you start to see oranges and reds, and this magenta and dark red color, that is going to be heavy rain coming down at a fast pace. so that could lead to flooding. that's going to be our concern. looks like for philadelphia, points south and east, we'll see the heaviest amount of rain. so it's most of new jersey, stretching along the coast and also parts of delaware. again, this is going to continue throughout friday, heading into friday night and even into saturday. so our impacts that we're tracking for first alert weather period between friday and saturday rain totals between 2 to 4 inches. wind speeds sustained 10 to 20 miles per hour, three-foot storm surge high tide by friday night for atlantic city. and on top of all of that, we're also tracking hurricane joaquin. so you can see right now, near the bahamas. also dealing with hurricane warniwar warnings in that area.
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we've seen warm temperatures above average. now we're going to see a cold front move through that's going to drop temperatures by tomorrow and stall off the shore. we have hurricane joaquin well to sut of us. it's going to transition to the north and administration area front will come in to play, going to absorb the moisture from joaquin and that's going to set us up for lots of rainfall as we head into the rest of the woo weekend where exactly is the track going go? and the timing. this is something we're watching saturday through monday. we'll firm up details as we get closer. here's what computer models are saying. suggesting that it's going to turn to the left of it and go inland towards the carolinas. but even if it doesn't directly hit philadelphia or delaware, we're still dealing with impacts and lots of rain. we're already going to see a lot of rain between 2 to 4 inches as we get into thursday night, fray, into saturday and on top of that, dealing with remnants of hurricane joaquin. in addition to that, we're going
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to see a big drop in our temperatures. today we twoorm warm to 8 on fr highs drop into the 50s. well below average of 72. as far as tonight, cloudy with a chance of showers, breezy and cooler. we drop down to 49 degrees. our 59 degrees for philadelphia. 54 for suburbs to the north and west. as we head into tomorrow, temperatures take a big hit. ranging between 61 and 64 degrees cooler and breezy showers mainly to the south and to the east. and then everything's going to pick up. by friday, tracking widespread rainfall which will continue into saturday. i'll have your seven-day forecast coming up when i see you again. almost every baby has one. now one company's warning parents to listen up. the choking hazard they want you to know about there plus, the major retailer promising to match the prices of its online rivals. coming up on nbc 10 news.
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amtrak boarding the bag ang fee bandwagon that generated billion for the airline industry. the passenger train operator says thursday it will start charging $20 for passengers who have more than four bags or overweight baggage. customers will be allowed to bring two personal items weighing up to 25 pounds and two carry-on bags weighing no more than 50 pounds. i guess you have to weigh everything. the $20 pheaa plies to each item above the limits. starting tomorrow, new jersey transit bus and rail riders will need more money to commute. fares jump 9%. increases are needed to close $60 million budget gap. one-way fares between trenton and new york increase $1.25 to 16.75. a monthly ticket from $440 to $480. sent for the white house christmas tree is under way. it will come from bustard's
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christmas tree in lehigh county. glenn and jay will present the tree in november and the tree will be placed in the blue room of the white house. the trial's under way connected to the center city collapse. the finger pointing may go beyond the courtroom. >> harry hairson talks to a legal expert who could be forced to take responsibility for the collapse. i'm tracking big changes no the forecast. tracking a 20-degree drop plus heavy rainfall and first alert days. i'll let you know what to expect coming up. vote for our high school football game of the week. a look at early voting. this week's choices -- malvern prep versus st. joe's prep.
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610-624-4111. we'll announce the winner at 11:00.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> get ready for a lot of change outside. the first alert radar tracking storms on the way. looking to strong winds and a big cooldown before the rain hits. a live look down the shore from our camera at cape may. after the rain cleared out, areas saw some sunshine. >> there's a big threat churning out at sea. there it is. hurricane joaquin. spinning closer to our area. by the end of the weekend we could be feeling impacts of this storm. nbc 10 has team coverage and the first alert weather center. >> meteorologist sheena parveen tracking joaquin but we're beginning with brittney shipp
4:30 pm
who is tracking changes we'll see first. >> rainfall overnight and now into the evening we will see drying out. drying out a bit. things are going to be quiet tonight. when you wake up tomorrow morning to head to work. things will get more interesting as you try to head home from work especially closer to south jersey and the shore. this is all that's left of the rainfall we saw yesterday, a few lingering showers into the lehigh valley, burkes county, and lancaster county. now gear up for the first alert weather days and that's on friday and saturday. we are expecting heavy downpours, strong wind speeds and also flooding's a possibility. beach erosion and storm surge. all of the things that we are tracking as we wind down your work week and head into the weekend. start off with futurecast as we go into tomorrow afternoon and evening. light rain moving in but everything picks up in intensity as we need friday and into friday evening. notice that all of this rain continues even into saturday morning. so some of your impacts include rain totals between 2 to 4
4:31 pm
inches. we've upped wind speeds, sustained winds between 25 and 35 miles per hour. right along the shore, gusts up to 50 miles per hour. this is going to contribute to our high storm surge at high tide by friday night. make your plans now as we get into friday and saturday. on top of that, we are tracking the timing and the track of hurricane joaquin and for more information on that, we're going to turn to first alert meteorologist sheena parveen. >> brittney, what we're talking about with hurricane joaquin unrelated to what brittney showed you. that's going to be extra area of moisture moving in before some of the hurricane-related impact. as we get closer to the weekend the storm will be getting closer to the mid-atlantic, that's increasing our rain chances after the rain as we go into end of the week and the wind. closer look at hurricane. near the bahamas. it's a category 1 hurricane, winds sustained 85 miles per hour. it's a strong category 1.
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it's going to meander around the bahamas for a couple of days before it moves to the north. we'll be tracking impacts closer than what we're watching now. moving to the southwest, moving away from us, but we expect it to move up to the north. take a look at computer models, not until saturday do we expect it to go faster moving to the nor. looks crazy. but they're all in agreement that the storm will move north and the question's going to be what point does it take that left turn? it can go from south carolina, closer to our area. turns in but turns back out. it's going to run into a stationary front it going to to get absorbed and take that northerly track once again. this is a complex system that we're talking about once the storm gets closer. here's the setup that we're looking at now. big area of high pressure up to the north. that's going to keep this farther to the south. once the hurricane starts moving
4:33 pm
to the north, by friday into saturday, there you see that stationary front just offshore. we have a lot of rain in our area at that time, too. but the front's going to keep absorbing the moisture from joaquin. it's going to keep giving us rain chances, the wind, and as it gets closer, saturday to monday, we're going to keep high winds onshore winds and heavy rain in the forecast. as we go through the weekend, this is going to cause concerns for the shore, localized floodingen it one big area of rain and wind that we will be watching. depending where you like, your impacts might be different, especially if you're along the shore, you want to stay tuned. we have that flooding threat especially along coastal areas. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> thank you. count on the first alert weather team to track both the storms ahead and hurricane joaquin. stay with us morning and night as the projected track changes. download the nbc 10 news app now. customize the app to get push alerts, when severe weather is threatening your community.
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as we mentioned, opening statements under way in the trial prompted by the deadly center city building collapse. demolition contractor griffin campbell faces third-degree murder charges for the collapse of a wall that fell on a thrift store where people were shopping. six people died. more than a dozen others injured in the collapse. the construction company was in charge of the demolition. there are questions that linger who else could be implicated. harry hairston has more on the story. >> since that deadly collapse in 2013, two people are criminally charged but one legal expert tells us, don't be surprised to see a flurry of more legal activity following griffin campbell's trial, if not before. >> reporter: 10:49 a.m., june 5, 2013, the salvation army building collapse, the deadly moment caught on this surveillance camera. the contractor, griffin
4:35 pm
campbell, and his crane operator are formally charged. i spoke with the legal expert about possible criminal charges against the owner 0 of the property who ultimately hired the contractor. >> the owner of the property has not been charged with anything. what do you see happening down the road in that regard? >> well, as more times goes on it becomes harder to charge people. if you've charged people long after the fact, a year, two years later the case looks very weak or you wonder why didn't you charge this person to begin with? >> reporter: the owner of the property would point the finger at the city, claiming the city licensed the people the property owner hired. >> he had no way of knowing this person would do something that was -- could be dangerous to other people. >> reporter: the owner, among others, is named in a civil suit scheduled for september of 2016. he says the owner may find it
4:36 pm
difficult to avoid some responsibility. according to billing records the owner paid griffin campbell a flat fee, $112,000. demolition experts say the job should cost nearly four times as much. >> that's going to be harmful to the owner, harmful towards the owner and it's going to be used against him, you should have known no one could do the job safely and correctly for that price. you should have been aware of the fact the only wayso someone could do that job at that price is to cut corners. >> 19 people are named in na civil action. our legal expert also says, salvation army may have a tough time avoiding responsibility as well. he believes the operation could have closed his doors during demolition as a safety measure. doctors may have found the key to helping certain people suffer from depression. >> next, treatment that tricks the mind into easing symptoms.
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plus, fighting fraud, switch happening in stores and restaurants tomorrow involving your bank card and what happens if your plastic hasn't been upgraded. the baby pacify that could be a choking hazard to children.
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a south jersey high school is up and running following a meningitis scare. the incident happened in pittman high in gloucester county. the superintendent confirmed o students diagnosed with viral meningitis last week. officials have cleared the school, and all students are back in the classroom. the affected students are expected to make a full recov y recovery. >> more than 50,000 pacifier clips recalled due to a choking hazard. the recall involves five different styles of chewbeads baby pacifier clips. the d-ring can break, allowing beads to detach and that poses a choking hazard. there have been no injuries but
4:41 pm
consumers can contact chewbeads for a free replacement or refund. doctors are closing in on more focused treatments for people with depression. researchers studied the brain chemistry of a small group of people with untreated major depression and found that people who respond well to placebos have a greater chance of overcoming depression symptoms while using a prescribed drug. experts believe the study could help pinpoint which patients might benefit from nondrug strategies to treat depression. we'll be right back.
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millions of credit card holders are waiting to receive new cards containing microchips the new card are intended to fight fraud. 6 in 10 credit card holders still did not have the chip enabled card. starting tomorrow, business owners will be responsible for fraudulent transactions if they don't upgrade their payment
4:45 pm
terminals to accept chip-enabled cards. you haven't received a new card with a chip, your old card will work in the new payment terminals. yum li you'll likely receive a chip card over the next few months. target is taking aim at online competitors. target will match online prices with 29 competing online retailers including amazon, and costco. company's extending period customers and kget price adjust from 7 to 14 delays. it will lower shipping threshold. the eagles and push to improve the offense. >> sam bradford talked about what they need to do to get better. danny is here with more on what bradford had to say. >> team's highest paid play somewhere steers the ship. good news on the opposite side
4:46 pm
alonzo had his knee scoped, injury not as bad as it was thought. bradford, not showing us consistency. bradford was asked why the offense has sputtered out of the gate. >> there's small mistakes all over the place and you know, we've got to do a better job as offense being more consistent. takes 11 guys to be successful. unfortunately there haven't been enough times where we've all been doing the right thing. >> coming up at 6:00, eagles offense not scoring points. chip kelly says it's not about that. danny pommels from comcast sportsnet. nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good evening. temperatures are going to take a tumble as we head into tomorrow. we'll see our temperatures dropping down into the 60s. at least drying out for a bit. but then we are gearing up for
4:47 pm
rain as we head into friday. and your saturday. plus, tracking the cold and hurricane joaquin what happen it means for our area as we push into the weekend and next week. we'll start with the heavy rainfall that's expected to move in as we head into overnight hours on thursday, friday, and into saturday morning. both friday and saturday now first alert weather days. and the reason why is because we expect to see heavy downpours, strong wind speeds, also needing's a possibility. both inland and also closer to the shore. and beach erosion and storm surge. those are things that we are tracking as we head into that time frame. we're drying out for a bit, though, as we need tonight. we'll see scattered showers moving into allen town, burkes county, to the north of philadelphia. it should be relatively dry for most of the errands tonight after work, even as you head to work tomorrow. futurecast shows us as we get into thursday, thursday evening, this is when we start to see light rain moving in, then it picks up in intensity into overnight hours on thursday and
4:48 pm
definitely into the day friday. throughout most of the day friday, as you're heading to work, home from work, friday evening plans we expect heavy rainfall. heavy downpours we expect to see. through saturday morning, tracking anywhere between 2 to 4 inches of rainfall. also wind gusts between -- wind sustained between 15 to 25 miles per hour, gusting up to 35 miles per hour, so street and stream flooding is a possibility. now closer to the shore, we're going to see more rainfall between 3 to 5 inches. wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour and tracking storm surge at high tide friday. here's a closer look at friday at the shore. expect waves between 10 to 15 feet, widespread erosion, high tide up to 3 feet. then this is what it's going to look like as we get the strong onshore flow moving. atlantic city the bull's-eye of the highest storm surge. on top of that, tracking how much rain we'll get as we head into friday and saturday morning. we could see 2 to 4 inches for
4:49 pm
philadelphia, south jersey, closer to 4 inches. same thing closer to atlantic city and cape may. that's the first system that we're dealing with associated with the front. next up we have hurricane joaquiner even after all of that rain comes down,djvut tracking what's going to happen with hurricane joaquin now. it's a category 1 with sustained winds speeds 85 miles per hour, transition to the north and this is what we're going to watch. timing and the track. we do have the strong canadian blocking high which gave us all of the warm temperatures. now we'll see a front move through that's going to drop our temperatures into tomorrow into the 60s. and then we'll watch hurricane joaquin as it continues to transition to the north, absorb the moisture, that stationary front from the hurricane and that's going to give us another round of weather as we head into possibly saturday evening, sunday, monday, the timing right now and its exact path uncertain. something we're going to continue watching. the other thing is a big drop in
4:50 pm
temperatures. we'll go from 80 today down to 63 down to 59. we'll start to recover as we get into the weekend. as far as tonight's concerned we drop down to 59 from philadelphia, 54 for suburbs to the north and west, heading into tomorrow, we range between 61 and 64 degrees. your seven-day forecast shows changes just a reminder, friday and saturday, first alert weather days, we do expect temperatures to drop down, start to recover but tracking how hurricane joaquin is going to affect us as we get into the second half of the weekend into early next week. >> well, a new star has emerged out of pope francis' visit to philadelphia. take a listen. ♪ >> bobby's impromptu solo catapulted him into the spotlight. his charisma is taking him further. the attention his performance has gained him.
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that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing.
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dubbed the boy with the voice of an angel. your heard philly's own bobby hill sing for pope francis where he stole the show with the unsuspected solo. he got a five-minute warning he'd be taking the stage saturday night. >> he's gotten a lot of attention, bouncing from interview to interview, telling his story. today he came to the nbc 10 studios to tell us about the whirlwind week he's had since his incredible performance. ♪ >> it was just surreal, amazing. they said, they invitted me and
4:55 pm
said i'd be singing for the pope and i need to be backstage right away. i was like, okay. little nervous. ♪ i was nervous until i started singing. i started singing, it was just like i was there with a few people in the front row, because i couldn't see a lot of the people. >> our guest this morning. >> 14-year-old bobby hill. >> i would say dizzy, stressful, exciting, right after i got off the stage cnn called the choir director. >> that fast? >> hit the button for me. >> i like the "today" show and meeting some of the celebrities. >> i told them to follow me on twitter. >> twitter. >>@bobbyw.hill. they're saying i did a great job. now they're friends with a celebrity. >> girls calling you?
4:56 pm
>> yes. ♪ it would be a lot of attention i would say. thank you so much. thank you. >> he's so genuine, too, the way he responds to the question and then to the pope himself, thank you so much. >> instant celebrity for bobby hill. >> great to watch him go on and grow. "nbc 10 news at 5:00" is next. >> keith jones. >> we continue to track storms, rain, and cooler temperatures and of course a lot of wind. if that isn't enough. sheena parveen is keeping a close eye on hurricane joaquin. shee sheena? >> we have a lot to talk about in the forecast. first, changing temperatures, more rain, some flooding concerns and updated tracks on hurricane joaquin and what we may be expecting as we go into the weekend straight ahead. >> plus, korean war veteran
4:57 pm
viciously attacked in his own home. two men facing charges. that's next on "nbc 10 news at 5:00."
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
it will be a business c. week as nbc 10 first alert weather team keeps you informed. more heavy rain is on the way that could lead to flooding. then there's this -- hurricane joaquin, it's st. louis a big question mark right now. there's a chance the growing storm could be headed our way. people on the shore have already
5:00 pm
started taking precautions as both storms move closer. your first alert team coverage at 5:00 starts right now. >> let's face it, a lot could change over the next couple of days, hours. meteorologists are tracking storms closely. >> let's begin with meteorologist brittney shipp who is looking ahead to our next chance for heavy rain. >> that's right. it's not going to be tonight, which is great. gotten rid of the heavy rain, as we go into the evening, by 9:00 p.m., 67 degrees. by midnight, 63 with mostly cloudy skies. even see a little bit more drying heading into rest of tonight. as you start your day tomorrow. as we get into the afternoon and even oog tomorrow, light rain moves in. then it's going to pick up in intensity into overnight hours friday, conditioning all day friday. saturday morning expect rain to continue to fall. we will see anywhere between 2 to 4 inches. wind speeds sustained between 15 and 25 miles per hour, gusting up to 35 miles per hour. we expect street and stream


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