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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  September 30, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, the rain is here. the first alert radar shows you there's a lot more to come. we're watching hurricane
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joaquin. it's in the bahamas gaining strength with a possible track for the east coast this weekend. good evening everyone. i'm jim rosenfield. the umbrellas are up. we're tracking the impact in our area. sheena parveen is watching the first problem. strong winds and heavy rain. >> that's right, jim. the first round going into the weekend will begin friday into saturday. we do have a first alert weather day. tomorrow we'll have rain around but the strongest winds and the heaviest rain we expect to start friday. heavy downpours with very gusty winds. possibly up to 50 miles an hour wind gusts. also flooding along the shore and inland. beach erosion and storm surge possible with the strong on shore winds. here's what's happening now. a cold front moved through. now a cooldown going into tomorrow. the winds increased. windy and breezy and chilly temperatures through the afternoon. then we'll be watching this area of low pressure to our south. right off the southeast coast.
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this is what we're watching going from friday into saturday. area of low pressure will ride up this stationary front and bring very heavy rain and not only heavy rain but very strong winds. it's breezy outside right now. the wind into friday and saturday, it's going to get stronger. the on-shore wind will bring us concerns with coastal flooding. now we're talking about hurricane joaquin. that will start to approach into the end of the week. that's going to be approaching the carolinas by the beginning of the weekend. once it makes landfall, it's going to get absorbed into the stationary front. the track for the storm is still uncertain, though. hurricane joaquin, here it is. spinning around the bahamas. yes, it has gained strength. it's now a category 3 hurricane. max winds, 150 miles an hour. this makes day major hurricane now. it's currently moving to the southwest but it will move up to the north. models have been agreeing with it. for a small amount of time, it could become a category 4. by saturday, back to a category
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2 off the north carolina coastline. that's saturday 8:00 at night. then you see it makes landfall somewhere from north carolina up towards our area. most models have them pretty consistent at keeping it south of philadelphia. either way, we would see the impacts of that. that would be late in the day saturday or sunday into late in the day monday. the cone of uncertainty stretches from north carolina up towards our area. we will be watching this very closely. either way, regardless of where it makes landfall, we expect heavy rain and a lot of wind. that's why we're especially watching our coastal areas. again, we're looking at a very messy weekend. that's going to amp up going into friday. jim? >> sheena, i know there are comparisons already to hurricane sandy. is that legit? how do the two storms compare so far? >> i think it's only fair to try to compare a storm like this to hurricane sandy because of the similarities that we do see. right now, we'll compare the similarities. we have the same setup.
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the big area of high pressure to the north causing the left ward turn, causing it with sandy. right towards the shore. the forecast, those are in disagreement. we do expect that, though. going through time with the storms. as we look at the differences, stronger but also more exact. a lot more rain ahead of the storm as well. and the track does appear to be farther south than sandy. of course, all these things will get updated through the rest of the week. i'll have more details coming up. >> i know you'll keep watching it, sheena. >> doug shimell checking out the situation at the shore tonight. >> reporter: at the shore, many people have been very lucky since sandy in that there's been no major storms and they're hoping their luck has not run out this weekend. everyone's intuition was telling them the sail thing. >> i wish we weren't due, but we're due. it's a couple years. >> reporter: living through hurricane sandy, taught the
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gerards not to trust any storm. >> i was like, we should pull the boat out now instead of waiting until friday to do it. >> you get that feeling in your gut that oh, no here we go again. >> reporter: after sandy pushed water over john's seawall, the public works director takes no chances. >> we start out preparing the island for flooding. start working on generators, making sure everything is up and running. >> it was total devastation. >> on jim and nancy king's block of hack anyplace, homes are missing or elevated and unoccupied from sandy. the thought of a hurricane joaquin is not fun. >> is it ever going to go away? >> no. once you see that devastation and you live it with your neighbors, you never forget. >> reporter: and so the flashbacks continue.
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for many of those families, still rebuilding after sandy, they say they've got little choice but to wait out through the weekend and early next week and just keep back with the rebuild. in brigantine, i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> count on nbc 10 to keep an eye on the rain and the roads tomorrow. a new model will come out overnight and bill henley will have the latest track at 4:00 a.m. and we'll watch the roads as the rain slows down the morning drive. prepare for the storms ahead with the first alert weather coverage any time anywhere on your phone or tablet. download the nbc 10 app for free right now. to breaking news right now from bucks county. sky force 10 over this tanker fire in pen dell in the last 20 minutes on route 1 on i-95. route 1 shut down as crews try to get the fire out. it's carrying a 6,000-gallon gasoline tanker. the fire is now out. but crews will be out cleaning up for quite a while.
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new at 11::. nbc 10's keith jones tells us the inferno is still affecting residents weeks after the fire. >> reporter: let me show you what's left behind. this is the aftermath on one side of the street. on the other, as many as 40 residents that still can't return to their homes. some evacuated out of a side door and were met with flames. this was their view of the blaze. a different angle, more devastation. the three-alarm fire burning out of control at 13th and chancellor. >> when i came out there were air conditioning units on this side of the build thag were melting and were falling to the sidewalk as people were running out of the building. >> reporter: the firefighters were already on scene. someone who wasn't, this guy. the atf says it's 52-year-old steven pettaway and accused him of starting the fire. the surveillance shot came from this camera at the cigar
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company. >> first panicked. i was worried about everybody's safety and the shop. >> this is what's left behind. she says this should have been a restaurant. these apartments are still boarded up. >> they didn't really have any foresight about the people that they really would be affecting. and it's kind of scary. it was a peaceful night the night before. >> reporter: the fire caused a million dollars in damage and pettaway is to blame. they wouldn't reveal his motive. >> i can't provide specific details imt i can say that fire investigators determined that the fire was intentionally set. deliberately set. >> pettaway is set with federal arson and due in court tomorrow afternoon. the residents won't return to their homes until repairs are mate. keith jones, nbc 10 news. developing news in chester. police are looking for a driver who took off after hitting and killing a man. sky force 10 over the scene along east 9th street around 8:00 tonight. two cars hit the man.
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one stayed at the scene and the other took off. testimony will resume in the center city building collapse trial. attorneys gave opening statements in the trial of griffin campbell, the contractor. he faces third degree murder charges in that collapse. his defense began this afternoon by citing pope francis talking about forgiveness and justice. it was back in june of 2013 when pay four-story brick wall fell on to the salvation army thrift store on market street. six people were killed, more than a dozen hurt. his construction company was in charge of the demolition and sean ben shop was the machine operator. he pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and causing a katz fi. he faces up to 20 years in prison next month. the chester county d.a. describes two men arrested in a home invasion robbery, the war
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veteran was beaten and terrorized inside his home. we talked to the prosecutor about the motive for the attack. >> peace is restored to a chester county skmunt with police locking up two men for alleged crimes against an elderly veteran. >> a horrific act for this 81-year-old widowed korean war veteran to be targeted like this. >> investigators say zachary hales and john reeves beat and robbed the victim inside his home in chester county. i spoke with the victim late tonight. he appeared to be in good spirits. but declined to be interviewed. law enforcement asked him to not make any or comments. in my interview with the victim after the assault and robbery, he described how he was beaten and threatened. >> this was really, really black. i had a big bruise up here. skin missing. and i had blood all over my head. kept saying he was going to shoot me and he must have said
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that 15 times. >> investigators say hails did previous repair work in the victim's home and robbed the victim for drug money. and reeves worked as the get away driver. >> these two men were drug addicts who conspired to hatch a plan to attack a vulnerable victim in an isolated part of the county who they knew had cash on him. >> tips from the public identifying the car used in the robbery brought police to the two men. they're charged with robbery, assault and making terroristic threats. denise nakano, nbc news. drenching rain, wind and flooding. now colder temperatures. i'm tracking when the worst of the storms will hit and more on hurricane joaquin's latest path. new jersey transit fares jump tomorrow. how much more you'll be paying to ride? >> and credit cards getting more high tech.
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tlaer voice of an angel. he stole the show. the 14-year-old singer only got a five-minute warning he'd be taking the stage saturday night. he's been in the spotlight ever since. tonight he came to the stations to tell us about his whirlwind week. >> um. it was surreal. it was amazing. and they said -- invited me outside and said i'd be singing for the pope and i need to be backstage right away. is like, okay. a little nervous. um, i was nervous until i started singing. then i started singing, it was just like i was there with a few people in the front row because
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i really couldn't see a lot of the people. >> he is our guest this morning. >> 14-year-old bobby hill. >> i would say busy, stressful, exciting. right after i got off the stage, cnn kaultd choir director. >> that fast. >> i liked the "today" show and meeting some of the celebrities. >> i told them to follow me on twitter. >> what's your twitter? >>@bobby w hill. >> they're saying i did a great job. friends with a celebrity. >> girls calling you? >> yes. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> what a night. get ready to pay more tomorrow to ride new jersey transit. fares will jump about 9%. one way fares between trenton and new york go up to $16.75.
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a monthly ticket increases 40 bucks. transit officials say the increases are needed to close a $60 million budget gap. the deadline is tomorrow for some drastic changes in the way americans use credit cards from a swipe to a chip. but very few people in businesses are ready for this change. millions of consumers are receiving new credit cards with the chips. a survey finds 90% of retailers don't have the machines to read them. credit card companies say there's a dramatic drop in fraud when chip cards are used. big residential boost for university city. 3601 market held the grand opening tonight. that's the name of the building. 3601 market. it features 363 luxury apartments. there's a fitness center and a rooftop pool. the developers hope the new building attracts graduate students and young professionals as well. some of the area's bravest were recognized tonight in old city. the national liberty museum honored 20 police officers, firefighters and emts with
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awards of valor. each of the recipients was selected for remarkable acts of heroism and serving as role models in their communities. harry hairston served as the emcee tonight. we don't have much in the way of rain on the radar. but we have a lot moreheading this way. the one thing we have around, the clouds still and we have increasing winds and cooler temperatures. but take a look at the rain heading our way. we have more to the south. we have more that will be developing as we go into the end of the week. right now, though, temperatures are dropping outside. mid-60s philadelphia. low 60s north and west. those winds are starting to pick up too. straight in from the north pulling that cooler air down. the winds are sustained now around 15 miles per hour for the area. you'll need a jacket and umbrella. a cooler and breezy day.
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by noon, still about the mid to low 60s. we could see a few showers around. you're definitely going to notice the changes tomorrow. now into friday and saturday, we have a first alert weather day as we end the week because we expect more heavy rain to move in and even stronger winds than what we'll see tomorrow. flooding is possible, especially along the shore. beach erosion and possibly storm surge. look at future weather. the winds gusting near 25 to 30 miles an hour closer to the shore. maybe even higher in some cases by tomorrow. winds keep increasing as we go into friday. that's going to come along with more rain moving in. friday afternoon, winds could be gusting to near 40 mira long the shore. maybe higher inland. closer to 35 mile an hour wind gusts. heavy rain on friday and even into parts of saturday. we'll see more rain starting to move up. look at these winds. they're still up near 50 mira long the shore points. that's not from the hurricane, though. because at the same time, hurricane joaquin will still be around the bahamas.
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what i just showed you, that's going to be our first round of wet weather going into the weekend. along the shore for friday. a coastal flood watch. if you live along the shore or you know anyone who does, we'll have very bad weather as we go into friday and saturday. it's going to keep getting worst through the weekend. wave heights, 10 to 15 feet. widespread erosion is possible with strong on-shore wind. along with that, a three-foot storm surge. here's that map. it does look to be mainly up to three feet with that strong wind on shore. keep in mind, could be gusting near 50 miles an hour. take a look at the rainfall, though. as we go from friday into saturday, we could see upwards of 4 inches for parts of south jersey and especially southern delaware. about 1 to 2 inches. a little farther inland. we're all watching that for any changes into tomorrow. now we'll look at hurricane joaquin again around the bahamas. it got stronger with the last update. now it's a category three. it's going to meander around the
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bahamas the next few days. finally making that north turn by about friday. then we'll see it getting closer to the carolinas possibly by friday night into early saturday. then there you see moving inland. these are computer models. there's a bit of a spread here. once they move inland, they'll combine with a stationary front and get absorbed back to the northeast. of course, all this we'll be watching into the weekend. we do expect windy, rainy weather through your weekend. breezy and cooler tonight with a chance of showers. temperatures in about the mid to upper 50s. tomorrow, breezy, cooler day. temperatures topping out in the mid to low 60s. mostly south and east of philadelphia. heavy rain and wind on friday and same thing on saturday. by sunday and monday, that would be joaquin's effects. temperatures around 70 degrees. but the rain and the wind continue. of course, we'll be tracking joaquin and all the updates starting tomorrow morning again and bill henley will have all the updates. danny? >> thank you, sheena. good news on the eagles injury front to tell you about.
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plus, can the birds stretch the field with their offense? john clark examines the lack of a vertical passing game thus far. that's next.
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thts xfinity sports desk. your home for the most live sports. >> done i pom mel. kiko alonzo will not be out for the season. on the flip side, demarco still nursing that hamstring injury. his availability is unknown at this time for sunday. his presence will help a struggling offense and john clark examines one aspect of the struggles. >> yes, the eagles did get their running game going sunday against the jets. but you want to see that passing game get going in washington. the birds are one of just a few
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teams in the nfl that don't have a play of 40 or more yards. but it may be tough with heavy rains coming to washington sunday. sam bradford is averaging under six yards per pass attempt, which is the worst in the nfl for a starting quarterback. on balls thrown, more than ten yards down the field, he is just 8 for 28. in fact, he has not completed a ball thrown in the air more than 20 yards. is it because defenses aren't allowing the birds to get the big plays or is sam not comfortable throwing the deep ball yet or are the eagles play makers not able to get open? here are sam and chip kelly trying to answer that question. >> i don't think we've called a can get to. you know, i think it depends on what we see is our best matchups, what we see as favorable. >> a combination of everything. we've had some drops but there's been times when guys are open and we didn't put it on them at the appropriate time.
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>> the eagles won six of the last nine trips to washington. as you know, these games with the redskins are usually close. at the nova care complex, john clark, comcast sportsnet. the phillies are taking a proactive approach to the wet weather moving the scheduled 7:00 game up to noon. things get heated in this one today. mets star, cespedes left after being hit by a pitch earlier. the mets get retribution here. they go headhunting against him. it does not escalate from there. we go to the seventh inning, darren ruff at the dish. the phillies try to fight their way back. a passed ball and a run scored. turns out to be the game winner. phillies get the victory, 7-5ment. flyers and devils in philly. you see the game winner as the devils double up the flyers 4-2. that's your look at sports. i'm danny pommels. we'll be right back.
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big gift for drexel university alum. dana dorn ship and her husband. they donated $45 million to the school. the donation will fund scholarships and professorships. it will expand health programs in u.s. cities as well as global research. sheena, we're watching for changing conditions through the week. >> definitely. i think a lot of people when they wake up tomorrow morning, they will need a jacket. it's going to be chilly and windy. it already is outside right now. big changes tomorrow. cooler, windy, 63 degrees. we have a first alert weather day friday and saturday. heavy rain, high wind especially along the shore. we could see beach erosion. coastal flooding inland. flooding possibly too. we'll be watching that very closely. it wouldn't be until sunday or monday when we feel the effects of hurricane joaquin that would still give us heavy rain and high winds. so from about friday to monday,
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we're looking at windy, rainy conditions. we'll have all the updates on hurricane joaquin through the rest of the week and tomorrow morning. >> the latest at 4:00 a.m. i'm jim rosenfield, for sheena and all of us thanks for watching. have a great night.
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