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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  October 1, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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. right. so some of you will see showers this morning. you better get used to the weather a. lot more rain is on the way. this is a live look at cape may, where there is a coastal flood watch in effect. it will be windy and colder. you want to grab that jacket along with your umbrella. >> we are tracking joaquin. the storm has reached a category 3 hurricane. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today, i'm tracy davidson. >> we got you covered, bill henley is in with his first alert forecast. not too bad out there right now. >> you know what, for the first time we are experiencing fall weather t. temperatures have dropped down. we have rain in the area. no heavy rain, a light rainfall, trying to make it to cape may,
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hasn't done so yet. a few scattered showers into salem county, burlington getting light rainfall right now. look at the clouds for the rest of the area that is dry. those clouds stay with us. showers will develop. expect them in philadelphia this morning. less likely this afternoon. by 9:00 a few showers, 58 degrees, look at those winds, they'll be kick at noon time, even though the rain will be taking a break. it won't be in the '80s like the last couple of days. 60 degrees at lunchtime. light rain today, there is much heavier rainfall and we are tracking a hurricane. more on both of those scenarios, back in ten minutes. right now, jessica boyington has a look at your first alert traffic. >> watching out for a downed tree right now on kelly drive i from strawberry plans to fountain green. if you are headed out in that
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area, on the boulevard so far this morning, no problems, right around fox street. north and southbound, are you heading to the schuylkill expressway once you bet to the boulevard. no problems there. drive times are great. as for mass transit, no problems or delays, still early, yet, though, for septa, and dart. i will check on ongoing construction when i come back in the next ten minutes. >> he is tracking the hurricane with many areas recovering from hurricane sandy the jersey shore is hoping the approaching storm misses them. they are preparing for the worst just in case. nbc's matt deluca joins us from the weather center. >> emergency management has concerns for the potential for record breaking title flooding at the shore t. communities up and down the coastline are urging residents to be prepared before the weather gets worse. it's unclear exactly where joaquin will make landfall. heavy rain, wind and flooding are three things people on the
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coast do not want to hear, now almost three years since sandy. public works crews used heaviy machinery to stop piles of sandch they get ready to block the beach access pads, if needed, from pouring onto the streets. residents meantime are acting early and pulling their boat out of the water. >> it's a sign of caution. today it locks like it will go way down after today. the wind and rain. i don't want to be out there then. >> so the big question at the shore is what will happen with the tides and the coastal flooding. with that weekend fast approaching the folks there now know the importance of being ready early. tracy. >> all right, matt thanks, rain is a big concern in dover, nascar races are held all weekend ale head of the big sprint finale on sunday. >> nascar gets the race in on the scheduled date for our fans and viewers on television. we also have to make sure we keep in mind the safety of the drivers and our fans.
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>> that comes before everything else. >> so weather permitting, sunday's race will be jeff gordon's last run before calling it a career. you can prepare for the rain ahead and whatever joaquin does with the nbc first alert weather radar. you can download our nbc 10 appch download it now, it's free. this is something else we are tracking, starting today, have you as to pay more to ride new jersey transit. fares are going up 9%. what will this hike mean for riders? >> reporter: chris, this is a double whammy for those who ride new jersey transit trains or buses, in addition to the higher ticket prices you will see when you go and buy one today. this comes after service cuts were made system wide just a few weeks ago. so what exactly does this mean for you? well, when you go and buy a ticket for new jersey train or
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bus today, expect to pay about 9% more, for example, a monthly train ticket between trenton and new york. >> that goes up $40. it's apparently needed to close a $16 million budget gap that remained after the company made service cuts months before. now, this is the fifth time in just over a decade that new jersey transit riders have dealt with a ticket increase. coming up in the next hour, we will lock at how this rate hike has turned political. >> all right, katy, thanks. happening today, democratic senator cory booker of new jersey is announcing two major items. first at 10:00, booker will announce an agreement on a criminal justice bill. he is talking about the iran nuclear review act. he will announce legislation. he will have both democrats and republicans working together on oversight of the iran deal. just in the nick of time.
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>> congress averted that government shutdown. what ug is now doing business this morning following house approval of a short-term spending plan, short term means the battle isn't over. we will tell you why there could be another showdown when lawmakers go on christmas break. thousands of mike grants are trying to get a clamp down on the refugee movement and an end to how to care for them. zplmpblt
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. >> 4:38. cloudy skies this morning for everyone and a few showers in the area. the other change, the temperatures, much cooler this morning. 62 degrees in philadelphia. down by 14 degrees compared to yesterday morning. the other change, the winds, it's starting to pick up, northeasterly winds at 18, gusting to 24 miles an hour. we got some wet and windy weather ahead, light showers, tracking them in new jersey and delaware.
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you see them in burlington county, getting raindrops in dover now, they're approaching cape may, we'll see some showers this morning, with this system lingering offer shore, that is separate from hurricane joaquin, this will give us a chance of rain not only today but some heavier rainfall as we go into tomorrow and into the weekend as well. for today, neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, 61 degrees at camel b.c., look at fleetwood 64. only in the low 60s for bordentown, moores town, 64 degrees. along the coast, gusty winds, occasional showers. 64 in avalon, rehoboth at 63 degrees, just up to 60 for smyrna. philadelphia all in the lower 60s today. showers this morning and then mostly cloudy skies this afternoon. and then we'll keep a close eye on joaquin. joaquin the forecast track is
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about to be updated. it has this storm just impacting and pounding the central bahamas right on through this evening at 8:00. by tomorrow, it is expected to take a turn and it's that turn that could threaten our area with more rain and strong gusty winds as we head towards the weekend. more on joaquin and its potential effects when i'm back in ten minutes. >> everyone wants to see where that is headed. 20 minutes until 5:00 now. apparent will i the pope is in. he came in and left quickly. i guess there is some after effect. >> there is residual. we are opening up any last ones that are detoured or the center lanes on the parkway, right? >> someone gave me this information. i didn't think anybody was here this weekend. no idea. still some cleanups in the area. so nothing major. you can still get around the center city area. it shouldn't be a problem. watch out on spring garden
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street and the ben franklin parkway. south 20th street and the ben frankly parkway, a few drives there. so again you will be able to get through the area, watch out for that cleanup and crews. as for 95, you can see heavily through the work zone in here. >> that off-ramp is currently closed. it should be reopening at 5:00 or 5:30 right now. southbound, we are doing okay. that's where we see the volume first. we still have a 14-minute trip, so no buzz there. as for the pa turnpike, ongoing construction clearing out of the way. west and eastbound, no problems, 22 minutes from route 1 to valley forge. when i come back, we will check in with new jersey. 4:41. just one day after the only woman on death row is granted a stay of execution. >> we will fill you in on the
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11th hour decision. plus health news, smokers will share new evidence on why low nicotine cigarettes could help you kick the habit.
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>> various organizations in europe today are planning to stop their efforts to house and care for the refugees that are flowing across the hungarian border. a large group of migrants crossed into hungary as reports spread that hungary could soon close the border. oklahoma's governor granted a stay of execution to a man convicted of murdering his boss in 1997. he was scheduled to be put to death yesterday afternoon but now it's been put off for 37 days. the u.s. supreme court refused to block glossip's execution. he was one of six people scheduled to be execute aid
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cross the country over a nine-day period. now that move came on the same day that georgia executed the only woman on its death row. the pope asked mercy for her. kelly renee gissendaner sang "amazing grace" as she was given the injection. she is the first woman executed if georgia if 70 years. federal workers will be working today. that's because congress avoided a government shutdown. but there could be another showdown in the coming months. the issue of funding planned parenthood is on the table aside from the short-term spending bill lawmakers voted in favor of. president obama signed that bill hours before the midnight deadline. now congress did not renew a federal health program for 9/11 first responders. that program will be phased out by next summer. first responders suffering
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illnesses are still eligible for health care. pope francis reflected on his business in cuba and u.s., in reference to the world meeting of families, pope francis says it was an opportunity to bright the beauty of god's plan for the family. he wishes to blame that exception and renewed hope cuba will open itself to the world. we knew this was coming as nascar stars are in the area. one of nascar's all time greats is putting brakes on his career. tony stewart announced yesterday he will retire after the 2016 season. start with is a three-time sprint cup champion. he says the decision to step asway 100% his own. now you may remember in august of last year, stewart was involved in a deadly dirt track incident that killed a fellow driver. he was cleared of any wrongdoing. but he hasn't won a race since that happened. stewart isn't the only name,
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jeff gordon is retiring. fans can beat them for the last time here in dover this weekend. cancer, everyone knows someone who has id or had it. now delaware is getting help in a battle of a certain kind of cancer, cola rectal cancer. delaware is getting money for the screening, money coming from the centers or disease control. it's the third most diagnosed cancer in delaware. it accounted for more than 8% of all new cancer cases between 2007 and 2011. if you are a smoker looking to quit, you might want to buy low nicotine cigarettes. a new study found that smokers who switched to low nicotine brands found out they were smoking less. researchers say this is the first large study to show that slashing nicotine lead to less smoking. a south jersey high school is back up and running after a meningitis scare. two students who were diagnosed with viral meningitis last week
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at pittman high in glocester county, health officials have cleared the school. all student are back in the school or will be later this morningsh the affected students are expected to make a full recovery. drexel university is renameing its school in honor of a couple who donated doctor 45 million to the school. they gave that gift to help fund championships and professor johns. it will also help expand health pramgs from u.s. cities and fund global research. $45 million. well, some burlington county police officers are dow jones pink in honor of breast cancer awareness month, of course, starting today, the police department patrol cars will display a breast cancer pink ribbon. they have that ribbon throughout the month of october. officers will wear such new design breast cancer awareness hat. you will see a photo of those yet. they'll have bus passes.
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the outside of the township police department will be lit up pink. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> you start with showers in the area, too, light scattered showers and a wet and windy weekend ahead and it looks like that's going to really get ramping up later today and tomorrow. right now, it's kind of quiet outside, cooler, too, clouds in place the temperatures are much cooler this morning a. little breeze already starting to pick up, gusting to 26 miles an hour in philadelphia. 64 degrees, philadelphia international is down 12 degrees compared to yesterday at this time. it finally feels like fall. watching for the showers, they're just to the south of delaware seeing rainfalls, delaware beaches. there are some showers inland to newcastle county into camden, dploster and burrellington -- glocester and burlington, this afternoon, it's going to be
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mainly dry. look at all that rain offshore. not associated where hurricane joaquin. that's a cold front. that's why it's cooler this morning. >> that cold air came in. it's producing those showers offshore. that's expected to ease back into our area. that's going to give us the potential for heavy rainfall at times later tomorrow. for today, though, with see scattered light showers developing. then it breaks for this afternoon, in the 4:00 hour, you might see showers at the shore. those, too, should be light. it will be mainly quiet and dry overnight. tomorrow morning, we start at the shore later in the day tomorrow, here comes the potential for heavier downpours at 2:00 friday afternoon. you see them in delaware and south jersey, intensifying in the latest afternoon and evening hours for friday. the weekend. watching hurricane joaquin. this is just updated information, 120-mile-an-hour winds. >> that is a category 3 strm. it's moving to the west, southwest, barely moving along
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at 5 miles per hour. pounding the bahamas. hurricane at this time. computer models show that well most of the models show that it's expected to move to the north and take a turn towards the east coast. now there is a lot of play in these mold models just yet. this is sunday afternoon, so you can see we got days before this potentially makes landfall on the east coast. then after that, they're less united as to where they will take the storm into next week, but potentially on monday, we still could be dealing with the effects of what was hurricane joaquin. if it moves inland, it will lose strength considerably. there will still be lots of rain and wind. showers this morning, gusty winds and cloudy skies. 60s today t. last couple days we were in the '80s. it's even cooler tomorrow with wet, wind qui conditions, 54. the high temperature. some steadier, heavier rainfall possible for saturday and into
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sunday. we have issued first alerts for friday and saturday, for the potential for heavy rain and strong gusty winds. sunday we pay get more wind and rain and depending on the track of hurricane joaquin, we could see that rain and wind continue into monday and then it would be pulling away from us tuesday and wednesday and i'm showing you the computer models, we will show you the forecast track from the national hurricane center. but there is still a lot of uncertainty with those storms. so it's still days away from potentially impacting our area. >> it's a good idea to keep an eye on it and to start making preparations, but no guarantee where this storm is headed. >> we are looking to fend it out t. rest of them have it turning to the left. >> that one is a very important one. >> okay. >> that's the one that accurately forecasts sandy. that's the european and usually a very reliable model and it still is a reliable modem. it has to take the storms farther to the south and it
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doesn't take the storm into the winds that will take them into the united states. it pulls it, the low pressure to the east. that's still a possibility. that's the best case scenario. >> we really have to plan for the other. there are so many indications that it could very well go the other way. >> we'll cheer for the european models. >> absolutely. >> bermuda could be impacted by that. well, you can stay on top of this weather wherever it goes through your smartphone or tablet. we will update any changes in the projected track of joaquin as well as keep you posted on rain totals in the coming days. you can download that app for free. let's get you updated on your ride to work. >> it looks like there is nbc 10 jessica buyington is standing by with my favorite animated traffic graphic. silly. right around collinwood,
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yes. out of whitehorse pike in both directions between airport circle and route 130. watch out for a traffic stip skip with that bridgework. that's ongoing, something to watch out for. 295 and new jersey, right around route 30, watch out for some construction. not in this camera here. right now we are at 38. both directions, you can still see that drive time, not impacted at all by those lane restrictions. a 13 minute trip southbound up towards that point. as for the 42 freeway, we're in the clear so far. northbound is where we see the traffic in the morning hours with a five minute drive time still headed up towards the, from 55 up to the bridge area at the walt whitman bridge. no stranger to flooding is keeping a close eye on the wet weather headed the way. >> if we do get the word, everybody on main street will be notified at this time. >> coming up in just minutes at
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5:00 a.m., we take a look at what's being done to prepare and guard against damage for the high water. lottery mania, someone won the big powerball jacket. unless you took a trip to the mid-west to boy your ticket. probably not you. we will have that plus a local mega-millions winner next.
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congress is paying tribtd to 87 firefighters who have died in the line of duty t. fallen include four local firefighters, including the first woman to doi while on duty in philadelphia. leiutenant joyce craig died in a basement fire. she is being remembered along congressional services caucus presents 87 american flags, which had flown over the capital to their surviving family firefighters from around the
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families, that their loved ones will never be forgotten. >> you don't know each other. cause. we share the same moment in the transferred from congress to the national fallen firefighters memorial in maryland. the names of the firefighters will be added to the memorial on sunday. some changes are coming to your facebook page if you want them. you will soon be able to have a short video looping profile pick instead of the standard photograph. you will also be able to temporarily change your profile picture while on vacation or for a special event, then you can have it change back to another picture at a specific time. well, someone who bought a megamillions ticket in burlington county. is probably about to go only a shopping spree. >> they hit for a million dollars in the most recent drawing, the ticket matched all five white ball, not the meg go
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balls the winning numbers were 8, 21, 30, 61, 62, megaball was 9. >> now someone is waking up a lot richer this morning. according to powerball's website, a winning ticket for that big jackpot last night was sold at a gas station in southwestern michigan. the winning ticket is the second largest so far this year, it was sold if three rivers, that's about 30 miles south of kalamazoo. if you know where kalamazoo is. this week's jackpot would be worth $191.4 million after taxes if you take the lump sum. i need to find out if i'm related to anyone. you are watching nbc 10 news at 5:00 a.m. starts now. tracking joaquin. right now a powerful hurricane that's bearing down on the
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bahamas. the nbc 10 first alert weather team is tracking this storm and how it may impact our area. and whether or not joaquin makes a turn towards us, we will get rain, the nbc 10 radar shows the heaviest rain is still to come. with the rain and the wind, flooding is a real concern. in fact, there is already a coastal flood watch going into effect in a matter of hours, for the jersey shore. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today on this thursday. >> we have you covered with what's to come so you can prepare. bill henley in the first alert weather center. >> tracy, we have rain in the area. it is light rain the wind, however, is starting to pick up. showers into new jersey, into delaware this morning. scattered showers extending into southern california and are trying to reach cape may so far it hasn't made it there yet. those steady showe


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