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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  October 1, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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bahamas. the nbc 10 first alert weather team is tracking this storm and how it may impact our area. and whether or not joaquin makes a turn towards us, we will get rain, the nbc 10 radar shows the heaviest rain is still to come. with the rain and the wind, flooding is a real concern. in fact, there is already a coastal flood watch going into effect in a matter of hours, for the jersey shore. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today on this thursday. >> we have you covered with what's to come so you can prepare. bill henley in the first alert weather center. >> tracy, we have rain in the area. it is light rain the wind, however, is starting to pick up. showers into new jersey, into delaware this morning. scattered showers extending into southern california and are trying to reach cape may so far it hasn't made it there yet. those steady showers offshore a. part of a system lingering off
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shore. it will give us a chance of rain this morning. not so much this afternoon. we may just be looking at mostly cloudy skies for later this afternoon. but heavier rainfall is due in for tomorrow. for today, umbrellas will be going up this morning. scattered light showers, 50 degrees at 7:00. by 10:00, a little cool early t. wind and rain combine to drop temperatures in the upper 50, 59 degrees at 10:00. by lunchtime in the low 60s. should be getting a break from the rain, northeasterly wind, though, will still be on duty, 16 miles an hour. stronger winds to come. joaquin is what we're watching. with 120-mile-an-hour wind. this is the latest just updated information from the national hurricane center. still moving from the west southwest 5 miles an hour. it's pretty much parked in the bahamas. impacting the bahamas this morning. >> that will continue through the day today t. updated
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forecast track from the national hurricane center, when i come back in ten minutes. right now, jessica buyington has a look at your first alert traffic. >> and, yeah, we're on the schuylkill expressway, watching ongoing construction and work crews active around the spring garden street. you see them over into the right-hand shoulder. cones fan from the shoulder into the next lane over. so traffic is still moving be i the scene nicely. we see from our driver times in here, 95 spound from wood haven road, 13 minute trip. 12 minutes headed eastbound in the center city area t. but route is looking just fine this morning. watch out for a downed tree. the inner lanes are closed between strawberry and mansion in 14. if you are headed out later this afternoon, there will be stadium traffic in the area due to a philly's game versus the mets at 12:05 chris, tracy. watching joaquin. emergency officials will be
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meeting today in north carolina as that hurricane starts to approach. now, as bill just showed us there, there are many different paths the storms can take. the means the towns up and down the coast have to take the storms seriously. they're urging you to do the same. at the jersey shore, they are warning people to take precaution now. we found some people pulling their boats out of the water yesterday. we found public work crews stockpiling sand from pouring into the street should title the rain is a big concern in dover. nascar races are held ahead of the sprint cup rally on sunday. we know that part of philadelphia has seen heavy rain and strong storms. that's bringing back flooding in may and april that was so fast even a septa bus you see submerged in the water. we spoke with business owners there, they were hoping for the
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best, but they have been through this before, now they're preparing, right? >> reporter: you got to prepare, chris. days and days without rain like we had. now we are tuqueing about several days with rain in the forecast. it gets hit with flooding once the schuylkill flows over its bank. as of yesterday, when i spoke with businesses there, they weren't too concerned with hurricane joaquin. they will keep an eye on the weather. they don't want it flooded so quickly, there is little time to get ready. over at c.g. littlewood the water came soup fast. it flooded cars and a seta bus. manayunk gets the brunt. >> that and the brandywine creek, yesterday morning it did not look as bad. all it takes is one heavy storm to change that very quickly. >> we're very well aware of what's happening here and we are monitoring it.
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i think that if we do get the word, everybody on pain street will be notified this time in lew of what happened the last time. >> irene, sandy, a few of the big storms here and the people who live and work along the coastlines know what can happen. we didn't see active preparations, like sandbags going into place as of yet. >> that may start and when that storm gets a little bit closer, chris smr now is the time to remind you, if you haveen done so yet, be sure to download the nbc 10 news app. as we get information for joaquin. we will pass that straight on to you. you can access it no matter where you are. you can set up customized weather alerts for your neighborhood. >> it's 5:05. today a judge convicted of killing her three children. the judge found them guilty of 3rd degree murder in a non-jury trial in july.
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prosecutors say he was street racing when he ran over that mara banks and her kids when they were trying to cross the road in 2013. testimony continues this morning in the center city building collapse trial. lawyers made option statements in the trial of griffin campbell. campbell faces 3rd degree murder charges in the collapse t. defense referred to pope francis talking about forgiveness an justice. in june, 2013, a brick wall fell on the theft store at 22nd and market. six people were killed, more than a dozen hurt. campbell's construction company was in charge of that demolition. the operator working on the demolition pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and cause agcas that trophy. he is facing up to 23 years in prison when he is sentenced next month. we have new information about bill cosby. he is facing new allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior. three more women came forward yesterday accusing him of sexual
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assault. next week cosby is scheduled to give a sworn deposition in a sexual lawsuit. he has never been charged with a crime. he denies the allegations. an arson suspect is set to see a judge today. police say he torched a restaurant under construction in center city two weeks ago. police say a under surveillance camera captured this photo of steven petaway at 13th and chaplain street two weeks ago. the fire destroyed the restaurant base and in fact up to 40 people still have not been able to return to their homes. >> i didn't like have any foresight about the people that they would be affecting. it's kind of scary. you know, it was such a peaceful night the night before. >> now the atf says the fire caused a million dollars in damage. act versus not revealed petaways alleged motive. happening today, democratic senator cory booker from new jersey is announcing two major
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items. first at 10:00, booker is announcing agrept on a justice reform bill. then around noon, he is talking about the iran nuclear review act. legislation will have both democrats and republicans, he says, working together on the oversight of the iran deal. from our south jersey bureau now, three controversial cases we've seen in recent months involving police in south jersey, two of those were deadly. jerome reed is the man remember was shot and killed in a traffic stop in december. a grand jury close not to indict the officers. philip white died shortly after a clash with officers in vineland in march. just last month, a 14-year-old boy was shot several times by police in trenton. he survived. across the state of new jersey public confidence in police. hundreds talk strategy yesterday in trenton. the acting new jersey attorney
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general defended the state's record of investigating police-involved shootings. refors this summer added transparency to the process. >> the law enforcement and community lyders, it's very, very important. i think that will help us go on. >> that process involves community input. >> now, thetate is still rolling out a program that will outfit all state body troopers with body cameras in the next couple weeks. cloud to start with. and we got showers, too. no heavy rain this morning, but there still is a strong potential for some heavy rainfall impacting our area over the next couple days, along with strong gusty winds. tracking light showers this morning. the showers, i don't think they will be around all day. there is a food possibility we will be locking at cloudy skies this afternoon, along with some cooler temperatures, finally for this time of 84. >> that rain the wind will turn heavier and stronger tomorrow
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and into this weekend and there is a potential that some of that will come courtesy of joaquin. we are still watching that powerful storm this morning, doyles town, 63 degrees, 63 in philadelphia a. little light rainfall, millvale at 61 degrees, but so far, it's dry at cape may the showers just to the south of cape may this morning. as far as the shower activity, here you can see it into camden burlington getting rainfall and shower activity extends into newcastle county and delaware. but the steadiest rain is still offshore from a stalled cold front. you can see that heavier rainfall. >> that is going to move back towards our way over the next couple days. so today we get scattered showers, tomorrow this band of rain is going to be moving in. that's the heavier rain. potential. we get rain and wind courtesy of joaquin. joaquin still a long way away, impacting the bahamas and still moving to the west-southwest at
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five miles an hour, 120-mile-an-hour winds, some strengthening. it should be weakening as it's expecting to come up the coast. the next few days, we see linger into the bahamas and make a turn to move to the north. so way away from us as we're heading into the weekend. by sunday morning, early in the morning, that is still offshore. this is the latest just updated hurricane forecast track from the national hurricane center. but at that time it will be impacting the carolinas. and the latest scrap the official track keeps it just offshore. but what's important to look at where those icons are, is this much larger area and this is the potential area for where it could be at 2:00 on monday morning. so there is a possibility it could be just off the delaware beaches. there is also a possibility it will be parked into the carolinas or farther offshore.
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but early tuesday it's still an issue for us, possibly with rain and wind. so whole keep a close eye on joaquin. you can expect that track to change over the next few days. they'll continue to be updated. 61 degrees this afternoon, camelback, scattered showers for fleetwood into morris town, 62 degrees, new hope 64. temperaturess in the 60s through the day today. >> all right, bill, thanks. 12 minutes past 5:00. new jersey you have a fair cost in effect. how much more you can expect to pay when you board a new jersey transit bus or train? plus, heavy downpours and flash flooding as we keep a close eye on hurricane joaquin. strong storms are already causing problems up and down the northeast. we'll walk you through the worst of it.
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>> we brace for the possible impact of hurricane joaquin, wet weather is already causing problems up and down the east coast. heavy rains are drenching new england and southern maine. some drivers are stranded. at least 10,000 people were left without power. the forecasters say that area may get more than six inches before it lets up. heavy rain and high wind in massachusetts on wednesday, some motorists got the warning a little bit too late, had to be rescued from their cars. the areas that didn't get rain
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or hit with wind, several cars were damaged by fallen tree limbs. now the rain has stopped in virginia. downpours left creeks and rivers swollen. a number of roads have been closed this week because of standing water. residents in one mobile home park were encouraged to move to higher ground. now in our area the nbc 10 first alert team is tracking rain ahead of hurricane joaquin. meteorologist bill henley is tracking both weather threats. remember, you can always get the nbc 10 news app. download it right now. it's a great. to have with you. to get first alert updates, you can set it up to customize alerts, specifically for where you are in your neighborhood. 5:16. something to keep in mind before you begin your morning compute. new jersey transit riders will see a fair hike today. >> that means if you take the bus or the train, you will be paid more starting this morning. nbc 10 katy zachary joins us
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live. we are talking a 9% increase. what does that translate into for commuters? >> reporter: well, chris, it's not just more money out of their pockets, it's frustration as well. because this is the fifth time in just over a decade that new jersey transit has increased its prices for rail and train tickets. this rate hike for rail and bus tickets comes after the company made a system-wide, major system-wide cut. so what can you expect? one way fares between camden, they go up $1.25 a. monthly train ticket goes up $40. the increases needed we are told to close a $60 million budget gap. now this rate hike has also become political for some. some democrats are blameing republican governor chris christie for failing to find a revenue source for the state's transportation trust fund. coming up in the next hour, we'll have more on how this is going to affect households throughout this area.
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report, live in camden county, katy zachary, nbc 10 news. if you think you are saving money by taking the train instead of flying, that may not always be the case. >> amtrak generated billions of renew, starting tied, you will be charged $20 if you have more than four backs for overwake bags. that's a little different than the airlines. here's how this will look. you will be allowed to pri two bagsway weighing up to 25 pounds into two carry-ons, anything more than that, you will be paying a fee. if you are traveling by car, or truck or vehicle this morning on 422, we are checking out conditions on that highway now. >> jessica buyington is watching the roads what are we seeing? >> we are still a little empty, which is a good. . you see our drive times, we still have an 8-minute trip to the schuylkill expressway t. eastbound lanes are in here. you see taillights, no problem,
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they're moving along nicely there as well. a lot of our drive times are in the clear so far for this morning on 95 and we are headed through delaware, pretty much the same story. can you see 11 minutes at the most if you are headed northbound from 295 to 495, we're all in the green. as for a road of construction in sheltonham, watch that. when i come back in the next ten minutes, we'll see more drive times in the new jersey area, now check in with those pope closures and see how they're doi doing. >> 19 minutes after 5:00. we're getting a cloudy start and a bit damp this morning. not everybody is seeing rain. but everybody has clouds and a breeze, too, that is picking up that has come with cooler air. 63 degrees right now in philadelphia. that's 13 degrees cooler than yesterday. don't watch for showers. it hasn't reached cape may, inland, we are seeing scattered light showers, mainly light
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showers this, mo. we get rain to start with. they will not last all day, glocester, mount laurel, seeing raindrops the heavy rainfall just offshore, cold front came through and this system is coming back at us tomorrow with the potential for heavy rain. this is not associated with hurricane joaquin. future-cast showing 8:00 this morning, showers in the area, look how it dries out as we go into the afternoon hours, still some showers at the shore, maybe spotty showers inland, too. most of the area at 5:00 today will be dry, into this evening the clouds hang out. showers at the shore, might get some heavy downpours at times. then during the day friday the rain starts to intensify in the afternoon and that rainfall could be heavy at times. latest computer models, watching hurricane joaquin. joaquin is a category 3 expected by most of the models to take a turn at the north. sunday afternoon at 3:00. most of those models take it into the east coast.
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well the national hurricane center says this may not happen. it may agree to a pit more with some of those models, keep eight little farther offshore. so the official forecast has them hugging the coastline. that's monday afternoon at 5:00. so this storm system will be around for days. we'll be tracking it for days. if this is correct, obviously, it will have a huge impact on our area, for today, not a huge amount of rainfall. we see scattered showers this morning. gusty winds, cooler tomorrow. look at that lower 50 tomorrow afternoon, just 54. wet and windy. not an all day rainfall. but potentially some heavy rainfall later on friday and into saturday and then later in the weekend, we start feeling the effects of joaquin sunday and monday we could see some heavy rainfall and gusty wind. should be trying out for tuesday and wednesday. >> bill, thanks. accused of terrorizing an elderly war veteran, coming up new information about these two
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suspects in a violent home invasion that we have been following for months in chester county. plus, upping its online sales game. we will tell you about competing with other retailers and how it could save you from haing to shop around.
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>> target is starting online price matchings today. target will match its online prices with 29 competing online retailers like amazon,
5:25 am they are extending the time period you can get a price adjustment on something you already bought from seven days to 14 days. well, you might not want to take a look at your 401k, long term, think long term. investors are hoping for a rebound after the worst quarter in four years. let's get more from the cnbc morning busy news. dprm. >> reporter: tracy, good morning to you. exactly right. think long term, don't panic. when everyone kicks off wall street, stocks off their worst three months in four years t. markets are sharply higher on wednesday, a positive open this morning. the third quarter with the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 all falling 7%. the 4th quarter is historically positive for stocks. worries about coin's slowing economy and earnings could weigh on the marks. look for data on unemployment and manufacturing. the dow rising 235 points
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wednesday. the nasdaq up 102 to 4620. 62 degrees. we got cloudy skies and i'm tracking some light showers this morning. you will see some gusty winds as well. look at the winds atop the aramark building in center city. ask degrees. it will be getting cooler during the day t. up to date neighborhood by neighborhood forecast just ahead. right now, jessica boyington is in the first alert forecast. >> on route 202 right now, we will check in with the drive times there. you can see everything moving. no problems there. when i come back in the next couple minutes around 5:30, we will have more drive times in the philadelphia area. we'll be right back. .
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we are tracking two weather alert, if irs of those heavy rain. you can see we have a few showers in parts of the area moving through now. by tomorrow, we're looking at steady downpours and the threat of flooding. >> the second threat is hurricane joaquin. the storm is closing in, in the bahamas right now. several models do show it taking aim on the east coast after that including the jersey shore. right now preparations are under
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way for the wet weather we know is coming and the potential for a hurricane early next week. it is 5:30 on the nose, good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today. >> we got you covered, meteorologist bill henley is standing by with the first alert forecast. bill a few showers right now at this hour. >> they are light showers, that's all i'm expecting. today will be a quiet day, starting off with raindrops, the showers here this morning will likely take a break this afternoon, steady rainfall in glocester towards mount laurel around mills getting raindrops right now. not an all day rainfall, but an umbrella might be a good idea this morning. 7:00 a few showers, 60 degrees. look at the wind, 10:00 the rain and wind dropping temperatures a little down to 59 degrees and then with a break in the rain this afternoon, 1:0051 degrees, we'll still get those gusty winds t


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