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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  October 1, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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right now preparations are under way for the wet weather we know is coming and the potential for a hurricane early next week. it is 5:30 on the nose, good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today. >> we got you covered, meteorologist bill henley is standing by with the first alert forecast. bill a few showers right now at this hour. >> they are light showers, that's all i'm expecting. today will be a quiet day, starting off with raindrops, the showers here this morning will likely take a break this afternoon, steady rainfall in glocester towards mount laurel around mills getting raindrops right now. not an all day rainfall, but an umbrella might be a good idea this morning. 7:00 a few showers, 60 degrees. look at the wind, 10:00 the rain and wind dropping temperatures a little down to 59 degrees and then with a break in the rain this afternoon, 1:0051 degrees, we'll still get those gusty winds and there is more wind and
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rain to come. we got your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when we come back if ten minutes. right now, jessica boyington is watching your first alert traffic. >> and still watching out for cleanup in philadelphia after the papal festivities the weekend. so everything is pretty much under control. residual delays west between pennsylvania avenue and the ben franklin parkway. south 20th street between vine street and hamilton street. if you are headed out the door, go onto the vine street expressway. no problems yet. 24th street. these lanes are westbound towards the schuylkill expressway, a three minute trip. for the rested of our drive times, headed outdoor, 95 to schuylkill, for the blue route. we're still in the green. we have no increase yet in any of those drive times.
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transit great so far this morning. on a positive note, all on time, no reporting delays, tracy. >> you need to be prepared, maybe thinking of emergency plans or mjs kits, making sure they have water, food, medicines, supplies for dogs, katds. >> that should be done to get ready. >> that had vice from the director of emergency management in north carolina. we track all of the possible paths for hurricane joaquin. nbc 10's matt deluca is live with how people along the shore get ready. >> the shore will probably be heavy rain, strong winds and flooding over the next two days, right? >> indeed, that is the forecast. mortgages management officials do have concerns about the potential for record breaking title flooding at the shore this
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weekend. the communities up and down the coast are urging residents to be prepared before the weather gets worse. even though it is unclear where joaquin will make landfall, heavy rain, wind and flooding are three things people do not want to hear. almost three years since sandy. out in ocean city, yesterday, public works crews need heavy machinery to stockpile the stand there on the beaches. thatry ready to block if beach access pads, if needed, to keep the ocean from pouring onto the streets. some shore residents, meantime, are also acting early. they are pulling their boat out of the water. >> in the low lying areas, keep the high tide, be prepared to move cars out of the way t. message is prepare now. because if you wait for the next couple days, you might be doing it in heavy rains. >> prepare now. >> that, of course, is the big. there. the big question at the shore is what will happen with the tide from coastal flooding and with the weekend fast approaching the
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folks know the porngs of being ready early, chris. >> they have been through it before. thanks, matt. rain is also a big concern in dover this weekend where nascar races are held. the sprint cup finale, weather permitting, of course, sunday's race will be jeff gordon's last run on the monster mile before calling it a career. and the threat of nasty weather impacting the phillies, too. this is a live look. well, it looked like that. we we know just across the park, filmilys are wrapping up their series with the mets today. phillies won last night 7-5. today's game was originally scheduled as a night game. it will start at 12:05, gates open at 11:05. you can prepare for the storms ahead any time anywhere. all at your fingertips, all you have to do is download the nbc apps now for free. a man is dead after being hit by
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two cars in chester last night. right now, police are looking for one of the drivers who left after the deadly crash. this is video from sky 4 10 over the scene last night on east 9th street around 8:00. police say the driver they're looking for left in a plaque impam lampblts a mystery this morning. police want to know who killed a man an left his body wrapped in a tarp underneath an overpass? sky 4 10 was over the scene last night. police say the men were stabbed to death. his body was partially decomposed. police arrested a pair of suspects they say beat and robbed an elderly man in his home. >> the victim is a war veteran. the prosecutor is calling the suspect coward t. attack happened west of winchester county in july. police arrested zachary hails and john reed, investigators say hails did repair work and robbed
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the victim for drug money. the victim didn't want to show us his face on tv. he showed us his injuries he is still recovering from. he described the attacks over the summer. >> it was fairly black. i had a big bruise up here, skin missing. i had blood all over my head. >> tips from the public helped lead them to hails and reserves. they are charged with robbery, assault and trick threats. a developing story, conflicting reports, according to a top russian military official, airstrikes that they are carrying out are aimed at isis military equipment, communication centers and am 96. but a u.s. official says the bombings are not against isis targets, that they are being targeted againsts civilians. u.s. coalition led missions in the region continue despite a be from russia to stay out of syrian airspace.
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it is 5:36 now. someone is waking up a lot witch richer this, mo. if you have areas in kalamazoo, michigan, this may be the time to give them a call and remind them how much you love them. because someone in three rivers michigan about 30 miles south of cams bought the winning $310ple powerball ticket. the lump sum payout is $91.4 million after taxes. the winning number is again just so you can keep that, that you didn't have those, are 21, 39, 40, 55, 59 and powerball 17. you can win less than that, though. someone bought a mega-millions ticket in burlington county. they're in for a big payday, too. >> a man hit for a million dollars in the most recent drawing. it matched the five white balls. the winning numbers were 8, 21, 30, 61, 52 megaball 9. this is the third time in the past two weeks a mega-millions
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player hit $4 million bucks. well, it's 5:37 t. lights are still on in washington this morning. but the last minute budget deal, it doesn't cover everyone and that includes 9/11 first responders. we'll tell you about the benefits that they're about to lose. . coastal flood warnings in effect for the jersey shore. that's cape may. 63 degrees right now with winds at just 10 miles an hour in wildwood t. heavy rainfall and stronger winds on the way. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast just ahead.
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. >> 20 minutes before 6:00. lots of clouds, few scattered temperatures that are in the low 60s right now. definitely cooler than yet, spotty showers into new jersey and farther to the south.
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on and off, excuse me they're going to be on and off during the day today, heavy rainfall is off. that's heavier rain that's due in tomorrow. you see showers to start with likely cloudy skies this afternoon. those storms will be on the move for tomorrow, for today, gusty winds inland 65 in allentown, 64 if reading. quakeer town 61 degrees. scattered showers this afternoon, less likely to see the afternoon showers, scattered showers this morning and afternoon temperatures in the lower 60s, doyles town, trenton, along the coastline, gusty wind and showers this morning. there is a possibility of wet weather this afternoon, too. 60s for the shore, vineland and dover in the very low 60s today low 60s. heavier rainfall due in later tomorrow when i'm back if ten minutes. >> bill, thanks.
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>> back at the vatican, reflecting on his u.s. trip, we will tell you what pope francis had to say about his time in philadelphia for the world meeting of families. prepare for pink. we will tell you some of the times that is breast cancer awareness month. right now around the lehigh valley looking at lehigh street, camera and and out there, you can see we are moving along nicely when i come back. i will go over all that where they are coming up.
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at 5:45, tracking hurricane joaquin. right now, it is hitting the bums area. while there are still a lot of possibilities about the track it will take, one of them, at least one of them puts us in the storm's path. if delaware, nascar is hoping the rain will hold off until the race starts at 2 this 30. at the shore, preparations are under way for flooding this weekend. this could be the first major storm to slam the sore since super storm sandy in 2012. they are tracking the rain we will see ahead of hurricane joaquin. meteorologist bill henley
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tracking those, very busy there, we will check back in with bill in three minutes. new video this morning of a delivery cab jumping a curb and crashing into a woman and four children d. driver of the cab in the bronx says he stepped on the brakes, but the car wouldn't stop. an-year-old girl is in the icu with a broken pelvis and leg. she will need surgery. the girl's brother and mother were also hurt. the driver is not being charged. police say thieves stole a papal flag from outside after a home in schuylkill. they hope the under surveillance video will lead to an arrest. investigators say it happened tuesday morning. one of the suspects got out of a white suv after circling south 27th street. you see them jumping the flack, taking off. anyone with information is asked to call police. pope francis reflected on his
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visit to the u.s. in reference to the world meeting of families, pope francis says it was an opportunity to celebrate the beauty planned for the family. he wishes to embrace all cubans without exception and renew hope that cuba will open itself to the world. federal employees will be working today because congress avoided a government shutdown by a shut down spending bill. the issue of planned parenthood is still on the table. it will keep them running. congress did not renew a health program for september 11th first responders. that program will now be phased out by next summer. first responders suffering ill insides are eligible for health care. congress is paying tribute to 87 firefighters who died in the line of duty.
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>> the fallen include four local firefighters, including the first woman to die while on duty in philadelphia. leiutenant joyce craig died in december while fighting a fire in a basement. she is being honored with the christopher hunter. the congressional fire caucus help survives family members. loved ones will never be morgan. congress to the memorial in maryland and the names of the firefighters will be added to that memorial on sunday. 5:48. cloudy skies. we have showers, light scattered showers in the area. that's what i'm expecting during the day today. it's dry across the delaware towards center city and cooler.
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63 degrees this morning, down 13 degrees compared to yesterday. the wind is an 18-mile-an-hour wind in philadelphia. it will be stronger at the >> that could lead to some flooding for today. radar shows light showers rainfall is just offshore. this is the rain that will be moving into the area for tomorrow and potentially into the weekend. 6:00 this evening, those showers are off shore. we get a break this afternoon. it may be dry most of the night tonight. as we go into friday in the morning, we might start to dry tomorrow morning. a it is day goes on, here comes the rain once again turning steadier and potentially heavier by late friday afternoon. that's not the end of it. we could see rainy weather on through the weekend in fact totaled at the shore. look at those numbers in delaware, southern delaware, could be more than four inches
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of rain coming ahead of hurricane joaquin. that's without joaquin. joaquin is a 120-mile-an-hour storm, a category 3 and expected to take a turn over the next few days to the north as a category 4 and weaken early saturday morning with 125 mile an hour weakening as it heads to the forth. early sunday morning, days away anywhere from the clones to the virginia coastline and our area early next week. that's tuesday early in the morning. they'll be keeping a close eye on that storm as it continues to make more changes, more moves potentially up the coast. for today, scattered light showers, gusty winds this afternoon and 60s. tomorrow with that wind and rain and 54 degrees. the heavier rains due in later in the day. the potential for more rain and
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wind for saturday and sunday. those temperatures will be cooler tomorrow. they will rebound a bit over the weekend in spite of the wind and rain and there is that chance that we will see some showers and some more gusty winds, potentially from joaquin coming up the coast on monday. we will show you the first alert for friday and saturday for the potential for heavy rain, gusty winds, coastal flooding. we may have to extend that into sunday and monday based on what happens with joaquin. >> we will have a lot of rain in the next couple of days. you showed earlier the various models. ma have it making that turn into the north carolina coastline. most of them do at this time. that's true. if that happens, what is the most likely imbath to us? >> we would see delayed rainfall. it will weaken once its over land him all that moisture is still in the atmosphere and it's going to go somewhere, many of the computer models do bring it
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up to the northeast. so we could potentially see heavy rainfall even with landfall potentially in the carolinas. that's just one scenario with this storm. >> that will grow a little more clear each day. >> one would hope. i think joaquin will be a difficult one. >> keep us posted right now. >> now, let's get you posted on what you can do right now to stay on stop of this week's wet weather. on your smartphone and tablet, download the nbc 10 news app. you can get the first alert weather alert. when we get new information, you will be updated every time changes come in on joaquin's projected path. we can get you ready for your first alert drive. >> that's the schuylkill expressway where we had ongoing
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construction. cleared out of the way. we are gad to go there. around girard avenue, the eastbound drive times are okay. though. between eagleville road, a small closure there. if you are out the door the inner lanes are closed from strawberry mansion to falcon 14 drive as well. later on today around lunchtime, if you are headed around the schuylkill expressway or the stadium area, we have a phillies game. you can expect extra volume around the stadium area and 95 and the schuylkill expressway. when i come back in the next ten minutes, we'll go over mass transit and delays there. chris, tracy. >> all right, jessica. today the link will turn pink.
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a live look there from our exclusive camera pence the stadium. everything looks normal. later in the day, they will be going pink for breast cancer awareness month. the eagle and all of the nfl teams will be wearing pink throughout the month. >> speaking of pink, you will see durington county police officers wearing pink. police cars will display the breast cancer pink ribbon. officers will also wear specially designed breast cancer awareness hats and vest patches and the outside of the police department will be lit up in pink. we love engaging you viewers any chance we get. >> come back around. we got our ipads set up that allows us to chat with you, answer most of your questions. most of them. >> it's an app. periscope, find us, our address
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is nbc philadelphia. >> we'll see you there. well, two racing greats are getting ready to hang up their hats. we will tell you where you can see them in action before they retire in this area. zplmpl
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zplmplts. along today, what they're doing at the wells fargo center. truckers are bringing in truckloads of dirt for these guys, monster jam, monster truck drivers display their skills, really, it's a big truck. they crush things t. show starts friday and runs through sunday. that's something you can do indoors within it's raining all weekend, well, as nascar stars arrive, one of nascar's all time greats is putting brakes on his career. tony stewart announced he is retiring after the 2016 season. stewart is a three time sprint cup winner. he says the step away is his own. in august he was involved in a deadly dirt track incident and killed a fellow driver. he was cleared of wrongdoing but
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has not won a race since that happened. nascar will certainly look different, you may remember jeff gordon is retiring at the end of this season. fans can watch him the last time in dover this weekend. i am actually getting old now, i remember jeff gordon starting, it seemed like a few years ago this 18-year-old rookie lit them on fire. >> now they have to move on. hopefully they get the race? >> you are watching nbc 10 news at 6:00 a.m. starts now. all eyes on joaquin. right now the hurricane has its sights set on the bahamas, this morning, we are tracking the possibility of the storm's still uncertain path. >> heavy rain is moving our way. we will tell you what to expect in your neighborhood now and into the weekend. >> now, the tour is bracing for
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potential problems. a coastal flood watch goes into effect in less than two hours. good morning. this is nbc 10 today. >> the entire east coast corridors. >> light showers, heavier rain will wait until tomorrow and the weekend. radar shows showers in new jersey, delaware, light showers, mainly in burlington county right now. you see scattered showers this morning. this afternoon, there is a chance we see a break in the rainfall. 60s at 7:00, cooling down with winds gusting at 15 miles an hour and above at 10:00. then showers break at 2:00 this afternoon, 61 degrees, win out of the northeast at 15 miles an hour. we will take a look at the rain and the wind with the


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