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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  October 1, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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i'm going to stay on top of this. of course, i told you about the police dispatch. as soon as we turned that around 4:30 time we'll make sure to get it from you. any other information i'll get it to you right away. for now, reporting live, keith jones, nbc 10 news. now to a weather and big changes ahead. high water flooded streets at the jersey shore and waves crashed over walls. live look at the first alert radar that's tracking a wet and windy system affecting our area right now. >> this is all happening as the threat of a hurricane looms to our south this afternoon, sparking this warning from new jersey governor chris christie. >> the atlantic, cape may, cumberland, and salem counties, i need all of you to begin to prepare today. >> hurricane joaquin is still days away, but preparations are happening in our area right now. >> and here's a look at this afternoon's headlines. new jersey has issued a state of emergency. in pennsylvania, governor tom
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wolf says he's prepared to sign one if necessary. right now, hurricane joaquin is a powerful category 4 storm. we have live first alert team coverage tracking the two weather threats ahead, both joaquin and the storms that will hit first. sheena parveen begins with the threat facing us right now. sheena? >> right now we're looking at increasing rain and wind across the area. right now we've seen rain increasing through the afternoon. we even have more offshore, some of this is locally heavy. we're looking at it moving into the philadelphia area, even through new jersey, areas north and west through the lehigh valley, locally heavy rain right now increasing overnight and into tomorrow. look at all the rain down to our south. it's going to move onshore through the day tomorrow, which is going to continue to increase the flooding concerns, not just along the shore, but also inland. we have a first alert weather day out tomorrow and also saturday because we expect very high winds, we expect heavy downpours. this will lead to areas of
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flooding. beach erosion and storm surge, certainly, we are expecting in some spots because of the very strong onshore winds. coastal flood warning has been issued for atlantic county, cape may, close to cumberland, as well. we'll be watching closely over the next 24 hours. onshore winds will be increasing to around 40 mile an hour wind gusts, wave heights 8 to 12 feet, beach erosion is expected because of all this combined and along the shore we could see about three-foot storm surge. there you see the onshore wind will be pushing the water onshore so we are looking at one of the hardest hit areas along the shore into the next couple of days, but we're also talking about the hurricane, so more details on that coming up. >> thanks, sheena. team coverage continues now with ted greenberg. >> flooding has already been a problem today, right, ted? >> reporter: yeah, it certainly was. let's go to the story right now.
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wind-whipped water surges into streets this afternoon, leaving kelly smith stuck as she tried to get to her mom's house. >> can't get there it's so flooded. >> reporter: today's flooding marked the first of several round expected to hit the jersey shore through sunday. >> the northeast wind has been blowing for so long now, it's not going out to tide, so this could get bad. >> reporter: that constant onshore wind will cause water to keep piling up in the back bays. atlantic county emergency management officials expect the region to be hit with the worst flooding since hurricane sandy nearly three years ago. >> people do not want to see this now. there's people that haven't even recovered from sandy yet. >> get yourselves back together and now we have this happening? >> reporter: in long port, the ocean crashed on to pavement fuelled by massive waves that are only expected to get bigger.
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>> really, really rough. what i don't like is this is just the beginning. it's going to be next three days really rough. >> reporter: nearby, a pair of bull dozers closed up beach access paths with mountains of sand to help block the surf from flowing on to streets. >> it is very frustrating. i'm very scared. we don't need to go through this again and have more damage. >> ted greenberg reporting there for us. now a look at west wildwood today. flooded out streets there. drew smith is in cape may county right now surveying conditions there and we're going to check in with him ahead at 4:30. now to our delaware bureau where flooding is also a concern at the beaches there. >> nbc 10's tim furlong is in sussex county with the impacts there. >> reporter: don't know how much chicken josephine will sell along the highway in dover today. she's hoping some of the nascar fans will come out in the rain to see her. >> weather's not good for the racing, but still will be people
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out there. everybody has to put a good smile on their face. >> reporter: weather is bad up and down delaware, really bad at broadkill beach. why is melinda so happy? >> i can't say it enough, we are very fortunate. >> reporter: well, she's happy because all the sand dredged from delaware bay to make it easier for ships to pass, that sand is on her beach. we saw how the water from the bay just took over. >> actually, it did take all of our flooring and everything had to be replaced. >> reporter: this house that stepped out into the water a couple years ago now has a ton of protection around it. this weekend will be the first big test for the hard work and dredging here. unfortunately, the work hasn't reached the neighbors to the south just yet. broadkill beach can withstand a one-two punch, lasting a long time, but nothing is perfect. >> when we put sand on a beach, it's a sacrifice, we know it is. we know the ocean is going to do what it's going to do. >> and that was tim furlong
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reporting. now to hurricane joaquin, which could start to impact us later on in the weekend. right now the category 4 hurricane is sitting over the bahamas and forecasters say the center should move over or near portions of the central bahamas this afternoon and tonight. joaquin is expected to batter the area with winds and rain throughout the night, bringing a significant storm surge and dangerous surf. where it goes from there will determine how much will get impacted. >> sheena parveen is back now with the latest storm projections for us. sheena, what is it? >> these have changed a bit, which we expect with these storms, especially when they sit in one spot, we expect the computer models to struggle until it finally starts moving in the direction we expect, at least for now. here's a look at the hurricane around the bahamas, strong category 4 hurricane, major storm, max winds 130 miles an hour, but still moving to the southwest at 6 miles an hour, so essentially it's moving away from us right now, but that
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really keeps it meandering around the bahamas. it won't be taking that northward turn until about later on tomorrow evening possibly. so here's the updated track, possibly category 2 as we go into sunday morning. the cone gets wider out the farther out in time, but the uncertainty increases but we're waiting for it to take the turn and i think models will have a better idea which way it's going to steer. then as we go into the end of the weekend, early monday, closer to the carolinas, the track has been shifting farther out into the atlantic, closest to us monday, into tuesday, but at this time it's still uncertain whether or not it will be moving inland or staying out to sea. here's what i'm talking about when i talk about those computer models. yesterday they were all pretty much in agreement it would move into the carolinas. today not so much. we still have the models that do expect it to move onshore, but we have more models now keeping it offshore, so they are sensing more of a right turn here, so
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this is certainly possible. we cannot rule this out. models are not agreeing today on the track like they were more yesterday, which is typical of storms this far out in time, especially when they are still sitting in one spot, but if it stays offshore, we'll have wind, just not as much rain by the end of the weekend. onshore even to our south, we will have higher winds and more rain. but, of course, this is something we'll have a better idea on as we go through the next 24 to 48 hours, as well. more updates on this and what you can expect as we go through the next 48 hours alone, because we have the heavy rain coming first. more about that coming up. >> staying with this now, governor chris christie declaring a state of emergency in new jersey ahead of tonight's storms and joaquin's possible landfall. >> governor christie wants people there to start preparing and to stay calm. >> i understand that this is a state that's been traumatized by the second worst natural disaster in american history
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just not quite three years ago, and i understand that there will be people who when they start to hear this news will feel an enormous amount of stress. you need to know the state is prepared to deal with whatever we need to deal with, depending upon the path of the storm, and i need all of you to be able to do the things you need to do to protect yourselves and your families. >> so prepare now. governor christie is warning of moderate and possibly severe flooding in south jersey. you're looking live at cape may right now. he's warning people in atlantic, cape may, cumberland, and salem counties to prepare for power outages up to six inches of rain could fall today and tomorrow. could be too soon to tell if evacuations are necessary, but he'll give residents as much notice as possible if it does become necessary. in pennsylvania now, governor tom wolf says he's prepared to declare a state of emergency if necessary. >> governor says they are hoping for the best but preparing, of course, for the worst. >> we're working with the
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private sector, nonprofits like the red cross and again, as i said, counties around pennsylvania to make sure we all have the resources we need and they are in place to make sure if needed, we're ready. we're coordinating with the federal emergency management agency, our federal partners, and in law enforcement and public utilities across the state to make sure we're prepared. >> people already taking extra precautions ahead of the storm, especially in flood prone areas. we found these public crews working to clear drains in bucks county, all flood prone locations are targeted. >> for a couple of days now our public works department has been out cleaning out storm drains, checking the head walls of our creeks that go underneath of our roads and such, making sure no debris will hold up the flow of water, just to make sure what does come down flows properly. >> power outages are a major concern with these kinds of storms. the owner of beach hardware
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tells us they are stocking up to make sure his community is ready. >> and the danger of heavy rain and strong storms bring bad memories for residents and businesses. this is video from april of last year. flood waters got so high, cars were almost completely under water. business owners we spoke with today say they are keeping an eye on the forecast. they don't want to be caught off guard. one warehouse was hit hard by the storm last april. >> the last event the river came up so fast, we've never seen that event happen in the last 15-plus we've had on main street. >> businesses say one thing helping right now is the lack of recent heavy rainfall. it's keeping creeks and rivers lower than usual so they can take on more water now before they flood. stay with nbc 10 on the air and on the nbc 10 news app as our team of meteorologists track the storm moving in tonight and hurricane joaquin. count on us for the latest forecast and projection.
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now to fears that a new jersey college campus two female students say a stranger came into their dorm room and touched them inappropriately while they were sleeping. it's happened twice now at ryder university in mercer county. now police are issuing a warning to students. cydney long has the story. >> i'm definitely scared about it, my parents are freaked out about it and want more security. >> reporter: in the dark of night, police say a campus predator has struck twice in the same west village dormitory in the rider university campus. >> we don't know what the outcome would have been if these females weren't awakened and we don't know his potential. >> reporter: police say the man someone gained access by following someone in and then made his way into an unlocked and occupied dorm room first on september 11th and again this past sunday. >> while the females are sleeping, he would go in and he grabbed the chest area of one female and then he touched the second female, touched her on
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the shoulder. >> reporter: students who live in that particular cluster of dorms show us how they use a swipe card to gain entry but the locking mechanism takes time to click shut. >> people can let people in, you don't know where they are coming from. it's kind of scary to know. >> not only female. men are even scared about it. nobody wants to have someone around campus like that. >> reporter: both occasions the suspect ran off, but he keeps trying. >> there was a guy in a sorority that got chased away. we had no information about that. >> reporter: are you feeling nervous? >> definitely, we lock our door, always lock our door. >> white male, thin build, dark clothing, dark brown hair, maybe a little bit of facial hair on the side. >> reporter: until the suspect is caught, police and campus security have stepped up patrols. their request to students is simple -- >> lock your doors, your dorm rooms. >> reporter: cydney long, nbc 10 news. prosecutors have filed
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another perjury charge against pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. the new charge stems from evidence found during the execution of a search warrant at her office last month. kane was previously charged with perjury, conspiracy, and other counts for allegedly leaking confidential information from a 2009 grand jury probe. the new perjury count stems from her claim she had never signed a secrecy oath preventing her from releasing information from past grand jury cases. kane has denied any wrong doing. kane is set to be arraigned on this new charge in the next 30 minutes. nbc 10 is there and we'll bring you new developments coming up at 5:00. overseas, russia continues to launch air strikes in syria for a second day today, despite criticism from the u.s. russia has said its air strikes would only target isis, but now a spokesperson says they are also bombing other extremist groups. u.s. secretary of state john
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kerry says only isis be targeted. the u.s. supports some syrian rebels who are fighting syria's president assad. now to decision 2016. bernie sanders is offering hillary rodham clinson an unexpected challenge in the race for primary campaign money. sanders collected nearly as much from small donations as clinton from big dollar donors. sanders raised about $26 million in the past three months. clinton said she had taken in $28 million. here's a look at the democratic field right now. along with clinton and sanders, martin o'malley, lincoln chafee, and jim webb are running for the nomination. vice president joe biden has not yet announced whether he's running. police in ocean city identified a woman whose body was found in the ocean this week. investigators posted pictures, you may recall, of the woman's tattoos on tuesday and someone quickly recognized her as 47-year-old cheryl rita.
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the medical examiner ruled the death as a drowning. it is not considered suspicious. the huge justice complex in trenton remains closed today because of a chemical leak. the freon leak forced an evacuation yesterday. the building houses the new jersey supreme court and the state attorney general's office. all court proceedings were postponed. freon is typically used as a refrigerant in air conditioning systems. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, we have a lot of stuff to talk about over the next 48 hours, then we're tracking hurricane joaquin. first we have a first alert weather day out in place tomorrow through saturday, so we have a lot of wind and a lot of rain coming, especially along the shore, that's going to be one of our main concerns across the area. heavy downpours moving in, winds increasing starting tonight. already windy outside, but they'll get stronger overnight tonight. areas of flooding are expected,
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especially along the shore with the very strong and persistent onshore wind. beach erosion expected with that, as well as a storm surge coinciding with high tide between about 10:00 a.m. and noon tomorrow for our shore points. right now we have a lot of rain on radar to talk about, mostly light to moderate rain moving up through the philadelphia area, major interstates into trenton, 295 and 95, north and west through the lehigh valley, into the poconos, light to moderate rain here and the winds are still gusting. also pretty cold outside right now, it will stay that way tomorrow, too, except more rain. more rain down to the south, that will be moving in for tomorrow and higher winds. right now the winds are sustained near 15 miles an hour for most of the area along the shore near 15, but gusting and will keep seeing the winds get higher through the day tomorrow, too. right now temperatures are only in the 50s. it is a chilly day. mostly the mid to upper 50s across the area and temperatures aren't going to be going any higher than this, especially
4:18 pm
tomorrow. another cold, rainy day. here's future wind and rain. we're looking at future precip shown by the green, that shows us the rain and the wind speeds here. tonight, 9:00 p.m., winds gusting near 30 miles an hour in philadelphia. closer to the shore by 9:00 p.m. tonight already gusting close to 40 miles per hour. this is going to be more of an onshore wind with more rain moving in. friday morning, rain around, winds gusting near 40 to 45 miles an hour around the shore. then we see the heavy bands of rain moving in. this would be friday afternoon. tomorrow afternoon we do expect heavy rain to move onshore, coastal flooding concerns with the strong onshore wind possibly gusting near 45 miles an hour. inland wind gusts near 35 miles an hour, that's going to come along with heavy rain, too, so we also expect the potential for inland flooding, as well, with the heavy rain. now we're going into your weekend. saturday morning winds still gusting from about 35 to 40 miles an hour. the shore will still be a major
4:19 pm
concern some saturday and we have the rain and wind in the forecast saturday night, then we go into sunday at that time we still have the wind with us and we'll be very closely tracking hurricane joaquin. take a look at the rainfall totals through saturday morning, but it shows you what we expect. about one to two inches, probably more, maybe about two to three inches. now we'll talk about hurricane joaquin. what i just showed you, that's the first round of weather moving in, not related to the hurricane. the hurricane still well to the south, way around the bahamas, very far away, still a category 4 major hurricane, winds sustained at 130 miles an hour, but it's still moving away from us. it's still going to meander before it finally turns to the north and this is the updated track. putting it closest to us by monday, into tuesday, so the timing has slowed down a little, but the cone wider farther out in time and the uncertainty with where the storm will be going. once it starts to move north,
4:20 pm
models will have a better idea where it's going to be heading. right now we're watching for the turn. first we saw the cool down. you feel it outside and now we're going to see that rain moving in tomorrow, very strong onshore wind, so that area of low pressure is going to be giving us quite a bit of rain. then we'll be watching hurricane joaquin. that storm will be heading to the north as of now the track is a little uncertain. more models are taking it out to sea than yesterday, which means less rain and less wind by the end of the weekend, but other models are putting it inland, meaning more rain and wind for us in the weekend. of course, right now watching it closely, updates later on this afternoon and tonight. for tonight, you can expect rain and wind increasing. 53 for the low in philadelphia, 51 north and west. chilly tomorrow, temperatures only about the mid to upper 50s, so you will definitely want a jacket. it's going to be windy, gusty winds and heavy rain, especially as we go through the afternoon. so we have tomorrow and saturday in red on the seven-day forecast, because again those are first alert weather days, we
4:21 pm
do expect windy and rainy conditions. then as we go into the end of the weekend, we will be tracking hurricane joaquin. either way we expect wind, but the track will greatly influence how much wind and rain we see into the end of the week and starting next week. >> see it change from day to day. >> certainly does. i think the models are still trying to get a handle on the storm. will it take the left-hand turn or will it go out to sea, once that storm finally moves north, we're waiting for that turn, i think the models will have a better understanding on what is going to be steering the storm. >> narrowing it down in terms of the impact on us. >> yes, that would determine whether it stays farther out to sea. we'll see a nicer end to the weekend, otherwise we're going to see a rainy, windy end. either way, wind through the start of the week. >> thanks. a local family targeted by a home security scheme. why they say their security company knew about it but never
4:22 pm
warned them. then, the food you might be feeding your pet one company says can give them salmonella poisoning. what the bride mailed her after the wedding is sparking controversy coming up on nbc 10 news.
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if you li in new jersey and like to play poker, you'll have another option. the state division of gaming enforcement gave the green light to poker stars to start online gambling in the garden state. the state previously suspended poker stars because of legal problems concerning former corporate owners before new owners took over. there's no word yet on either poker stars or full tilt will launch. well, we're following two big stories on nbc 10 news at 4:00. >> first, breaking news in oregon where at least 13 people are dead and 20 others are hurt in a shooting at a community college. we just learned the president was briefed on the developments minutes ago. we're following new developments and will have that next. and we're also watching a
4:26 pm
lot of heavy rain and high winds. that will be increasing tomorrow. then we're tracking hurricane joaquin and the changes in that track. that's coming up.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> now at 4:30 we're learning new details about a deadly shooting in oregon. at least 13 people are dead after someone opened fire at a community college. the shooting happened at umpqua community college in roseburg, about 180 miles south of portland. >> nbc 10's keith jones is keeping track of details in our digital operations center. keith, bring us up to death. >> the attorney general of oregon confirmed for us the gunman is dead after a confrontation with police. i want to show you the live pictures here from the sky. this is the community college
4:30 pm
about 180 miles from roseburg, which is where this is happening. this is portland -- rather, this is roseburg here. we're waiting on a news conference from the governor there. keep in mind, this was the first week of class for more than 3,000 full-time students. about 16,000 part-time students. former president of the college has said the school is only one security officer on duty at the time and that person isn't armed. we know at least 20 other people are injured, 13 killed, again, we just got this recording up from the police dispatch when they first heard about the shooting. take a listen. >> somebody is outside one of the dorms shooting through the door. there is a female in the computer lab. we do have one female that has beaxtñshot atmç this time. we're still attempting to get further. >> we do know that the white house says president obama has been briefed by his homeland security adviser. as i mentioned before, the governor of oregon is expected to speak in a news conference any minute now.
4:31 pm
we've learned no law enforcement officer was injured. also, they won't say anything more about the gunman's identity. we're working to stay on top of this, though, and bring you new details as soon as we get them. you should also download the free nbc 10 news app. live in the digital operations center, keith jones, nbc 10 news. and now to our weather, we're at the beginning of what could be a rough few days. towns along the jersey shore already seeing flooding today and a lot more could be ahead tomorrow. going to take a live look now from cape may where an incoming storm is creating rough surf, bringing in strong winds. the first alert radar also tracking the wet and windy system affecting our area and then our first alert weather team is also watching a growing hurricane. you know its name by now, joaquin, it could impact us later in the weekend, early next week, but first we begin with the immediate threat bringing us rain and wind. >> sheena parveen is tracking that storm. sheena? >> jim and denise, we are looking at a messy next couple of days, rain, wind, and colder
4:32 pm
temperatures, a lot like today, except we're going to see this increase through the next 12 to 24 hours. right now we already have light to moderate rain on the radar. philadelphia area points north and west, all the way up into trenton and even parts of the lehigh valley, up into the poconos, we expect this rain to be increasing as we go into tomorrow, especially. so a lot of moisture down to the south. this will be moving on shore for friday and winds will be increasing. a lot of concerns as far as flooding and coastal flooding is concerned. for friday and saturday, first alert weather day out because of the rain and the wind and that flood threat. heavy downpours, winds could be gusting in excess of 40 miles an hour along the shore and even close to 30 inland. areas of flooding are expected, not for everybody, but where we see the heaviest rain inland, i think that's where we'll have the best chance of flooding, beach erosion, and storm surge also expected along the shore. take a look what future weather is showing. we can already see winds gusting 35 to 40 miles an hour along the shore and even that rain
4:33 pm
starting to move onshore. tomorrow morning, winds gusting near about 45 miles an hour along the shore and this will continue through the afternoon. heavy rain still moving in through the day and that onshore persistent wind even continues for early saturday morning, right around 30 to 40 mile an hour wind gusts. again, major flooding concerns along the shore, flooding concerns possibly inland, as well, and aside from that, which is separate from hurricane joaquin, we are also tracking the hurricane. more about that coming up. >> thanks, sheena. for a look at the problems the system is creating, we go to drew smith live in cape may county. >> what are you seeing there, drew? >> reporter: jim and denise, the roads are just now starting to dry out. you can see there is still water out there, as well, but i want to show you where the intense action is happening right now. that's over here beyond this sea wall, where even on the bay side, other side of the island, it's rough and these waves have been pounding the sea wall here all day and the water is flowing
4:34 pm
on to the roads. this is a similar story on many streets today, some not passable and this is just from the tide, the rain continues to pick up, we expect it to get worse from here. other places busy today are along the docks and the marinas. bo boat owners are scrambling to move their boats out of here. we already saw power crews repairing a damaged line and right now the city is setting up reverse 911 calls, warning people to move their cars to higher ground and also move that outdoor furniture. back here live, we also saw people boarding up their homes, you can see one of those homes right here. this house faces the water. the wind is intense. we also spoke with the mayor here, he tells us he's met with emergency crews, her getting ready for tomorrow, tidal flooding, mod ral today, to move to major tidal flooding here on this item. drew smith, nbc 10 news. and moving now to hurricane
4:35 pm
joaquin that could impact us later in the weekend. right now joaquin is baring down on the bahamas. joaquin is separate from the storm bringing us wind and rain over the next two days. >> sheena parveen is back tow with the latest on its tracks. sheena? >> we've seen a change today compared to yesterday and what the computer models were showing us yesterday. a lot were green yesterday moving inland, south of us, but today we have quite a difference. i'll show you that and explain it in a second. right now the hurricane around the bahamas, been sitting over the bahamas for the last few days and with the warm water temperatures and little movement, favorable atmospheric conditions strengthened to a category 4. winds 130 miles an hour, it's moving to the southwest, so technically it's moving away from us but eventually will take the north turn and that would start to bring it up into the atlantic, so as of sunday morning 8:00 a.m., the more current updated track for the storm puts it as a category 2
4:36 pm
off the south carolina coast and then the difference with today's track compared to yesterday, it does bring us a little farther out to sea, so by monday into tuesday, that's when it would be closest and when we'd be seeing possible impacts, but some models have been pushing it farther out to sea, which would lower the impact on our area. so take a look at the computer models. we have quite the spread here. yesterday most of the models were pretty south of the area, but now we're seeing quite a difference. i think a lot of the models are taking the approach of keeping it offshore. once it does start to make the turn north into the atlantic, a lot of the computer models will start to get a better handle on what's steering the storm. right now it's not really moving. in this case with the models not agreeing, if it does stay offshore, we'll have wind but less rain. onshore we're looking at higher winds and more rain. of course, we'll be getting more updates later on tonight, also tomorrow and even through the weekend. we'll talk more about this and what you can expect regardless of the rain we have coming ahead of it all coming up. >> all right, sheena.
4:37 pm
stay with nbc 10 on the air and on the nbc 10 news app as our meteorologists track this storm tonight, as well as hurricane joaquin. count on us for the latest forecast and projections. well, a pet food company says one of its products could make dogs sick. >> next, the treat being taken off store shelves. plus, a woman skips a wedding after rsvping that she would be there. next, the letter she got from the bride after her no show. yoplait greek 100. for when you just can't make it without a protein-packed,
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we have a new recall to tell you about, might affect your dog. if you have treats at dollar general or dollar tree, good n fun being recalled because of a salmonella risk. they are packaged with an expiration date of march 2018. you can throw the treats away or return them to get a refund. imagine getting a bill because you didn't show up to a wedding that you had rsvp'd for. >> that's a situation a minnesota mom is dealing with right now. jessica baker and her husband
4:41 pm
say their babysitter backed out at the last minute, forcing them to miss a wedding. the bitter bride sent them a bill for $75 dollars for their missed meals. she wonders what she could have done differently. >> i guess i don't know what the right answer would have been, what the right thing to do would have been. >> wedding etiquette experts say you should never follow up about why a guest could not attend, much less send them a bill. >> just let it go. >> that's rough. all right, speaking of rough, soggy weekend forecasted and the threat of hurricane joaquin creating concern over sunday's eagles game. >> next, what coach chip kelly says about the game against the redskins getting postponed. sheena? >> yes, we are, of course, watching that forecast closely, as well as our own. we have concerns mostly about flooding, high winds, heavy rain. we'll talk about that, plus the updates on hurricane joaquin's path. that's next.
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the league has reached out it both teams about weather contingencies at this point. danny, how are the eagles getting ready for what promises to be a tough game weatherwise sunday? >> if this game is played on sunday with one report confirming it will go on as expected, it promises to be a muddy mess, regardless of hurricane joaquin's track. they are gearing up for the washington game today, keeping their normal schedule. chip kelly and the staff are aware of the forecast, but it's not changing their preparation at all. >> we're preparing to play on sunday, but we don't have anything definitive in terms of what's going on. if the plan were to change, we'll adjust accordingly.
4:46 pm
nothing told to us, so we're preparing, going out today, today's a normal thursday for us, just like we're playing sunday at 1:00. >> jim and denise, coming up at 5:00, the eagles media gods with one notable omission. back to you. >> sheena is here now, what kind of whether will the birds be playing? >> either way it's going to be windy. we know that for sure. chance of showers sunday for washington, but it's all going to depend on joaquin's track by sunday's game. either way it's not going to be pretty weather. so we can just say that across the weekend. wind is still going to be there. now we're looking down at washington, not too bad right now, cloudy, showers around, and we have showers locally, too. last week we're seeing worst weather than washington, but into the weekend both us and washington will not be seeing that great of weather. we'll have more rain, higher wind than right now. locally around the philadelphia area we have some light to moderate showers, especially
4:47 pm
lower montgomery, bucks county, chester county, so it is a wet afternoon commute and a windy one, too. parts of the lehigh valley, up into the poconos, light to moderate rain and we are watching for another batch of rain to move onshore into tomorrow. a lot of moisture down to the south to work with. this is not related to hurricane joaquin. this is that separate system coming ahead of it. so this is the one that we have the first alert weather day out for tomorrow and saturday. we expect high wind, we expect heavy rain, especially along the shore, that's going to be one of the highest areas for concern and that's going to be an onshore wind, too. still is, but it's going to be persistent across the weekend. areas of flooding, we expect beach erosion and three-foot storm surge coinciding with high tide tomorrow, that hits from 10:00 a.m. to noon. wind speeds right now unsustained around 15 miles per hour for most of the area, but tonight the winds will be picking up and gusting tomorrow closer to 40 miles an hour along the shore. temperatures are cool outside,
4:48 pm
chilly i guess you could say in the 50s. take a look at future weather with our temperatures as we go into your friday. friday morning we expect showers around. it will still be a chilly, windy day. temperatures only in the 50s. make sure you have your jacket and the raincoat. aside from that, with the winds increasing through the afternoon and the rain, we are going to see temperatures staying around 50 degrees through the afternoon tomorrow. we expect heavy rain, that onshore persistent wind and that's going to continue even into saturday morning and we still keep that pattern with the high rain and the wind. talking about the rain, because we do have coastal flooding concerns, inland flooding concerns, as well. rainfall totals through saturday afternoon could be anywhere from two to three inches locally. mostly one to two inches farther north and west, and i think the heaviest rain could be farther to our south. again, by the end of the weekend, that's when we'll be watching for the role that joaquin will be playing in our forecast. right now the hurricane is still around the bahamas, so all the rain and wind i showed you ahead of that, that's not related to
4:49 pm
hurricane joaquin. this is a category 4 storm right now, winds 130 miles an hour. it is a major storm at this point, and the track eventually takes it up to the north. it's going to be moving over warm water, expected to stay as a hurricane. we have two scenarios right here, don't necessarily want to look at the center of the cone. the cone is wide because the uncertainty gets greater. the cone is basically where this storm could travel farther out in time. anywhere inside this cone is fair game for the storm to move. the track has updated, shifted offshore. we have a lower chance seeing it move inland. we have a higher chance now of seeing it move out to sea, so there you see even the track itself has shifted. today the models have picked up on the storm moving farther out to sea, which would mean less rain and not so much wind for us, even though it will be breezy into the weekend. tonight the rain and wind will be increasing, temperatures about the low 50s and rain and
4:50 pm
wind continues tomorrow, gusty winds, heavy rain. we expect flooding concerns, especially along the shore. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s, winds gusting near 30 miles an hour inland, 40 along the shore or higher than that in some cases. saturday still a windy day with rain, persistent onshore wind. high tide along the shore, too. ending out the weekend, close eye on joaquin. looks like we may not have as much rain but the wind will be with us, finally clearing more as we go into the middle of next week. >> all right, sheena. we continue to follow breaking news out of oregon, where 13 people were killed today in a mass shooting at that community college. >> we are waiting on a news conference that's just beginning. the oregon governor, kate brown, is there speaking. we'll bring that to you and new information as we get it.
4:51 pm
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well, they thought it was a service call, now one montgomery county couple say they are furious. >> the alarm company knew about the scam and did not warn customers. deanna durante picks up the story from collegeville. >> and i'm sitting here right now with a baseball bat and taser in my kitchen. >> he isn't joking and nothing funny about what happened to him wednesday afternoon. his house is armed by adt, so when a service rep called asking if they wanted an upgrade, he and his husband said yes and scheduled an appointment. >> went right to the panel, opened it up. wow, this system is not what i expected. >> the service tech, at least that's who he thought he was. asked about what windows and doors were alarmed and went to the basement to check the panel. after he left, he noticed the
4:55 pm
system was not working so he called the alarm company who told him no service rep had been to their house. >> oh, my god, who was in my house? >> he is furious, he says the company knew there were crooks impersonating their workers. >> this was pulled out. >> he asked if the wires to the panel cut, why didn't the alarm company call him? >> call me when my door's open, didn't call when somebody cut the wires to my system? >> the system has been fixed and adt left him with a $400 bill. we left multiple messages with a company representative asking why customers were not alerted to the scam. >> i'll be honest with you, i don't know what's going to make me feel safer. >> at least he can warn others. in collegeville, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> adt says it fixed the system at 3:00 a.m. and offers an award for lawfully maintained information. nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. here's keith jones. >> jim, denise, we have two storm threats we're watching
4:56 pm
very closely. sheena parveen is following the latest, sheena? >> that's right, keith. the first one we have that's going to be starting overnight and tomorrow, a lot of rain and a lot of wind in the forecast. flooding will be a concern, especially at the shore. then we're tracking hurricane joaquin's updated track from the hurricane center. that coming up. the latest on the deadly school shooting in oregon. officials have just released updated information about the gunman. that for you straight ahead.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
nbc 10 breaking news. >> right now at 5:00, a school shooting at a community college in oregon leaves more than a dozen people dead. >> officials gave an update on the breaking story in the past 15 minutes and nbc 10's lauren mayk joins us live with the latest. lauren? >> we have just learned the gunman was a 20-year-old man and he was killed in a confrontation with police. no officers were injured there, 13 people were killed on the college campus according to oregon's attorney general. umpqua community college is in roseburg, oregon. that is about 200 miles south of portland. the school has about 3,000 students and this was the first week of classes. it was about 10:30 there this morning when the local sheriff's office received a report of a shooting. the injured for air lifted out by helicopter and students and faculty on that campus were bussed to nearby fairgrounds, where counselors are available
5:00 pm
tonight. >> facts are still emerging. we know now there were causalities and confirmed injuries. our top priority now is the medical treatment for victims and the security of the campus. >> that was the oregon governor, who's now on her way to roseburg. we have also learned that president obama has been briefed on the shooting. we'll continue to follow this story and bring you the latest developments as we get them. live in the digital operations center, lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> nbc 10 and nbc news are following the latest developments from roseburg. nbc nightly news with lester holt will also have a full report coming up at 6:30. our big story tonight, first alert for two major weather events. hurricane joaquin is strengthening to a category 4 storm right now. we received a new storm track and advisory a few minutes ago. sheena parveen will havet


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