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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 2, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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day. we are tracking heavy rain and a potential for more coastal flooding. already strong rain brought flooding to the jersey shore. we'll break it down for you hour by hour today so that you know when to expect the worst of it. and as you see there, hurricane joaquin is battering the bahamas, a strong hurricane slowly moving north. we're watching it closely for you hoping for the best for our area of course. first alert meteorologist bill henley will take you flew the newest storm track. good morning. i'm chris cato. let's get straight to meteorologist bill henley who is standing by. we saw more showers, some heavy overnight. right?
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>> steady rainfall now, chris. heavy rainfall is in our future. the heaviest is overnight tonight and into tomorrow. showers on the radar screen, those heavy showers are increasing as the morning progresses and this afternoon showers and heavier downpours and possibly coastal flooding is a possibility at the shore. not just the jersey coastline. showers and heavy rainfall set for parts of delaware as well. you can see the rain that is streaming into the area this morning. cape may getting steady rain. steady rain in the delaware beaches, and in philadelphia it's light rain but it is steady and it's going to be with us through the day. look at the rainfall. lining up to the south, this is where the heaviest rain is going to be, well to the south but we'll get our share as well. along with some very strong winds. which will lead to coastal flooding later this morning and into this afternoon, the most likely time for flooding is going to be during high tide. that's the late morning early
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this afternoon and a possibility again tomorrow. so coastal flood warn ing effect for delaware, kent and suggesti sussex county. inland clouds through the day and rain steady. look at the temperatures, 55 degrees, wind will be steady at 19 miles per hour at 6:00, 16-mile-an-hour winds but 9:00 look at noon the wind will be picking up. we'll see gusty conditions, especially this afternoon. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> and bill, we're out in delaware where we have an accident scene closing the off ramp 495 northbound around route 13. so police activity on the scene there. watch out for that. on the schuylkill expressway now look at conditions here with drizzle happening. this is around girard avenue. you can see a sign here, this is actually approaching a work zone that's on the right-hand side. so we have lanes blocked just
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ahead of this camera or behind this camera i should say. 13 minutes eastbound. for the philadelphia international airport we're already at about 70 minute delays due to low clouds for arriving flights into philadelphia. chris. >> 4:03. we're watching the jersey shore today. there's already a state of emergency in affect. the governor put that in place yesterday. we expect strong winds and rain today to cause more coastal flooding. a coastal flood warning is in effect for the entire jersey shore. nbc 10 was in long port, atlantic county where we saw sandbags piled high blocking every door to businesses. business owners aren't taking chances as they prepare for possible back-to-back storms. the residents state that this is an unsetting reminder of sandy. >> a little freaked out to do that when i left for work. >> it was a disaster. looked like a war zone. it was horrible. >> i cried.
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>> we saw atlantic city electric crew finishing repairs before the worst of the rain arrives. the jersey shore will likely be hit hardest by storm surge and heavy rain but emergency management officials say they are ready for that. we'll expect to see more scenes like this today on the shore at high tide yesterday wind whipped water surged into streets in ventnor. today that on shore will cause water to keep piling up. atlantic county's emergency management agency says they expect the region to be hit with the worst flooding since hurricane sandy three years ago. >> do not want to see this now. people that haven't recovered from sandy yet. >> you get back together and now we have this happening. >> we found a pair of bulldozers working yesterday to close up beach access paths with mountains of sand to try to help keep that surf from flowing into streets. a community hit hard by sandy is taking hurricane joaquin seriously.
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the mayor of toms river will update everyone on the town's preparations at 10:00 this morning. his news conference on the ortley beach boardwalk which suffered damage during sandy. utility companies say they are ready for trouble that may come. they are monitoring for joaquin. psea gnd in case of flooding. governor christie wants the people of new jersey to prepare but not panic. >> now is the time for you to begin to prepare for hunkering down and dealing with the storm. if an evacuation is necessary as i said we'll give as much advance notice of the need for evacuation as we possibly can. >> and this was the scene in west wildwood yesterday. high winds causing coastal flooding there especially at high tide. in pennsylvania governor wolf says state leaders there are on
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guard too. >> i think it's too early to say that we're not going to get hit. we're again as they always say, hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. >> and some pennsylvanians are taking precautions now especially in flood prone areas like bucks county where we found this crew clearing drainage area to keep rain water moving. there will be rain water. stay with nbc 10 on the air and the news app as our meteorologists track the rain headed our way today and tomorrow. along with hurricane joaquin. you can count on us for the latest forecast and projections. it's 4:06. on to this. we have new information this morning on yesterday's massacre at community college in oregon. the gunman who killed nine people in that college campus, died in a shoot-out with police. and this morning a neighbor described the alleged gunman as quote really unfriendly. the shooting happened on the campus of umpqua community college in the town of roseburg, that's about 180 miles south of
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portland and southwest oregon. we are one, they said, in roseburg dozens gathered near the campus for a candlelight vigil to honor the lives lost in that massacre. we are learning more about the lives and about the gunman. tracy davidson is live in our digital operations center. some strong reaction from president obama after the shooting. >> right. the neighbor you were talking about who lived below chris harper mercer. the 26-year-old would sit by himself in the dark. we're hearing what mercer allegedly said to his victims before opening fire. witnesses say mercer who was not a student invaded a writing class and shot a teacher and old everyone to get on the ground. he then started asking people to stand up and state their religion before spraying them with bullets. in the end ten people were killed including the gunman and
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seven injured. survivors are struggling to find the words to describe what happened. >> there are so many emotions going on that i don't -- i don't know, my heart hurts for the people that have passed. >> president obama addressed the nation from the white house briefing room. he said mass shootings in the u.s. have become routine. >> we've become numb to this. it cannot be this easy for somebody who wants to inflict harm on other people to get his or her hands on a gun. >> the president also call forward political action to prevent gun violence saying quote our thoughts and prayers are not enough. back to mercer's neighbor. she told the press that she heard a woman who she believed to be mercer's mother crying her eyes out yesterday. tracy davidson, "nbc 10 news." >> now that oregon tragedy is of course raising concerns and questions about security at community college campuses
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around the country and in this area. at bucks county community college officials say they have systems in place to put an end to threats before they even start. the school has an anonymous tip line for students and teachers to report suspicious people or strange activity. >> always looking to connect the dots and head off trouble before it gets started. the skost so high if something happens and someone knew and didn't tip us off. >> the dean of community colleges called yesterday's shooting a tragedy but they also said while safety is of the utmost priority due to their open nature college and university campuses are susceptible to these events. nine minutes after 4:00. we issued a first alert for the heavy weather that's going to be moving in during the day today and strong gusty winds.
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heavy rain, especially later this afternoon and this evening. it will start at the shore and then move through philadelphia and areas northwest just about everybody's going to be in for it today. along with strong gusty winds, in philadelphia to start with as the shore we could see winds gusting to 50 miles per hour today which will likely lead to another round of coastal flooding, warnings are in place this morning. 50s to start with, allen town is dry, there are showers in the philadelphia area northeast philadelphia area reporting no rain yet but it's not far away. atlantic city has rain. look at the rain coming down, a live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. it's going to be a drenching at the shore. radar shows all of philadelphia getting rain. you can see some spots north and west that have not filled in yet but that is going to change. this is moving up from the south, heavier downpours, those will be slowly moving to the north. this is an all-day event.
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all day today and into the late evening and early morning hours tomorrow. the rain will still be coming down. like yesterday, a coastal flood warning in effect. now extended through late saturday, saturday at 7:00 p.m., the greatest threat around high tide this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon. it will be early this afternoon for today, for delaware and for all of the coast of new jersey. hour by hour future weather shows rain streaming into the area. 6:00 it's on the way to allen town. everybody else seeing rain. the rain steady, mainly on the light side this morning but as the wind picks up it's going to feel heavier. by mid morning we'll see heavier showers move into shore communities and parts of southern and central new jersey, delaware will see heavier downpours too. as we go into the noon time and afternoon hours, you can see the heavier rainfall moving toward philadelphia, trenton, philadelphia and wilmington.
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it's going to be a dreary day today and a wet and windy one all day today and into too. look at the temperatures. bethlehem, morgantown, 50, 50s for new hope, abington and a steady rain through the day. might pop up to 60 degrees but that's the least of the concern for ventnor city, rehobeth, flooding the concern at the shore and inland heavy downpour this is afternoon and gusty winds with temperatures in the 50s. a look at hurricane joaquin when i come back. >> everyone wants to see where that storm is headed to. 12 minutes after 4:00. looks like the evening commute could be trick we the heavy rain coming then. nbc 10's jessica boyington has construction to warn us about. >> yes. already busy. out in cherry hill, new jersey, some emergency construction so that just popped up at route 70 at pen avenue. right in center lanes are closed there. watch if you head out the door on 70.
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right now 70 don't have a lot of traffic on it but later on this morning if the construction is active we'll see problems. we also have fallen power cables in philadelphia, lincoln drive blocked. so watch out for that. for the vine street expressway, i wanted to show you this. to show you the slippery conditions, you can see wet roadways headed westbound. toward the schuylkill expressway, you'll face this. the drive times relatively unaffected. westbound 95 to the schuylkill about three minutes. we'll go over more when i come back. >> it's a piece of delaware's past and it has been restored for future generations. we'll tell you what make this is so special and the role played. >> i will not stop until the truth is -- comes out. >> cath leenl kane under fire again. hear more what if pennsylvania's attorney general had to say after she was arraigned on a new criminal charge. today you can do everything
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it's 4:16. a day to stay close to your tv, close to your nbc 10 weather app. we're tracking heavy rain and possible flooding on the jersey shore, likely flooding. meteorologist bill henley will be back with an update on the stormy weather and show us when the heaviest rain is expected to arrive. he is also tracking hurricane joaquin and will let us know what effect is expected on this area. be sure to stay with nbc 10 on air and on the "nbc 10 news" app as we continue to track this rough weather. count on us for the latest forecasts and projections. pennsylvania's attorney general kathleen kane is not backing down after being
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arraigned on a you new perjury charge. kane was arraigned in montgomery county court. the new charge stems from evidence allegedly found during a search of her office last month. kane was previously charged with perjury and conspiracy for allegedly leaking secret grand jury information to the media. again, she denied any wrong doing. >> you can arrest me two times, you can arrest me ten times, i'm sure this is not the end of the game. but i will not stop until the truth is -- comes out. >> she has alleged that these charges are part of a conspiracy to silence e-mails she uncovered that scandalized public officials. the supreme court temporarily suspended her law license, that takes effect later this month. the fbi says it has new information renewing the search for a couple who vanished 10 years ago after a night out with
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friends. >> all of the investigators including myself have put their heart and soul into this case to get closure on this and hopefully we can bring it. >> agents released that message on the fbi's website and hopes of generating new leads in the search for richard and danielle, the couple last seen leaving a bar in february 2005. agents say the couple disappeared along-his truck. she was raising their son. investigators have not said what new information they received but a $50,000 reward for information is still on the table. >> it's 4:18 on this friday. new this morning a piece of delaware's history will soon be on display for everyone to see. the first regiment of the infantry carried this flag into a number of civil war battles including at gettysburg.
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the flag was donated in the early 1880s but never been displayed publicly. the society held a rally around the flag campaign to raise thousands of dollars to restore it. >> you start to notice what's special. some things have their own aura and you are just key pieces for a museum. this was one of them. >> listen to this. one delaware lieutenant fighting for the north was shot while running across a battlefield to save this flag. it will go on public display in wilmington next year. 19 minutes after 4:00. it is a rainy start this morning. the rain is going to be heavier later today. we issued a first alert weather day for heavy downpours, areas of flooding along the coast with heavy downpours inland, coastal flooding leading to beach erosion and storm surge. right now 55 degrees, rain
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falling at philadelphia international. 80% humidity. sheet now well, not an issue and will not be for the next couple days. we'll see clouds hanging in with us as we go into the weekend. the winds starting to pick up. those showers and some heavy downpours, well, the showers are with us this morning. you see the rainfall that is light in philadelphia. but the heavier rain is to the south and will continue streaming up the coast. none of this is associated with hurricane joaquin, joaquin is still well to the south and the central bahamas, still a powerful hurricane. hurricane category 4 with 130-mile-per-hour winds now expected to stay offshore, but the track is still uncertain at this point. so chris, the next few days we're going to keep a close eye on hurricane joaquin in addition to the flooding we expect in our area today. >> category 4 bears -- it's 4:20
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now. an eye on the roads we do have some showers out there. you may encounter that. nothing like you'll see this evening when a lot of us will see heavy downpours on the way home, people hoping to start their weekend. they have to have patience probably this evening. >> yes. definitely some traffic on the way home, parts of the schuylkill expressway, we expect that rush to start relatively early. so about the 3:00 hour that's what i'm going to predict. for right now let's get to you work. at 676, right at the last exit before you head to the ben franklin bridge here, so no problems up to the bridge right now. you can see roadways are shine sew potentially slippery. you get into philadelphia, though, watch for ongoing construction, we had some on 19th street south between vine street and the ben franklin parkway so construction there. and heading over to lincoln drive we have fallen power cables blocking it between gypsy lane and rittenhouse street. if the you have a flight this
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morning philadelphia international airport seeing delays due to low clouds for arriving flights into philadelphia about 69 minutes. chris. >> authorities are looking sbroo another dig data breach, this time the hackers stole info from millions of t-mobile customers. what the thieves got and how they got it. ♪ >> is that familiar? a pair of favorites came home for a new he wantstainment complex. the remaking of an old factory is recivitalizing the fish town neighborhood.
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>> a man eater. that's what they were going to say next. philadelphia had a sold out show. the fillmore philadelphia opened last night. we've been telling you about this part of a $32 million entertainment complex. it's on frankfort avenue in the ajax metal building across from sugar house casino. the venue has state of the art production equipment, v.i.p. amenities, i don't know what that means, but they have a live music club obviously. that's music to the ears of concertgoers and also economic boost to fish town and the delaware river front. the development brought in 200 jobs and half of those are permanent. >> beautiful here. this is really cool. it's totally different from anything in town. it's really nice. >> the more venues like this better for the fans, for the artists and more acts can come
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to town. >> the fillmore has a full slate of acts including quest love, of roots fame. another high profile hack attack. this time t-mobile customers were targeted. hackers stole the personal information of about 15 million wireless customers and potential customers from experian which t-mobile uses. experian said t-mobile customers who applied between september 1, 2013 and september 16, 2015 may have had their information stolen. check your account closely. happening today officials in bensalem will unveil a new plan for 700 acres of property on the delaware river. it'sing called the river renaissance in new been salem. there are reports that this will include housing, retail and
4:27 am
recreation. rain is coming down in cape may. a drenching during the day today. heavy rainfall and strong gusty winds, high wind warnings now in effect for the jersey shore and the delaware beaches. we could see winds gusting to 50 miles per hour at the shore. a first alert has been issued. right now 55 degrees with light rain falling. 4:27, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> we're looking live now on the blue route from germantown pike you can see the toll plaza there. and definitely slippery conditions as you see rain covering our lenses. a lot starting to pop up coming back at 4:30. jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans
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professionals in their own tanks. it is a first alert weather day because we are tracking heavy rain and flooding concerns again today for the shore as we take a live look at cape may. you can see rain coming down, streets wet there. a coastal flood warning in effect for the entire shore. >> and then we're watching joaquin, the hurricane is hitting the bahamas and starting to turn north. the question this morning is where is it headed next? we're tracking the storm's path. it's 4:30. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. we have school closings coming in for schools along the shore. we have those on we may see those numbers go up depending on what happens today. meteorologist bill henley is tracking everything and his first alert forecast. a busy morning. >> we issued a first alert because of everything coming at us today. av


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