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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  October 2, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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it is a first alert weather day because we are tracking heavy rain and flooding concerns again today for the shore as we take a live look at cape may. you can see rain coming down, streets wet there. a coastal flood warning in effect for the entire shore. >> and then we're watching joaquin, the hurricane is hitting the bahamas and starting to turn north. the question this morning is where is it headed next? we're tracking the storm's path. it's 4:30. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. we have school closings coming in for schools along the shore. we have those on we may see those numbers go up depending on what happens today. meteorologist bill henley is tracking everything and his first alert forecast. a busy morning. >> we issued a first alert because of everything coming at us today. heavy downpours, strong gusty
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winds, the strongest at the shore but we'll see plenty of wind in philadelphia too. areas of flooding, coastal flood warnings for our area again today. they extend into tomorrow. we'll likely see areas of beach erosion and some storm surge with the heavy winds that are coming into the area today and tonight as well. the heavy rainfall will continue. showers moved into philadelphia and the rain extends to the south, steady rain this morning, the heavier rain is going to be heading into philadelphia during the afternoon and evening hours, extend into the late evening hours as well. you'll need your rain gear today and it look likes the possibility of flooding will extend into the weekend as well. when i'm back we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood but right now jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> and bill, just got into our system now from septa, warminster airport lines both having about 15 minute delays so plan accordingly for that.
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if you head out the door now on the schuylkill expressway, really reduced visibility. you can see into the shoulder our cameras around south street some ponding on the shoulders there and wet roads as well. our drive times unaffected so far. 12 minutes westbound from the vine street expressway to the blue route. pretty much the same if you're headed eastbound. if you're heading out the door on lincoln drive, fallen power cables block it so follow those, and in philadelphia some construction on 19th street between south between vine street and ben franklin parkway so road work to move around. for the philadelphia international airport we're at 69 minute delays due to low clouds for aririving flights. more updates when i come back in the next ten minutes. >> the jersey shore is feeling the effects and bracing for
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more. let's go live to matt delucia looking at how the shore is faring and preparing. matt. >> reporter: well tracy, it is very windy here, definitely not a beach day. let me get out of the way, you can see we have flooding out here along the beach and this is not even close to the ocean, the surf is still at least about 100 yards away from where i am standing right now so this is all just flooding as a result of the rains hirt on the beach. you can see how close as i step out of the way how close we are to the fences, to the dunes, and of course this is what everyone up and down the beach and the coastline was worried about, that you would have some of this beach erosion happening here. we're very close to some of the homes here on the beach as well. though the dunes are doing a good job of protecting that at this point. right now we have some heavy wind out here, also some of the flooding that is happening on the streets. roadways as we were coming in we
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were driving throughout the atlantic city expressway, you could see wet roads there. but as you get into some of the side streets of course, that is where you start to encounter some of the problems with flooding especially in the low lying areas. we're going to be out here up and down the coast giving you a look at the conditions. definitely if you were planning to come to the beach today, probably a good idea to change those plans. live along the coastline at the jersey shore, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." the sthor is a big concern and so are neighborhoods along the delaware river on both sides. in bucks county we found bristol county crews improving storm water runoff. the delaware river is obviously a concern in situations like this so crews are taking extra precaution to keep everyone safe. >> for a couple days now our department has been out cleaning out storm drains, checking the head walls of our creek that go under our roads and such, making
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sure there is no debris going to hold the flow of water. make sure what does come down flows properly. >> power outages are another major concern in storms like this. the owner of beach hardware, they are stocking up so people can be ready. here is another way you can get ready. stay with nbc 10 on the air and through our "nbc 10 news" app. you get live updates, track the storm along with our meteorologists, also following the track of hurricane joaquin. you can count on us for the latest forecast and projections. >> in other news police say the man who opened fire at an oregon community college demanded to know his victims' religion. flags are flying at half-staff across oregon following the massacre which left 10 dead, seven injured. the governor ordered the flags to remain at half-staff until sunset day. witnesses say 26-year-old chris mercer who was not a student invaded a writing class and shot a teacher, then told everyone
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get on the ground. survivors say he started asking people to stand up and state their religion before spraying them with bullets. the gunman was later killed. >> so many emotions going on right now that i don't -- my heart hurts for the people that have passed. >> three of the injured are reported in critical condition. another major story we're following for you this morning, a deadly military plane crash in afghanistan. >> it killed almost a dozen people including some u.s. service members. we'll tell you what the military is saying about the moments leading up to that crash. >> also we're looking at what some jersey shore towns are doing hard hit by sandy, what they are doing to prepare if joaquin should cause trouble. >> information about a dishwasher recall because of a fire hazard. we'll run down the models and tell you what you need to know if you have one of them.
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4:39. get ready for an all day rainfall. it's coming down in philadelphia. this is light rain, the heavier rain is due in this afternoon and this evening. there's a lot more on the way. it will continue into the late evening and early morning hours tomorrow morning. there you can start to see more moderate showers moving up through delaware. and coming onshore in southern delaware and sussex county. rainfall totals, by noon time a tremendous amount of rain on the ground in philadelphia or trenton or wilmington, but look at the shore. cape may could have well over an inch of rain at that time and approaching an inch in atlantic city. as we go through the afternoon heavier rainfall will develop. heavy rain coming down in mount holly, that's 7:00 this evening. by then more than an inch of rain for mount holly and philadelphia. that rain will be moving farther
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north and west early tomorrow morning, could see some breaks in the rain early in the morning for philadelphia. but by that time 2.5 inches on the ground at cape may, more than an inch for doylestown approaching 2 inches of rain in philadelphia. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back in 10 minutes along with a look at joaquin. >> bill is tracking everything. >> except for traffic. we leave that up to jessica boyington. and you're seeing wet roads out there. >> yes, around different parts of the area now i'm in new jersey as well. where a lot of our cameras, i can't use because they are covered in rain spots. this one you can see a little bit from route 73 in berlin, new jersey around the berlin circle. all traffic this way will be headed to the tacony palmyra bridge. so no problems there but you can see wet roadways so be careful when you head out the door.
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pretty much can't avoid it. for cherry hill township a patch of machine construction on 70 eastbound at penn avenue to the right and center lane are closed. right now that's not a huge problem. later on if the scene is active it will be a problem, over in collingswood construction in both direction between airport circle and 130 so watch for that traffic shift with bridge work. for mass transit, septa 15 minutes late on the warminster line. some 13 minutes late for the airport lines, new jersey transit on time right now. >> you can count on us to track today's wind and rain. >> we're also keeping a close eye on hurricane joaquin. it's a category 4 now, the storm is battering the bahamas. look at this video. we'll show you more damage coming up of the video there, also the work being done on the east coast to prepare for anything that joaquin may bring.
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>> and a new view from outer space. nasa releases pictures of pluto's largest moon. we'll tell you how the pictures reveal a few surprises.
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>> as you wake up pay attention to this. the threat of flooding on the shore prompt add few school closings. wildwood city, north wildwood, the wildwood preschool program closed along with the children's place of music and learning, as always find all closings on and the nbc 10 app. so in addition to the heavy rain today, plenty of that, we're also keeping a close watch on hurricane joaquin. it continues to strengthen. it's battering the bahamas, it's just set down over that island nation pounding it causing widespread flooding there. still some people are refusing to leave their homes. and now officials are amending laws to make evacuations mandatory in the bahamas. evacuations also happening in parts of the u.s. look at this.
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tourists on north carolina beaches heading for higher ground. people loaded up campers at cape lookout. the park service is closing the area to visitors. obviously hurricane sandy left an unforgettable mark on the northeast including the jersey shore. joaquin is still near the bahamas now but all along the east coast neighbors and towns are getting freerd anything that the storm might bring and the possibility it could hit sooner. governor christie wants you to be prepared and start gathering supplies, that's the message he passed along yesterday. he said let's keep watching it. let's not panic. we're helping you watch it. we're watching for you. first alert meteorologist bill henley will have an update on joaquin's track. and to follow today's stormy weather and the weather any time you can check the "nbc 10 news" app. it's a free download. a u.s. air force transport plane crashed in afghanistan. this is video of the plane
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similar to the one that crashed. the six service members were the crew, the passengers were civilian contractors working with nato, too early to know what caused the crash. the taliban claims they shot the plane down, but there is no indication of hostile fire in the region. on to decision 2016. bernie sanders is giving hillary clinton a run for her money. sanders collected almost as much money from small donations as clinton has from her big dollar donations recently. sanders' campaign says he raised about $26 million in the past three months. clinton's campaign says she has taken in $28 mill yochblt we know it's a money race. a look at thing drake field along with clinton and sanders. you have martin o'malley and jim web. vice president joe biden everyone wondering, he has not yet announced. what do voters want to know. apparently it's not policy and
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political experience. google compiled a list of the top questions asked about each candidate the past few months, people are googling about the candidates. weight, height, and net worth are apparently what we're most curious about when it comes to potential presidents. here are the specific topics that voters are most interested in. hillary clinton's age, jeb bush's height, chris christie's weight, and donald trump's net worth. this is the first time google has released that data during a presidential campaign. >> a new law on the books in pennsylvania to protect victims of rape and their children. the governor signed a bill to allow the courts to terminate the rights of a convicted rapist. the bill also requires the offender to pay child support, the mother can reject the termination of right she chooses to do so. >> a new bipartisan bill is
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calling for reduced prison time for non-try lent drug offenders. members of congress unveiled the bill yesterday f. approved judges would use their discretion to give sentences below the mandatory minimums. and current inmates could get their sentences reduced by as much as 25% if they enroll in a rehab program. the bill would eliminate mandatory life sentences for offenders. >> it brings justice and making it more like an american justice system. >> the white house has yet to comment on that bill. thousands of students in philadelphia may have to change schools next year. that's because the district has recommended closing dimner bieber middle school in the next two years. beeber will not take a seventh grade next year. there are plans to merge morris leads and hill-freedman.
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>> city liters will cut the ribbon to open new buildings on the campus of the charter school in the frankford section of the city. the school started as a small elementary school 14 years ago, now expanded to house k-12. >> talk of space this week focused on mars and the discovery of water on the planet. >> you know, pluto doesn't want to be left out. there is a new discovery on pluto's largest moon. did you know pluto has moons? it does. nasa released these photos of charon. there are features including a large canyon system on the moon. it stretches across the entire face of that moon making it four times the size of the grand canyon. who's big now? coming up on 10 minutes benefit 5:00. we have issued a first alert for
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what's coming our way today. looking at rain already this morning but heavy rain, strong winds and another round of coastal flooding, matt delucia is at the shore this morning reporting flooding is already occurring at this hour. 55 degrees in philadelphia, the rain is coming down and it is going to be a rainy dreary day today. the clouds stay with us all day today and the rain will be with us all day. it's later this afternoon and this evening that we'll see not only some heavy rainfall but stronger winds and look at the winds, gusting to more than 30 miles an hour in philadelphia. and at the jersey shore. wildwood is reporting 31-mile-an-hour wind gusts, they could hit 50 miles per hour at the shore. and then we're hit with this. rain, steady, this is light rainfall. we could see some areas coming down heavier now in delaware bay and in southern delaware moving through northern sussex to kent county. the showers will be intensifying. i think the heaviest rainfall is going to be moving in during the afternoon and early evening hours for our region. but we have to deal with this
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this morning, and it's going to stay with us on through the day and through the late evening hours. the heavier rainfall way to the south but this system will continue to pump moisture into the region even into the weekend. so i'm not expecting as much rain for saturday and sunday as what we will see today. and then there is joaquin. joaquin now a powerful category 4 storm with 130-mile-per-hour winds, continues to just pound the central bahamas. barely moving along, now at northwest at 3 miles an hour. so it started to make its turn that we've been predicting for some time. that will take it just to the north by early tomorrow morning. still as a strong category 4, finally pulling away from the bahamas which has been pounding now for days. that northerly track, becomes more northeasterly. a big shift in the last 24 hours for what the models are expecting, now takes it to the northeast and some weakening,
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could be a concern for bermuda but at this time it's going to pass to the west of bermuda and well to the east of the east coast of the united states. so the threat for now looks to be diminished from joaquin. but joaquin still has a long way to go and the models can shift more so we'll be watching joaquin closely. today, you'll need your umbrella. heavy rain at time, allentown, reading, 50 this is afternoon. 54 for trenton with rain steady this morning, the heavy downpours during the afternoon and evening hours. look at temperatures for doylestown and mount holly. at the shore strong gusty winds, the temperatures might be running warmer than the rest of the area. but it's not going to be a nice day. in fact, coastal flooding is likely at the shore and for the delaware beaches. and for philadelphia, wilmington, trenton, we'll see temperatures in the 50s this afternoon with strong gusty winds through the morning and afternoon hours. and the heaviest rainfall as i mentioned this afternoon and
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this evening. seven-day forecast coming up in the next half hour. >> bill, thanks for that. eight minutes before 5:00. heading out the door we have updates on mass transit. >> you would think that things would be a mess this evening but this morning we're already seeing some delays. nbc 10's traffic reporter jessica boyington will break it down for us. >> we already septa warminster and airport line up to 15 minute delays for both of those, several trains involved there. patco, the ferry avenue station, flooding in the parking lot. new jersey transit and dart fine. we'll keep you up on that. for the philadelphia international airport we're already at 69 minute delays due to low clouds for arriving flights into philadelphia. if you are headed to the philadelphia international airport on 95, right around there we have a 7 minute drive time to the blue route and no real problems in the area. you can see wed roads though. more when i come back in the next 10 minutes.
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>> we continue to track heavy rain, possible flooding. flooding on the shore as the storms move through. after this round of stormy weather we have to pay close attention to hurricane joaquin, bill showed us the latest track. coming up, we'll continue to follow the track and show you what's being done on the shore to prepare for anything joaquin may bring. >> other preparations takes place on the field, how the weather is having effect on the eagles as they gear up to face the redskins on what could be a soggy sunday. remember this. your immune system doesn't work the way it did when rock was young. so we made fluzone high-dose vaccine... for people 65+. with a high high higher dose of antigen... it's significantly more effective than fluzone vaccine in preventing flu. fluzone high-dose vaccine is approved for people 65 and older. it's not for anyone who's had a severe allergic reaction to any vaccine component, including eggs, egg products, or to a prior dose of any flu vaccine.
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tell your doctor if you've ever had guillain-barré syndrome. side effects include pain swelling and redness at the injection site; muscle aches, fatigue, headache and fever. other side effects may occur. if you have other symptoms or problems following vaccination, call your doctor immediately. vaccination may not protect everyone. so, if you hopped around the clock, ask your doctor or pharmacist about fluzone high-dose. fluzone high-dose vaccine.
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♪ >> that's bobby hill with the keystone choir in montgomery county. the 14-year-old's first public concert after he wowed the crowd when he perform forward the pope on sunday along the ben franklin parkway. bobby and the rest of the choir
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hosted a choir from norway at the church. >> we have a couple of recalls to tell you about. first, nearly 150,000 dishwashers recalled because their power cords can overheat posing a fire hazard. the cords on certain bosh and kenmore elite. you should contact the company for an inspection and repair. >> looking for something to do that's not outdoors because of the rain, he's one apgs option. monster trucks getting ready for the monster jam. sunday. sunday. there are three shows. the first is tonight, not sunday at 7:30, then two shows on saturday. one at 2:00 and the other at 7:30. no shows on sunday. take a look at this. it's pink. the link is pink. our eagles nest cameras captured
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this, to draw attention to breast cancer awareness month. ever day 630 more women are diagnosed with breast cancer. speaking of the eagles weather can be a major factor as they prepare to take on washington this weekend. >> they have been watching the forecast right along with us. and the league, the nfl reached out to both teams, the redskins and the eagles about possible contingencies. according to a report the league is considering moving the game to detroit. the elements have been impacting the eagles in practice this week. we shot this video yesterday. chip kelly and staff, they are watching the forecast but they say it's not changing the way they prepare. >> we're preparing to play on sunday but we don't have any -- there is nothing definitive what's going to go on. so when they tell us what we're doing if the plan were to change we'll adjust accordingly. >> as of now kickoff is still set for 1:00 p.m. sunday in maryland. we'll keep you posted if that
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changes. time now to reveal this week's "high school blitz" game of the week. the winner, delsy and paul vi. you can watch the highlights and your local action tonight at 11:00 on the "high school blitz." >> you're watching "nbc 10 news." "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. with a triple threat, heavy rain, strong wind and coastal flooding. we are live on the jersey shore as we start to see the effect of a nor'easter. right now showers are moving through parts of south jersey and delaware. the heaviest rain, though, is still ahead. >> atlantic, cape may, cumberland and salem counties i need all uf to begin to prepare today. >> as we deal with one storm officials are warning you to get ready for another. count on the first alert weather team as we track hurricane joaquin. good morning.
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welcome to "nbc 10 news today" on this friday. i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. we'll get you updated on the weather but first a few school closures. wildwood wildwood preschool closed along with the children's place of music and learning. you can find the closing on or the nbc 10 app. now let's get you up on the forecast. bill henley in the weather center. >> a first alert for the weather coming at us this morning and this afternoon. look likes conditions will be deteriorating through the day. first alert for heavy rainfall and strong gusty winds. heavy downpours, the strongest winds at the shore. the heavy downpours may start at the shore, then move inland this afternoon and into this evening. beach erosion, areas of flooding at the shore, coastal flood warnings, flooding being reported as it was yesterday. the beach erosion and storm surge as the winds increase for this afternoon.


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