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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  October 2, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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heavy rain and strong winds, we are tracking a nor'easter that could bring another round of flooding to the jersey shore today. you can see showers moving through parts of the area this morning, we'll walk you through the timing of the rain, when it will rain the heaviest. and then we'll keep a close eye on hurricane joaquin. this video is from the bahamas showing the power of this storm. you can see it's something we need to take seriously. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. we also have a handful of school closings in cape may county where we're seeing flooding. matt delucia will show us live pictures. let's get to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. we've seen rain overnight. there is much more to come later today. >> we're just getting started. we're seeing steady light
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rainfall, we issued a first alert for what's to come. strong gusty wind and the rain will be intensifying as the day goes on. the heaviest for philadelphia i expect this afternoon but we'll see it start in delaware and south jersey and slowly move inland. it continues into the evening hours with that heavy rain and the strong wind coastal flooding and not just the atlantic coast. the flood warnings have been extended into the delaware river right up the delaware into lower bucks county. and beach erosion with this storm system that is going to continue into late tonight and tomorrow. we could be looking at more flooding in the area. right now the radar screen shows steady rain in philadelphia, the rain is coming up from the south through delaware and south jersey. you see some steady rainfall in lower burlington county at the shore for atlantic city and showers will turn heavier as the day goes on. the showers will produce 1 to 3 inches of rain during the day today. along with the strong gusty
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winds. so the forecast for today, hour by hour, is calling for rain and wind. 20-mile-an-hour winds at 7:00, 18-mile-an-hour winds at 10:00 with stronger gusts and the gusts willble increasing this afternoon as the rain intensifies during the afternoon hours. we'll go through the forecast hour by hour with the futurecast when i come back in 10 minutes. jessica boyington is watching first alert traffic. >> we're on 295 now in new jersey, some wet roads here. you can see everything looks pretty shiny from this far away. southbound we're okay with the drive time. you can see a lot of volume starting to pick up in the area. still early for that, though, especially for this spot on 295. from 38 to this point at the black horse pike. 13 minutes, heading up to philadelphia no problems there yet. but once you get to the area of bridges watch out for construction on the ben, headed westbound into the city, and reduced speed restrictions due to high winds on the walt whitman, 35 miles per hour. in the area we're seeing fallen
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power cables and downed trees due to wind. one in ardmore church road east and west between 30 and montgomery avenue. and if you head out the door on lincoln drive that's blocked between gypsy lane and rittenhouse street due to fallen cables as well. heading out and have to catch a flight from philadelphia international airport, we're at delays of about 69 minutes due to low clouds for arriving flights delayed into philadelphia. >> weather affecting travel already. as bill told us, we're really tracking two storms here. we've got the heavy rain and the coastal flooding from the nor'easter that is upon us. we're already seeing the effects of that. then on the right there, hurricane joaquin hammering the bahamas. it's been sitting there but it's starting to move and we could feel the effects early next week if it does have an effect on this area. >> our team coverage continues with matt delucia live from cape may county. show us what you're seeing from where you are.
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>> reporter: tracy and chris, it's wet and windy here and you can see we've been talking about the flooding all morning. bill has been talking about the coastal flood warning. here is a look at that example right now. you see here, landis and 33rd street. we have flooding out here on the street right now. at least six inches of water so we came up this roadway here and we could barely get our vehicle through and we have a larger vehicle so a little tougher for those smaller vehicle who is tried to -- a couple vehicles made their way through and had a difficult time going through. so it is a good idea to be heading down to the jersey shore, those side streets, keep an eye on that and know where you're going, what you're doing because a lot of these roads, you come up on these flood waters quickly. even with the headlights in this dark hour you can still not see that water until it comes up on you. so you see the intersection
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here, although the good news is we've got power is still on in this area. i have been checking in with some of the power companies here, atlantic city electric some outages, few up and down the coast, but you see here in sea isle city the lights are on but the wind is picking up. wet, rainy and windy out here. this is what we've been experiencing throughout the morning down here at the jersey shore. >> thanks. with uncertainty around hurricane joaquin, new jersey governor chris christie declared a state of emergency yesterday with superstorm sandy still so fresh on the minds of many in new jersey. christie wants residents to be prepared but not to panic. >> now is the time for to you begin to prepare for hunkering down and dealing with the storm. if an evacuation is necessary as i said we'll give you as much advance notice of the need nor
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evacuation as we possibly can. >> look at this. this was the scene in west wildwood yesterday at high tide, some coastal flooding. and in pennsylvania governor wolf says state leaders, they are watching the forecast too. >> i think it's too early to say that we're not going to get hit so we're, again, as they say, hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. >> we found some pennsylvanians already taking precautions in flood prone areas. bristol township we found this crew clearing drainage areas to keep rain water moving. and in lewis, delaware, people are gearing up for more heavy rain after minor flooding there. delaware's governor is monitoring the situation and our state environmental officials. we've seen some businesses closing for the weekend. knowing that it's going to get pretty tough over the next couple of-day days. our meteorologists will track the storm for you, the rain
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that's coming today along with hurricane joaquin, you can count on us for the latest forecast and projections and up next we're back with bill henley's forecast.
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21 minutes before 6:00. getting a rainy windy start to this morning. it's going to get rainier and windier and we could see flooding later today. right now rain is falling in philadelphia, 54 degrees. look at the winds. northeasterly at 23 miles per hour, getting wind gusts of 31 miles per hour. this nor'easter is going to carry with us through the day and more flooding, not just at the shore and for the delaware beaches, though it's already happening there, expected to get worse later this morning into this afternoon. but also for the delaware river. right up the delaware into lower bucks county, that flood warning, the coastal flood warning should be worse around times of high tide.
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this afternoon, early tomorrow afternoon, and the heavy rainfall is not going to help. mainly light rainfall now. but it's a steady rain from philadelphia through delaware and south jersey. moderate showers through sussex county. eventually those heavier showers will move inland and we'll see that this afternoon for philadelphia. lots of rain up and down the eastern seaboard and the threat of showers will continue into the weekend. i expect to see the heaviest rainfall today. by noon not a tremendous amount of rain in philadelphia but cape may, mow than an inch and a half of rain. then heavy rainfall developing during the afternoon and the evening hours, 7:00 this evening look at the heavy rain from fillful into burlington and new jersey more than an inch of rain on the ground in philadelphia. more than two inches for millville and cape may quickly approaching 2.5 inches of rain. then late this evening, early tomorrow morning that's 1:00 in the morning tomorrow, the heavier rain shifts to the north and west. we'll be getting rain at the
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shore and look at the rainfall totals. as we go into the saturday time period we'll still see scattered showers and gusty winds, the heaviest rainfall today. scattered showers and strong winds could combine to give us more flooding tomorrow. so today, 50s from camelback, rain heavy at times this evening. the afternoon shourps will be heavy for bordentown and abington, strong gusty winds at the shore, 50 miles per hour, wind-driven rain that continues into the evening hours and inland, showers and heavy rainfall at times. strong gusty winds topping 30 miles per hour in philadelphia, keeping wilmington and berlin, new jersey in the 50s. a look at joaquin when i'm back. >> everyone wants to see the latest on joaquin. you'll have wet roads as you make your way out the door.
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>> nbc 10's jessica boyington is watching the roads including the boulevards. >> we're starting to see backup but everything moving, more of that traffic headed south bound around which isissahickon avenu. we're on the lighter side. roads still slippery. we head out to watch for construction as well on 19th street south. so watch for lane restrictions there. and if you're headed out the door into new jersey and cherry hill township emergency road construction at penn avenue. the right and center lanes, we're not heavy in volume but that will if it stays active this site it will affect us. we'll keep you up on this and have more drive times and wet cameras when we come back.
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dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. 5:45 on first alert weather day partly because of this. this is the massive system nbc 10 radar is tracking, the nor'easter moving through the area. the heaviest rainfall is yet to come expected to arrive around noon, moving northward. we'll see heavy rains this afternoon. coastal flooding is definite. in fact, we're already seeing it in cape may county. jersey is bracing for what's to
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come with that. then we're watching hurricane joaquin. a category 4 hurricane now. still battering the bahamas. as we've been telling you, it's going to move north and towns along the east coast of the u.s. are getting ready. the track has shifted, the forecasted track i should say, shifted more eastward. we're keeping you posted on that and what kind of impact that could have on our area on air and on line through the "nbc 10 news" app. the eagles are watching that same forecast. they already know they are playing on the road this weekend but which city they will play in, that's the uncertain thing. because of rain and possible effects of hurricane joaquin. >> we don't know. they are set to play washington at fedex field in maryland but the storms could change that. vai sikahema is live in the weather center with more on possible contingency plans. >> a report from the nfl network says the league is considering moving the nfc east match-up to
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detroit to avoid complications with joaquin. the elements are impacting the eagles and their practices, the team worked out in the rain at the nova care complex yesterday. the team is keeping to its normal schedule and head coach chip kelly says his staff are well aware of the forecast but he says it is not changing their preparation. >> we're preparing to play on sunday but we don't have any -- nothing definitive in terms of what's going to go on. so when whe tell us, if the plan were to change we'll adjust accordingly. there's nothing told to us. so we're preparing going out today, a normal thursday for us like we're playing sunday at 1:00. >> if the game is moved to detroit it would not be the first time a game was switched to the motor city. as some of you remember last year the nfl moved a jets/bills game to ford field following a massive snowstorm that fell.
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ford field is a domed stadium so that helps. >> if it is played near d.c., who does that benefit most? >> i think -- it benefits the eagles. because they just got a better team, that's why. >> i think wind is a bigger factor at this stadium in landover. gusty winds of 30 miles per hour. i think i'd like to watch that game. i don't think the rain is an issue. joaquin is going to stay you've shore so that's a big change in the last 24 hours. i hope they keep where it they are planning to have it. right now we're looking at a rainy scene. south philadelphia, going to get its share of rain today and we could see some flooding, not only at the jersey shore and the delaware beaches but along the delaware river. coastal flood warnings have been extended thanks to the heavy rain and gusty winds. we issued a first alert weather day, it's going to get worse. we're getting steady light rain
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but periods of heavy rain and strong gusty winds. 50 miles per hour are possible and coastal flooding, it's happening at the jersey shore. matt delucia has been telling us this morning. look at the winds gusting to 31 miles per hour. and the rain is going to get heavier as we go into the afternoon hours for philadelphia. it will affect delaware and south jersey first. the wind gusts right now topping 30 miles per hour in philadelphia, they moved up to 32 miles an hour in atlantic city. and the future wind showing the winds gusting to 40 miles per hour that's at noon time. 45 miles per hour winds at 4:00 this afternoon. so wind, rain, coastal flooding. you can see some steadier heavier showers in southern delaware and plenty of moisture lining up and down the east coast. this is not the hurricane. joaquin is still to the south pretty much parked where it has been but it's just a stronger
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storm unfortunately for the central bahamas. the track takes it away from the bahamas and some weakening as it heads west of bermuda and well to the east of the east coast. this is still days away, this could change so we'll be watching it but that's a big change in the last 24 hours and a good development for the entire eastern seaboard. heavy rainfall, the nor'easter, a separate system. feel the effects. gusty winds to 35 miles an hour in philadelphia. heavier at the shore. windy tomorrow with showers, scattered showers. there is still a flood threat. 57 degrees saturday afternoon. less wind, less rain for our area. nos gusty winds could be hitting 30 miles per hour for the eagles. monday, sunshine is back, a breezy day, 68 degrees actually it's going to get really nice on
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monday and beautiful weather ahead for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. joaquin and this nor'easter by then hopefully a distant memory. >> talk about the track. you said it's changed a lot and there is time for to the change. you get updates >> every few hours. the models update constantly. the more reliable models take it out to sea but there's still a few of them that are suggesting it could take a left turn and head into the east coast. it doesn't look likely but we're still talking days away. it's a massive storm system. the currents are not strong so we could see more changes. we could expect to see more changes in the coming days. >> we're not letting our guard down. you can stay on top of it. you don't have to be at home. that's the joy of having those devices. download the free "nbc 10 news" app, live radar, weather alerts,
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track joaquin wherever you are on the go. we'll update changes in joaquin's projected path. you can send us video of your neighborhood. >> i want to keep you updated on the road conditions. >> jessica boyington is watching some roads in south jersey where we're seeing showers. >> yes, we have wet roads, on the 42 freeway, you can see on the lens in raindrops as well. the northbound lanes here if you're headed toward the center city area to bridges, fine. five minutes north from 55 to the walt whitman bridge. speed restriction there is due to high winds. and if you're going over the ben franklin bridge watch for the construction. as rush hour begins later on in the morning we're going to see heavy value combined with rain. a little rain in the background but our drive times okay. at the most you're going to have
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an 11-minute trip. heading out for mass transit. reports of flooding at the ferry avenue station for patco. so limited parking restrictions there. no problems for new jersey transit or dart. when i come back we're going over the philadelphia international airport. if you have slight flights. >> breaking out of the vatican, now says the pope's meeting with kentucky county clerk kim davis quote should not be consider add form of support of her position. the vatican is offering a few more details of the meeting. the two met when the pope was in a statement the pope bet many people while he was in the u.s. due to his, quote, kindness and availability. davis says the pope prayed with her, gave her two rosaries and told her to stay strong. >> it's not their tax plan but other things people are interested in.
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the superficial things. >> reporter: i'm matt delucia live at the jersey shore. it's wet, cold and windy. we're going to give you a look at the conditions coming up at 6:00.
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seems people are less interested in the candidates' policies and more interested in other things. look at this list. the specific topics that potential voters are interested in. hillary clinton's age, jeb bush's height, chris christie's weight and donald trump's net worth. this is the first time google released this data during a presidential campaign. ♪ >> man eater, philadelphia's own haulen oats, christen the new music venue with a sold out show. the fillmore philadelphia. it opened last night. part of a $32 million entertainment complex reshaping the fishtown neighborhood. it's on springford avenue in the old ajax metal building across from sugar house casino. it has state of the art production equipment, v.i.p. amenities, i don't know what that means but the v.i.p.'s love it.
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and that's music to the ears of concertgoer. it's also adding economic boost to fishtown and the delaware waterfront. the development brought in 200 jobs, half of those are permanent jobs. so big things happening around music philadelphia. a great music city. i love going to concerts in the city. there is a great place to see one. >> our periscope viewers got to see us dance when you -- >> and i was singing earlier. i should never sing. apologize. >> you're watching "nbc 10 news." "nbc 10 news today" at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. right now on "nbc 10 news today" we're tracking heavy rain moving in. it could lead to an all-day soaker. we'll let you know when the wet weather is expected in your neighborhood. >> the jersey shore could get drenched. people are preparing for potential flooding. we'll tell you when those problems could pop up.
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>> and then, we're also watching joaquin, the east coast is on edge after the hurricane battered the bahamas, this morning we'll look at its projected path. it's 6:00 a.m. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. it is a first alert weather day today and it's causing a few schools to close. wildwood, north wildwood, the preschool program are closed along with the children's place of music and learning, as always find all of the closings on and the nbc 10 app. right to meteorologist bill henley. >> we issued a first alert based on the heavy rainfall and wind that is going to be moving in during the day. we have wind and rain, it's going to intensify as the day goes on. so far light steady rainfall, but heavy rainfall and strong gusty winds, the strongest winds at the shore. coastal flooding happened yesterday. along the atlantic coast. it's happening now and will likely get worse later this


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