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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  October 2, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> and then, we're also watching joaquin, the east coast is on edge after the hurricane battered the bahamas, this morning we'll look at its projected path. it's 6:00 a.m. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. it is a first alert weather day today and it's causing a few schools to close. wildwood, north wildwood, the preschool program are closed along with the children's place of music and learning, as always find all of the closings on and the nbc 10 app. right to meteorologist bill henley. >> we issued a first alert based on the heavy rainfall and wind that is going to be moving in during the day. we have wind and rain, it's going to intensify as the day goes on. so far light steady rainfall, but heavy rainfall and strong gusty winds, the strongest winds at the shore. coastal flooding happened yesterday. along the atlantic coast. it's happening now and will likely get worse later this morning, this afternoon but it's
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not just the shore that can see the coastal flooding. flood warnings into the delaware river. beach erosion thanks to the winds strong at the shore and continue into late tonight. and right now rain falling across the entire region. light rain in philadelphia. the steadier heavier rainfall for now is to the south. southern kent couldn't and sussex counties in delaware, you can see it streaming onshore. we'll see this as the day goes on. the heavier rainfall developing in delaware and south jersey and then moving into philadelphia, i think philadelphia will see the worst of it this afternoon. coastal flood warning today. and again tomorrow for the atlantic coast. there you go up the delaware river into lower bucks county the threat of flooding along the banks of the delaware. today rain coming down, heavy at times and strong gusty winds, 19-mile-an-hour steady winds at 8:00 and 11:00 getting a bit stronger at 2:00 with higher gusts we could see winds gusting
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to more than 30 miles per hour which we've seen this morning and it will likely continue this afternoon. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back in 10 minutes. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> we do have good news so far out in philadelphia, that scene with fallen power cables on lincoln drive where it was blocked between gypsy lane and rittenhouse street has cleared, so thumbs up there. good news. you're okay and good to go on lincoln drive for right now. heading out in ardmore, east and westbound, fallen power cables there between 30 and montgomery avenue. and seeing these things start to pop up all over, wet roads, slippery conditions as well. it's starting to affect the majors. 95 one of the first places to jam up in the morning around girard avenue. you can see we have a 17-minute drive time so we're creeping up. southbound from woodhaven to the vine street expressway. northbound doing a bit better but either way moving along.
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for the philadelphia international airport, we have this all morning due to low clouds, almost 70 minute delays for arriving flights into philadelphia international airport. tracy. >> thank you. 6:03. we're keeping a close eye on hurricane joaquin as it strengthens and hammers the bahamas. torrential rain flooded homes and forecasters predict a category 4 storm could grow stronger. the path of the storm is still uncertain but as you noah keen could take a turn toward the east coast. that's to come. what's happening today. >> at the jersey shore coastal flooding could cause problems there. water washed over the streets in atlantic county during the high tide yesterday. matt delucia is live for us in cape may county. >> talk to us about the conditions there. >> reporter: are tracy and vai, it's quite a mess out here. i can tell you throughout the morning and we can feel the wind coming at us and got the rain
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that's falling out here. it's blowing from the north it seems so i'm going to walk out of the way and show you what this is doing to some of the brush. you can see the effects of the wind blowing all of that out here in sea isle city. along the promenade, there is no one out here now, of course that's a good idea. state of emergency is in effect right now. governor christie issued a statement yesterday, because of the storm that is indefinite until we find out what happens with hurricane joaquin. over here if we go up to this street light. you can even see some of the rain that is falling now. it's been a steady rainfall since we got out here earlier this morning. it has not let up. we've seen some of the coastal flooding that bill was talking about on the streets, especially side streets. the back bays for now what we have sen don't look too bad. the ocean surf very rough. we have seen flooding generally
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by the dunes. we expect some beach erosion. a lot of the shore towns prepared for this. warning emergency management officials about this. to be on alert because of the conditions that we're seeing out here this morning. we've got another gust of wind that is coming at us now. and of course you have to be careful if you're going to be going out especially driving be careful it's still dark, you may not see some of those puddles that could be a few inches deep or more. we ran into a few of those this morning. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> thank you. one community hit hard by sandy is taking no chances on joaquin. the mayor of toms river will update preparations this morning at 10:00 his news conference will take place on the board walk which suffered major damage during sandy. and south jersey utility companies are really.
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pg&e is installing barriers, sandbags and pumps and river flooding. >> storm preparations are up and down the east coast ahead of hurricane joaquin. in massachusetts people are taking boats out of the water to avoid any loss or damage there. along the connecticut coast, the wind is blowing harder which means the tide is hitting higher than usual. in an already prone to flooding area. and tourists in north carolina's beaches head for higher ground. people loaded up at cape lookout on harker's island. >> for more on the preparations we go live to jay gray in kitty hawk. tell us more about the situation there. >> reporter: the situation here is that people are waiting and watching. the good news is the track of this storm seems to be steering more to the east, that means no landfall directly here. does not mean, though, an tend
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to problems as a result of wa keen. they have begun on areas only accessible by ferry here. those people being moved to higher ground as the rest of this area prepares for major flooding. they have seen rains the last several days. now add to the mix, 6, 7 inches they get from joaquin. it's too much water in an area that can't handle more. so a lot of people making sure they have food, water, they are prepared to be out electricity for a couple of days and obviously they don't want to get out and drive in an they're is going to see a lot of water. so flooding the primary concern. we'll continue to watch things in kitty hawk but that's the latest live. jay gray, "nbc 10 news." >> stay with nbc 10. as our team cracks the storm and
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hurrica hurricane joaquin. >> we have new information on a massacre at a community college in oregon. the gunman who killed nine people died in a shoot-out with police. this morning a neighbor described the alleged gunman as quote, really unfriendly. the shooting happened yesterday on the campus of umpqua community college in roseburg, 180 miles south of portland in southwest oregon. witnesses say the gunman who was not a student invaded a writing class and shot a teacher and told everyone in the class to get on the ground. survivors say he then started asking people to stand up and state their religion before spraying them with bullets. we'll hear firsthand from students at the seen and the strong words from president obama as he reacted to the shooting. >> >> coming up on 9 minutes after
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6:00. we're getting a dreary start, expect situations to get worse during the day. the rain will be heavier as we go into the afternoon and the evening hours. and the winds will turn stronger. we're getting wind gusts of more than 30 miles per hour in philadelphia, those will be higher at the shore, we skild gusts of 50 miles per hour along the coast today and coastal flooding not just for the delaware beaches and the jersey shore like we saw yesterday, like matt delucia is reporting but inland for the delaware river. rain in reading, 54, 53 with rain falling in philadelphia and a steady light rain in trenton, 51. this rain is steady. that's a dreary view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. cape may will be in for heavy rainfall as the day goes on. there is light rain. it feel likes the wind is so much heavier, it is in sussex county, the motion you see that's what we'll see during the day.
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so heavier rain will develop and move inland for philadelphia and areas north and west this afternoon and this evening we'll see the heaviest rainfall. future weather at 8:00, heavier downpours in delaware and south jersey. slowly they move inland. 2:00 this afternoon starting to move toward the philadelphia area. dover will see some of the heavy downpours, and just in time for the afternoon commute it's going to get messier. 4:00 that's when we'll see showers for philadelphia and wilmington. they continue into the early evening hours. i don't expect the rain to taper off until early tomorrow morning. rain steady for the pocono mountains. gusty winds for reading and the winds will be topping 30 miles per hour for doylestown and mount holly. at the shore, maybe a little bit warmer but not very nice.
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not with a strong gusty wind of 50 miles per hour than will lead to flooding of high tide 0, cape may and atlantic city around noon tot. the rain and wind will intensify. winds gusting this afternoon closer to 35 miles per hour. we'll look at joaquin and its forecast track that's updated this morning when i'm back in 10 minutes. >> this weather system is creating issues on the roads. >> things coming down on the wet roads and you have to be on the lookout for that. jessica boyington is watching that. >> surprisingly not seeing a lot in terms of extra vfk. a lot of people either taking time or maybe staying home. it's early for all of that. what we are seeing are loot construction, some in east norris and west germantown pike.
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out on church road and landfair circles. also nj construction in terry hill, new jersey. the right and center lanes closed. not a lot governing through but in new jersey we're in camden. you can see wet roads here as also reflected on our camera lens. in this area also watch out for construction on the white horse pike between that point and 130. watch out for traffic steps. we'll go over the bridges and mass transit. >> president obama is reacting to the latest deadly school shooting after a gunman opened fire on a community college campus. >> this is a political choice we make. to allow this to happen every few months in america. >> we'll take you live to oregon
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where students are breeving.
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>> we're watching hurricane joaquin, the storm pounded the bahamas and now the east coast is waiting to see where it will go next. meteorologist bill henley is tracking the projections throughout the morning. >> flags will fly at half-staff today in oregon to honor the victims of a community college shooting massacre. >> we're learning how the alleged gunman may have singled out his victims because of their religion. jennifer bjorklund is live with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. it was a long sleepless night for this community suffering not just the loss of those students
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killed but also their sense of security. ♪ >> a familiar scene, a candlelight vigil following a mass shooting on a school campus. the students here in southern oregon never expected it to happen to them. >> we just dropped fg and ran. when we ran out of the building everybody went every way. >> my teacher had come running into the room and very big panic telling all of the students, 20 plus to come into a teacher's room in the back and hide and duck down. shut off the lights and don't make noise. >> the 26-year-old shooter gunned down but not before killing at least nine students and seriously injuring seven others. >> we have at least two heroic officers who responded into the building in minutes and exchanged gun fire with the suspect. >> the assailant's father in southern california says the
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family is crushed. >> obviously it's been a devastating day. devastating for me and my family. >> president obama says we have become numb to this. this is a political choice that we make. to allow this to happen every few months in america. we collectively are answerable to those families. who lose their loved ones. because of -- >> in these cases the president says thoughts and prayers are not enough. and the sheriff here in douglas county says that they may not release the name of the victims for a day or so because this is considered a mass casualty situation so the rules of identification and notification of next of kin are a little more complicated. >> thank you.
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it's 6:18. let's check your ride to work. an accident you need to know about. >> jessica boyington tell us where that is. >> we just found this in our cameras here, definite police presence in the area. bridge street and james streets so if we could have our camera back, there we go, that would be nice. so we can see it's right in the middle of this intersection. police activity on the scene. traffic allowed to move through the area. you can see slippery conditions in the area with all of the roadways being wet. we do have this into the center lane but it's not blocking all traffic so we'll keep you up on that situation. around ardmore, church road between route 30 and montgomery avenue. fallen power cables in the area. for the area bridges we're okay in the tacony palmyra, speed restrictions on the walt whitman, 35 miles per hour, the ben franklin bridge is clear but westbound in the city we're losing one lane due to construction. for the philadelphia international airport, we're still at delays of 59 minutes
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due to low clouds for arriving flights. when i come back more on the accident and the airport and mass transit. 20 minutes after 6:00, the rain is coming down. we've issued a first alert not just for rain but strong gusty winds. the rain will be heavier, especially this afternoon. the heavy rain, strong gusty winds will combine for more coastal flooding. we saw it yesterday. it's happening this morning based open matt delucia's reports and it can be expected even well inland along the banks of the delaware river. the winds dpufting to more than 30 miles per hour, right now philadelphia international reporting 29-mile-an-hour gusts. we'll see fluctuation in the intensity during the day. we'll see this all day long. cloudy skies, rain is light in
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philadelphia right now. but the winds have strengthened in philadelphia, millville, georgetown, wilmington is getting 28 miles per hour at the shore, 50-mile-an-hour wind gusts. right now the rain. steadiest and heaviest in delaware. this motion continues during the day so the heavy rain that we'll see develop in delaware and south jersey will be moving inland for the the philadelphia area, looks like the evening commute could see some of the heaviest rain. acat the line of -- joaquin is stuck in the bahamas, you see all of that rainfall is far to the north of that. it's a powerful storm, 130-mile-an-hour winds, category 4, expected to start moving by early tomorrow morning as a category 4. and continue that northeasterly movement taking it east of the east coast and jess of bermuda.
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this is based on the latest computer models. there is lots of time. that's tuesday morning early in the morning there's lots of time for this track to be arusted. we'll watch this closely even as it's forecast to stay away from -- heavy rains especially this afternoon. winds of 35 miles per hour in philadelphia, heavier and stronger at the shore. tomorrow we'll see showers, the wind will be present, won't be as strong, the rain won't be as heavy and it's not all day on saturday. improving conditions a lit still clouds and statered showers. a bit warmer, then here comes sunday. highs in the 70s. >> preserving history. femorally around a flag that
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soldiers carried. we'll tell you a war story and let you know where you can see it.
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new this morning a piece of delaware history is being preserved. >> it will soon be on display for all to see. the first regiment of the delaware infantry carried this flag into a number of civil war battles including the one at gettysburg. the flag was donated to the historical society in the early 1880s. but it probably has never seen -- been publicly displayed. the society held a rally around the flag campaign that raised thousands of dollars are that it needed to restore it. >> you start to notice, some things have their own aura and they are just key pieces for any museum. this was one of them.
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>> one lieutenant fighting for the north was shot. >> jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. wet slippery roadways causing accidents. we're looking live at bridge street. you can see police activity on the scene with an accident in the middle of this intersection. traffic allowed to get through as we want to get by to be safe take an alternate. a rainy one, we'll have more checks on drive times when i come back but for now let's get a check on the forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> a dreary view, that's a steady rainfall. it's light but feels stronger thanks to the gust ef winds. look at all of the moisture lining up to the south. that rain will be heavy at times this afternoon. could lead to more flooding not just at the jersey shore but
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also inland as well. we'll be right back.
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today is a first alert weather day. we are live in cape may county where people could see more flooding there. >> the heavy rain is moving this way, some spots could see an all-day rainfall. we'll tell you when it will get here. >> and watching joaquin, the hurricane battered the bahamas and now people up and down the east coast are on edge. we'll look at its projected path. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. we have a lot to get to. first, the weather is forcing some schools along the shore to close in the last half hour brigantine decided to school, also wildwood, north wildwood along with wildwood preschool program also closed.
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you can find the complete list on our website or news app. now the weather with meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. >> a lot going on. a first alert changes to the rain, the wind, the flood threat. mostly light rain but heavy downpours especially this an for philadelphia and even north and west as we go into the evening hours. and strong winds especially alos the corps. coastal flood, not just atlantic but along the banks of the delaware river. around noon time along the atlantic coast. beach erosion thanks to winds gusting to 50 miles per hour at the shore today. we're already seeing the rain this morning. it is light rain for philadelphia. but thanks to the strong wind it is wind-driven rain. so it feels heavier and it is coming down heavier in delaware and south jersey.
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this will be moving inland during the day. everyone is going to see wet weather. i'm expecting 1 to 3 inches from delaware into south jersey into philadelphia. we're seeing the dusty winds shy of 30 miles per hour wind gusts, topping 30 miles an hour in southern delaware and strong winds will be here as the rain continues. look at the winds. 11:00 stronger and gustier at 2:00 this afternoon. we'll go through the forecast, neighborhood by neighborhood, when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> we're watching this accident scene on bridge street. you can see a car mangled in the center. we have police activity on the scene. this intersection it's not closed yet but be safe. there is really no backup and they are allowing the traffic to
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move through. you'll do just fine. in blackwood, in new jersey on the black horse pike, watch out for an accident there. and emergency road construction in cherry hill township. closing out right and center lanes. over the bridge no problems with the tacony palmyra right now. there are speed restrictions on the whitman. down to 35 due to high winds. watch for construction on the ben westbound into the city we're losing a lane. >> 6:34. we're tracking heavy rain moving into the area and for people down the shore, that means a threat of more flooding. matt delucia is live in cape may county. show us what's happening there right now. >> reporter: tracy, on the beach it's very windy right now. you might be able to hear it. let me show you how rough the wind is out here and the conditions are.
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look at that american flag up there. just blowing in the wind. for a while it was in a straight line because we had heavy gusts this morning. follow me along here along the beach as i try to keep my footing with the wind gusts. talking about the beach erosion because of the wind gusts. not too much along this weech. the water kind of piling up and flooding the sandp in this part of the beach. we have not seen the water coming onto the streets from the ocean. how ever, abouten a hour ago we were over by sea isle and we could see some flooding out there on the street, some of the water right on to the roadway there and flooded an intersection. it was 5 to 6 inches so this is a state of machine in evect in new jersey, that's in effect
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right now so do not go out if you don't have to. as it makes its way up the east coast. for now the winds are heavy, bill is talking about that. low tides. down at the shore it's going to be about 11:00, noon, where we're really going to possibly see heavier flooding as a result of the high tide moving in. i'm going to try to get inside. it's very windy out here. ma matt, "nbc 10 news." >> get inside. meanwhile. ahead of joaquin, governor chris christie will be in sea isle to discuss. super storm saend fresh on the minds of many. christie wants you to prepare
6:37 am
but not panic. >> now is the time to begin to prepare for hunkering down and dealing with the storm. if an evacuation is necessary as i said we'll give you as much advance notice of the need nor evacuation as we possibly can. >> this was the scene in west wildwood yesterday. high wind caused coastal flooding. in pennsylvania tom wolf says leaders are watching the forecast as well. >> i think it's so early to say we're not going to get hit. we are as always hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. >> in bristol township we found crews clearing drainage areas to keep rain water moving. we've seen some businesses closing up for the weekend knowing how bad it's going to get. our meteorologists are tracking the storms.
6:38 am
and an eye on joaquin and its impact. tap the "nbc 10 news" app. >> searching for a campus creeper sneaking into dorm rooms and assaulting them. it happened twice last month. the suspect gained access to the form by following someone, then touched two students in their bed. in both cases the suspect took off. >> today is sptsing day for irving fryar convict of defrauding banks by taking out multiple home equity loans on the same property. in an exclusive interview with vai sikahema fryer maintained innocence and said he and his mother were victims of a conartist. >> cantor won't stop them, neither will the rain. thousands will begin a three-day walk to fight dancer. the opening ceremony for the
6:39 am
susan g susan g. komen. men and women walk 60 miles ending at the navy yard. the link goes pink as you can see. the eagles are lighting up the stadium to draw attention to breast cancer. >> the rain is coming down, the wind has beenqc increasing, and you can expect scenes like this through the day. showers to start with, are on the light side. but with the wind it feels heavier. we'll see strong gusty winds through this afternoon and during the afternoon that's when i expect philadelphia inland areas to see the heaviest rainfall. it starts. winds are topping 30 miles per
6:40 am
hour in the region. and could be as high as 50 miles per hour along the atlantic coast. we saw flooding yesterday. along the jersey shore, the delaware beaches, already happening this morning, matt delucia has been reporting on that. it's expected to get worse later this morning at noon time you can expect high tide between noon and 1:00. rain falling from reading, that's jis light now. the heavier rainfall as the day progresses. we could see 1 to 3 inches in philadelphia. that's steady light rain, in southern kent county and delaware you see them moving into the delaware bay, starting to move into south jersey. cumberland, cape may and atlantic county. the heavier rainfall to the south will continue streaming into the area. this nor'easter is just getting started. i think the worse will come today and tonight. not a plot of rain on the ground
6:41 am
by noon time philadelphia. look at cape may and deaver the rain counting up as heavier rainfall develops. more than an inch on the ground, topping two inches for millville. 2 1/2 inches of rain. into the late evening hours and early tomorrow morning, the heaviest rainfall shifts from the northwest so the lehigh valley, lancaster, you're not out of it. heavy rain on the way. then into tomorrow we'll still see some wet weather. not expecting the heavy rain. some scattered showers, likely to continue during the day. flood warning in effect for the jersey shore and the delaware beaches through sunday at 6:00. high tide will be the biggest problem in the early afternoon today and again tomorrow and sunday. the flood warning has been extended for the delaware river. into lower pucks county.
6:42 am
6:00 tem night. moderate to major flooding. >> rain heavy at times. trenton, abington, 50s, 35 miles an hour. as i mentioned those 50 mile per hour, cape may, rehobeth, you'll be getting it as well. more rain on the ground at the delaware. for philadelphia, wilmington and wood town to rain, the wind will combine to keep temperatures in the 50s. big changes for the weekend and a look at joaquin when i'm back. >> about to catch a flight, perhaps picking somebody up. in newark, drop the bags, come
6:43 am
to the tv. >> first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has updates. we're seeing delays. on 95 around the ryan streety way. watching out for police activity. but on the on side we have a 41 minute drive time. that's heavy for this time of morning. as for the schuylkill. we're jammed. 19 minutes from the vine to the blue route. i'm going to say this is going to update because we're looking at our cameras to see m the jam street started from the vine street up through city avenue and to the conshohocken curve. for new jersey out in blackwood,
6:44 am
the black horse pike an accident between the expressway and green tree road. again like vai mentioned headed to the international airport we have a 70-minute delay all morning due to low clouds. we're arriving flights into the philadelphia area. vai. >> thank you, jessica. following breaking news out of the vatican over the pope's visit with the kentucky clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. what vatican officials are saying about the secret betweening between the pope and kim davis.
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>> >> we're watching hurricane joaquin, the powerful storm pounded the bahamas and now the east coast is waiting to see where it will go next. meteorologist bill henley is tracking the projections throughout the morning.
6:48 am
>> chris cato live with you in the wake of that uproar over news that pope francis met with kentucky clerk kim davis the vatican put out a statement saying in part the meeting should not be considered a form of support for her position. davis is the clerk who spent five days in jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples in kentucky. two days ago much of the country was shocked to learn that davis met privately with the pope while she was in washington, d.c. the vatican said in its statement that the pope met with several dozen people while there due to his kindness and availability. and that francis did not quote enter into details of the situation regarding mrs. day vits. davis says the pope prayed with her and her husband, gave them rosaries and told her to say strong. davis' mother and father of catholic, she is an apostolic
6:49 am
christian. francis said he did not know the details of davis' case but he is defending conscientious objection as a human right that should not be denied. chris cato like in our breaking news center. >> thank you, chris. developing this morning russian president vladamir putin heads to paris for talks supposed to be about ukraine but will now likely include russia's military action in syria. russia says its air strikes destroyed a dozen islamic state target but the u.s. doesn't believe it fearing that pilots go after opponents of bashar al assad. and now to decision 2016. bernie sanders giving hillary clinton a literal run for her money. >> he nearly equal heard in the campaign for cash. sanders collected nearly as much from small donations as clinton from big donors. clinton's campaign said she had taken in $28 million.
6:50 am
here is a look at the trackic field right now along with clinton and sanders, o'malley, chafy and webb running. vice president joe biden has not yet announced if he is running. >> the rainy weather and hurricane joaquin could impact the sunday's eagles game. the nfl network reports that the league is considering moving the match-up from maryland to detroit because of the storms. the eagles have been dealing with the elements as they have been practicing at the complex. the team has been keeping to its normal schedule and chip kelly and staff are aware of the forecast but it's not changing how they are preparing. >> we're preparing to play on sunday but we don't have any -- nothing definitive so when they tell us what we're doing if the plan were to change then we'll adjust accordingly. >> for now kickoff is set for sunday at 1:00 at fedex field. time now for us to reveal this week's "high school blitz" game of the week, it's delsy and
6:51 am
paul iv. i think they went wire to wire this week. see the highlights and all of your local high school action tomorrow at 11:00 of course on the "high school blitz." it's been a wet and windy morning so far. the wind is going to intensify, the rain will be getting heavier, we have a first alert weather day as a result. heavy rain especially this afternoon and this evening during the evening commute for philadelphia. strong winds are with us, they will intensify at the shore and coastal flooding not just along the atlantic but along the banks of the delaware. 53 degrees, winds at 16 miles per hour. clouds, wind and rain through the day today. this afternoon, this evening,
6:52 am
may be the most challenging day of the next three. wind gusts are strong from georgetown, wildwood, millville, 30 miles an hour plus. we have seen wind gusts of more than 30 miles per hour in philadelphia. and the flood threat at the shore, wind on shore, 40 miles an hour to 50 miles an hour. breaking waves 8 to 12 feet, beach erosion with this nor'easter that will continue into the weekend. steady rain for cape may, it continues to be heavier in central and southern delaware. and this will be slowly moving inland so we'll see heavy downpours this afternoon. it's up and down the eastern seaboard and it's not from joaquin. joaquin is way to the south. future cast shows heaviest coming through the day into tonight. that's 10:00 tonight that heavy rain, though, moves off to the northwest overnight tonight, so we'll see improving conditions in our area early tomorrow
6:53 am
morning. though there is a threat of scattered showers during the day on saturday. that's at 11:00 in the morning. and scattered showers again on saturday night into sunday. what happened to joaquin? joaquin is parked in the central bahamas, a strong category 4 storm. now forecast to go out to sea. and starting to make that move early tomorrow morning as a category four storm. it moves to the west of bermuda, well east of the east coast. this will take it away from our area, so for now it looks like we're catching a break when it comes to joaquin. there could be changes in that track. we'll keep a close eye on that and deal with the heavy rain and gusty winds. 50s this afternoon. philadelphia, winds gusting to more than 30 miles per hour. the wind will be present tomorrow, scattered showers on saturday and scattered showers
6:54 am
again on sunday. 64 sunday afternoon, finally some big improvement for monday. and beautiful weather ahead for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. >> bill, 6 minutes before 7:00. let's check your ride to work. it's going to be wet, make sure you're really paying attention because there could be downed wires, downed trees. >> i'm looking at the monitor behind jessica and that's not pretty. >> it's not pretty. it's 95 and this is early for this delay. this is not just normal volume. we're also dealing with a disabled vehicle that was stuck in the center lanes here around girard avenue. we're at 51 minute drive time. that is heavy for this time of morning. southbound from woodhaven to the vie street expressway. four changes for monday for septa, the lansdale downs toul town line, an update there and the fer ray avenue station. limited parking due to flooding and patco running the friday ben
6:55 am
franklin bridge schedule. we'll have one less on traffic coming up in five minutes.
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6:58 am
good morning. i'm matt delucia at the jersey shore. we're at the 48th street beach in sea isle city. it's wet, cold and windy. take a look at that flag there whipping in the wind. almost in a straight line. jersey shore has been getting hit hard by rain and wind that we've had over the past 24 hours or so. coastal flooding is also a major concern with high tide coming up around noon. live in sea isle city. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news."
6:59 am
we're starting to see some delays on the schuylkill expressway from the vine street expressway into city avenue. also 69 minutes away at the philadelphia international airport due to low clouds for arriving flights into the city. >> you'll need your umbrella and a sturdy one today. we have the rain already, we're getting gusty winds and the heavier rain to the south will be moving into philadelphia. the heaviest rainfall for philadelphia this afternoon into this evening commute. look at that, now 40-mile-an-hour wind gusts, that's what matt delucia was standing in talking about how strong that wind was. we'll see those strong gusty winds through this afternoon with heavy rainfall, and coastal flooding not just the shore but also along the banks of the delaware river. noon time at the jersey shore and the delaware beaches, 5:00 along the delaware. >> thank you, bill. the "today" show is up next.
7:00 am
>> you can always stay updated about the weather and hurricane joaquin on our nbc 10 app. good morning. face of a killer. chris harper mercer is the man police have identified as the gunman who killed nine people at an oregon college, shooting them one by one after asking them about their faith. >> we do have one female that has been shot at this time. >> he was eventually killed during a shootout with police. his father stunned to learn that his son was behind the tragedy. >> i am just as shocked as everybody at what happened today. president obama outraged. >> as i said just a few months ago, and i said a few months before that, and i said each time we see one of these mass shootings, our thoughts and prayers are not enough. >> this morning the terror


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