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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  October 2, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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nbc 10's first alert radar is tracking hurricane joaquin, the category four hurricane is inundating the bahamas right now before it's expected to take a turn and move north. and the jersey shore and the delaware beaches have been slammed with periods of heavy rain and coastal flooding. here's a live look now at conditions in cape may where a coastal flood warning is in effect. wet, windy, and nasty. there's a threat of flooding inland, too, especially along the delaware river. here's a live look at radar showing where the heaviest rain is falling at this moment. our coverage begins with first alert meteorologist bill henley
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tracking the storm and the hurricane. bill? it's a first alert weather day for the rain we've had, the rain and wind we're going to get and the coastal flooding happening at the shore and it's a possibility even inland. the heavy rain has started to make its move. strong gusty winds should turn stronger and we're on the watch for another round of coastal flooding at the jersey shore, but can't rule it out right along the delaware. look at the rain starting to increase in intensity for philadelphia and into newcastle county, in delaware. and some of the immediate suburbs, burlington county seeing steadier rain. through the morning we've been watching this one area of heavier rain start in southern delaware, now slowly moving inland through the afternoon. we'll watch this band of rain slowly make its way through the philadelphia area and into areas north and west for later this evening. so the lighter rainfall in allentown,be berks county and lancaster, it's starting to feel
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rough. winds are gusting to 31 in wildwood right now but could be near 50 miles an hour this afternoon. you've got the rain, you've got wind, we've got coastal flood warnings in effect as high tide hitting right about now into the noontime hour, even 1:00 this afternoon along the jersey shore and delaware beaches. then later this afternoon we'll see high tide along the delaware river. this has prompted a flood warning that is going to be in effect not only for today but right through the weekend as strong gusty winds and high tides combine to give us the potential for more flooding. so a dreary day today and the worst of it should be during the day today and this evening with some changes ahead for the weekend. the hour-by-hour forecast, 52 degrees, steady, winds out of the north/northeast, 21 miles an hour wind gusts going higher at 4:00 in the city to 35 miles an
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hour and we could see near mile an hour winds at parts of the shore. the temperature at 7:00, the strong wind and rain will still be continuing. then there's joaquin. we'll look at that powerful hurricane when i come back, vai, later this half hour. >> see you then, bill. negotiation the heavy rain, we are keeping a close eye hurricane joaquin as it batters the bahamas. the category four hurricane is causing widespread flooding. still some people refuse to leave their homes and officials are amending laws to make evacuations mandatory. and tourists at north carolina's beaches are heading for higher ground. people loaded up their campers at cape lookout on harker's island. the national mark service is closing the area to all visitors. and it's going to be a rainy weekend for the thousands of breast cancer survivors and supporters making a 60 mile journey one step at a time. it's the annual susan g. komen's
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walk for the cur. jesse gary is there. jesse, how is the rain affecting the turnout? >> reporter: to quote with one of the organizers of the walk -- with a southern accent, i might add -- "y'all people are tough. you don't let the weather bother you." so the turnout is similar to what it's been in the previous years. we're standing at what is called a cheering station and although the cheering station has moved off camera -- way to go, ladies, high five. there you go. that's what we mean. here's the cheering station. they went to refill. they're providing candy to give the ladies energy as they walk by. this is one of the cheering stations that are in place along the route to help the walkers soldier through is. >> seriously? it's really wet. really wet. but we're out here for a good cause and it's fun. kind of crazy, kind of fun.
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>> jen was one of the hundreds of walkers we found walking through the wet this morning. the three day walk for the cure started at 7:00 a.m. each step raises funds to fight and ultimately cure breast cancer. this woman lost her mother to breast cancer and was able to survive her own bout with ovarian cancer. she has a team of friends that have been doing the three-day walk since 2008. >> it's overwhelming. the support i have that received, especially last year, i walked during chemo with no hair. it's amazing the support. it's a family, we meet every year in october. >> way to go and we are back live at the cheering station as the ladies are walking past. not every october is as cold and rainy and dreary as today is. coming up in the next 30 minutes, what the organizers are doing to keep these participants as dry and as comfortable given
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the conditions. we'll have that for you at 11:30. live in chestnut hill, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. >> jesse unwittingly became part of the clearing section. stay with nbc 10 on air and on the nbc 10 news app as meteorologists track the storm and hurricane joaquin. count on us for the conditions of the hurricane and a path of the hurricane. today a town in oregon mourns the loss of nine people gunned down at a community college. jennifer bjorkland has the latest from roseburg. a familiar scene unfolding. a candlelight vigil following a mass shooting on a school campus. >> i've heard report he is has a long gun. >> reporter: the students in southern oregon never expected it to happen to them. >> we stopped everything and we ran and when we ran out of the building everybody went every which way. it was so chaotic. >> my teacher came running into the room in a very big panic telling all the students, 20
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plus, to come into a teachers' room in the back and hide and duck down, shut off the lights and don't make noise. >> reporter: the 26-year-old shooter gunned down but not before killing at least nine students and seriously injuring seven others. >> we have at least two heroic officers who responded into the buildings within minutes and exchanged gunfire with the suspect. >> reporter: the assailant's father in southern california says the family is crushed. >> obviously it's been a devastating day, devastating for me and my family. >> reporter: president obama says we have become numb to this. >> this is a political choice that we make. to allow this to happen every few months in america. we collectively are answerable to those families who lose their loved ones because of our
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inaction. >> reporter: in these cases, the president says, thoughts and prayers are not enough. in roseburg, oregon, jennifer bjorkland, nbc news. a school bus, a dart bus, and a car collided in wilmington this morning and someone in the car died. the accident happened around 7:45 at south market street near walnut. there were no passengers on the school bus but there were several on the dart bus. there's no word yet if any of them were injured. the delaware state police are investigating this crash. market street was closed in both directions while police tried to reconstruct the accident. and take a look at this car fire on roosevelt boulevard in nicetown. our assignment editor chuck mcdade shot this around midnight. authorities tell us the car stalls on the northbound side just before the broad street exit and it just caught fire. everyone managed to make it out okay. philadelphia police just released this new video in hopes of catching an armed robber. they say the man walked into the cruz family grocery store on
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south 22nd street in south philly tuesday afternoon. the robber pointed a gun at an employee and demanded money. he ran away with an unknown amount of cash. no workers or customers were hurt. and today is sentencing day for former philadelphia eagle irving fryar. he was convicted of defrauding banks by more than a million dollars by taking out multiple equity loans on the same property. fryar says he and his mother were victims of a con artist. also happening today, montgomery county will host a job fair for veterans of all age. it's from 11:30 to 1:30 at montgomery county community college in blue bell. it's geared to all veterans and is especially geared for those who just recently returned from service. powwow with the pontiff. we're learning more about the meeting with pope francis and the kentucky clerk who went to
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jail for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses. what the vatican is saying about the meeting and the new comments from kim davis' lawyer. we continue to track hurricane joaquin and its future past. a close look at joaquin when we come back, vai. we'll show you how powerful the storm is now and where it's heading and what's next for our area as we head into the weekend.
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♪ ♪ yoplait. the smooth and creamy yogurt your whole family loves. yoplait original with no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, and no high fructose corn syrup. radar shows steady rainfall
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that is starting to intensify now in parts of delaware and south jersey. that band of heavy rain is heading toward the philadelphia area, wilmington and trenton. you'll see it come down this afternoon and the rain threat continues into the weekend. new jersey governor chris christie is taking a look at storm preparations in sea isle city right now. then he'll discuss what's happening during a noon news conference. matt delucia was in sea isle city and he has a look at flooding causing problem there is as well as the windy rainy conditions. >> up and down the jersey shore along atlantic county and cape may county we have seen wind, rain, and cold weather this morning. here in sea isle city the wind has really been kicking up. the surf out here is very rough as well. and all that water from the rain that came overnight just sort of ponding out here on the sand. definitely not a good beach day. take a look at video from a little bit earlier this morning
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in the overnight hours resulting in street flooding at 33rd and landis in sea isle city. not a good condition to drive in, that's for sure. we've also seen ponding and puddling on other roadways as well. the major roads don't look too bad although side streets had an issue. coastal flooding is a major concern. we also saw some people who were out here walking, taking a look at the beach, just sort of taking it all in and taking in the wind as well. the next big concern, though, is going to be with the high tide coming within the hour. so that is something that the folks here at the jersey shore are going to be looking at. the state of emergency is still in effect here at the jersey shore. in sea isle city, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. the u.s. military is investigating a plane crash in afghanistan that killed six american airmen and five civilians. this is video at the jalalabad
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airfield after the air force transport plane went down overnight. the six service members were the plane's crew, the passengers were civilian contractors working with nato. none of their names have been released. the taliban claimed they shot the plane down but there's been no indication of hostile fire that region. russia's defense ministry released this footage saying it shows air strikes hitting isis targets in syria. the ministry said this morning that its aircraft had carried out 18 operations in syria in the past day russia says they are going after syrian rebels. meanwhile, russian president vladimir putin and french president francois hollande are in talks over syria's fate and the isis threat. the attorney for kentucky clerk kim davis is disputing the vatican's description of her meeting with the pope. the lawyers say vatican personnel initiated contact with davis' camp and she and her husband met privately with pope
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francis at the vatican embassy in washington. earlier, a vatican spokesman said the pope only met with davis in a receiving line. the vatican also issued a statement today saying the meeting should not be considered a form of support of davis' position. davis was jailed for several days last month after she refused to sign marriage licenses for same-sex couples. strong gusty winds, heavy rainfall and it's set to intensify this afternoon. we've seen some areas. it's on the move and heading toward the philadelphia area. along with the heavy rain, strong gusty winds. we saw them above the 30 miles an hour wind gust mark first thing this morning. that will continue and get stronger and the threat of coastal flooding happened
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yesterday at the jersey shore and delaware beaches. happening again today and and inland along the banks of the delaware river. steady, maybe i will light rain right now in reading. it's coming down on the light side in philadelphia but steady rain for trenton. is temperatures stuck? the low 50s, they're going where today. the rain has tapered off some at the jersey snore cape may but look at those breaking waves expecting waves of eight to 12 feet with this storm system when the winds get stronger. and we have seen some surfers from time to time. there's a risk of rip current, a high risk of that so even experienced surfers will have a challenge with that today so be on the lookout. cape may getting a break from the heaviest rainfall. still steady but lighter rain in the louis area. the rain has started to move back past dover and in southern newcastle county and northern delaware and portions of
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cumberland and salem county. see that band? that's what's going move inland during the day and keep on going tonight but it will be a slow motion progress so we will see rainfall on top of what we've already gotten by late tonight more than an inch in philadelphia and still scattered showers in store for us for tomorrow. for today the winds. 4:00 this afternoon. they stay above the 30 miles an hour mark at times in philadelphia but look at atlantic city. 48 mile an hour wind gusts and that may continue later this afternoon and into this evening as well leading to more coastal flooding. now joaquin still in the bahamas, in spite of joaquin we're witnessing winds of 130 miles an hour, still a strong category four storm and expected to take a turn to the north away from the bahamas and stay east of the east coast. a miss for joaquin but with
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joaquin on the move, there's still going to be strong gusty winds in store for us right on into the weekend. for today, 50s from camelback to bethlehem and pennsburg. the heavier rainfall in these areas will happen this evening into the overnight hours. for the philadelphia area, bordentown, morristown, abington this afternoon, that's when the steadiest heaviest rainfall will be into the early evening hours. the rain tapering off at the shore but no it willup in the wind and the threat of coastal flooding, 57 in cape may, milford and millville still getting pretty good rainfall right now and that heavier rain will be trending into wilmington, philadelphia, and woodstown for this afternoon. temperatures will be in the lower 50s. now, the rain continues into saturday but it won't be the heavy rain we're seeing today, it's going to be scattered showers and on-and-off rainfall that will be tapering off a bit in the afternoon. temp ghourseratures go a little. fewer showers around on sunday,
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64. then finally breaks in the clouds monday with warmer weather to come for tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. but that bright sunshine is a long way away. thank you, bill. it's a condition that affects millions of americans and a large number of current and former athletes. up next, i'll talk to a former football teammate of mine working to spread the word about sleep apnea and the treatment he says is life saving. and later another high profile hack attack. information stolen from millions of t-mobile customers. what affected customers should do.
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mirrors. they show us all our problem areas... those places that we can't wish or squish away. well now fear no mirror, and eliminate those problem areas with coolsculpting - the patented cooling technology targets and kills fat cells, with no surgery or downtime. so if you want to see a slimmer you when you look in the mirror, go to today to receive a limited time offer for a free consultation.
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we all know the importance of getting a good night's sleep, studies show 18 million americans suffer from sleep apnea, a disorder characterized by abnormal pause in breathing or instances of low breathing during sleep and a staggering amount of athletes and former athletes are dealing with the condition. one of those former athletes is a teammate of mine, two time nfl pro-bowl wide receiver roy green, along with dr. steve sharnitski who specializes in treating sleep apnea and david gergen from the pro player health alliance. roy and i have known each other for almost 30 years. you're in your late 50s. you had a stroke and heart attack, were they related to sleep apnea? >> yes, they were. the problem is doctors treat you for the stroke and heart attack but they don't go back to what
11:24 am
causes it. so if i had that prevention and had known about sleep apnea in the past victim prevented that. that got me inspired to go out and help former athletes. >> doctor, why do you think so many athletes and former athletes had this condition? >> very simply the larger body size puts a little bit of constriction on the neck. and a lot of athletes are trained to put on extra wake, get that bulk up. so naturally you'll have more of a collapse of the airway. >> what are the effects if left untreated. >> numerous effects of untreated sleep apnea including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, loss of attention span list as very, very long. >> dave, tell us -- talk to us about the pro player health alliance, why it was established and how you're helping former nfl players. >> i just won the state
11:25 am
championship coaching n high school football, got a letter from if nfl to put on this clinic with nfl players, i met derek kin national guard, derek was suffering from sleep a knee yanchts former teammate of ours with the cardinals. >> great guy. and i recognize head had sleep apnea, i said derek, you have sleep apnea. he says "yes, i do, i can't wear that mask." i said "we'll get you in for a dental device." during the process of getting it maid derek's brother died in his sleep. he called me at 12:30, my brother just died, sleep apnea, he goes we've got to do something to help my brothers in the nfl. >> what you guys are helping to do is reach out beyond former nfl players. you're hoping to reach a wider audience. >> when i first started my concern was my former teammates but it would be selfish of us to concentrate on that. so there's over 18 million that people are suffer iing. we tried to reach out to as many people we can as thanks to
11:26 am
companies like z quiet who we partner with who helps not only the past and present athletes but throughout communities, we communicate. >> and we have this device here. we have this linked to our web site. the hardest part of this segment was trying to find highlights of roy playing. [ laughter ] we dug and dug and finally found a few clips of you playing with the eagles so we appreciate that, for more information about ways to treat sleep apnea, head to our web site at, we have a link connected to it. also on our app, roy green, dr. steve charnitski, david gergen, thank you so much, fellas. >> thank you. we are tracking hurricane joaquin and the storm causing heavy rain and coastal flooding across our region. here's a live look at the jersey shore. meteorologist bill henley will break down the timing of the rain and is tracking the latest path of hurricane joaquin. >> reporter: and i'm jesse gary live in chestnut hill.
11:27 am
the three day walk for a cure under way. people making their way to chestnut hill. that end and right behind me this end, too. let's go around, john, show them. there we are. way to go, ladies! we're at the halfway point. an update right after the break. good job, men! good job ladies.
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it is 11:30 this friday morning, first alert radar is tracking hurricane joaquin, the category four hurricane is dumping torrential rains on to the bahamas right now. it's expected to take a turn and move north. the jersey shore and delaware beaches have been slammed with periods of heavy rain and coastal flooding. here's a live look at conditions in cape may, new jersey, where coastal flood warnings are in effect. and check out this video of
11:31 am
strong winds and rough surf off the coast of ocean city maryland. officials are warning about the potential of moderate to severe flooding. larry hogan declared a state of emergency yesterday ahead of hurricane joaquin and the storm that's hitting the east coast right now. and it's a wet, windy and nasty day. as we take a live look at the radar it will intensify through the evening. here's a live look at center city, philadelphia. we think that's center city, philadelphia. live team coverage continues with first alert meteorologist bill henley tracking the storm and the hurricane. bill? it is going to intensify this afternoon. we've already seen some heavy rain in some areas. not everybody will get it at the same time. the strong winds we've already experienced will get a bit stronger this afternoon and coastal flooding occurring in
11:32 am
delaware and new jersey could nap the philadelphia area as well it's lighter rain in philadelphia but you can see where the heavy rain has fallen. in the last 12 hours it's central and southern delaware into delaware bay and portions of cumberland county. parts of this these areas, more than two inches of vain on the ground. that's heavier rain that produced those higher amounts has moved to the north and that movement will continue. it will get heavier at times for wilmington and philadelphia and that will be timed for this afternoon and could continue into the evening commute. coastal flood threat temperatures will be holding in 50s. wind speeds could be near 50. 50 miles an hour this afternoon. the flood threat not only along the atlantic coast but inland along the delaware and that threat will stay with us for the
11:33 am
weekend, vai. the heaviest rain during the day and evening hours today. temperatures are going nowhere with steady winds of 22 miles an hour at 1:00. stronger at 7:00 this evening. we'll talk more about the weekend forecast and hurricane joaquin, vai, when i come back later this hour. >> we'll see you then bill. as hurricane joaquin churns toward the u.s., preparations are being made from georgia to boston, regardless of its track the storm is sure to bring heavy rains and surf. jay gray shows us what it's like in the outer banks, north carolina. >> reporter: getting a bit of a break right now but we've seen it throughout the day. the outerbacks will get pounded by rain over the next several days. joaquin won't help with that. the storm brushes or at least the elements of joaquin brush the outer bank, an increased surge from the tide here, we're going to see strong rain. that in an area that's already suffered through rain over the last several days.
11:34 am
they've already seen some minimal flooding here. we're going to see severe flooding in the next day through the weekend as a result of the effects of joaquin. again, it's not going to make landfall, it doesn't appear, but it's going to cause some problems here. a lot of people making sure they have water, making sure they have food and making sure they're ready to spend a couple days without electricity. the concern here not the wind but that water from rains. they have seen flooding, they're evacuating some of the outer islands here is by ferry to make sure no one gets trapped as the flooding intensifies. that's the latest from kittyhawk, i'm jay gray, nbc news. here's a view of hurricane joaquin from space. astronaut scott kelly posted this new photo to his twitter account this morning. he's aboard the international space station and what you're looking at is the image showing the category four storm churning over the bahamas. the wet weather this weekend won't dampen the spirits of thousands of walkers raising money to fight breast cancer.
11:35 am
nbc 10's jesse gary is is live in chestnut hill for today's leg of the susan g. komen three day walk. jesse, tell me how the walkers are doing? >> vai, they're doing well. we've got some walkers. good job, ladies, come on. i was at what was a cheering station but the cheerers have moved on because of the implement weather. you can see there's some ladies still walking down germantown avenue in chestnut hill and this inclement weather is not flowing their trek to the convention center. >> it's cold and rainy but we're coming out with high spirits but we're getting together and it's great. there's a lot of high energy going around, dancing, sicking, it's great. >> sara hall is part of a team showing love and support for a friend who fought through ovarian cancer, conquering the disease last year.
11:36 am
organizers say they've set up special rest stations along the 60-mile route to ward off the chill. >> when we have a rainy day we just -- we make our pit stops where there's an entrance where they can go inside, get out of the rain, get warm, dry off a little bit and rest and take care of themselves. >> and we're back live in chestnut hill with an ambulance passing us by and passing by the walkers. that was chrissie matthews, she adds weather is no comparison to what some of the breast cancer survivors have had to go through. good job, ladies, good job. halfway there! >> i'm a survivor. >> reporter: what's your name? >> michelle. >> reporter: what type of cancer did you have? breast cancer? >> reporter: i had breast cancer triple negative last year. >> reporter: what's it like to be here? >> amazing every step of the way. getting rid of cancer. >> reporter: how does it make you feel to see these sisters and brothers supporting you? >> it's awesome. really awesome to have this much support and i hope we end cancer forever.
11:37 am
>> reporter: congratulations. you've got ten miles left. the rain is less wet down that way. >> thank you! >> reporter: have a good one ladies. that's the latest live in chestnut hill, jesse gary, folks that 10 news. >> good news for those walkers. our meteorologists have tracking the storms and we're keeping an eye on joaquin and its impact in our area. for realtime forecast and projections tap the nbc 10 news app. we have new information this morning on the massacre at a community college in oregon. is authorities say they found a number of firearms at the gunman's apartment overnight. the shooting happened yet on the campus of umpqua community college in the small town of roseburg, about 180 miles south of portland in southwest oregon. witnesses say chris harper mercer who was not a student invaded a writing class and shot a teacher and told everyone else to get on the ground. survivors say he asked people to stand unand state their religion. if he answered they were question he shot them in the head. >> a classmate of mine went out
11:38 am
to the door to see and she got shot twice by the shoot er so se collapsed and we were all in panic mode then and we closed the door, locked it, turned off the light. huddled in the corner of the room. >> mercer killed nine people and wounded seven others. he died in a shootout with police. and crews are on the scene of an explosion at a chemical plant in pasadena, texas, that injured four people. there's no word on their conditions right now. the fire has been extinguished and officials say no hazardous materials were released into the air. the plant manufacturers a variety of chemicals. authorities are trying to figure out what sparked the explosion. at high-profile hack attack. this time t-mobile customers with targeted in a massive data breach. hackers stole the personal information of about 50 million wireless customers and potential customers. they got the information from
11:39 am
credit reporting agency experion which t-mobile uses to check the credit of consumers applying for phone plans and financing for devices. experion said t-mobile customers who applied between september of 2013 and september 16 of this year may have had their information stolen. his performance for the pope was one of the highlights of the papal visits and now we are seeing what bobby hill did for a follow-up. ♪ ♪ that's the 14-year-old performing with the keystone state boy choir in montgomery county last night. he'll wow the crowd with his performance for the pope saturday in the festival of families. bobby and the keystone state boy choir hosted a choir from norway at the abington presbyterian church. it's a struggle for so many parents but experts say they have the secrets to getting your kids to eat their veggies.
11:40 am
bill? the secret to finding sunshine is to stay put and wait. we still have more wind, rain, and the potential for flooding and it's not just today that we're looking at. the weekend forecast and beyond just ahead.
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11:42 am
this is a first alert weather day. steady rainfall is getting a bit heavier in parts of delaware and south jersey and that heavier rain heading toward wilmington, philadelphia and trenton.
11:43 am
along with gusty winds we are tracking a flood threat for our area that will be sticking around right on into the weekend. one in four americans suffer from migraine headaches and if they visit an eye doctor to figure out the cause they may be asked to undergo genetic testing. nbc's monica robbins explains. >> i'll bring this right over here. >> reporter: dana thomas went to her eye doctor for headaches. the glasses helped but so did the genetic testing he did for her. she never thought he could also improve her arthritis. >> it's really helped my energy level. it's helped my mobility. >> reporter: tina underwent xr epigenetic testing. a cheek swab and blood sample told her foods that are right for her body skchemistry but al what she's missing. >> with taking the medication and diet i noticed within a week. >> most people are eating foods that aren't necessarily thought to be bad foods but those foods are bad for them because everybody is so uniquely
11:44 am
individual. >> reporter: this doctor offered genetic testing to his patients for three years. he's finding great success with migraine sufferers. >> i need to know what's going on with your general health and i can be an intake point for a true health care system where we can prevent eye disease and general chronic illness. >> reporter: bioengineer and ophthalmologist has created the company that provides the test sblg we have an astonishing rate of 97% success. we did a study in 34 patients. 33 of the 34 had a profound improvement. they were all very difficult to treat migraine patients. >> now it's possible to use your genes to manage your health. >> every finding has an actual treatment that goes with it. that can do something about it. >> that was monica rob bubins reporting. a lot of parents struggle to get their kids to eat the recommended amount of veggies but researchers found elementary school kids ate fewer vegetables
11:45 am
when they were baird a popular entree chicken nuggets or burgers. when they were paired with a less desirable entree children ate more. and new data support what is a lot of us know. excessively using your cell phone could put a damper on your love life. 46% say their significant other ignored them in favor of their phone and 25% say that creates conflict in their relationships. it's an organization helping dulls in the philadelphia area.
11:46 am
explain to us what a comeback there is and what your organization does. >> great, thank you. thanks so much for having us on this show today. so graduate philadelphia works with adults that have some college credit. it could be as little as six credits who want to go back to school and complete their degree. so in philadelphia alone we know that there's 70,000 people who started and we want to help each and every one of them go back to school and finish what they started? >> you're one of those people. tell us your story and how this happened for you. >> my story is very simple, i graduated over 20 years ago, went to college and just through different life situations i had to stop, take care of my family. i always wanted to go back to school but, you know, raising children, married and then i had cancer it was tough to get that. finally the door opened up and i
11:47 am
worked for independence blue cross and graduate philadelphia came to one of our open houses and they had this program to help us get back in school. >> barbara, is it tough beating bushes and shaking trees and getting people to realize if you have college credit you can come back and get your degree? >> well, adults have a lot of things going on in their lives. as la countess said, they have families issues, work. so in order for them to understand what it is, we help them. we say do you have a quiet place to work. do you have family that's supporting you? here's how you can afford to complete your degree. as you know getting college education is expensive. >> you know what i found out when i went back to school is that i was a much better student as an adult than i was when i was a punk 19-year-old kid who thought he knew everything and i didn't. so congratulations to you lacounte lacountess, what a great achievement to get your degree and move on and what a great program that you have.
11:48 am
graduate philadelphia is celebrating its tenth anniversary this coming monday at union trust in center city and one of the comebackers, tracy davidson is the event emcee. for more information, go to our web site at or check out the nbc 10 app. we appreciate it. barbara, thank you so much. and again congratulations, lacountess, appreciate t very much. >> it's a first alert weather day. the rain coming down, the winds vb strong ed and that's what's happening in philadelphia. light rain in reading and trenton is seeing light rain but later this afternoon and into this evening those areas can expect to see heavier rain as well. and the chance of some showers will continue for philadelphia
11:49 am
right on into the weekend. along with strong gusty winds. winds of 31 miles an hour, the gust in philadelphia and wilmington will be going stronger at the coastline this afternoon. we're seeing lighter rain in cape may but with the wind coming through the area, it feels like it's much heavier and it's heavier in newcastle county, portions of salem, cumberland and gloucester and camden counties as well. it's this band of showers moving inland that will continue for the day today slowly continuing. so this afternoon at 4:00 the futurecast showing the line of heavier showers from philadelphia through wilmington and farther to the south west. by later this evening at 7:00 we're looking at good showers and northern and western suburbs, those heavier downpours go farther north and west overnight tonight and by tomorrow morning we could see periods of heavier showers but it won't be an all day rainfall
11:50 am
for saturday and showers will be more difficult to find later saturday afternoon. what's still going to be with us is the strong gusty winds. i showed you this a few minutes ago. look at the wind speeds into the weekend. we'll see winds gusting to 48 miles an hour at the shore and 36 miles an hour winds in philadelphia. the winds stay strong as we track hurricane joaquin to the northeast. it's expected to stay to the east of the east coast. so no direct hit expected for the east coast of the united states. but with it on the move forecast to go to the northeast that will keep the pressure on the winds and keep the winds up right on through the weekend. as it moves to the northeast, it will weaken, dissipated but the storm path is going to take it to our east for the next several days so for the next several days the wind will stay with us. heavy rain at times today. the rain will be tapering off late this evening and overnight
11:51 am
tonight. gusty winds stay with us into the weekend. we will get some rain over the weekend. it won't be heavy and then we'll have pure showers but still gusty winds on sunday, 64 degrees sunday afternoon. by monday showers finally take a break and the wind will be dying down. we'll see sunshine breaking through the high clouds on tuesday and bright sunny skies for wednesday and thursday. tuesday, wednesday, and thursday high temperatures will be in the 70s. we'll be right back.
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analysts weren't sure if the new features of the 6si phones would be enough to get customers on board but apple sold a record 13 million phones over the launch weekend. nbc 10 national correspondent mark barger explains how new pricing models make it easier to get the latest and greatest gadgets. >> we have changed everything. >> reporter: smart phones are not alone in changing, so is the way we're buying them. most major carriers have ditched the traditional model of two-year contracts and subsidized devices. >> it's more like a lease where you're getting the new one each time and not worrying long-term about what happens. >> reporter: carriers are getting competition from manufacturers and offering their
11:55 am
own plans. >> you can always get the newest iphone and pay a monthly fee. >> reporter: about $32 a month for the new iphone 6s. >> carriers typically lose money on the hand set so they're more than happy to put that burden on apple. >> reporter: selling back old phones can soften the blow for consumers. >> not just to people buying and selling them on their own but you're seeing plans that are banking into that. >> get up to $400 when you switch to verizon. >> reporter: customers must choose between buying a new phone outright, paying in monthly installments or leasing the phone and upgrading each year. >> i think in the end a rot of these plans are made so that they can get your money and keep making money. >> customers have more choices but also more home work to find the best deal. mark berger, nbc 10 news. >> bill henley now with the all-important afternoon forecast. >> once you get one of those phones you can get our yap which will help you track it on the
11:56 am
go. for now the afternoon forecast is looking drearier than what we've seen this morning. the rain will be turning heavier in philadelphia. the winds that have been strong will continue this afternoon and this weekend and the coastal flood threat will continue not only at the shore but along the banks of the delaware. this is the radar estimate. the heaviest rain fall you can see has been to the south so far this morning more than two inches of rain on delaware but the heavier rain is on the move. it's slowly pushing towards wilmington, philadelphia, trenton, we'll see that this afternoon and probably during evening commute. the coastal flood warning for today continues over the weekend and has been extended for the delaware river into lower bucks county right on through the weekend. so look at this. for today dreary conditions. the worst of it will be today. we'll see less rain as we go through the weekend. but still strong gusty winds for saturday and sunday and clearing out next week. but we have wet weather and
11:57 am
gusty winds to get through before that arrives. >> thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. for bill henley and all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day. stay safe.
11:58 am
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. >> gabi: hey. hey there. >> rafe: hey. >> gabi: you look amazing. what is this tie? do you have court today? >> rafe: no, it's... paige larson, it's her funeral. >> gabi: oh, yeah, that's--that's the girl that got murdered. that--that's your case, isn't it? >> rafe: mm-hmm. >> gabi: well, that's a little above and beyond the call of duty, don't you think? >> rafe: not reall no. it's important for me to be there. >> gabi: why? did you know her? >> theresa: [sighs] damn it. >> brady: hey. what's wrong? >> theresa: [crying] brady. [acoustic guitar playing] ♪


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