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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  October 2, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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even stronger gusts are likely tomorrow. take a look at the future cast through the night tonight, into tomorrow, gusts to near 50 miles an hour and possibly even higher in parts of the coastal regions. it's off to the northeast, it's a nor'easter but very, very slow moving one. here's the future cast as we go through the night tonight, occasionally heavy rain. so the heaviest of the rain for the rest of the weekend is coming tonight. things start to improve slowly as we go into the day tomorrow. we'll also talk about joaquin, it's not related to that moisture. at least not directly related to the moisture getting us now. brittney ship has more on the winds and coastal flooding. >> that's right, dealing with coastal flooding, but first we want to start with the rainfall totals. we've seen an impressive amount over the past 24 hours or so, so
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let's get right to the numbers. the range here between one to two inches for most of the areas. all the areas highlighted in green, that's about one inch. when you see the yellow, that's closer to two, two and a half inches of rainfall that's already come down, but i want to zoom in and specifically show you where we picked up the most rainfall, and that's closer to five inches, and that's near rehoboth beach. you can see in between those two cities we've got about 4.8 inches, close to four inches outside of rehoboth beach. half inch up to an inch more overnight, into tomorrow. at the shore, that's the biggest concern, a coastal flood warning will stay in effect for most of the weekend and that's going to affect along atlantic city, cape may and all your delaware beaches. something we're going to keep an eye on is onshore gusts up to about 55 miles per hour, wave heights six to ten feet and this is going to stay in effect until
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sunday at 6:00 p.m. some of the contributing factors for some of the flooding we're seeing on some of the back bays, heavy rain that keeps coming in, strong northeast wind, and also when this happens during high tides, that is a combination that's leading to the coastal flooding. more details, including glenn's full forecast coming up in about ten minutes. >> brittney, thank you very much. serious flooding concerns at the jersey shore. this is what it looked like from on top of the hotel in cape may. it's about an hour ago from now. >> nbc 10's drew smith joins us live from cape may county. drew, what are the conditions like where you're at? >> reporter: denise, howling winds coming right at my face right now. a miserable day to be down here on the jersey shore. i'm standing on 42nd street and sea aisle city. you can see how much water is still on the street here hours after high tide. looks more like a canal than the street and people know it's not over yet. they are still preparing for the possibility of more flooding and power outages throughout the
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weekend. john hawkins is one of the few people who tried to venture on to the windy beach today. >> horrendous. i've never seen this much water here. >> reporter: this recently re-enforced dune is the only sand still visible as powerful waves smashed into the shore. >> extremely dangerous. you don't want to step out. you don't want to go surfing today. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie started his day here in sea aisle city meeting with mayors and city workers. >> we're very fortunate, at least at the moment, that the hurricane is heading out to sea and not towards the coast. >> reporter: christie doesn't want people to let their guard down. >> if you lose power, if there's flooding, where are you going to go? where are you going to go to be safe and warm? >> reporter: you can see what the high tide did to main roads here. this transit bus decided to turn around, but other drivers took their chances. bridges in several shore towns closed, but these fishermen decided to cross into avlon on
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foot anyway. >> one wave came over and knocked me down on the street. >> reporter: ocean city and wildwood closed schools today, but leaders are encouraged there's no predicted hurricane landfall here since this nor'easter is already doing enough beach damage. >> watching that hurricane go by is a reminder what we have, but we're so fortunate. >> reporter: hard to see a bright side in these horrible conditions down here, but the governor did mention when he was here that they didn't get as much heavy rain as they expected, and that helped out. already overwhelmed drainage systems here with this overwhelming tidal flooding that we're experiencing. drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> well, the storm is expected to last several days along the coast of maryland. here's a look at the waves in ocean city. maryland's governor declared a state of emergency to allow first responders to prepare. we'll have a report from ocean city in our next half hour. the wet weather put the brakes on the nascar event in
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dover. >> nascar hopes to race tomorrow morning. tim furlong talked to fans about watching racing in the rain. >> reporter: you see a mini van driving the wrong way on a nascar track, that means something isn't right. in this case, it's the weather. the monster mile and all here are drenched, some are handling it better than others. >> drinking beer, trying to stay dry, but you can forget that. everybody's wet. >> reporter: the camping areas around the track are a mess, the pickup truck cafe had to move the party inside, no bike rides today and no qualifying or racing, all cancelled, which means business at mrs. hot dogs, not good. mrs. hot dog knows the drill with the weather. >> got to just take the bad with the good. and right now, it's bad. >> yeah, i've always enjoyed dover. >> reporter: also a bummer to think fans might not get to see jeff gordon on the track this weekend, he's retiring to the tv booth, this sunday will be his last race here at the monster
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mile. >> we're going to be very disappointed if we don't see a race, even if it's on monday. >> reporter: weather permitting, truck series held saturday, but the forecast for saturday and sunday aren't looking all that good either. the track has a meteorologyist on site. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> a bike race from philadelphia to the jersey shore is cancelled because of the pounding rainstorm. the national multiple sclerosis society called off its annual city to the shore ride after governor chris christie declared a state of emergency. 7,000 soik licyclists planned t to raise money for curing m.s. well, delaware is under a limited state of emergency just for sussex county. governor jack markel says offices will remain open. >> camp sites at cape henlopen
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state park, seashore state park, and trap pond state park will be closed for the weekend. >> hurricane joaquin will not play a role in the eagles/redskins game on sunday. the eagles are prepared to play on sunday at 1:00. the players may have to battle a little rain and wind, though. >> muddy day, that's for sure. back to glenn "hurricane" schwartz on joaquin's latest track. what's the latest here, glenn? >> well, it's finally starting to move. it is still a powerful hurricane. it is still battering the central bahamas. hour after hour after hour, you can see it's not directly connected to the rain along the east coast, but you can see it's getting actually to be a fairly large hurricane and starting to move to the north. we'll show you this is the actual history. it actually has been moving to the southwest and that is fortunate because it's that movement that has prevented it
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from coming up and hitting the united states, at least the way it looks now. still category 4 moving north at five miles an hour and expected to make a turn up toward the northeast over the next couple of days. by sunday, it's still way offshore, there it is by monday, and, of course, the closer it gets to us, the stronger the wind and the bigger the coastal flooding that we're going to get. and they are still not 100% that it's going to be going out there, because there's still a couple of models keeping it much closer to the coast, so it's something we're going to have to monitor, but i'll tell you, this could have been just a horrendous disaster, especially for the carolinas, which already are going to get ten, 20 inches of rain. i'll be back with our forecast and the seven day in a few minutes. >> glenn, thank you very much. messy weekend, even without joaquin hitting us. before you leave the house, check the forecast on the nbc 10 news app. there you're going to find live
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interactive radar so you know what to expect on your streets. now to developing news. philadelphia police have released surveillance video of a suspect wanted for the sexual assault and robbery of a temple university student. police say the man was seen getting off a subway, septa subway train before the attack monday night. now the attack happened blocks from temple campus, the victim says she was on her way home from the library when a man grabbed her from behind. she managed to call for help using an emergency alert system. now to a cold case arrest. decades after the murder of a young girl in bucks county, today there's closure for the family. barbara rowan was babysitting at the time of her murder in 1984. police announced the arrest of robert sanders and george shaw. nbc 10's deanna durante reports on how police broke this case decades later. >> hopefully shaw will not get
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out again. >> reporter: police say despite lying over and over for years, this is the man who killed 14-year-old barbara rowan on august 3rd, 1984. barbara was babysitting shaw's daughter when he attacked her and killed her. >> 31 years to bring a case to closure is unbelievable. >> reporter: they knew shaw had help. another man, robert sanders, helped dispose of the body and hide evidence, but they say sanders stuck to his story, too, until recently. >> and as you all know, human beings, you can remember a lie and after about the first couple days, maybe after the first couple years, you don't remember the lie. >> reporter: the home barbara lived with her parents was just down the street from shaw's bensalem township apartment where she was killed. her parents had no idea she was babysitting shaw's young child. >> we believe there's other victims out there. >> reporter: police say shaw raped again. he was arrested this week in florida. that's where he is now and police credited detectives who
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picked up the case and continued questioning shaw and sanders, who were able to keep track of their stories until sanders ultimately slipped up and admitted his role in the case. police say all the time they were working the case but never told barbara's family until yesterday when they made the arrest. >> i'm just glad we got to this point. this is about her family. >> reporter: deanna durante, nbc 10 news. take a look at this. we have new details on the deadly crash involving a school bus in wilmington this morning. the dart bus and a car collided on south market street. a passenger in the car died. there were no children on the bus, an investigation is under way now to exactly find out what happened in this crash. today there are several new developments in the deadly shooting on a college campus in oregon. this afternoon we've learned investigators found six weapons at umpqua community college and seven at the gunman's apartment. all of the guns were bought legally. nine people died before officers killed the gunman.
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the u.s. army says the gunman flunked out of basic training. nbc joining us live from roseburg, oregon. wendy? >> reporter: good afternoon, denise. we are learning a lot more information about the gunman, as well as his arsenal of weapons, but authorities and residents here want to keep the focus on the victims. the local sheriff's department refuses to have any of the officers stay the gunman's name, and many of the locals, as well as even the djs in this area are not calling him by name either, as to not glorify what he did here. atf agents, as you just reported, have recovered 13 weapons, six at the school and seven at the home of christopher harper mercer. he was not a student at the community college, but indeed all of those guns that they have recovered were purchased legally. investigators also say they found a lengthy note at the shooting scene spouting what they call, "a philosophy of
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hate." we still don't know the identities of the other nine people who lost their lives here, in addition to the shooter, and three people we do know are still in the hospital. one in critical condition, two upgraded to stable at this hour. we also know we've been told the community college is planning to reopen its doors, denise, on monday. that is one huge step forward to them trying to find their way back to a new normal here. that's the latest here in roseburg, oregon, back to you. >> all right, wendy, thank you so much. and we are learning survival stories and heroic deeds from some of the victims. relatives say army veteran chris mintz was shot seven times trying to save other students. mintz apparently tried to block the door sot gunman could not get in. he was shot in the back, stomach, and hands, also has two broken legs and is recovering after surgery. mintz just started college after ten years in the army. coming up tonight at 5:00, will there be changes to gun
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laws after president obama's emotional plea last night? former eagle irving fryar will spend five years in state prison on charges he fraudulently obtained home equity loans totally more than $10 million. he played for the eagles back in the late '80s and '90s. after learning his fate back in august, nbc 10 sat down one on one with him. >> when the verdict was read, were you shocked? >> in my mind, yes, the verdict should have been not guilty, but i was not surprised. >> reporter: fryar's 74-year-old mother was given three years probation. he was taken into custody to begin serving his time. federal officials are expanding their corruption investigation into allentown city hall. the city solicitor confirms federal prosecutors asked city officials and staff to retain e-mails and documents relating to eight people or companies
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that have done business with the city. the fbi is looking into whether there's a connection between campaign contributions and development contracts. back in july, fbi agents raided city hall, taking computers, cell phones, and documents. elsewhere, 13 people died overnight in eastern afghanistan when a u.s. military plane crashed. six of those people are american service members. an air force spokesperson said a u.s. air force military transport plane crashed shortly after midnight at a base 80 miles from the capital city of kabul. the six u.s. service members comprised the plane's crew. the taliban claim they shot down the plane, but the air force spokesman says that's not true. the u.s. justice department released its last report today on the unrest in ferguson. the third and final federal review focuses on the st. louis county police department. the d.o.j. makes 109 recommendations for how the department can become a model for the rest of the country on
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eliminating racial profiling. the list includes better diversity training, more inclusive hiring, and improved policy for handling protests and traffic stops. the st. louis county police chief asked for the d.o.j. review after michael brown was shot and killed by ferguson police officer darren wilson. the d.o.j. and a grand jury both declined to prosecute wilson. moving to this now, a lot of people talking about this. there's been some confusion now over the pope's meeting with kentucky clerk kim davis. >> days after the meeting was revealed, the vatican is trying to set that record straight. today the vatican released a statement saying the meeting with davis was just a greeting and does not indicate support for her position. in fact, the vatican says the pope met with a same-sex couple in washington the day before he saw davis. the vatican spokesperson distanced the pontiff from kim davis' case, saying the pope met with several dozen people the same day at the vatican embassy at washington, d.c.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, here we go, another round of very heavy rain, gusty winds, coastal flooding. it's just nasty out there. also pretty cold. only 51 degrees this afternoon. but this is more of a coastal event, so let's go and take a look at what's going on here. virginia, from our partners in weather underground showing these live pictures and you can see the flooding that's taking place. ocean city, maryland, the water over the docks already. and cape may, the water continues to come up. high tide after high tide after high tide. and in ocean city, same story, there's going to be major coastal flooding at many of these places. margate, some high water, too. there's a pretty good sized beach there, but when you have so many high tides, it just
4:18 pm
keeps getting closer and closer and closer to the homes. the rain doesn't help either. that adds to the coastal flooding, and in inland areas, it is just rain. and it is raining steadily, as you can see, live radar, some pockets of heavier rain in the yellows, we're not talking about a lot of flooding in the inland areas. we're talking about a lot of rain. remember, we were dry for two weeks before we had these two rounds of rain. remember we had one a few days ago. and neither one directly related to the hurricane, but this is tropical moisture that's coming from south to north, so it really is adding up in some areas and that's mostly in delaware. that's where the radar estimates are so high, these red areas in sussex county especially, three to four inches near the coast there. and as you go farther north in delaware, much less towards wilmington, also much less towards cape may.
4:19 pm
so it's kind of limited in our area as far as flood threats with the amounts of rain that would require flood warnings. look at these temperatures. 48 degrees in pottstown. remember we were 85 degrees earlier in the week. 85. the northeast wind, gusting 30, 35. even about 40 miles an hour, georgetown, delaware. we're going to see these strong wind gusts 40 to 50 miles an hour as we go through the night tonight and into tomorrow, a high wind advisory is in effect for the coastal areas. and it's going to be a very windy day in philadelphia tomorrow. we break out and see any kind of sunshine at all, we could see wind gusts well above 40 miles an hour. now, as far as the tides are concerned, that's the biggest problem, rehoboth, high tides. one in italics is the worst high
4:20 pm
tide. moderate to major flooding at both of these times, saturday and sunday, even though we're not expecting a lot of rain sunday. cape may, these are the times, about 1:00 in the afternoon and 2:00 in the afternoon on sunday. farther up the coast, atlantic city, little after 12:00, little after 1:00. now, we expect this heavy rain band to continue to move up to the northwest, there will be more showers, heavy at times during the night tonight, and as we go into tomorrow morning, there will be some more pockets of heavier rain. won't be as steady as what we've seen. it's going to taper off to showers. you can see it's not going to be raining all day and sunday we'll have even less rain. there's joaquin, as we showed you down into the bahamas, starting to make that northerly turn, which is a fortunate thing, and as long as it continues anywhere close to this forecast path, it's not going to make our situation worse.
4:21 pm
or the situation in the carolinas worse. it also means that the eagles are going to get to play. not exactly ideal conditions. going to be windy. 15 to 20 miles an hour winds in washington and temperatures in the 60s. if that hurricane had turned to the left, it would be a whole different story. for tonight, rain, some of it heavy side, windy with a low of 47 degrees. tomorrow, mostly showers, especially in the morning, not going to rain all day, but it is going to be very windy. you can see gusts close to 50 in some spots. that's the first alert day on saturday. sunday's just kind of a windy day with a chance of a couple showers. not that bad. then it really starts to get warm next week. and nice. look at this, nbc 10 is getting new details about this motorcyclist sending text messages while in the middle of a high speed chase. one auto company now warning you about a massive recall. the issue that can cause your
4:22 pm
wheels to lock while you're driving. a high school quarterback dives on the field after taking a hit in new jersey. what rock legend bon jovi is doing to support his family coming up on nbc 10 news.
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right now at 4:00, people down the jersey shore are going to need their umbrellas. just take a look at that. it's a look from our camera in cape may. this is live. strong winds could cause even more beach erosion as those waves crash on the sand. a report from the shore is minutes away. it's not just down on the beaches. here in center city it's a chilly and rainy friday afternoon. in fact, you can't even see center city with all the raindrops on the lens. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the rain, we'll have a report from him shortly. if you're a t-mobile customer, listen up. a hack at credit bureau experion is putting the information of more than 15 million t-mobile customers into the hands of hackers.
4:26 pm
t-mobile uses experion experion for customers. t-mobile's ceo posted a statement saying he's, "incredibly angry about the breach" and is offering free credit monitoring for two years for anyone who's been affected. a nonprofit group wants to help turn camden around by teaching teens and young adults how to code. hope works in camden is bringing together professional programmers and young people in camden's first hack-a-thon. teens will design new websites for four nonprofits. organizers say the benefit is twofold, giving the students a chance to learn a new skill while working on projects that benefit the city. coming up next at 4:00, medical marijuana in south jersey. >> today, new details about a new dispensary days away from opening its doors. high winds and high water. the jersey shore is already dealing with flooding. our coverage of today continues.
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glenn? >> well, outdoor plans this weekend? find out if it's going to be a washout in my forecast.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> right now at 4:30, cold, wet, and downright nasty out there. we are tracking rain and a lot more on the way. >> citizens bank park in south philadelphia. tonight's game, the phillies game has already been cancelled down there. they are now going to play a double header tomorrow. good afternoon, i'm keith jones. >> and i'm denise nikano. let's turn to chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> will everyone see rain tonight? >> absolutely, and it's going to be hour after hour after hour of the rain. the worst conditions, though, at the shore, there's a live picture of cape may and the surf
4:31 pm
continues to pound there. it's a long lasting event. you can see from the rain it's a solid area, that means it's a steady rain, everybody's getting it and you get hour after hour of it, once in a while you get a burst of heavier rain. one to two inches of rain in general across the philadelphia area with more to the south and plenty more farther south of that that's on the way up. this is tropical moisture, not directly related to joaquin. meanwhile, north and south carolina coasts getting pounded with unbelievable amounts of rain. we've got some pretty strong winds, 30 to 40 mile an hour gusts across the area. we've had gusts as high as about 50 miles an hour this afternoon, right at the shore, and going to have close to that later on tonight and into tomorrow. as far as the rain is concerned, there it is, 6:00, but watch what happens. seeing plenty of rain during the night tonight. perhaps another real big burst of heavier rain.
4:32 pm
that could cause some localized flooding if that materializes. after that, things should taper off somewhat and then we start looking to the south to see what's going to happen with joaquin. more on that in a little bit. right now let's go to meteorologist brittney shipp with more on the heavy rain. >> the rain has been nonstop throughout the day. it's also been very windy. let's add up some of the totals as we've seen over the past 24 hours. here's a great breakdown. it shows really the range and where the bulls eye is of the heaviest rainfall and you'll notice parts of south jersey and most of delaware, especially central and southern parts of delaware, that's where we've seen the heaviest amounts of rain. so for most of the area, philadelphia, the suburbs heading up to the lehigh valley and the poconos, right around an inch of rain, maybe over that, pushing closer to two inches in some locations, but for the philadelphia area anywhere between one to two inches of rainfall has fallen to the north of chester, closer to an inch and a half. if i zoom down into the central portions of delaware, that's where we start to see the
4:33 pm
impressive totals, outside of milford close to six inches, if i slide down further south here and towards the shore, four to five inches of rainfall has fallen. also more concerns for the coast and the shore, coastal flood advisory and warnings staying in effect at least through sunday at 6:00 p.m. what we expect to see as we go into the rest of tonight where we are expecting another round of heavy rain, especially closer to midnight, in addition to that we're going to see wind gusts up to about 55 miles per hour, our wave heights anywhere from six to ten feet and all of these are going to be a concern at least through sunday at 6:00 p.m. coming up we want to toss it over to our first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz with an update on joaquin. >> yeah, and joaquin continues, finally started to take a turn to the north and it's just been spinning around in the central bahamas for two, three days now. just horrendous problems down
4:34 pm
there. and it's just amazing the differences in the forecasts over the last few days. >> biggest headline, the fact it's no longer going to take a direct hit here, yet the east coast is getting pounded right now. what if this hurricane had taken a turn, it's hard not to think of sandy. >> yeah, well, remember sandy's worst was from atlantic city, northward. if let's say this thing had made a left turn and gone up chesapeake bay or delaware bay, something like that, it would be worse than sandy from southern new jersey and delaware and the delmarva, i mean, the devastation would have been incredible. if it would have made a sharper left turn in north and south carolina, that would have been catastrophic. they are getting ten to 20 inches of rain without the hurricane. add another ten to 15 inches of rain from that storm, now the fact that it moved more to the south since it began, i think that is the thing that saved us, at least so far, the fact that
4:35 pm
it did not get caught up in that big blocking pattern farther to the north. so that movement and becoming so strong may have helped save us a little bit. >> essentially dodging a bullet. >> it's more than a bullet. it was a nuclear blast. >> okay, let's not -- all right, glenn, thank you. >> glenn living up to his name, hurricane. high water, meanwhile, streets flooded, the jersey shore is going to get even more rain. >> our jersey shore bureau traveled through several towns and ted greenburg reports from atlantic county. >> reporter: the situation here at the jersey shore certainly a lot more serious than what we saw yesterday, many more roads are flooded and much higher wind. fuelled by persistent, powerful gusts, massive waves sent ocean water flowing down streets in atlantic city's inlet section.
4:36 pm
at high tide this afternoon, many streets in the resort and surrounding community quickly turned into rivers as water from already swollen back bays overflowed. many areas that weren't hit with flooding yesterday saw high water today, with major flooding expected again tomorrow. a lot of this water might have a very tough time receding, that's because of the constant northeast winds that are just pushing more and more water into the back bays. in ventnor, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. in north carolina people are being evacuated from parts of the outer banks. boated away and the ferry rides will shut down once everyone has been evacuated. even if hurricane joaquin does not directly hit the area, up to five inches of rain could fall over the next two days. a u.s. coast guard is looking for a missing cargo ship off the coast of the bahamas as
4:37 pm
hurricane joaquin keeps crushing the island chain. the 735-foot ship with 33 people onboard got lost in the category 4 storm yesterday. the storm is moving about three miles per hour. it will take some time to pass over the bahamas and could take a day or so before officials assess the damage. >> here's a view of hurricane joaquin, this picture taken by astronaut scott kelly aboard the international space station and posted op his twitter account. it shows as it churns over the bahamas. the latest tracks for joaquin keep it off the coast. you can get updated information any time with the free nbc 10 news app. let's switch gears now. got a question for you, are you and your partner getting on each other's nerves? today we're going to tell you what's behind fubing. >> and texting and driving is dangerous and in some states against the law. try texting and riding during a police chase. the fallout from this video next. and the rocker's tribute.
4:38 pm
bon jovi's message to friends and family of the new jersey football player who died after a tackle during a game.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> incredible video of a police chase in florida. a motorcycle rider is texting on his phone as he speeds away from police. you can see in this video captured by a police helicopter the suspect is driving erratically through traffic on i-95 north of west palm beach. and at one point he is riding without hands so he can text. police eventually forced him off the highway and arrested him. well, automaker honda is recalling 100,000 cars to fix a software problem that could cause the front wheels to lock up. model years 2014 and 2015, it also impacts honda fits model year 2015. recall notices should go out in
4:42 pm
mid-october. fortunately, honda says no crashes or injuries have been recorded. do you love your phone more than you love your partner? a new study shows just how your love life could suffer if you're getting too distracted by your phone. researchers surveyed about 500 adults to learn the effects of phone snubbing or fubing, they found that 46% of people have been fubed by their significant other and almost a quarter of the couples said it created conflicts. the researchers say even momentary cell phone distractions can add up to big problems. well, trouble over inflatable doll at a local university. plus, dishing out drugs. new details on a medical marijuana dispensary just days away from opening in our area. glenn? we've got torrential rains for hours. flooding concerns, especially at the shore, i'll have your forecast for the weekend coming up next.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> take a live look outside right now. this is center city, philadelphia. high wind, heavy rain, coastal flooding, rain on the lens, and we'll end this with 51 degrees outside. our first alert meteorologists are tracking these storms and watching hurricane joaquin's track. their forecast is about one minute away. there was further fallout today from pennsylvania's budget battle. governor tom wolf has imposed now a hiring freeze and travel restrictions for state employees. job offers made through yesterday will still be honored. the travel restrictions don't apply, of course, to law enforcement officers. the budget stalemate is now in its fourth month. tonight, workers are getting ready to open new jersey's fourth medical marijuana dispensary. compassionate science's treatment center opens in bel r
4:47 pm
belmarmawr monday. 5,300 patients are registered in new jersey's marijuana program. all right, how about this, a university book store is apologizing for selling a six-inch inflatable doll marketed as the perfect female specimen. westchester university students and staff received an apology letter this week. the book store pulled the female dolls from shelves last month after 40 students protested. for the record here, a male version of the doll had already sold out. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, this is the easy part of the forecast, no way the phillies are going to get to play tonight. this rain has been going on for hours and will continue for hours. there's the live radar. you can see the entire area is lit up with the rain. we have some pockets of heavier rain in the dark greens and yellows, and there's plenty more
4:48 pm
to come. there it is coming straight up from the south, so it's kind of tropical in nature, but it's not directly related to the hurricane. you can see some of these echoes now moving east to west, and so when these things converge, sometimes you can get a little burst of even heavier rain, so we'll keep an eye on that. this is the area that had the heaviest rain in our region, in central and southern delaware and radar estimates of over six inches of rain near the kent and sussex county border. so that's a lot. the other areas in the green generally one to two. if you think that's a lot, look down here. north carolina, this is -- this area is just going to get ten to 20 inches of rain. record flooding down there. and it's unbelievably chilly compared to earlier this week. it's 49 at trenton and mt. holly. 85 earlier in the week. we have strong winds, of course, on top of that, plus the rain,
4:49 pm
making it feel even colder. 39 mile an hour gusts right now in georgetown, delaware. 30 miles an hour winds in philadelphia. the forecast over the next several hours, you can see another band of heavier rain coming up. that may be related to those converging winds that we showed you on the radar, but as that moves through, things quiet down a little bit overnight, so by the time we get into tomorrow, it's not going to be a steady rain. it's not going to be pretty, it's going to be cloudy, it's going to be windy, chilly, damp, but it's not going to be a steady rain. we're not likely to get flooding rains tomorrow. here's another band coming in off the ocean, so you definitely need the umbrellas tomorrow, but not all day. then on sunday we get even less on the radar, so yeah, we could see some showers, but it's not going to be, again, as bad as what we're seeing this afternoon. we may actually get into the 60s
4:50 pm
on sunday afternoon. maybe even a couple peeks of sunshine. wouldn't that be nice? down to the south, this is joaquin, just north of the central bahamas. it's finally started to move to the north. 130 mile an hour winds, category 4, it's meandered down through the southwest and that's what has prevented it from getting caught up in this messy pattern up to the north. but it is finally starting to move through the north, so we'll have to see where it's going to go from here. still going over plenty of warm ocean, see the reds and the purples here, there's very warm ocean water, so it's not about to just die out in the atlantic. for the eagles, they are going to get to play, not ideal conditions, but way better than it looked a couple days ago. 15 to 25 mile an hour winds and chance of a shower or two. for tonight, more than a chance. definitely going to rain. 47 degrees for the low in philadelphia. heavy at times.
4:51 pm
then tomorrow more light showers, mainly in the morning and very windy day. another chilly day with highs in the 50s. that's the first alert day. sunday, not, just going to be windy. it's going to be not as cold, and a couple of showers around. then monday is even nicer. then next week looks pretty spectacular for tuesday through thursday. >> glenn, thank you very much. a community comes together after a tragedy on the football field. >> how jon bon jovi plans to honor the new jersey teenager during the concert. this is nbc 10 news.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
this is nbc 10 news. >> the death of a new jersey high school football player is getting international attention. >> jon bon jovi now took to youtube to express his condolences to evan murray's family. murray died last week after getting injured during a varsity football game. his funeral was held yesterday morning. shortly after jon bon jovi posted a video showing how he planned to pay tribute to murray. >> i've heard word about evan, and as a father and as a father of football players, my heart, my prayers, my thoughts go out to the murray family. i'll be wearing number 18 on my guitar tonight. take a looksy, because you're in my prayers and to all the team, i wish you the best this season, and keep it up, guys, all right? win for evan. >> school officials say the team
4:56 pm
will continue its season tomorrow. the game, of course, is tomorrow night. well, first alert weather day here, meteorologists are staying on top of the latest information you need for tonight and also this weekend. >> brittney, we also have updates on hurricane joaquin. >> that's right, i'm tracking a little bit of everything for you, including the rain moving through, high winds, coastal flood warnings, so all the details on what you need to know as we push into the weekend coming up in my full forecast. plus, old damage, new concerns. why a storm that happened back in june could have an impact on our weather tonight. that's next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
this is nbc 10 news first alert weather. >> look at that. right now at 5:00, strong winds, crashing waves, and heavy rain. it's a recipe that's led to coastal flooding for the second straight day. that heavy rain will continue through the night and could lead to flooding in other problem parts along the region, but looks like we'll get a break from the rain for part of your weekend. looks like we'll also get a break from this, hurricane joaquin has been looming out in the atlantic for days. now there's a bit of a relief for people here in the northeast. our nbc 10 first alert weather team has been tracking it all. >> let's go to glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glenn, we have a first alert. what are the biggest threats terror tonigfor tonight? >> certainly heavy rain, strong gusty winds, but the biggest
5:00 pm
issue is the coastal flooding, i think. phillies getting the game rained out, yeah, that happens a lot, but at the shore this kind of stuff doesn't happen a lot. it's day after day after day of onshore winds, and the water just piles up and you get a little bit more flooding each high tide. you can see the rain covering the entire area. pretty steady. and heavier at times. some of the darker greens and yellows show up every once in awhile. there's plenty more down to the virginia and in the delmarva and as this whole thing shifts to the north, we'll see perhaps some breaks later on tonight and especially tomorrow. won't be rain all the time, but it's gusty now, 40 miles an hour in georgetown, delaware, 39 miles an hour in philadelphia. so it is a very windy, very chilly day and we're going to continue to see some of these gusts 30 to 40 to 50 miles an hour later on tonight and into


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