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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  October 2, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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gusty winds, but the biggest issue is the coastal flooding, i think. phillies getting the game rained out, yeah, that happens a lot, but at the shore this kind of stuff doesn't happen a lot. it's day after day after day of onshore winds, and the water just piles up and you get a little bit more flooding each high tide. you can see the rain covering the entire area. pretty steady. and heavier at times. some of the darker greens and yellows show up every once in awhile. there's plenty more down to the virginia and in the delmarva and as this whole thing shifts to the north, we'll see perhaps some breaks later on tonight and especially tomorrow. won't be rain all the time, but it's gusty now, 40 miles an hour in georgetown, delaware, 39 miles an hour in philadelphia. so it is a very windy, very chilly day and we're going to continue to see some of these gusts 30 to 40 to 50 miles an hour later on tonight and into
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tomorrow. we have those heavy rains moving from south to north. we may get another band coming in later this evening with some really heavy rain, but then things may taper off a bit after that. latest on the rain totals and also the latest on joaquin coming up in just a few minutes, but we're also having meteorologist brittney shipp with more on what's going on. >> that's right. we have a network through weather underground, so let's take a live look right now and show you how the rainfall totals are stacking up. they look like they are the heaviest amount of rain in the central and southern parts of delaware, so there's a closer look at some of the amounts you can see anywhere between two to three inches is generally the rains. we have some areas that are seeing closer to five inches in the southern parts of delaware, so this is a closer look at bay vista. this helps us pin point your neighborhood, showing exactly how much rain has fallen. 2.23 inches in bay vista, we'll zoom up to cape may, close to an
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inch of rain since yesterday. half an inch in ocean view resort and right up the coast here, 82, .82 in sands point, inch and a half in bayville and so rainfall totals show us the big picture over the entire area, not just the shore and that shows anywhere from one to two inches near philadelphia, stretching up to the lehigh valley, the poconos. bullseye has been to the south of philadelphia, this is going to be closer to the central and southern parts of delaware. that's where we've seen the most rain falling and we're going to see more rain into the rest of tonight and that's include in our coastal flood warning, which will stay in effect until sunday at 6:00 p.m., so that's going to affect cape may to atlantic city and most of our beaches in delaware. and our concern is that our wind speeds are still going to be gusting up to 55 miles per hour, we're going to see rough surf, our waves anywhere between six to ten feet and this stays in effect until sunday at 6:00 p.m.
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coming up, a closer look at hurricane joaquin and what's in store as we head into the rest of the weekend. >> brittney, thanks. there is a series weather situation going on at the jersey shore today. you heard brittney talk about it, glenn talk about it. massive waves sent ocean water flowing down streets in atlantic city's inland section. the streets quickly turned to rivers as water from already swollen back bays overflowed. more rain is on the way, too, with major flooding expected tomorrow. >> our crews have been looking at the impact of coastal flooding up and down the jersey shore. our team coverage continues now with nbc 10's drew smith, who is live in cape may county. drew? >> reporter: yeah, we're in central avenue, halfway in between the bay and the ocean here in seattle city, but you can take a look at the street here. here's somebody trying to drive on this right now, but it actually gets pretty deep out there. you can see one of those cars getting close to being underwater down there. it is actually surprising, because at high tide it wasn't as bad as it is here now.
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this kind of shows you there's been poor drainage all day out here. the water really has nowhere to go, so here in the middle of the island there's still a lot of flooding problems. several other streets are like this right now. i'm going to show you they don't have police out here, they don't have the manpower to keep the streets closed off, so they have the signs here that say roads flooded. that means you should not be out here, because there's a possibility of you getting stuck. i did see a woman having to get towed out about a half hour ago, older woman who had some eye work done, couldn't really see, so it shows you how dangerous it can get pretty quickly. the flooding remaining well past high tide here. drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, drew. jack marquel has declared what he calls a limited state of emergency for sussex county. the state is warning people who live in flood-prone areas to take precautions and to evacuation if necessary. drivers also need to be on the lookout for high waters on the
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roads. this was a scene on savannah road earlier today. many others had to close due to flooding and they are urging drivers not to go through these areas. let's face it, we haven't seen damage like this today, but this storm from four months ago could have an impact on our current weather threat. cydney long joins us live in washington township to explain. cydney? >> reporter: well, keith, i can tell you the june 23rd storm may be three and a half months in the rearview mirror, but for communities like this one, they haven't fully picked up the pieces, not all the businesses have reopened and not every home owner has fully fastened up. not only the trees, but the power poles may right now be weaker because of june. public works crews in washington township aren't just getting a jump on this weekend's nasty dose of weather. they are still trying to gain ground on the devastation of the
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june 23rd storm by removing trees that could quickly crash and crumble. >> the severity of the storm from june really put a damper on things, put us back about three months. >> reporter: crews worked today where significant wind gusts can and will do damage. >> we still are concerned with the saturated ground with the amount of rain that we're getting, with any precarious trees that happen to still be leaning from the storm from june. >> reporter: businesses like the golden luck motel, which had its roof ripped off in the june storm, have yet to recover or reopen, and in hard hit greenwich township, the mayor oversees a giant pump to prevent the flooding in his community, where residents and businesses are still picking up the pieces and weary about this weekend's wild and wet weather. in camden county, dispatchers who responded to more calls in six hours during the june storm compared to three days of hurricane sandy, are fully staffed and say don't think
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because we're not on the coast we're spared. >> raining will cause the trees to weaken, come down, power lines down, things of that nature. very important for vehicles not to drive through areas of water, even though it looks like it may be, because it only takes a few inches to float a car. >> reporter: and communities like greenwich, gloucester township, washington township, all tell me hurricane or not they have all hands on deck, police, ems, and fire ready to respond as necessary all weekend long. live, cydney long, nbc 10 news. a viewer in atlantic county took this video on his phone today. you can hear the wind howling and see the waves crashing on to the docks. easy to send your weather photos, by the way, the videos you want to send us on the nbc
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10 news app. right now at 5:00, philadelphia police need your help tracking down the man in this surveillance video in connection with a sexual assault and robbery of a temple university student. this is video of the suspect on a septa subway train before the attack happened monday night. the victim says she was on the way home from a library when the man grabbed her from behind. former philadelphia eagle irving fryar will spend the next five years in prison. his mother's on probation for three years. the two were sentenced today. in august they were found guilty of taking out six loans at one time on one home and not telling the lenders. they were convicted of conspireing to steal more than $1 million. a pennsylvania state trooper killed in an ambush last year was honored today. exit 30 on interstate 84 is now named after corporal bryon dickson. the 38 year old was killed in a shooting outside the barracks.
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dickson was a veteran of the marine corps and left behind a wife and two young sons. trooper alex douglass was also shot but survived. shooting suspect aaron frein led police on a 48-day man hunt. he disputes the charges. a philosophy of hate. that's how investigators describe the writings of the alleged shooter in yesterday's oregon college attack. more on that and what police also found inside the suspect's apartment. plus, a closer look at hurricane joaquin. what the latest models show and how we could still be affected even if the storm goes out to sea. plus, you know them as the phillies, but we found a few players had a shot at playing professional football, too. we take them back to their high school football glory days next in our friday night flashback.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> an update on yesterday's mass shooting at a community college in oregon. investigators say they've recovered seven weapons from the gunman's house and six more from the campus of umpqua community college. he has been identified as chris harper mercer. officials say all of the weapons were purchased legally. harper mercer killed nine people and injured another nine at the
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school in roseburg before officers killed him. investigators discovered a long note detailing his philosophy of hate, but they still do not have a motive. >> i'm very lucky. some people didn't make it out of there. i just pray that their families are okay, they'll be able to cope. >> the names of the victims have not yet been released. today the u.s. army revealed the gunman flunked out of basic training back in 2008. an army spokesperson did not reveal why he was discharged. have a look at this now, the coast guard shot this video of the rescue last night near haiti. a 200-foot cargo ship started to sink in the atlantic. a coast guard helicopter found the 12 crew members clinging to a raft. meanwhile, the search continues for a cargo ship that went missing as joaquin hit the bahamas. there's been no contact with the
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ship since thursday, but 33 people are onboard. and here's a view right now of hurricane joaquin from space. astronaut scott kelly posted this new photo to his twitter account this morning. he's aboard the international space station. kerry sanders is in nassau with the latest on the conditions in the bahamas. >> right now it is a waiting game to get the assessment of damage from those islands that have already been hit. the small islands that have a population of about 60 people, san salvador, crooked island, all areas that have, before the hurricane hit, already experienced some problems because of the coastal flooding that preceded the arrival of joaquin. now because of the power outages and the lack of communication, the authorities here in the bahamas did not have any specific hard information on how the damage is. they expect because this hurricane is moving so slowly it could take a day or so before they actually get a full report on how bad it is.
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now remember, hurricane joaquin is moving about 3 miles an hour, so it will take some time before it passes the bahama chain, 700 islands, 1,000 keys, but because it's such a big area, not all islands will be hit, including where i am here in nassau. there will be some bad weather here, but nothing like the hurricane so many people have had to go through on those small islands. in the bahamas in nassau, kerry sanders, nbc news. >> destruction, also flooding, too. brittney shipp joins us now. >> looks like it's better for us now. >> it is better for us. this is something we said we'd continue to update you every day. the latest updates look promising into the weekend and early next week. it's going to turn away from our coastline, but we are still dealing with other situations, even apart from the hurricane, and that's all of the strong wind and rains moving into our area, especially right along the shore. we'll start off with some of our
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cameras, this is cape may. you can see how the surface, we'll fly you down to a few more beach locations and shore locations. this is ocean city. rough surf expected into the rest of tonight and really throughout most of the weekend. we have a coastal flood warning that's going to stay in effect until sunday night, so it's a cold, windy, and rainy day. and this started way earlier today and just continuing. you can see all the moisture coming up from the south, so as you get ready to head home or out tonight, we'll be dealing with these conditions into the rest of tonight and even the start of your weekend. closer look at philadelphia right now, light rain coming down. we have a few heavy pockets mainly in the central and southern parts of burlington county, closer to woodland. we'll fly you around here, also show you near manchester, moderate downpours, same thing closer to cape may and mays landing and that's going to be the trend into tonight. in fact, it's going to pick up in intensity closer to 11:00 p.m. going over some of our rainfall totals, it shows the bullseye
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for this system right now, dover, central, and southern parts of delaware where we picked up anywhere between four to even five inches. very isolated areas there where you see the reds, that's where we've seen the heaviest amounts of precipitation. if you're closer to philadelphia, closer to one to two inches. on top of all this, dealing with strong wind speeds moving in from the northeast, so for parts of our area, that's a strong onshore flow, that's contributing to some of the coastal flooding we've been seeing. wind gusts are up to 36 miles per hour for philadelphia, up to 39 in atlantic city. up to 40 miles per hour in georgetown, 33 in wildwood, and this is going to continue as we go into the rest of tonight, into tomorrow, and into sunday. so you'll notice our wind gusts could get up to 55 miles per hour, and that's going to push more of the water onshore. so this is the main concern for us as we go into the rest of tonight. definitely as we head into tomorrow and even into sunday. so again, strong wind speeds, still a concern for us on top of
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all the heavy rain, on top of the high tides. for rehoboth into tonight, closer to midnight, another round of high tide, same thing for tomorrow afternoon. high tide closer to cape may 12:32 a.m. saturday and 12:58 p.m. we'll take you over now to atlantic city, and again, midnight and then once again as we get into sunday, 12:59 a.m. and 1:21 p.m. so the coastal flood warning stays in effect until sunday at 6:00 p.m. our concerns will be those really strong onshore gusts up to 55 miles per hour, rough surf is expected the entire weekend, so you want to stay out of the water. we've seen a few surfers trying it out, but you definitely want to use caution. cold and wet into the rest of tonight. you'll notice our future cast shows another round of heavier rain is going to move through closer to 9:00 p.m. and then once again it's going to start to transition northward so the heaviest rain will be over philadelphia. that's going to be closer to midnight. that's going to also affect to
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the north and west. saturday morning, that's the big question as we're gearing up for our weekend plans. we are going to continue to see below average temperatures, as well as another round of rain as we push into most of saturday. and you can see everything's going to be a lot more spotty for us into saturday and sunday mostly cloudy skies, things drying out. the heaviest rain has either moved through, plus another heavy round tonight. by the time we get to the weekend, more showers, sunday is going to be isolated showers, mostly cloudy skies, especially as we get into sunday afternoon and evening. so that's good. now apart from everything i mentioned, we have hurricane joaquin. so still a category 3 right now, and what we're going to start to see with this path is it's going to continue to shift to the north and then turn away to the northeast. that's good news for us as we go into the weekend and into next week. so we are still dealing with that coastal flooding, that's our main concern in your seven-day forecast. 56 degrees will be the high as
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we head into saturday. sunday 63. we start to warm up and dry things out heading into next week. take a look at this, gentlemen, start your umbrellas. that's right, they needed them today at the monster mile in dover. all nascar track activities were cancelled because of the heavy rain brittney was talking about, but fans hope to see racing at some point. many want to see jeff gordon on the track one last time. there he is. he's retiring after this season, so they held a going away party for him today. five of his 92 career wins came in dover. his fans hope the weather allows him to go for one more on sunday. >> first time i saw him win his race and he had tears coming down his eyes, i was hooked. sad, last time i'll get to see him at dover. >> track officials say they are watching the skies. if they can race this weekend, they won't be putting the fans or drivers at risk. friday night flashback is
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brought to you by philadelphia's credit union. >> what can we say? thanks to the rain we may not be seeing a lot of high school football tonight, but we do have our friday night flashback. >> that's right. this is where we ask the pros about their favorite high school football memories, but you might be surprised where some of those high school athletes are playing today. >> that's right. nbc 10 has the story. >> left center field, way back there! how about a walk off home run! >> reporter: jeff francoeur wasn't always a key role player for the phillies. back in 2001 he was a standout wide receiver and defensive back for parkview high school in georgia. clemson offered him a full ride football scholarship, ask him about his football glory days and the man they call frenchy lights up. >> favorite memory was senior year we won the state championship for a second year in a row and put us 30-0, we finished two in the country. it was pretty legit. >> reporter: don brown started
5:22 pm
both at georgia and a florida high school. he was so talented, he was offered a football scholarship to play for miami. his favorite high school memory helps explain why. >> one of the corners were talking, and they told the media, you know, dominic brown the best receiver in the state and we got the best corner in the state and i think i put up around 250 on them by the third quarter. >> friday night lights was a successful movie and show here on nbc, but cameron rupp actually lived the lights, playing in plano, texas, rupp had an offer from texas to be a linebacker. he did attend texas, but instead played baseball. his high school football memories are among his favorite. >> we went 15-0, 14-0, i think, and beat the brains out of everybody. >> baseball worked out for them, though, right? can't look back. the rain is causing many cancellations when it comes to
5:23 pm
sports. phils/marlins game postponed until tomorrow, it will be part of a double header starting at 4:00. >> our game of the week tonight has also been postponed until tomorrow at 2:00, so our second place finisher will be the game of the week tonight at 11:00. >> nbc 10 will bring you highlights and scores from that game and many others, too. join us tonight at 11:00 for the nbc 10 high school blitz. we'll be right back.
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soon you could enjoy a beer when you go to the movies in bucks county. nbc 10 has learned that amc theaters has applied to transfer liquor licenses to its multiplexes at malls in bensalem. if approved, amc would install mcguffins bars, serving beer, wine, mixed drinks. amc already serves alcohol in westchester and plymouth township. a time honored halloween tradition continues this weekend in philadelphia. terror behind the walls is at the eastern state penitentiary. one of this year's new attractions include something called inside quarantine 4d. patrons will learn of an infectious outbreak and actually
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feel the symptoms, including hallucinations and other mind-altering effects. it was closed last week while the pope was in town, but it's back open this weekend. maybe you like this instead. a little less scary. 10,000-pound monster trucks are inside the wells fargo center right now. they'll start their engines tonight, flying up to 130 feet in the air, reaching speeds of 100 miles per hour. drivers will kick up the dust this weekend for three shows. one tonight and two tomorrow. of course, both of those weekend events are good because you can stay inside. >> we're in for a rainy night and cold, windy weekend. right, brittney? >> that's right, also tracking a coastal flood warning and i'll have the latest on hurricane joaquin and your eagles forecast and also the latest on the weekend rain. keith? even if hurricane joaquin stays away, the carolina coast isn't out of the woods. they could get more than a foot
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of rain this weekend. we'll get a live update from the outer banks next.
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this is nbc 10 news first alert weather. >> we continue now with a live look from our cape may camera. the jersey shore has been pounded today with high winds and high water. but there may be good news when it comes to hurricane joaquin. more models show it moving away from the east coast. our nbc 10 weather team is
5:31 pm
gathering all the information you need. >> let's check in with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glenn, what do people need to know about this alert? >> we're letting people know about this heavy rain and these gusty winds and the coastal flooding especially. that's the main danger. there is water in the streets, especially near the shore and some of the low lying communities, and that is a danger. and it's going to continue to be that way during every high tide as we head up through the weekend. in the meantime, the rest of us just get wet and cold and it's windy. it is a nasty day. you can see a little bit of a break in parts of virginia coming up, so it's not going to rain continuously all night, but we're not going to get buried like the folks in the south and north carolina are going to. we're gusting up to 40 miles an hour now in philadelphia, with this northeast wind, same story in georgetown and delaware. we've seen gusts as high as 50 miles an hour there.
5:32 pm
some of that heavier rain that may be coming up later on during the evening, but as we head towards morning it's going to become more on the scattered varietiment and so it's not going to be continuous. here's joaquin, which has been a continuous threat to the bahamas, it's just been spinning around for two, three days now, but it is finally started turning to the north. this path that it's taken, meandering for days. it's now category 3, moving north at 7 miles an hour. and the projection continues to be towards the northeast over this warm water in the purple and the red, that's warm enough to sustain a hurricane, so it's still going to be a hurricane probably even into monday. but now we're going to watch and see how close it comes to the east coast, because the closer it comes, the stronger the winds and the worse the flooding is going to happen at the coast.
5:33 pm
well, some of the models have it going to the north, some have it going already to the northeast, which hasn't happened already, so we're going to have to keep an eye on this and make sure there aren't any other changes. now let's go to meteorologist brittney shipp with more on this rain falling. >> that's right. we've seen a lot of rainfall the past 24 to 36 hours. some of your rainfall totals. i'll paint a picture for you, show you who's gotten the most rain out of our entire area and it's going to be closer to the central and southern parts of delaware, even closer to salem county, but for philadelphia, the suburbs, lehigh valley, the poconos, those areas only getting about one inch, maybe an inch and a half. other areas you'll notice where it's yellow highlighted here, that's closer to two inches, two and a half inches. where you start to see the orange and the red, you're pushing closer to three inches, four inches of rainfall. we'll start with philadelphia and you can see right along the philadelphia area, close to one inch. chester, 1.3 inches. closer to morristown, 1.2
5:34 pm
inches. miserable day with the wind speeds and chilly temperatures. closer to farmington, 6.3 inches. everywhere else in the southern part of delaware, down to ocean view, anywhere between three to five inches has fallen. we're still monitoring a coastal flood warning due to the very strong wind speed, the onshore flow that's helping push more water onshore. wind gusts up to about 55 miles per hour, rough surf, and again this continues all the way until sunday at 6:00 p.m. so coming up i'll have a hurricane joaquin update for you, your eagles forecast, and more details on your weekend rain. keith? >> looking forward to that. meanwhile, high water flooded many streets at the jersey shore today and more rain like this is on the way leaving many locals and out of towners concerned. ted greenberg reports from
5:35 pm
atlantic county. >> reporter: the ocean could not be contained. >> getting worse. >> reporter: when massive waves send water flowing down streets in atlantic city's inlet section at high tide today, ron hayward came with his camera to capture mother nature's power. >> she's in control. she's the queen, and, you know, she takes over. >> the wind picked up, the waves are picking up. the streets are flooded. >> reporter: some drivers took their chances by maneuvering through several inches of salt water. bobby owns this liquor store. he says the water didn't get nearly this high during yesterday's first round of flooding, and is worried about another two days of this. when was the last time you saw this bad? >> when it was sandy. >> reporter: already swollen back bays also overflowed for the second straight day, as strong, persistent northeast wind pushed in even more water,
5:36 pm
toppled trees, and knocked out power. >> flooded today, wasn't flooded here yesterday. >> surprised these cars are going through it. >> reporter: scott bush lives along dorset avenue in ventnor. >> usually when it gets flooded it doesn't go the whole length of the street. >> reporter: with less rain in the forecast, inland flooding is no longer expected. the same could not be said for tidal flooding continuing through the weekend. in ventnor, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. tonight, hurricane joaquin appears to be headed out to sea, but it's still expected to cause major problems for the east coast. this is video of some of the flooding residents saw today along the coast of north carolina. nbc's jay gray is live for us n kitty hawk. >> what are conditions like down there? >> reporter: strong wind throughout the day, as well as a heavy surf and rain. rain let up just for a bit now,
5:37 pm
but will continue throughout the day as so many here continue to watch joaquin, while bracing for what forecasters say could be historic flooding. from the carolinas through the new england coast, preparations continue, concerns are growing. >> everybody's scared. you just don't know. >> reporter: while the latest tracking does show hurricane joaquin turning away from the eastern seaboard, dozens of communities there will not escape the dangerous effects of the storm. heavy surf, violent rip currents, and a soaking rain in areas already dealing with way too much water right now. >> i cannot stress enough while this storm isn't likely to make landfall in north carolina, the heavy rain will cause problems around the state. >> reporter: in the carolinas, cars and roads have already been swallowed by flood waters after meteorologists call a rex block, a high pressure hovering over low pressure, locking it in
5:38 pm
place and dumping heavy rain. now rain from joaquin will be added to the mix, creating a dangerous mess. >> water kills people and we have to be extremely careful from the mountains to the coast. >> reporter: crews along the shoreline are piling up sand, building berms to try and stem part of the multistate effort to deal with multiple storm systems that will continue to be a threat through early next week. yeah, you know, heavy rain expected to continue across the region for the next three to four days and that includes communities already dealing with flooding right now. that's the latest live here in kitty hawk. back to you, keith, denise? >> while you're with us, we've already seen mandatory evacuations in north carolina. should we expect anymore? >> yeah, you know, right now that slowed a bit. officials are saying hold tight where you are right now. if you move to higher ground, stay there, but they are withholding the right to continue those evacuations depending on when the rain
5:39 pm
starts to intensity and just how intense it is. so yeah, i wouldn't be surprised at all if through the weekend we see more evacuations and people just getting to higher ground. >> all right, jay gray live in kitty hawk, north carolina. thanks, jay. keep track of the latest weather updates with the nbc 10 news app. it has an interactive radar and custom forecast for your neighborhood. a new call for gun control. tonight, president obama makes another push for stronger laws after the deadly shootings in oregon. find out why history may not be on his side.
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the head of the nation's education department is stepping down. arne duncan will leave his position at the end of the year. duncan has led the education department since the beginning of president obama's first term and in an e-mail to his staff duncan says he'll return to chicago to live with his family.
5:42 pm
department secretary john king jr. is expected to step into the role after duncan leaves in december. there's a hiring freeze and restrictions on travel after an order by pennsylvania governor tom wolf. the order imposing a general hiring freeze for most salaried and wage positions, but it does not apply to caregivers or police officers. most travel and related costs are off limits, but the order allows for trips considered critical. pennsylvania has been without a state budget for more than three months now. i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. we're tracking more rain moving in as we head into the overnight hours. plus, the coastal flood warning, when it's set to expire and the weekend. all coming up in my full forecast.
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one day after a mass
5:45 pm
shooting at an oregon community college, many are asking what's washington doing to make us safer. president obama called for tougher restrictions following the massacre, but some see what they call the obama effect, more firearms in the u.s. >> nbc 10 national correspondent steve handelsman has the story from washington. >> reporter: handgun sales exploded as president obama took office and since 2008 he's failed to reduce gun sales or shootings. at least 41 in schools just this year. he watched the latest last night. at gun shows, 5,000 every year, background checks are still not required by federal law. >> the main thing i'm going to do is i'm going to talk about this. on a regular basis. and i will politicize it, because our inaction is a political decision that we are making. >> reporter: despite visiting at least seven mass shooting sites -- >> charlotte, daniel. >> reporter: the president has not gotten tougher gun laws pass
5:46 pm
the. the president asked members of congress why they allow guns to be sold without i.d.s or background checks across this country. >> reporter: lax gun laws insight mass killings claimed a democratic senator. >> those whose minds are beginning to come unhinged think that they've been given endorsements to perceive to this mass slaughter. >> reporter: opponents of any gun restriction say more students armed yesterday would help. >> having people able to protect themselves with a gun is the answer. >> reporter: aside from mass shootings, dozens of americans die every day from gun violence. this 5-month-old girl yesterday in cleveland, bringing the police chief to tears. >> you know what's happened, what are we going to do? what are we going to do? >> reporter: a question that could be aimed at washington. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, capitol hill. right now, parts of maryland
5:47 pm
are seeing strong winds and flooding. this is video from ocean city today. earlier, governor larry hogan dropped the state of emergency for eight counties across the state. this is hurricane joaquin moving farther out to sea, but 15 other counties and the city of baltimore remain under a state of emergency. >> and it's going to be a wet weekend for the thousands of breast cancer survivors and their supporters who are making a 60-mile journey one step at a time. hundreds of walkers are participating in the annual susan g. komen three-day walk for a cure. it kicked off this morning at willow grove and each step raises funds to fight and ultimately cure breast cancer. >> seriously, it's really wet. it's really wet, but you know what, we're out here for a good cause and it's kind of fun. >> it's just overwhelming. the support that i have received, especially last year i walked, you know, during chemo with no hair. >> that's dedication for you.
5:48 pm
she lost her mother to breast cancer, but was able to survive her own bout with ovarian cancer. her team of friends have been doing the three-day walk since 2008. >> force to be reckoned with. take a look at conditions, by the way, in parts of cape may county. this viewer shot video from wildwood. the water so high in west wildwood avenue that this guy was able to kayak down the streets. coastal flooding is going to be a concern for the near future. >> meteorologist brittney shipp is keeping track of that and your weekend forecast. brittney? >> that's right, the coastal flood warning in effect through the entire weekend. that's our big concern. closer to the city normally there's flags blowing, the gusts are so strong the flags aren't even there right now. they probably took them down and will continue to see the strong wind speeds into the rest of the weekend. it's going to be kind of a yucky night, especially if you have friday night plansment cold, windy, and rainy. that's what we'll continue seeing tonight. we'll start to see the rain lightening up into saturday, saturday afternoon and evening
5:49 pm
and mostly cloudy skies on sunday, but closer look at the radar, you can see the moisture continues to stream up, riding along that stalled frontal boundary off the coast. our live radar shot shows that we're seeing light rain over philadelphia, wilmington, allentown, and the poconos. heavier rain, we have one band here moving into parts of south jersey. more moderate downpours moving to the north of mays landing and into the central portions of burlington county. on top of that you have to factor in the wind gusts. wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour in philadelphia, 31 in atlantic city, up to 40 miles per hour in georgetown. as we go into the rest of tonight, heading into tomorrow morning, you'll notice it doesn't improve here. we'll continue to see strong winds and the direction out of the northeast, for some areas that is an onshore flow. that's going to help contribute to the coastal flooding that we'll continue to see and that's why we have a warning which will stay in effect until 6:00 p.m. some of the contributors to that
5:50 pm
is that onshore flow with wind gusts up to about 55 miles per hour, rough surf expected, our wave heights six to ten feet, then our future cast shows us we're not done with the rain into friday night. it's been an all day thing, but we'll see more rain picking up in intensity as we get closer to friday at 10:00 p.m. tonight and that's going to be mainly situated near atlantic city, millville, stretching tout to dover and louis, and by midnight the heavier rain over philadelphia. if you're out late, you'll notice the rain will start to pick back up again. saturday morning, we will start to see spotty showers, few more light, moderate downpours closer to cape may, but again, this is not going to be anywhere near as bad as what we're seeing today. things are slowly starting to improve, although the wind speeds are going to stick around and so will the chilly temperatures, well below our average, which is in the 70s for this time of year, we stayed in the 50s today, same thing tomorrow. here's the latest on hurricane joaquin, separate from what's been happening over the past 24
5:51 pm
to 48 hours. hurricane just outside of the bahamas, continuing to move to the north and eventually turn away from our area. you can see how far away it stays from really the eastern seaboard, so our concern has really gone down with this system, but this is still something we're going to monitor as we head into the weekend. right now it looks like the coast is clear. eagles at redskins in washington. by 1:00 p.m. on sunday, temperatures will be closer to 62 degrees. still dealing with strong wind speeds gusting up to 25 miles per hour. as far as tonight's concerned, still dealing with rain, some heavy into the late night hours, 47 will be the overnight low in philadelphia, 43 for the north and west. heading into tomorrow, showers mainly in the morning, but still very windy. wind gusts closer to the shore about 50 miles per hour. seven day forecast shows we start to see a warming trend as we head into sunday. 63 degrees by sunday. mostly cloudy skies. windy with a chance of showers
5:52 pm
by next week, everything improves. >> good to hear, thanks, brittney. used to be filled with chemical plants and industrial buildings. >> now one town wants it filled. families, how they are transforming the river front next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
bensalem wants more people to spend time along the delaware river. >> today leaders took the first step towards making that happen. leaders are calling it the river
5:55 pm
renaissance. nbc 10's deanna durante shows how they plan to transform the once industrial area. >> reporter: rains may have halted construction today, but the plans are moving full steam ahead. >> originally industrial cleanup, we took care of that from about 2008 to 2010. >> reporter: 20 families are calling this area home and there's room for 600 more. the so-called river renaissance is a project intending to bring new life into bensalem township. gone are the chemical and industrial plants along the delaware river. in the first phase, homes are built and parks are designed. >> as people come in, it's not a promise, it's something that's real and they can live in right now. >> reporter: plans to revamp this end of town has been talked about for close to 20 years, according to officials, and today it's being shown off to area businesses who may want to redevelop here. >> mixed uses with residential, obviously, you've got commercial in there and high-tech, we're looking for high-tech industry to come in here.
5:56 pm
so all those things combined to create jobs, great place to live, river front access to everyone. we look forward to be a great project and look forward to happening as quickly as possible. >> reporter: people have already started moving into the houses here and they now have a water front view. developers are quick to point out there aren't many places in the area that have this and they say this is only one phase of a multiphase redevelopment project. in bensalem, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, we're following a pair of developing weather stories tonight. streets flooded, potential winds up to 60 miles per hour. it's raining throughout the area. meanwhile, a hurricane churns to the south. glenn? >> yeah, i'll tell you what you can expect tonight, plus how long this is going to last and the latest track of hurricane joaquin, what it could mean for our area. the complete forecast straight ahead. plus, potential washout.
5:57 pm
how close the weather is to cancelling a major sporting event in our area this weekend. that's next on nbc 10 news at 6:00. jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans
5:58 pm
and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours. nbc 10 news starts now. >> the storm's fury on display at the shore tonight.
5:59 pm
rain and wind teaming up for a dangerous and destructive day along the coast, sending the ocean into the streets here in atlantic city. you see the culprit on radar, a fall nor'easter that's nearly stationary. it's packing steady rain and winds up to 60 miles per hour. the shore is seeing the worst of it, but all of us are being affected. and while hurricane joaquin bashes the bahamas, signs tonight point to that storm swirling out to sea. here's a look at the newest video in from the bahamas tonight. and now the hurricane in action, it may move away from the coastline as it heads north, but that doesn't necessarily mean we won't feel its effects. the two developing weather stories are why we issued a first alert advisory for the day. good evening, i'm keith jones. our coverage tonight consists of reporters in the field and a team of meteorologists in studio. we begin with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glenn, you're focusing on the nor'easter hitting us right now. >> right. and what is hitting us right now is not directly related to the
6:00 pm
hurricane. we got bad enough weather even without one, but it's been kind of gloomy, it's been rainy, it's been windy, and it's been cold all day. you can see this steady rain continuing to move to the north. we're getting some breaks now down across southern delaware, so that's a sign of things to come. in the meantime, philadelphia area, points north, raining pretty much every minute for hours and hours and hours. more coming up from the south, so we're certainly not out of it, but it is, again, not related directly to the hurricane. look how strong the winds are without a hurricane around. 45 mile an hour wind gusts. right now philadelphia international, 41 at georgetown, 40 in wildwood. the wind if anything is getting stronger. we're going to be seeing gusts now to near 50 miles an hour at the shore tonight and we could see gusts well over 40 miles an hour to 50 miles an hour in philadelphia tomorrow. so we've got a windy weekend ahead. just not going


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