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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  October 2, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, wild weather at the shore. flooding, high winds, and more heavy wind on the rain it's all part of the big storm system hitting much of the east coast. you can see it on the nbc 10 weather radar. >> plus joaquin is churning away. good evening, i'm keith jones. >> and i'm denise nakano. we're tracking the hurricane and other issues. >> let's turn to glenn
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"hurricane" schwartz. >> the rain is tapering off. we're starting to see some breaks. right now there's a band coming through the philadelphia area. right now there's some on the heavy side near the pennsylvania turnpike heading to the north and there's a lot more along the way. you see this band offshore. that's moving up and is likely to come through during the night. in some places we've had an awful lot of rain. this is in suffolk county, delaware. farther to the north, get, another couple of inches in some areas. look at this. bayville, 3.6 inches of rain. get the rain on top of the coastal flooding and it makes it worse. plus the wind. right now, 40 miles an hour in
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atlantic city. and the predicted wind gusts continue to be quite strong. even today, tomorrow, it's going to be gusting to 50 at the shore and 30 and 40 miles an hour inland. so it's going to be a very gusty day. there is the rain. some of it moving through. so we're tapering off from a steady rain to showers. more on the timing of what to expect through the weekend and the latest on joaquin with the seven-day in a few minutes. glenn, there was some rough driving, too, at the shores. rain and rushing water spilled onto the zreets. randy gyllenhaal is live from ocean city. randy, it will get worse, too, with the high tide. >> reporter: keith, that's the concern. high tide will be at its peak in about an hour or sew. you see the winds are the problem. these trees were knocked down by the heavy winds. they're working to clear it right now. and it's blowing seawater into people's homes. as the tide continues to go up,
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more of that water gets blown into neighborhoods. to navigate some neighborhoods down the shore, you need a truck like this to get around. water so deep it closed roads and turned vacation homes into islands. >> this is ocean city, new jersey, and we have a river running right through our front yard as you can see. >> reporter: the heavy winds were the real problem, taking seawater from the bay and the ocean and dumping it into backyards and residential streets. here in north wildwood the flooding is extreme. over here, this is the back bay where all the boats and the jet skis are. and if you look over here, all of that water is bleeding into these neighborhoods because of the wind three feet deep at least and it's going to get much worse as high tide approaches. >> absolutely crazy. it's insane. >> reporter: he says he'll ride the storm out on the second floor but expects the high tide to totally flood the downstairs
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of his restaurant. >> everybody, we're used to it through the years. everybody knows the drill. >> reporter: you say you think it's worse than sandy. >> i thit's worse than sandy. >> reporter: residents are oklahoma, but worried about the next high tide which peaks in just a few hours. this family hoping their rescue dog saved after hurricane sandy will be oklahoma. he will not go out in the rain. he's a hurricane sandy superstorm shelter dog and he will not do rain. >> reporter: wildwood was some of the worst we saw. most people say it's not as bad as sandy. it's unrear in some parts. in addition to the tree that was knocked down t heavy winds blowing out transformers. we've been seeing them blowing up in the night sky. also power outages. people here in ocean city are preparing for the high tide in about an hour or so. live in ocean city, randy
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gyllenhaal, "nbc 10 news." >> thanks. fans are hoping this weekend at race weekend it won't be a washout. everything was canceled today. track officials say they're watching the skies and plan to race as long as the drivers and fans will not be at risk. strong winds from hurricane joaquin tossed boats around in the bahamas today as this amateur video shows. it disabled a cargo ship smack in the eye of the stock market. the coast guard attempted to rescue the 33 people on board which are mostly u.s. citizens but called off the search for the night. it's going to be a messy weekend. but before you leave the house, check the forecast on the "nbc 10 news" app. there you'll find live radar so you know what to expect. tonight at 11:00, the hunt for a sexual predator. temple students are on alert. they found those investigators
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believe he may be tied to other crimes. in this septa surveillance video, you get a clear look at the suspect apparently smiling as he exits the train. later that same night investigators believe he forced a temple student behind dumpster on this block at gunpoint, then robbed and sexually assaulted her. >> it's just crazy. i don't understand it. >> it's surprising. it's right outside of my apartment. >> reporter: she lives on north carlisle where it happened shortly after 11:00 monday night only a block from temple's campus. by today investigators had zeroed in on these images and started to connect other dots. >> very early in this investigation we became aware of a series of incidents that had emerged in that particular area very captain john darby tells us this man may also be connected to at least one in a series of other armed robberies in that same area, and investigators now
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know his riding habits. philadelphia police were able to track the suspect on video surveillance riding the broad street line, getting on at the erie station, getting out southbound and heading toward moore. tonight they tips to the public, they hope they'll be able to find him. >> someone know this male. >> reporter: reporting from philadelphia, george spencer, "nbc 10 news." police say a family never stopped looking for a person who raped and killed a young girl. they arrested and convicted george shaw along with accomplice robert sanders. they're charged with the rape
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and murder of barbara rowneen,. police say shaw secretly hired her to babysit and eventually lured her into his bedroom where he killed her. he was arrested in monroe county, shaw in florida. they qaa shaw a serial rapist and fear others could be out there. coming up more heavy rain on the way. it won't last all weekend. when we'll start drying out. plus, this is the face of an accused shooter at an oregon community college. how one of the victims survived by tricking the gunman. new research that shows experts can increase the babies who survive by 50%.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with the card most accepted by top doctors and specialists, you have the compassion and security of blue cross. giving you the strength to drive forward. independence blue cross. live fearless. i was about to head to thecheck. bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain. [clap of thunder] i did not want to go out.
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[clap of thunder] but then i was like duh, just use your phone. mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue. i'm rayna. and i bank human at td bank. tonight we're learning more about the gunman responsible for a mass shooting at a community college in oregon. police say christopher harper mercer showed a detailed interest in shootings along with military training. he flufrpged out in 2008. tonight the names of eight from
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come qaa college were leased. they included several freshmen along with a teacher. nine others were hurt including chris mintz who ease being hailed a hero. the army veteran was shot seven times while trying to block a shooter. another student who was injured played dead. >> she said god was telling her to stay calm, stay still, don't do anything. apparently the gunman came walking up to her and said, girl in the black -- girl with the blond hair, stand up, and she stayed still. >> today investigators found six guns at the community college and seven at the gunman's apartment. officials say all of them were purchased legally. switching gears, babies born way too soon often struggle to stay alive but now doctors say a major life-saving study cut it in half.
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when they're exposed to light toxins can form in the solution. preemies fed a solution shielded from the light had a 50% better chance of surviving. they'll encourage the makers of i.v. bags and tubing to build products that keep out light. well, they didn't get a chance in the world to get any baseball in today. they're going to try to play a doubleheader tomorrow. take the rain gear if you're going. they may be able to get some in. we've got heavy rain north of the pennsylvania turnpike now that's moving to the north. lots of rain across the area, but there are breaks down to the south a little bit and then there's another band of heavy rain offshore. that looks like it may be coming through overnight. so we're not done with the heavy rain yet, and there's even more down to the south here. the temperatures, well, they really didn't get very warm today, did it. barely above 50 in philadelphia.
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it's still in the 40s new york and west where it didn't get out of the 40s in some places during the afternoon, and the wind is still howling out there. still 43-mile-an-hour wind gusts in georgetown, delaware, 40 in atlantic city. we've seen some pretty strong wind gusts today. tuckered in, 50 miles an hour. ship bottom, 52. atlantic city, 43. cape may, 41. winds could gust that high and even higher tomorrow. well, we've got some of this rain moving south to north. and as you can see going through the late night/morning hours, it's not a steady rain. the clouds cover the entire area. the temperatures stay in the 50s. it stays windy. it's not a pretty day tomorrow. not quite as wet as today. but still pretty nasty day for the beginning of october. then as we go into sunday, the
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showers diminish some more, maybe starting to see a couple of breaks of sunshine during the day. that will push temperatures into the 60s. not exactly a beautiful day. it's going to be windy, but it's going to be better than saturday. and, see, there's some breaks in those clouds there as we go through especially sunday afternoon. there's joaquin. and joaquin has finally done it. it's made the turn. and now we can feel much more comfortable that it is going to stay out to sea. look at that weird track. it's almost doing a whole circle. still a major hurricane. then it's moving to the northeast. and so there's actually a hurricane watch now for bermuda. so it's going to come closer to bermuda than our coast, and that red is the warm water. so it's still warm enough to sustain a hurricane by exceptio
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in the ocean. of course, the eagles will not be directly affected by the storm but it's going to be windy. temperatures in the 60s. again, it's not picture-perfect. but it looks better than it did a couple of days ago. rain, heavy overnight. 40 for the lows. during the day tomorrow, the rain tapers off to showers. showers in the morning. another windy day. we could see gusts up to 50 in parts of the area tomorrow afternoon. the first alert day tomorrow, it won't be as bad sunday, so we don't have a first alert there. then on monday it starts improving. and by tuesday, wednesday, thursday, it's beautiful. >> i'm danny pommells. what he thinks about playing in the bad weather could be a factor on sunday against the redskins. that's next.
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danny pommells with you again. they expect the game to be played at 1:00. demarco murray, he's listed as questionable. if he does play in the game with expected weather conditions he could see a big workload and demarco is a-okay with that. >> as a running back, you look forward to that. you know you're going get a lot of carries. i'm sure we'll weather the storm. i think we have a lot of mature guys who have played in different kinds of climates. in philadelphia, you have to be used to playing in the snow and
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cold and whatever, but i'm sure it will be a good game. >> the chicago team. how about those temple owls. p.j. walker to anderson for a touchdown. temp temple, up 23 with the rain coming down. they go on to win 37-3 for the first time in 41 years. >> the flyers wrapped up the preseason with the devils. regular season begins thursday in tampa. to the prudential center we go. this went to a shoot-out, which is not good for the flyers. claude giroux was stopped. the philliephillies' game w postponed to tomorrow. but stick around. we'll be right back with the high school blitz.
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uh-huh. it's that time again. mother nature was not playing nice. a lot of high schools postponed their games. but we have a few. here's the wet and wild edition of the high school blitz. hosting springfield county. malik goodman with the gain here. down to the end. pretty cool. upper marian daryl quinn looking for room. rolling out. they smother him and bring him down. 30-6. cb south deep in their own end.
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they attempt a screen pass but stewart sniffs it out. there for the pick and the touch. the knights lead, 14-10. read udinsky finds nick vasker. parkland's player fires downfield. canal la makes the catch and he is gone. 77 yards untouched to the barn. they beat whitehall, 42-28. audubon visiting sterling. not a lot of tackling going on here. carter makes a sweep and a house call. audubon holding on to win. >> the cheerleaders trying to fire up a small crowd gathered in the rain. prep charter's strukters having
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no trouble with the wet condition. they run away with this one 34rks-0. mlk and ben franklin. king quarterback ron harris looks like he's headed out of bounds. instead throws downfield and find as receiver, twirngle toes on the sideline. the game falls to franklin, 33-12. the rain making things hard on the field. the ball comes loose. they recover. jeffrey copeland calls his own number and drags the end zone. graetz and frankford. he's got more moves than a u-haul truck. makes another guy miss and forget about it. they knock off frankford, 28-22. let's go to delaware where mother nature postponed the
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games. one of them was an interstate battle against concord of delaware. let's pick this up. chris thomas takes the pitch and finds him. nice option toss there. edinburgh after the two-point conversion goes up 8-0. he had 62 yards rushing. they punt and chris pew mel. -- hummel goes to work. lets it bounce. that was a good decision. he skates into the end zone. dickinson and mckean. vincent smith gets the pitch and makes a house call from eight yards away. we go to second quarter. reginald ray making sweet like sugar ray and fights his way into the end zone. 12-0, dickinson, the final.
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>> concord and the team the cheerleaders shaking off the rain, wearing the ponchos. busts out a 32-yard run. concord takes out appoquinimack. mainland versus st. augustine. log on to andcast your vote. a great one. the number one team in the region st. joe's prep locks in another test against a pretty good melbourne team. this week's game of the week.
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welcome back to our game of the week. go to as we say in tv, the show must go on. our second place finisher, melbourne, the number one prepped team in the area. they take on melbourne prep. >> yeah. let's dive right in. melbourne established their authority early. doyle to zack fernandez.
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he jukes his way for a big game. later in the try, o'shea and allison looks at the shimmiy and the shake and drives the ball into the territory. doyle with the hail mary. look at this. they called a hail mary for a reason. his prayers are answered. a 38-yard hookup to melbourne. in con pleat control. they upset the defending champs convincingly. that's it for this week's high school blitz. we send it back to the studio. >> thanks, danny. a lot of the high school games rescheduled for tomorrow. >> give us the forecast. >> it's certainly going to be cold and windy but it won't be as wet as we saw during the night tonight. let's take look at the forecast. in the afternoon, tomorrow, 61 degrees. chance of some showers. then we get a little bit cooler and dry out a little bit more tomorrow night and farther to
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the north and west we have similar conditions. it's just going to be colder. there will be some showers tomorrow, but it's not going to be that steady rain like what we saw today. and so tomorrow still is a first alert day mainly because of the coastal flooding. we've got major coastal flooding that's going to continue with the high tide all the way through the weekend although sunday things may improve a little and improve big time next week and by tuesday it's beautiful. >> thank you. that's "nbc 10 news." thanks for joining us. >> t"the tonight show" with jimy fallon is next. have a good night and stay dry. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- seth rogen victor cruz


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