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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  October 3, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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heading into tomorrow. a closer look at city planner,
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temperatures in the 50s, a cool night ahead. coming up i'm tracking hurricane joaquin. it is staying away from us. a drier sunday and we'll see calmer conditions at the shore. denise. >> thanks, brittany. at the shore, those still recovering from hurricane sandy are dealing with severe storms and flooding again. this house swept away in cape may county. speaking to neighbors about what happened, joining us live in wildwood, lauren, tell us what you're seeing there. >> reporter: good evening. we're on magnolia in wildwood. we were heading to west wildwood, which is that way when we basically ran into this. we went street after street and all of the roads heading in that direction are just flooded. you need a pretty high profile vehicle to safely drive through here. this water, this wind, some of the things making things very difficult today.
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>> hurricane sandy, 20 inches of water. hopefully we won't have that same repeat. >> with wind whipping through, alex carr is heading home to check out the damage. >> everybody rides by and says, boy, we wish we had a house like they have. the cost is this. a trade-of- >> carr and his neighbors are recovering from sandy. they are proud of one sign of progress, a new dock they built together. >> you replaced this after hurricane sandy. >> the dock 40 feet washed down to the meadow. to get to our homes, we had to replace it there. >> you worked on that yourself. are you worried about it right now? >> absolutely. >> today with water pushing through, some boards are coming up. watch your step, make your way here and around the area and wind and water will take the toll. >> we saw docks flowing by, a house. >> alex carr tells us debris from that house hit the plumbing under his home. inside it's dry during our visit
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but they are anticipating water. >> i am fourth generation down here, so i'm used to this. i don't have rugs. i roll them up so they don't get wet every year. >> home for minutes carr is back out again, drill in hand. >> some people here, three or four generations here. some are new. this is new, that's new, but they are just like family now. >> he'll check on those loose boards in the dock they built together. >> we help each other. that's how we get through. >> you know, the wind here is going in and out. it will be calm for a moment. other times i'm reaching for my hat because it just might blow away. as far as the water, some folks told me it doesn't appear to have reached quite as far today as it did tomorrow so they are certainly hoping things dry out very soon. live in wildwood i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. coastal flood warning remain
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in effect for the county. downed trees and branches with spotty power outages. tidal flooding is the most persistent issue. crews are working to dry the track of the dover international racetrack for this weekend's nascar event. rain earlier today led to a shortened second practice race for the aaa 400 nascar sprint cup race this afternoon. the race is scheduled to take place tomorrow afternoon. now, much of the east coast is feeling the impact of this weekended unrelenting rain. in north carolina rushing floodwater created dangerous conditions for people near mallard creek in charlotte. the heavy rainfall also knocked down trees and knocked out power to thousands of people. many parts of south carolina are expecting an historic rain event over the weekend. in horry county, heavy rain is causing street flooding and damaging roadways and sidewalks. this road in darling was destroyed by all that water.
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officials say it will be some time before repairs will be made. hurricane joaquin is still out to sea but the storm is causing problems in virginia beach where coastal flooding remains a threat for residents during high tide. waves as high as 7 feet are currently slamming the beach there. further off the coast the storm is producing monster swells at 16 feet. >> coast guard aircraft is searching the waters off of southeastern bahamas for a cargo ship that disappeared during hurricane joaquin. 33 people were on board, including 28 americans. the ship was heading from jacksonville, florida, to san juan, puerto rico, when it was battered by 20 to 40 foot waves. the coast guard received a distress call from the vessel thursday saying it had taken on water and lost propulsion. count on nbc 10 for your complete coverage of this wild weather. we'll have more updates for you still ahead. when we're not on the air, you
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can always check out on nbc 10 news app. find my interactive radar so you know what to expect in your neighborhood. new at 6:00, a teenager boy has been charged with more than a dozen robberies near drexel university. nbc 10's andraya thomas joins us live in university city with the latest. aundrea. >> reporter: well, denise, police say a 14-year-old is responsible. we talked to drexel university students who were relieved an arrest was made especially since they have received numerous text messages from the university, about 15 incidents that happened over 30 days from the end of august to the end of september. now, women were mainly targeted in some cases the suspect walked up to the victims. other cases he was on his bike. he would brandish a weapon and
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demand belongings. sometimes they even got physical. with the victims being punched. this video really helped police crack the case. police said the 14-year-old tried to use a stolen credit card at atm on north 38th street. then yesterday officers spotted the teen and his bike and made an arrest. >> the answers were frustrating, weren't getting anything to assist us, most of the victims students out here, coming from behind difficult to identify the individual. in some cases they actually have shirts pulled around their face. it was a challenging case for us. >> now, the district attorney will determine if that 14-year-old will, in fact, be charged as an adult. another thing they have to look into is if, in fact, it is a
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real gun or bb gun that was used in those incidents. with those they were punched or struck, no one was injured. live, nbc 10 news. a husband and wife dead in apparent murder suicide. heritage 55 plus community in deptford township. a 67-year-old man called 911 to report a shooting. when police arrived the man and his 72-year-old wife were both rushed to two hospitals where they were pronounced dead. police are not identifying the victims until their families have been notified. a community in mourning after a delivery man from a popular rittenhouse business was killed in an attempted robbery. tonight we spoke exclusively to his family. plus a church controversy, a catholic priest has been removed from his post at the vatican after making a public revelation about his sexuality. we'll explain.
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a catholic priest removed from his position at the vatican after admitting he was gay. he introduced his partner at a news conference. they planned a demonstration in front of the vatican. now, the vatican said the priest was dismissed because of the interview and demonstration and not because of his relation. open an issue on how to reach out to the gay community. coming up we are still tracking coastal flood issues but i'm also tracking drier conditions. i'll let you know and we'll start to dry things out coming after my full forecast.
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coastal flood concerns remain at the jersey shore. high tide arrives here in atlanta county earlier this afternoon. you can see the churning. this is ventnor, streets still flooded after high tide passed, full because of days of heavy rain. brittney will be back with an update in a few minutes. we're learning new information about the college shooting in oregon. the sheriff said the gunman who killed nine people at oregon community college killed himself as officers arrived. investigators say a time line of the shooting shows police arrived at the scene six minutes after the first 911 call and exchanged gunfire with christopher harper mercer two minutes later. the suspect was down two minutes of a the shoot-out. he left a manifesto for police that was a couple pages long. the sheriff was emotional and
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spoke about the victim. >> please know we consider your loved ones to be our heroes. they will never be forgotten. >> the family of the gunman released a statement saying they are shocked and deeply saddened by the murders. police did not talk about a motive. it was a wet weekend for thousands of breast cancer survivors and supporters making a 60 mile journey. lots of cheers for thousands of people who laced up their sneakers for the second day of suss susan g. komen. the 60 mile trek ends tomorrow afternoon. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> they were definitely troopers because temperatures stayed in the 50s with strong wind speeds today gusting closer to 30 pickup.
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our headlines are as follows. we still have coastal flooding concerns. a drier sunday on tap for us. i'll give you an update on hurricane joaquin but it is definitely staying well away from our area. here is the latest with the coastal flood warning in effect until 6:00 p.m. sunday. you can see that persistent on-shore flow, wind gusts 40 miles per hour, even higher, from cape may stretching to north of atlantic city and toms river we'll see that warning in effect until 6:00 p.m. sunday. if you're in the northern central parts of delaware coastal flood warnings stays in effect until midnight. main concern beach erosion especially in the back base. peak of the flooding during high tide, which will occur around 1:00 a.m. and once again around 2:00 p.m. sunday. again, due to strong on-shore flow that we've seen wrapping around that area of high pressure to the north of us. let's take a look at those wind gusts sustained here around 20 to 30 miles per hour but gusting
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up to 37 miles per hour in atlantic city, up to 31 in georgetown. a windy day in philadelphia with wind gusts close to 40 miles per hour. same thing in wilmington. how long will this wind stick around? take a look at closer wind speeds, shows going into sunday morning still dealing with wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour. things will start to relax sunday afternoon and evening and that coastal flood warning will expire around 6:00 p.m. we do have to watch out for high tide closer to 2:00 p.m. rain starting to taper already. you can see spotty through parts of atlantic city. that's at least an improvement. we're going to gradually improve as we head into tomorrow as well. here is a closer look at the big picture. you can see not a whole lot of moisture streaming up. we're starting to dry things out. future cast shows us as we head into the next 24 hours or so, by the time we get into tonight, a few scattered showers along the shore as we push into sunday. it's going to be a cold tart to your sunday, especially if you're heading to church or even
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out for brunch. you definitely need your jacket. you won't need an umbrella tomorrow we'll see mostly cloudy skies with a few passing showers. it's still going to be very windy but you'll notice that the 60s are back on the map as we head into sunday afternoon. we'll head into the mid-60s as we push into monday. our temperatures are going to start to recover. there's hurricane joaquin, a category 4. take a look at its direction, movement into the northeast pulling well away from our area and entire east coast. highs around the region tomorrow will stay in the 60s a bit warmer than what we saw today. as far as taupe is concerned, our rain is going to taper, windy conditions sticking around, 52 for philadelphia and tomorrow's rains between 61 and 64 degrees. your seven-day forecast shows we will continue to improve everything especially as we head into next week. >> an attempted robbery turned deadly. a delivery worker at rittenhouse square flower shop walking home when two men tried to rob him
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and shot him. he died this morning. denise braxton spoke exclusively with his family. >> he didn't deserve it. it was kind to everyone around him. >> reporter: the andrade family is numb grieving the murder of 36-year-old manuel, his brother and widow were inside their north philadelphia home when manuel crawled here after being shot in the stomach last night. >> he said someone shot me. i need help. [ speaking spanish ] >> she called the police. when he got there, he checked him, a neighbor came and helped and they found the bullet near his stomach. >> reporter: the heart broken woman said her husband, the sole provider had worked at this flower shop for one year before
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passing away overnight. [ speaking spanish ] >> he always takes his bicycle home and to work. this time he took the bus. >> reporter: investigators say manuel's kill eer attempted to b him moments after he hopped off the bus for home. >> he pay everything, so i can't pay. i don't know how i do now. >> that was monique braxton reporting. homicide detectives say they are checking surveillance cameras and canvassing the area between bus stop and his home in north philadelphia. let's switch gears and go to comcast sports net. john. >> how the eagles get their big passing game going tomorrow. james franklin reacts to the media questioning the quality of penn state's win. which flyer could be waved. that's next.
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>> announcer: this is xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity your home for the most live sports. >> i'm john clark from comcast sports. the eagles are in washington for tomorrow's 1:00 kickoff. the weather is not looking that bad. maybe some wind and some rain. the birds would like to get their passing game going. sam bradford averaging under 6 yards pass attempt, worse of any starter in nfl. he hasn't complete add ball in the air more than 20 yards this season. jordan chris matthews was the only receiver last week with a catch. sam wants to get more balance with the passing game. >> when you can spread the ball around and get everyone involved, it makes it a lot tougher on defensive game plan as opposed to when you're really concentrating on one or two guys with balls. if we can spread it around to
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everyone and keep it balanced, it's to our benefit. i think that's what we're going to try to get to. hopefully this week you'll see everyone get involved. >> how about the birds defense. they have been the best in the nfl against the run. tomorrow is going to be a good test of the redskins they have been dedicating themselves to running the ball. get this, the birds d has only given up three touchdowns on their opponents last 33 possessions. malcolm jenkins tells me they want to be a d that is feared. >> i definitely want people to respect our defense. when you take i want it to be fear in people's hearts they have to deal with defense we're going to take the ball away, stop the run. >> catch eagles game plan tonight at 7:00 on nbc 10. chip kelly break down film on eagles kickoff at 10:00 more with malcolm jenkins and one-on-one with rookie jordan hicks. penn state 24 point
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home game for penn state in the run. tough day passing the ball for christian hackenberg. in the third quarter find mike 3.3-yard touchdown. penn state up 23-7. they seem to be pulling away. not so fast. not a sure thing. a.j. breaking through, 55 yards for touchdown. penn state only up 6. army, edgar allan poe and jon voight. penn state shuts it down, 21-14. 4-1. james franklin not passing, facing questions about the quality of this win. >> i'm going to come in here every single week and be positive even if it kills you guys and you want me to be negative. i love our players. i love our school, i love our colors. i love penn state, love happy valley, love the community. do we need to get better?
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yes. but you guys can ask me every question in the book and try to get me to be negative, i'm not going to do it. point spreads and all those things, i don't even understand them. i lost $20 in atlantic city when i was like, i don't know, 24 years old after college and i almost threw up. that was the last time i gambled. >> not a betting man. looks like scott lawton might make the team, locker moved with other starting forwards. could defenseman be waived. michael paired with brandon manning. right now phillies and marlins. back to you. >> fun and games in camden in honor of oktoberfest. >> salvation army community
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center hosted a bounce house for kids, puppet show, gray windy weather did not keep families away from the fun of since most of it was inside, there were plenty of smiling faces. we do get to look forward to drying out soon, brittney? >> we're going to dry out as we head to tomorrow. big concern coastal flood warning for most shore communities. you definitely want to be careful in those areas with tidal flooding. apart from that wind speeds start to die down tomorrow afternoon and evening. still windy and cooler day, 63 degrees. take a look. we start to warm back to the 70s next week. >> all right. looking forward to it. thanks, brittney. nbc 10 news. brittney, john all of us i'm denise mcconnell, see you back tonight at 11:00.
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on this saturday night, flood emergency. a massive and deadly storm pounds the east coast, up to 16 inches of rain predicted in some parts. tonight more than 20 million people under flood watches and warning. desperate search for a cargo ship with 28 americans onboard, two days after it vanished in the fury of hurricane joaquin. deadly bombing at a hospital in afghanistan run by doctors without borders. hit by an american hair strieck aimed at taliban militants. and campus massacre. new details from oregon about the shooter's movements that fateful day. survival stories and why congress can't ever seem to agree on how to keep guns out of the wrong hands. "nightly news" begins now.


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