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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  October 3, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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right now, at 11:00, under water, flooding problems continue at the jersey shore. the high water is covering roadways and making it difficult to get around tonight. good evening. i'm denise. the storm is moving out, but the trouble remains and ocean water washes over barriers and into neighborhoods. randy gyllenhaal is watching as high tide approaches. but first brittany is here with the warnings still in effect at the shore. >> we still have the coastal flood warning in effect until tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. all the beaches there, along the shore, cape may, to thoms river. the main concern is over the next couple of hours, as we get
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closer to high tide, that happens typically around 1:00 a.m., and once again by 2:00 p.m. on sunday. we're also watching for beach erosion and street flooding in the area. this is all due to a strong onshore flow, the wind direction causing all the problems here. it's moving in from the north and east. wind gusts up to about 36 miles per hour in atlantic city and 35 miles per hour in georgetown. we'll continue to see these strong winds even as we head into tomorrow. our radar shot shows at least gradually improving. we have a few scattered showers outside of burlington county. it starts to dry out as we head into the second half of your weekend. a closer look at the temperatures. by the time you wake up on sunday morning, still a cold start to your morning. we'll see a return of temperatures in the 60s. i'm tracking more changes, including hurricane joaquin's
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track. that's coming up in my full forecast. >> the coverage with randy gyllenhaal live in atlantic city. randy, you were there last night, also tonight. how does it compare? >> reporter: well, we've had street flooding both of these days. it's because of a combination of the two things you're hearing about, wind gusts which are picking up right now in atlantic city, and the high tide. if you look behind me, the tide is starting to go up again. in a couple of hours it will peak. and you can see this dock on the back bay starting to get consumed. and as this tide goes up and the wind picks up, that begins to also bleed over into neighborhood streets. in parts of atlantic city, the water slowly recedes. cleanup under way on arizona avenue. >> the tides have been bad the last couple of days. >> reporter: but down in wildwood intersections are still consumed with a foot or two of water. and keep in mind what you're seeing here is low tide.
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in a few hours, when the tides peak, it will become much worse. so driving a humvee is basically the only way you're going to get to certain parts of west wildwood. we're standing in the middle of park boulevard. down this street here all the way at the end is west wildwood. that's part of the area that's pretty trapped. >> i've never seen it this bad. >> reporter: this is mike. hoe's got a big pickup truck and is hoping to drive to that part of the town to see the damage. you're going to try to make it to west wildwood? >> we're going to try. >> reporter: can we join you? >> if you'd like. >> reporter: we hitch a ride in the truck bed and we watch as people here have to basically swim to get around, while the humvees patrol their flooded neighborhoods. >> oh, yeah, they've been going up and down all night long. >> reporter: steve and his buddies are riding out the storm with a smile. >> just having a couple of beers. waiting it out. >> reporter: as we leave west wildwood, we find nathan vaughn. he can't get around by car, so
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he paddles home and sums up what most are feeling this week op the jersey shore. >> water's everywhere. >> you took the kayak out? >> yeah. >> what's it like kayaking down your neighborhood? >> everybody's taking pictures. >> reporter: that's what most people are saying, it is fun to see the water in the streets, but it is causing a lot of damage. again, residents up and down the jersey shore basically have two or three high tides to be concerned about. the one coming up in a couple of hours. some say the daytime tides in the afternoon have actually been a lot worse. >> in north wildwood, cape may county, our cameras caught this house afloat. it collapsed overnight. the strong high tide lifted the 2 1/2-story home off its foundation, sending it flowing down the grassy sound inlet. fortunately no one was hurt. more than 21 million people along the eastern seaboard are under a flash flood watch, or warning. wide areas of charleston, south
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carolina, are under water tonight. residents are already forced out of their homes, and still at least two more days of this dangerous weather. the coast guard continue to search for a cargo ship that ran into trouble and disappeared thursday. it was headed from jacksonville, florida, to san juan, puerto rico. but the ship lost propulsion, took on water and was listing to side as hurricane joaquin was battering the bahamas. count on nbc 10 for the changing weathers conditions on air and online. download the news app for weather in your neighborhood. new at 11:00, a student at swarthmore college died after falling off a cliff on campus. police tell us the male student tumbled off a 40-foot-tall cliff at the rear of the school's property. it's an area popular with hikers. it happened just before 3:00 this afternoon.
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that's the same time the school's new president was being inaugura inaugurated. a philadelphia family is in mourning after an attempted robbery claimed a father's life. police say 36-year-old manny died this morning. the delivery worker at a flower shop was shot during the attempted robbery just after 7:00 last night in north philadelphia. he had been walking home from the bus stop. after getting shot, he crawled to his house. >> translator: he always takes his bicycle home, and to work, but this time he took the bus. >> homicide detectives say they're checking surveillance cameras, and canvassing the area between the bus stop and the victim's home in north philadelphia. police arrested a 54-year-old man in connection with a homicide at a philadelphia rooming house. it happened just before 3:30
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this afternoon on the 3700 block of north 18th street in tioga. a 52-year-old woman was assaulted inside. she was taken to the hospital where she died. 15 robberies in 30 days. all near the drexel campus and philadelphia police say they were all done by a 14-year-old boy. nbc 10's andrea kline thomas tells us how he was finally caught. >> reporter: the surveillance video from a market on north 38th street was just what detectives needed to catch the young suspect. you see he tries to cover his face as he heads straight to the atm. police say he's using a stolen credit card. the woman the car belongs to is a drexel university student who was robbed at gun point earlier that day while walking home. >> male pulls up on a bike, give me your purse. she resisted initially, he breaks the strap and punches her in the face. >> reporter: part of a string of robberies, carjackings and assaults spanning from the end
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of august to the end of september, involving one to three males that often targeted drexel stuntsd. students. there were 15 armed robberies in all, mostly women targeted, the suspect would run up behind him, show his weapon and he got away with a lot of purses and cell phones. >> i heard about it. i got alerts on my phone via powell, i think, the armed robberies. >> reporter: in many cases, the suspect were described as riding off on bikes. >> this was definitely, like, i -- we always get a few of them every term. but this was like a few nights in a row were we getting them. i thought, man, something's really going on. >> reporter: back to the surveillance video. just yesterday officers say they spotted the same teenager on 37th street and fairmont avenue on a purple bike, and made an arrest. they believe he used a bb gun in the crimes. reporting in university city, andrea kline thomas, nbc 10 news.
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charity hospital attacked. the questions about who bombed it. and whether it was an american air strike. and catching a campus creeper. up next, an arrest that have women sleeping easier tonight. i'm john clark. we'll get you ready for eagles-redskins tonight. james franklin doesn't exactly like being questioned about the quality of penn state's win today. hear from him in ten minutes.
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the commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan says the military is opening an investigation into the deadly bombing of a doctors without borders facility. it was bombed in what appears to
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have been an american air strike aimed at taliban militants at the hospital. at least 19 people were killed, and dozens more hurt. as the hospital was repeatedly bombed at approximately 15-minute intervals. we have a coastal flood warning that will stay in effect tomorrow. it's partially due to the strong wind speeds, which will also continue. i'll let you know when we start to dry things out, and also warm up, coming up in my full forecast.
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new information on a predator targeting sleeping students at ryder university.
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according to the new, his name is john cannon. he's accused of inappropriately touching two female rider students while they slept in their dorm rooms last month. school officials say the 24-year-old suspect is not a rider student. the community in roseberg, oregon, remains in mourning after nine people were murdered on the campus of umpqua community college. we're learning more about what happened. the father of the gunman, 26-year-old chris harper mercer, says he had no idea his son had guns. he also believed gun laws should change. armed with six guns, extra ammunition, and body armor, the 26-year-old took nine lives in ten minutes, and then his own after a shootout with police. 16-year-old cheyenne fitzgerald's mother says she was shot in the back and survived by playing dead. >> she's having a tough time.
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healing is going to be slow. >> tonight the community gathered to pray for the injured and remember the lives lost. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. with meteorologist brittany shipp. >> we've seen a lot of activity over the past couple of days. as we head into the rest of tonight, we're in the final remaining hours of our first alert. that's due to the coastal flooding that's still going to be a concern in the overnight hours tonight, pushing into tomorrow. i'm tracking a drier sunday and i'll have an updated track of hurricane joaquin. the flood warning will stay in effect until 6:00 p.m. sunday, that's when the southern parts of delaware, stretching all the way up the coast, and the shore from cape may, into toms river. the concern is mainly going to be beach erosion, street flooding, back bay flooding, and it will reach its peak during high tide, which will occur at 1:00 a.m., and then once again at 2:00 p.m., rehoboth beach,
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cape may. it's caused by the strong onshore flow and high tide. the onshore flow is not giving the tide a chance to recede. we've seen the wind gusts nonstop over the past 24 to 36 hours. right now we're seeing wind gusts up to 36 miles per hour, 35 in georgetown and dover gusting up to 36. in philadelphia, close to 30 miles per hour. our future wind map shows us that even as we go into the rest of tonight heading into tomorrow, we're still dealing with these really strong wind speeds. and the direction doesn't shift. as we head into 8:00 p.m., you'll notice the wind speeds are gusting up to about 30 miles per hour. we'll slowly start to see the wind speeds subsiding sunday night into monday. rain is going to continue to taper as we head into the rest of tonight. a few scattered showers throughout the area. here's a live look at cape may. you can see we're still dealing with wet roads and raindrops on our camera.
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closer look at the rainfall totals shows most of the area receiving anywhere from 1 to 2 inches. a lot of the green and the yellow. if we zoom you in here to the central and southern parts of delaware, that's where we pick up the most rainfall. some locations near lewis and rehoboth beach, oceanview picking up close to 4 inches. that's nothing compared to the carolinas, up to about 10 inches. we're drying out. you'll notice that as we go into tomorrow, we'll see mostly cloudy skies. our temperatures will start off in the 40s and 50s, and we'll push into the 60s. today we stayed in the 50s, now we're going to start to see our temperatures improving. we'll see a gradual climb as we head into tomorrow. and then into next week. here's hurricane joaquin. it is a category 4 with sustained wind speeds at 130 miles per hour. you notice it is far away from our area. it continues to track to the east. highs around the region tomorrow, right around the 60s for us. and your seven-day forecast shows that we will continue warming things up. so things are looking up, getting better.
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just watch out for the coastal flood warning until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. i'm john clark. eagles-redskins tomorrow. birds won six of their last nine trips to washington. the birds defense the best in the nfl against the run. a good test facing washington. mal con jenkins tells me the eagles want to be a "d" that is feared. >> i definitely want people to respect our defense. when you turn on the tape, i want it to be, you know, some fear in people's hearts that they have to deal with our defense, that we're going to take the ball away, we're going to stop the run. >> eagles kickoff at 10:00 tomorrow morning. on to penn state. they were a 24-point favorite over army. the nittany lions are without their best running backs. tough day passing the ball for christian hackenberg.
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the 33-yard touchdown. they seem to be pulling away, but not so fast. it is not a sure thing. a.j. shore for army breaking free. 55-yard touchdown. penn state up just six. but they hold on 20-14. 4-1. james franklin is not happy that some are questioning the quality of the win. >> i'm going to come in here every single week and be positive, even if it kills you guys, and you want me to be negative. i love our players. i love our school. i love our colors. i love penn state. love happy valley. love the community. do we need to get better? yes. but you guys can ask me every question in the book, and try to get me to be negative. i'm note going to do it. point spreads and all those things, i don't even understand them. i lost $20 in atlantic city when i was, like, i don't know, 24
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years old after college. and i almost threw up. that was the last time i gambled. >> got to love james franklin. the phillies have clinched, they're going to get the number one pick in the baseball draft next year, because the reds won tonight. the phillies lose both games of the doubleheader. cold fans at the ballpark this afternoon. hitting one to the corner. and brian can't handle it. christian yellich scores to tie the game at six. giles' two blown saves. and the marlins win the game. carly lloyd from new jersey. throwing out the first pitch. in the second, yellich again. he's going to dounl. he had eight straight hits today. that is unbelievable. the phillies finally got him out on that ninth at-bat. let's jump to the fourth. for the first time in almost two months, gone. that's the way to come back.
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phillies lose 5-2. so 99 losses for the first time in 46 years. nats starter max scherzer his second no-hitter of the season. first with two no-hitters in a regular season. one thing you won't see is jonathan papelbon celebrating with the nationals, because he is gone.
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coastal flood warning in effect until 6:00 p.m. for all of our shore communities. we'll start to warm things up heading into tomorrow, into next week. still windy. so we're getting rid of the rain. now we'll hopefully get rid of the wind by monday. >> nice days coming up. >> yes. that's nbc 10 news for now. "snl" is live next. it premieres with hosts and musical guests.
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donald and melania trump. [ cheers and applause ] >> good evening. as a man who will most certainly be your next president, i wanted to give you a chance to get to ow


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